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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 7, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. become ground zero.. tonight president trump unveils travel ban 2.0, why the bay area could become ground zero in the battle to block it. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. the new order takes effect in 10 days. it temporarily bars new visas from six majority muslim nations for 90 days, but the list no longer includes iraq and unlike the first order, it does not apply to lawful permanent residents or current visa holders. it also suspends the nation's refugee program for 120 days, not indefinitely as the original order did for syrian refugees. ban. and >> it is the president's solemn
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duty to protect the american people and with this order president trump is exercising his rightful authority to keep our people safe. >> critics say it still amounts to a muslim ban and cate cauguiran old its us they plan to take the fight -- tells us they plan to take the fight straight back to court. >> this could be ground zero for president trump's new immigration order. >> if you're looking to challenge this new executive order, you can't really do any better than the northern district of california. >> kpix5's political reporter melissa caen said the bay area is ripe for the protesting of the order. >> potential plaintiffs are a really big pool here in the bay area. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi said in a statement this is the same ban with the same purpose driven by the same dangerous discrimination that
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weakens our ability to fight terror. bay area islamic community leaders say the so-called provisions to the first immigration order only protect the government, not the people. >> it is rewritten in an attempt to avoid such legal challenges. >> it is our position that the muslim ban 2.0 is just that, still a muslim ban, still national security theater. >> department of homeland security secretary john kelly says it is not a ban but an order vital to strengthening american security. >> many refer to it as a travel ban. we've always looked at it as a pause from those seven nations, now six, until we can get our arms around exactly how good we can vet individuals from those countries. >> cate cauguiran, kpix5. an afghan family detained by immigration officials in los angeles is finally free and back home tonight four days after landing at l.a.x. the couple and their three sons were detained thursday on their way to washington where they
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were to resettle. an attorney for the family says the father worked for the u.s. government on a military base in afghanistan for more than 10 years. in return for his service the family received special immigrant visas. tonight white house officials are standing by president trump's bombshell allegation that president obama had the phones tapped at the trump tower during the campaign. >> and the president, based on his information and belief, has said that he was surveilled. >> mr. trump is now calling on congress to investigate. so far he has not offered any evidence of his own. by law the president cannot unilaterally order eavesdropping of a u.s. citizen's phone. only a court can do that. a spokesperson for former president obama called the charge simply false. facebook just rolled out its new system to flag fake news. the stories will keep showing up, but they'll appear along
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with debunkers from fact check organizations like snope s&p olitifact. meanwhile gop lawmakers roll out there long awaited plan to replace the affordable care act, but veronica de la cruz tells us that some key details are still being worked out. >> that's right, ken. house republicans released the 66 page american healthcare act late today. it would provide tax credits to help people buy insurance, but it would no longer require them to. full credits would go to individuals making less than $75,000 a year and families making less than $150,000 a year. they would taper off for higher earners. the bill would also freeze enrollment in medicaid and cap medicaid grants to states and no taxpayer funds would go to plans that cover abortion. the bill would keep some popular obamacare provisions like protecting people with preexisting conditions and allowing kids to stay on their
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parents' plans until they're 26. as for how generous those tax credits are and how expensive this bill would be, lawmakers are still crunching those numbers. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. big victory for environmentalists in vallejo tonight, christin ayers tells us the fate of a controversial new cement plant was decided just moments ago. >> reporter: people are still trickling out of the meeting here. the planning commission here just voting 6-1 against that proposed cement factory. this is a controversial issue that had pitted environmentalists against developers and neighbor against neighbor. the old general mills flour mill on the south side of vallejo has been shut down for years, but now developers from a company called orsim are fighting to resurrect it as a cement factory. >> some people's homes are only a few hundred feet away. >> reporter: that fight faced fierce opposition tonight at vallejo city hall. people packed a planning commission meeting holding
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signs reading no toxic dust. >> they're proposing to put this cement plant, no. 1, right by the school and no. 2, in a predominantly black community. that's environmental racism. >> reporter: la donna william said south vallejo already suffers from air pollution and high rates of respiratory illness, but tonight the company said it found a way to stop dust from spreading in the community. >> we've seen it work that by watering them is effective to eliminate the dust. >> reporter: in fact, orsim goes so far to call when they do green. >> their product is far from green. it's a real polluter. >> reporter: but some long time residents trust the company. >> this company is environmentally friendly. >> reporter: patti smith miles is hopeful the cement plant will bring jobs. >> i'm for the project. >> reporter: but opponents argue that nothing including a small number of jobs will make up for what they insist is long term damage to the community. so once again the planning commission voting down a proposed cement factory here in
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vallejo. there is an appeal process that can happen. however, that will be up to the developer whether they want to pursue that. reporting live in vallejo christin ayers, kpix5. a veteran san jose police officer is on paid leave tonight accused of stealing pot. officer julio morales accused of committing the theft in november after arresting a domestic violence suspect and it's not the 21 year veteran's first brush with the law. in 2008 a woman accused morales of fondling her during a patdown. the jury acquitted him in that case. a bit of a rough start for oakland's new police chief. she got into a fender bender. chief anne kirkpatrick was backing up on broadway near ninth when her suv bumped a parked scooter. she stayed at the scene until officers took a report, no special treatment. she'll have to go through a traffic investigation just like any other city employee. also tonight the raiders say bank of america is prepared to write them a big check to
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cover their las vegas stadium bet, but joe vazquez tells us that oakland isn't giving up the fight just yet. keep that team in town. >> what happened in vegas appears to be happening again in vegas, but we still don't know where the raiders will end up. after already throwing one incomplete pass in vegas the oakland raiders owner is taking another shot at moving the team out of oakland. mark davis told the finance committee at the nfl owners meeting in florida today he has lined up $1.9 billion from bank of america. it's a huge loan that would finance a 65,000 seat stadium in las vegas. he may remember davis had already announce -- you may remember davis had already announced financing from goldman sachs, but that fell through, but wait, the new deal is not a done deal yet. oakland mayor libby schaaf put out a statement declaring she also made a presentation to the finance committee in florida today. "we made a sound economic case for keeping the raiders in
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oakland through the creation of what could become wonderful america's premier mixed use -- one of america's premier mixed use sporting venues." >> nfl owners could vote on a raiders relocation as early as the end of this month. joe vazquez, kpix5. it would be a first for the university of california system. school officials want to cap the number of students from other states and countries at 20%. a state audit last year found that uc of hurting california students by admitting too many out of state applicants. state lawmakers threatened to hold back $18.5 million if the uc system didn't limit that number. the uc board of regents will consider the proposal next week. people in san jose tell us they got no warning ahead of last month's devastating flooding. now there's word the city had a way to send text alerts to everyone, but they didn't do
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it. kpix5's devin fehely asked why. >> we received no warning, no notice or anything saying that we have the flood coming in. >> reporter: that's because the city of san jose relied on an emergency warning system so antiquated and ineffectual that it virtually guaranteed people were not warned before last month's catastrophic floods. >> there's no question that the warning systems were totally inadequate in the situation and we've got to fix this failure and i'm committed to doing that. >> reporter: san jose used the county's alert santa clara county system which automatically calls people's land lines but requires you to sign up before receiving that very same information on your cell phone. >> there's limitations to the system, has historically been limitations to the system in that it does require volunteer registration process. we've done a number of things to try and increase the registration. >> reporter: according to the county's emergency services office, 59,000 people in a
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county of nearly 2 million have signed up for voluntary alerts, less than 3%. the city could have sent a warning using the federal government system, the same one used for amber alerts and national weather service advisories. it would have reached people's cell phones whether or not they signed up, but the city never asked and the message was never sent. >> thousands of our residents are more than frustrated, they're angry and have every right to be angry. the warning system that was in place was not adequate. >> reporter: in san jose devin fehely, kpix5. dangerous e-coli it was like the worst thing in my life. >> i don't feel like i can trust food. >> tonight this bay area family is filing the first lawsuit over a dangerous e. coli outbreak, the food they say made their son seriously sick. >> plus a bay area city cracking down tonight on drivers taking side streets through neighborhoods, the shortcut that could cost you. >> and she was lost in the woods for more than a week. tonight how a firefighter was in the right place at the right
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time to show this ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nearly killed him. his family tells our len ramirez: the source -- was one of his favorite foods. and a bay area boy is home recovering after a dangerous strain of e. coli nearly killed him. the source was one of his favorite foods and tonight his family is suing. >> reporter: 8-year-old trevor simmons is back home playing like his old self, but his parents worry about his long term health after a severe sickness now linked to one of
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his favorite foods, soy nut butter under the brand name i am healthy. >> it was like the worst thing in my life. i don't want to have it ever again. >> reporter: his parents say within days of eating the soy nut butter spread in late january trevor was in the hospital, first severe diarrhea, then worsening complications and eventually dialysis. >> i had nurses at good samaritan hospital telling me he's too sick to be here. he's got something else. >> reporter: trevor transferred to stanford children's where doctors found he had one of the most violent and potentially fatal forms of e. coli. >> it wasn't like a normal e. coli that you would, you know, be sick for three or four days with diarrhea and then recover from. this was a toxin. >> reporter: working with the centers for disease control they traced it to the soy nut butter. >> it was still in our pantry for a week after we got home. we could have all kept eating it. he could have had more of it.
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>> reporter: what happened to trevor has happened to at least 12 others across five states according to health officials who asked for a voluntary recall of the product. >> we want to get this off the shelf or in some way get it fixed so that this doesn't happen again. >> hi, allison, hi, kendall, hi, kevin. >> reporter: while trevor gives a shout out to his nurses and doctors at the hospital he's under doctor's orders to take electrolytes, but there could be kidney damage as well as emotional damage for the family. >> i don't feel i can trust food. i'm nervous about buying stuff. just how do you trust what you buy? >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix5. >> we have all the recall information on our website at an east bay city is cracking down on drivers trying to take short-cuts through town. starting today in concord drivers are not allowed to make turns at four intersections off clayton road during the morning
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commute. new signs prohibit right or left hand turns into certain neighborhoods between 6:30 and 9 a.m. this comes after a rash of accidents prompted residents to take their concerns to the city. one woman says her street started looking and sounding like a freeway. >> i have two grandkids that catch the school bus right here and it's a safety issue. >> reporter: what's it like in the morning? >> it's been really busy. the cars come down this way and speed really fast. a lot of them go over 30 miles an hour. >> the short-cuts bypass busy street boulevards and apps often recommend the side streets, but now drivers who disobey the new signs could get tickets. neighbors complained about the airplane noise. now san mateo county is considering a curfew at san carlos airport. the proposal calls for fewer flights for some aircraft based on how much noise they generate and some flights would be prohibited between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. people can weigh in on the plans over the next 60 days.
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the board of supervisors will likely consider the proposal in july. the faa is also studying a potential change in flight paths putting flights over the bay instead of over neighborhoods. a blind dog named sage is home safe tonight after spending more than a week lost in the santa cruz mountains. betty yu on the combination of luck and kindness that helped her find her way home. >> come on, girl. >> reporter: sage and her owner beth cole are closer than ever. >> good girl. >> reporter: the 12-year-old labrador lost both eyes to glaucoma and a recent tumor and for eight days the family dog was alone lost in the thick woods and steep terrain in the santa cruz mountains. the family mistakenly thought she had been brought in the house only to realize after about an hour sage was gone. >> it was horrible. we just didn't know. >> reporter: the family even hired a professional dogtracker from southern california to search the dense woods, but
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after no sign of her beth had just about given up. >> we found her down the stream. >> reporter: until her next- door neighbor spotted her near lifeless body near a shallow stream. he happened to be showing a visiting friend around the woods. >> saw what i thought was a trash bag and as i looked closer, i could tell it was sage and the very moment i saw sage my heart fell into my stomach and i was overwhelmed with sadness because i knew at that point it would be a body recovery. >> reporter: dan estrada is a veteran firefighter paramedic for the livermore pleasanton fire department. this rescue was difference. >> as soon as i saw her in the stream, i ran to her and i just dropped in the water and wrapped my arms around helper and gave her a big hug and -- around her and gave her a big hug and kiss. if dogs could smile, i think she was smiling at the time. >> reporter: fortunately sage is doing okay after a visit to the vet. >> i think she just was waiting for us and fortunately, you know, dan came along. >> reporter: dan turned down the $1,000 reward from beth.
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he earned something else. >> sage definitely taught me a lesson of hope and a lesson of never to give up. i mean it's something that we train to do all the time. >> reporter: sometimes a dog's determination is the best reminder of those lessons. next saturday there will be a celebration for sage at joe's bar in boulder creek. it will be a fundraiser to benefit the santa cruz county animal shelter. in boulder creek betty yu, kpix5. after a pretty active weekend we are starting to see some big changes, showers tapering off tonight and warmer drier weather is on the way. we've got high pressure building. it's a flat ridge, so it won't bump the clouds out of here yet, but it will begin to build drying us out. we'll keep the clouds the next couple days. we'll show you the next couple days on futurecast tomorrow watch how these clouds still fill in, possibility of lingering showers in far
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northern portions of the bay area, month of us staying dry with increasing sunshine wednesday, so a few lingering clouds, that is, showers again far north. most of us, though, are done with the showers but possibility of a stray shower through the evening and early tomorrow morning, but again north bay most likely chance of seeing a shower. most of us drying out. clouds the big story tonight with that isolated shower possible. mainly cloudy on tuesday, staying mainly dry as we make our way through this workweek and temperatures beginning to warm to the low 70s in a couple days here. first we are starting off in the 40s tomorrow morning, sunrise at 6:32. a couple spots could get down to the 30s, not talking freezing temperatures tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow definitely cool side of average topping out in the upper 50s to low 60s for most locations, 64 san jose, 61 napa and fairfield. taking you through the extended forecast, again drying for most of us, the exception the extreme northern portions of the north bay, but mostly
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cloudy for tuesday and then wednesday we'll see a few clouds out there. thursday more sunshine, temperatures warming. we'll see some of the warmest locations in the low 70s and staying dry now through the extended forecast. the san francisco startup that says: ad.. in >> thanks, julie. could this be the solution to the bay area housing crisis? the san francisco startup that says it can friend you a new pad in one day -- can print you a new pad in one day. and he,,,,,,,,is a modest k
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bathroom along with windows and partitions. the company behind the project sees it as an affordable and highly durable housing solution. >> maybe the warriors should use that company to build a new stadium, be significantly cheaper. >> and quicker. >> yeah. they need a new player to replace kevin durant. they might have found one tonight sort of.
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we'll tell you who that is and why this man ,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. ar of his 48 million >> with kevin durant out maybe the one guy the warriors really need to step up most, andre iguodala who is in the final year of his $48 million contract. klay thompson was held scoreless in the 1st half, in towel trouble all night in atlanta. hawks -- foul trouble all night in atlanta. hawks guard dennis schroder had
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19 points. steph curry made them pay. warriors take the lead, curry with 24 points, but it was that man who made the big shot. iguodala puts the warriors up by 13 in the 4th, had a season high 24 and warriors beat the hawks 119-111. it wouldn't be a sharks highlight without some west side story. tied 1-1 in winnipeg, there's a break away from boedker and sharks take the lead. less than a minute to go, that's the 1,000th assist in joel thornton's hall of fame career. he's just the 13th player in nhl history to get 1,000 and the sharks win 3-2. nfl news, torrey smith is on his way out of santa clara. the 49ers will reportedly cut the wide receiver to sign a five year deal worth 22 million in guaranteed -- he signed a five year deal worth 22 million
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back in 2013. two minutes to go down five to gonzaga, but nigel williams goth helped them hold on. they won 77-68. st. mary's crushed byu, 81- 50 in vegas. it's gonzaga and st. mary's tomorrow, winner take all. youth basketball game can be frustrating for a coach who takes it a little too seriously. so watch what happens when his player takes the ball to the wrong side of the floor to score a basket. >> oh, no. >> his own coach kept the ball out of his own hoop. now i coached the girls at st. bridget, basketball team. our opener is saturday. britina, alexis, lavinia, if you're watching, i will swat that out of the air if you go to the wrong basket.
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>> it's kind of confusing. >> how can you possibly be confused? did you hear that? >> i'm just saying. >> there's two to choose from. >> and emotions and adrenaline anything can happen. ,,,,,,,,
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where do babies come from? well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. our next newscast is tomorrow mo late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> yeah. they'll have all the news that you need to start your day. >> take it to the right basket on saturday for game one.
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>> but it's ,,
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>> announcer: the following program is sponsored by food for the poor. >> when we don't find food to eat, i feel like fainting. >> today, i have nothing. i have no idea what i'm going to feed them. >> i feel like my head is turning. i don't feel good at all. >> many people here have seen their children die. i do not want this to happen to my children. >> we put ourselves on our knees and ask god that people's hearts will be touched and they will help us. >> hi. i'm cheryl ld.


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