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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 9, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: is the president under investigation? >> there is no reason to believe that there is any type of investigation with respect to the department of justice. >> pelley: but 24 hours later... >> we're not aware of anything. >> reporter: so there might be one. you just don't know. >> pelley: also tonight, the war against isis. 400 more american troops head to syria, while holly williams is on the front lines of the battle to liberate mosul, iraq. telephone con artists impersonate the law to break the law. >> i barely got the words out, when the real sheriff's department said, "no, it's a scam. hang up." >> pelley: and the paw patrol-- parachuting pooches pounce on poachers. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: this is our western edition. we'll begin tonight with breaking news in a widening scandal involving the u.s. military. the defense department is investigating online outlets through which marines shared nude photographs of women, including fellow marines, and some of the pictures taken without their knowledge. well, tonight, david martin has learned that the investigation has spread to all branches of the military. >> reporter: the website called anon-ib, first gained notoriety for publishing nude photos of celebrities like jennifer lawrence, but it also contains a message board for military personnel, where men from all branches of the military exchange comments and nude photos of female service members, sometimes identifying them by name and/or duty station. some of the pictures are pure porn. others are innocent snapshots followed by requests for wins-- slang for nude photos.
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"anyone got any wins for this one?" someone asks about a young woman in the massachusetts national guard. this military-wide message board came to light just days after the exposure of a facebook group called "marines united," which included nearly 30,000 active-duty and retired marines, some of whom shared nude photos of female marines, along with raunchy and sexually violent comments. a criminal investigation has begun, and the top enlisted man in the manners, sergeant master sergeant ronald green has told congress "marines united is just the tip of the spear." james laport is a former marine turned journalist, said marines united is spreading like a cancer to other chat groups. he sent cbs news this one screen grab in which one member of marines united asked, "what are some other blue falcon free groups?" in marine corps slang, a blue falcon is someone who rats out his buddies. marine officials say they have
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received reports of at least a half dozen other sites. beyond the criminal investigation, pentagon officials say this scandal could do real harm to the military by convincing young women not to join or convincing those already in uniform to get out. scott. >> pelley: david martin breaking the story from the pentagon tonight. david, thank you. president trump has been holed up in the white house all week not taking one question there reporters since he accused president obama of wiretapping his phones. twice this week, white house events scheduled to include reporters have been closed at the last minute. it was saturday that president trump accused his predecessor of committing a crime that he said was equal to watergate. mr. trump said it is a fact that his phones were tapped in the latter days of the campaign. it is true that the f.b.i. has been investigating communications between campaign officials and russian operatives. no one has been charged with a crime.
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yesterday, our margaret brennan asked the white house whether mr. trump is the target of an investigation. the president's spokesman came up with two answers, and today, a third. >> reporter: press secretary sean spicer said that the white house is still not sure whether or not the president is under investigation. >> i'm not aware of it. but that's my point is that we're not aware of anything. >> reporter: so you've never been told by the justice department there is no investigation. >> no. >> reporter: so there might be one. you just don't know. >> right, i said we're not aware and i'm not aware. >> reporter: the justice department is saying, though, that they never gave you the assurances that you gave us. >> no, the assurance i gave you, margaret, is i'm not aware. if somebody asks me if i've been made aware of something, and i say no the answer is no. >> reporter: spicer said the president has not asked the f.b.i. for answers, and it would appear inappropriate if he did but members of congress have contacted the bureau for information as part of a taxpayer-funded probe. republican senator lindsey graham: >> it's not to much to ask the department of justice and the
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f.b.i. whether or not a warrant was sought and issued. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions recused himself last week from any trump campaign-related investigations. before that, he had rebuffed calls to appoint a special counsel for an independent probe, but today, he said he might consider one to investigate obama-era scandals. >> i'm going to do everything i possibly can to restore the independence and professionalism of the department of justice. so we'll have to consider whether or not some outside special counsel is needed." >> reporter: today, f.b.i. director jim comey briefed key members of the house and senate, each for about an hour, on these wiretapping allegations, and the ongoing investigation into russian contacts with trump advisers. scott. >> pelley: but no word on what came out of those meetings yet. margaret brennan, thanks. today, the founder of wikileaks bragged to reporters two days
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after exposing c.i.a. methods for hacking phones, computers, and other devices. he spoke via streaming video from ecuador's embassy in london where he has been living as a fugitive from justice since 2012. jeff pegues has more on this. >> this is a historic act of devastating incompetence. >> reporter: in a nearly hour-long presentation, wikileaks founder, julian assange, railed against the c.i.a. for failing to protect its secret cyber espionage tools. >> the central intelligence agency lost control of its entire cyber weapons arsenal. >> reporter: wikileaks says it obtained the information from so-called "gray hat hackers," contractors who work for u.s. intelligence. the 8,000 stolen documents detailed c.i.a. tools to penetrate smartphones, smart televisions, and computer systems. in a statement today, a c.i.a.
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spokesman said that assange was "not a bastion of truth and integrity." yesterday, the agency said the disclosures jeopardize u.s. personnel and operations. the c.i.a. was aware weeks before tuesday's disclosure that valuable information may have been stolen. the f.b.i. is now working with the c.i.a. to determine not only who stole the information but whether another country like russia was involved. jim lewis consults with the u.s. government and military about cyber-security. >> there's good data that suggests ties between assange and the russian security services. and there's very strong data that wikileaks has a powerful anti-american agenda. >> reporter: wikileaks says it is reaching out to companies like microsoft, apple, and google so they can fix the hacking vulnerabilities. scott, they all say they are working on close loopholes they already know about. >> pelley: jeff pegues, thanks. today, president trump said
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"despite what you hear in the press, health care is coming along great." well, what you've heard in the press is that a.a.r.p., and the american medical association are against the republican replacement for obamacare, and so are conservative republican senators who say the house bill should be scrapped. we asked dean reynolds to find out what mr. trump's supporters think. >> reporter: jim monosa's lawnmower and snowblower business in racine has hit some hard times-- the lack of snow this winter for one thing, and obamacare, for another. >> it seems like we're working seven days a week, and we don't have any more to show for it. >> reporter: though he has private health insurance for himself and his workers, monosa says there's been a ripple effect to rising costs for obamacare that has made his coverage more expensive, too. >> we were just working to pay off the insurance, it seems like. i mean, something has to change.
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>> reporter: trump supporters, like monosa, said obamacare is a mess, but at franks diner down the road in kenosha, larry rash was not confident a replacement will be an improvement. but should it be replaced? >> no, but i think we should try to work within it, and make changes to it. i don't think we have to necessarily replace it. >> all right! >> reporter: everyone we spoke to felt congressional republicans are running up against the reality that health care is complicated. dick gentz is an accountant. >> from what it sounded like to me is they really couldn't pull the plug on it entirely. >> reporter: at the counter, glenn woods said it's time for the republicans to act. >> when you run on one thing more than anything else and you have the power to change it, you better change it. >> reporter: woods and the other trump supporters said the protracted health care
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tug-of-war has not lessened their regard for the president. how do you think the president's doing? >> too early to tell, honestly. i mean, it's hard to turn around an aircraft carrier. >> reporter: is he headed in the right direction? >> yes. >> reporter: in fact, the people we spoke to, scott, seemed much more patient with president trump than with their own republican congressman who happens to be the speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> pelley: dean reynolds, as we continue to listen to the people. dean, thank you very much. mr. trump's new head of the e.p.a. broke with science today to say that he is not convinced that carbon dioxide from cars, trucks, and power plants is driving the rise in global temperature. here's chip reid. >> reporter: scott pruitt, the new head of the e.p.a., dropped a verbal bomb on the environmental community today saying this about the role of carbon dioxide emissions in climate change: >> so, no, i would not agree that it's a primary contributor to the-- to the global warming that we see. >> reporter: it's not the
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first time pruitt has hinted he's a climate change denier. last year, he wrote that the debate is far from settled. but he seemed to change his tune during his confirmation hearing last month when he was asked if he agreed with president trump, who called climate change a hoax on the campaign trail. >> i do not believe that climate change is a hoax. >> reporter: today's apparent change of heart infuriated environmental groups. the sierra club said the arsonist is now in charge of the fire department. brenda ekwurzel is director of climate science with the union of concerned scientists. if you were talking to mr. pruitt right now, what would you tell him? >> listen to the scientists. 97% of scientists who have studied climate change agree that carbon dioxide is the primary cause of human-driven climate change. >> reporter: in january, nasa reconfirmed that rising global temperatures are driven largely by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere. and this is still on the website of pruitt's e.p.a., "carbon
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dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas that is contributing to recent climate change." pruitt's comments appear to be a sign of things to come. scott, the trump administration is preparing to roll back obama administration regulations that limit c.o.-2 emissions from cars and power plants. >> pelley: chip reid, thanks. today, the head of u.s. forces in the middle east, general joseph votel, told senators that more american troops are needed to beat isis in syria. that's on top of 400 that recently joined u.s. special operations forces backing a mission to retake raqqa, the isis capital in syria. the u.s. is also supporting iraqi forces in their fight to liberate the city of mosul from isis, and holly williams is on the front line. >> reporter: mosul is shattered.
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iraqi forces pounded isis, and the people of this once-wealthy city fled with their bundles of possessions, sometimes with just the clothes on their backs. a part of the world so ancient, it's mentioned in the bible, now brought to its knees. in al dawasa neighborhood, around 150 yards from the front lines, muhammed yunus made it to safety with his young family. he told us isis fighters are hiding in people's homes. including four in his before it was hit by a mortar. as the iraqis claw back one street at a time, isis has smashed its way from house to house so its fighters can move without being detected from the sky. iraqi forces claimed they'd recaptured mosul's main government building on tuesday, but today, we couldn't get within a block of it. brigadier general shakar al khafaji told us isis is still
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sniping at his men, contesting every inch of territory, even as it's forced to retreat. and when isis is finally pushed out of mosul, which could be in weeks, scars will remain. hassan ali fled the city with his wife and five children but told us they had to leave behind the body of his father after he died a week ago. the u.s. has spent around $12 billion combating isis in iraq and syria, and, scott, america's top general in the fight recently predicted that both mosul and raqqa, the extremist stronghold in syria, would be recaptured within six months. >> pelley: holly williams with the battle of mosul. holly, thank you. coming up next on the cbs evening news, impostor fraud. we'll tell you how to spot a phony. how to brush his teeth.
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>> pelley: the i.r.s. said today that its cra today that its crackdown on identity theft has cut the number of fraudulent tax refunds nearly in half. but another type of fraud is on the rise. anna werner says more than 400,000 americans fell victim last year to impostor scams. >> reporter: richard tanner says the call took him by surprise. >> i literally was about to hang up when they said, "are you at this address?" and it was my p.o. box that i've had for many, many years. >> reporter: the man on the other end said he was sergeant wade marshal with the sheriff's department and tanner owed fines of $1,600 for failing to appear for jury duty. >> he immediately launched into this very polished sounding-- i mean, very authentic-sounding speech about "we're calling you as a courtesy. you have several outstanding citations." >> reporter: tanner told him
5:48 pm
he had served jury duty, but the sergeant gave him case and citation numbers. he instructed tanner to pay up immediately or face a warrant for his arrest. the call went on for nearly 40 minutes on his landline before tanner used his cell phone to call the local sheriff's department. >> the first thing i said was, "is there a sergeant wade marshall?" and i barely got the words out when the real sheriff's department said,"no, it's a scam, hang up." >> law enforcement would never make such a request. >> reporter: u.s. marshall assistant director john bolden said it's a growing problem nationwide. >> the scammers are extremely well versed in the judicial process. they have frequently used real judges' names, real names of u.s. marshal service employees. they've even spoofed telephone numbers that are real telephone numbers to federal courts and to u.s. marshal service offices. >> reporter: monica vaca is with the federal trade commission. there are probably a lot of people out there who are hearing this saying, "i wouldn't fall for that." >> but the fact of the matter is when you get one of these calls, they sound really real.
5:49 pm
scammers are very, very good at making you believe that you've got an emergency situation on your hands, and they have a really powerful way of getting you to act on that. >> reporter: some red flags with these impostor scams-- they typically call you on the phone, but most government agencies will send you a letter. and scammers often ask to be paid with gift or prepaid cards, which the government won't do. the best advice for consumers who get calls like these, scott, just hang up. >> pelley: be warned. anna werner for us. anna, thank you. still ahead, flying dogs on a life-saving mission. mission. for retirement, it's time to get voya. it's time to get orgad it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up
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5:53 pm
well over 200%. a rising tide of popularity has made water the bestselling drink in america. an industry research group told us today the average american drank more than 39 gallons of bottled water last year, compared to 38.5 gallons of soda. sky diving dogs, quite a tale next.
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5:57 pm
arrow seems unperturbed, even as they hurl themselves out of the helicopter-- >> go! >> reporter: falling more than 6,000 feet to earth, landing in the middle of the poaching wars. >> getting the dog on to the front lines as fast as possible, is always a challenge. and parachuting and rappelling is one of the ways of getting boots on the ground where they're needed. >> reporter: these elite canine dogs are trained to immediately sniff out the poacher, rushing to attack, pinning him to the ground, until more help arrives. this may be a training exercise, but the dogs' bites are real, and special bite-proof suits are needed. the dogs are up against highly trained, heavily armed poachers who run a multi-million-dollar industry trading in elephant and rhino horns.
5:58 pm
in the past seven years alone, a third of africa's elephants have been wiped out. nearly 100 of these sky diving dogs have been placed in game reserves across africa. in one region, they caught over 100 poachers in 18 months. holtshyzen told us one dog, killer, nabbed more poachers than rangers equipped with the latest high-tech weapons. >> that is the most effective tool against the fight against poaching ever used. and it's low technology, it's low cost compared to other technologies, and it works. >> reporter: man's best friend may turn out to be a poacher's worst enemy. debora patta, cbs news, johannesburg. >> pelley: geronimo. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cb
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a shooting shuts down all eastbound lanes in richmond. right now police.. have tracked sible suspects. kpix 5 news at 6:00 begins with breaking news. ' traffic mess on 80. a shooting shuts down eastbound lanes in richmond. right now, police have tracked down three possible suspects. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida in for allen martin. we begin with live pictures from chopper 5 capturing the scene right now. those two cars in the center lanes there on the left, the focus of the police investigation tonight. two people hit by a barrage of bullets. now, the shooting happened at 3:30 this afternoon on i-80 near the san pablo avenue exit. a man and woman were both wounded. kpix 5's christin ayers is standing by. she has some new information on the victims. christin. >> reporter: hey, guys. the newest information coming out about those three suspects who richmond police have detained, that shooting
6:00 pm
happened about 3:30 just above us here on i-80. authorities are telling us that they have three suspects in custody who they detained in the iron triangle. they were in the red minivan. it's riddled with bullets. someone in a silver dodge charger opened fire, according to a witness, on that minivan. the couple inside was hit. the accident caused a big rig to jackknife nearby. we have learned that two victims are a man and woman. the man shot five times, twice in the head, three times in the chest. the woman had a gunshot wound to the hand. she is expected to be okay. a medical helicopter had to land on the freeway to get one of the victims to the hospital by air. shortly after that is when police picked up the three possible suspects, not far from here, in the iron triangle. they have been detained. we spoke to people in the neighborhood who heard gunshots from their homes. >> we were


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