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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 8, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> is your television watching you? tonight, wikileaks has exposed some of the top secret techniques for hacking into smart devices. i'm veronica de la cruz in tonight for elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. andria borba is in our news room now with more on what the spy agency has been up to. >> reporter: well, the documents appear to reveal the design and the capabilities of the most closely guarded cyber weapons. wikileaks says they were created between 2013 and 2016 and contain hundreds of millions of lines of code. code named vault 7. it is being
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called the cia's head ward snowden moment. jeff harp, former special agent in charge of the san francisco office says the release will force the cia to hit the reset button on their surveillance. >> if what they were doing or what they are doing was not known by the hostile intelligence services it is known now and it will limit their capabilities. >> reporter: among the reveals is that cyber espionage experts can take over internet connected smart tvs as well as internet connected devices and your iphone and android are hackable according to the cia. >> the worrisome part is that the cia appear to be keeping vulnerabilities they find in our devices and not giving them to the companies so the devices can be made more secure. >> reporter: cindy cohen of the
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electronic frontier foundation says just because the cia has their hands on the hacking codes doesn't make it secure. >> the idea that it is okay if they know about weaknesses in their devices because none of that information will get out to bad guys is not true. >> reporter: the average american should not be worried about their privacy in light of these revelations. >> if you are a law-abiding citizen, you have nothing to worry about. if you are breaking the law, working for an intelligence service, the government has cause to listen to you. >> reporter: now, in a statement this evening apple said that most of the vulnerabilities in the documents have been hacked. andria borba, kpix5. tomorrow, the 50th state will become the first to challenge president trump's revised travel ban. attorneys for the state of hawaii plan to file a request for a temporary restraining order. the new order is set to take effect in nine days.
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it bans citizens from six muslim majority countries from entering but exempts legal residents and current visa holders. tonight, san francisco police officers are trying to make a case for stun guns using this cell phone video. it shows a bystander jumping in to help a police officer who was wrestling with a homeless man near ocean beach. the man had apparently been exposing himself. it is a good example with a tazer might have come in handy. they posted that video on facebook saying the officer showed tremendous restraint. though injured he has returned to work. this is another example of a flawed sfpd use of force policy. right now, san francisco and detroit are the only two major
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u.s. city ins the country not to outfit their officers with tazers. as storm cleanup continues in san jose, there are new plans to pour millions of dollars into flood control along coyote creek. but betty yu learned tonight that money has been floating around for years. >> reporter: we are talking $22 million. it may sound like a lot of money, but the water district says had it been applied a few years ago, it would not have been enough to fully protect those san jose flood victims. as fills with the office of state emergencies got a look at the flood damage in san jose today, we learned the santa clara county water district is planning to spend $22 million on flood improvement projects for areas near coyote creek, but this is not new money. the district has been sitting on it 15 years. tobacco in 2000, voters approved $32 million in flood protection efforts in coyote
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creek which overflowed its banks and brought thousands of people under mandatory evacuation orders. the district has spent a third of the money planning and designed for ten years. >> why did it take take so long for the money to be applied? >> flood protection projects like this scale always take a significant amount of time. >> reporter: by 2012, the ticket realized it would cost more to fix the problem. so they focused on tackling the most vulnerable stretch of it spared during the recent floods. at the same time, the district had another project in the works retro fitting anderson dam. that is where the problems began because the reservoir was over capacity. water flowed over the spillway. >> what we have in mind now is to do analysis to see how much
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flood protection we can do with it. >> reporter: the district says the idea is to take advantage of the dam getting fixed. that would make work on coyote creek cheaper and the district believes it can also protect more people before the next big flood. the district says this work can take about seven years to complete. the committee within the board of the directors plans to meet on friday to discuss this issue. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. governor jerry brown asked the president to declare a disaster to california to add federal aid to the state recovery efforts. scenes like this show you why. homeowners along a stretch of aroyo creek in pleasanton have been watching their backyards crumble away. they are hoping something can be done to stabilize the bank before it rains again. this before and after photo shows the change in the past ten days. our juliette goodrich got a
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different perspective. >> reporter: we are on the other side of aroyo creek. you can see their backyard and get a sense of how sheer the cliff is and how much it is eating away into their backyard. >> they have a swimming pool that i know the weight of the pool and the water is just going to force it to go if they don't do something quickly. >> unfortunately, nothing can be done until the water agency finishing its surveying and the army corp. of engineers signs off. first there was apple spaceship headquarters. now, not to be out done, google got the go ahead to build its own science fiction structure in mountain view. joe vasquez shows us. >> reporter: no, it is not a futuristic space station. this is charleston east. google's dome shaped office complex. it includes solar panels tied into the roof and sky like
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windows. they want to build on north bay show. nothing like this has been built. >> it came about because we really started designing from the inside out. we wanted to find out how we can get a space to be very flexible. it wouldn't have a lot of walls. >> reporter: the mountain view city council met to decide whether to green light the building which would be 595,000 square feet. 110 feet high. about a dozen people lined up to speak their minds about the project. but not a single voice was against it. including cliff chambers with the mountain view coalition with sustainable planning. >> traffic is the number one concern. and google to their credit have addressed it in a proactive way. >> reporter: the design calling for an every sis on walking, biking, and busing employees to work. cars are de-emphasized. environmental groups were consulted. the campus would be open to the
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public by way of a path cutting right through the building. google has famously leased buildings in the silicon valley for years. this will be their first time constructing one in scratch. construction is expected to begin next month. it should take about two years to build. in mountain view, joe vasquez, kpix5. tonight, house republicans are touting their new healthcare bill as a cure-all for the ills of the affordable care act. the proposal eliminates the individual mandate and employer mandate. medicaid expansion, and, government subsidies. it replaces that with refundable tax credits for middle and lower class americans. a massive expansion of health savings account. >> we have an obligation now of the american people to deliver a replacement for obama care better than the status quo which as we all know is
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unsustainable. >> but kpix5's melissa caen says california has a lot to lose under the new plan. >> reporter: just when you think you see it all, the republicans go to a more extreme place. nancy pelosi is leading the charge to stop the republican proposal to repeal and replace the affordable care act. seven years ago as speaker of the house, she led the charge to pass it. >> when the president says affordable care, he doesn't even have the faintest idea of what he is talking about. >> reporter: it is no surprise congresswoman pelosi is out front on this issue in addition to being a party leader, she is also a californian and for our state the stakes are high. >> california went all in, in terms of implementation of the affordable care act. >> reporter: david jones is california's insurance commissioner. he says california gets $20 billion a year under the affordable care act. if that money goes away, the state legislature can't fix it. >> i don't want people to think somehow that the state of california can ride to the
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rescue here. everyone need to be focused on their representatives. >> reporter: the republican proposal would also impact the vast majority of californians who get insurance through their employer. right now, even private insurance has to provide certain benefits. >> the affordable care act currently, there are provisions for all sorts of preventive care. >> reporter: because california is the land of start-ups, freelancers, and artists, this state would be hit especially hard by job lock. >> where, individuals are worried about leaving their current job even if there might be a better opportunity somewhere else. but the health insurance elsewhere may not be as good or it is a start-up that doesn't offer health insurance. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix5. >> it is not just democratic opposition that could jeopardize the bill. some republican conservatives argue the replacement plan doesn't go far enough. don't be surprised if your office feels a little empty
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tomorrow. women all over the world are planning to walk off the job for a day without a woman. the same group behind a women's march on washington are organizing the strike. women are going to avoid shopping, take the day off, and wear red. the word is out on a political riot at a berkeley park. why the police chief says his officers were right to keep their distance. >> plus, a wild ride on muni. why passengers inned up tunneling out. >> and, a trip to paradise turns into the flight from hell. how these hawaii bound passengers flew for hours over the ocean. only to end ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that ended in a big brawl in berkeley. police officers did not attempt to break up most of the fights. and tonight, christin ayers tells us: the chief is backing them up. >> the report is out on the big protests in berkeley that ended
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in a brawl. >> reporter: a protest being defended in a letter to the city manager. the protest deinvolved quickly from peaceful. protesters brawled in the streets and berkeley police officers appeared to do little to intervene. >> i feel like they should have done something sooner. >> reporter: andrew greenwood said that was a strategic decision. escalating into a full riot. instead of unnecessarily exacerbating the problem, we arrested individuals when conditions best favored the safety of all involved. picture it is chief attached to the report show officers arresting several protesters. and one picture shows an array of weapons that officers confiscated from protesters. helmets, a baseball bat. pepper spray, an ax handle. a board with nails protruding. one man had bullistic body
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armor under his clothing. >> this group was intent on committing violence. the police did a good job under the circumstances. >> reporter: they are still investigating the riots reviewing videos like this for evidence. the alameda county district attorney's office has not yet brought charges against any of the rioters. they are still waiting for the evidence from police. christin ayers, kpix5. >> police made another arrest tonight in the fatal stabbing of a little league coach bringing the total number of suspects to six. police say the group was involved in an altercation outside of trace gringo's cantina last month. frank navarro was fatally stabbed. he was president of the east ridge little league where he was also a coach and mentor. tonight, the owners of a vallejo hotel that went up in flames over the weekend are facing $2,500 in fines for code
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violations. investigators were back at the travel inn to take a look at the units not destroyed in sunday's fire. they found numerous violations including 15 units without working smoke detectors. this was the end of a scary muni ride through san francisco. passengers had to walk through a tunnel when a church train malfunctioned. juan shot this video as he and his fellow riders trekked out. a disappointing day for a group of vacationers flying to hawaii. kiet do says they flew over the ocean for hours and ended up back in san jose. >> reporter: hawaii flight 43 was suppose today land in honolulu. after four hours in the air, it landed right back where it took off from, chilly landlocked san jose. passengers say there was trouble from the get go. crews repaired a generator and
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the boeing 767 eventually took off two hours late. half an hour into the flight, the pilot said the generator failed again. >> so we had to turn around to come back to san jose. and, fly around four hours just burning off the fuel. >> reporter: this satellite tracking image shows exactly that. the plane circled over and over again over the pacific ocean off the coast of monterrey making at least ten loops. >> you can see the land. you can see them turn it around. >> over and over again. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: nearly 300 passengers were told to leave the secure area and rebook their flights with just a handful of ticketing agents. some were offered first class seats, meals, others got a hotel room. are you ready for the kicker? the next flight for hawaii leaves tomorrow. >> annoyed? >> it's travel. frustrated. tire. wish we were there. but it happens. >> what would make it better for you? >> to be in hawaii right now.
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix5. in the meantime, it was a rough landing for a smaller plane at mineta this afternoon. the nose gear collapsed as the twin engine plane touched down. no one was hurt. a dramatic rescue in the santa cruz mountains after a horse gets stuck in a muddy stream. this happened near empire grade this afternoon a mile off trail. now, the horse ended up chest deep in that mud. couldn't get out. rescuers were able to divert some of the water to free it. though the pictures look horrible, both the horse and the rider are just fine tonight. >> good news there. good news. hey paul. >> how about 70 degrees tomorrow? before we get there, let's talk about other numbers. almost 700 inches of snow. that is how much snow has fallen in the sierra this winter. 680 inches of snowfall in mount rose. kirkwood, just over 600. no new snow coming but we had a
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lot this winter. a couple of showers off the mendocino coastline up toward fort bragg. we are seeing a few showers. that is as close as the rain will get for several days. we are cooling off to the mid 40s tonight. livermore, 45. santa rosa, 44. oakland, san francisco, san jose. in the 50s . it will drop to 49 in san francisco. fremont, 44. livermore, 41 degrees. no 30s tonight because we are more humid and a little cloudier. partly cloudy skies outside now. strong area of high pressure to the south. battling with a strong area of low pressure in the gulf of alaska. the storm track one. the rain one. this time, a different victor. the ridge winds storm track stays to the north and we stay mainly dry. cloud cover north of santa rosa, mostly cloudy the majority of the day. much of the bay area with the sunshine. a little preview of summer
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here. perhaps fogged in comes thursday morning. we will stay warm and dry. active storm track topping three to six inches of rainfall. far north western california. washington coastline for us. not a drop. temperatures are not going to drop as well. look how high they go tomorrow. concord, want a 73-degree day? got one. san jose, you hit 70. santa rosa. close in vallejo. san rafael and oakland. napa, 72. it gets warm, stays warm. mid 70s thursday and friday. upper 60s near the bay. dry through the weekend. slight cooling next week. we spring forward this weekend. mother nature saying hello spring. >> hello newman. >> hello jerry. [ laughter ] i don't know where that came from. oh, seinfeld. how would you like to speed to los angeles in one of these yellow pods? a team wants to make tube travel a reality. >> and here are the guests
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tonight with the stephen ,,,,,,,,,,
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some engineers in the bay area are y. >> imagine getting in a metal pond and hurtling toward los angeles at 700 miles an hour. >> some engineers are hoping to make this a reality. this yellow bullet looking thing is a working prototype for elon musk's hyperloop challenge. the quest to design a vacuum tube transportation. >> the concept is a tube in which you put a very high
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speed. and, it allows you to cut down
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