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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 7, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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powerful. >> there was just tons of wind blowing all which directions. >> it was pretty scary. >> and republicans unveiled their plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> it is obamacare gone, because we repeal the taxes and mandates and there's nothing left there. >> and the trump administration updated his travel ban. >> this order is president trump exercising his duty to keep us safe. >> and deploying a missile system to south korea. >> the battle to liberate iraq's second largest city from isis has reached a critical stage. >> they don't have a chance. >> they don't have a chance? >> no. >> several communities have been evacuated, and farm buildings have also been destroyed.
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>> there's an avalanche at the ski resort, and emergency services are on the site. >> a college student in arkansas decides to juggle to prove his sobriety. >> definitely not intoxicated. >> a woman shows a giraffe. >> and then accusing barack obama of wiretapping trump tower. >> some said it was particularly upsetting because he's a private man that likes to keep his thoughts to himself. >> "cbs this morning." >> doesn't make sense. what is the point of wiretapping donald trump, every crazy thought he has he puts on twitter. he's wiretapping himself. >> and just like that, the white house had to reset their sign back to zero. "eye opener" is pre
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welcome to cbs this morning. charlie rose is off, as you know, but i have news of a charlie rose sighting, and a woman said i saw him in a restaurant, and i asked if she talked to him, and she said she was afraid, she didn't want to bother him. note to self, he likes to engage, and he's eating well and doing all right. thank you for asking. anthony mason is with us. u.s. military is rushing to deploy a controversial missile defense system in south korea after north korea released missiles aimed towards u.s. troops. >> the missiles slashed down in the sea of japan about 200 miles from the japanese coast, and that's within range of seven u.s. military bases on mainland
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japan. we look at the rising tensions with david. good morning. >> reporter: the official north korean news agency says the launches were conducted by a unit whose mission is to attack u.s. military bases in japan, and that triggered an early start to the installation of a new missile defense system on the korean peninsula. the cargo planes landed in south korea on tuesday morning, and it's a controversial system that was not scheduled to arrive until later this year. the u.s. military officials moved it up after the latest launches by north korea. u.s. and south korea says the purpose is for defending missiles from the north. on monday u.s. satellites detected only one launch at first, and later analysts
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concluded north korea actually fired five medium range missiles simultaneously, and one landed about 200 miles off the coast of japan. and these launches were supervised by kim jong-un himself, and they were fired without warning in a barrage to overwhelm defense systems in japan, and had they been fired from the east coast they could have reached japan. they caught u.s. intelligence by surprise. president trump spoke with both japan's prime minister and the acting president of south korea by phone yesterday. he emphasized america's iron-clad commitment to stand with japan and south korea in the face of the serious threat posed by north korea. japan's prime minister, abe, said they are with the united
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states 100%. >> reporter: the missiles were a response to a south korean exercise, and that exercise is scheduled to go on now for two more months, and almost certainly the north koreans will launch more missiles. anthony? >> thanks, david. house republicans who voted dozens of times to repeal the affordable care act have finally unveiled their plan to replace it. the gop proposal does not require health coverage, and relies on tax credits to help people buy insurance and it's unclear how many people will be included in the plan and what kind of coverage will be available. nancy cordes is on capitol hill where two house committees plan hearing for the legislation today. good morning. >> reporter: this is a major milestone for republican leaders who have been fending off questions about whether they could even craft a credible alternative to obamacare, and
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however there are key details missing like the cost of the plan because republican leaders rushed to get this bill out before some of the number crunching was done. the republican bill eliminates many of the main tenants of obamacare, including the individual mandate, the employer mandate and most taxes. in their place, a dramatic expansion of health savings accounts and tax refunds for middle income and low income americans. depending on age and family size it could be 2,000 to $4,000 a year. >> we are like the ambulance crew that showed up at the scene of the wreck. >> and there are statutes that allow young adults to stay on their parents' plan until age 26, and the plan would wait until 2020 to scale back the
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medicaid expansion. and rob portman opposed an earlier draft of the bill that cut medicaid more aggressively. >> this would have been very difficult for us, and for a lot of people who right now are getting coverage under expanded medicaid for things like drug treatment. >> can the gop leaders win over conservatives that want deeper cuts to medicaid and oppose the low income tax credits. without their support the bill will go nowhere. wa >> it will be one of the pweugepweug biggest entitlement programs. >> reporter: some are predicting there will be major changes before everything is said and done. democrats, norah, are already slamming the bill. they say it provides much less assistance than obamacare, aspeci especially for low of course
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americans and older americans, and they believe those people will no longer be able to afford insurance. >> good morning, director. >> good morning and thank you for having me. >> let me ask you, when all is said and done, will the republican health care plan cover more americans or less americans than obamacare? >> we really think it will cover more. keep in mind, it's easy to claim success under obamacare when you had a government mandate and you could say everybody is covered, and that's not the question. if you get sick, you don't care whether you have insurance, but you care whether you get health care. it create add system where it was affordable to buy insurance but not affordable to go to the doctor. we think the system that the house introduced last night and we worked closely with the house in support and provides more affordable health care for people so when they get sick they can go to the doctor. >> i know you were hoping to do an across the board credit for
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everybody, and the new plan credits individuals making $75,000 a year, or families making $100,000 a year, and why the change? >> we had input from a bunch of different folks and some people were uncomfortable when starting the negotiations for people making more than that to get the tax credit. it's only designed to cover people or assist people who don't get coverage at work. >> director, one of the key changes is you are eliminating the government's mandate that you must have health insurance and replacing it with a penalty for a lapse in coverage and increase in premiums. how exactly is that going to work? >> it's called continuous coverage, and it's how we propose to deal with the concept called adverse selection. one of the problems with obamacare you can wait to buy insurance until after you get sick and we try to give people incenttive and say if you are worried about that, go up and sign up now and make sure you
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can prove that you had continuous coverage, and if you do get sick you can't lose your coverage. >> if you have a penalty kicking in if your insurance lapse, won't that discourage people from getting back into the insurance market? >> no, the exact opposite. it would encourage one of the groups obamacare never was able to get into the system, the healthy younger patience. >> what can you tell us about the cost of this plan? right now the congressional budget office has not reviewed it? >> yeah, at the office of management and budget and a couple other agencies including hhs, we have run our own numbers and we are convinced because of the efficiencies -- we are giving states more control over their own medicaid money. those types of inowe vagus,
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allowing states to have more control over their medicare provides for savings. >> let me ask you about preventive care. one of the things obamacare was expand coverage for preventive care, such as mammograms and mental health screenings. will that continue under this republican plan? >> yeah, you can use your pretax dollars, we doubled the size of them and then dramatically increased where you can use them, so people will have that ability to get that type of care in an affordable fashion. >> thank you for joining me. >> thank you. in our next hour we will get a response from the top democrat in the house, nancy pelosi. and then the resized executive order president trump signed yesterday, the secretary
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of state and attorney general and homeland security secretary srae revealed the new briefing without the president. >> reporter: unlike the first travel ban that took effect immediately, this resized version won't go into motion another nine days and that gives the relevant agencies and travelers time to prepare. president trump signed this resized executive order in private, without reporters or television cameras, and the only available evidence, a picture supplied by white house staff. that's a stark contrast to the fanfare of the first travel ban that was drafted with very little congressional consultation. that order generated confusion and was eventually blocked in federal court. and the new ban bars travelers from six nations for 90s days. administration officials said 300 people who came to this
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country as refugees are now the subject of investigations into terrorists-related activities, and anthony, administration officials gave no details on the refugees, if they were from the six countries named or what charges they might ever face. >> thank you, major. president trump's top aides are backing his unsupported claim that president obama ordered wiretaps in trump tower, and comey asked the justice department to deny the allegations. press second, sean spicer, says, quote, i have not seen anything aside from another report that that actually happened. and kwrjeff is outside fbi headquarters in washington. >> reporter: after asking the justice department to publicly
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reject the president's case the silence is deafening. it's increasing the tension between the white house and the fbi. >> i won't discuss any intelligence conversations that the president has with his intelligence communities on any manner. >> kellyanne conway would not divulge where the president is getting his information. director comey is not shy and is willing to speak publicly when he should and wants to. >> comey took the unusual step of asking the justice department to publicly refute the khraeplz. law enforcement sources say comey was angered by the president's tweets by implying agents broke the law by wiretapping u.s. citizens. it's a strain between the director and the president. just last month it was revealed the fbi declined a request from
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the fbi to push back between contacts between trump associates and russian contacts. legal scholar, jonathan turley, says tension between comey and the president is a politically dangerous situation for both men. >> you have an executive branch that seems at odds with itself, and you have a president that is asking another branch to investigate his branch. you have an fbi director who is asking another department to correct the president publicly. that's all putting us in rather uncharted and uneasy waters. >> reporter: the president has asked congress to look into the alleged wiretapping, but last night arizona republican senator, john mccain, joined the chorus of lawmakers asking the president to release whatever evidence he has to the american people. norah. >> the president can do that.
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thank you so much. many people in the midwest are waking up to extensive damage to tornadoes. the dangerous gusts flattened buildings and toppled trees. 29 possible tornadoes were reported in kansas, illinois, iowa and missouri. stephanie caser of our affiliate is at the johnson county executive airport. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this airport was hit hard by the storm, and several planes are damaged. you can see car windows here are completely smashed. officials had to work into the night to clear the runway and fix a gas leak. fierce winds, rain and tornadoes tore through the midwest overnight. in missouri east of kansas city, tornadoes ripped doors off their hinges and sliced roofs clean off their walls.
7:17 am
at least ten people suffered minor injuries. to the north, winds up to 50 miles per hour send debris flying, smashing in garage doors and shattering windows and downing power lines. matt pinkerton hid in his basement. >> it was scary. >> the storm flipped over planes, damaged hangers and slashed car windows at the executive airport in johnson county, kansas. in minnesota, a tornado touched down north of minneapolis, damaging homes and knocking out power to thousands. and it wasn't just the rain and winds that caused problems. >> there goes my car, bro. >> the storm also dropped hail the size of golf balls across the region. schools in the area are closed for the day. we still won't know the full
7:18 am
extent of the damage until later today, but assessment crews are out here surveying the damage. >> stephanie, thanks. never good when somebody says, bro, there goes my car. wow. u.s. roiraqi forces placed their own flag up, and they faced a fierce fight. holly williams was with iraqi troops yesterday as they approached a building in the face of isis fighters. and then suicide bombers are a wave of isis counter attacks and u.s. troops are working with iraqi forces near the front lines. and then ahead, the vision for millions of people to leave earth and how his plans could heat up the space race with,,,,
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planned parenthood refuses
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man who allegedly tried to run over an officer. it happened this morning.. on good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. right now, richmond police are
7:25 am
looking for a man who allegedly tried to run over an officer. it happened this morning on carlson boulevard as police are trying to arrest a burglary suspect. investigators say one of the officers shot at the suspect but he got away. a stretch of morgan territory road remains shut down because of a mudslide that also cut a water main. they tried to make a temporary fix for 90 homes of the day but no date of completion of permanent water line repair. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:26 am
good morning. i'm roqui theus with your local traffic update. starting with the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 a mile before the toll plaza, there's a three-car crash out there. it's blocking the number 2 lane and that backup is to the nimitz. so it's going to take but 40 minutes to get from hayward to foster city.
7:27 am
so give yourself extra time to get through there. contra costa county commuters slow on highway 4 down to 242 southbound 680 in walnut creek and if you headed towards the pleasanton area, keep in mind there is slow traffic on southbound 680 and also in castro valley on westbound 580. let's take a look at bart. we have a 16th street station day of 10 minutes. all right. roqui, thank you. good morning, everyone. time check 7:28. no rain within our urban areas according to our live hi-def doppler radar. but we have been picking up plenty of rain across the northwest quadrant of the state suggesting south. we'll have rain in the far reaches of the north bay. temperatures across the bay area today in the 50s, beaches, 60s peninsula and santa clara valley. low 60s in the east bay. and right around partly cloudy skies 50s north bay. ,, ,,,,
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in that role he would like take the role over russia. "usa today" reports on new photos that show the crowds at barack obama inauguration in 2009 in fact bigger than at president trump's. the national parks service released the photos yesterday. the images seem to prove mr. trump was wrong when he claimed that crowds at his ceremony went back to the washington monument. the day after his inauguration, president trump accused the media of lying about the size of the crowd. the "los angeles times" said pat-downs are being stepped up for security. standardizing procedures when physically screening passengers. the tsa declined to give details. the travel agency is expecting
7:31 am
passengers to step up complaints about some of these more invasive searches. i noticed that, too. on friday. >> the sacramento bee said fab's is now flagging fake news. sources of reliable information are listed. facebook relies on user, software and several fact-checking groups to spot falsehoods. and "the new york times" said the white house offered to continue federal funding for planned parenthood if the group stops performing abortions. the president said we won't back down in the face of threats or intimidation. jan crawford is in washington with politics behind the funding model. >> in its media campaigns, planned parenthood emphasizes it provides general care and testing. only about 3% of its work is abortion services. but the organization says it will not stop performing abortions even if it loses
7:32 am
federal funding that makes up about half of its annual revenue. >> they have millions of people going through planned parenthood throughout his presidential campaign donald trump praised planned parenthood's services for women. like other republicans didn't back down on promising to repeal the organization's federal za . subsidies. >> reporter: on monday it was offered that the white house could continue funding planned parenthood if the organization agreed to stop providing abortions. in a statement, mr. tread said i am pro-life and i am deeply admitted to investing in women's health and plan to significantly increase federal funding in support of nonabortion services such as cancer screenings. >> this is the same as we've seen for years. >> reporter: planned parenthood sec tiff vice president dawn mcgeehan said the proposal holds health care hostage. >> we would never turn our back on any of the women that we
7:33 am
serve. and we will certainly not do it for the supposed promise of more money. >> reporter: planned parenthood mainly provides health services including cancer screenings, sexually transmitted disease testing and access to birth control. the organization says none of the roughly $500 million of federal funding it receives goes towards abortion. >> based on what president trump has said because he's doing it understa under the guise of false assessmentment. >> reporter: it would cut up federal funds to planned parenthood for one year. >> we don't want to commit taxpayer funding for abortion. and planned parenthood is the largest abortion provider. >> now, we may be seeing this change in the president's position because some senate republicans opposed it. so the president's campaign suggesting to stop the federal funding, well, that's also unpopular among voters.
7:34 am
one recent poll said 62% are opposed to cutting funding for planned parenthood. norah. at the washington, d.c. convention center where bezos is expected to make the announcement to show how it could shake up the race to spax x. >> good morning. entrepreneurs and enthusiasts are gathering here focused on
7:35 am
7:36 am
getting to moon. with bezos and musk it's a business opportunity that is simply out of this world. >> well said, thank you, chip. both of those guys are at the
7:37 am
top of their game. >> very interesting to see what they're doing. late night tv is riding high on a new wave of political comedy. ahead, how jokes about president trump are creating a ratings surge for some hosts and shaking up the late night landscape. and here's an invitation from us to you to subscribe to our cbs pot cost. you can find them all on itowns and apple podcast app. we'll be right back.
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♪ apparently, trump was none too pleased that thanks to more russia revelations jeff sessions had to recuse himself on thursday. so trump staff did whatever they could to calm him down. one white house official even said they tried to put trump in a better mood by going over their implementation plans for the travel ban. whoo, look at the travel ban, ooh, ooh, you want a travel ban. >> the jokes on headlines from washington that help make the
7:42 am
late show steph goes on to say comedy is the one of the ways we can protect ourselves. vladimir duthiers is inside the sullivan late night theater. vlad, good morning. >> good morning. at all it the trump effect in late night tv. stephen colbert has been relentlessly skewering president trump from this set and now his audience, his largest taking over the cbs late show. the president has also proven to be comedy goal for other hosts. and their ratings have surged. >> big news out of the
7:43 am
kremlin -- i'm sorry, i misread that, white house. >> reporter: beating over on the overnight show, over son cbs -- >> sparked a new american fitness craze, walking slowly while lifting a one-pound weight. >> reporter: samantha bee has nearly doubled her viewership among 18 to 49 year olds. >> then in the middle of the day, hurricane trump happened again. >> reporter: trevor noah had his best month ever on "the daily show" watched by 1 million people a night in february. >> he did what! >> reporter: ratings have reportedly been climbing for two hbo hosts, bill maher and john oliver. >> it's a bit weird. with vladimir putin and then meryl streep. >> reporter: los angeles times media writer says media flocking to the hosts. >> shows that are doing well are
7:44 am
the ones that are the most political. >> they're really on message. and the message is we have no idea what we're doing. [ laughter ] >> they go after the president from the first minute of the show. >> reporter: according to battaglia -- jimmy fallon who has not been as critical of the president is down 18% in the last year. david letterman often had mr. trump as a guest on his show -- >> made in china -- >> reporter: -- in an interview he said he would have treated trumpfallon. i would have gone to work on trump. >> obamacare is a disaster. i actually do have a replacement plan, okay? >> reporter: "saturday night live" has been especially hard on the president. >> it's called the affordable care act. >> reporter: calling him unwatchable. >>. ♪ bad boys whatcha gonna do ♪ >> reporter: with kellyanne
7:45 am
conway and sean spicer. >> 80% of the people in chicago have been murdered and are dead! >> reporter: with "snl's" most watched episode in six years. >> now conservatives will say that these shows have a lib balance bias because of their treatment of president trump. and in the past president george w. bush. norah, remember this, they love to ridicule bill and hillary clinton as well. after all, they're democrats. >> they're equal with their jokes. hey, vlad, does stephen colbert know you're there on his set? >> i don't think he knows. >> does he know you're there? >> nicely done. stephen colbert is on a roll, though. >> i know. >> great month. great month. all right. congresswoman nancy pelosi was speaker of the house when obamacare was voted into law. she's now here in studio 57 to share her response to the republican plan to replace the affordable care act. plus, a pregnant mom became
7:46 am
an internet sensation by impersonating giraffe. why she streamed the video of herself prancing around her,,,, >> announcer: this portion of s nnss "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota.
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♪ april the giraffe could give birth at any moment. she's been taking the internet by storm over the past few weeks. millions of people have streamed a live camera watching her in an upstate new york zoo. but april has some stiff competition from another expecting mom. >> a south carolina mom 39 weeks pregnant her name is erin dietrich. she said she was inspired by april wearing a giraffe mask.
7:51 am
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build a ceme good morning, it is 7:56. i'm anne makovec. in vallejo, locals have successfully pushed back against a plan to build a cement factory on the site of an old mill. after a packed public meeting, the planning commission decided last night to stop the proposal. today, mountain view city council votes on google's elaborate plan for a new office complex. the tech giant hopes to build a 595,000-square-foot building on north shoreline boulevard. a canopy roof would span the space. traffic and weather coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,
7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:57. let's take a look at mass transit. we have a bart delay from the 16th street station in san francisco headed to the east bay. it's a 10-minute delay. all other mass transit on time. on the roads look at the red coming off southbound 880 headed to westbound 92 that's the san mateo bridge. before clawiter we have a new
7:57 am
trash to tell you about a four- car crash blocking the left lane. but once you get on the bridge, traffic is moving smoothly. moving to the bay bridge toll plaza, if you are heading into downtown san francisco, that will take you about 19 minutes across the span into the city. roberta, to you. >> thanks, roqui. 7:58. live hi-def doppler radar no rain around our urban areas. but well to the north of the bay area, we do have the beginning of those clouds right there spilling some rain showers all the way into the crescent city area. it's cloudy in ukiah. foggy in santa rosa at 46. livermore in the low 40s. after dipping to the mid-30s. so there you have that brand- new area of low pressure. let's call it partly cloudy as a result today. temperature-wise 50s beaches, 60s peninsula. and south bay. 62 brentwood. ,,,,,,,,
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, march 7th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including the obamacare replacement. republican leaders are backing. house minority leader nancy pelosi, we'll ask her what democrats will do to try to block it. first here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> these launches were conducted by a unit whose mission is to attack u.s. military bases. >> a major milestone for republican leaders. however there are still some key details that are missing. >> will the republican plan cover more americans or less americans than obamacare? >> we really think it will cover more. is that really the question? if you get sick you don't really care if you have insurance. you care whether or not you can get health care. >> the revised motion won't go into effect for nine days,
8:00 am
giving the agencies time to prepare. dozens of tornadoes. >> car windows are completely smashed. >> call it the trump effect. stephen colbert has been relentless and now his audience is his largest. >> the president has already proven to be comedy gold for others. >> terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped. this is mccarthyism. there's no way trump knows what mccarthyism is. he mccarthy. i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason. charlie is off and recovering nicely. united states military is speeding up deployment of a controversial new missile defense system after north korea practiced ballistic missile attacks aimed toward u.s. troops.
8:01 am
four missiles landed in the sea of japan, within range of thousands of american troops stationed in japan. overnight the military uploaded parts of the anti-missile defense system in south korea. president trump vowed to protect u.s. allies, south korea and japan, and called to their leaders just last night. house republicans have unveiled a highly anticipated plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the american health care act removes the individual mandate to have insurance. instead people who let their coverage lapse face a 30% increase in premiums. it also drops any mandate for employers. the proposal provides tax credits to help pay for premiums. someone under the age of 30 would get $2,000. someone 60 and older would get $4,000. the full credit is only for individuals making less than $75,000 a year and families earning less than $150,000. >> the gop plan would also end medicaid expansion in 2020, and states would receive federal
8:02 am
funds for each person enrolled. some obamacare rules would stay. insurers will have to cover pre-existing conditions and children can stay on a parent's plan until age 26. on twitter this morning, president trump said, quote, our wonderful new health care bill is now out for review and negotiation. obamacare is a complete and total disaster. is imploding fast. >> democratic congresswoman nancy pelosi is the house minority leader. she was speaker of the house when the affordable care act passed back in 2010. congresswoman, welcome to the table, "cbs this morning." >> good morning. >> mick mulvaney was here. it's no surprise to you that he said this is a better plan than obamacare. i hear the rallying cry is make america america sick again. what concerns you most? >> just when you think you've seen it all, the republicans go to a more extreme place. this will make millions of people -- it's a question of 10, 15, 20 million people of having
8:03 am
health insurance. it will be the biggest transfer of wealth from low-income people to wealthy people in our country. you don't think of it that way. that's why i say to them, show us the numbers. show us the numbers, what the impact is personally on people. show us the numbers as to how many people will be thrown off. it is real -- it couldn't be worse. >> but the plan does keep in place some elements of obamacare. coverage for pre-existing condition, allowing children to remain on their parents' plan until they're 26 years old. no lifetime cap. isn't it better than, at least, just scrapping the whole thing? >> no, it isn't. and it isn't for this reason. because in order to do those things, when we put the affordable care act together -- and maybe this gives us a great opportunity to brag about the affordable care act. you have to have a pool of people insured. they don't talk about how much it's going to cost. pre-existing condition coverage is very, very expensive. you talked about $2,000, $4,000.
8:04 am
we're not talking about something that is manageable. >> but you don't see the insurance companies lining up against this. why not? >> it just came out in a matter of a little while ago. by the way, they have a big bonus for insurance company ceos. that's unfortunate, because the ceos -- i think the insurance companies have tried to be responsible. >> congresswoman, premiums for mid-level plans under the affordable care act were expected to increase 25% per year. >> maybe. >> can you say that obamacare is working? >> yes! oh, please, thank you for the question. here is the thing. before, you had to take it back to before. before we had the affordable care act, which is what i call it and with all the respect in the world to the president. premiums were soaring, if you could even get insurance. if you had a pre-existing condition, you couldn't. the affordable care act, in some instances, there will be some increases. not across the board but in some instances, there will be
8:05 am
increasing. but nothing like what it would have been without the affordable care act. the coverage is far superior. all the benefits. the goal of the affordable care act was to do three things, to improve benefits, to expand coverage as to who was included and to lower costs. it has succeeded in every one of those things. and it has contained the increase of cost in a way that in the 50 years that they've measured such things, they haven't seen such containment to costs. >> can you see where the two sides can work together? the democrats will say this, the republicans will say this. we could do this for days and days and days. at some point, don't the two sides have to sit down and say what can we do to figure this out? >> well, the point is that what they're doing is putting salt on the whole systemic -- >> i hear that. >> reach insurance as to as many people as possible. if they want to talk about how we could do some things to improve the affordable care act,
8:06 am
we serchl can do that. but you don't do it by pulling the plug. you mentioned in your presentation that they're doing -- what they're doing to medicaid. very, very destructive. very destructive. maybe we should have a side-by-side chart as to what this means in a person's life. because that's really what's important here. not policy but what it means in a person's life. and this is a very, very bad, very bad plan. when the president says affordable care is -- he doesn't even have the faintest idea of what he's talking about. >> leader pelosi, let me ask you, you were the longest serving member of the house intelligence committee. right? >> yes. >> as you know, the president has alleged that president obama ordered the wiretapping of trump tower. have you seen evidence of that in your role on the intelligence committee? >> once again, the president doesn't know what he's talking about. because, first of all, a
8:07 am
president can't do that. maybe he's projecting that's something he would like to do, but that isn't what president obama did or could do. >> because it has to go through the justice department and then, of course, the fisa court. >> so why would he do such a thing? he is the deflector in chief. he wants to deflect that there's a russian connection, personal or political, financial to him. he wants to deflect that his ban is unpopular to muslims coming in the country. he wants to deflect the fact that he has no jobs bill, no infrastructure bill. >> do you think he's making this up? >> i do. >> do you think fbi director swra james comey should speak out publicly? >> he has spoken out. he said that they should refute that. to protect the integrity of the fbi. he has spoken out about it. the swrus department seems to be
8:08 am
missing in action in other aspects of the justice department. but this is, again -- look, he has been in office 47 days. by the time president obama was in office four weeks, he had already passed a bill, signed a bill that had produced or saved 4 million. we've seen nothing in terms of any initiative on the part of president trump. we haven't seen anything in terms of -- >> do you think he has been ineffective in terms of job creating? >> totally. what has he created? he has created nothing except chaos. i think he was a deflector, as i say, in chief, changes the subject. but, you know what? he's in charge. he's responsible. he should be held accountable for what he does and not be passed off as he's a newcomer, something like that. >> congresswoman pelosi, thank you for being here. >> give charlie my love and regards. >> we will. >> we will. >> thank you. empowerment. fashion designer tori birch with
8:09 am
her new campaign to,,
8:10 am
march matness is a march madness is almost here. can you feel it? the countdown is on. 35 different teams have won the ncaa tournament. so who will take home this year's crown? ahead jim nantz on the contenders. >> hello, friends. >> hello, friends. i love that, too, norah. you're watching "cbs this morning." americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets.
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8:14 am
fashion designer, ceo and philanthropist, her name is tory burch, first launched her brand in 2004, remember those? yep. new york, paris and shanghai. in 2009, budge created the tory burch foundation to empower women entrepreneurs by providing mentorship and resources. >> the foundation is launching a global campaign called embrace ambition. it's in honor of national women's day and history month. part of the campaign includes a public service announcement featuring celebrities and leaders from diverse industries.
8:15 am
gayle and i both appear in the ad and support the campaign. >> we embrace ambition. >> women need to be ambitious. >> dream big. >> big. >> without hesitation. >> we will take risks. >> not live in fear. >> we will rise together. >> rise above the negativity. >> we will model ambition. >> for all adults. >> i will help women around the world. >> the whole world. >> women are tough. >> strong. >> powerful. >> ambitious is empowering. >> ambition is not a dirty word. >> ambition is very sexy. >> i really like that last part. tory burch. >> it's a very good one. thank you so much for joining us. i mean, you've been involved since the moment you started your business, you started a foundation. what's the new goal about in terms of making this campaign to embrace ambition? >> you know, i think it's such a harmful stereotype. we need for once and all get rid
8:16 am
of it. when a man is ambitious, it's celebrated and when a woman is ambitious it's distasteful. >> she's a bitch and ruthless. >> uncomfortable it's in beginning -- >> i'm guilty of it. the first article ever written on me. someone called me up and said, i loved the article and you shied away from the words ambition. 13 years later i realize it's true. it's not something that i was proud of back then but i want other people to have the confidence to embrace their goals. it doesn't have to be in the workforce. it can be being a mom. >> tilt is a terrible thing but somebody's got to do it. what are you hoping women do? >> i think women and men. it's so important to have men part of this conversation. equal rights to be a given. equal pay should be a given. it's not a favor. half of the population, it's essential for us to move
8:17 am
forward. and a healthy economy. >> there are men in the ad as well. >> yeah. >> an important point. >> an interesting thing is you look at the number in 2016, there were 21 ceos among the fortune 500 companies and that's down from 24 ceos in 2015, decrease of about 4%. do you think that women are embracing ambition less? or it's just more competitive? what is it? >> well, i think it's definitely competitive. and i think, you know, not everyone is cut out to embrace ambition in that kind of way. but if woman are, we want to give them the equal opportunities that men have. and i think there needs to be more women. and they're going to have a different point of view. and i think it's so important in the workforce. >> what do you see happening in the workforce in that regard? >> well, i think i've seen it, just i can tell you, in terms of myself. i have seen the sort of pat on my back as it's okay.
8:18 am
>> well, the introduction as a female ceo. >> that was the best. i got up for an event and someone introduced me as here is tory burch, the female ceo. i started to think about it and i laughed. and i said i've never heard a man be introduced as a mamale c. it's about equality. it's not about disliking men. it's about equal rights for women. >> what are the different ways that women can embrace ambition? it's not necessarily being a ceo of a company? >> no, bought i think it's own your confidence. own your skills. be okay to ask for a raise. it's a learned skill. i think we've all been trained. gayle is putting out generationally. >> i was taught to be full of yourself is a negative thing. it was arrow gangant and cocky.
8:19 am
>> arrogance i don't admire. but i do admire standing up for what you believe in and having professional courage to really take things forward for women. >> you've inspired us. i love the campaign. >> and we love the t-shirts, too. you have to show your t-shirt. >> yes, and we have these bracelets. >> thank you very much. "downton abbey" star michelle dockery is trade iing clothes for maternity clothes. and chanced rapper is taking things in his hand in a big way. in his native chicago. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. we'll be right back.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
♪ today, i'm proud to announce that i am donating $1 million to cps. >> that's grammy award winner chance the rapper, he's donated, agency he said $1 million to the chicago public school system. that came after a meeting that the illinois governor failed to find a way to resolve the district's financial crisis. >> i love that so much. march madness begins in just a few
8:24 am
message at s-f-o overnight in response to president's trump s revised travel ban. w order temporarily ba good morning. it is 8:25. i'm anne makovec. activists projected this message at sfo overnight. in response to president trump's revised travel ban. the new order temporarily bans new visas from six majority muslim countries for 90 days. iraq is no longer on the list. today federal emergency official will visit homes affected by last month's catastrophic flooding in san jose. the rising waters entered more than 500 homes and caused more than $50 million in damage to private property. traffic and weather coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. let's start with mass transit. we have a bart delay out of the 16th street station from san francisco going on trains to the east bay. that's a 10-minute delay and then let's talk about san francisco bay ferry. oakland ferry from 8:40 into san francisco that has been changed to a smaller boat. also, alameda ferry at 8:50 is a smaller boat so make sure you get there with plenty of time to get a spot. ace on time. muni on time. now to our roads. still slow on highway 4 westbound 4 in pittsburg. if you are heading to contra costa county and if you are traveling to the peninsula on the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city about 25 minutes. bay bridge toll plaza maze to downtown 16 minutes. not bad. traveling in the south bay, red conditions all the way through. safe travels.
8:27 am
>> i take it red means not a good thing. hi, everybody! when we have green on the screen, that means we have rain and that's not the case within the urban areas. look what's going on in santa rosa all the activity. boy, we have a chance of light rain showers in the far reaches of the north bay today including the santa rosa area. it will rain in cloverdale, ukiah and also in clearlake and lakeport. that's the brand-new area of low pressure pressing up against the extreme northern portion of the state of california. we are the recipient of the clouds drifting in. we'll call it partly cloudy today. that's our live weather camera from mount vaca looking past lake curry towards mount diablo. now, we are in the 40s across the board later today 50s and 60s. it looks like we have rain to the part north again on wednesday. but notice the temperatures wednesday through friday. back to the 70s. (cheering) (vo) they say glory awaits at the finish. but what about the start? (cheering continues)
8:28 am
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♪ ♪ one more night to love ya one more night to love ya ♪ one more night to love ya -- that's the new kids on the block. called "one more night to love ya" on "the late late show." 31 years since the debut. everybody was in fog and smoke. everybody. >> they must look better. >> no they sound good. they look good. >> it's not only a catchy tune, it's pretty good lyrics. >> it is. one more night to love you, anthony. >> thanks, gayle. >> i'm fascinated what happens
8:30 am
with a boy band when they become a man band. >> yeah. >> women like me who grew up and still like them. >> yeah. all right, coming up -- coming up -- >> are you okay, anthony? >> jim nantz is in our toyota green room. in a few minutes he'll be talking about march madness. time for headlines. "variety" remembers robert osbourne, he died in his sleep monday in his home in new york. in an interview for cbs morning last year, he told mo rocca about his passion for movies. >> i spent every morning going through the copy of "the new york times." made a list of every movie that played and how long it ran. >> like what's "rainman" like. >> you should lock me up long ago. >> osbourne hosted turner classic movies for about 23 years. he got an entire generation
8:31 am
excited about classic films with his gentlemanly style. and extensive knowledge of the golden age of movies. robert osbourne was 84. >> the "washington post" reports on controversial comments by new housing secretary ben carson who immigrants. >> it's what america is about. a land of dreams and opportunity. there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships worked even longer, even harder for even less. but they, too, had a dream. >> the former presidential candidate was introducing himself to hud employees yesterday. later, carson posted on facebook the slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. the two should never be intertwined, nor forgotten. i'm glad he clarified that. >> a lot of people scratching their heads over that one. if you want to see what samuel l. jackson thinks go to his
8:32 am
twitter. >> loud. casey anthony breaking her silence about her daughter's death. anthony was acquitted six years ago of killing her daughter kaley. she told the associated press she does not know how the last hours of her life unfolded. anthony says she does not care what others think about her when she goes out with her friends. she added she sleeps pretty good at night. >> but her daughter is dad. that's a very sad story. "the wall street journal" says recent rainstorms says that california has a water storage problem. since the beginning of the year, much of the woater that floated out of lake oroville went out to the sea. it's nearly dibbled since the state built his last dam in 1970s. the "usa today" reports on white house tours open to the public. except on federal holidays. the requests for the free tours must be received at least three
8:33 am
weeks in advance. you can usually contact your congressman or woman for that. and model chrissy teigen tells "glamour" she felt depressed after giving birth. tegan is now being treated for postpartum depression. he wrote, i'm speaking up now because i want people to know it can happen to anybody and i don't want people who feel ased or to feel alone. she's speaking up she has her husband, john legend and a nanny and her mom and says it's still happening. march madness is almost upon us. selection sunday is just days away. cbs sports lead play-by-play announce james nantz is no stranger to the championship. that includes last year's unforgettable victory by
8:34 am
villanova. >> three seconds at midcourt. for the championship! >> whoo! >> the national champions. jenkins hitting the winner at the buzzer! >> you don't get a better finish than that. jim nantz joins us at the table. jim, good morning. >> i hope we get one more just like that. but i'm sorry to say it will not be georgetown. but it could be maryland. >> yea! >> double-triple. and the terrapins. you never know. >> what about villanova, the coach said it's a wide open race for the title. and they're ranked number two. i mean, what do you think, can villanova be back there? >> sure, they can. they can be right back there again. kris jenkins who hit the shot, he's still there. josh hart. jay wright is one of the top coaches and they'll be what's called the number one seed when the brackets come out on selection sunday on cbs.
8:35 am
come this monday, i don't know if you guys do it, the bracket polls will be all over the place. >> this is after president obama released his bracket. >> that was always a fun thing to see. >> but, you know, it's a great time of the year. >> go back to maryland for a second -- 30 seconds, why do you think that's a possibility? >> it's a long shot. they're going to be in the township. i'm sorry to break your heart, but you never know. cinderella always has a place at the dances. they say, this thing we call the dance, march madness. and they have a player who has been around for a few years, melo trimble. and they're going to be hosting this weekend, by the way, the big ten conference tournament is going to be in washington, d.c. on cbs. >> i heard. let's talk about duke. >> yes, by the way, charlie, i know you're out there watching. he's been a great friend and my guest and even my runner at the final four in years past.
8:36 am
>> he was your runner? >> oh, yeah, 1980 in new orleans. >> is that right? >> there i was sitting midcourt, nantz and packer and some guy named rose who was off fetching popcorn, cokes and stat sheets for us. >> really? did he wear a suit and tie? >> he did. but he's a duke fanatic. and the blue devils, you know, they lost to north carolina over the weekend. it hasn't been the dream season a lot of people thought of -- not a dream season, but the kind of season they thought it would be. come tournament time, they're going to be somewhere in the mix, like a four or five seed. with coach k. on the bench and a lot of good talent, you never know. >> northwestern. to make the dance, the big dance, the first time like in a 78-year history of march mad jns. >> good for you for knowing that. >> well, you know, we have very good producers. >> i saw norah and her family at some football games this year.
8:37 am
i thought we converted her to a full-blown sports fan including college basketball. >> you know it's my dream to be a sportscaster one day. >> come on over. >> to be like jim nantz. >> do you want to trade seats? >> i'm still in apprentice mode. just watching and learning. >> do you want to do sports, norah? >> i do. >> you do? >> i do. >> what? >> masters. >> a tradition unlike any other. >> you can say that? >> a tradition unlike any other. back to northwestern. >> let's go back to northwestern. >> northwestern is, to me, when you get away from the contenders at the top, this is the best story going into the ncaa tournament as you said so adroitly, they have never been to the dance. >> they had some of the most epically bad seasons ever. >> i was there this weekend in evanston, in my 32 years at cbs, that ranks up there with the
8:38 am
most enjoyable experiences i've ever had. it was just out of control. now, the arena, starting yesterday was being torn down and undergoing renovation. so it was this good-bye and this hello to this new era. they've got a great young coach in chris collins. this is the start of, you never know, northwestern could be a big program down the road. like duke, a private school. >> 27 years of calling the final four, does it ever get old? >> no, i'm just so excited. and right behind it, of course, is the masters. it's a great stretch coming up. all of us at cbs, in concert with our friends from turner are excited about in some ways tbs, tnt,
8:39 am
trutv right here on cbs. actress michelle dockery stars in a new movie but fans know her for her emmy winning tv series of "downton abbey. ", she's in our toyota green room. we'll talk about it, hey, lady ,
8:40 am
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8:43 am
♪ should i remind you some of the choicest remarks you made about me when i arrived here? but they live in my memory as fresh as the day they were spoke spoken. >> please pay no attention to the things i say. >> many people know michelle dockery as her big break as lady mary in the emmy winning series of "downton abbey." now, she's taking on a different role in a movie, "the sense of an ending." the pregnant daughter of a man forced to reveal secrets from his past. >> had a relationship with an undergraduate recently became acquainted but she wasn't there. >> wasn't there? >> at home. >> so, what were you doing
8:44 am
there? >> i went to see them. >> but she wasn't there? >> no. i waited around a bit outside. >> so you're stalking her? >> no. >> astalker. michelle dockery is at the table. so good to see you. >> we're looking at the "downton abbey" clip, you go, that's so long ago. that's how so many of us know you. >> that was like forever, yeah, looking back at that. it was just an incredible six years. >> it really was. lady mary was a bit of a stick in the mud in the beginning, i thought but then as it developed you got to see she had a kindness about her that didn't always show. >> she did. >> let's talk about your pregnant character that you're playing, because we're introduced to her but we don't really know much about her past. or how she became pregnant. >> no, i love that about the film that it isn't explained necessarily, how the character -- how she came to be
8:45 am
pregnant and what her journey is. and i think it's for the audience to decide, really. it's a beautiful film about memory, actually. that sense of it. and playing by the incorrect jim broadbent, about how we can suffocate memory. and so, we can, you know -- >> tell our souls. >> and it's about unraveling the truth and that how that affects his life once he unravels that. and how it affects his relationship with his daughter and his ex-wife. i'm so proud to be part of the film. it's just -- it's beautiful. it's a film that really stays with you. >> it really does. has a twist. i love any movie that has a twist. >> people say since "downton" you're playing markedly
8:46 am
different characters. do-to to a degree, do you feel in picking parts you've pushed away lady mary in the past? >> i would never push her away. i was fortunate that after "downton" the behavior came away. >> she's a hot mess. >> yeah, in the same way a multifaceted, you know, woman who, you know, i've been very lucky that i've gone from mary. of course, very different. modern, good behavior. >> so much. >> it's just i never know what's coming next. i mean, those writers are just amazing. and playing a woman like that is just -- >> and your american accent is so good. was that hard for you? >> i grew up on american -- you know, all aspects.
8:47 am
i grew up on american tv. >> like what, what was your go to show? >> "good life." "happy days." american film as well. we grew up on american film. i still have to work at it. it's a different way. it's a whole different shape. but being around americans, you know, living in america. i spent quite a lot of time before "good behavior " in the states to get accent. the creator of that show it great. it was great to go back and play british again. i think it plays more me, actually, a character was closer to me, you know. you know, to work with jim and harriet walter. >> it's an amazing cast.
8:48 am
>> and scarlet ramsey, i got the chance to work with her. to play her daughter. so it's lovely to be involved in something that she was in again. >> it's a very memorable film. michelle dockery thank you very much. "the sense of an ending" opens in theaters on friday. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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members are expected to vote on tion that would push f good morning. 35 minutes before 9:00. i'm anne makovec -- 5 minutes before 9:00. i'm anne makovec. tonight alameda council members will vote on a resolution to push for a congressional investigation into impeaching our president, donald trump. his alleged interactions and business dealings with russian officials are at the heart of the effort. >> in vallejo, locals have successfully pushed back against the plan to build a cement factory at the site of an old mill on mare island after a packed public meeting the planning admission stopping the proposal. the owner of the raiders reportedly has a new deal to move the team to las vegas. mark davis says bank of america has agreed to loan the team $1.9 billion. a relocation vote could take place later this month. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:55 am
8:56 am
we got through monday. it's now tuesday. its 8:57. let's check the morning commute. mass transit we have had a series of bart delays here now a 10-minute delay from west oakland to downtown oakland. ace train and muni are on time. now to your roads. if you are heading into san francisco, the maze to downtown 20 minutes and san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, traffic moving but slowly.
8:57 am
25 minutes between 880 and 101. slow through the south bay. 101, 280 and 87, give yourself extra time to get through there. >> i know you thought i was crazy today when i kept talking about the rain in the north bay. sure enough our live hi-def doppler radar is picking it up in the north. we have more snow around mount st. helena. rain in clearlake lakeport, windsor cloudy skies, all the clouds drifting into the bay area right now all associated with that disturbance. look at the clouds invading the golden gate bridge at this early hour. later today partly to mostly cloudy skies, in the 50s and low 60s. it will be warmer tomorrow but we'll keep those rain chances in the forecast for the far north bay. otherwise, a full sunny day thursday. then again on friday. make it a great day!
8:58 am
wayne: (screeching)
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jonathan: it's a trip to ireland! (irish accent): hello, wayne mcbrady. wayne: oops, i'm naughty. jonathan: it's a new motorcycle! omg. wayne: come on, brother, let's do it! what?! tiffany: wake up! wayne: if you're having a good time say, "yeah!" (cheers and applause) jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america, welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm wayne brady. thank you so much for tuning in. three people, let's make a deal. let's go. (cheers and applause) with the orange glasses. dude right there with the orange glasses. the bobby soxer, right there, yes, ma'am, you. and stella. let's go. everybody else, have a seat. let's go. stand over here, edward. you stand to the other side. you and sarah switch places, please.


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