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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 17, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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me," kenny and i. >> i just really wanted to make an investment with time with my son. i have one who is 24 and one who is now 22. and we have things we can do together. usually sporting events but i felt like this was something we could do together. mom and son to enjoy a culture event. >> sing us a few tunes on monday. >> so they are looking forward to it now finally. >> all right. this is our live weather camera looking out from the transamerica pyramid east toward the port of oakland and the estuary. temperatures have cooled to 44 in santa rosa. otherwise mid-40s in livermore and redwood city. around the rim of the bay, into the 50s. it is now in san jose 47 degrees. see that right there? that clear slot, that's where we are where we are now. all the clouds gradually moving closer and closer seeping into the afternoon forecast. partly cloudy skies today. mid-60s at the beaches tow low 70s around the bay and mid-70s across the peninsula to the
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high 70s away from the bay. we are even talking about 80 as my outside number. i'll pinpoint that location plus i'll tell you how many days it's going to rain. that's coming up. here's roqui. >> roberta, i don't want to hear it. okay? it is 5:01. let's check the carless richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. look at that. if you are heading eastbound on 580 of the richmond/san rafael bridge, we do have some roadwork still out there between midspan and right past the toll plaza until 6 a.m. so keep that in mind. there will be some cones out there slowing you down and here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza into downtown san francisco. the maze to downtown a quick 7 minutes. those metering lights should turn on and slow you down around 5:30 or so. we'll keep an eye on that. our slowest traffic of the morning the altamont pass at 30 across the way on to the dublin interchange. here's a live look at that slow friday commute and let's take a look at mass transit. how's it looking? art, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. it's a perfect day to take a walk and not drive. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. right now, the chp is
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searching for the gunman in a shooting on highway 101. kpix 5 reporter maria medina is live in san jose with the latest on the investigation. maria. >> reporter: michelle, chp will be holding a press conference later this morning on these latest developments. that's because we are talking about 80 freeway shootings in just the last 16 months most of them in the east bay but last night it was a 17-year-old who was shot. chp investigators say it was around 7 p.m., two men driving northbound on 101 near story road shot at a black acura. that driver okay. but his teen passenger was hit with a bullet. his condition is unknown. a store owner saw what happened next. >> it was an individual that was being patted down on the side of the vehicle. and i -- everything was calm so i really wasn't sure what was happening. >> reporter: and that man
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carlos diaz snapped this photo of the victim being taken away. the investigation shut down all northbound lanes in the area. so here is who police are looking for. they say they are looking for two men wearing bandanas at the time of the shooting and they were driving a white dodge charger with the word hemi on it. that's the type of engine. again, a 17-year-old shot in san jose on highway 101 yesterday. his condition unknown. by the way, those northbound lanes on 101 are now reopened. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. president trump welcomes german chancellor angela merkel to the white house today. meanwhile, secretary of state rex tillerson is in south korea this morning. he is meeting with his counterparts to discuss the u.s.-south korea alliance amid tensions in the region with the north. there's already been a major development. tillerson says that the u.s. will need to take a more aggressive stance against north korea. and that includes the possibility of preemptive military action. >> let me be very clear.
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the policy of strategic patience has ended. we're exploring a new range of diplomatic, security, economic measures. all options are on the table. >> president trump's proposed budget calls for a 28% decrease in funding to the state department. meals or wheels could be on the chopping block in president trump's budget proposal. the budget blueprint suggests cutting funds for the department of housing and urban development by about $6.2 billion. almost half of those savings will come by eliminating the $3 billion community development block grant which provides money for a variety of community developments and antipoverty programs including "meals on wheels." california senator kamala harris tweeted this in response to the news: federal officers are reportedly targeting undocumented immigrants.. at local courthouses. now, state lawmakers are trying to protect those men and women from get federal officers are reportedly targeting undocumented immigrants at local courthouses now state lawmakers are trying to protect
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those men and women from getting arrested. anne makovec joins us now with details. >> reporter: this is a real sore spot because of the placement we are talking about courthouses! the feds have been rounding up undocumented immigrants at courthouses and really especially troubling to some local officials because they are afraid it will stop victims and witnesses from showing up in court compromising some criminal cases. the "l.a. times" reports federal officers have been detaining undocumented immigrants at courthouses in california and other states. san francisco's district attorney's office says it hasn't happened yet in the city. but the d.a.'s office does believe it could keep illegal immigrants from resolving their crimes in court or testifying against criminals. i.c.e. says that the courthouse arrests are used as a last effort to take in illegal immigrants. now, a spokesman says while i.c.e. does arrest targets at courthouses, generally it's only as investigating officers
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have exhausted other options. she said noting that many local law enforcement agencies refuse to honor i.c.e. detainer requests like authorities in sanctuary cities and counties including much of the bay area. >> so what are local officials doing about this? >> reporter: the chief justice at california's supreme court wrote a letter recently to the attorney general and the homeland security secretary asking them to immediately stop detaining suspected undocumented immigrants at courthouses in california. so far, no response. >> thank you. today in sacramento, the transportation solutions defense and education fund will challenge the california air resources board over the high- speed rail project. the arb included the project in a greenhouse gas emissions reduction measure in its climate change plan. they say it violates the global warming prevention act by failing to make sure emissions by the high-speed rail project were real. and approving the use of cap and trade funding for
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construction of the project. new information about a lawsuit against lyft. yesterday a federal judge approved a $27 million settlement more than 200,000 current and former california drivers were covered in the lawsuit. drivers sued the company for classifying them as independent contractors instead of employees. since they were contractors, they weren't protected under labor laws. a bay area man suspected of being a phony dentist is behind bars. investigators started tracking joseph hersch in january. this week he was arrested in san carlos where it appears he had a dental operation but he isn't a licensed dentist. investigators also found drugs and equipment used to make drugs. he is being held at the san mateo county jail on $500,000 bail. two weeks after a dump truck slammed into an overpass on 101, we finally know how long it will take to fix. and how much it's going to cost. >> and investigators in maryland are on the scene of a massive explosion that leveled a home.
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>> from the kpix weather center, we certainly have the luck of the irish with us today in full sunshine. we won't see it again for at least seven days. >> all right. we have the luck of the irish here in the traffic center, too. your roads looking good. but how long will that last on st. patrick's day? we'll keep you posted for more updates coming up. don't go anywhere. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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developing now: investigators are on the scene-- trying to figure out what caused that tahoe report is coming up in four minutes. rise and shine! ! welcome to your st. patrick's day. it is going to be sunny and bright and mild. even though we have a dry weekend, it's going to be cloudy, it will be cooler and i'll tell you exactly when the first raindrops will arrive. that full forecast, with traffic and weather coming up in less than 4 minutes. developing now, investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what caused an explosion in maryland. it happened around 1 a.m. at a home in a washington, dc suburb. authorities say the home is completely destroyed. the explosion was so powerful, it shattered windows and damaged homes nearby. so far there's no word on injuries. there is new information about human remains found on a sonoma coast beach last month.
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deputies have identified the victim as 24-year-old taylor schwartz. he was from ohio. someone reportedly found him foot when it washed ashore last month. shortly after deputies found his other foot near bodega bay. they have not released how he died. today in palo alto, school board members will make the final call on name changes for two middle school after eugenics supporters. their vote follows a year-long push by locals and parents who say jordan middle school and terman middle school names are at odds with diversity and inclusion. the committee will come up with three new names for the schools by january of next year. we have a special edition of our spelling challenge for st. patrick's day. dance in walnut creek. while they do their thing, their director michael dillon, will show us how to spell shillelagh (shuh-lay-lee), ich is a thick >> these are dancers in walnut
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creek. while they do their thing their director michael dylan will show us how to spell walking stick or weapon. >> shill, um, elagh. >> no. >> yes! >> whoo! >> he is right. you can see the spell being tomorrow at noon on kbcw 44/cable 12 or on our website at caltrans says it could cost up to a million dollars to fix the highway 101 overpass in palo alto. a dump truck hit it earlier this month. the driver of the truck forgot to lower the dumping bed. he then instruct overpass damaging a 30-foot section that now needs to be reconstructed. no word on when they will start
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work but it will take about 3 weeks to complete. it is 5:13. let's check the roads. >> let's check the quiet roads in the bay area. starting with the richmond/san rafael bridge, we have some roadwork to tell you about there but here's the toll plaza. one car is on the bridge. midspan to the toll out there until 6 a.m. so there will be some cones slowing you down and also some metering lights slowing down around 5:30 or so but they are not on just yet so you're good into downtown san francisco across the span of the bay bridge. moving over now to our slow traffic of the morning the altamont pass, you're moving at just 30 miles per hour coming out of tracy. then up to 36 at north flynn road it frees up through livermore to a slow dublin interchange. art, ace train, muni and caltrain are on time. >> the weather is clear.
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we can see the beautiful brand new tower at sfo at 221 feet tall seeing optimal vision of all the runways out there. no reports of airport delays. good morning, everyone. as you head out this morning, you want a jacket. in the 40s. oakland 51. 53 san francisco. tri-valley in the mid-40s. and san jose 47 our weather watchers, linda, george, robert, good morning to you, top of the morning to you! in the 40s and 50s. thanks for checking in with us. we have the luck of the irish. it's a warm day. cloudy and cooler for the weekend. you will need your umbrella every day. this is a clear slot. and that's what we're experiencing right now but these clouds to the north and to the west are going to
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gradually make their way and undercut the ridge of high pressure dominating our forecast. we'll call it partly sunny later today. this area of low pressure has some rain associated with it but we have so much dry air mass in place. by the time it invades the bay area pretty much dissipates falls apart at the seams. saturday, there's the rain but you see it fall apart. the possibility of drizzle or a stray light shower does exist tomorrow. but no accumulation. then there's your saturday evening. we go into sunday partly to mostly cloudy skies and then we start to see the rain arrive before the morning commute on monday. monday we will have rain showers. same on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. today for the big getaway friday temperatures into the 70s throughout the central valley. mid-70s monterey. we have the rain in eureka
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clipping the northwestern section of the state of california. high 50s in the sierra today. that's at the base. but meanwhile at the mountain, pretty much mid-40s. a few showers on saturday and sunday. just light rain showers but then we'll have the snow returning next week. sugar bowl slight chance of the rain showers there this weekend. same at squaw valley, red dog my favorite run of the weekend. and meanwhile if you are heading to heavenly valley we have no new snow but lots of layers of packed powder, machine groomed. all the lifts are spinning. looks good in tahoe. temperatures in the 60s and 70s locally today. 74 redwood city. 75 in napa. fairfield same. 80s my outside number today. that will be to the east in pleasanton. to the south gilroy, to the north calistoga. otherwise saturday clouds up with that slight chance of a rain shower through sunday. we will have the rain arriving on monday, tuesday, all the way through next thursday. and would you believe? on monday, it's the first day of spring and that's when we
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will have those afternoon rain showers. make it a great day. >> roberta, i love springtime. thank you. time to see what's trending today. your netflix account is about to get a makeover . the company is getting rid of the five-star rating system, instead it's going to add a thumbs-up or thumbs down. netflix said they tested it and there were 200% more ratings. the company hopes more viewers will consider if they like the program rather than rating it on what other viewers would enjoy. "saturday night live" is about to make history. for the first time ever the show will air live from coast to coast. >> okay. we'll do a couple of questions. go. glen, "new york times," boom, go ahead. [ laughter ] >> melissa mccarthy will likely be back as sean spicer when she hosts one of the final four shows of the season. jimmy fallon, chris pine and dwayne "the rock" johnson are other scheduled to host the show. it usually airs at 11:30 but for the final episodes it will
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air live at 8:30 pacific time. awesome. today is st. patrick's day. and a lot of beer fans will likely be drinking some guinness. kenny. that's you. if you are a fan you will want to hear this, you can be the first person ever to spend the night at the guinness brewery in dublin. the company teamed up with airbnb for the contest. all you have to do is answer the question, what makes you the world's biggest guinness fan? kenny is trying to figure it out. you have until march 22 to enter. a panel of judges will pick a winner on april 3 and the brewery will fly the lucky person and a guest to dublin on april 24. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, are your brackets intact? hint, no number one seeds went down yesterday. could saint mary's advance for the first time in 7 years? tip-off straight ahead >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. show.
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good morning. i'm roqui theus with your traffic update. we have a crash in marin. here's the golden gate bridge looking good heading into san
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francisco. and if you are heading into the maze, into downtown san francisco here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are not on yet. good morning, everybody. saint mary's has not been to the second round of the ncaa tournament since 2010. standing in their way last night, virginia commonwealth. randy bennett back on the tournament for the first time in four years. rams up one. midway through the first half, jock landale scores two of his team-high 18. saint mary's takes a 1-point lead. landale dishes to krebs in the cutin there. 44-29. but bcu did rally under 5 to play. mo cox rims out, calvin hermanson for the dunk and saint mary's will go to the round of 32 for the first time since 2010. they win 85-77. steph curry sent a scare
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through "dub nation" when he tweaked his ankle last night against orlando but he came back. 1st quarter the klay thompson show hits the three giving golden state a 31-10 lead. he had 29 points. as for curry the ankle looked fine. 4th quarter gets the layup and the foul. the warriors are 122-92 winners and with that win, they clinch the pacific division crown. sharks hosting the blues. a team they beat last year to win the westerns conference banner. third period score first of two goals giving the blues 3-1 lead and they end up winning that game 4-1. the raiders sign tight end jared cook. and march madness continues today. we'll see you tonight with the postgame show. >> the warriors clinch the division title with the win over orlando. but that wasn't the only thing
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on the line. zaza pachycholia had a bet if he got a dunk he would have to save his beard. zaza finished with 10 points and 10 boards. no word yet on when he plans to pay up. >> better. we stick with our nba play of the day. russell westbrook former ucla bruin may be the front-runner for mvp this season and plays like this exactly why. >> westbrook with the steal. what a pass! what a pass! play of the day of! >> it's all over! don't even bother. >> what?! yeah. let's take a few more looks at that one. the crosscourt pass, through the defenders' legs hitting victor in stride. that pass helped westbrook earn his 34th triple-double of the season. he needs seven more to tie the all-time record play of the
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day. california officials accusing federal immigration authorities of stalking local courthouses. why they find it troubling. >> reporter: a teenager the latest victim in a string of bay area highway shootings. so what's being done to crack down on these shootings? the answer may surprise you. ,, k;,t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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high-profile bay area kidnapping case learns his sentence -- as his victim confronts him in court... and president trump's budget the man convicted in a high- profile bay area kidnapping case learns his sentence as his victim confronts him in court. >> president trump's budget proposal could have dire consequences for california. we'll have details on the steep cuts. >> and top of the morning to you from the kpix weather center! where today the luck of the irish lots of sunshine, but i'm
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going to talk about springtime showers. >> and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge, looking good from marin county into san francisco. but we do have a crash slowing you down in novato. we'll tell you what's going on. good morning, it's friday, march 17. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. this morning california highway patrol investigators plan to hold a news conference about dozens of freeway shootings targeting drivers in the bay area. kpix 5 reporter maria medina is live in san jose where we learned that the latest victim shot just last night is a teenager. maria. >> reporter: and kenny, we are talking more than 80 freeway shootings in just the last 16 months most of them in the east bay. but last night as you said it was a 17-year-old victim shot right behind me on highway 101. now, chp investigators say two men driving northbound on 101 near story road shot at a black acura. the driver is okay but his teen passenger was hit with a bullet. his condition is unknown. and just last week, a man died
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after being shot three times, once in the back of the head, now that shooting happened on interstate 80 in richmond. and investigators say they arrested three gang members behind his murder but as far as last night's shooting, chp investigators say they are still looking for two men wearing bandanas at the time of the shooting. they were seen driving a white dodge charger with the word hemi on it, the type of engine. as far as the 17-year-old shot on highway 101 last night, his condition is unknown at this time. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> is anything being done to try to stop these shootings? >> reporter: in fact, kenny, city leaders in the east bay asked the state to install cameras and license plate readers on interstate 80 but they are still waiting to hear from the governor. back to you. local lawmakers are trying to protect undocumented immigrants who are reportedly getting targeted when they go to court. >> anne makovec is following this story and joins us now to
5:32 am
tell us what local leaders are asking from federal lawmakers. >> we have been hearing and talking about undocumented immigrants suddenly being arrested at places like schools or hospitals and other places around the country. but roundups at courthouses are especially troubling to judicial officials because it might make some people who are integral to the court process stay home. over the last month or so federal officers have been detaining undocumented immigrants at courthouses here in california and other states. san francisco's district attorney's office says it hasn't happened yet in the city but the d.a.'s office does believe it could keep illegal immigrants from resolving their crimes in court or testifying against criminals. >> public safety will be impacted for everybody if undocumented populations are fearful to come forward and work with local law enforcement. >> reporter: in a letter to the attorney general and the homeland security secretary california's chief justice
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asked the federal government to immediately cease detaining suspected illegal immigrants at courthouses in california and an i.c.e. spokesman says the courthouse arrests are only used as a last-ditch effort. she says when criminal custody transfers occur inside a secure confines of a jail, it's far safer for everyone involved including our officers and the person who is being arrested. now, there was a very high- profile case that didn't happen in a jail recently though. we'll talk about that coming up in the next half-hour. >> looking forward to that. the feds are putting some blame on sanctuary citieses. >> the sanctuary cities. ice is noting that local law enforcement agencies refuse to honor i.c.e. detainer requests. so they see these courthouse arrests as a last resort. as you know, much of the bay area is a sanctuary zone. president trump's budget proposal could mean huge problems for california which gets about a third of its funding from the feds. grants that fund services like housing for the homeless and
5:34 am
revitalizing decaying neighborhoods would be cut entirely. that means the state would have to cover tens of millions of dollars in funding. the environmental protection agency budget would be cut by 31% potentially ending a major federal effort to protect the bay. >> i just can't think of a more cruel or senseless blueprint for the country over the next eight years. >> another target is public broadcasting. npr affiliate kqed in san francisco will lose nearly $6 million. more details are emerging regarding former national security adviser michael flynn's ties to russia. newly released documents show he received more than $33,000 from russia's state-run tv network for a speech in 2015. lawmakers now want to know if he reported the payment as required by the military. flynn resigned as national security adviser after his talks with a russian ambassador before the election were revealed. president trump is willing to send federal dollars to
5:35 am
california to help pay for the recovery from this winter storms. the cost to repair the damage all around the state could top $1 billion. yeah. that's money that's going to be used all across the state from northern to southern california. >> yeah. the topography has changed so much with our winter storms that it's hard to believe that the last day of winter is this sunday. >> how about that? >> it seems like it went by fast. >> we are ready for spring. >> it went quickly because we are all just hunkered down hibernating the whole winter. hi, everyone! top of the morning to you! this is our live weather camera on this st. patrick's day from the transamerica pyramid. we are looking due east. you can see across the bay waters there towards the port of oakland and the estuary. you see the bright lights. visibility is unlimited. temperatures in the 40s. 50 in oakland. you see that right there? right there. we have clear
5:36 am
skies this morning. clouds to the north of us gradually slip into our afternoon forecast. all call it partly sunny but generally about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. concord 10 degrees warmer than average. unseasonably mild. 60s at the coast, 70s at the peninsula, 76 degrees in cupertino. most of the santa clara valley mid- to high 70s. east bay number in the 70s, 80 in pleasanton. 80 brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay. 60s and 70s in the north bay. we have rain returning to the bay area. i'm going to pinpoint when you will need that umbrella. but right now let's send it over to roqui. >> okay, roberta. we have a sticky situation on our bay area roads. let's head to tracy right now. it's northbound 5 before quezon road a big rig crash that
5:37 am
involves a fire that's been put out already. 300 pounds of honey. crews are there to clean it up. no delays just yet. so we'll kind posted on that. if you are heading from there to 205 here's a look at the slow traffic along the altamont pass. you're moving at 30 miles per hour all the way through to livermore. then to the dublin interchange. now let's move to marin. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge but we have another traffic alert westbound 37 that connector to southbound 101 a four-car crash blocking the lane. back to you. roqui, thank you. the man behind a kidnapping and sexual assault once deemed a hoax by vallejo pd has just been sentenced to 40 years in prison. matthew muller was expression less as the judge gave him the sentence. two years ago he broke into denise huskins' home, tied up her boyfriend aaron quinn and kidnapped and sexually
5:38 am
assaulted her. in court she told him to quote be a man and take accountability tell the truth. now the attorney for huskins' boyfriend says police made critical mistakes. >> they should have figured 20 minutes into this that these people were victims and the horror that these folks went through is just all about their incompetence. >> it's unclear if muller will stand trial for other alleged crimes in the bay area. today the first federal case to [ indiscernible ] of cell phone location will be heard in san francisco. it stems from a homicide investigation where the government got a warrant for the cell phone location history of one of the suspects in the crime. but the defendant won a motion to suppress the evidence under the fourth amendment because a judge determined there was no probable cause. it is 5:38 right now. a new york man is behind bars accused of killing an emt with her own ambulance. how police say it all unfolded.
5:39 am
>> mount etna erupts sending tourists scrambling. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:41 am
that could be seen as hateful. jill wagner of cbs moneywatch and more. google is making changes toists search results to flag topics that could be seen as hateleful jill wagner of reports. -- that could be seen as hateful. ill wagner of reports. >> reporter: good morning. futures right now pointing to a lower open. the dow was down 15 yesterday. the nasdaq was flat. good news about jobs. the labor department says that the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits dropped by about 2,000 last week a sign companies are holding on to workers. >> the unemployment straight about 4.7% right now. >> luxury jacket maker canada goose went public here at the stock exchange yesterday also
5:42 am
on canada's main stock exchange. shares topped 25% on day one of trading but peta protested because they use coyote fur. they plan to buy enough shares to influence company policy. google hopes to improve the quality of search results by flagging offensive content with hate, violence and racial slurs. flagging it doesn't affect the search results but better and more trustworthy content will rank higher. >> fans of apple's assistant alexa will be able to access her in an unexpected place. >> reporter: yeah. amazon's bringing alexa to its electronic voice assistant to the iphone. users will be able to call her by tapping the app and basically ask her anything you would normally ask through an
5:43 am
echo device. can siri and alexa get along? >> yeah. >> alexa order me an iphone with siri on it. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> jill wagne r of thank you. new york city a man stole an ambulance and killed a mother of five. police say it started when two emts learned a man was riding on the back of their vehicle. when they got out to see what happened, the suspect hopped in and hit both women with the ambulance killing one. the suspect then smashed the ambulance into parked cars and was soon tackled by people nearby before officers took him in custody. >> we know our emts are brave, save lives but they should never have to be subjected to violence and yet the danger always exists for them. >> late last night, the 44-year- old victim yadira arroyo was saluted in the streets by new york city firefighters. video in peru.
5:44 am
a mudslide turns over a vehicle and sends it into the fast- moving water. locals screamed for help and a few people ran down a hill to pull the man to safety. just in time. powerful storms and flooding in northern peru have killed 62 people and significantly affected businesses and farmers and fishermen. mount etna on the island of cicily continues to spew lava into the air for a third day in a row. this video is just from a couple of hours ago. the volcano was much more active yesterday. a tv crew in the bbc was recording when it blew. the volcano had been quiet for the past couple of years. but it sprang into action last month attracting tourists and scientists. 10 people had burns, cuts and bruises in the eruption. several people also hit in the head by falling rock. everyone is expected to be okay.
5:45 am
americans love st. patrick's day. and this year, they will be showing more green than ever. >> i'm showing some green. >> a little bit. >> aha. they are expected to spend more money this st. patrick's day than any on record. people in the u.s. will spend more than $5 billion to celebrate irish heritage with restaurants and bars as the big winners. as they serve corned beef and, of course, a lot of booze. more than 139 million people are expected to celebrate today with an average spending of about 38 bucks per person. >> i'll bring a few beers. >> maple tart jamba juice because it's green. >> going to "hamilton" tonight. >> you know what, when i lived in chicago it was completely amazing because i lived on whacker drive and i looked down at the chicago river and it's green anyway but then they get
5:46 am
out in a boat and make it greener and throw paint into it -- safe paint. but they paint it green. >> ew. >> they have one of the biggest irish parades. we had our irish parade last saturday. >> which we went to. >> did you go? >> we happened to because we were going to a play and it was going on. so -- >> yeah. >> crazy fun. >> it's a lot of fun. >> good. >> you know. >> the weather is going to be so great for st. patrick's day for whatever you have planned today. >> that's good. >> real excited. traffic alert, guys. all this green for st. patrick's day, also because of the traffic alert, on northbound 5 before kasson road a big rig crash. it caught on fire after it crashed and spilled 300 pounds of honey. so it's a sticky situation out there. the driver is okay. so that's the good news here. but crews are on the way to start to try and clean it up so they have northbound 5 shut down and they are diverting traffic on another highway, highway 33. so if you are heading that way, just avoid northbound 5 and take a different route here.
5:47 am
moving to the altamont pass, traffic off 205 on to westbound 580 your moving at 25 miles per hour up to 30 once you hit north flynn road. then to marin county we have another traffic alert to tell you about. first here's a look at the golden gate bridge. but in novato, westbound 37 that connector to southbound 101, it's a four-car crash blocking the number one lane. and crews say this will be a traffic alert so it's going to take 30 minutes or more to clear out of the road so keep in mind and give yourself plenty of time. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. are you a little stuffy today, roqui? >> can you hear it? >> your allergies are bothering you? >> they are. >> you can see the bright lights of the embarcadero, you can see the bay bridge and the port of oakland and the estuary. you can see all that in san francisco. in santa rosa the visibility is down to a quarter mile in some areas due to fog. otherwise, livermore clear skies in the 40s. redwood city also in the 40s. san jose 47 degrees. 50s around the rim of the bay.
5:48 am
here's what you need to know. first off look at the sky. we will see increasing clouds during the afternoon hours. i want to call it partly sunny later. but we have the luck of the irish. temperatures at least a good five degrees warmer than yesterday. and then cloudy and cooler this weekend with the slight chance of a north bay shower. anything we see will be generally a few hundredths of an inch. next week rain in the bay area. do you see that clear slot? that's what we're experiencing this morning. but all these clouds to the north and to the west are rushing into the bay area. and they will overwhelm our ridge of high pressure. so that's why we refer to it as partly sunny later today. the big time changes over the weekend as the storm track begins to sag south. here's your futurecast and you can see the clouds to the north of us. clouds begin to skirt across the north bay for the evening commute. then watch what happens on saturday. rain is coming in. we have had temperatures up to
5:49 am
85 degrees this week. a lot of dry air will have to movie theater up to allow the rain to hit the pavement. the dry air will have to moisten up to allow the rain to hit the pavement. once it starts raining on monday it will rain all next week. big getaway friday weekend mid- 60s monterey bay. skiing and boarding are spectacular. i know these temperatures sound warm in the 50s. but mid mountain in the 40s. a lot of corn shower out there. snow returns next week to the high sierra. here's your san jose forecast. with the increasing cloud cover mineta international airport at 75 degrees. i'm going better than that in willow glen and rose garden
5:50 am
district at 78. i'm giving los gatos 80 and pleasanton to the east and to the north towards the calistoga area. all right, pollen report medium to high. increasing over the weekend through monday. so if you have allergies it's that time of the season. extended forecast, once it starts raining on monday, we have rain back in the picture, nothing like the atmospheric river conditions we experienced earlier this winter. but certainly wet next week. enjoy your friday. dozens of dogs have been stuck in a bay area shelter for a year. why they can't be put up for adoption. >> forget the oscar the future of movies is on display at the drone film festival. we'll have more on the first of its kind event. ,, ,,,,
5:51 am
chihuahua ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ may the luck of the irish be with you today! rise and shine! on this st. patrick's day, partly sunny and mild. temperatures well above average mid-60s to 80. over the weekend, we cloud up. a slight chance of a sprinkle or two. otherwise dry, 60s to low site of. but look at the rain. for the very first day of spring, rain develops highs in the 60s. >> here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the
5:54 am
metering lights are on. so the maze to downtown 11 minutes. keep in mind, westbound 80 after the island there is a stalled car. dozens of dogs are being held as evidence at the east county animal shelter as their owner fights to bring them home after nearly a year of legal wrangling. depth it is removed 29 dogs from this san lorenzo home last may. officials say when the dogs were in the home they were locked in rooms and had no access to food and water. there were reports of feces and urine throughout the house. their owner is fighting one county of animal cruelty charge and won't surrender the dogs but because they are evidence they can't be adopted out. >> 29 dogs is excessive. >> it's not excessive. it's not hoarding because there's place like with 300. >> some people would say that's hoarding. >> no 300 dogs or something 300 or more. >> the shelter is caring for 21
5:55 am
of the 29 chihuahuas until the case is over. google's fight with uber over self-driving cars is heating up. now uber wasn't a patent infringement lawsuit to be dealt without side court. the company wants binding arbitration. "waymo" filed a lawsuit last month claiming uber stole self- driving data from one of google's engineers who now works for uber. the third annual drone film festival is taking flight this weekend. >> filmmakers from all across the world will gather in new york for the event. a director started the festival three years ago saying that he wanted a way to showcase the work of drone photographers. >> drones are all over the place on every film set, on every commercial set, you see them on tv all the time. people are really starting to understand the creative power of drones and start to incorporate them. >> 32 films are battling for the awards in categories like extreme sports, landscape and documentary. time now 5:55.
5:56 am
in the next half-hour, blueprint released. a look at president trump's proposed federal budget including the planned cuts and the two california senator vowing to fight back! >> reporter: a teenager shot on highway 101 in san jose last night what investigators know so far about the suspects. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
from happening again." a shooting on a bay area freeway. this time bullets fly....on 101 in san jose. we are working diligently to be able to bring whoever the suspects are, in each incident bring them to justice and prevent it from happening again. >> a shooting on a bay area freeway. this time bullet fly on 101 in san jose. the search is on for the shooter. good morning, it's friday, march 17. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. kpix 5's maria medina is live near the scene with the latest. maria. >> good morning, guys. the chp will be holding a press conference later this morning
6:00 am
on the latest developments. that's because we are talking more than 80 freeway shootings in just the last 16 months. most of them in the east bay but the last one happening last night involving a 17-year-old victim right here in san jose. his car landing right where those orange marks are. chp investigators say it was around 7 p.m., two men driving northbound on 101 near story road shot at a black acura. the driver is okay but his teen passenger 17 years old was hit with two bullets. his condition unknown. >> they pulled out the stretcher and then the police were -- helped to take off his shirt and put him on the stretcher and that's when i noticed it looked like there was a wound on -- near the hip area. >> reporter: and that man carlos diaz is a nearby store owner. he snapped th


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