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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 17, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this kpix5 news. breaking news in san jose, gunfire erupting on the freeway leaving a car riddled with bullet holes. tonight one person is in the hospital and the shooter is still on the loose. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. it happened before 7:00 tonight on 101 near story road in san jose. >> reporter: the victim is 17 years old and was shot twice while riding in the passenger side of this car behind me. if you take a look, it is currently being towed, but we are on 33rd street near allen rock avenue where the car stopped in front of a boost mobile store in a strip mall.
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this happened on the northbound side of 101 near story road just before 7 p.m. chopper 5 was over the scene a short while ago as investigators collected evidence. the chp says at this hour they are looking for two suspects driving a white dodge charger. that car pulls up to the victim's car on 101 and opened fire. the northbound side of highway 101 is currently closed at the 680/280 connector and that is where traffic is being diverted. ill just spoke to a store owner who -- i just spoke to a store owner who got a closer look at the victim. take a listen. >> he had stepped out at least from the car and he didn't look injured to me. then there was an ambulance that came right directly in front here that actually was there and they pulled out the stretcher and then the police
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were helped to take off his shirt and they put him on the stretcher. that's when i noticed it looked like there was a wound near the hip area. >> reporter: the driver in the car was not injured according to the chp. carlos diaz who you just heard from snapped this photo of paramedics as they rushed on scene before 7:00 tonight. again a 17-year-old has been shot. his condition unknown at this hour, -- condition is unknown at this hour. police are actively searching for two suspects that were wearing bandannas and in a white dodge charger with the word hemi on the side and stock rims. we'll bring you any more details as soon as we get them. live in san jose betty yu, kpix5. there have been at least 80 shooting on bay area freeways
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in the past 16 months, the latest just a week ago when a man was fatally shot on interstate 80 in richmond. a judge through the book at a emergency minimum a bizarre bay area kidnapping case -- man in a bizarre bay area kidnapping case, but before he was handed that sentence the judge had a chilling message for him in court. >> the strange story ending. denise husband kin huskins fought back -- huskins fought back tears in court. for over a year if i came home alone, i would grab a knife and look behind every door denise huskins told matthew muller in court. i have a hammer by my bed that i reach for in the worst of my nightmares. muller broke into her house in vallejo in the middle of the night, tied up and drug her boy friend aaron quinn and then kidnapped denise and sexually
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assaulted her. prosecutors asked the judge for a 40 year sentence for a crime so twisted and bizarre that vallejo police initially called it a hoax, an announcement the couple still feels is appalling. >> the horror these folks went through, it's just all about their in competence. >> reporter: muller had pretended he was with a group of gentlemen criminals and tried to convince denise he was just following orders. he was finally caught after attacking another couple in dub lynn. at one point today denise -- dublin. at one point today denise was so wraught with emotion she told muller to be a man, the so- called powerful man you tried to fool yourself into being by tormenting others. >> it's still not clear whether muller will stand trial on a
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handful of other crimes he is believed to have committed here in the bay area. >> it was a bizarre crime, strange all the way around, still no motive. >> there's some mental illness involved, but he pled guilty and he's going to prison. tomorrow know tonight president trump's new budge proposal -- tonight president trump's new budget proposal calls for deep cuts to the epa and state department in order to finance a big boost in defense spending. kpix5's emily turner is here to break down what it all means for us. >> this budget drops a lot of funding and it lands now at the feet of the state. for california who get about 1/3 of its funding from the feds, that's going to be quite a lot to make up. there's always a battle when it comes to the budget, but president trump may be in for a
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bigger battle than usual. >> we're spending less money on soft power, financial aid for folk overseas and more national defense which is what the president promised when he ran for off. >> reporter: the president's budget will increase military spending by 10% at the expense of many other federally funded programs. >> our strength depends on the vitality of our communities and the economy, all of which are undermined by the president's budget. >> reporter: the enviromental protection agency would be slashed by 31% potentially ending a major federal effort to protect the bay. >> i just can't think of a more cruel or senseless blueprint for the country over the next four years. >> reporter: community development block grants that fund services like housing for the homeless and revitalizing neighborhoods would be cut entirely amounting to tens of millions of dollars left to the state to make up. california's prisons and jails would no longer be reimbursed
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for incarcerating undocumented immigrant. s. the foundation -- immigrants. the foundation to the endowment to the arts would be no more. another target is public broadcasting. many program details remain under wraps as the full trump budget proposal won't be submitted till later this year, but the bargaining, battling and lobbying has already begun. >> do i think we can cut spending and get waste out of government? absolutely. where and how and what numbers? that's something we'll figure out as time goes on. >> reporter: the federal process requires this budgets goes to progress. there different committees in -- congress. there different committees in both the house and the senate will hold hearings. emily turner, kpix5. coming up we'll show you how the president's budget plan could stop a big b.a.r.t. project in its tracks.
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also tonight president trump approved a disaster declaration in the quake of all those storms. the action frees up federal funding for repair work. a hospital of bay -- lot of bay area cities struggling to deal with growing homeless populations. now the new plan to get people to trade tents for cabins. >> reporter: the mayor said his ambitious new plan is an alternative to these camps. his goal is to eradicate berkeley's homeless problems. a decade ago this man was homeless. >> i've been homeless and had been on drugs and ran on the streets of san jose. >> reporter: he said he knows what life is like for the roughly 1,000 homeless people in berkeley and tonight he applauded a plan by the mayor.
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these short term pet friendly shelters would be built on city land with storage and porta- potties. people could live here a few months before moving on to permanent housing. >> it looks like a better solution than what we have now, particularly if they provide bathroom facilities. >> i believe that is best thing the mayor could do. it's a start. >> reporter: there usually is a funding block. >> i think the biggest challenge is going to be funding. >> reporter: they hope to seek funding from the county and private are sos and look to voters next year -- associations and voters to vote on the issue. tonight why dogs have been locked up as evidence for nearly a year in a court case. >> reporter: the president called you a troubled person. how do you feel about that? >> i don't deny that.
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>> that's the guy accused of hopping the white house fence the other day with a backpack full of mace. he old its us why. >> an explosion on mount aetna sent tourists running for their lives as fire ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san jose police searched this black acura for clues.. following a freeway shooting on 101 northbound, near story road. want to get back to that breaking news story tonight, san jose police searching this black acura for clues following a freeway shooting that happened on highway 101 northbound flare story road. a 17-year-old -- near story road. a 17-year-old passenger was hit and rushed to the hospital. police are looking for two
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suspects seen driving away in a white dodge charger. tonight dozens of chihuahuas are being held as evidence in a bay area court case that's drug on for months. only on 5 tonight da lin on the growing concern for those dogs and why they can't go up for adoption. >> reporter: deputies removed 29 dogs from this san lorenzo home last may. since then the chihuahuas have been held at the east county animal shelter. their owner won't surrender the dogs as he face an animal cruelty charge. >> reporter: 20 time in dogs is excessive. >> it's not excessive. it's not hoarding. >> reporter: people would say that's hoarding? >> no. 300 or more. >> reporter: the dogs are evidence while the case drags on in court. since the chihuahuas have been locked up close to a year people worry about their health
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and they say the chihuahuas are taking up space from other stray dogs. >> i want my dogs back and get on with my life. >> reporter: deputies say the dogs were locked in room in bad conditions with no access to food and water and feces and urine was throughout the house. next-door neighbors say it was a nightmare. they couldn't sleep. >> when you'd go to sleep, they were barking a lot. then he would yell at them which made them even more aggravated. >> reporter: the shelter is caring for 29 of the chihuahuas. the shelter can't do much until the case is over. tonight yahoo has been hit with a new lawsuit. shareholders are now suing over the largest data breach in american history. >> in case seeks to hold the board of yahoo accountable for failing to stop, prevent and disclose for over two years hacks that their own senior
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executives knew all about. >> the suit comes the day after the justice department indicted four russians accusing them of hacking. half a billion of the yahoo accounts claiming that the executives knew about the breach. tonight we're hearing from the first time from the milpitas man accused of jumping the white house fence. only on 5:00 maria medina asked him what were you doing? >> just wanted attention. >> reporter: jonathan tran walked out of federal court just days after his arrest for allegedly breaching secret service and jumping a white house fence carrying a letter to the president about hackers, his passport and mace. tran allegedly told secret service who stopped him he was a friend of the president's and
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has been called schizophrenic. his success in getting so close to the white house is now raising questions about security. >> reporter: what were you planning to do there, talk to the president or harm him? >> i don't know. no comment. >> reporter: tran who had recently gotten laid off from his engineering job smiled at times, even left the courthouse with a thumbs up. i think people want to know what you were doing there or what you were planning to do that? a judge ordered tran to undergo a men evaluations back here in the bay area. he's expected to be in washington d.c. next month interest -- a mental evaluation back here in the bay area. he's expected to be in washington d.c. next month. the revised travel ban was
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supposed to take effect last night, but a federal judge in hawaii blocked it. representatives with the council of american islamic relations passed out pocket constitutions for people arriving to the u.s. a big bay area transit project is in jeopardy under president trump's new budget. b.a.r.t.'s long awaited extension to san jose and santa clara. kpix5's len ramirez asks what happens now. about. >> reporter: santa clara riders are about to hear that familiar b.a.r.t. beef when the station opens in santa clara later this year, but the rest of projects are worried about. president trump's funding proposal denies funding for new transit projects including $1.5 billion for phase two of the
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b.a.r.t. extension. >> if that money was to not be there? >> then we would have to bridge a 30% gap in our funding plan. >> it's not a shock. we know that this has not been a transit friendly administration. >> reporter: silicon valley voters have done their share voting to tax themselves time and again for the b.a.r.t. extension, but it was always going to need state and federal money to make it happen. liccardo said they need to shift to a new track to get congress on board. >> this will be a different conversation and we look forward to engaining with the congressional delegation to make sure we can get a project built on time and budget that will carry more than 100,000 riders daily. >> reporter: it's been decades in the making, but at least in the foreseeable future. here's another really good
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reason to stay behind that yellow line when you wait for a train. oh. those commuters in upstate new york got a faceful of snow courtesy of amtrak. here it is again in slow motion. why? because we're cruel. that's why. you can see the wall of snow towers several feet over the passengers' heads. some try to duck out of the way. not your day. too late. people hoping for a better look at europe's most active volcano got a little more than they bargained for today. >> the sudden explosion that sent them running for their lives. >> mount etna has put on an impressive show for days doing lava and steam, but no one expected this. the massive explosion was caught on camera by a bbc crew. piping hot volcanic ash and rock rained down as tourists
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and the crew fled. one reporter described it as running down a mountain being pelted by rocks, dodging burning boulders and steam. a camera woman shook burning embers off her back. the blast was known as a freed magmatic eruption. police responded on snowmobiles for what was a lucky escape for everyone. it is always risky getting close to an active volcano, but this is a rare event. it takes a perfect storm. conditions for it to happen. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. >> those pictures are incredible, paul. we have much more tame mountains around here. look how gorgeous mount diablo looks right now.
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it's bursting with color because of all the rain we had all winter long and one of the many places you can visit, the colors around the bay area are fantastic currently because we've had the wettest winter in a very long time, for many of
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