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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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i m chmi oi. k'm nnchy datuesy,br feuary 2h 8ti'm 's o. hel gegri in and'm kenny . choi veatstigorars e onthe ensce a de adlyanple crash in utso herncafoli. rnia eaat lst e threlepeop eddi enwh in ngheiooborhd inriver n nyma side. hee 'r ttold helyfami was adomed he to san jose. ou 5ck jaie wa rdis live tsthide e orairpt withthe st. jaie ep>> ror tter:hi s ise wher e thospeople rewe yitrng toget eythve li rehe insan sejo and chadinrehe afr tea eeearl cdingomtipe tionov er d. eenek ortly teafr eithr ssce na310 ofok f and onlya ha alfe mil omfr the rpaiort e the plan sadireppead t ouof e framas it threoppele, an t adullema, . twagteenereds di t buo tw edrviv. andu wlt omanand teene ag
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gi. rl bo wthtaere keton e thhoalspit whe er theyare in critalic itcondio n. thpee toplehalit inve the crhbigodorho wrehe the anple assahed y eyth heard a loud exosanion d thensaw a lot of oksmane d ssmaive amfles oo>> bm, out of >>t goup and ran. reerport: two homes rewe daged whene thplancre d ashe gr tm hebut no one on the ou nd. died e theris alsominor damage at overan urho o agthe nt sb twee ad theyre iginvestg atin thiscrash voinlving a cenass 310qan fifirersghte will alsobe asscene e wherthe e plan crjuhed st to kema sure eyth didn'tssmi any victims lastni ght. om fra minetiejack wd arkpix 5. >> gh> toniidt presument trp llwiss addre a joseint ofssion o ngressfor the t firsintime hi laeespisch he pe excted to onout his leatgislive ag. enda e atth inudcles a $54 iobilln ng. asein mitaliry spdien e enpresidt llwi also cufos
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onplreacing amoba reca and y. rur secit s thiis anoppoitrtuny for him rtoeally seret what has be a pretty y rockt firsh mont yohis miadnirast. tion u ahave lot of quonestis on rel pitohill, espelycial a mong puicblabans out hwhate llwi do ngmovi fod.rwar s thigis vehim an atthpoy unitto t resel al of >>spsix ecl iatsgues will be trseed with first lady nimelaa ump du ringthe ev ent. >>sobame y areangcoren ssme fiare gh ting whatthey say is hee encurrt rethat to our al threca emsyst. they are llcaing the vemoment a. tnecorastco inr the aca e thmbnuer un rshiredtsesiden in the ste atenhas becu t in. half>> or> suppilters wl be inholdg es town hallto dis scushow to stheerve the al thcare sy they ant tofight ghhi dimecal anbills d lphe dounedcument
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asgr gantseter coveds a well couentin ofngferi roenll ment rvse. ices > >>026: t righ now. ros withrocky. eck of the >>thank yo u,milechel. e theris a ckroy mmcoute ac ross thalnttamo pass in both inpun teednd e quitralitelly and befiguti. vely thituse 'sw sloanckd ros in e road thisis a fi vecar crash after erbolds.riedo avoid large blthe o leftlas neare ilstl aranked d the two t righs lane e enop raso tffic is getting byon boeastund 580 buttt geing by ve owsllyt a 1just4 s mile on. hour the westunbod desi whsomeerowe sl cteommur fitrafc so u yoare ngmovi amit 9 les peurr ho on top oflo okielou trc affias llwe. al youe artraveling to the ta montsspa, just give me. urse py lentof ti ifou are going watord the soh y,ba here's a look at ns. ositcondio yohave yellonow cdis tionon th1 northbound. anwi akll te you 14 numites. len greeon 280 and . 86
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t's move overto the east y. mae ze todotownwn will keta u yo14- m15inesut pifyou are avtrelg ininto the ps la, aftrfic is looking smooth rtrobea lli wi send itto u.yo 04. go rnmoing every.ybod wenoteeg the h monton a inray wenill d it wi thtslo of sunenshi and dry coionditns and a tad warmer. th is our live atwehecar mera sa omour stud ios. n anfro cisclog okindew stea. ofcial sue nrisat 426:. llwi have 11hos,ur 20s minute f igdaylht s.hour mayba just puff of d clouhere or nenshi ruret nsthis ekwe its looky drfor hiawle. iso d havethe winds igslht at thho ur. wel eaincrse later today.he is's anotr heview. okis our tamouncain m. lot ing ourdtowae thclear sk temp iaturesawnland m ay froth e bay into the 30s. ot grherwissibay det iis now 44- de ees inoa kland.
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ouarhend t pinen isulan the d mi city. hedwreood otsarwise jon se is at 40 degr sanete inrnnaatiol t airpor hae llitand radar suesggts we a c thele ar slotright here. feouw clds willdrt ifroin fm th pres ipatision llwi stay rihaprt ecatipitiowin ll ayst ghert the. beeresatur datoy from n ocea acroh thugh mossbeach toin month a terrbeach inclg udin no-mlfbeoon acl h alin e th50s. rtt hweswi 1nd 0-20as a lelitt bit of achill in the ai arnd p theenlainsu t odayfrom satemao rothugz h bi baneand bet.lmon eaalst po toalh hig50s and w lo 60 50bay mbprers etucty mh ine th s. utwaln eecrk. otto n,co ncord,rche. ules hee rwisplnteasaonth in e r uppe50 s. 60gr deees. anend brtwd,oo tracy and yovbaery y.
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urth nor bnuay mbiners the 50 daneva. be58-eedegrs in 57t lupetama s windthis inmorng at60 eedegrs. in50s cr loveda. le uporll fecisast still co ming at 18 mis nuteafr tethe >>. > fromsl g idinllhis to deflood kscree, r ourecent stmsve ha usca ed veryco stly dagero thughout the bay eaar. kp 5ep rorter akanne movec is e veon e thpush calol co unties arngmaki datoy to copewith the price g.ta anne. thin that is costing the of the ste gea husi nk hole in or inda. a weoore lki ngat a bill of$6 il00 mli. onju fast so r from the orstms we haveseen th sisn.easo ci toy daa t loof invidi dual tindes a coesunti llwi ardecle esstat of eremy.genc yitro ng tget eithr ndhas on so meof these e statand fedel ra s fundto eacln up meso of r thei spstordamage. co kingof eaclnup, that nts inueon the bay area's
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ri nstleotab ofstm orgedama w. no reat idu nein san sejo. thnee hoighbor ods asyou know we fodlo ed byyocote creek la st week. d. is 0 4,00homes teevacua thni mornglm a50ost 0 s homear e ilstl llyeow ggtaed. eaat mnseo pcaple n gosiinde thr home but otcannsp end the night. the flood stcos $50 milln ioin in blpuic seorct gedama. >>illio t we'recufosed on firigung ouhow wecan d avoithis from enhappinagg ain. leregardss of who provedid atwh da, we know that rock ngspris noiser vy pre on todifloong. , wed er thextne three ntmohs ming. more ra inco be>> ror ter:there will kelily fingerinpoting at someof todains meet we lrned dayestery a ntsaa waiesoto und e tharalm. trict rng inin an mae-il that she ets prtysu re the ro ck springnes orighbho wodflill ood thwar tedictstri cioffial bu
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adryviso on e theve of this wam was ra thernoncnthala. oning of inalcidentdi floong ong the yocote warstehed. amg the nimuticipalies erpe ed todeclare a ste atof emy genc today. the ty of san sejo, e th escounti of clsanta ara and n sa teo. thwe'll ke a closerlook at issi nk hole ininorinda comg 5. > cakov ixkp fha . hour venew details on a death iniostigat n intosanta rosa. maa s n habe enrear stedfor g llinhis thfaer and es wife. fi ofcers ovdisc erede th bodies indeth eir homes onsa. turdayde estectiv t sayhat bothof atvicts rewe so dlbay beaten thth ey ulcodn't tedermine w they died. 32ead r-olda ltoncan rlsos wa ed. re atthres meaid at je wish haitmmunieros acssth e country area. e eado the bay thsan anfro ciscoffices rewe evacstted yeaferday ter a
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t. b thr mae ar ouar ndthe offices on foet restet swerehudot wn r moalst three hours. paje wishcommy unitercent in yelt ao was soal uaevacted stdaery r aftea thenreating ll. onca weose re just two of at least stinioitutnsye dastery. e wish thkfan nullyo mbbores we found and comeafs ter the fbi injos toe instveioigatn toin the ppnglido of ze onsadf he onesat a wijesh cemeryte. th cametoergeth to deunnoce im e vandm.alis >> tcos uld be r oumecete. ry ents. w ulbe r ougranardp >>ane std aiagnst y anacts of tred. nceor any tsac of ha sa this ise thfifth wave of the u.s.and dacana e sincthe >>begiin g ofthe . year > telar today in msialaya, th wo men llwi begechard wi haercu acseofd kig llinthe lfbr otr heof kim kim jong
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th pan wometht oughtherey we rtaticipining a prank tv noshow rth rekoa s haexec utedfi ve gorn omentfflsicia u sing anairarcunft gs. e thoslaerwmaks rewe cuacsed of un. > glsfae retoports kim >>ti meis 6:10. a skortrn rncalifoia agteener rihis s own tysafe to help whena van erovtus rnidoutse of >>a major ngruli suised in the ttleover thba roomaccess r fo entransgudder st. ents d >> goornmoing, from the kpix e ather . center nnme is . 6:10 sud y andry weather y.toda 'lbut wetal lk abt outhat d morera infor thwee d.eken aftrcefic nt. erng frome th pefiafokc loingog od onth e loulnst a buaftrfic not okg ingood onthe alta mont pa. ss webostd unand eaunstbod.
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ome 'll llou y whywh en cwe ck. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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e we'rto tldveo li lgeart, bu myourosext rdtraoinyarmo mes ntenhapp wh en youl feesmall. y whencoou're lympletetn oud,umbere ov eradsh,owed anoud d.tshine
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haso wt ouif y dedarex to plore is th gatre b bigeaulutif pond. f what ireyou daeed to fl.l smal pr cincess.ruisesco meac bk new.
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ki ondkef li tlohis ok cai'm lliting the "nyoame urce pri t pool"hase. wh at.ever upa maivnke sihoasle h sowwalled good mog.rnin loe lcom. back ok y atour mog rninfostreca. lo ae t thbefuautil spanof thgo ldentega idbrge the lmca bay rswate as well. on yceenou vture idoutse that ga, tewe do have a small craft rwotheisnde wis ckpi lupater th aften.rnoo knyou owll, i' thavehell fu focast for u,yo th atfull focaomst cin g upouin fr mis.nute ta ak looats- thi ald loweup an tienre car in tea war bmainron ke ie tharea gingwa y to a gehu hole. yocae n sethe car ti ppedov er onthe side. wh wt e geto atth video. ng. scomi bumyoise u. t s crewwere able to get that daworkg on repag irine th
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ge. weav e toe sethe devio ifcauswe talked ouabt it. not,maybe we willpost it neonli atl lite bit la ter. pesyialvan, elmichlein no, i'llketa it. hafejural dgine pennansylvia trstju d rule thatrethe andesgenr enstudts in one of atthe stes highscolho can mah tctheistr edat ndgeer . itenty chmstem froa wslauit alngleing scolho dictstri lipooncy e onof the sttsuden is the si cklingof ja ckiecoivan who sa in at esprident trp'ums autiguraon nothe dggge suesd tee therwas idev encerspeonal acprivy was beg inrethateden. hear sg fromofome the 're now passhogers wd hato makean em y ergenclanding inerdenv. theieramicanli airneigs flht leftsaegn dio and heg adinto tuago when it t hitrexeme rbenulovce er the ckroie s. sitheplane s waingog desi to de and up and down and
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drd oppequite olvi ently. thken to the hoalspit. tobe ey areexedpect to be okay. >>a amsacrenigto hh hoscol enstudt mpjus into ac tionr afte stesngsi a seouris r cawrec k. why leatwas hoscol onndmoay en a n vaerovedturn stju up the street. he quicy klrush tedo e thascrh ensctoe lphe a man aptrped inside the vehicle. several othersum jinped to lphean d they manad geto pull >> stoaf ety. caons so as i t goout of the r d ani s wafesa, i just ntwe >> stju watch erov isth man., caoit sws there are kids that rebo aut r otheoppele. es. just themlvse he is anmpaccoliedsh e hletat kennedy high olscho. he hes to meso day join e thu. team. wic rugby >>here s waatth >>in satocramen. wa>> i s trying to acple it iheren e thbay ar. ea>> no , incrsa. amento at? l yohaknow wt i was log okin
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lthat sblueky. >> wewere d focuseon the eck. la [ ]ughter >lue sky. of . course situion out ther e?>>y itis. llliterausy becae erthe are bo d ers in the road. antifiguraecvely bitause is islown the coutmme tusi ation. s this irebefo angrt lineroad.t iv's a fe car crash after ldrswere ngavoidila rge boers in the two left nela the o light lanes arene op so trfiafc is ttgeing th rough.bu t very slt owly aes30 mil per hour. w stt'les move erov to we58bound co hy e heavfitrafc inthe mme utiodirectn rehe and look lou aftrfic. we e arngmovi at 9 miles anho ifou t arerangveli in ereith diiorectn,e givseyourlf enplty . meti nilet's r ve oveto e th peconsula e.mmut thgse havsl oweddoonwn e th tostfoer . cityge fromarhaywd
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betwn 880 and 101.20 numis te there's he bay bridgetoll e plaza you trare g avelin from tazema to dotownthwn, atwi ll ke you 20 numites. ro iberta,se'll nd it to u.yo >> > weare stngarti off with toveweatr hecaoomera lutking o wa trdhe bay brgeid. wea t on the olco side, ver. ke tak a looat the vi oncep ou steout e thordo this mo rning.37 in santa . rosa36 in rmliveore. thesertemp aturesare ac tually noas cold witas stju 24 ho o urs agwhen wehad the pa ldage of atth fast moving the eeronthat d droppe slt in the santa cruz unmointas and stduing of snow calmin eaplsaonnt.
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15ovin nato. wi nds will atblow liser th ooafternn out of the rtno hwest. gh iisods a go g thinr fous ri t now.wi pnter'snoast t so. much we had the blngocki dgrie of rms hesprsuivre der stingto thhert noh of us. ats iwewhy rewe in a ghdrout keli siiotuatn. linot ke ajust drought siiotuatn. winow th that blngocki r idgeof thhigh prreessu, u yosee e th e statof licafo. rniatg e th leinusg one thdry side. by turecast cly earlilralusttes ncluhte imy todalybare a saclouin the sky. me r foe thevg enincoe.mmut wedadnesy inmorng at isth time thhorougute thday as llwe, ns. r itcondio thsdnoay thing but suns. hine wa fact, we ldshou see r ou rmt esertempatesuron thayursd g ioingntido fray in thd mi60s hen re ithe bay eaar t righnowew are intalkg ouabt teeresatur in e thhigh 30s in stam. ento oc, ktonandad vis g goinup to 58. frno a high 50. ca inyotesemi.
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n imyou agine the tewar llfas miyosete right now? wh35-dreones the south shore errre cuenittly 's 6 ovabe ro. teeresatur troomorw toin e th s. wi epiciiskng d anbongardi thn aexedtend se asonat let ugthroh riapl. sue nris6:. 32 by thetime it tsse ghtonit at 6:02, esthe teatmperurares e intothe 50s and few w lo50s ar soundanta cl ara,san jose, 60-drees in ntsaa . rosagr waadual trrming end rothugh frid. avwe he inngcreasi dsclou . saturd i'm yiat isth time so e very salyng on a igslchht ance of acinndn suay in r the fa bay. soofthe north that is your last y daof wel rbebaight ck thwi much more news with kenny and
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mielanle, d roafqui teisr th. ,,,, di
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icuason sqdere garthn for e e thrrwaiors llwi get a prt inr theiuefreqnt ieflr ogm rainbeginng last ghnit. ovrcth11 eyth wi llavtrel er ,01100 miles arst ting nsagait ilphphadelia and e th lo en oughtoak me anyby od st. epcuh harry d a ghnit to . rget y curr0-11 omfr dotown. wn e his rssht ngooti ghnit at th th is cabeuse ofatth man. vikeran duntba ck teafr a twing tusa rdaygame. o ofs hi27. bo sh tt ha wentover the back up d d put the warrrsio in e ththir d. and the xesi rshanging out.
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buclt aydownwnto go ode thre ball. rr 108. eyn wi9-11 im pick up win ernumb . 50 age in lebronjames llscroing tono a --atth is wh atserena wiiallms d.di nscoedider t hegreastte fema le shshe owed up to the istenn co twts with d herog d anasked o ysgu if eyth want to pl. ay thiss iwhat deend up on r he sn ct haunaccot. lyho crap. >>s she'seouris. i s ingog toay s i'm not utes b . g tormwa up ner owkn when m i'g gointo be to a nnteis court arne yo thestwo guys ngtaki on serena . willia rei'm su it was r het agains veose o twguys d anmy esgus 6- love, 6-lo. diayf e thday t'les adhe to
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mauason sqarre gden for the leoroo aitr lingby one thwi ss anth ten cosends left. mpjus er iup d an goodthwi 1.9 mareg.inin >>orr meusc ojtran tthiing the fade away. and yourknksic lose. aypl of the y.da 266:. pg i&eans chgi nge thway it cucrits say it nipush esand sts omerfor ercons. ving igse rashesin a rir vesi deon sa neodhborho inkillg three and cric allyinrijung two heot. rs thwe'lbrg inu yoe thlate ston isnv igaestiti. on >>e welcomto your alheth with jn lunden esprend te bythe nteveion. fodiassee ntcorol nda
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> . hi m oajn unlde n. toayw e rea intalkg abt ouhow yookatg dramlyical inascrees hur ancesof dengvelopi are we' d joineby dr. ann s ilbght direorct of thec'cd sidivi onof bediates trstlaion. re. eto hahe you >>k thanyou. > >t'whas the link her e? ho does smg okinfeafct oppele h witdbeiates? sm oks erare morelikely to lodevep type2 etdiabes. youhe avabdiet esand you sme a ok eryou are much more lieltoy ve ha ffdilticuy ntllroyoing ur abdi etesd an u yo aree morlielky to deelvop sioercous micplnsatio. i>>'t can lphe bu thitnk f oy m brthoer. w aasvy hea smkeor as a ou pngn,erso delev opedty pe2 iabetes ins hi late 20s, dha tallhe omcatplicio, nsisvio n, opraonti s onhis hadsn, ngnereon s hifeet but he t dn'st opsmngoki. e hd triea feimw tes. thisis sofdiltficu rfo plpeoe. ' its gotood know atthal hf the adul tsin the u.s. have
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ng. ppesmkio itis diffulict, so atth amens y ou needsupptsor ard ounu,yo familyand iefrnds to lphe. rethe ear rivaous oprdus ct p leuscan e. rvey poimrttlany there is a init le. . 800uiowtn it lelikaty th y ougoare ing v hae totry mutilple ti mes o t sstopmongki will ever atthim's an anportt inpot. plpeoe y trand don't make it mnd eyen thl feeeadefted. post eople do try muipltle tiesmor befe y ther evestp.o >>th at'saolbsy utelrihtg. r > fothe oslepeop out the er smintg hat arewchating rig ht n ow andyo uknow oksming ist no odgo y forouwh, at douyo have ty sa toethm? >> rtcey,ainl ndo't vegi p.u p keetrg.yin . rs wothit if ouy ar e not samor,ke do n't tasrt. wn hearwe e talkg inutabo loinsg a leg orlosing your ig, ht this is veryrise ous. athounk y o s. much ve a loved one owh is, gie vu th eth suorppt. its 'r nevebe ene morimorp tant to. quit itan ce bdiicffult but you u can l oog n to it e.alon
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dcc/d.goviastbetev. anth fks orwahitcng. 'm joan delunn. >>snspobored y cdnac wih t sfrport eom th encters focalirn. ia.. we >> te> a vo is ctexpe toonday a down ondrunk indrivg inack focalirnia. >>a lot of focalirn'sia yowareys a a mess. u obprably nod.tice i'nem an mac koveveli in orinda ofitha gehu siolnk he stju part ion hatste's $600 mill bi. >>296:. good mog rninevery.ybod e. and shin to y sunnand a lelitt warmer da y. get t ouand enjoy . it rsm aly readloinokg at the acet chanof rain for h.marc nind here's a look at the
6:30 am
ghmitz f ewayloinok g good ribut now t the leprobthm is morng the moaltant pass y usuall slow wonndestbou 508 bu t whatis g goinon, on astund 580? >> itis, ryfebrua 28 ith'm kenn. choi toda inthe 'snation l capito esaddrs to a injot ssseion of rs recongss >> n dochpiams on iinjoing us livem frowagtshinonh witmore t whatope exct when the idpresenyst la hiout s sivion gor the coun try. od mog,rnin don. thkennand elmichle. rn ing, e idpresenllt wi he ava ch anceto move pa stthe budistct. ions t when itcomes to, taxes they willbe looking for ws aerew intview thwi fox neel chann foxand s friend th mis, orningespridt entrp um ngprevied his ads dresto bold ans ase promia d pl to keep the trcouny fesa. >> llwi tbengalki ouabt the
6:31 am
. i liry wi blle tag lkinouabt e th >>. rder reporr:tet parof e thplan inudcl es a$54 bin lliorgsue in nsdefee ensp dingrebefo the onnati'sgo orverns aymond, e thr t esidenedunvailep a blurint wr the ivmasse eaincrse. >>e must insure thatour co usurageoce servid men ann wome ha the tools they needto war. >>rtrepoer: ridu ng his --[ tonit we do owkn the list of inviiad specesl guts atth wi ll be teatndg inthe eespch at ese requt of the white usho thatlist does cline ude th widoof the erform u.s. alsupremurcot stjuice antonin sc alonwith the wi dowswoof t rncalifoliia poofce ficersthat were ki lledby an unntdocumeed m t.migran omand keany d mi, chellewe know fr dsai thate thesprident s wog rkinon tot'nighs chspee asat le as last night.
6:32 am
>>ou yorr sty got cut off. inheadg wato crd alawish th th bupresenent wh it comes toe th et. th couan y tell usabout y wh at is? >> rt repoater: th is right. alespeciauly bec se sofar the pr t'esidenets budg does not enll for any tscu to entitlemogt prra wmss hich ia thin athat lot ofblrepuican mensf recongss push fo r. ulincludthg e e houskespear ar ryan atth s ha pushedfor yer s fotscu toogprrams like mecadi sre andseocial curityas well. c solyertaindo it esap peare th enpresidt is adheedwa tord a clh twithhem erov that at le ast. on>> d pichamon r fous live in c.. , gtond. do k than you. cayou n see e thpridesent's ads dresto recongssto nit gh at is meimeldiaty followy ed bkpix 5 newsat 307:. >>thsbe nt isinstveigg atina ca adlyplane crash in hesoutrn liiaforn. a mifa ly wason bod arwhen it d crashe intoa ignehbodorho in rir sideand we're told eyth
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kpre adheed home to san jo. se ix 5 jackarie wd is live thwi e thlastte. ejo artirpo iejack. knowouabt e thsuorrvivs is t thatthey are both lefema. er. is a enteag. asof lastni ght,eyth were bo incralitic coionditn in thhoitspal. s one wain rgsuery. sothis is sueirvcellan devio ofthe plane as it's going wn. ne dispes ar intoa igorhb. hood clouofd sme okand refi omfr e plex osion. the e plancaedus on impact. larg flameslfenguhoed uses anthe ple anlfitse. wepo keto mesoone whlio ves he t nehbighoor oderwhe e th plane h crasenhapped. >> beunlelievab. ii ve right e.ther t 's jusrethe houses aw. aymy y. famil >>epteor r: theanple was thrrng a husband,wi fe, and retee erenags theyhad l al be a a eechrldieang
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thcoioetitn daty isnela ondver n enweekd and coming here to sa. jose metwo ho s wered damageenwh e th ple hecrasd intoemth and th ere isr mino damageat the ne mes. inhog aselmichle saidieearl r, the asnt is veininstigatthg is tud h anrefirsfightell wi be antorning ce the sf ne othe plase crh to kema sure eyth eryestda y. y anvis ctim frinom meta inteiornatnal >>t rporja ckieward kpix 5. charstti ngmotorr ow&epg is anging its raucte str ftureor th e ndseco meti th isarye stcus omerthwi low usage will goe their moy nthlutitily bills up as much as7%. the ce ceres aft lepeop in ntl ra-- high power bills idsubsizcue sts omeron e th pgst. bas sayth is isan effort to lapence op le'sbills and silify the tera stutrucre.
6:35 am
>> you use less, you parey mo. hoesw do atth rkwo? >> n'dot know. i s watrying to t.coun had i think e we'vonly ant 20 y dr daysthis . year lii keepkithinng of pe ople ke at the car eswash. indubl that rusesecd ycle nyma ? days they wonlyord kehow verymaminil . days 2like0 daysthis e wholyear. th rthu but ey have a llfuwe ek rehe micong up. we e havteenring a wedry ather pa rmte. we'runder the ine fluencof thisgehu kiblocng, beaufutil, domeof highpresresu idproving us with ay drweather erpatt thiss our live heweatr came. e we'rloinokg up fromr oukpix s. oud coerbr of oa dwayand erbatty. frsan ano ciscinlookg e dustea. thre'shat you caesn prid ent. ithisunsne it has ture. rned awin gog tobe dry for hi. le hoouw abt this ewvi? thyle skinofe n . rirgus ghnot w 36grdeees velirm ore.
6:36 am
37 santa saro. inisherwe we are prtyettl seted to the40s wase gibethn is tu anesday d wrap upthe stla day offeuabr coas isclea a fehigh ouclds ifdrn ting i frome thh nortfrom isth weakdi ncsturba e thatis lininge th atnortweerstion sectn of the e. theping e itprecipation ther attemper turesod yayou willno sltice lyight lobew agavere. ord. ine at 62in ncco std ea59 de ree degrees below average r fo 2this8ty h daof the month. th bre feua iryn san . jose60 s degree is the averag high inanoakl ghy todain cipafica. sindt arou ro ckawaybeach. ited. t uimnl buk a brisrtnohwest wind. te the peatoues arnd niulnsy a todainto the s 50an d w felow 60s asyou ntveure in towarde thalsunnyve area an yd makeour way watord sa ratogad angalos tos. 60 s degre ea silytoday.
6:37 am
57in tara linda. 54 in sostinn h.beac so 'vwee enbe g talkint abou rain rnretuing perhs ap bythe .weeken nawe'll owil dn atth forestca . hourmicop ng uat 48teafr the hebut re isquroi. >>co>ly ntuein ngeati my -- i wi llntcoinue tieang my mealoutse idusbecae the sun is inshing. s let'keta a oklo atmoaltant eapass rod boun58be0 foregrant neli ad e therise hugascrh thout ere. fitrafc ismovihrng tough but it vimong rothugh very lyslow 6-at 340il mes an . hour caraltisns onnot scene yet so this will takewh aile to get d. rs revemo me. eloursf typlen of ti orf you can wait it out. s let'talk about weunstbod 580. one rnmo ing.lnorm hot spotof
6:38 am
top of atth you have okloie c. trfiaf vet's mo omfr arhaywd to w. hin aslre owing down no th wl il takeyou 20mitenu s. if you are trinavelg on the urmitz fr eeway,atth will keta yol normami15-20 drnute to t maze to wndotown n sa o. ranci you. rit i'llsend it to >>thank u.yo re> g ppenintoday cafoli rnia prtaesentiwives llld ho a heing ouabt the use of majuriana intestg kits. prthe oposedl bilwod ullet law enrcfot emenceoffirs using a deteine whether a erdrivha s edconsum anmarijua. a it's lyhigh badeted ttesthat >>me y sais not ef. fected > omfrng slidi hills to haded ghhiways, re centstorms thsparked cost lyrepairs routugho the bay area. an vemakoc is veli inor inda e whera nggapi si nkleho i part ofthe agstge ringprice ta awere now ngfaci. >>anne rteeporr: thecity of orinda
6:39 am
red to veha isth thing it. ired mon beethfoere r overa h. neoun casee we are whnoere ar nghavi this fi xed. isere a idbrge e therbut otisherwe hua ge sink hole that isreally an coinnvnceniee for thand is is just partof the bill thate the statnow has for wegerency pa irs. ale inlookg at $600 llmiion bee for gedamad waroadys caofuse this storm seas on he in licarnfoia. is c's aloser lo okat th si ho leon minor roadin . inda rit'soulygh 25 feet dewi, 15 fe long, d an20 etfe epde. abt 0 3,00lifamies li vepast isth ar easo again its habe a lot tof roublethfor e people late ivouar hndsiere nce it ary. d up in the midd leof ans this iurof co se oneof ma ny issues'vwee seen y baarea thde this winter se. ason e m$600ilonlill bi remo than dolewhd at theatste s ha etbudged for road irrepa
6:40 am
ticounes have drd aineeithr geerbuncy dg. et thfie strst epto wardingettg th atnemoy, cldearg insta ate of geemer ncy. wetoday are exctpeg inseveral o cocal mmituntoies do stju th anth iats for of secour em ncergey pare irs asfar as main anat is other ttmaer enti thatcould enprev t someof thesthin gsfrom mibecong ncemergeiry repaths but at is low on e thdgbuet pr iorityto tem lepo. livein ordain annekoma vec. >>li> poce l areoofok r the gu. nman llit a sedtart asa seca of thad rainalong i- 580. ispe hapneoud arnd00 7: stla t.nigh thcte viimys sa the paenssger at a si lvertoyo tacorolla sh ot his r carasevel the r edsp off watord oad.klan hit. >>lsewas > timeis . 6:40a group of bay eaar udstents are acd cuseof spinreadg a med kepicture of a ltfacuy
6:41 am
mb. er the scolhois ngtaki heat for it s spreon. se>> e and t marketjust enoped upabout n teminutes ag yocan seat w dois wndo about 21. pointsco upming we'll t ge ,,,,,,
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
st -- if >>r good g mornin od> go morning yoeverne. leme takeyou r foa free ridete rtmperur es inthe 50s. nohwest wind 10-20 good, orningd redwoocity. wraprong aund the silicon
6:45 am
> ll. >>intoppg off at-60grdeees eawith bulutif sshunine in goa . rosa 0. inmorng, wisond 6r at nenew nus mberinto the wsomrout abo hprome icines the bay area. in the urfoth arquter. osed down ooson brks has details in your s cbnemoy watch . report te repors r: thiobis prably a lilettt bi oflire efat least ar. a ho bun yers ithe bay soot ofespr surewith icpres high. hpricesave olcoed . down cethe s p porert shs ow in de bmberay area home espric omfr the prior moh.nt ea rcent nothat w after flatadreing in
6:46 am
veermb. ilnow ye of year prices were st.7l up 5% inthe y baarea. thatisre pchtty muth e u.s. av d r fothe entireuncotry stice growthsero at s it faceest pa in overtwo year thecomonthy in e thfour qu arter was etpr tymuch a dud. the mmercedertpament says on s co look its icstking with itinorigal call of 1.9%gdp. th at was downomfr 3% .5 growth onbr ightotsp nscoumer origally expeedct. ger than gornntmeen spdi. ngakwe er taetrg is the stlate reta iler toep rort disaoippinntg fo urth . itarpor rert s ocstk is kita nga g bit hi . taf at rg etlesas were down 5%1. ble dik stocis wndo ouby de gi tsin the early going k e stoc smarketg tartinoff fo r e thw doshfiniing a record te serritor12for rastight . ssionsha onsn't date th in 30 aryes.
6:47 am
in the early go ing. lbitle t let'go to the big board. dow wer by 11 tspoin. aqnasd iwns do by 12. ane d ths & p isfainllg by the tspoin. milechel and kenny back toyou. >> k thanu.yo beleargendy teennertair cher gan a new siredency in las gaves this mog.rnin >>odshay e isarappeing on a spl eciaedn itioof the . talk lita lk withjulie chenabout twhato ctexpe from the ic onic rfper.orme in onefull hour oflive cheer r oust dudioedinicatg e th whe show to her. shwill veha an anentrce toshe llre recatate wh e sh used do on hen r owshow with the a spl eciaesdrs for her y.toda ouout ldn'y sadress. it. drs is too n.plai >> the talkis e thonly e plac n u caseche er diusscs her new vegas show. >>you catcn cah itall at
6:48 am
i'5:00 m not singing the ngso. ew>> f c ouldmbremeerl ale th wos, . yeah >>beevlie. do you evbelie. if yo uryour rtbihd saylyin g it for u.yo >>t' is ngcomi up. it i'sn h.marc >> k now. li> r oued itormolly w saher vein as veg and idsa e shwas 6:ed. ible 48 arlekes ta ak looat ouy r ba hoad ros sttiarngh witthe thspot this mog.rnin e alnttamo sspa. webo58und 0 atth is uauslly ow. yoare viging uryose plfy lent of ti tmeo get rothugerh the. boeastun58d er0 the is a r majo h crasininvolvg five cars bore angrt line roaddue to lders. thnsltra is t no onscene ye t. isl wiltawhke aile to get y. lead t ouof e thwa chsays give seyourlf enplty
6:49 am
timeusbecae isth will take typlen omef ti to clear up. lemot's ve over to e thindubl e. atercng trfighc lite uningp rehe ouif y are travg elintoin the pens hula,era e's live oklo atthe saman o te bridgebetween anyward d erfost city. you e ngmovi typret lyslow. veving or to owyell coitions to e thsouth bay. th mnsea ramodete dsspee. a downwn san cifransc ho,s ere' lilove ok atbathe y idbrge toll pl aza. e thosmengteri ls ighton and you have 3 a0 teminu ivdre from bezema to wndotown. rta. > >>. 6:49 anleto see e thnrsuise insan fr cisco?he tre's areat for u.yo we he l crystar clea skies. th iisr s oulive weatr heracameo reoking t in an lyeaster di ction.wo thataus betil.fu e and thiscoast r cleaas well.o d u coulsee the direceng neli awe aret low tideright high deti 12:3 5.
6:50 am
a not cloud in they sk there. n weathehewatcrs fromco ncord. roidsa 38- eedegrs. ew. in moun tainvi hi s 30and enbrd.twoo d antain san rosajohn ermill hi it's 33 degr ees. here pe ssurthis is it t righ re kiblocngge rid. wfivein, tersthat s wae th or io. hi just sig ttinerthe. to iveine g thorstacm trk thnorth of . us pu t usin a drought coitndion wo ity s wato the bay area. it is e thtusep. it a good thing w nobut wa't forthe aryes . past refutu ctaast ke a look at uryo e mayba floangti cl oud. th is ouabt . it otisherwe the dry wer athe weeraln l the y warothugh dny esdainmorng coe.mmut u yoncadvae rdtowa uryo e as sdthuray n agaidrsky ies from theh nort bay to ntsaa uzcr stwe art to see a few cldsou on mibecongud cloy for your
6:51 am
racentl eyvall r ightnow 38 gog up to 58 insaencramto, ktstocon, davis. otrwe is50mid s frompe bble h.beac 50low s thwi the rainowshers 35tisapangou arnds reeuka area. - eedegrs north shore. epicitcondioonns wedadnesy as exwe as theseason has been te ndedfor ngskii and boding prenesidt at least alt l e thway through apri l. sayou w the sunrise cioffial ly 2. 6:4 itill t seat 026: ghtonit. inhe50 s and w lo60s. betw een. ay. ne wedsd frl p pothon ur sdayd an ay. ineahese t oucld cover saayturd. onda suny a nimichmal ance of >> is all . goodwers
6:52 am
> e oneast bay highschool stent who alley gedlsp reada phked ot o ofa fay cultmbmeer nofausce spensnsio t busome amon cpus y sathe olscho is gointoo r fa tok tracdown hosspree.onsibl pr ctpiure was n take ata ive atthheal . club f stafat ayclton vall eychr arte hi ghevbelies a student took th o e photand diristbuted it tofr tuve sdes nthave enbe onspd deand one expe. lled ho saysshe is t upsethat e th ssffol stake checd her xtte ages. in a enstatemt the olscho ma inintaedit ketas disc linary issuesouserisly d an wevener mmcoent blpuic ly aonny spifec icermatt d relateo our studtsen. >>a waveof threats aimed at je wishcoitmmuniehas s spread >>e thbaeay ar. and a anple rrcayi ng five crhes intoa river sidean jose nehbodorho in sornuthe
6:53 am
licaiaforn inkillg reth e, cricallyin ju ringtwoto rshe. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
♪ ee chngrleaditi compen tion i disnnoland. eew, threa are dd o and tw care inl ritica coitndion. ere inas we they took f ory tlitafter rt. from tsi riverpode air ed plung i onf a hal > >>cki'm jaie ward live rptsmie of netainioternatnal ai ort inn sajo thiss where a group oflepeop was ying tofl y hometo theycoere mi nghome froma
6:57 am
dichdirleang coitmpetion in tw eyndla. o were kill edand o twe ar itcrlyical juin red. it plgeund into a neorighbho od to lfa mile aw ay wfromhe re it ok f.of lothcrash edcaus a hugeand onpl exos ion. abof e thtwo suivrvors was le c tora owlut of the wrec inpo tkeo a woman atth lives theignehbodorho. shes wa onthe plane and stjun seeher trngyi to get t.ou r. iketuff onhe ut go tpush everngythi o ofthe way so e shcould t ge t. theoppele o whli vein the r rivesi ndeboeighrhd oosay reey a shd ockeat what ed. pp one onthe grou nddied t bu antws homewere seve relydamaged miheotrs nearby llwi need nor irrepas. ntthe sb isinveatstiging trngto gufire out what went f. ronwhheen t plane tookof fifirsghte wbeill backon suene sce ofe thascrh to make re they di mdn'tisans y of e thctviims yedastery. 5. ma inetiejack wapird kx
6:58 am
>>it is 6:57. timer or youl finafive. de t pightredesiumnt trp li vershis fit rsnaaltionly te selevid esaddrs before a joint sen ssioof cossngre. thprenesidt is peex ctedto afouhiine s plans to repeal the xelerdab caret,ac lower tad s, anx fiatthion's ucfrastr. ture s you casee e thespridt'en 5kpix. at006: ghrit rehe on >>the antidefamaontie leaguin ra san f nciscoand the couny it icentern palo alto inaramong 20 jewish stutit tionsarteged with bomb thtres yedastery. iss ifithe fth vewa of coatres aiagnsjet wish mmitunsiies ncthe e nnbegiing ar. he ye n > safrciansco suispervors ll unilva plans r foa w ne lipo. cy thl wilbot osoyemplme ntfor e local work rcfoe and opst tlabor s.oppage a billlato aw lica fornia law foenemrcofent firsce to >>st those forir
6:59 am
> and emncergey cldearioatns anexctpetoed day insan mateo e cinta arcla uncoty d anth tyf osan jose that llwi alw them toret quesstate and fe fuderal tonding helpwith the reveco ryfoefrt omfr this >>month'lerelentss . storms > it is 596:. a quk traffic supdateg tartin stwi the al tamontpass. fo58bound ar0 an ecrlier ash bentre gra line roade becausbo arlders e in the two left la nes. af tr fic isngmovi touhrgh but it 's ngmovi through owsl chp ys cals tranwill be on robeen around8:00 m.a.. n e suis inshin g. laafc is peexricienng taxi detwys beeen 16 s minuteand 30 in minutein alengtht sfo and crngeasi. rmter day a lecoup grdeees er. s and fea w low s 60a but suk ndwi noesrthwt at 10-. 20 >> hinethh rougfr. iday
7:00 am
we e arkeli it. >>e'll leave you with this beausuful n shot in n sajo. se > >>goodor m tningo ourie vwers inhees wt. 'sittu esday, february 28th, 20.17 lcwee omtocb "s isthni morng." s homein california llkiing two thmarkabpe, two irople urvived >>ry fie h.cras laidpresenumt trp pesledg to yonut a otiptimis vcisn io ttonigha toin spehec ttho ine j > >>webut bineg thisor mning th a lkoo at t'soday eyope-, eneryour world in


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