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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> yes. . >> the board walk rode some of the rides. >> i was there too. . >> what do they have there fried oreos and fried something. >> not this time but next time. >> you got to see the the vines they're blooming. >> nice. >> hi, everybody. i hopeyou had a wonderful weekend. let's get started with this. our live radar. we havescattered showers overnight and now just a little activity off the coast but that's about it. partly cloudy skies over the golden gate bridge, roadways are dry. temperature wise coolingoff to 44 santa rosa. hey oakland you'll top off today as 65, partly cloudy conditions.
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numbers ranging from about 60 to 67 degrees in napa. we haveyour full forecast straight ahead. good morning. all right. here's a live look at the bay bridge right now. you can seethings stacking up a little bit in the cash lanes this morning. however, to go from the base to downtown is going to take you about 7 minutes. all right. quite a few vehicles out there this morning approaching the interchange. you back up buffer even get there. it is still so early. so 580 to i-680 about 22 minutes right now. speedsalready down to about 33 miles per hour, guys. that'ssomething we're going to keep an eye on. we normally don't see it so bad this early. rallying for equality. hundreds of them... showed up at "albany high school" yesterday.. after some students we students and parents are rallying for equality.
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hundredsshowed up at albany high school yesterday as some students were targeted at ration posts. parents are outraged but police are not pressing charges. >> signs and chants parents are saying they will not tolerate racism. >> we don't want to leave an open wound. >> according to the school district a group of teen boys posted racially offensive photos of their classmates african american girls on instagram. anika says she considered some of the berryessa her friends. >> i would never say any of those things to entertain people. obviously you have tobe thinking those thoughts and be a little racist. >> this is a hate crime. >> district says it is investigating who's behind the cyber bullying.
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>> we want to send a strong message that we don't accept this. >> the superintendent says this isn't the first form of hate speech at the school in recent weeks. where he had a group of students, the administration, teachers came together and the students were talked to and disciplined. >> these parents are hoping the students behind the instagram posts face discipline. >> if there's zero total remembrance the consequences should be a deter rant. >> for anika at least one step in the right direction. thedistrict says it has started a title 9 investigation but because the students are minors they say they can't say how or if they will be disciplined. there will be a school board meeting at 7 p.m. on tuesday.
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several soccer fans are recovering from minor injuries after a brawl. the violenceerupted yesterday about an hour before a mexican league game got started. police say fans of both teams started throwing rocks and bottles at each other. several people were hurt and taken to the hospital. . >> it just got rowdy. you know,2 squads don't get along. itcomes from mexico city. >> how were you hurt? >> they threw me a big rock >> at your head? >> yeah, at my head. >> no one was arrested and police say that things stayed peaceful after the game . in a few hours the fate of the oakland raiders will b decided at an nfl owner's meeting but oakland's mayor is trying to keep the team. she isheaded to the meeting and getting ready to throw a hail mary.
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>> the raider nation is angry, hurt, injured. >> oakland mayor is on her way to arizona to try and save the raiders. >> this isn't just a business. a professional football team is culture, identity life blood. >> owners begin meeting in phoenix. they'll try to sway the owners to reject a move to las vegas. >> every relationship that we have to get to the owners directly. we will not stop doing that until we have a vote in our favor. . >> despite large fan rallies like this one over the weekend it's not looking likely. nflcommissioner sent a letter to the mayor thanking her for her leadership but adding quote however, at this date there remains no certainty regarding how the site will be fully developed. . >> i'm extremely hopeful. >> but it's recognized it may be too late
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>> we've been at this for a number of years. you can sayall the words you want to say, at the end of the day perhaps we could have been a little stronger. >> raiders owner has said nothing publically recently on the matte . >> you can look for live reports later today. to basketball the men's final 4 is set and tip off is one week away. >> crews finished assembling the court in phoenix. the final 4events get underwater on friday. the national championship game is a week from today. >> it was quite a week of action as the sweet 16 went down to just 4. jumper... sending the tar heels to their record 20th final the tar heels sticking the game winner buzzer beater sending the tar heels to their record 20th final 4. they'll take on
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oregon on saturday. and in the other game south carolina will take on gonzaga. both schools makingtheir first trip to the final 4. a lot of good action on the court. >> who are you rooting for? >> that's a good question. i don't know who i'm rooting for right now. >> no. . >> south carolina is 7th seed so they're a big underdog. maybei'll go for them. >> i didn't watch a lot of basketball this weekend except awards i was at the game on friday night. this was reallyfun. a really great night. just seems to lopping ago, right. hey, morning everybody, as you're getting ready to kick start your day we have no need forum bell law. the showershave pushed out. it will be a partly cloudy dry
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day. temperatures in the 40s from santa rosa through livermore. it is now 50 in redwood city. the weak disturbance is out of here. as high pressure builds in we'll turn more to a northwest wind 10 to 20 during the answer hours. temperaturesacross the area primarily the east bay looking at the mid-60s. low 60s, full forecast still coming up. morning. it's so nice to hear that we are limited on the rain, the showers have pushed out because that is great news for our commute this morning. despite all that and having a nice skies right now we're seeing some slow-downs. take alook here already in the yellow 4:38 a.m. on 580 to i-680 that's going to take you about 23 23 minutes.
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we're seeing speedsdropping down to 24 miles per hour. a live view of what's happening, quite a few vehicles out there this morning. somonday morning already kicking off with a little bit of traffic. so if you're taking public transit today everything is starting out on time. i wantto mention the ferry will have one new round trip starting mid-day today leaving at 11:40 a.m. returning at 12:25. this comes after the new w springs station opened over the bart riders may notice some changes this morning after the new warm spring station opened over the weekend. arrivals anddepartures are being adjusted by a few minutes and riders can use the quick planner tool to look up the new times. this week president trump is pressing ahead with other items on his will you have agenda include faction reform as finger pointing continuing. thepresident went from blaming democrats on friday to blasting
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conservative members of his own party yesterday. house speakerpaul ryan asked the president to abandoned the bill when it became clear there wouldn't be enough votes to pass it. whitehouse officials insist it was a convince that the president plugged add fox news show on the same day -- [audio difficulty] >> he doesn't blame paul ryan. if fact he thought he worked really hard. >> today the senate holds its vote on the nomination of judge neil gorsuch president trump's pick for the supreme court. tomorrow the president is expected to sign a new executive order to curb global warming. eps chief said yesterday that the order would undo the obama administration's clean power plant restricting greenhouse gas emissions. as iraqi forces backed by the u.s. military tried to push isis out of mosul the pentagon
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is investigating the deaths of dozens of civilians. at least100 people were killed on manner 17th. most of the victims were families seeking shelter from the war between isis and the iraqi government. the man behind the london terror attack reportedly used a messaging service moments before the rampage. 4 people i did last week when he rammed his car into pedestrians on the westminster bridge and smashed into the gates. he wasshot and killed. ooting over the weekend. in ohio the search continues for the gunman in a deadly nightclub shooting over the weekend. officers surroundedthe building after they got reports gunshots around 1:30 yesterday morning. police sayshots were fired after a confrontation inside. investigators are still working to identity the suspects. atleast 5 people remain hospitalized, 2 of them in critical condition.
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time now 4:41 hundreds arrested in russia after protesters squared off with riot police. >> plus why all the wet weather this winter may not be the best thing for your wallet. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a massive anti- government protest. the crowd gathered thousands took to the streets in russia for a massive anti-government protest. theycalled for the resignation of the prime minister. accordingto state media
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hundreds were arrested. all but 17 of the 99 protests were declared illegal by government authorities. . >> i'm against putin, his corruption. . >> they steal our money. election that was tainted by using their power. . >> this was the largest show of anti-defiance since 2011 and 2012. a powerful storm caused a lot of damage in the south, heavy rain strong winds and hail hit parts of texas overnight. take a look at this video. onedriver's windshield was getting pelted with hail last night. some residents say it was the size of soft balls. thenational weather service says more storms are expected in the region today. >> california's wet winter is leading to hire prices at the grocery store for produce. youcan see why. these images werecaptured of
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fields unplanted. the heavy rain has killed seedlings and rot mature crops. here's ro check of stores are cram belling to ship produce. andthat is leading to higher prices at the store. . well, we welcome the rain in the winter because we want to get out of the drought now it's going to cost us a little bit more. >> not too much as far as the wine is concerned. i was askingabout the rain and has it damaged crops. i was told it's been beautiful but if we get too much more rain then it will ruin the crops out there. it's funif you go for a drive around the valley you can see the vines. they're budding now and so beautiful. morning everybodylet's head outdoors right now. take a look at what you can remember -- well, that's not the right graphic to queue up. infact.
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we'll forge ahead the computer is acting difficult this morning. let's switchgears and show you what you can expect out the door this morning. that's it right there. that's what we want to go to the beautiful view of the bay bridge. temperatures wise we'reinto the 50s. it's 44 in santarosa, 49 in livermore. statewide not a rain drop in sight. the winds have been picking up, 10 half-moon bay, 10 in the oakland area. they'll berotating and increasing 10 to 20 miles per hour today. that'sas high pressure builds in the passage of the weak disturbance in the overnight hours that did produce isolated scattered showers into early this morning. as we can clearly see the precipitation is out of here and we'll begin to dry out. now,this, again, that rain and wind is out of here. i don't knowwhy our computer just wants to keep relapses back to last friday. partly cloudy and a dry weather pattern in store today. the area of low pressure still
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out over the pacific northwest will bring some rain showers to the north of us. a couple ofrain drops the far reaches of the north bay towards lunch hour but generally you can see we're clearing out nicely. we seethat northwest wind during the afternoon hours. wednesday aweak disturbance that's going to brush the north and eastern portion of our bay area through early thursday morning. that'swhen we have that next chance of rain showers but it's a very minimal risk at that. todaygreat boarding and skiing about an inch more of snow from this weak disturbance passing through. official sunrise is at 7:06. by the time it sets tonight we'll have realized temperatures into the 60s. 67 towards napa. we have 67 towards discovery
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bay. ditto tuesdaycloudying up a little bit. . good morning to you. we'reso glad to hear that some of the rain has pushed out for this morning because that means things are looking a little better on the roadway. however,we are seeing a few slow-downs out there at 4:48 this morning. here's a live look outside right now. you can actually see so many headlights are out there. we're seeing someslow-downs as the approach the dublin interchange. yes,already we are seeing some places in the red. you can seeright here 19 miles per hour as you're approaching through that area. 580 to i-680 the drive is going to take you about 22 minutes. a live look at the bay bridge. from time to time we're seeing a few vehicles stacking up in the cash lanes. on 80 to sounds san francisco that's going to take you about 7 minutes.
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a live look right now things are looking smooth there. drive time at about 10 minutes from 238 to the maze very nice as we kick off the work week. here's a wider view of the oakland area a few places starting to hit the yellow but overall moving along just nicely for your monday morning. time now 4:49. police arereleasing more details on the 4 victims who were found dead inside a northern california home. >> and win when a trip to see steph curry turns into a nightmare. >> and what's cool about your school? you can email your nominations to us and we may come and feature your school on our thursday morning show. ,,
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good monday morning everyone. 4:51. let's take youfor a ride around
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the bay area today we're talking partly cloudy conditions. 64 degrees today in morgan hill and good morning to you in son- in-law mid-60s. east baystacking up into the mid-and high 60s. some of the warmest weather will be in the dublin area. good morning to you in american canyon 63. # 4 todayin the middle valley area. we've got the partly cloudy skies in santa rosa and clover dale in the mid-60s. traffic right now looking at our live dublin camera, quite a few people out there this morning. we're seeing someslow-downs already on this monday. let's take a look at the altamont pass where we typically see those beginning slow-downs happening right now we're seeing speeds down to about 23 miles per hour. ifyou're going on 580 to i-680 680 that drive time keeps ticking up.
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right now it will take you about 23 minutes. coming upi'll tell you about another ferry option being added today. there is new information about the victim involved in a homicide in sacramento. theywere identified as 45-year old vasquez, her 14-year old daughter, 11-year old son and 21-year old coalman. and park" neighborhood far: the four bodies were found in a home in sacramento's quiet southland park neighborhood earlier that day. so farinvestigators haven't given any details on the relationship to the victims other than last names he shares with the 3 of them but neighbors say he lived at the home with his wife, 2 children, and another family member. . >> i moved here 2 years ago and we welcomed the kids. you know,we love kids. it just reallybreaks my heart to know that there are children involved. >> investigators wrapped up at the crime scene yesterday. theystill have not released a
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possible motive. a couple lucky warrior fans from out of state got the ultimate vip treatment. it wasall part of a push to put an end to bogus ticket sales. . >> the warriors turned one nightmare for a georgia family into a dream come true. >> i thought it was a prank. >> just weeks ago mcdonald wanted to treat her son to watch his favorite team play. sheindependent $600 on ticket from third party site stubhub to the game. when they got to the arena the tickets wouldn't scan. they were counterfeit. she wasdevastated. >> they wouldn't let us in and i worked so hard for those tickets. >> stubhub refunded her money but she says the damage was done until -- >> we heard about the story and it struck a chord with us. >> the warriors gave them the fan experience of a lifetime hosting them with court side
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seats. isiah even got to give the assist to steph curry during his popular tunnel shot. amoving moment for his mother. >> i told him i was going to take him here. >> as a mom -- >> i'm just happy he's here. >> all of this part of a continuing effort by the warriors to warn fans about third party ticket vendors. >> the warriors seen thousands of fans tonight because of counterfeit tickets. >> the warriors say the fraud problem is getting worse. to 50 tickets a game come back as counterfeit. >> we don't want other families to have the same thing happen to them. >> all of that was forgotten the moment he came face-to-face with his idol. >> i could tell he was very starstruck. >> he did have one message for the star player. . >> everything has been amazing
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and i will never forget this. on weekdays: street" on-ramp in could be a little harder for drivers to cut through to the bay bridge. on weekdays it typically turns into a bottle neck. now,transportation officials say the congestion comes from solo drivers illegally clogging up the ramp. to help ease the traffic it is being considered to start car pool only hours even earlier and looking into high tech cameras to catch cheaters in the act. a mobile petting zoo is taking its final journey. >> police posted this picture of a cow that they found inside an old school bus. another cow, 3dogs and a goat were also inside that bus. however, that's notexactly legal. police say thatthe bus owner did take auto good care of the an mass. nfl owners mee
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r libby schaaf i the fate of the raiders is expected to finally be decided today. we're hours away from today's nfl owner's meeting and the oakland mayor is throwing a hail mary pass. >> big changes to the silicone valley commute. starting todaythe new warm spring bart station is open. we'll have a look. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. itis monday, manner 27th. ing to start... . >> let's start with a live look outside. take a look at the conditions. the morning rush has already begun as we take a live look at dublin 580 see all the cars packed on those roads. we're monitoringwhat you can expect including of course your forecast today. >> wow, it is only 5:00 and all the headlights out there. . >> come in it was a flow of traffic going over the dublin
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grade and that was like at 2:30 this morning. and i was -- i didn't see any kids in those cars. so i don't know. >> it's very possible we're seeing some college spring breakers but we have some slow down to say talk about in just a minute unfortunately. >> at least we know people are up and waiting for the forecast. a lot of people have been asking about the rain because we had this weak disturbance blow through the area. we could seea couple light sprinkles off the coast right now but that's about it. live big and leave the umbrella at home. pretty calmconditions, winds have been picking up to 10 around the bay however, 45 in santa rosa. 47in livermore. the weakdisturbance is due east of the bay area. well have partlycloudy skies today. it is asetup for a dry weather pattern and our temperatures soared to 67 degrees in napa. alreadymid-60s around the bay. andpartly


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