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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 28, 2017 3:12am-4:01am PST

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d .fe ant,scot scepi or also ffered his cendolenhes to t' owensfa n mily o obehalff the pridesent. c janraorwfhad, tnks. seeter s ivices iltathing e n e enesidt'chs enildr, t buwhen hi t s adulenchildrun are r ninggl usobal bs,inesse the ta s'xpayerru bill h.ns hig th.wnar ernehalos iokednto >> reporter: by wedndaesicy er cotrumwi hllgoave neo t four unietr ts onru cmpnyompa bune sss jinceanryua, 1steach wi stht ecreseicrvene agtsn i tow. toar eanly juary iwat trs a ip uruguay f aorli gpatzy rttoy protomnee a w oppr wertyita h reported10 $0 0,00inot hilel bls u.focrse setvier ace onderth thov genernmt rspel.onne enus jw t a feafweeks thter e domipucan rebublic, t t nothe rertpo wedlyenfot ror a ute in
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vaad pncedlainnnipg tr. thwieein wksri ed c anhis duheotnar doldjr, le., fw to bar i fothgae nila openg of anotp r trumerpropty. ncvar'ouves rntune, a w umtrp secoge larstky sr.scrapeity's atboth bs therarpee excto ed t te.nd eid thr crseeret svi ce ecprotti gonwioes thhe tm. musee screter wviceon s'tay how chll ase tho tpsrit costhe foagen, t buaytaxperars e otg inbithe lls. e threlaw quesirte proctn iofor ane idpresenant ced vi psiredent bueithmer imdie atlifamies, t crseeret svi cceagovere r fo uladilt chdr ientis eythld cou i enevaltuidly d just atth.nreag >> theaxyeparers a scktu. unorep wter:asnghiton ivsierawty l pfero ssor kathlaen crkch teaeset on hi ovin gert.nmen it>>othe btonem li ow n homuch absts coine g thtaerxpays, solylute imes soththing at i bee lievthble puicnd aon cesgrs hae s thritoght know. or>> ror wter:e d askethume trp gatinizaonth if eyec expt e th
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thpresensot's nske to ep up eipar f ce oinatternional eltrav, whand eterher ic or reld.,, jr he avidconsered iminbursg thfor e ocostf thsecr sceervi pctroteio n on eibur sssine t, ripsbu gt weot esno rponse. t,scot teche srervt seictoe ld s e it haiveffectapely adted to h miuniquegehallen es ofac adtinistraon. e day thsejapaneny compa tatakaed pleady guiltudto fra intsir ath bags seat caud somet toftohem eloxpde. tatakao alsag treedo $1pay biio cn inril minapeienalts. stat leaat 11 de lhs aretoinked thair bags, which led to the laest recallau in totimo ve orhisty,2 4millveion hiescl. ke inomg up next, aanccount ts tala the b fme aorer cedtifi blicrescwup a tthe oscars. and nl"mooight" gives heopo tin tyner cis kidinhe tsh sunin atste.
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er whe'ans frk? itea's lgughe nit! 's avoned meymo on tolercyc su inrae nc gwitheico! in go' heup t cntoury. wlboho witut f me.rank.' m i'gog inetto g nhoacs. snack r'baoss cled.ank.' ga ah!h h, aah. ♪ ♪ 'm♪ i gn'oith up e trcouny, ba onby d'tou yna wan g o?♪ i ♪'moi gp n' uthcoe y,untr dbabyon y'tanou wnao? g ♪ 'm♪ i gn'oith up e trcouny, ba ogeyicmoo yctorcle,g o?♪ t grearas tegrfor earit des.
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reom tw orromoinrnd g anstt ar again?clea rrwaeaen bttiny nn "boiend a cl tyde"ak oesoln a whe new lameang teafher t oarscsc fiao stig nht. reheev's kinra f fzierrom aitertnmt enghtonit. >>t s warfa peechot oollywd waenea bantty d yefaay dunaw. > a t ahemycade ardwa -- rorepter: asea bttype oned e thloenvepe,e h hitesatednd a fohand iovt o er thipas r.rtne r erov m twoinesutle whi t he wiernnves ga tirheep acctae nc beeech,ha cos was growing hind emth. a affan mag iersee snak ting vee enlo, peewhil actwo cotauns ntrespsionfoble r ticounnghe tlo baltsre a mibendty a howortaitz keths e ke. >>he t are's mkeista. ig"moonlouht," ywo guys n best piure. >>or repteher: t w rronged enlolape, bed lestbe actssre,
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haseth in is pho, tobehad en >> tedato bety. ts hiotis n aok je. infidray there tadrohe wng thg. >>epr:orte iwat tes a levised ooscenofho sndck a cfuon asions "mnlig" ht acastndro prsduce >>madehe wiro ay tthste age. en vey in mdrmseas thicod ul htowiell thre dams. bedo wneitith . cae us ithiss uetr. r>>teeporr:he trere a t swoets ofed rne winr veens lopecaierrd heto t oarscdes unr cklo and kebyce pri werate houscoerops acunnttarts mahaui rd z an thn iaincullan. eyre ach in ar ogendf haing outhvee enlos peagbackste. rit,ne oge sta lt.efimering age stmediatr y aftetoemma sonne w t ss actrein, culletan tweed ouhothis p tto andndhen haed e thywholloored erports ttmahew >> tnkhiy' thereea rgolly ing totrglug ge toetas pist th. erthede nes btomee so kd inof a gfalluyso, inme kd aof tecounbitylie, her npuo n
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inannded, ind i thmak ultitely ac i h tadeso gus, b iheet t ts iemy ller sev i watiiponsh wh ite pric teserhou. r>>teeporr: r timyahen, t unaccoti fngs irm'u.has. cirman, lethay tod ae nd hadinded a t emstatenlat hite ts rnafteoon he eris vy t upseabthout ista miske mital is somi my stake, our ste.ak whancoile, snott, wonord etmrher . incullanil w l be abackt osthe caexrs nt .year >>ev finerrazi wthith e y stor evyos ne itainlkoug abt urin o ken,ha tounk y.eau. >>ne up xter, whe e thdson an de-wmue and adhamm a li ta binedec oausef r thei girelion?
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♪nglivi well co men oanup, grdpa ♪nglivi well ledon't t t joinomdiscfo rt ykeepoun. dow pcomelathy wi us! ♪nglivi well ledon't t t joinomdiscfo rt ykeepoun. dow m i'congmi. upe gradtoe movfr ueeltra's le tripn actiosujoint pport imfor edprov mitobily, and ibflexility. ito alspresovid 20% be ctteromfort g thanmilucosachne tiondroin, l alnefrom o tiny pmighty.ill... t gehein tre witmoh eve freul atra,ndoy enj lg ivinwell. ♪nglivi well t gehein tre witmoh eve freul atra,ndoy enj lg ivinwell. (e d)late woooooo!!! l life ooks gr eat th wi tampax pearl. ge you tit ulmate otpronecti ouon yr avhe iest ys da smand oo rthovem al ys da r fouryoig lt.htes tampax pearl por we povererdsio.
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tampax pearl makthtwi itansoint mste urines om frlt k-y uragel. ba> e ile thenpresidavt's trel n tis iied upt,n cour the rdadmini hrationeras orded bonder a ctousicms off ers to avraise rueir sc otinyf trelers. whwe tolouyou abmet so vitisors o y sae they'vetbeen dained becahee of tliir mush.m fait isll'snow itne happen,d agai the timtowo ten citizons, a s
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-wand ex tife ofe he lat boxing chp amadmuhamm ali. a rickduanncke spo wh it.them nehicos y untrinli my fe.oabrtle >>r. rorep 6ter:6--oyearld ilkhalaham c-aacholind a her jr-yeaolsod han mumm aadli, .,ay sus cmstont ages tadeined th aem afterskg int abouthr ei gireliont aywhollood inrntenaatiol rpaiort. adey h jt usrnretuedro fm icjamaa. y me mname.o mase anide d keasd de hasmeked mrey .ligion asi s wa, likewh aatoure y ki mnge myel rioigfon r? >>epteorlir: a'sot msaher ys tae was n ke atoep sroarate om d and askethsae ueme qstnsio. sashe yshe swe shod thisic pture f herorr meanhusbd,he t lendgemuary haadmm, alihongpi ouit wldas ense teio, nsitbut nodid t. o at dyou thk inoryour fmer huansbuhd, mamd ma iali,s >>.ying
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hs e'abproblyry ttoing fhtig t ouisof h gvera c andomane d atthha's wt thi ink.htig. or repte ar:nettory richs i ncinreespr tentsheli as. >>t'ves lery carhe ts aliwere sect sedfipecicay lle becaus htheyadbi arac s namefor retheyerkee asd t aboutheir he liougilis beefs. >>epteor lr: aawor enfce ment fiof tcialolcbd wss ne t ahelis rewe d notetneaicad beusofe threeir li ogionr .name pruss. ctondms a bdeorr otonecti rseelead ata stemt en inwhicren ad ipa, rt "all teiornatnaavl trels erviarring hein t uar.s. e ecsubjt to spp inec."tion anthe is t sayhewey otre n given enaxplati aon ws tohyy the th held. retor atrnaiey sd eyth've ce oivedve cr 50alhils ts thsay eye 'v tgonehr soughimaril s.cident us jerkaca dunn r fo t.nigh ckjeria,nk tha yerou vy chmu. >>congmine up xte' wholl sw rnbo. a ere hoywlldrood eawam s
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d ancathe os tr goesa o viol >>itvih daola vi as'mycade ambemeca f their astanfric "es eranicwi to n tiac tng'srie pl crn a--can osr,n a, emmyand toa ny. izprste la nhtigst, be ptuicre, wentth to cae afriicn-ameran -ocomingmof-age oovie "m."nlight and ojnuel b torquezs ells uam ccthe su tess ofilhe fm is gingvie sominr-ne kcityids r othereonasho to pe. y i'moublr rood,embeemr? >>ep rr:orte "onmot"ligh floolws
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fee li ochf , irona unyog blk acwhman o rustleggs wi hthis mosexuit ay,g- druadctdied th, erthand e tougreh stetofs ami'bes lirttyy ci. ththe ofree y aouture sdes nt rire, ght? >>es. or repte tr:trhe see tts hese ckidsalhol me. nyw ma were ocshked? >>ind gooway? ia n wgooday. ep>> rorter: kamal anibeo,ll teatiand mmior nstthweerhin gh, the same school the movie's directorba, jerry nkins, atndteed. all threree we also cast in the film. rsandeonas w o onef e thiebulls inhipis l votasce.en wyohen u mecomi to am yi,ou k in softhou beach, you inth tofarhe cs,ut b d youon s't ee three eoal ppline msideia, mi r>>teeporr:er t arelllv in crmc baneyas tedcrhe sipont his riexpeens ce galsorongwi up here.>> mi what tght beeahe rsowhn y >> s rrteaeh irsaln this way? rorep hter:e'res edturn scein lme fi'suc s tcesso easpthk wi laas aringcts ord stht nig bmeoth n idpabu trite
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r theiroots. >>hiess go oo ut talosl the ank brand owysn bo airnd gls d genon-ndoner cfog rminwho n'doe t sethseem.lves tr're yi tngowo sh y, ouyou anus. >>ow w. nothstartiicir dr ectoof die is rtashe hternigs h'orperfmi ng tsargr proam. wh datthoes isep rntrese f or thhecay tun acal slyasee pt e olvi aencendhe t guns and >>t libeg evininhe tifir gts. rorep nter:owhe tn y casee y frr hlyolodwo, ale l thwa omia mmi. of iavan he ana chce wiingow my n r.osca >>o ?hope >>eslo, a t t.of i ep rteor ar: bnd aelthief ey catoo n h reacthmee sa htseigh. maelor bojqu, ezwscbs ne, >>ami. th tat'she "ovghernit " news forhi ts tuesday. foso omeouf y thes new fontins. r ot,hers cckhe bacwik th us a ttliitle bat ler forhe t morngni anewsnde be sur not tois ms hibs ts mog.rnin" yofr trohe badstca cteen nr inew rky, cit ico'm sttle pely. --pt caioy ns bvicta-- vi
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hi> ts tiscbhe "s erovt nigh ne."ws a>>nd twok the "ovnierght m i'dadon es> pridt enptrum gs oerebefo imna ttiononight for the first mi aetimessddre ofis h on.thistra ere p isident esdxpecte to ou antline broadtr sok hesis pl cs tout s,taxe crinease mitalirype s andingndsh slahe te deralge budtut withoch touing sociit secury or remedica.he o's alsec exp ttedoou annnce pslans toef deat isisun arod th lde wor and drebuil the muw ochhif ts is gngoi to get r'saj mreor gartt. >>r:eportehi the wsete hou and torep icpublanea l adersre hiyio ng tpumet socl musek bac pend thell staffed eort to real and plreace obe.amacar nowdetailsre a ,sparse but theo al is for these houen and sate
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wo ad by mio may te creat a nens tralitionalt heah inraenc etmark oplace,ne with inouandividral covege mandate. criteding, few terax suidbsies. veentreside t said odayit's rypl comicedat nebusiss. thsi prede intsoi gngo t ask ngcoress for $54 bliilnon i asadaltion denefse sinpendgnd a k recongss c toutha tt seam d anigforen aid.iescro pgrsam co cbsew n also haveiv le vegera t ofhe espridsent' esaddrsin begning tigontht a >>as00 ete.rn > rethe puicblaran ce of the sahotee inllceigen cttommiee ysre the's no need for a inspecl pserorcuto to veatstige constactet bween ptrum cigampanic offials and duiaten inlleniggece ants riheng t predesilntia ecelonti. vecorup.ats ear wy of a pblossie nay rdcoepes ror.ts w>>hatld wou bthe obe prle omf ite whe ushoeen sdi mnge a nuermb of a press pnersoo t ca?ll viden nune,s ileinadg the ai r
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veinatstigionf o psiosble cousllbeion twnee trumpam cpanig eropesativ. dus rsian but he insistshe tre was nhiotng ngmaki aew fls cal athe t ur br reesoft tmpru aides. ll>> a ist wa was ahi wtese hou counaticnsio pernsosi pasng a nuermb n andam oef a repteorr ov fereor m if ild wou tkal to them. r>>teeporr:ut bat th, cneombid wi rtsepor tthahi w hteouse heof t ciair drecto andbi f ses fiofscial protempdre fsh acsacus tionfromem doctsrabo aut hoite use tpeam.ring w>>vee ha too d this instatigbiion paisrtan. >>epteorr: rgvi'sinia mkar waers i tophe tem dt ocraon thsetenael intlincge mmcoe.itte >>e thaveo lenot t ita whe e housor o anytholer pit ical inrfeneretce g is n itway, usbecae tit'soomp intorta. seepteorhir: wteou hrese pss craretany se scepiulr wod t no dinfiroren daty th cia reorcte mikpoeomp a wassk ed en defd e thaicampgn. >>'mot nng goi tdio s scuswhat dwentid ierllnay. r>>teeporr:un nrges auethd e ywanay.ois pbay blada de e nd ro>> fm atwhe i'vbe tenbyold
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fmanyol iksats th trehe's g nothinthere. th>>teeporr:s iighe rhtha tt ers e'vino edee?nc el>> wl,ir ff st oal wl,vee ha yetat obinnyed a oe f thevidence te reporm r: ada ischiffs the tetop den crat ousthe hoe inenlligceom c.mittee >> wdrcan't aw anyco onnclusi ss, nord houlwe.we e shoule 't bprudejheging wre thlefacts ad.>> > ifat fher of the.s u. navy in a rmmandoaid deredy benpresidpt trums i madeinndgn ainigvestation. heaid s hisonie dd n"i a jaupidon missi." n focrawrdas h that. >> hy familerwas the. inedleiby, famil h lovedim so muchasso devd.tate >> reporter: president trump eaierlisr th mthoncr desib ed meineteg tham f oilyf navy bos.e.l.ya rnwe ons whihen s dyas wur retnetod he t.s u. a t fens'atr he dbillecnelid meinetthg wi h sis on's
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mmcor-andeinef-chi. hen arvinteiethw wi tmihe "ami ra hld,"e , said"id tolthem i 'tdidn wtoant ma ake scene woout , mybut cieonscnce ul ldn'tete m ttalko him. ahe, skedwh ty athimes ti did e therhao ve tbes thist upid bassn io iwhent snwave't en re alyk weein htois adnirast."tion unr e thr coveofig nn ht o bemene pindn dowouidtse e th qal caedaomunpod. eythe werfoedrcca to lln ia nce licoersh gunipsi to le thfire. 14qa al edera opat aivesnd at let asiv15 cilnsiaer wkie edll inheir fhtefig. alens soas wle kild d an2 a $7 llmiion ecva aiftrcrara csh laednd h andado tesbe dtredoy. he>> t tinims g waliednka to inoar ofnsfeweive 'rpue ngrsui yenem. r>>teeporr:rm aney gerajol seph l,teom cndma oerusf en caltr coan td,daold vid martinas w optoldrerapa ftionorhe t ern atiowaths ghorou. he mitonored r theaiind >>ompee hopleavcae tlledhis so ppleovee ha cleal ad it
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urfaile. >>ga, inobthe je wcto as tgo ndin a cleolntct ielgelince. om accplheisatd th. haom tt rspeivpecte witas ccsuulessf. rtcenlairsy undeowtand h the dilyld wou latook tinhis a >>t erenlight. >ou famsto sner from the codym tea chheec andho cngs i ngoffi ahet t whioute hse ths reatto craowck dnn o cheaaltion muaarijna sas.le musag "lys ike the failed slim n,ba it will beef deated in urcot. dot worrtay, sy ."high t busomepl peoe inhe t l egal jumarianbua sssine a re >>eporter: colorado is making int lgr of ee wnith $1.3li bilon auannl sales of laleg pot. set white ushoree pss staecrery anpi ssacer yshe tayre m be a crkdacown. s>> i theer fedalov genernmt tingoe takct a aionrodun tshi ticreaon aljumariana? ll we,hi i tnkt' thas a tiquesonor f d theeptmar oentf e.stic bdoelieve'l youl seere gater rcenfoemt ent.of i
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meppo suprtsar mijnauaor f ent felca use, butn ifact, delaral wes mak all pot leilgal. >>ho those won csumeha tilt wl >>ne upstietnng o a couch. rorep bter:rusce i cmahairn ofhear mnaijua iusndgrtry oup. coen yea hrd mr. speric's mmtsens, wa ttha a reth?at el>> wl, you certainly have to asmesut tha iist sometnghif o a r>>orep hter:eoi p ontsutha tt omjua anisul regat aedndax ted fr plant to pot sh.op he sthays end iyustree ss tghou relagus,tion mhuce lik t whatall osproped at the erbord. line ofef densega ain tsthe kblac rkmaet. re>> psintdemp trues alludo t gu t.oulng a wl inee kpingad b do'sre plycise wthae ware ing inhe t maruaijna instdury. >> repte yr:reou a t wheall? ware e air vtual wall. r>>orepr:teet benwe -- >> benetwe t chelsarte and the kblac mtarke and our soy.ciet >>ep rr:orte atiusn wgiigns prremeeross thes day anduc mh efser binuyt g pooplyena in
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opsh. i don'tav he to mee stebomody in an leal.yway it'safe. roer oy rhianytng.wor about >>eporte wr:pridesea d aiavlilabitys ing chaing at s.titudeam porican oncepp oosedeg lal t. bu at plols thion mth sdhowe 71% fodo notant the genovernmt en frcingalederaw ls against jurianan i stetaats thav he reeaontial majuriana.edal or >> thiss inew itterrory. ep>> ror tter:heue iss is a goougne o for racolodo's veorrno, wh oedppos the maate'sst connaitutiondl amement bungre recatliona pot l.lega sanowha ttt i is legal,e h co heou wtldn' allowta ste pso tjoinny a fedaler crkdn.ow >> ifhe tus j dticeeptmar ent dore aggsselivy begino t prosanute dry t to enfoerc fe laderal w inte staes lik coloredo whe's it in our sttituti, onhii tnkha tst i a ep ckbas.ward r>>teeporr:s a potoe gsai mn rest, am'sit cg reatina lot o fo bs. masy anas ,02200n i co.lorado>>
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cb the "ers ovnit ghwinews" ll igbe rhtk. bac kemaeshe mosoft ew a f mutin thwita insntoi me stur omfr klt-y uragel. thwi nerew hbasel esnces tibursng witarh oigan l ofmo ccroo and nos teasof jmine tsureo t puremoli thwifen i hyourairsnces yoand urea hd. henew rbssal eens ce let li ifen
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ng♪livi wellco upme on dp, grana dolen't t t joindiomsc fort y keepn.ou dow p comethlay wi us! dolen't t t joindiomsc fort y keepn.ou dow i'm micong. up gre ade to mov ufreeltra's letrip an ctiojosuint pptor imfor predovit mobil y, andib flexility. it ao lsesprovid 20% cbetterfoomrt gthanlumicosanh ontidroin, l alfrneom o t inymi pghtyil.l... in get re the wmoith vee fre ul tr aa,oynd enjg livinwell. ng♪livi well >
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ngat the academy arawds, the stkle boo won the oscar for e l visua cteffes. thlmfimakers createdit digized anim ms andheade tm w aalknd ealknd thol technasogy hte gothen to to whint ere mafilmkers can even deing dead actsor bkac fmro the ad. povid guree s.port >> a m wajoreanposes tt is imnemi.nt wed neeto know wt ha iitsnd a how to destroy it. >>eporte tr:heew n "star wars" wvieas b aig hit at the box ofce.ex ngciti story, thrliilng feef acts,nd gdifte g cludinoneho w hasn bee dead fo err ov 2ye0 ars. i>>l wil tell him that his aacetien has been reedward with wpoean t bori ang swiftnd e to eth llrebeion. r>>teeporr:ha tt's rit,gh sere' bshritior act peter
3:41 am
encushg, reprgizin his ro,le 94h thougheas psed aw iayn 19. w did they do atth? r actoguyen hry perfoedrm the enesend , anthepe scialff eects peernes plreacedis h face with te rcus.shing' >>he t olrigina plans for the ep>> rorr:te d howid the ermput kwno ectxaly what peret to the tinstie de?taild li,ow dn atthhe's wreau poml ces .in rf his o aicehet tns itetitu fore ceativec thnogol aiest the unertysi of serouthn arlirniahe, 'sui blt ath dea st ofwn his o. thliagght ste. >>o we'reur clyrentro surundde the'bos aut 20h hig qliuaty ds racames, ande w corensuctrt a 3-d mod oelf your cefa. r>>teeporr:ve or 100 famous acrs have stood on this stpo
3:42 am
crinudingng aelina e,joli tom uise, brad ,pitt sigrnouey ceon anct a horasee bn scaednn tintoheig l htstage, engeeinrs canit digallyer inst him or her into scesenve, en ifha tt aorct geyounr,de or ceased.d or er o >>re a young goiea to lve thoutin sayg bygoode? >> rorter: th'satow h paul lkwaer wasbl ae toea appr in "fious "7. fa we'lle makbo aut 50if dfentre cial exprsiesndons, a ttha odpr aucesllhe tfe difrent moon ts ofheir .face webut c aanlsoec r aordia facl peorrfe mancfr aomll tsehe chdigil prmerfoanfce o that a arteacthr datsoexa elyctha wt gh rteor tr:heht ligge sta mi ct haveevost s meralillion do tellars arn yes ago. petod tayyo, u canui bld a
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