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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> he loves animals. we will have to take a trip down when he gets the okay and see him off or see how he is doing. >> reporter: the wildlife group is still looking into options on how to get the sea lion out of the pipe. it has been in there for a few hours. we do not know if it has any injuries. we will continue to monitor the situation from here in the news room. cate cauguiran kpix 5. chaos at a carnival. visitors getting violent with the workers and it is caught on camera. kpix 5's juliette goodrich has more. >> reporter: when police arrived on scene two of the employees had to go to the hospital immediately and now there is all this video for us all to see exactly what happened. this cell phone video shared all over the internet shows the
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carnival free for all. teens taking toy prizes. one photo posted online shows several people posing proudly with what appears to be stolen stuffed animals. employees of the carnival outnumbered. as the group takes over the place and laughing. one tweeted i felt like i was in the game grand theft auto. had me running from cops. stealing teddy bears. #oakland carnival. they have since packed up. they told kpix 5 this was a very unfortunate event. they will make sure to have better security and police presence at the next event. >> reporter: now at other carnivals they have visible security guard and metal detectors. the question is will oakland
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insist on that next time or will there ever be a next time? >> there are lots of pictures and video of the incident. have police made any arrests here? >> reporter: well, that is what police are reviewing. all the video. they haven't made any arrests yet but there were visible shots there. they are certain some will be arrested soon. back to you. >> thank you. new at 5:00 p.m. workers in the south bay sending a message to president trump, they held a rally this afternoon, sponsored by a new group tech stands up. they hope to fight for the rights overgets. >> next -- of others. >> next four years we will see freedom, you know, s.t.e.m. education, as well as immigration. so we hope to mobilize the community. >> the rally tried to bring tech workers together with
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janitors and farm workers to fight for change . law enforcement leaders gathered in san jose to send a message to approach . >> law enforcement agencies have no -- to president trump. >> law enforcement agencies have no desires to become enforcers of the immigration law. >> police and prosecutors held a news conference at the mexican heritage plaza to deliver a message to immigrant communities. they say keeping the community safe starts with keeping the trust. today oakland took a step towards boycotting companies involved in building president trump's border wall. any company wanting to do business with the city would have to certify they are not working on the border wall. >> should not create barriers. separates families as well as does nothing to solve the immigration problems.
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>> it cleared the financial committee. and goes to the full city council for a vote next week. if it passes it would be the first boycott in the country. the white house rallies republicans trying to build support to pass the new gop healthcare plan but some are wavering. they are creating to the congressional budget office that found 14 million people would lose their insurance next year under the plan. the white house says the cbo hasn't always been accurate. >> last time they were off by 50%. they projected 25 million people would be covered by obama care. that number was initially 10.4 and it is dropping. >> republican leaders insist they will get on board with the plan because it lowers taxes and deficits. an arrest in a bus stop sexual assault. police say a 26-year-old turned himself in on friday. he was wanted for attacking a woman at the stanford bus
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ketching attacked to the university station march 1. investigators say the sketch released of the suspect convinced him to surrender. bay area headlines. investigators trying to track down a suspect who shot and stabbed a man to death in san leandro. detectives know who the suspect is. it started with an argument that turned violent. two police officers on police brutality after they shot and killed a man outside -- paid administrative leave after they shot and killed a man outside a store. police say the officers fired to protect themselves and the public. and napa firefighters got a bizarre phone call. a naked man stuck in the wall of a eatery. police suspect he was trying to break in. he was freed only to be jailed for burglary and a probation violation. storm watch in the
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northeast. look at this time lapse video in new york. one area in new york was reporting 7 inches of snow per hour at one point today. allen martin with more on the storm back east and the impact on the bay area. >> reporter: a huge dose of winter before spring. millions of people from virginia to maine are dealing with power outages, closed roads and schools and canceled flights. >> reporter: new yorkers pulled down their hoods and snowplows went to work cleaning a slushy mess from the streets. the city was spared the worse of the storm but it did take a blow. >> what do you think of this? >> well, it is awesome although it hurts my eyes very much. >> reporter: a couple weeks ago temperatures hit 70 degrees there but climate change taught new yorkers to expect the unexpected. >> i knew that wasn't the sign of spring and the end of winter. this is the way it goes.
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>> reporter: 100,000 people lost power across the northeast and thousands of flights were canceled. in new jersey the storm kicked up the tide flied ting streets and washington's cherry -- flooding streets and washington's cherry blossom. bingington, new york is expecting 30 inches. boston a foot. >> take it easy out there. >> reporter: in some areas the worse may be yet to come. temperatures will drop by tomorrow, turning whatever is on the ground into ice. while the storm canceled 138 flights in and out of sfo and nationwide 8,000 flights scrapped because of the rough weather. at sfo we found airlines trying to make up for the spoiled trips. they allowed passengers to move their flights to another time for free. one way to keep people from camping out in the airport over night. >> it is a mess.
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thank you. the gales on the way to march madness. >> we are on the campus over an hour ago as fans fans and community members gave them the send off. they are heading to salacious taking on virginia -- salt lake city taking on virginia commonwealth. players say they didn't expect so much support. >> i was kind of surprised. didn't expect camera crews out here. it is awesome. we love this sport. appreciate it. >> a victory would pit the gales against arizona on saturday. they could play close to home in san jose as part of the sweet sixteen. still ahead, a tree chopped down. >> and what is left behind is getting a lot of attention. >> this oakland tree stump is
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bringing this american classic children's book to life. i am jessica flores, that story coming up. >> also ahead, not exactly a game show. one sheriff's new spin on catching criminals. ,,,,
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to get a wayward sea lion out of a drain pipe near leisure town road... live look in vacaville tonight. that is chopper 5 looking down at workers there from the marine mammal center, trying to get a sea lion out of a drain pipe near leisure town road. came up through the delta into a canal system and when people noticed him he high tailed it up into the pipe. >> has a lot of fans.
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photo of a tree stump going viral on social media tonight. when you see it you will know why. with the help of a mystery artist it is giving new life to the giving tree. kpix 5's jessica flores is live to show us. jessica? >> reporter: right. this is the tree stump right here. from this classic american children's book. a favorite among children right here. a story about a tree that gives shade and then fruit and branches to build a home. the electronic build a boat -- trunk to build a boat and then all that is left is a stump and only has rest to give. >> reporter: all that is left of this sidewalk tree. a stump carved into a chair and a message for a world passing by. >> i don't need very much now, just a quiet place to sit and rest. >> reporter: she stops to read the quote from the giving tree
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to her son. >> story about this tree that gave -- that gives and gives to the boy. gave him shade, fruit. >> reporter: on this tree is the last passage of the book. when all that is left is a stump and the boy needs rest. >> try to raise children who are going to be like that with each other, with the world. i hope that, you know, i will read that book to him. >> reporter: pictures are popping up on reddit. adults revisiting the book, one writing the story makes me emotional. >> he just takes and takes and then eventually every that he was trying to take and wanted was all gone. >> as soon as you become a parent that is inherent. we give and give and give. but i don't think that we practice that with each other.
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>> lesson on giving and kindinize no matter what stage of life. we talked to the homeowner and they said they had to cut down the tree because it was lifting the sidewalk. now a stump for the neighborhood. your family did this and wrote this. this is your favorite book. why? >> i just love how generous the tree is . to the boy. and how even the -- you could, like, feel the -- the tree shows how -- she feels about the boy and really teaches people how to give and to be generous to other people, even -- yeah. >> reporter: no matter what. >> no matter what. >> reporter: this is a popular book among children here and now a lesson for adults as they are walking by. back to you. >> good. thank you. getting a look at what will be waiting for warrior fans at the team's new mission bay
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arena. they hosted a virtual tour today. the team showed off models of what it will look like on the inside as well as the suits designed to look like a well appointed living room. florida sheriff is posting game show style videos online. >> wheel of -- >> yeah. the sheriff host facebook videos show casing the most wanted in florida. he spins a wheel with names and photos of 10 wanted fugitives and highlights an unlucky winner. citizens call in tips leading to dozens of arrests. >> the fugitives watch it. amazing how many say yeah where saw it. we had fugitives that say i watch it every week to see if i am on the wheel. >> not everyone is on board. critics say it is nothing more
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than public shaming. the sheriff argues if you don't want to be on it don't commit a crime. an animal rescue group is on a mission to find a match for an injured dog but not just any match. kpix 5's john ramos explains they want someone who could relate to what the dog is going through. >> reporter: may be a weird name for a dog but her life has been anything but normal. >> broken leg when she came into the shelter. we tried to do what we could to save the leg. >> reporter: the dog had been hit by a car but her injury never healed and in december they had to amputate. the operation cost $2,000. but a rescue group called umbrella of hope got an anonymous grant for the surgery with one interesting condition. >> be placed with someone that has -- is an amputee.
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a child, an adult, a veteran. >> reporter: they had a number of unusual pairings. we told you about a burned and abused dog the group placed with a burn survivor. they are hoping to do the same. and veteran,s say -- veterans, say dogs -- veterinarians say dogs deal with an amputation better than humans do. >> i am fine. let's go play. >> reporter: by pairing her they believe her spirit could be a much needed inspiration. >> a kid or an adult that sees an animal doing so well, with that circumstance, we realize they are feeling sorry for themselves and they could be strong like the animal is. >> reporter: nothing more than the willingness to accept what cannot be changed and move on with life. in pittsburgh, john ramos, kpix
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5. students from around the bay area are about to test their spelling skills. >> that time of year again. counting down to the cbs bay area spelling bee this weekend. >> reporter: spelling champions qualified last month. we have good natured celebrity contestants playing along this week. today we feature san jose earthquakes goalkeeper. taking on a mammal related to the manatee. >> reporter: he will tell us when he got the spelling right. >> dugong. >> yes.
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[ cheering ] >> you can watch the spelling bee saturday at noon. or see the live stream on our website and the winner will represent the bay area at the scripps national spelling bee in may. >> the question is can you spell dugong? sky drone 5 giving us a remarkable look at the spillway in lake berryessa in nampa county. the drain is near the dam. anytime the water rises to a certain level the spillway creates this whirlpool effect. >> isn't that something. sky drone 5 put to good use. there is rain on the way for the bay area. we will have the complete forecast coming up. >> also coming up new at 6:00
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p.m. tonight, a sporty plane that could park in your driveway and it is made in northern california. how it is helping more people experience the fun of flying. >> but first, the markets closed down today. the closing numbers from wall street. it's not ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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congress recently passed a law . it is not a snow park but people were sledding outside the u.s. capital building today. sledding is legal there. ends the ban. looks like a lot of fun. [ talking at the same time ] >> scott: passing a law to make sledding okay -- >> they got the day off today because of the blizzard. you know how much snow -- [ talking at the same time ] >> less than 2 inches -- >> a lot of people got rain. >> feds got the day off and here we are sweltering.
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>> don't complain. >> mostly clear skies. concord 78. oakland 73. livermore 81. in san francisco 70 degrees right now. beautiful for mid-march and for the rest of the bay area it will be an absolutely beautiful day friday. but tomorrow things change. you can see that on the kpix 5 doppler. a few light showers around the border and this will slowly sink south. wednesday evening, maybe north of the golden gate bridge the streets will get wet. that is it. but unstable weather looks like it is moving into the bay area into the latter half of the week. first things first. over night lows tonight, fog and low clouds tonight. concord 50 degrees. san francisco 52. and then sun up tomorrow 7:20 a.m. and here is what's happening. high pressure giving us the beautiful weather is subsiding to the desert southwest. that will open up the flow to the pacific enough so that we stand the chance of a few
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showers north of the golden gate bridge by tomorrow night. future cast will bear this out. fog and low clouds tonight. tomorrow morning we will start out with a familiar pattern. over cast. high clouds in advance of the weak front over the bay area. tomorrow night, this is wednesday night, 9:00 p.m., light showers. high clouds thursday. break up thursday at noon. the clear skies we had will be a think of the past by tomorrow. clouds increase and we get a chance of rain north of the golden gate bridge. clouds on wednesday. chance up north. numbers above average despite it all. tomorrow san francisco 64 degrees. concord 70. san jose 71. oakland 67 degrees. south bay tomorrow more clouds and low 70s for highs. highs collapse 10 degrees in the east bay tomorrow. near 70 degrees in the north bay. tomorrow night may be slick
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streets. numbers tomorrow in the mid- 60s. and the same story for lake county, except there more of a chance of showers tomorrow night. the extended forecast, we will bump temperatures up friday. look at this, sunday, monday, tuesday. unsettled weather into the bay area with a few showers around. different next week. no huge rain maker but change is coming. and we will go to a commercial break and we will be back in a minute. pie...
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march 14th is of course
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three-14... those are the first digits of march 14, that mean special deals on pi. because march 14 is, of course, 314. you know where i am going with this? the first digits of pi. some businesses like san jose are using it to attract customers with $3.14 pizzas or $3.14 off -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] cbs evening news is coming up next. erous, knocks out power to tens of thousands and grounds airplanes all over the country. [take vonumber:550b] plus reaction from capitol hill after the price tag for gop health bill is revealed. [take livename:on cam] tonight on the cbs evening news. thanks for watching at five... ahead at six... the north bay animal rescue center that needs a rescue of its own. allen and i will be back in 30 minutes.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: a winter storm plows into the northeast, turning day into white. drivers get stuck in up to two feet of snow. tens of thousands lose power, flights are grounded, and ice road truckers are left spinning their wheels. also tonight-- >> who is being held accountable for doing nothing since 2013? who? which commander? >> mason: the marines take congressional fire over the nude photo scandal. >> i'm responsible. i'm the commandant. i own this. >> mason: the battle over health care. can the republican plan be fixed? >> we are, obviously, in talks with house leadership. >> they should just pull the plug on this bill, pull the bill.


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