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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 28, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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cayou n ansee d hear a thece.necigd nehbs orinrunng maivssbae firet ll tha hoallod e thanplane d two mes. owwatcasei nrsghbo rk isr thei n fesao ty tpu sllneomeo fm ro e thinflamg ecwr.kage ncergey ewcruls cod soal be tseenreinat lg atea ostne thknocdohewn t isenten e h crasscspene re tad o at t leastwmeo hos. tevenhene pla'spe proll weras >>seved feand llto on aou hse. uienbelvable. mei an, i leiv right there. itus's jtwo tse hous aw.ay ammy fil my,y kids. ceepr:orte t ihiss what the ss 3na l10ooked keli. cothe wer in l.a. for a c heeray mpitet dion atanisneyld. at hr owneofhe tta resurt an rpe aiorwat ths wi t ghe roup just be eforth leyeft. shsaheid tirne pla wldou not stt arl untithire thd try. sd thenhiometngve eren mo
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diurngbiap hd.pene a>>y ladwatis eangth in at nuerne ole tab there. and i s did youee s thert sta d opstth of e rpai?lane afithlly e rpai slanetaedrt .rmbee thr tesim heen t aplirstane ard,te the thothf rpe aila wnelient ke mo. veik lise th. hat vei ner w sae a plan tdo .fore >>epteorirr: fefhtigsaers y it leabcl to eathr ene sce rehe yre cabethuse eyre all sti srceahing evfor idceenpi to ectoe ergeth o thw th w choleraapsh hpened. eyal're sorc seahi tngrehe aa foy r anpoiatentl imvicts, ted ho w b maye counacun fo arso f, eythie belvery eveone he ifes sa. rifor cbnews, tom wait, tidrse, cnialifora. >>anom, thk you.>> mp deonisit, prerudent t ss to ng his frest add onress. amr g othe hthingspee's exctedto ss discuud his bopget prs osal suincluds g plany for keomeconic islues inceading hcalth rend a syhag ulinthtie naonax's t stem. dochonampi i ws inastohingn wiorth me.
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dooon, gd inmorng.>> e repord r: goog,mornin meg, thenpresid ht saidgeis budt is one ocat's fn used oicpubl satyfe n andatnaiocul serity yswhilovaler wl, theouhite hse sape the sniech tollght wi layou or theunc imisti fvision e ny heriton capl ol hiland be wyondilbel te lisni cnglylose m >> cll iano dpeis sakro f hee >> r iorter:w n a neieintervw withs ox newl channe "fox & iefr tnds"himos prning,ntreside trp pvireewed hisre addsso t core assrond pmid sea bd ol anplke to ephe tnt couryaf se. t th, ry bi'lle lktaabing ou >>rdboer. rorep pter:aroft p thelan inudcl $es a54il b slionur igene fofense .ending be re the'snationer gov nors aymond, ethde presint ulenveid a t ueprinefor thve massi seincrea.>> ween must hasure tt coag seouser mviceen w andomen havelshe toone they ed to d detewar. analwhen cupled ono tinfight wiour naly, on dono g,e thin >>
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rorep tter:o oiavdid adngo t pre cidefit, p therentside will opcuose tsdo to meicst raprogms f andorgnei i aidn a le tttero recongssl ionales.ader mo t12han 0 reretid ragenels mid adra wlsd arnethpre msogra are, otque,ri cl ticato prenngtifl conict. yoeyon e u sethree ioductns a'e ll babo le ttiite to back secpehah tt thesi predent ga, vethsomeinthg ide prest en hasas reid pviy.ousl t areakhiing s inwordg d antu g rninth iemponto liesci. ch > ror dter:urg inspthe ee ap the c, itolthese pridt en owillutlinela po ns tre apealnd mireo ss ttactke aio n bycllgeen d-may. e coy od tknewhahet calthar ulbed co so mpcalited.>> or repte lr:keawmarsn oboth sidealare reready ac.ting>> e we' lngooki f aoriv posit >>upreat pseatntion. ul popist ptilastude will be a ob>>teeporr: atr song support of
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ame acarwielll divheer t crdemoats' burettal. tnow,hete whi h houseas real led aisft oci speal gu iestsnveditth to e chspee att.nigh ten list tcludesidhe wow lace justien antona, scali the dowstw of o lipo ce rsfice kleil ud byndumocented imgrtsan. >>on dmp chaioinn ng washi ton, yothk you. ent's drwatch ide pres ad cess toesongrs ghrihet re onbsin begnit ng a9:.m00 p. ereastn,:0 8nt0 ceral. >>ea> ahd cbon "s isthni morng," thy escord wloill okt ahow e idpresenst' pitriorie msesh wi t ohosef cossngre. ca i thess ouessf poible mpgnai r andusa sibois auto t of me f t nhediext reorct llteceigen. dethe enatreicpublanans d watcre s aratdd os. >>vehat i'n beetoy ld bmany ing lks tthhat ernoe's th >>e. ancae awn't dron any cnsclusio wer noldshou we.
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sulho pdn'tredgjue e thfas.ct wa it s revleealad fd riremassn devin nunun nes and ho ar aburrgrd eehito wte usree tsques ttao o lk t en longatis cofetabin bweet aiump deans e d thruiassns. e th ssenatemmays coerce se llcrety lbwiosur rs, a bieionaires invto srays the trumis adminn tratioorwill wk yquickl to revwie the n orth icameranra tgrde aeentme. e threinigvestat iionsnte o thg hin adtrste co ay navs.l.e.a. s .life wiiallanm ry o wwensasle kild hiwiong thoz a dent lasmoh.nt s thfaaner wts eth cndommaerf othe raid nddefeedhe td raiwi dth avid nd > t ot bjecwa gs too ain we ctet inllceigen, acmpedlish tt.ha tfromharst pepee,ctiv is t wa hosfccesulou i cldta cerineely s w fathe mi wly louldoo k at fthisrodim a ffenert light.
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t>> whe bowens's ody waedreturn to.,he u.sat his freher fud se t to meerewith pntside tmpru. >>the'ertrs ouagd e ancalls waac ftionolwiloheng t f ifth veth of retoats jh ewis shjewi cteenndrs a slschoo in at let daoztaen steei recved bo teahrts. bs bom weer unfod,ut bve ners rare fye fdorse tho ford ceto evua.te w>> iasca sanred d raafid. , yeahitik was le neourvs.snes >> ino ke w thrisk igos toing in sce olho. so therego is ing toe b meinthppg haen. buu t yoju hstave to. t>> fhe abi jndtiusce dert amentrenv ncsiare januery the bhaveeeatn le89ast iidnc ientsn ta30 stes ancadana. >>maialaysn cioffialids sa thoris mniheng ty'hall crgtwe o wiwomen deth murher in tea dth th h thealotf brhe nr ofor koa'ads leer. kijoamng-n w pasneoisod heat t
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alkumpa luurir a eportarerli th isntmoh. a o ten wom aeglledly smeared neagrve ennt o his cefa. korth rea has sent a detilegaono tal mayasi to skee tue rernf o m'ki sbo.dy >om cing upn o the "mog rninne nws," abe urcu exetive regns. co engineer of theid re hngaili mpafany texur seal s job.> aons atou previ >>w and neildetas ouabe t th jury which will hear the bill l.sby x seulassat iatr ithiss "cthe bsor m nningews."
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r,suga 'e'reti letngou y go. ? wha'who'acs repl?ing me ndsplea ranatuls , looks'e's t,sweesh e's'gotut naraevl stia, no te bitr teaftertas shand e'los carifre-ee. tsos hat' it? m wee ada you ce wiugth sar? oh, no. (l aug)ghin erthnoe's spptoering amsica' mifa.lies it? m wee ada you ce
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we made ameri'scaon lstgest lainrog ll. kp eegion hugng... d aninplayg... epkeaw on esinomg. thwi0 100shtsee, we'ln keep o going,too. dvmy aicfoe okr loin ge urt yo buteay usand e eeavno® so ablulytele agess n® cightream wi thct anaive tulsra® bl acerkbomry cpl.ex wi geyounr oklog ininskn thccastt ary.todaa® abluso atelygessle® frveom aen.o® > >>ura to b cus irashedn wosoutheor califnia llkineed o peann jud inre26d er oth op.le thlifoiaig hayhw patl rosaid trs buervented io coon ming wo efic sty,erda hngitti t ca honead . crthe asokh to p ilacen e th loans.gelees mil nthor oeastf othe woedn killra was t veling s.thne of se carsbytruck the bu ru a olingn rojuthrs in e bi osll cbyss aasault cane and ha executive steps down over
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rantssme aatllegio.ns one soare meth of e liheadnes >>orhe mniewng nsss.tand > e th f"sanraconcis ptoin engeer repteordly resnsig unr desexual harassment be casaiomplneabd hiout s haorvin wheheas wop a t exute ive.ther the ernlley nearoud abt colathint isk. wee scuberasee bden unrse clo ru atinyft aerme forren ergine wunent deblr puicr ove .>>arassrent the > rehunddsfo of rmmper eloesyesa wy theyhaere raedssnd ara gb by m topans.ager stngerli ie s thpa crentom pany gayel jewerd s anja tred,he ll oeriaf lrjewey. itay shes tim clas unar bsunsutaiantanted dig fg htin th iembin artrioatn. rer the phadiliaelph iuinq
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whiltae akingn e acor b arcimedine, dot n' etakentstreo. e th smosterusioe sidor ef s fectarane degioema, lo oow bld espr,sure e th smosterusioe sidor ef skidneyro ps,blemema, or h higposstainium yr oud.bloo to moowrrm , i'goa nn osteput th wi mfay tevori yoask uroc dtor about entresto. anlpd he me ake thgift orof tomssrow poible. he re a'sk looatay tod's caforestso in meie cits ndarou h tre couny. ♪ ♪ >>23> e -timgrand slam champion nasere wliilsuams rpseritwd o frn teaying isnnn in sa anscciero ov t whekeeend. ndthd keheif s cldoun, joi a eyai ss.d ye
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slliamsd aishe 'twasn se ur remee uln wod coree gnizher. al?ly ev deymmid iedteialy. enho theugh s wasri weang bo ouots, y could tell s wheas ju mst toor uch foguthe ysn oth t.e cour >> t> onhes "cbmoatneywcha " ba piltyle aa inn ctdefeivr e ai bee placana d erform pderesint hea mes beelst-sli angr.utho naie danlsat is t nheorew yk st nd ck exitange w ah that re. good, orninghena. >> grnd moing, eswall seet wtiaing to see what prtrident sumpay ts onightab xout ta a cutsndth oer his eeiie policngs duri spo ch tcorengss. ste s w jone5 rose 1 points yeclerday foosing cor a re hi f aorco 12th ivnsecute e sessio th0s&p 50in fished two points hi loso csi angect a r ordhigh. ethq nasda added 16. sepane air bag fanuurct terataka pdle gltuiy prin.s uou. crts aar pt of a evusioly aeegrdo tbi $1 llion
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ttsel baentmer oveitfas aultyir gs. ims lesettmencnt iluvides ct tod aumarske. thdee esfect rd ultein the recall omof n re thali31 milon tacarsndck trus. r orta ilog okinfobur a ye fincl iaerback. >>fitydeli iesnvtments pnsla to to fferryoluntats buyou r s oldeerworks. oyempleehas o ve tbe 55 aryes of lde or o wer andatorked rke llfer wise be baond he t rs. woeaer's ysers of anrvice d te reporindly clesudde extend chealthveare corage.>> ed> unitne airliuns annoced a ror paexn nsioadngdine 22 w ut tessuhis four will benihere uted tlrreny esdo f notlyto . ste re wl ilbehe tta srtf oa nsnosetop rvice. pledd saiitil wd l adla rger ey des a mflore igtohts k fosine rs.oute r isa lt ofhe t newou rteso g tohe tte unid bsweite.
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>>an> rmd foerre pntside grgeoe ma an'zosts be-slieloong bk sp li. oke bo "rtpos raitofou c: rage a mmdean cr inhi'sefbu trite amera'ics warr"iors is a coiln atiooftr poraifts o oil pain mngs ofe or 6than0 pele s whoer ivedn the itoes of ffit oicyiall hs itorstayes tode g.>> pr so im.essive iworkofrt at?, righ >> w can'tt aieeto s that. >> ay.olutel a hendaelnihas, tnkou y. st ilhel aad -- set to la.unch thdrofeam spaceri tousm will bsoonec aome rtyeali forwo t ttooohe mn. c aand ffora iptr y lergefreli a in gtlenste mi mayou y t no nevenote.ic lergefreli usg inueuniq mtpisecro thnogoly, ne w onflsease nsisimt delivers a gentle mist to p helblsiock x simt key aminflma storyubcestans th atse cau ysyour mp.toms st mo aerllilgy pls loonly bneck o. siand x reis gathaer tn e.on brtheak royough urer allgies.
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mo> outostp s oriethis rng,inee thr ppleoree we kiedll t andwoth oiners jud re a aenll sma pnelash craednt io soheutalrn cifniora l alvithe cts im oweren e th che anedhead he om afrom eeearl cdingomtipe.tion thple haane d stjuen tak o ff whfromn orairpt ivin rer side enwe it ntn. dow no o onen grthe ouasnd w ind.jure hid > anprenesidt umtrlip devers s t firssp teecho ina jot hen ssioofgr conesnis toght. toec expte ud tose s thepeech tk alt abouhiops prosed adgetndma to p hiout s anpls todd hresseacalth re, immigration issues o andther hiatgislivioe prriesti. s etbudg psaropol s callfor a whcrg inea isefen densene spding vile hias mngeyonor f entaronmenecl prottion, ed n ucatioheand otcir agenes. eytorn gerenf al jef
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dan dtoocarrs wne somen parts to useg he druthmay initk 's okayidor ore docts saypas rentneo ed t ecprott eithchr enildr. ar>> pents need to model inro onteif thr ilch.drensnot e r>>teeporr: with about 20% of sing rihool uudents it ejuana,tsxper s iayt's crorical ftr pediansicia a ndpa gers th ss discuan the d wis. kid > ges.s main, eznecbs wslo, s >> ucomingr p afteocyour lal ne "cws on s bs thig,mornin" a loseroo wk atha ct itoso ts t pkeepredesirunt tmp's sons erin nad doldun jfeior sa whileon trips abroad.>> ,> plus w whatall seetr its adokinfor inhe t presenidt's drs esghtonit. wel 'l wtalkithbe list-selanng finutcial ahor m lliacon.he d > ancadanaho is nongri a viciigl rhtsne pioer is autboo t >>e ceivhis fourth recognionti. n ic'm mhee llermill i hafaovx, na iascot. who n mahiin ts urpicte wiinreg he iven gorn hmentouse lln soobeca on na $da's10
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