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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 9, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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punches.. over political differences. . live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. caught with fists flying these protesters threw punches over political differences of tonight bay area police want to know who they are. good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. kpix5's andria borba has the new photographs tonight. >> well, it's all the people pictured in the photos released from berkeley this afternoon. it will put the total arrested saturday up to 16. from telegraphed punches to flying sticks it's hard to distinguish faces in the crowd at saturday's rally turned riot in berkeley. the clashes at civic park resulted in 10 arrests and a
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cache of blunt be on judges and body armor -- blunt objects and body armor confiscated by berkeley officers. there are six additional suspects from saturday's may lay coming from -- melee coming from social media and news reports. >> if you were in the park saturday afternoon, the number of cameras almost outnumbered the number of people in the park. >> berkeley pd has taken flack for seemingly taking a hands off approach for dealing with the violence between pro and anti-trump groups. our cameras spotted officers separating and arresting troublemakers in the crowd and berkeley's interim chief said in a letter to the city manager that intervention risks escalating an event into a full riot. berkeley pd tells kpix5 that response to these six newly released photos has already been swift. >> literally from the time i hit send sharing that media release it was about 10 minutes.
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>> now one of those six has already been identified. charges the people face in those photos include battery, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with a caustic chemical and rioting. andria borba, kpix5. tonight a suspect connected to several south bay churches is accused of stalking at least 19 underage girls. investigators say 35-year-old rajib sanhi of cupertino followed the victims around and offered them unusual gifts. this photo shows a christian minded book police recovered which appears written by him. they say he often posed as a mentor at youth groups. they also recovered several photos of alleged victims including these collages of the young women. investigators say he stalked the girls over a span of a couple years in saratoga, los altos, san jose and los gatos. they ask any other possible victims to come forward. the sec is investigating a
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nationwide 911 outage for at&t customers. this started in the midwest and then lasted for about 45 minutes. the chairman of the fcc tweeted tonight at&t has reported to me that 911 service is now restored. the fcc will investigate the root cause of the outage and its impact. a spokesman for at&t confirmed service has been restored. the company is apologizing to those affected. here's a live picture of san francisco city hall all lit up in purple tonight in honor of international women's day. tonight in oakland hundreds of women marched to highlight the economic and political power of women. kpix5's christin ayers was there. >> reporter: the protesters first rallied at oakland city hall, then marched here to the offices of the sheriff's department to protest law enforcement cooperation with i.c.e. they say tonight's protest is about a number of different issues, all of them tying back to women's rights. >> what mr. trump is done is he
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has awakened us. >> reporter: this was oakland's take on international women's day, a so-called strike against sexism. hundreds of women skipped work to come here tonight, their causes myriad. >> we want to get medicare, healthcare, environment and social security preserved. it's so important. >> reporter: renee marie traveled from sacramento with a message. >> we know that complacency kills. we cannot be complacent. >> reporter: for her this rally was fueled to keep resisting policies that undermine women's rights. >> what i get out of it is empowered and it helps me to stay in the fight. >> reporter: marchers, man and women, came out to make a statement. >> it's not just a men's or women's issue. it's a human issue. >> reporter: knowing real change means more than marching. >> i don't expect that this rally is going to change anything in washington, but this one plus 1,000 others is what's needed to get an awakening in the white house
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and in the capitol. >> reporter: the protesters took their march to law enforcement tonight gathering at the alameda county sheriff's administrative offices. lisa joe he is says this is -- joseph says this is just the first step in a long march to justice. >> this is just a small part to show our solidarity, which is beautiful, but it could go far beyond. this. >> reporter: in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. oakland police say they arrested 1 man for assault. there are no reports of any property damage. earlier today chopper 5 captured protesters marching through the streets of san francisco holding signs and blocking traffic and then in san jose more protesters gathered outside city hall plaza for a rally. a few people there played music for the event. coit tower was lit up in red tonight in honor of a day without a woman. the city of san francisco is now asking a judge to stop an executive order from president trump that strips federal funding from sanctuary cities. it was signed 42 days ago, but since then nothing has happened
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leaving sanctuary cities on edge. city attorneys for san francisco say the uncertainty has created an emergency situation because the city doesn't know what to plan for in the mayor's upcoming budget and its due out by mid-may. et plus an ad lion in mu >> we have not yet received any clarity from the trump administration about what the scope of funds at issue are. this places the city in a terrible position. we receive over $1.2 billion in federal funds as part of our annual operating budget plus an additional 800 million in multi- year grants. that is a huge amount of money for the city of san francisco. >> to make matters worse, the city says that $2 billion from the feds is essentially already spent. so far, though, no official ruling on the executive order. this just in about 45 minutes ago, we learned hawaii officially became the first state to sue to stop president trump's revised travel ban. the revised executive order bars new visas for people from six predominantly muslim
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countries. it does not apply to travelers who already have visas. hawaii's lawsuit said it will harm hawaii's muslim population, tourism and foreign students. president trump is trying to sell the gop's replacement for obamacare to his own party. he met with skeptical conservatives at the white house today. kpix5's political reporter melissa caen shows us this plan is not what the doctor ordered. >> the american people will be paying more and getting less. >> reporter: democrats say the debate on the bill is premature because they're still waiting for the congressional budget office to determine how much the bill will cost and how many people will be affected. >> we don't know how many people are going to lose their insurance and how high the uninsured rate will go up in america because of this bill because they didn't take the time to wait to see what that score said. >> reporter: some republicans say they've worked on an obamacare replace. for more than a year and have promised republican voters
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they'll act quickly. >> we're going to keep moving forward and fulfill that promise because the american people expect us to do it. >> reporter: but some republican conservatives say they don't support the current plan because it keeps some tax cuts and the expansion of medicaid. >> this is what goo conservative healthcare reform looks like. it is bold and it is long overdue and it is us fulfilling our promises. >> reporter: the congressional budget office is expected to release its cost estimate on the healthcare plan early next week. melissa caen, kpix5. the white house says president trump has no regrets about his unproven claim that president obama spied on him, but tonight two senators are demanding proof. they asked for any documents prov senators lindsey graham and sheldon whitehouse september a letter to the justice department asking for -- sent a letter to the justice department asking for any documents showing proof that president obama put a wiretap
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on trump tower. >> it should be pretty easy to show. >> the president insists his phone line was tapped by president obama. kpix5's betty yu shows us a specific sign. >> reporter: a big sign of disapproval. the ad reads elon, please dump trump and flashes the word resist and shows on both sides of880. >> people are going out of their way to say how much they don't like trump. >> reporter: it's not clear how much was paid for the ad. the text underneath said it does not reflect the views of the board's owner, clear channel outdoor. >> i think it's somebody out there saying hey, be as very dominantly against some of the policies that trump is pushing. >> reporter: today the tesla
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ceo and real estate developers met with president trump in d.c. as the administration seeks private sector partnership to boost infrastructure programs to rebuild our nation's roads and bridges. ' lon has gotten -- elon has gotten flack for agreeing to join trump's business advisory council in december. do you think the message is right meaning elon should dump trump? >> yes. i think it's not at all in favor of the industry here. >> reporter: others don't want elon to take the relationship advice. >> it's good to have an outside source because it feels like trump is surrounded by kind of yes men, people that are just there because they funded the campaign. >> reporter: elon said the council simply provides advice and attending does not mean he agrees with the actions of the administration. in fremont, betty yu, kpix5. bay area police say these gunmen targeted a mother and her baby and tonight the terrifying encounter inside a parking garage. >> this bay area home caught
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fire, a woman trapped inside. tonight she describes being rescued by a mysterious save yore. >> reporter: 80 chihuahuas
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and her baby at gunpoint. the whole incident was tonight san francisco police are on the hunt for two men who robbed a mom and her baby at gunpoint, the whole incident caught on surveillance video. it happened friday night in a parking garage in the mission. the woman was parking her car when one of the men pointed a gun at her. the other guy opened the backdoor and pulled the woman's baby out of the car seat. the suspects grabbed her backpack with money inside and only gave the baby back before taking off. tonight san jose want you to look at new video of a robbery suspect. this man is wanted for a series of armed robberies throughout northern california. police say he's walked into liquor stores wearing an orange construction vest and then robs
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them at gunpoint. detectives are asking for your help in identifying him. the suspect has been seen driving a 1990s ford explorer or xlt. investigation into a chaotic scene at the state capitol has been wrapped up by the chp. as reporter steve large explains, investigators are recommending more than 600 combined misdemeanor and felony charges. >> reporter: the california capitol turned combat zone. the wild scene this summer left people bloodied, beaten and stabbed. now a massive eight month long chp investigation delving into hours of this video evidence and witness interviews is done. the chp has forwarded a 2,000 page report to the sacramento county d.a. recommending charges against 106 people that participated in the melee including 68 recommended felony charges and
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514 recommended misdemeanor charges. the crimes range from unlawful assembly to assault with a deadly weapon. >> some of the people involved that may ultimately be charged were uncooperative. they were trying to hide their identities and that makes a complicated case even that much more harder to deal with. >> reporter: the chp investigation found the violence was sparked when a permanent protest by the traditionalist workers party designated as a white nationalist group by the southern poverty law center was confronted by several groups of unpermitted counterprotesters. chp investigators now id-ing more than 100 individuals allegedly responsible for this capitol chaos who could now all end up in court. and the chp tells me that none of the individuals they're recommending charges against have been notified. the d.a. will ultimately determine whether they file formal charges. the timeline for that is not set. in sacramento steve large, kpix5. a san jose woman who was in
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a small plane that crashed in riverside last week has died. stacey pierce had been in critical condition for nearly a week. she'd been battling serious burns and lost both legs in the crash. surveillance video shows the moment the plane crashed into a riverside neighborhood last month. it happened minutes after taking off from a nearby airport. pierce's husband says that she will be greatly missed. them >> she was the love of my life and i can't even wrap my head around going forward without her, but we have four kids, so i'm going to stay strong and support them through all this. >> five other people were on board the plane at the time. three of them were also killed in the crash. the other victim is suffering serious injuries and has been transferred to a hospital near san jose. sky drone 5 above a landslide in marin county today. the sliding hillside closed down sir francis drake boulevard near fairfax. crews are out there cleaning it
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up, but it's expected to be shut down during the drive to work tomorrow. drivers there were hit with a similar closure when the sim thing happened there about two weeks -- same thing happened there about two weeks ago. a good samaritan came to the rescue of an elderly woman who had no idea her house was on fire. the garage burst into flames about 2:00 this afternoon along putnam street in antioch. someone nearby noticed the fire and went inside to alert the family. the elderly woman inside had trouble walking, so the good samaritan helped her and the rest of her family get out of the house safely. >> from the bottom of my heart and my children, we thank them, you know, because if it wasn't for them, we'd just be sitting there. >> one person suffered minor smoke inhalation. officials are still trying to figure out the cause of that fire. tonight a few dozen dogs are in need of a new home after they were rescued from a hoarder house. kpix5's joe vazquez shows us how you can help.
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>> my favorite saying is every pet deserves a home, but not every home deserves a pet. >> reporter: dr. kelly palm, veterinarian at the spca in solano county, said her shelter suddenly has dozens of extra dogs because a woman in vacaville with a hoarding problem found herself out of money with more dogs than she could take care of, 80 chihuahuas. she only started out with a few. >> having multiple dogs in a household that are intact, both males and females, where the population goes unchecked for a couple of years and four or five dogs can turn into 80 dogs. >> reporter: so the dogs were all rescued and brought into the shelter in late january. now the folks here at spca of solano county are hoping you can help by adopting one of the chihuahuas. >> they're saying pick me, pick me. >> reporter: so far 57 of them have been adopted. all the pullies are gone, --
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puppies are gone, but there are still 23 adult chihuahuas looking for permanent homes. >> we've spayed, neutered, heartworm tested, microchipped, vaccinated, defleaed, dewormed and did dentistry on all of them, so they're ready to go. >> reporter: look at those faces. if you can't adopt one, the nonprofit is asking for donations to send some of them to seattle where chihuahuas are in higher demand. joe vazquez, kpix5. >> all right, all right. we'll take one. paul? >> i'll take the last 25, done, problem solved. it's not the dog days of summer, but it will be warmer the next couple days. we're in the 50s now, milder tonight. it's 58 in oakland, 56 in san jose, currently 54 in concord. don't worry about rainfall. we have had plenty. we'll be good for the next couple months regardless of what happens over the next couple months. livermore right now 79% above average, santa rosa 82% above average, even san jose 30% above normal for this time of
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year. the drought is done. so enjoy the sunshine. tonight partly cloudy skies, mild oakland, 49, mountain view 51, napa 48, upper 40s for concord and santa rosa, 50 the low tonight in san francisco. we have some big storms heading toward the west coast. that meant the past 2, 2 1/2 months they were coming right for your backyard, pouring rainfall, flooding problems. this time the storms hit a big ridge of high pressure, a wall in the atmosphere. means rain for seattle, portland, eugene, medford and ashland, not a drop of rain for us. we stay dry. futurecast shows fog hanging out west of the golden gate in the morning hours, maybe moving inland in the afternoon. we'll see a few high clouds moving over the north bay tomorrow evening. friday more sunshine, no rainfall. as a matter of fact, futurecast all the way out to sunday shows a lot of active weather to our north, 1 to 6 inches of rainfall from far northern california up to the canadian border, but for us the ridge
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make its closest pass 76, 77 degrees away from the water is what you have this weekend. we'll be kind of close to that beginning tomorrow. vallejo will hit 72 tomorrow with sunshine. mountainview 70 for you, livermore, 74 in the tri- valleys, san jose 7 -- san francisco -- san jose 71, san francisco 75 the high. sunday is a real nice day to get outside as we spring forward this weekend and next weekend a little cloudier, cooler but staying mainly dry. nice spring-like weather. spring officially begins march 20th. >> i'm thinking barbecue this weekend. >> 25 chihuahuas will be there. >> we're all there. >> that could go a couple different ways and we won't talk about that. when it's complete, this bay area penthouse will cost a pretty penny. tonight we'll show you what you can get for $42 million. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,
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all right. you looking for a house? how about a $42 million penthouse in san francisco. it just hit the market.
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>> get this. it will be the tallest residence west of the mississippi. the construction site sits nearly 700 feet above san francisco and will be part of the 181 fremont residences. once it's done it will offer 360-degree views across the bay area and span nearly 7,000 square feet. five bedrooms, five bathrooms, even two powder rooms, because you know you need those, right? the penthouse will be ready to move in by next year. we can all move in. >> five bedroom, five bath, 42 million. >> and 25 chihuahuas. >> what if there's an earthquake? >> you had to go there, dennis. >> it will all be happening below you. >> i'll be the first one in that elevator. perhaps the new 49ers quarterback might be interested in that penthouse. >> and more sad faces on the warriors sidelines, could they warriors sidelines, could they turn it ,,,,
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. durant re-united with his teammates for the first time since suffering his knee injury the warriors return home tonight which means kevin
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durant reunited with his teammates the first time since suffering that knee injury. durant hobbled into the media room before the game against the celtics. he said he's been watching the games on his couch. he'll be okay. >> nothing for anybody to be concerned about, you know. i got a boo boo playing basketball. it is what it is, man. >> watch this. brad stevens and the celtics looking for their second straight win at oracle, end of the 3rd steph curry turns cal product jaylen brown and you're thinking that will -- jae crowder and you're thinking that will carry over to the 3rd. 17 turnovers in the game, four in the 4th. favorite bradley made the warriors look a little foolish. look at that, right? a picture tells a thousand words. warriors lose 99-86. nfl news and the 49ers looking for someone to serve up in dub
2:07 am
town next seven. >> garcon? >> yeah. receiver pierre garcon. it's not a waiter, but he's fluent in french and will reportedly sign with the 49ers, cooked up 1,000 receiving yards last year in d.c. he'll be catches passes from brian hoyer who agreed to a two year deal with the 49ers. hoyer was a backup last year in chicago and was with child shanahan in 2014 with the -- with kyle shanahan in 2014 with the browns. bobby hurley trying to get past stanford in the pac-12 tournament. the devils get up a wild three with a five point lead. asu a winner. the coach suffering through allergies in vegas. the bears up two in oregon state. air balls the three and it's sent, oh, and jabari bird for the dagger, basis win 56-39 and
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play utah tomorrow in the quarterfinals. >> you went back to the roosevelt administration with your laurel and hardy. >> pierre garcon is how you pronounce ,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and all the news you the late show with stephen colbert is up next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> we'll have all the news you need to start your day.
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garcon. good night. >> have a good night!
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