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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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bay area police. next on kpix5 news.
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. wild chase through the east bay started with a police car and rammed in oakland and ended on a rooftop in berkeley. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. the crime scene stretches from 14th and harrison near lake merritt in oakland to ashby and college in berkeley. that is where andria borba is live tonight. >> reporter: well, liz, ken, the scene is clearing now. take a look behind me. this white truck is at the center of everything happening out here right now. it was 6:15 in the evening at 14th and harrison. an opd officer was rammed by that white truck. that is when a chase started. it went through oakland, san leandro, hayward, and wound up here in berkeley. opd had the chopper up and it was an off and on chase because
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they lost ... until 7:30 this evening. corner of college and ashby. the driver of the truck fled to the roof of a nearby ice cream parlor. we have cell phone video of the standoff that ensued out here quite some time in the elm wood neighborhood. he was eventually talked down. >> there was a pursuit that went through down into san leandro into hayward and back up here. >> it was a huge police chase that went up the street with
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multiple cars cars. >> reporter: you are taking a live look at the scene where the car is about to be towed away. the officer was taken to the hospital, treated for injuries and released. two people were taken into custody. the man on top of the ice cream parlor and his female passenger. we don't know a lot object the chase. we don't know the speeds that were reached. we expect we will learn the answers in the morning. live in berkeley, anda andria borba, kpix5. we are getting a chilling description of the car that came under fire where bay area police were forced so shoot and killed a pregnant team. >> she said i can't take it and her head fell. >> the 16-year-old girl's cousin was with her during the deadly encounter with officers in fremont. she spoke with our joe vasquez tonight. >> reporter: family and
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friends are gathers here in noel park in antioch to say good-bye to ebby who died at the hands of police. she was 16 years old and confided in her cousin she was pregnant. >> i try to be there for her. >> reporter: she was in a car with three others including her cousin ariana. an unmarked car began chasing her friend's car and that is when her car sped off and clipped an undercover police car. her car was still driving away when bullets started flying. >> i heard gunshots. i didn't think anybody would get hit in the car. he made that right and my cousin grabbed her left side and started screaming. she said i can't take it. i condition take it and her head just falls. >> reporter: according to hayward police, fremont police were tracking a vehicle connected to a string of armed
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robberies. >> when they go to contact the driver, the vehicle takes off, rams the detective's vehicles. the detectives return fire. trying to strike the driver of the vehicle. >> reporter: instead, the bullets fired by the fremont police officers struck ebby. she was rushed to the hospital where she died. >> the idea that someone who we lover, who was part of our family, or still is a part of our family. but she won't be here no more. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: police arrested ariana and another young man. the driver got away. >> what unfolded in the aftermath of trying to detain them, it was a tragic incident. but it is one of the risks of when you try to arrest high risk individuals or suspects, those kinds of things can happen. >> they were driving away. so, how much harm could it really have caused to the cops for them to actually shoot. >> reporter: in antioch, joe
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vasquez, kpix5. president trump's new travel ban was supposed to take effect two hours ago. but, veronica de la cruz tells us hawaii has put it on hold tonight. >> reporter: that's right. the president is furious. and tonight, he is vowing to take his case all the way to the top. this was the scene at sfo the last time president trump enacted a travel ban. the judge issued a temporary restraining order against the measure banning immigration and travel for citizens from six predominantly muslim countries. >> we truly felt it was discriminatory and a violation of the constitution. >> reporter: the state of hawaii challenged the order arguing it would hurt its tourist industry and harm four students and the muslim population. >> this ruling makes us look weak. >> reporter: the president mentioned the legal defeat during a campaign style rally
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in nashville. >> we are going to fight this terrible ruling. we are going to take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme court. >> reporter: in the meantime, president trump appeared on fox new to night defending his claim that president obama spied on him during the campaign. >> wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you will find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> the president has not provided any evidence of his own and house intelligence leaders have not seen any either. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. >> we will hear much more from the president tomorrow when he unveils his $1.15 trillion budget plan. it is expected to have deep cuts to the epa and other domestic programs to finance a $54 billion boost for the military. and a down payment on the u.s. mexico border wall. tonight, a conservative radio show host says that he
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was assaulted at a bay area restaurant and he is questioning whether it was because of his political views. michael savage says he was being taunted by another diner in tiburon who then pushed him down and shoved his toy poodle. well, this happened last night at servino risterante. police were called but no one was arrested. savage says it was a case of felony battery and elder abuse and thinking the attack should be investigated as a hate crime. a bay area driver is facing charges after a road rage rant that that was caught on camera. susie steimle has the story. >> reporter: this was the scene on the usually quiet scene. the driver not only try to run the cyclist off the road, but also threatens his life. >> unfortunately, it is not the first time i have seen smug
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like this. and any time you threaten to use your vehicle as a weapon, you should be held accountable. >> reporter: jim elias is the executive director of the marine county bicycle coalition. it is fortunate the bicyclist had a camera rolling. the police were able to track the driver down with the video and charge him with reckless driving. cyclists say that doesn't happen. >> if a car harass you they say we were not there to see it. >> reporter: richard gutierrez owns the breaking away bicycle shop down the street. he says he is glad to see some accountability and enforcement. >> should everything go to court? why not. >> reporter: that said, gutierrez like many cyclists is also a driver and sees both sides. >> there is always somebody doing something rude. particularly the bikes, they just fly through here without looking at the stop signs. >> reporter: bottom line, most accidents could be avoided if both parties followed the rules of the road. cyclists are being encouraged to hit record to protect
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themselves. >> we do need more reporting. we do need to track the numbers. >> reporter: susie steimle, kpix5. >> well, they are not taking any chances at dublin elementary. cleaning crews wiped everything down today after dozens of kids got sick. the possible cause, norovirus. >> terrible. >> the wife had it, we have all had it. bad stuff. >> so far, there is only one confirmed case of norovirus. the school district wants any kid that has a stomach bug to stay home for at least 48 hours after the symptoms disappear. tonight, the u.s. government has charged two russian spies in a massive breach of yahoo accounts. how they allegedly pulled off one of the biggest cyber crimes ever. >> reporter: prosecutors say officers financed and directed
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the cyber attack and hired one of the world's best known hackers to do most of the work from russia. from 2014 to 2016, court papers say belan and his team used computer code to infiltrate yahoo's data base stealing user names, e-mails, and passwords. they used that information to access the accounts of russian journalists and politicians as well as u.s. government officials indeluding military and white house personnel. belan also used 30 million account to facilitate a spam scheme that netted him money. half of yahoo's accounts were compromised. >> they are usually a little too greedy. >> reporter: the hackers went unnoticed because the two agents may have been familiar with u.s. cyber strategy. prosecutors say both worked at center 18. the fbi's russian contact for
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cyber investigations. >> they pretend to be collaborating with us to try to do something about the spread of cyber crime in russia. and come to find out, they are fostering it. >> i think what you are going to see the when these unfortunate things happen, you will see the government agency hold things closer to the vest. they will be less likely to share information outside the circle because of breaches of trust. >> reporter: a canadian who was allegedly part of the operation is in custody. according to russian media, doku, one of the fsb officers was arrested earlier this year by russian authorities and jailed for treason. cbs news, washington. living on the edge. tonight, the race to keep these bay area homes from crumbling into a creek. >> plus, why so many families in san jose are rushing to get dual citizenship tonight. >> and would you eat chicken strips grown in the lab? the bay area start-up trying to
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revolutionize the meat industry.
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man is holed up inside an apartment: this is the san jose police department.. you need to give >> we are keeping an eye on police activity in san jose where a man is holed up inside an apartment. >> you need to give yourself up immediately. >> this is happening near branum lane and monterrey road. the man has been refusing to come out for a couple of hours. details are sketchy at this point. san jose police tell us the suspect may be armed. we will keep an eye on the situation and have more information as it comes. ice agents have a new target tonight. courthouses. the la times is reporting they have been arrested undocumented immigrants at courts in other parts of california, and elsewhere. san francisco da's office says so far, it is not happening here. but, they worry it could have dangerous consequences.
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>> public safety will be impacted for everybody if undocumented populations are fearful to come forward and work with local law enforcement. >> federal officials say courthouse arrests are only used as a last ditch effort. meantime, hundreds of advocates for immigrant rights rallied at the state capital urging lawmakers to pass the bill blocking any use of local or state resources to assist in deportations. we are learning requests for dual citizenships are rising with president trump in office. betty yu says many mexican immigrants are worried they are racing the clock. >> reporter: this family is making emergency plans at the mexican consulate in san jose. they are learning how to register their one-year-old american born child as a mexican citizen. because the president is deporting people, she says, we are preparing our documents in
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case we need them. maria is not alone. the consulate in san jose has seen a surge in applications for dual citizenship like never before. appointments for the entire month of march are fully booked. this month, they are on track to process 110 registrations for dual citizenship. that is up from 86 in february. and, about double what they did in january. back in september, they processed 32. >> there are many threats floating in the environment. so many people are scared. one of them, families could be divided. >> reporter: it is what brought miriam, an undocumented immigrant to the consulate this afternoon. she has three american born children and plans to register them as a precaution. even the kid that's were born here, she says, are really afraid they have to stay here and we get deported.
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a few weeks ago, president trump announced a far reaching plan that widens the net for deportation. anyone charged with a crime or who poses a risk to public sayty or national security could be a target for ice agents. the consulate says that its staff is overwhelmed and they are looking to add more people to take on the demand. in an unusual move, this office will be open on saturday to mainly process dual citizenships. they plan to register 40 children on that day alone. in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. homeowners in pleasantson living on the edge called the water agency to fix the eroded edge before it swallows their backyard. they say they have been hung out to dry. now it is a race against time to make the bank stable before more land gives way. the agency has already sent staff members to evaluate the area. >> the homes are sitting right there on the precipice and our
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staff is just going in there, they have gone in and, already spent quite a bit of money in terms of consultants, in terms of geting in there to see what can be done. >> the affected homes are off foothill road near the aroyo de la laguna creek. the sea lion who got stuck in a drainage park in vacaville is free and on his way back to the bay. he made his bay out of the pipe on his own and is now back in the sacramento river delta. wildlife officials believe he is healthy enough to make it all the way back to the bay. and, he was first spotted yesterday in a sewer pipe on leisure town road earning him the nickname mr. leisure. a bay area bio tech firm is trying to revolutionize the meat industry with chicken strips made in a lab. >> devin fehely explains one key ingredient is missing. the actual bird. >> reporter: it looks and
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tastes like chicken. because, it is. sort of. while it is not apparent to the naked eye, this chicken was grown in a lab, not on a farm. >> talking about meat, real meat grown from meat cells. >> reporter: we first spoke with memphis meat ceo at a bio tech expo where they revealed their lab grown meat balls. now, they have successfully added chicken to the menu. >> we wanted to make meat that is delicious, better for us, also better for the environment and the animals. >> reporter: but don't expect it to be available at the grocery store any time soon. memphis meats says there is still at least five years away from market. and there's the challenge of cost. a pound of lab grown chicken costs more than $9,000. compared to just $3 for the old fashioned farm kind. devin fehely, kpix5. yeah, well, get ready for more rain. that's what the weather man says. >> that is what the weather man
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says. more than probably most people would want. and it is coming next week. we are turning the page to spring and the rain should be behind us. let's bring the rain back. high-def in addition doppler. we are drying out around here, a couple of drips in the north bay earlier today, we have had a pretty dry march. thank goodness. santa rosa, 32% of average. san jose, 24% of average, below normal san francisco, livermore as well. that will change next week. cloudy night tonight. only dropping to 55 in san francisco. san jose, 53. vallejo, 53. mountain view, 53 degrees. though we have a storm passing by to the north, the biggest movement that the blocking ridge of high pressure has kicked to the east. it is moving away from us. the first new thing moving in is a different ridge of high pressure. you will get a great day on thursday. cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. we will fast forward to friday.
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mid 70s away from the water. as we head toward the weekend, that ridge leaves, we will have nothing blocking for a while. and, some rain showers in the far north bay. by saturday morning, scattered to isolated showers over the weekend. the most significant changes with that blocking ridge gone, pretty active stormy weather pattern moves in next week, far north western california, up to half a foot of rainfall by tuesday or wednesday. we will get less than that. early next week, through next wednesday, thursday, or friday. we are getting soggy once again. the sunshine is coming back tomorrow. we will be dry through friday. with some weekend showers. don't cancel your outdoor plans but rain, steady rainfall, moving in next week. highs tomorrow, right around 70. should be a very nice day. 70 in redwood city. friday, close to 80 again inland. and then everything changes. scattered showers over the weekend. rain is likely next week. so, we are not done with winter yet. even though technically, we are in spring next week.
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>> it has been a strange winter. >> yeah. the good news is the allergys will feel better. >> i think we all need that. >> thanks paul. here's a question for you. could your yoga pants be poisoning the planet? why they are being called the new global threat tonight. >> and, here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,
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but apparently, not for the planet. that's right... all that "sweat-wicking" fiber is bad for the >> yoga may be good for your health, but yoga pants are not good for mother earth. >> that's right. sweat fiber is bad for the environment. researchers say they are fining a growing amount of micro fibers in the ocean. they wash down the laundry from material like fleece and athletic ware. the tiny shreds of plastic could pose a long term threat to marine life. do you have yoga pants? >> i do not. i gave them up years ago. the raiders just lost a running back. kyle lost another coach. and can the uc davis aggies win
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their first ever tournament game? next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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d moments >> somebody is burning the midnight owl in minnesota where the vikings announced moments
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ago, they have signed former raider running back latavius murray spelling the end of adrian peterson's tenure with the vikings. could he be a raider? he agreed to a seven year deal with missouri worth over $21 million, cuonzo martin. let the replacement search begin. randy bennett's name will likely pop up. he played bcu tomorrow. and once again, saint mary has a strong australian presence. seven awes aussies on the roster. >> how much of an expert are you? >> you have no idea about any of that stuff. but no. he tries to act like he has got the australian culture down, but i don't think he does
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whatsoever. >> so, uc davis, the first time in school history take into considerationing on nc central. aggies open up with an 18-6 run. lamar's corner three gave the nine point lead to the uc davis aggies. a chance for nc central to tie the game two chances. both miss, davis hangs onto win. they will face number one seed kansas on friday in tulsa. >> and that ball goes up on friday. i'm not going to be thinking about what seeds we are going to be playing basketball. competing at basketball. and, like i said, the chips will fall where they may. but, we are glad to be here, but we are not satisfied by any means. >> madison bumgarner is ready for opening day. he is not quite ready at the plate though. he struck out twice at his
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first two at bats of the spring. 7-4. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. t good night. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> and madness, notre dame and princeton tomorrow morning. >> get up early. >> michelle griego, kenny choi, get your day started right.
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>> go mad. go bad with dennis. have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: i hold in my hand something very significant. it is a joke. ( laughter ) a joke that we have confirmed has been murder by donald trump. we believe thi irst time any joke connected with donald trump has been released. this is an old joke from before he was president. we've obtained this joke legally. the first amendment gives us the right to tell this joke. ( laughter ) this-- this piece of paper i hold in my hand, the part facing me with the words that you can't see, this is the document with the joke. the joke in question, "why did the chicken--" but first a word on chickens. chickens are flightless birds


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