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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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after a non- partisan review revealed: millions of americans expected to lose insurance good a the republicans obamacare replacement plan is under fire after a nonpartisan review revealed millions of americans expected to lose insurance. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego.
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kenny has the day off. let's get straight to craig boswell on capitol hill with more on the fight over healthcare. >> reporter: the estimated cost of the gop backed plan has ramped up debate, it has emboldened opponents of the plan but also made skeptical opponents nervous. democrats surrounded themselves with people worried about losing health insurance and slammed the republican plan to replace obamacare. >> under the proposal, the number of people uninsured will not only grow to where it was before the affordable care act, it will be more people uninsured. >> reporter: a review estimates that if the bill passes, 14 million people will lose insurance next year, and another 10 million over the next decade. that's because of medicaid cuts, a temporary spike in insurance premiums, and elimination of the individual mandate.
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>> you need young healthy people who are paying premiums to offset the costs of other people. >> reporter: the report states by 2026, young people will see their insurance premiums dropped by 25%, but a 64-year- old can expect to pay up to 25% more. >> if there was ever a war on seniors, this is it. >> reporter: the white house and republican leaders are slamming the report saying the office is frequently wrong. that is of little comfort to some republicans on the fence about supporting the plan. >> i don't think this is particularly good news. if they are half right. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan is hoping other numbers will convince his colleagues to get behind it. >> it is a $1.2 trillion spending cut and $883 billion tax cut and $337 billion in deficit reduction. >> reporter: since the cbo report was released, more republicans have said they will oppose the bill. next stop for the proposal is the health budget committee, that has been delayed until thursday.
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michelle come back to you. >> at this point, is the bill in trouble of not passing? >> reporter: ultimately the passage of the bill in house is in question. keep in mind that house speaker paul ryan can only lose 21 votes. >> craig boswell live in washington dc, thank you. later today, covered california will detail how the gop plan will impact its marketplace. governor jerry brown expressed concern on twitter saying, cbo's report makes it crystal. that the harebrained scheme to repeal -- scheme to repeal obama care is a dumb idea which will cause millions to suffer. and, lieutenant governor gavin newsom tweeted, brian's act of mercy, 24 million lose coverage, 14 million kicked off medicaid, tax break for top 2%, premium for older no income americans go up. newsom is running to replace brown in the race. he told the sacramento bee he hopes to prepare a universal
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healthcare system for the state. lawmakers are exploring the idea of a state run single- payer system. a snowstorm is bearing down on the northeast. blizzard warnings posted in nine states, as much as a foot and a half of snow is expected. governors across the region have issued states of emergency and travel bands. >> there is no good reason to be on the road unless it is a real emergency. and when people are on the roads, you are going to get stuck out there, that has been a problem. >> so far, 100,000 people have lost power. forecasters say the storm will likely intensify throughout the day, leaving millions with a huge cleanup. the storm is leaving a mark at bay area airports. you're taking a live look at sfo. at last check, 113 flights have
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been canceled. those numbers don't compared to the nearly 8000 flights canceled, as kpix 5's jackie ward reports, some airlines are giving out waivers to make up for the uncontrollable inconvenience. >> reporter: these two men are trying to continue their tour across the u.s. they were supposed to arrive in new york last night, but now -- >> at 10 p.m., two charlotte, w charlotte, and then new york. >> reporter: they are not the only ones whose plans have been ruined. today, airlines are passing out waivers to allow passengers to move flights free of charge. >> flights will get canceled anyway. instead of having an angry mob, they would much rather have customers at home, rebooked and less stressed out. >> reporter: brian kelly says this is a way for airlines to prevent people from camping out in the airport overnight. but if you try to call to get your flight changed, there is a catch. >> of the phones are busy, called the international phone lines.
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even an airline's phone line in mexico. they have english-speaking agents and wait times are much less than u.s. times. >> reporter: airlines also allow changes online and through social media. brian rebooked his flight using twitter's direct messenger. >> 20 minutes they wrote back, your change in request has been updated. >> reporter: the storm is affecting 20 million people. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> makes me happy we are here in california. let's check in with our forecast . >> what an opposite forecast we have compared to what's going on back east. we have temperatures a good 20 degrees above average. live look at the camera, this ship is coming in. can you see it there? visibility is unlimited. here's another view, another ship coming in. we are busy out there today with nothing but clear skies, visibility unlimited, lucky redwood city, livermore also at 70, it is 73 now in san jose
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where the average high should be 65. we are on our way up to 15 to 20 degrees above average along the coast. today's high temperatures with the sunshine, in the 70s. high 70s, low 80s, and around the peninsula, jumping up to 85 in los gatos through saratoga. back to brentwood, tracy, oakley, and of course discovery bay, good times out on the water today. north bay, 67, with a west wind at 10 to 80 degrees, and santa rosa, 83, 82 in cloverdale. watch this. we have clouds that will be spilling in later on tonight, definitely affecting your wednesday. i will tell you when to expect the rain, michelle, coming up later in the newscast. >> thank you. new details at noon on a murder investigation in san leandro. alameda county deputies responded to a fight at a home yesterday afternoon.
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they say they followed a blood trail into a home where they found a 41-year-old man dead. investigators say the victim was shot and stabbed. >> we have developed suspect information, wehave a known identify suspect and are going after that person to get them in custody. we are not releasing the names at this time. >> investigators are not releasing a motive for the murder but say they are still investigating an argument leading up to it. two police officers are on paid administrative leave following a deadly shooting. it happened around 6:30 last night outside home depot. officers say a man with a knife was acting erratically outside of the store. apparently he was attacking pedestrians and drivers with a knife. napa police say officers fired their weapons to protect themselves and their public. the sheriffs department is investigating the shooting. this is the first deadly police shooting in napa in 2 years.
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the san francisco board of supervisors will raise proposals on a dock list ridesharing program. that allows a user to locate a bike and pay a rental fee before using the bike. legislation would prohibit bikes from being parked or left in any public right of way. the city of oakland announced an online service that allows tenants and property owners to pile rent adjustment program petitions. the program is the city's main outlet for solving disputes between property owners and renters. approximately 70% of oakland's estimated 100,000 rental units are currently covered under the r.a.p.. today, san jose city council will consider declaring a shelter crisis to help 500 flood victims who still lack a place to live. the coyote creek flood prompted 14,000 evacuations and did at least $100 million in damage to the city.
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still ahead, a controversial music video featuring president trump. now some lawmakers say this could incite violence. and, a popular game children play in school is no longer allowed. the northern california school cracking down on recessed games.
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to start work on caltrain. caltrain was depending on almost 650 million federal dollars to convert the trains from *diesel fuel to electric local leaders will try to convince the fed they are starting work on caltrains. caltrains was counting on federal dollars to convert trains from diesel fuel to electric power. but the decision was put on hold by the transportation secretary. in the meantime, the white house says it does have some money ready for projects that can begin within 90 days. caltrains says it can. >> this is as shuttle ready as it gets. if the administration is interested in moving forward with plans to improve the
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economic competitiveness of our nation and create jobs around the country, this project fits that bill. >> caltrains is waiting on a decision for the $50 million grant expected to happen this spring. new controversy surrounding snoop dogg. his latest video features a clown dressed as president trump. kpix 5's anne makovec has more on marco rubio's concerned response. >> reporter: that is rapper snoop dogg pulling the trigger on a toy gun aimed at a clown dressed as president trump. 's new music video for the song "lavender" was released over the weekend. it is not the first time videos have been risque but snoop dogg wheels a lot of influence and not just in the music industry. he has a show on vh1 that he cohosts with homemaker queen martha stewart.
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he headlined the bottle rock festival in napa valley 2 years ago. and, he runs a youth football league that has a branch in fremont. with that kind of social influence, his controversial video is raising eyebrows. florida senator marco rubio told tmg that he went too far. >> we've got to be very careful. the wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea and you could have a real problem. i'm not sure what he was thinking. >> reporter: as far as if it is an actual threat, kpix 5's political analyst melissa kane says it does not appear to cross the legal line. >> when you are the president, you really need to show that there is a plan, or that you are specifically asking people to do something before it is a problem. >> reporter: by the way, it is not just a man depicting president trump dressed as a
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clown in the video. in an interview with billboard sunday, he says that is what it's all about. quote, it's a lot of clown expletives going on that we could just sit and talk on the phone all day about but it is a few issues that we really wanted to log into for the video. police, the president, and life in general. in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. there is a new school policy at a sacramento elementary school gaming -- banning the game of tag at an elementary school. the president of gold ridge elementary sent out an email saying that physical contact games including touch football were not allowed. some parents don't agree but others are concerned about safety. >> i don't personally agree with it. it is something we all did as kids. i don't see any harm coming from it. >> it is up to him. what he feels is best for the school. >> the school district says notes were only sent to a handful of parents after altercations and injuries within a group of students.
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a lake tahoe area home recently captured the dangers of winter after the weight of a snow pile collapsed more than half of the roof. tahoe douglas fire district says the threat of roof collapses are increasing this season. luckily, the home was vacant at the time. >> in total, the rooftop was holding 240,000 pounds. it happened in a split second. this was a sudden collapse. if someone was in the structure there would most likely have been a fatality. >> firefighters say one of the biggest hazards is snow blocking propane tanks because if there is a gas leak, there is potential for an explosion. sky drone 5 giving us a look at the so-called glory hole in napa county. the funnel-shaped drain is located near the dam, anytime water rises to a certain level, the spillway is open, creating a whirlpool effect. >> isn't that a sight to behold? i have not seen anything like that in 10 years. it made the dam a tourist spot
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after that. take a look at this, our live weather camera, looking out from the transamerica pyramid in an easterly direction. you can even see the island, can you see it there? just to the side of the embarcadero. i think i could even hear the parents this afternoon. temperatures up to 70 in redwood city and in livermore, 73. in san jose, upper 60s, and in santa rosa. weather watchers time, robert sullivan reporting 70, and charlie says it is 70 degrees as well, so we are pretty uniform as far as numbers are concerned, changes, area of low pressure to the north of us, bringing rain showers across the northwest corner of the state. clouds quickly filling in as a huge ridge of high pressure bringing us the near record warmth, taking it in a south
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easterly direction, for the evening commute, inland a good 45 miles in the evening hours, by lunchtime, it is the to the north of us that invade the bay area, science wiping the north bay with a few light rain showers. otherwise, the clouds scoot on out for your thursday into friday. partly sunny for the most part and mild temperatures return. statewide today, 84, fresno, merced, approaching 70 in monterey bay, 80 in ukiah. upper 60s for the highs here but at the mid-mountain level, not the base, temperatures still into the 40s. next shot at snow maybe sunday or monday. san jose, let's pinpoint the forecast today. official reporting station at minetta international airport. high temperature today of 81. otherwise throughout the rose garden district and back into the willow glen neighborhood, forecast highs, 80, up from the
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typical high of 65. 70s rockaway beach, all the way into the sunset district, otherwise, 80 pretty common around vallejo, venetia, martinez into american canyon. hello to you and antioch, temperatures in the low 80s as well, westwind 5 to 10. the sun goes down at 7:16. michelle, do you like the longer days? >> i like them for walks at night but it is hard to go to sleep at that time. >> light rain showers in the north bay tomorrow night, otherwise again on sunday night and for the first day of spring on monday, st. patrick's day is friday. wow, what are we going to do? >> oh, we are all heading out there to play partly cloudy. >> and, green beer. >> michelle o'griego. sounds irish, right? let's look at the big board. the dow is down 36 points. after the break, we will share
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with you our spelling the word of the day from one of our celebrity spellers.
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spelling as we head towards the cbs bay area spelling bee this weekend. today we've asked for some help from aisha tyler who we know from cbs' the talk and also from we are all about the alphabet this week, practicing our spelling as we head toward
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the cbs bay area spelling bee this weekend. today we have asked for help from ayisha tyler from "criminal minds." we asked her how to spell, the crumbly mixture of fat, sugar and flour, used as a topping for a cake. >> i always eat the entire dessert and not just the topping. i learned something today. it is another pronunciation for the word and i think the language is german. here we go. streusel. s-t-r-e-u-s-e-l. >> i like the way she says that. sounds like she nailed it was let's double check with one of our champion spellers, nick from harvard school in pleasanton. >> s-t-r-e-u-s-e-l. >> two, four, six, eight, who
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do we appreciate? [ cheers and applause ] >> very good. you can watch at noon on kbcw44 or see the live stream on our website. the winner will represent the bay area at the scripps national bee in may. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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community is using it to pay tribute to a beloved children's book. that story and more at five.
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it for k-p- an east bay tree is chopped down leaving just a stump. now, how someone in the community is using it to pay tribute to a beloved children's book. that story and more at 5:00. you are talking about twitter. what's going on? >> i never do anything derogatory on social media. this morning there was not anything bad, just a ha-ha. i posted the temperatures at 85 and i said something like, take that, east coast. or eat your heart out. >> i hope your friends aren't mad. look at this, this is boston. >> but this is us here. sky drone 5 showed you the power of winter mudslides. at big sur, a community no cut in two, after cracks left this highway bridge beyond repair. while in the santa cruz mountains, a chunk of highway 35 has washed away. and near mount hamilton, the
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view of a slide that swallowed half of the road. expect original coverage from kpix 5 news. expect more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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