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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 28, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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ro >>ui ths. time isinrollg by. >> think that is-- llwe sti haveinra lu isere aoo gd chance of it by end. rie ghnot s w let'take a look at authe betiful ewvi from the we a reg lookindue eastt outo wardthe anoakl oaisand thng morni we dip downto 44. 3ivar lerremo isa pocool st at 5. ronta sas iin the 30s. s.40ilsajon se is in the w lo d miar40s ou nde thnspeniula and dwreood tyci. th e s windup to 9 miles han a san anfr cisco. upround the se. ashore cot le thaup n with a tempinature the 30s and 40 s, door. teaw out the sty r todaa tad erwarm than yefrerday om s 50to low 60s.we lk'll ta about e thuagradl warmd g annext poopitrtuny fo r rain to puacsh bk tointh e ba. area erbut rit now let's ndse it
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s. to quroi euth s > let'lkta ouabt fitraf here a oklo at scottseyvall ar ea. gh is santa cruz mounintas. hi17way . adenod dranive d surlgaoaf rol untiayfrid isth will be hag ppenin from 6:00 5:00 . l is wilenprevt tufure m stor dama. hawe d a ivmasse mud slide. on hisas thwae roady down to e lanein each iodirect ifoue 'r ttryingo head ainnd u t ofotscts vall, eymake sure m. doefit bore 006: p. e cause u eewill s ladeys in area. t' le ts heado more roador wk in thanoakld area. thisisn oeastbound . 24 nnthe coraector mp toso 5:uthbnd 13is oscled unl ti .. m a yoou e aradheing t ourleay, u can use broaaydw paris s ha >>rewe a fog llowinthis lilongpi i storyn utsohern caiaforn. at leest thre peoplare adde a after l smalanple ascrhed intonea hoighborod. scenth isinmorng. sll on the she ash enhapped lastt nigh
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y ortlafter the family took offrf om an aiorrpt inr rive de. e werto ldthey rewe turerning to n sajose. >>ec sy uritracames capte ur went dos mentthe ple an it dedappear in the neig. orhoodmo a mantlar teulyou cod e se ss p ilume of e smokd anfire. ontwo peurle svid vethe h.cras e of emth a -15year -old. girl >> porerter: the small plane pies at a rir vesi dee dsof orighbho. od plesum of e smokstl ildesmolr om the two s homelydirect hit anlltotay stde t least phreeeoe ple ardead. >>i ran t.ou loi ok int fronof me d anerthe is llba of fl. ames wei nt around thiscornnder a i se fi reerevywrehe. balls of fire yweverhere. ran upto e thushoe. pweheulled t r ou ofe thflame. >> s awmeso cbodyra wlout of
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e thushoe on the ground onir fe t i starscted reinamkeg li puher t.ou t her t.ou d anso they arstted to roll her. i w saa co upleguys pick herup laand idhe r on e thdrewivay. t d fope peerle we on boar th sscena. sba huanifd, we, and three erenags. wtheyertue rernafing ter a enweekd mpcon etitioat sndi ey . ce rene pho o videowshs the huge fi it kespard. i seise th part heof t pnela roi tcwahed otanher lady to sss theshtreet e s wa able sh alk. e saidshe s wain e r>>r:eporteec faa r ordsshow the plane is reergisted to hishnoi ri ofsan jo. se he is an exriped encet pilod an
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mp to tcwah his chd'ils chr ee con.etitio >> it got hot. . i e fles sa id i'vegot toget t ouof illlyeated th m's whyy throat stl rthus. she jumped. >> this aginstram o videshows the ouick clds of e smok cori ngthe verir side magor teafr the ascrh. mo barger shot this o vide ments teafr the deincint. >>onste ea bay highsc hool adspreing a naked otpho ofa qufacuy ermemb is inbeg esedtion. th preictu was n take ata e ivathethal cl. ub staff at ayclton vall ceyerhart ghhioo schl beevlie a stenudt
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disnapd e thotpho and stteribud it to iefrnd udve stents have been ed. anded d e onpeexll nowhile meso e arensick edby thindecint, otrshe are t upse e thveinstioigatn. i >> n'dot ape.prov i inthk it's usdisgti. ng >> photos in the last two ysda. ages. urxtssme yo apsn . chat ind gh throu all of yo ur straagm unaccots. saysthey take discnaipliry o indesents riy.ousl rarit ghw nolipoce in san fael are seg archinr foo tw s banditatth pleuld off an atme ght. thoay ni meolwhe inthg was caught on cara at the riman rpair orte . fice cayou n e sea suspect ina n ta atm.yotie a pero ouarnd the n u cae sethe atm come crhiasoung thre gh thndwiow po ere. coce evbelie the susp ects cr d beconnd ecte otother immtes . eaar.
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>> weveha ledearn e oncity ster in san sejo ietrd to ress how bad inthgsld cou get arstted gu shing.eoiservr as it meage atth s wacast ahead of e massivfl. ooding lispilngt ou ofthe rvreseoir stlaek we, an empl oyeetrd ieto m. nd the alar shwas pretty resu the rocks ngspri ngheiooborhd llwiod flo inthe apoaprg chinstor m. e eve of the orstm was ryon . ashant we w noowkn, erthe s waa ppha enedmo reklquicy d anway prre we adspre than edd.icte thndousas were acevua ted. ma lost yteverhing. f as onitoght 479 homes e ar ill llye owedtagg in n sa se. thaninpeleop cango inside eihor bumes t n'cat enspd the ght. the d floocaus ed$5ll0 miion in atprive oppr ertydama geand $23
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dagelln inblpuic se ctor e >> ware lyreal cufosed on rifigung outhow cwean d avoi thispphaening n.agai angad rerd less ofwho ovprided wh daweta, owkn atth ckro ngspris w noeris vy onpre to flding. hs, heer t next rethe mont wee t go more >>rtrepoer: coitnd ionse ar g gettinttbeer at the orovleil a takea lookat e thendifferce fromekast we to thisekwe. the r watelevel drhas opped 50 fe. nelyarwe two ageks o the anergencayspillw was fl ooding th wtheyere able to utsh f of e r wateyestdaery toassess >>da. mage > e threceurnt bst s of rain inheba y area has kespard de bate onetwhher rteakehquas arecconnted to winter like ou. rsge ciophysiy sts sae theris eaen scenghowi arswms of rtkehquas owfolling . itgnifanort stms anapp ened inrmgeinany 22 00 d in swrlitzeand in. 2005
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but a o menlpark scientist yssa e thossecas are t noen oughto n. lish a ttpaer kioby odhas yet unrecoved any th of tirelaon shipbetween e eauarthqke viactity and the inra fallescycl. >> otanher th eoryggsuests icmanme rvreseoi mrs ightspark qu. ks 8 ove orille dam sparked a 5. >>hq uaker afteit s wabu ilt. > rtrobea heis t g bione ngcomi? >> it is. someday, so meyear. neour ws diorrect and my self we dssiscuinjug st this the whry fiwerst ekend of jay nuar en we d haatth fist cospc heriwer athecoionditn meov er theenweekd. wewe re li kei peho erthe is not an uaearthqke usbecae e ther wasos aimuch rcon ming. downwe had a bl rockingidge of ghhi presmire coo ng intthe y ba ar. rmill see nnsuy sks ieand tad
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ions. motnd alsost sear nal fothis last p der r cleaiesks. nos roblem aas fary s an lays are nccoerned there. soh d aneast teinnarnatiol th aiort l alemsysts a-. okay in the 40s omfr san jose thugklh oaand into e th eulninsa. sateitlle and radar inpickg up cl oudysks ieheotrwise we veha tow cl oudsdrif ft inromem ti to time da y wee arfostrecaing 58 des.gree tyarou tmmhe ied siateeae.shor 58 yes tothe h soutand south y. ea bumay nberers ptt isconsten nt ithmie d to upper 50 weeg reesat millllvaey. he avfuthe llec forasd t ana anancef rainfor e thweekend is. w realistic that bughrit now let's ndse itover
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to roqui it's4:. 39 les t'keta a look at yo buray he's a look atgothe ld en tegadg brie ifyou are headg in loom minou cnty to restng. th okg inpr ettyodgo. toli ve look tatayhe b idbrge llla pfrza om 80westunbod to . e maze e s the nipeulnsa ivdrn m. utes oklog inomfr the ywhaard area fitrafc moving smoolyth noand w to roadrkwo. thisis otscts llvaey. wahighy 17 ro adwork eebetwn gl wood e drivd ansugaf rloa ro. refutu orstm gedama. rt even u all ri st i'llend it ckba to guys. > >>idpresent donaldp trumesgo tiimtime for the t firs na tonallyedelevis. event th iiss a day teafr hegave us psglime athis etbudg . plan at atwh isgetting t cuout to ok
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make roomfor e thcrinea. se >>or reptethr: is etbudg llwi seea blpuic tysafe a ndtina onal . >>ridg buet reerport: esprt identrp'ums ovre taledueaysd nightbut he prided a he re's the de llfense endinggets $5a 4 biion osbot. the expee ns ofnoefnd ense prog amsnd foren igaid. re we' gngoi to doremo thwi . ss >>rertpoer: crdemoat ic erwmaks are adalrey fitighng . back w>>t e don'whknow ere the cutr coe ming omfr. but ha's rd to e sethwi thisma e gnitud of cutsatth ceon again miledd ascls pe oplewo farking amiliesre going to be rthu. re>> poerrt: anmulvey saysthe hiesident is stju fuillfling s pre omis tokeep ameranics sa >> o of e thlargest seincreas talsohe nuermb that alwslo the ise esentot epke s hiompr >> doe thmiliryta setequesr. enore: rteralready the vienronmtal protonecti enagcy
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>> douning cuts. rweweevied the ngstreth of outrcouny to mbeearesud in urthe soce of our mirylita but ch in e theducn atioof our ilendre , thhethal d an well amic pane.eopl farof the >> r orter:trump kemas his foalrmge budt ospropal tuy esda evinenrig dung hisfirst congdrs to a t joinsession of powainsh'mgton i k stacyoa n ma reg.rtin >> tid present will r deliveth drat adess motorrow at 006:. n you catcwah it right hereon p we 5.ol f lowingthe chspee 'lhal ve a ecspial edition ofne o arst tingat 7:30 llfo owed byur e prim ltimeineup of >>the eris heanotr l legat se adck for e thtrp um mistnionrati. a del raalappes urco t insan ice o scctrejeed a stju mepartntre t questo dey lae th pereal of the keblocd travel ban. ecprosuts oredwant tbuo y time alreve an utexecive order. to
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to e esenidt sa yslahe pns eke a neviw resed deorr this we. hewill alsofocus on deinportg >> our excle usiv kpix5 eysurv shows manyin the y ba areaare ab board with eral tingthe feds oudot uncuedment irammignts hthatavcoe mmd itteriseous drug terelad . crimes70 % say atth e icshould always be d. notif ha> oaklw d's ne policef chie s bia g to dostli. annekiparktrick was n sworin chie t first femalelipoce fi>> pee orm th dutiesof the thce of ofchief e polic of e tyci of d.oaklan be>> ror tter:hear deptmhaent s en at thnte ceer of sevel ra scdaanndls a hasn 'thad a f chie thpak tricsa syss he iup for >>ob. niorgaza tionceexcellen. itis e threctduion ofimcre ilbu dingon commy.unit n i want peo ople tsftranorm th eir kithinng about cipoling.
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>> kckkpatri has a proven re cord for rmrefoing dertpas.ment bee's enit we h thfoe rcin icchanago d anspoke, shwaoningt. >> time is444:. sfo to ntsaa ro. sa xtne, w hochmu t heun ited ifairles flitsghll wi cost you u yowant to g etawn ay ia ermatt of hour s. y wh upg&esers atth are ngtryi sttuly have to y pamore ul arngtiis th w eek. >>he iscris at ilorovle dam pl exain it'sstju one sign of lica'sforniaan ngalli war te inasfrtutrucre. thdelta isa prm.oble k e thalsmlest k.crac tosme stalle mistake can adle emtrdoen usprleob. ms ay lsfoom das m'new splwil moll ve rerdco ntamous of war klquicy. nc>> ireglasiny we willt wanto bepk acd anrethink e thwhole >>. stem et xpecoriginal rtrepoing ws. xkp ne5 mpector e.
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osa.ansc so toan rtan m sa >> > tbacko y ba areaheads line be fr t dhe friverosam n eing u yo ansccitoo a santrosa cothe mpy anhas just noanunced cie ty 'srethmee tis a y daen tistarng in neju. e thicscen re idllwi on lyketa teminus ona 50 seat jet t bu thprice t mighsound steep at itunn'ed hast had a esprence in 01. nta sa sie nc20 elif you're trying to save ecittricy u yod coulha veto
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paremo. is&e chan gingit s ratest urructe to. morrowth seose th havelow e usagwill e their y utilitbis ll ugop as much as 11%.ho olusehdssi uotng a l of elecwiicity ll y passle llsoe peoplin the central hiey haomve cpld ainer thei ghow pbier lls in the su mmer codcuize sts omer tonhe t. wi wehavern leaed r out we ofer isspngoili the be auty the engold tega br. idge en lthof is foghas be g arinaway the plat. es whe nothe rth r towegets a ldshie of s sortfrom the man ri si is mater cyof the scancio s innee leare d theranare pl the rkwos to h retoucthe the isidge dpltrict ans to yearclininudg vaouris res pair and esfrh coat of inpat. >>t thawill be cr azy. >> i nod ticethe t painpeeling yocan see the t painngfadi cro. >> ere. that bwille so odd to see.
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s >> it'one of those sts apleyo u have toowkn > >>odgo mo rning,evy.erybod yo stla y da offe. bruarythto e is the scene okloing out thdoors right now. ghnot pi ing upa rain dropin t. out waeacaer oomera lking tothrd e y baidbrge wh ere weha ies. okr sk lol at althe big bright lighou arnd e thport of apakld. wrarping ound towarde th esch area.te urmperates inoaankld at . 44 ot inntsaa . rosaorverme. hee rwiswe arein the 40s. r fothe xtne few tsnigh we will incontue to e sethe ertempat duresip intothe 30s. otrwslise owetly gtiming ld rothutugho the work. week chthe en wdo have a show er moce on su. nday reth to e noh.rt ma ofthe comp utermodels are stl isbullh soi hatepu to t itn ie thfore. cast thso iill keepu yopost edon at muhow ch inra s hallfaen?
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2% of alnorm r foferybrua. we are g doinjust wokay ithout hathat c nce ofrain on friday. a we velitradar inditecas ha that gehu ocblking ri ofgh hi supresre atth will corooul r heweatr pattern eaanch d every.da grthl e way rothugidh fray wi th adual warm ing. st. ur yo future ca luhtime plan on ea ting y. otors da pa a ncluh. styou iledl ne a etjack but thaiy, rn freeall wathe y roweugh dndaesrny moinatg dnwey esdaafooternn we are tag lkinouabt the abncundae of ndconsitio fyorom ur sdthuray fintoriy.da ewstatiddae toy wee art no g lkinouabg t fo tinhrghou the cerantl eyvall. y. ntmo ereyba streca gngoi into the hotae arheea t sun is ending and the itn will shine. juisepic. stco a uple dofegesre f of whe shwe ould befoisr th extimef the arye. te ndedfostreca hisunsne frtoda wedny,esda sdthuray, ay. thlyud cloy rdsatuay.
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atgh slit cechan of rainto the rtnoh on sdauny i still han'vet t puthose inra opdrs in i' ere. m ngtryi t heto holdoff on that. th i roought ulqui wod be oupr > me for g doinatth. >>i alactuly e atkfbreaast idoutse styeanerday s d i waba insking e thsu. nshinewe e arstill g dealin withpr eviousstorm gedama. let' take at look aroad work go ing on. een y 113 is edclos twbe y road and gshastin . roadth th is h througsunday march 11 as ewcrs work haon tt dastorm mage out ther yourtealrne atutro if reyou' yitrng to get ben twee 12. waghy rio a vistthats i 80 ovingver to the bay idbrge to . l pza ifyou arele traving along e th avlithospal sspa, rehe's the he tiestrafficth of e inmorng you e arvimong20 at m ilesper ho ugthrohout e theaar. ys. itend to you gu >>one of e thggbiest menas in twsicon eyvall s planto take thlepeop to e thmoon and
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estre avs elere arnot ts. trau el musk acspe x hopes to fl rfhemright to the mo on's tw ace ona ekwe nglo trip. o havealready idpa sidepots an t d seto ri ouilthere e arxemid fegselin abtyt safe. ng>> sce flightis very, very da erous. fovae ofcuum space ist no rgg.ivin onwrg can kill you. t can go co a goodfr iendof me in llecteold a whe se ries of deosof roetckows bling up and made me tcwah those. rothugh thwi the plan. pg erin >>oflate next. yearseto blast 4:51. xtow is ne inour thheal tcwah, an exusloive ok at y whe thli fe expe rancyate in icamera is dr oppi. ng es. nd ngsori icpr w big nameugdr kema rse ar trng to be mo retraranspent
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ouabstt co irenc. ases ,,
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exs pertsa. y.s it' mainly e becuasn of a"ooipiemd epidic." n only ofive: > >>the lixpfe eecncta y ratein am erica is taking a do wnward tu it's mainlycabeuse ofan i e thpain meondicati iddenlyjust we ntk clicd ani sa wow, atth fes el. good >> erport: urlaa ke pt her >>ug e usa crseet. iot n icedi s walia ttle mo orsht teedmper or i di'tdn d as chmu paticeen. an then iwould gee t th crpresipontid anensuddly evyt shingeed meto fl ow a hole t bierbett many inmy us e.i sms ngtaki ca re ofrethe alkil dsand it's a lot of work. it 'ser vy y crazat metis. >> re: porterit d startef of
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hsc preriioptidn opios for anreinjud tail. bone be foree shknew ithe t housewife was edhook. shal gwaysot her s drug lllegay. >>i wod ulgeexagrate myai pn or. ttomso the ctdo syhad a do ctorth atwas mpheat tic. th>>teeporr:au ls ra ionofe e manyeramics ant swepup in thworst drug ctaddiion t idic in u.s. history. bu she isw the nefa ceof osrie bangh mucof e tht.brun wh ite,miledd-a ged,and female. hi>> wtemi, -addlegewod me haved hathe ggbiest incrseea ovdoerse atdehs. >> repo: rterthe emepidic is inowg erevy year. its dreniv byerov siexpong s. eop topoulwerf inpakierll age effected the most mi-ddle es. it the mo stlikely to e,di >>eddd -agewhite women. wt haon rteah isgoing on wi t mheseidagdle-ed whe it >>le? rteeporr: dr. dranew calogni sp oke at a sym mposiuy held b e thcali forniahealth care
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fodaonti hheas a eothry why isth ep idemic isso e.whit t>>hi nkit relas teto a way docts crpresibe rcna otics.>> erreport: l severas studie . >> him up t dher octomay be mo re nccod erneabt outhe paentit g ttinadctdied if theye ar black. oror mnce coerd net aboue thpa stients tellingpiheir lls if if tti paent iste whi, th ey e aresprcrinibg as if the eris abnoating all to be worrd ie ou t. wh iat think is pphaeng inis ecprotti tvet hreafor nonwtehi polas.tion prously we oushld be esincribg iocautus tlyl o al >> our pati. ents rteeporr:ad in di tionwon me ordoct, get a crpresip tion aninkillt er aa hiergh sedo, d to e usthem nglo rmte. fossa these dre ugs ary lous r rochnic use. ta t re is evenev idence that king opidios regurllan y ca
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>>makeain reerport: a laurwas also bushs e'now moalst urfo er. ob s atir fhest s was ashatomed get t. reatm yohe tme sha comefrs om enwh u are in yourveacti n. ddiio mem sobo wdyadho h a prm oble i and dedeci dd too something at. is no shame inth >>rtrepoer: meso acntcideal seoverdos cuocr enwh women x mi l alcoho withprescronipti it a dead lycombatin ion. aln inmart kpix 5. in wakeof be blpuic outcry r focimedine likee thep, ipen rasevel g bidrug makers are trng to beremo tranarsp ent. fison and jon hnsoissu edits rspot rert on icpre increase s. sey ayisth type of serespon coullohelp se w thseri of ices. > >> itis 5.4: e lethseco ndtime atwh wear ng >>ihi somet d anrethe people are de. ad
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plane hecrass into a bay area neighborhood. we are veli frommy ettha in ioternatl na m-- taineheta rnteioatwhnal erthe ey we re ppsuedoso tndla. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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y m kenn es>>orgood mevning eryoneit's tuday, brfeuary th28 i'm o. lrile geg >>nd i'mkey nnoich. lestt's art wi th aveli oklo oue.tsid t staras wee taknia cek looat rildgoen tega gebrid on your ghd t anbathe y brgeid on ft. e wee tomonirihang wt coyou ul cexpe this inmorng udincling cast. uryo refo >>y drstforeca. ouide thand e wasun s kft g. n y luckyo that ou getto goout d anveha day. st ona rkwo >>i maurde se oki tota advange sun. >> we idsa luy ckyou we are en vious. >>i had eabrkfast in the brk ea . room desk. t at my >>i n cagae ug on howcold it is


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