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the road, but also threatens his life. >> turn off the camera! >> unfortunately, it's not the first time i have seen something like this and anytime you threaten to use your vehicle as a weapon, you should be held accountable. >> reporter: jim elias is the exec tv director of the marin county bicycle coalition. he says it's fortunate this cyclist had a camera rolling. when he turned the video in to police they charged the person with reckless driving. >> if a car harrasses you, we didn't see it so we can't do anything about it, say the police. >> reporter: this man owns a bike shop down the street. he says he is glad to see some accountability and enforcement. >> should everything start going to court? sure, why not. maybe people would take it more seriously. >> reporter: that being said gutierrez like many cyclists is also a driver and sees both sides. >> there's always somebody doing something rude and particularly the bikes. they just fly through here without even looking at the stop signs. >> reporter: bottom line, most accidents could be avoided if
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both parties followed the rules of the road. but just in case, cyclists are being encouraged to hit record to protect themselves. >> we do need more reporting. we need to track the numbers. >> reporter: this motorist is due in marin county superior court on april 4. he is facing reckless driving charges. susie steimle, kpix 5. new at 6:00 "sky drone 5" over one of the bay area's biggest sinkholes. a gaping monster whose days are now numbered, we hear. kpix 5's juliette goodrich live on miner road in orinda with the obstacles to repairs that's just been removed. this has been there a long time, juliette. >> reporter: yeah. this is good news. the green light to finally get the repairs going. this is the massive sinkhole as you can see here that slices through miner road. it's the main road in and out for close to 3,000 orinda
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residents and for months, neighbors have had to take the long detour to get around the sinkhole. well, now not for much longer. it hasn't been an easy road for orinda residents. they have had to take the long way home. >> traffic, then potholes. >> narrow streets and the curves are pretty dangerous. >> reporter: with detour signs along the way. >> it's bad. i didn't like it because it was scary. >> reporter: a major detour after this massive sinkhole. "sky drone 5" gives us an inside look at the large sinkhole. it measures roughly 25 feet wide, 15 feet long, and 20 feet deep. it ruptured sewer lines and created gridlock for drivers. >> like i said i have never seen traffic like this before. and it's the only way that they can get through here. it's just nonstop. >> reporter: finally construction to repair the gaping sinkhole is full speed ahead. the holdup, neighbors who live
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right by the sinkhole. their property includes a portion of the creek on both sides of miner road which the city needs to access for repairs. and getting the okay meant making sure their property would be free of future legal and flooding issues. finally some light at the end of the road. for neighbors it would take a mile to get downtown. but now they have had to take this detour that takes them five to six miles around a windy road. here we are on the other side of this sinkhole. and the work is started. but now neighbors say how long will it take? >> it was supposed to be a three-week delay when it collapsed. and now it will probably be three months. >> reporter: the city says a temporary fix will include a $200,000 rental bridge. now, the homeowners whose property is right by the creek and sinkhole say this whole process hasn't been easy. they have received their fair share of angry emails from
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neighbors say we want this fixed as soon as possible. it will get fixed over the summer when it's dry. they will have that temporary bridge. but this total cost would be up to $3 million. in orinda, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. meanwhile, some families in the town of pleasanton are hoping for help tonight to save their properties from storm- related erosion. homeowners along foothill road have seen their backyards disappearing into the creek back there in recent months. they will meet with the zone 7 water agency tonight to ask for financial assistance to cover their repairs. good news for california coastal community that was cut off after the storms. caltrans reopened a stretch of highway 1 just north of the pfeiffer canyon bridge between big sur and carmel, good news for people cut off but it won't solve the bigger problem with that damaged bridge. that's view from "sky drone 5". it was supposed to be torn down this week but the demolition is on hold.
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caltrans crews met with an engineer today to figure out how to position a crane and wrecking ball to tear it down. replacing the bridge is going to take a year or more. just moments ago, president donald trump firing back against a federal court ruling that has blocked his revised travel ban. it was put on hold two hours ago by a federal judge in hawaii and will not go into effect as planned tomorrow. the decision came down after the state argued the ban discriminates on the basis of nationality. the state also claimed it could hurt tourism. and it prevents hawaiians from receiving visits from relatives in the six mostly muslim countries covered by the ban. right now president trump is at a huge rally with supporters in nashville where he had this to say just minutes ago about the judge's ruling. >> the order he blocked was a watered down version of the
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first order. that was also blocked by another judge. >> boo! >> and should have never been blocked to start with. >> president trump says the order has nothing to do with religion and is only meant to protect america and strengthen its borders. hawaii's governor disagrees. >> we felt compelled to assure that we will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of national origin or religion because that truly goes against the very essence of what makes hawaii a very special place. >> it turns out hawaii is just one of 14 states that have filed restraining orders in an effort to stop the revised travel ban. new at 6:00 president trump erasing an executive order on fuel efficiency put in place during president obama's last days in office. kpix 5's political reporter melissa caen on the move that
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is worrying california environmentalists. melissa. >> reporter: yeah. veronica, today the president gave a speech to autoworkers in michigan where he promised more jobs and fewer regulations in general but he also made one specific announcement. he is stopping an obama administration environmental rule that was put in place as they were walking out the door. >> today i am announcing that we are going to cancel that executive action. >> reporter: president trump is talking about what president obama's administration did just three days before leaving office forcing automakers to make vehicles that get about 36 miles a gallon by 2025. but automakers told president trump, this is too soon. >> we are going to ensure that any regulations we have protect and defend your jobs, your factories. >> reporter: president trump's order means that the epa must continue to work with automakers to come up with fuel standards by april 2018. automakers applauded the move saying the current rule ignores the fact that low gas prices
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means electric cars aren't selling. in a statement, the president of the auto alliance wrote, the trump administration has created an opportunity for decision-makers to reach a thoughtful coordinated outcome predicated on the best and most current data. stanley young isn't buying it. >> they want to sell more suvs and light trucks. that's their cash cow. >> reporter: young is a director of communications of the california air resources board. this board oversees california's air standards which are by law allowed to be more strict than the federal rules. >> because we as a state began setting standards before the clean air act was even written or considered because if anybody remembers what los angeles was like back in the 1950s, '60s and '70s, smog was very bad so we have what's known as extraordinary and compelling conditions and that allows us to set standards that can be stricter than the federal standards. >> reporter: could president trump or someone in his administration end california's
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special status? >> well, we don't know how it would work and we're very concerned that it might happen. and i think we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. >> reporter: today's action won't have an immediate impact on california or the 14 other states that have chosen to comply with california standards. still, young says this date will stay on the front lines. >> but we are determined to defend california and keep the standards. >> reporter: there is no way to stop or reverse president trump's order that was announced today. he is basically just forcing parties to go back to the table for another year or so and young says that the california air resources board will be at that negotiating table and they will fight hard to make sure that these regulations don't go watered down. live on auto row here in coal marks melissa caen, kpix 5. getting some new details on a coordinated effort to block a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in san francisco. this is the one that is backed
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by former oakland mayor jean quan and her husband. it would be on noriega street in the outer sunset. kpix 5's phil matier is here to tell us about the growing clash with the neighborhood there. phil. >> reporter: that's right, ken. we are live at the location and this little former drugstore on the corner as you noted becomes the center of a big controversy. here's the story. >> why we have to listen to this garbage! no!!! ! no!!! >> reporter: former oakland oakland mayor jean quan is no stranger to rough political waters and neither is her husband dr. floyd huen. it was their plan to partner with the upscale apothecary and open the first medical marijuana dispensary in san francisco's heavily asian sunset district. >> it stunned me. >> reporter: today the opposition upped the ante bringing in a legal team from
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the conservative pacific justice institute to fight quan and huen's permit and other dispensaries that want to open in san francisco's more blue collar neighborhoods. >> we are actually at a decisive moment in history. we cannot afford to have infiltration of marijuana or drugs here. >> the fact there are some right wing groups tied to these organizations or this movement is not an accident. i think the intolerance is the same. >> reporter: intolerance? >> whether it's gay marriage or civil liberties or our use of medical cannibis. >> reporter: the supervisor who represents the sunset says she is a bit surprised by the neighborhood's reaction, as well. >> the asian culture is very much into what you would consider alternative medicine. if anything, i would think that the asian community would be very receptive to it. but again, i'm hearing it from across the board, the opposition. >> reporter: still, huen says he and the his wife will keep at it. is the mayor going to get involved in this? >> she is already involved because she is advising and helping. it will be the first time in
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san francisco that there will be [ indiscernible ] owners of a dispensary and we would be proud co-owners. >> reporter: there are currently 37 dispensary for medical marijuana in the city of san francisco. but this is the first coming into this outer sunset neighborhood which is known to be conservative. it also comes at a time when california is moving from medical marijuana to recreational marijuana and the residents here are concerned that that club might change, as well. although the owners say they have no plans to do that as of now. in the sunset, phil matier back to you guys. a teenaged girl shot and killed by police. the tragic ending to a risky chase in the east bay. why police say they had to use deadly force. >> first the oroville dam, now some new damage to a critical part of california's water supply. the problem forcing us to tap into reserves. >> and sometimes even predators are picky. new video of a mountain lion
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showing mercy to a potential meal. >> a couple of rain showers in the north bay earlier today. rain to our north currently and also to our east. rain returns to your backyard and not just a little. talk about how much rain we're going to get and when it arrives. next.
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fremont police in hayward. it happened yesterday afternoon.. duri
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susp we're learning more this evening about a 16-year-old girl shot and killed by fremont police in hayward. it happened yesterday afternoon during a shootout with suspects near the cal state east bay campus. kpix 5's jessica flores has more on what led up to the oscars decision to use deadly force. >> reporter: it all started as a task force investigation. fremont police were closing in on a vehicle that was connected to a string of robberies. it ended with that young woman shot and killed and investigators say she is from antioch just 16 years old. >> at shattered suv still parked at hayward's cityview apartments where fremont police officers fired their weapons striking a teenaged girl ride in a separate car. >> we heard the big boom, and then we heard pow pow pow and heard like screeching tires and then like something hit a pole boom another bam and we came around and saw police and guns and everything. >> reporter: hayward police say fremont officers tracked a
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vehicle connected to a string of armed robberies to the complex before two officers shot at the targeted vehicle with four people riding inside. >> when they go to contact the driver of the vehicle and the people occupying the vehicle, the vehicle takes off, rams the detectives's vehicles. the detectives return fire trying to strike the driver of the vehicle. it gets away. >> reporter: instead, investigators say police shot a woman a 16-year-old passenger, police say the driver took off and got about a quarter mile away before crashing near cal state east bay. one suspect ran and got away. one man was arrested. the gunshot victim died at the hospital. a second woman was interviewed and releaseed. >> there was a bit of priority to track them down and place them under arrest. you know, what folded in the aftermath of trying to detain them it was a tragedy but one
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of the risks when you try to arrest high risk suspects, things happen. >> reporter: and police have not said whether or not the young woman who was killed if she was involved in any of those armed robberies. the alameda county d.a. is investigating the officer- involved shooting and the two officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. in hayward, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. this evening emergency repairs under way along a critical part of california's water supply line. and yes, it is related to all the storm damage we have had. the clifton court four bay is a nearly two-mile-wide reservoir in the delta between byron and tracy. kpix 5's wilson walker on why this little known body of water is so important. >> the important thing that's happening is there is no public safety emergency whatsoever. >> reporter: hardly the terror inspiring. >> reporter: spillway collapse but this is the latest failure
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a pumping system worn out by winter. >> we are going to be repairing erosion that's occurred underneath a spillway or a pad or apron that water flows across. >> reporter: until it's fixed it can't get pumped out to silicon valley or southern california. so to make good on its water delivery obligations the state has to tap another reservoir. >> san luis reservoir south of the delta is that 99% plus. we know that that water will be available for us state water project contractors and will enable to us continue deliveries effectively. >> reporter: but san luis was our emergency piggy bank filled by winter. we didn't want to touch that until necessary if at all. but that's how california's water system works. you got a problem right here? it's going to cost you somewhere else. and speaking cost. >> about $187 billion in unmet
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needs. >> reporter: that's a tab we all have to pay. so albeit on a vastly smaller scale than oroville, count the clifton court fourbay as the latest crack in california's aging water system. >> it's not a routine thing that's occurred but i think we have a way to address the problem. >> reporter: in the san joaquin river delta, wilson walker, kpix 5. so a mountain lion might be ferocious predator but apparently they are pretty picky eaters, too. a camera set up in sunol regional wilderness caught this tense tinter action as a stealthy cat crouches down as if he is ready to pounce with this tense interaction when he comes face to face with a portly opossum. but instead of attacking it, the mountain lion lets it go. experts say the cat may have shown "mercy" because there are a number of better meal options in the area. [ laughter ] >> why settle for the appetizer when the main course is 10 minutes away. 70s outside today.
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but not as warm as it has been the south bay you were the warm spot. morgan hill 73 degrees. san jose and livermore you hit 70. although most of the day was spent in the 60s. about 15 degrees cooler for some of you today compared to yesterday. fremont 66. santa rosa 62. and san francisco you only hit 59 degrees. as a percentage of average, the first half of march it has not been wet. santa rosa only 22% of average. san jose 24% of average. only san francisco and the peninsula anywhere close to what's normal but that will likely change next week. st. patrick's day, this friday, should be a beautiful day. partly cloudy, mild, anywhere from the mid-60s to the upper 70s. of course the warmer spots will be inland. so even though we have a storm passing by to the north, some of you got a few rain showers, the big story is the biggest story that will have a long lasting effect is that the ridge of high pressure which gave us the dry weather for more than a week and gave us the 80s, it is moving out. even though a different ridge of high pressure moves in, for a couple of days thursday and friday which will be beautiful days to get out, with that big
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blocking ridge of high pressure gone, weather pattern is going to change and early next week it's going to get soggy around here. we are mainly cloudy overnight tonight. and that will lead to some mild temperatures. we are talking about lows only dropping to the 50s. a mixture of sun and clouds coming up tomorrow. look at the highs in the 70s tomorrow and friday inland. mid- to upper 60s near the bay. but i draw your attention to what happens starting saturday. after st. patrick's day, highs in the 60s, yes, cloudier, yes, scattered showers, here we go. saturday and sunday. just a few showers. but the biggest change will be next week where some significant rainfall may return. widespread flooding is not likely but rain likely on monday and tuesday and wednesday. so even though spring starts next week, the rain will likely return. and that's your forecast. >> no. >> all right, paul. looking forward it. thanks. [ laughter ] a conservative talk radio host claims that he was attacked at a bay area restaurant. michael savage says dinner with his dog ended in violence! why he is calling it a hate
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crime. >> we have a shocker at cal. a coach handed in resignation papers today. we are going to tell you why. and can the uc-davis aggies win their first-ever ncaa tournament game? tip-off is next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to cal state bakersfield in the nit tournament, cuonzo martin resigned as head coach of the just one night after an embarrassing loss to cal state bakersfield in the n.i.t. tournament cuonzo martin resigned as head coach of the cal bears basketball team. martin, who is from east st. louis, is heading closer to home. reportedly agreeing to a 7-year deal with missouri worth over $21 million. >> take it. >> that nearly triples his salary at cal. martin won 62 games in three seasons with the bears and led cal into the tournament in 2016. randy bennett's name will likely pop up as a possible candidate to replace martin at cal. bennett's gaels play bcu tomorrow and once again saint
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mary's has the strong australian presence. 7 aussies on the roster including leading scorer jacques landale. >> you have no idea about any of that stuff. but no, he tries to act like he is [ indiscernible ] [ heavy australian accent ] >> i don't think he does whatsoever. >> he drinks fosters, my sources. uc-davis in the tournament for the first time in school history taking on nc central in a play-in game. aggies open up the second half with 18-6 run. lamar corner gave the aggies a nine point lead. they go cold down the stretch. nc central a chance to tie it in the final seconds they miss once they miss twice, and davis hangs on to win 67-63. [ applause ] >> they will face number one kansas on friday in tulsa. good luck there. the northeast might not be
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a popular tourist destination this weekend due to the blizzard. but west virginia head coach bob huggins has no problem with his team traveling up to buffalo. always want to go somewhere that has good weather. [ laughter ] >> so, you know, we're -- we were excited to hear you're going to get 20 inches of snow. i really like buffalo. i actually came up here and went fishing. how about that? i bet you no other coach here has been fishing. >> that's never happened here. >> i'm doing everything i can to endear myself to you. the 49ers continue to be on the league's most active team list. they acquired pro bowl center jeremy zuta from the ravens in exchange for a sixth round pick. andres has reportedly agreed to a three-year deal with the bills spending the last four seasons with the raiders and caught three touchdowns in 2016. madison bumgarner is ready for opening day. he allowed only one hit in six scoreless innings. but he is not quite ready at
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the plate. bumgarner struck out twice in his first two at-bats in the spring and the giants beat the angels 7-4. but the big news cuonzo martin out as head coach of the cal bears. ♪[ music ] coming up in our next half- hour it was a massive hack that had millions changing their passwords. how the feds say russian agents were involved in the yahoo cyber attack. >> and police say a bay area bank robbery was an inside job. how they ended up zeroing in on the bank teller. >> and a hollywood actress claims she was the victim of revenge porn. how she is fighting back. ,,
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