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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 17, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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[ laughter ] >> drive safely. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, march 17th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. the white house refuses to back down to president trump's allegations despite partisan push back. congressional leaders say they have seen no evidence. >> new legislation could lead to criminal allegations in the nude photo scandal. one victim tells us how she feels the trade is not surprised. a scary lava explosion on europe's largest lava volcano that injured a group of tourists and journalists. we begin with today's eye
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opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> there's a vast amount of reporting about activity that was going on in the dwooen election. there's no question that there were surveillance techniques used without this. >> the president's wiretapping claims overshadow his budget proposal. >> are you aware that eats away at the president's credibility? >> i'm not going to justify every tweet out there. there's 20 a day that i know of. i don't pay that much attention to it. >> in new york an emt was killed. he was run over by her own ambulance after it was stolen. >> the 25-year-old suspect has been charged with murder. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> at least 10 people have been injured as mt. etaetna explodes.
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downtown skyline. >> i heard a boom. >> this morning a house exploded in maryland. >> it felt like an earthquake. >> giving this gator a glove tap. when you're not doing all that well you take some chances. >> northwestern has won its first ever tournament victory. >> and all that matters. >> in hawaii a federal judge blocked the president's new travel ban. >> even the local news looks like a tourism ad. i bet you that studio is floating on a surf board. >> mcdonald's say it was the victim of a hack attack. >> the tweet reading donald trump you're a disgusting excuse for a president and you have tiny hands. >> the white house is furious
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and they are already calling for them to step down. >> eye opener is presented by toyota. lets go places. ♪ welcome to cbs this morning. the white house is strengthening its defense of president trump's wiretapping claim. most congressional leaders now believe that he was wrong. senate and leaders rejected mr. trump's allegation that president obama ordered surveillance of the campaign office in trump tower. there are house counter part and speaker paul ryan also say they have no, zero evidence. and white house press secretary doubled down yesterday, he says that more information is coming out and that the president will be vindicated. margaret brennan is at the white house today. first, let pe say, happy st. patrick's day to you. >> reporter: happy saint
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patrick's day to you in new york, too. we will hear from the president today. he suggests he is right and those dismissing his claims are wrong. the president is likely to be asked about this at a press conference with german chancellor angela merkel today. she's considered the most powerful woman in the world. the press secretary sean spicer once again tried to defend the charge that mr. charge was wire tapped by president obama. he admitted there was no wire tapping but says there was some sort of surveillance of the president. >> we talked about wire tapping. he meant surveillance. >> but the chair and the vice chair of the senate committee say there was no evidence to support the charge. we see no allegations that trump up toer was the subject of
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surveillance by any element of the united states government either before or after election day 2016. speaker paul ryan echoed their findings. >> we've seen no evidence of that. >> this comes a day after house intelligence committee leaders also found no evidence. >> i don't there was a tap of trump tower. >> today the president will meet with german chancellor angela merkel who was wire tapped by the national security agency during the obama administration. >> what she's done in germany is insane. >> their meeting could be tense. mr. trump was critical of angela merkel's immigration poll sichlts i don't know what happened to her. she was doing well. maybe she got power hungry. maybe she thought he was invincible. >> derek says that the two couldn't be any more different. >> whereas trump is flamboyant and shoots from the membership, she's reserved, call calculating and strategic.
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he runs hot, she runs cold. >> reporter: the white house is dealing with white house from another ally, this time the uk. yesterday press secretary cited a press report that indicated the uk in wiretapping the trump campaign. in a rare statement british intelligence called it nonsense and that the allegations are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored. uk officials say that the white house has apologized. >> the conversation continues on that. i see the honor guard behind you. they're in place for angela merkel's visit. congress is rejects the president's budget. besides big cuts to agencies like the state department and epa, calls for eliminating the funds for the corporation of national broadcasters. a 13% cut for housing
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development which could hurt programs like meals on meals. nancy cordes is on the hill. >> reporter: this morning takes a sledgehammer, not a scalpel to domestic programs and the state department leading democrats to call it cruel and many republican to call it a nonstarter. even republican leaders declined to endorse it. >> when a president submits a budget, that is the beginning of the pujt process. >> speaker rye onstuck to the obvious on thursday but the democrats were happy to weigh in. >> i can't see how this gujt will survive the right of day. >> saying this is a blueprint of mr. trump's priority. the proposal calls for a 10% increase in defense spending but would cut the state department by nearly 30%. >> do you think the senate could approve a budget that slashes state department funding by about a third in.
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>> probably not. >> the budget would add 7% to the department of homeland security but eliminate the homeland security grant fram which would take close to $200 million from the new york police department. the new york city police commissioner tweeted last night, terrorism apparatus in the nation's top terror target hobbl hobbled. $47 million from cleanup and restoration programs for the waterways, like the great lakes. >> regarding the question of climate change, the president was fairly straightforward. we are not spending money on that anymore, that's a waste of your money. >> $3 million will be cut that help fund programs like the meals on wheels programs. the organization defended its service saying it serves meals to 2.4 million seniors each
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year, including 500,000 veterans. >> we can't do that anymore. we can't spend money on programs just because they sound good. meals on wheels sounds great. >> in the end a presidential budget is a proposal because it is congress that sets funding level. it is rare to see a president's budget panned by members of his own party and many of whom worried that those cuts in the state department in particular would end up leading the u.s. into more conflicts over seas. nancy, thank you very much. our senior adviser, welcome, a lot to talk about. first the budget. the formal republican chairman of the house appropriation calling it careless and counterproductive. what's the point of that budget? >> first of all, congress is going to do its own budget. whatever the president sends to capitol hill, the congress is going to begin the process.
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it is a political document to articulate his priorities. to put things in context, you are talking about a 1.35% shift from discretionary spending to defense spending. it's not massive. you have chris collins, the congressman from buffalo new york, the first to endorse donald trump saying wait a minute saying, wait a minute, my mother-in-law benefitted from meals on wheels. symbolically it's important. but at the end of the day, the bigger problem is if you're not going to reform entitlements like medicare and social security, these programs look like they're taking a proportionate hit. >> you've got to find it somewhere. the problem it seems to me is trump is doing things that hurt his own constituency. therefore in the end he's going
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to move to protect them. >> trump won in a sense by tearing up traditional orthodox. he unlocked the electoral college in way that traditional republicans could not have done. his legislative agenda is basically a conventional conservative republican agenda. >> paul ryan and mitch mcconnell's agenda. he needs their agenda because he needed something on the shelf and this will be the basis for success in his first year, health care and tax reform if he gets them done. if he does not get it done, he has nothing to show for the first year. he cannot say these are not my ideas. it's all he has to work with and he need to show success or he and congressional republicans who are -- >> what will he do? >> the story does not get enough attention. he's working on healthcare reform every single day and talks to paul ryan every single die. i'm pretty sure he speak to mitch mcconnell every single day. he's twisting arms. if the health care vote was held
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in the house, today it would be 15 to 20 votes short of passing. i think donald trump has the power and personal persuasion behind closed doors to twist arms and get the votes. he's telling his members if we do not pass tax reforms, we we don't want get tax reforms done than 2017 will be a wash. we have nothing to show for. how do you go back to your constituencies asking for reelection with nothing to show for it. that's persuasive, i think he will get the vote. >> on the interview with paul ryan, he was on "face the nation." this back and forth is all a process. at the end of the day the republicans will prevail. do you think what's happening despite all of this is going on now? >> yes, this reminds me of 1986 tax reform bill. this was the big comprehensive messy tax reform bill. obituaries are written about it a dozen time. every two months, it's dead, too
7:13 am
complex, the politics are too mezy and then it kept coming back to life. this thing is messy, i am not saying there is a zero percent chance it can fall apart. but it is far from over. we are talking about 15 to 20 house republicans need to be brought over. the president of the united states can say you republicans have been campaigning for the last seven years about repealing and replacing obamacare. every republican running for any office said they were against obamacare. now we have the house, the senate and the white house for the first time in a long time and it may be the only time for a long time. we're going to miss this opportunity. we're going to look like fools in front of the country if we can't fix this things when we're finally in control. >> what's the relationship with ryan and the president today? >> it is a complicated relationship. obviously ryan was not an early champion of trump's candidacy. it is a practical working relationship right now. here is the reality. trump realizes he needs ryan's policy smarts and the
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legislative infrastructure ryan has built and mcconnell has built to get bills through congress. trump cannot do that on his own. ryan recognizes that trump can speak to a segment of the american political electorate that ryan has never been able to speak to before and potentially deliver support for the republicans. >> they need each other. >> they need each other and they know that. >> thank you very much dan. we are following developing story out of syria. the military denied that it bomb the mosque during prayers. at least 42 people died and dozens more were hurt. yesterday's attack hit a rebel village in northwestern syria. our david martin at the pentagon reports, a u.s. air strike targeted a building near a mosque. that mosque is still standing. hours later attacks were carried
7:15 am
out. syria launched missiles in respond, a missile defense system intercepted one of them. >> secretary of state rex tillerson visited the demilitarized zone between north and south korea this morning. a press conference tillerson says he will not rule out military action against the north and its nuclear program. >> the policy of strategic patience have ended. we are exploring a new range of diplomatics and security and all options are on the table. >> tillerson with meet china's president in beijing tomorrow. >> our next hour, we'll talk to james baker, taking a look at tillerson's trip and president trump's budget cuts and america's changing role in the world. russian companies paid president trump's former national security adviser before the election. retired general michael flynn accepted more than $33,000 for a
7:16 am
speech in 2015. he sat right next to vladimir putin at the event just months before flynn began on the campaign. in all flynn took more than $66,000 in fees and expenses from russian companies. a spokesman confirmed that flynn received the payments but denied any wrongdoing. democrats want the white house to reveal all of flynn's contact. a medical technician was carjacked while on duty. >> arroyo died last night after she was run over by her own stolen ambulance. the 44-year-old emt was the mother of five children. he's now in custody facing murder and other charges. a dramatic escape was caught on camera. they ran through steam and dodged red hot boulders as they rush for cover.
7:17 am
explosion by mount aetna, we actions on one of the people forced to run from the explosion. seth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we can really hear the rumbling now when you can see the steam rising from the top of this volcano. mount etna has been erupting for 500,000 years but no one was expecting this. >> it's like the stuff of hollywood movies. >> rebecca moral, a science correspondent for the bbc was shooting a story for the volcano and it exploded. >> you hear like a big bang as the explosion goes up and then you start to hear pop pop pop pop around you. and all of the time you're thinking, i hope a boulder doesn't hit me. i hope it doesn't smash into me.
7:18 am
>> her camerawoman rachel price caught the moment on tape and the panic fall over. >> go to your right. >> price shook the lava free, later the team tweeted a photo of the burned jacket. >> moral describes steam clouding their view as they took refuge in a snow vehicle. windows broken by rocks and inside there was the smell of burning clothing. >> mount etna had been put on a show in recent months to see the lava flow. >> what happened we think is that the lava encountered a source of buildup of snow and ice underneath. and the differential between the very very cold snow and ice and the incredibly hot magma caused the pressure to build up. >> reporter: incredibly everyone escaped alive. >> i can't believe we got away. i thought we were going to die. i can't believe the tourists got away too. it's a miracle that everyone
7:19 am
escaped. >> reporter: rebecca and her team were up here with an experienced good. i don't think he's seen anything like this. >> thank you, seth doane, you are sitting there and you cannot believe it can get to you so far back. >> all of the sudden it's raining down on you. >> hot hot embers. a cold snap is leaving georgia feeling anything but peachy these days. we are at one of the farms across the south where crops,,
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prince william and his wife kate made their first visit since the death of princess diana. diana. >> you are watching cbs this
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are teaching lessons today. >> we have a woman's desperate
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suspects who shot a 17-year-old boy along highway 101. it happened around seve good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. officers are searching for suspects who shot a 17-year-old boy along highway 101. it happened around 7:00 last night near story road in san jose. the chp believes the suspect vehicle is a white dodge charger. today the san francisco police commission will meet with the new chief. chief william scott plans to chart out the steps sfpd is taking to reduce use of force complaints and make sure officers treat everyone equally. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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good morning, bay area! happy st. patrick's day! but not so much luck in the traffic center today. we have over 3 -- actually just three traffic alerts this morning. so let's start it the earlier traffic alert in petaluma. southbound 101 after san antonio road, this is a solo car crash and it is cleared off the roadway but the backup remains here all the way beyond petaluma boulevard north and there is a stalled car at kasson road in the backup so delays at 4 miles an hour so if you want to avoid the traffic take lakeville highway instead. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. did you know there's nine dublins in the united states but the one that counts the most is in our east bay!! we head to dublin, california, right there! valley christian elementary school, looking out towards mount diablo. where we have clear skies and currently temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. and later today topping off in dublin at 76 degrees. 75 livermore. 80 my outside number. rain next week.
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♪ perfect song to play on this day. no, you don't have to adjust your set, there is nothing wrong with tv. the white house's fountain is dyed green this morning. why? it is saint patrick's day. they changed it just this time for a visit from ireland's president. welcome back to cbs this morning. >> nora, what's your name? >> yes, straight from the isle. it is a good day, right? >> is there corned beef and cabbage in your day? >> there is corned beef and cabbage. >> all the rest is good. a lot of news straight ahead. president trump hosted the
7:31 am
irish leader at the white house yesterday. both men attended the annual luncheon on capitol hill. >> kennedy used activity to send a message of immigration. he urged mr. trump to help thousands of irish citizens who are living in the u.s. illegally. he said they just want to, quote, make america great. >> here is a look at other big stories making headlines this morning. the san francisco chronicle reports on a unique youtube play list. it features nuclear bomb tests from 1945 too 1962. 64 declassified videos were posted on wednesday by weapon scientists at the national laboratory. it's part of a project to digitally preserve the images. so far, 6500 old films have been located. the video can show younger scientists the massive power and danger of nuclear weaponry. >> it is a treasure to have. the president of usa
7:32 am
gymnastics have resigned. he led the nonprofit for 12 years. the organization turned a blind eye to sex abuse allegations. more than 80 gymnasts say they were assaulted by longtime team doctor larry nasa. he denies any wrong doing. a recall of a popular frozen pizza sold at walmart. manufacturer says there is a risk of listeria. the 16-inch market side extra large supreme pizza is being recalled. they were produced on february 23rd. more than 21,000 frozen pizza may be contaminated. no reports of illness. the washington post says three days of heavy rain is to blame for three deaths in peru. one woman survived an avalanche of water and debris, she was caked in mud when she clawed her way out but suffered minor injuries. the flooding surprised residents in lima, a desert city where it
7:33 am
rarely rains. congress is considering a new law to punish members of the military who share intimate photos without consent. the pentagon is investigating charges of hundreds of marines posted and trade nude photos of their female colleagues online. they're also accused of posting pictures from the women's social media accounts and writing sexually aggressive comments about them. there are more than 180,000 active duty marines. about 8% of them are women. jan crawford is at the pentagon with one marine's call for action. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the pvictim told us that the online post made her feel betrayed, although she says she wasn't surprised and she's hoping that by speaking up she'll encourage other women to do the same. >> you are telling me there is 30,000 people in this facebook group and not anyone said anything?
7:34 am
>> when erika butler learned of these crude comments, she was disgusted. >> how are you supposed to trust these people that you potentially could be going to combat with when they are objectifying you and sexualizing you and targeting you. >> i am frustrated by how we have gotten to this point. >> on thursday, congresswoman introduced the privacy protection act, a new bill prohibiting service members sharing images without consent. but ner who served five years in the marine corps was clothed in the post but many others were not. hundreds of illicit pictures of female marines were stored on the google share drive. >> he was part of the group until last week when it was taken down. >> chiles was in another group, marines unchained, believes the posts do not
7:35 am
reflect the group's purpose. he says social media provides an important system for veterans. marines united is vocal on veteran suicide prevention. we were able to get with each other if there was a certain veteran out there that needed help. >> the marine core have served over 40 years have a problem. >> about 5,000 members were involved in sharing those photos. >> this runs so prominent in the military that it needs to be fixed. that's why i'm here. i want this to change. i want some young female marine to be able to stick up for herself the next time this happens, because it will happen again. >> buttner told the military that she shared those google drive photos in january but she did not hear back to them after the story broke. we reached out for comments and they said they will not discuss details of ongoing investigations.
7:36 am
charlie? >> i am glad they are moving on this story and congress is raising their voice. >> it has to be frustrating for women, look, i reported this and nothing is done now they are doing something about it. >> encouraging. the northeast is recovering from a late snowstorm. southern states are shivering with unseasonably cold temperatures. overnight, lows took a major toll on some of lucrative crops. we're at a farm in georgia where the weather put a huge dent in production. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, these are peach trees and all these pink blooms are peach buds that looked healthy but do not be fool. freezing temperatures have killed the buds and much of this year's crops. with peaches, once the bloom goes, it's wait until next year. a farm like this many other crops lie in ruins. >> if there is any cold air get in there -- >> that's a lot. >> drew and his family have been
7:37 am
working on this north georgia farm for five generations. >> it's another dead one. basically most of your open stuff is dead. >> reporter: those pink flowers you see blooming along the seemingly end less rows of trees are vulnerable peach buds. the orchard has 148 acres of them. the buds opened three weeks early and after this week's cold snap, he lost half of his crop. >> we can be at 22 degree weather but we are not out of the woods yet. >> gary black is georgia's agricultural commissioner. >> it can result in tens of millions or perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars to georgia producers. >> in nearby north carolina peach farms were devastated by plummeting temperatures. and in south carolina, farmers used tarp to protect their
7:38 am
strawberry patches from the cold. >> it's a pretty tough pill to swallow. >> is this all loss? >> no, but a good quarter of it is. >> he lost more than a million dollars this week alone. >> there is a family that stands behind every morsel of food that's produced in america. todaythe food is being produced by georgia farmer and they are in a pretty tight squeeze right now. >> reporter: good news for georgia farmers. temperatures are expected to stay above freezing for the next week at least. those farmers won't be able to exhale until mid april until the final freeze. it is too soon to tell on what impact on grocery prices this breeze will have for consumers. >> this is what makes farming tough. >> i know, the weather. >> i know there is always somebody out there working. it will have an impact on the prices for sure. "60-minutes" is looking at tough new competition workplaces ahead.
7:39 am
the program looking to foreign trainers hired to take their jobs. coming up next is prince william and his wife kate. >> an emotional official visit here since his mother died. 20 years later, her memory is very much alive. we'll have the story coming up on "cbs this morning." tech: don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans.
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7:44 am
charlie is in paris for the much anticipated royal visit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the palace told us william and kate will not be visiting any of the sites associated with the death of princess diana but her memory is still very much alive, where they're still laying photos and flowers in tribute. no other country is closer to the kingdom will rule. for prince william, a chance to put this week's media backlash behind him. after being seen partying at a boy's trip facing criticism of his royal duties. this royal correspondent said that the paris visit is a charm visit. >> this is about william and kate being sent to france to make nice on the international
7:45 am
stage. we need that at the moment. >> while the visitis about the bitain's future. the city of light will forever hold a darkened past for prince says william. it was 20 years ago this august, princess diana and companion had been dining at the ritz when it came to leave. that night they were packed with paparazzi. so they tried to slip out the back but the paparazzi were waiting there too. the driver, under the influence of alcohol and drugs sped off in a bid to outrun them. he lost control and slammed in a pillar in his underpass. they died at the scene, diana later suffered a cardiac arrest at the hospital. william was only 15 at the time. >> oh yeah, it was horrible. >> french journalist says france will forever carry a sense of responsibility. >> the feel in general was what
7:46 am
a sad waste of life. what a horrible thing. she was glorious and luminous. died in the most stupid way you can think of. >> diane dazzled during her trip. while comparisons will be made, kate has always been able to hold her own on the style stage. >> all eyes on kate tonight. >> all eyes will be on them tonight. everyone wants to know what she will be wearing. >> on the schedule over the next couple of days of black tie dinner at the british embassy tonight, tomorrow they'll visit a military hospital where they'll meet with survivors of the paris and nice attack and finish up with the rugby game between wales and france where they are certain to be out numbered by most of the france. >> thank you, cbs mark news will mark 20 years since the death of princess diana in a two-hour primetime special. >> gayle is going to host this. the truth on may 22nd that's
7:47 am
right here on cbs. >> don't you guys find it hard to be ill's been 20 years. it's one of those stories where you all remember where you were on that day. i never met her. did you meet her, john? >> i did, several times. >> i never got a chance to meet her but i so admire her. >> it's amazing to think it's prince william's first trip there too. >> he's not going to any of the places where his mother with was. >> she was stunningly beautiful. >> was she nice? >> was she lovely as she appears. >> yes. >> i saw her in circumstances where you woere supposed to be nice. >> i know, sometimes you can tell things about people. president trump's budget promising big changes in washington ahead. >> that's james baker and what's at stake? here at home and abroad, he's going to join us next. a progolfer, you can see a light touch to get to an unusua,
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local lawmakers are trying to protect undocumented immigrants. a state chie good morning, it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. local lawmakers are trying to protect undocumented immigrants. a state chief justice sent a letter to the federal government asking them to immediately cease detaining immigrants at california courthouses. a federal judge approved a $27 million settlement for lyft drivers. more than 200,000 california drivers filed a suit. company wasn't protecting them under labor laws since they were classified as independent contractors. stick around; we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. 7:57 of it's been busy in the traffic center. let's head to petaluma where we have some delays here from an earlier crash this morning. southbound 101 at the san antonio road, it was a solo car
7:58 am
crash and it's been cleared off. but that delay all the way to petaluma boulevard north. so give yourself extra time to get through there. if you are heading down to novato an accident on westbound 37 before lakeville highway. it's a two-car crash. the tow truck is on scene. all of that is still blocking a lane so from vallejo into novato you will have some slowdowns. ive yourself extra time to get through there. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. morning, everybody. top o' the morning to you! let's take you now to dublin in the east bay on this st. patrick's day. we are looking out from valley christian elementary school on inspiration drive towards mount diablo. blue skies temperature-wise right now in the tri-valley in the mid-40s. san francisco and oakland in the 50s. 43 in santa rosa. rain next week. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪,,,,,,, good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, march 17th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including former secretary of state james bak baker, his response to the massive cuts proposed for the state department and how that might affect america's role in the world. first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the president is likely to be asked about this at a press conference with german chancellor angela merkel. >> this budget takes a sledge hammer, not a scalpel, to domestic programs and the state department. >> former chairman of the house committee said he calls it draconian, careless,
8:01 am
counterproductive. >> it's not as draconian as it sounds. if you don't reform medicare and social security, these programs look like they're taking a disproportionate hit. the death of an emergency technician who was killed during a carjack while on duty. no one was expecting this. let the battle begin over president trump's first federal budget proposal. programs on the chopping block include public broadcasting and the arts. >> he's already started cleaning house at pbs. >> i say you're fired. >> what? >> you're a quitter. >> i guess we have to find a new place to live. >> big bird never had a shot against latoya jackson. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. president trump is expected to face new questions today about his wiretapping claims. he will hold a news conference
8:02 am
with german chancellor angela merkel. sean spicer strongly defended the allegations again yesterday but most congressional leader nous say the president was wrong. >> the president said yesterday that more information will come out to vindicate the president. the leaders of the house and senate committee said they have no indications that trump tower was the subject of surveillance. secretary of state rex tillerson is in south korea this morning on his three-nation tour
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