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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 29, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> no. ♪[ music ] ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, march 29th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the white house denies accusations it tried to block testimony about russia from former acting attorney general sally yates. we'll talk with congressman adam schiff, the top democrat at the house committee investigating russian meddling. more severe storms hammer the plains after a car crash killed three storm chasers tracking a live tornado. plus luke bryan and dierks bentley here live in studio 57. before they host the academy of country music awards, they'll tell us what to expect in vegas sunday night. but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.
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>> why did you cancel the hearing? >> there's no -- nothing has been cancelled. >> controversy around the house intelligence committee reaches a fevered pitch. >> it is very obvious the white house wanted this meeting cancelled. >> if they hadn't cancelled it, she would have testified today. >> we have no problem with her testifying. plain and simple. the report in "the washington post" is 100% false. >> that coming from sean spicer's mouth just a few moments ago. >> that's coming from sean spicer's mouth. the opposite is probably happening. >> it's really spinning fast. >> oh, my gosh, it's right in front of me. >> tornados, powerful wind and hail hitting parts of texas, arkansas and louisiana. >> along this line, that is going to be another headline maker, unfortunately. >> brexit finally begins. >> britain begins its official exit from the european union. >> this is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back. >> hillary clinton, speaking to businesswomen in san francisco. >> there is no place i'd rather
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be than here with you, other than the white house. >> we've got a massive cleanup. >> a plane bursts into flames when it veered off the runway during a landing in peru. >> all that -- >> check out this bad boy. i've got knows for you. when this guy wants to play through, you let him play through. >> the pull-up jumper, three seconds left. it goes in and they win the game! >> and all that matters. >> if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that's a russian connection. >> the white house suggests it was all benign and routine but that's not the same as putting russian salad dressing on your salad here at the white house. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the 17th most popular salad dressing in america. 17th. so if he was using it, yes, that would be suspicious. >> wait a second. the president put russian dressing on his salad tonight?
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trump ate a salad? >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." a cbs news poll out this morning finds many americans disagree with the president when he says the trump/russia story is a hoax. 59% say it is very likely or somewhat likely that trump associates had improper communications with russia's government. >> 40% of people in our poll approve of preside trump's job performance and that is nearly unchanged from last month. >> now, the white house denies trying to block former acting attorney general sally yates from testifying to congress about russia. the president fired yates in january after she told justice department lawyers not to defend the first version of his refugee and travel ban. jeff is on capitol hill with the
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new controversy over sally yates. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the house intelligence investigation has officially stalled, bogged down by finger pointing and accusations. the latest flash point is the testimony of sally yates, who was the official who informed the white house that former national security advisor michael flynns misled the vice president about his contacts with the russian ambassador. >> the white house did not respond and took no action that prevented miss yates from testifying. >> reporter: an exasperated sean spicer dismissed accusations that the white house sought to delay sally yates from testifying. >> we encouraged them to go ahead. but to suggest in any way, shape or form that we stood in the way of that is 100% false. >> reporter: cbs news has obtained this letter from the trump justice department to the attorney representing yates. it warns that there is a limit to what she could reveal in her testimony and that she needs to consult with the white house. on the same day she received
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this letter, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, congressman devin nunes, cancelled yates' scheduled testimony. >> it gets stranger and stranger and, frankly, more bizarre every day. >> reporter: since nunes announced late last week that he had been shown intercepted communications involving members of the trump transition team, the house intelligence committee investigation into russian meddling into the election has been in disarray. >> a lot of politics get heated but i'm not going to involve myself. >> reporter: on tuesday nunes was facing more questions about whether he was working with the white house to delay his committee's investigation while also dismissing calls for him to step aside. >> are you going to stay as chairman and run this investigation? >> why would i not? >> this is what cover-up behavior looks like. >> reporter: democrat eric swalwell who sits on the intelligence committee says nunes' actions leave doubts about whether he can lead the investigation. >> right now the american people
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wanting transparency. what they are getting are more and more smoke bombs. >> reporter: the house committee investigation has held just one hearing on russia. no others are currently scheduled. as far as the senate intelligence committee, it is expected to hold its first hearing tomorrow, a press conference later on today. >> jeff, thanks. adam schiff is the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee. he is urging chairman devin nunes to reschedule the open hearing with former acting attorney general sally yates. congressman schiff joins us from washington. >> good morning, charlie. >> do you have any evidence that the white house urged and took part in denying the opportunity for sally yates to testify? >> i don't have any particular evidence. the timing certainly raises a lot of questions and the fact that the hearing was cancelled abruptly and without an explanation, you know, causes a lot to ask what's going on here? why aren't we going forward with this hearing?
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i have to think that the hearing that we had on monday of last week in which the fbi director acknowledged for the first time that the trump campaign associates were under investigation for possible coordination with russia and the fact that the director has rebutted the white house claims about illegal wiretapping by barack obama had something to do with the cancellation of the second open hearing. i think the white house probably felt that didn't go well for them, but it's otherwise hard to explain why the sudden cancellation of the hearing. i think it probably had a lot to do with sally yates. >> do you believe that the white house is cooperating with the chairman and, therefore, robbing this committee of credibility? >> well, you know, i think there is a close relationship that the chairman has to the white house. he was an important member of the transition team and i think he's maintained that relationship with the white house. and that has caused a lot of questions to be raised about whether he can fairly and impartially lead this investigation. the events of last week i think
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called that so seriously into question that he really ought to recuse himself, in particular if he's raising an issue about whether members of the transition team were incidentally collected. he was a member of that team and i think there's a real conflict of interest. so i think it would be in the best interests of the investigation going forward if some one else on the committee were to lead it. we really need to get this back on track and i think the majority can start out by rescheduling this hearing. we've urged them to do that but have yet to hear back. >> congressman, let's talk about the substance of perhaps what you wanted to hear from sally yates. she was the acting attorney general. she informed the white house counsel that their national security advisor, michael flynn, had made comments that were perhaps untruthful. what did you want to hear directly from her? >> well, i certainly wanted to hear the events that led up to michael flynn's firing. what has concerned me about this for some time is according to newspaper accounts, she brought information to the white house
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that indicated that mike flynn had lied about a conversation he had with a russian ambassador and not just about any topic, this was on the subject apparently, at least according to reports, of the sanctions that president obama imposed on russia over russia's interference in the election to help donald trump. so that's obviously a very significant conversation. it led to his firing when he misled the vice president and the vice president misled the country. but you have a period of some time, it looks like weeks, in which the president was aware that michael flynn had lied and the vice president had misrepresented the country, misrepresented the events to the country, and the president did nothing about it. >> do you think the white house counsel didn't inform the president of that conversation with the acting attorney general? >> i would certainly like to know. i have to expect that the white house counsel did inform the president. and the question is, why didn't the president act? why was the president content to have the country misled about this secret conversation? and only took action with mr.
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flynn after it was brought out in public by "the washington post." that suggests that the real crime here was the publication of mr. flynn's lie, not the fact that the country was misled. i think those facts were facts the white house did not want to come out in this open hearing. the timing certainly raised a lot of questions about whether the white house preference had a lot to do with changing where this investigation was headed. >> well, congressman schiff, thank you. we're out of time but we do have more questions for you so we hope you'll return in the future. >> sure. president trump is reversing course and saying he will have a health care deal, quote, very quickly. the president predicted last night that congress could reach a bipartisan agreement over a potential future plan. today's cbs poll shows americans don't blame anyone for the failure but it failed because it just wasn't popular. margaret brennan is at the white house with the president's message on health care.
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>> reporter: good morning. president trump appears newly confident about the possibility of striking a deal with senate leaders. at a dinner here at the white house last night, mr. trump told a bipartisan group of 61 senators and their spouses that he wants to negotiate. >> i know that we're all going to make a deal on health care. that's such an easy one. so i have no doubt that that's going to happen very quickly. i think it will actually, i think it's going to happen because we've all been promising, democrat, republican, we've all been promising that to the american people. so i think a lot of good things are going happen there. >> reporter: that's a stunning change in tone from just last friday when mr. trump vowed to let obamacare fail and blamed democrats for the defeat of his health care replacement plan in the house. of course it was infighting within the republican party that sank that bill. now, speaker ryan said tuesday he's not giving up and some lawmakers want him to keep negotiating. in the meantime, the white house is testing out new strategies, including how to take the existing obamacare system in a
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more conservative direction. as for working with democrats, that's not going to be easy, considering the pressure from their base to resist collaborating with mr. trump. >> all right, margaret, thank you. hillary clinton says the republican health care bill's failure was a victory for all americans. the former democratic presidential candidate spoke last night at a businesswoman's conference in san francisco. she called the gop bill disastrous and said those who make decisions that affect people's lives need to put themselves in others' shoes. >> that's what was so maddening about the debate over the health care revisions. i mean really, take away maternity care? really, take away mental health and substance abuse care? who do these people talk to? do they not have any idea about the necessity and the suffering that goes on? >> hillary clinton said the
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other side never quits, so democrats and their supporters will need to keep fighting back. tomorrow norah will have the first extended interview with house speaker paul ryan since the american health care act was pulled from the house floor. he'll also discuss the future of the gop agenda. you can see that conversation tomorrow, right here only on "cbs this morning." and now we have breaking news from washington, d.c., where u.s. capitol police fired shots at a suspect a short time ago. police tell our affiliate wtop radio that a driver rammed a police cruiser and then tried to run over the officers. that suspect is in custody. this happened just southwest of the capitol near the rayburn house office building, which is now under lockdown at this time. nearly 15 million people in parts of texas and the southeast face a new threat today of severe weather. tornados ripped across parts of western texas yesterday. at least 14 were reported. the violent system also brought damaging hail, some almost as big as tennis balls. as the storm moves east, states
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from the plains to the gulf coast are at risk. they could face dangerous conditions today, including possible omar villafraca has more. >> reporter: this is the second storm to blow through this week and last night's storm had some very powerful straight-line winds. now people are waking up to this, fences knocked down, pieces of their roof in the street and split trees. overnight, severe storms swept across texas and oklahoma, with damaging winds, heavy rain and pounding hail. on tuesday, tornados tore through the western part of the state. >> tornado on the ground, tornado on the ground. >> more than a dozen twisters were reported. including this one near stamford that triggered warning sirens. >> why don't you get over here
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and let's go inside. >> reporter: further south in the abilene area -- >> we've got our lowering right here. >> reporter: a funnel cloud darkened the sky. 100 miles north, three storm chasers died when their cars cloyded after one ran a stop sign. a tornado watch was in effect at the time. a blinding combination of rain and hail created brutal conditions on the roads. some hail stones were large enough to smash through car windows. >> my back windshield was busted out and got glass all over my kids and hit my daughter in the back of the head. >> reporter: outside of lubbock, hail pellets blanketed the grounding. in oklahoma, the powerful storm blew over semi trucks on the highway. the worst of this storm system will now move into arkansas and louisiana today. people here in the arlington area are waking up without power more than 150,000 people still do not have electricity and there are more storms in the forecast for this weekend.
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norah? >> omar, thank you. two years of brexit negotiations begin this morning. britain's prime minister officially triggered her country's withdrawal from the european union under article 50 of the eu constitution. theresa may delivered a statement on brexit in the house of commons this morning. her government still has to work out the details. jonathan vigliotti is outside the houses of parliament. jonathan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. triggering article 50 is really just a nice way of saying filing for divorce. just like any split, leaving the eu won't be pretty. the sun has risen on a breakup many in the uk and throughout europe hoped wouldn't happen. but this morning in brussels where the eu headquarters is located, the paperwork is filed. >> this is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back. >> reporter: theresa may signed the official letter on tuesday. >> i want us to be a truly
7:17 am
global britain, the best friend and neighbor to our european partners, but a country that reaches beyond the borders of europe too. >> the countdown is on. >> reporter: british news is already counting down the 730 days to the separation, right to the second. this two-year divorce process could require britain to borrow as much as $73 billion. on the line, the uk's international trading relationships and free passage to the 27 other member nations. negotiating between countries will be as complicated and hisoric as it sounds. >> what is for certain is that we're getting back control of our country and in the future when we get things right or get things wrong, we will be in charge. >> reporter: the referendum to leave the eu or brexit was just narrowly passed last summer, and some who voted to leave said they were tricked by politicians who oversold nonexistent health care benefits and promised to stop immigration. prime minister may has already found a helping hand in the
7:18 am
process from president trump, who told her the brexit would be wonderful. >> the english are split down the middle. >> reporter: two nations may not be enough. and the eu certainly hoping the uk feels the pain to send a clear message to other member nations who may be thinking about leaving. >> thank you. the top united states commander in iraq says there is a fair chance an american air strike played a role in killing civilians in mosul. the comments yesterday had the pentagon's fullest acceptance of responsibility since the march 17th air strike. mosul residents say at least 100 people were killed. officials are investigating whether isis is also to blame. amnesty international said yesterday the united states-led coalition is not doing enough to protect civilians. at least 307 civilians have been killed in western mosul since mid-february.
7:19 am
a passenger plane burst into flames after it slid off a runway in central peru. thick, black smoke poured from the jet as crews tried to put out the fire. all 141 people onboard were able to get off safely. the boeing airliner was trying to land at a small airport about 100 miles east of lima yesterday. officials say the fire most likely started when a wing scraped the runway. no one was seriously hurt. are some u.s. charter schools part of a scheme to fund an overseas group accused in a violent coup attempt? cbs news investigates whether a political movement in turkey is taking advantage of the america,
7:20 am
the president's planned border wall could split a retirement community in two. >> i'm along the border in brownsville, texas. president trump's border wall could run right through this retirement community, which sits on the banks of the rio grande. if the wall goes up, more than
7:21 am
400 people could wind up on what is the mexican side of the wall. that story coming up on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by pronamel toothpaste. protector enamel against the effects of every day essence. st the effects of everyday essence. tiss ke sure that thmel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪
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has been recovere this is a kpix 5 morning update. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. the body of a fourth and final victim has been recovered from a building in west oakland. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of monday's fire that gutted the building on san pablo avenue. the annual woodside pig scramble will go ahead as planned this 4th of july. the tradition has children racing to grab baby pigs by the back legs. last night the city rejected a request from animal activists to shut it down. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:27 am
good morning, it's 7:27. i'm roqui theus with your local traffic update. let's start in the south bay where we do see some major slowdowns here on 237 westbound
7:28 am
before matilda avenue. it's a motorcycle versus a car crash blocking the two right lanes. that backup beyond great america parkway. it's all the way to 880 so give yourself extra time to get through there. also in the south bay in san jose, northbound 87 at curtner avenue an earlier crash out there causing slowdowns here as well on northbound 87. here's a leave look at the san mateo bridge between hayward and foster city. expect a 30-minute drive. that's brutal. and then an 18 to 20-minute drive between the maze and downtown across the span of the bay bridge. roqui, official sunrise was at 6:58 and the sun is coming up and dawning on what's going to be the warmest day of the workweek. good morning, everyone! from the bay now, to the golden gate bridge, boy, we have unlimited visibility. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. very mild around the bay in the mid-50s. sneaker waves and dangerous rip currents possible today sobiech beach in place through tomorrow night. ,,,,,,,,
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i don't know if you know what's going on and i'm going to liven it up even more with the tom clancey novels. you see, the commander in chief is reaching the breaking point because trump's administration is under fire for a possible call to treason, putting us in clear and present danger without remorse, which is why i'm experiencing the sum of all
7:31 am
fears. nicely done, stephen colbert. nicely done snanld good hands. >> i know. good chance. very smart. welcome back to "cbs this morning." even as questions swirl around the investigation president trump taking action with new executive orders. >> he signed a bill yesterday that limits restrictions and coal and other fossil fuels in order to boost american production. here's a look at some other stories making headline this morning. the "washington post" says president trump is likely to sign a bill that would kill landmark privacy protections for the internet. the house followed the senate's lead yesterday and passed the measure. it would let internet providers sell information about their customers' browsing habits. the "washington post" reports that wells fargo is going to be setting a class-action lawsuit. so far customers have received just over $3 million in refunds.
7:32 am
in the new settlement, wells fargo has agreed the pay $110 million. since the scan gal became public the bank has paid $185 million in fines. two california abortion opponent opponents taped themselves. sandra mer rhett and david daleiden tried to secretly tape themselves buying parts from planned parenthood. blackrock announced yesterday some will be laid off. blackrock handles more than $5 trillion of assets but has been losing clients to rivals. >> wow. robots. robots is financial pickers. >> this is just beginning.
7:33 am
>> secretary of state rex tillerson is on his way to turkey this morning. he will want to talk about the fight against isis. but the turks want to discuss this man, a controversial turkish religious scholar. turkish president erdogan accuses him of being behind a bloo bloody coup attend last year. he denies being involved. followers skimmed money from u.s. schools and charity to fund
7:34 am
the movement back in turkey. a violent coup attempt shook turkey last july. hundreds were killed as military tanks rolled into streets of istanbul. but the man the turk eric government blames for inciting it has lived in this compound for 17 years. his name is fethullah gulen and they run charter schools in the united states. by our count they've opened 136 charter schools in 28 states operating on more than $2 billion taxpayers' dollars since 2010. but there is a scheme by gulen
7:35 am
7:36 am
7:37 am
associates. and court records show that he had, quote, over seen the establishment of the conglomeration of schools including in the united states. what to you think they're really trying to to? >> they're trying to gain more power and they want to konkur told us he spoke with lawyers working for the turkish
7:38 am
government. >> thank you very much, margaret. president trump's border wall faces opposition for some americans who actually live on the border. how it can cut straight through a retirement community and a golf course on other side. plus a woman makes history in the vatican. je . >> we got a look at the vatican museum which if the first time in history is a woman. we'll show you coming up on "cbs this morning." which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd,
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,,,, divide 700 americans who liv right here in this community. with more than 300 acres, the river bend report is one of the few areas left in texas without
7:44 am
a border fence. many of the retires who live here want to keep it that way. >> it's not needed. border patrol is here all the time. they launch their boats at our boat ramp and are here within 30 seconds. >> reporter: they voted for popp but they think the money could be better spent. >> they need updated technology equipment, better cameras, maybe more drones. >> reporter: a treaty defendings everything so when the bush administration built its border fence, they wanted to do it right in the middle of the river bend. >> essentially what it does is splits the resort community in half and you've about got 200 people living on this side and 400 of their friends on what becomes the mexican side of the wall. >> that would mean 70% of the resort including 15 holes on the
7:45 am
golf course would albuquerque no man's land between the fence and the actually border. >> it's not just a golf course. it's a family business. >> reporter: jargmy barnard is also a trump supporter and the river bend manager. john garrett owned j.p. construction, a ft. worth company with 50 employees. he's submitting his border wall proposal today. >> it's going to create a lot of jobs for unemployed construction workers, veterans, individuals. >> reporter: the trump administration is seeking bids for prototypes with a see-through component and made with concrete or other materials. >> they never talked about all the people who died trying to make it across the united states illegally. i think it will save a lot of lives also. >> reporter: the federal government controls less than a third of the nearly 2,000-mile southern border. the rest belongs to the states, native american tribes or like river bend, is privately owned.
7:46 am
the government could come in, offer you an amount, if they don't like it, they could seize it through negative effect on them economically. >> tashd, thank you. they're in the weeds on this story. it was nice to have trump voters saying they oppose the wall. it shows hom complicated this story really is. >> i wonder how many other examples are along the wall where it's disrupting, doing more harm than good as david pointed out in this story. >> and also what came up in the
7:47 am
health care debate. >> very interesting. >> thank you. >> thank you. a paralyzed man can now move his arm and hand after a major scientific advance. . only on "cbs this morning" a close friend of prince takes us inside his,, >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" spoy jcpenney.
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7:56 am
ahead of a special meeting tonight on san jose's devastating flooding - the "santa clara valley water district" claims city officials had the information they needed - and failed to act on it. last month's flooding caused 73-million dollars in damage. this morning, the santa cruz county department of public works is hosting a workshop to help storm victims. heavy rains and mudslides left many hillside properties with severage damage. homeowners can now borrow up to 200-thousand dollars to make repairs. traffic and weather... in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. it's 7:57. happy wednesday! happy "hump day." let's take a look in the south
7:58 am
bay where we have an update for you. westbound 237 before matilda avenue, the motorcycle versus car crash we have been reporting on is cleared but the damage is done. you're moving at just 16 miles per hour still in the area and the traffic is backed up all the way on to 880 so give yourself extra time to get through there. if you are heading into the peninsula here's a live look at the san mateo bridge, things are getting slow westbound 92 expect a 30-minute drive between hayward and foster city. >> now, let's move now to the pittsburg to concord commute very slow there and if you are traveling on caltrain, northbound train 90 has been canceled. other trains have 20 minutes delays. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. it's our live weather camera, featuring the bay bridge as seen from our kpix 5 studios in san francisco. clear skies, a few high, thin clouds out there. this is another view a little sea haze, this is a view from transamerica pyramid looking south towards the peninsula. we are in the 40s and 50s. we have a beach hazard statement in effect for sneaker waves at the coast. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪,,,,,,, good morning to our viewers in the west, it's wednesday, march 29th, 2017. welcome back to cbs this morning. there's more real news ahead, including president trump's praising u.s. business investment. he says it will bring jobs jobs jobs. find out why others say don't get your hopes up too high. first here is today's eye opener at 8:00. the house intelligence investigation has officially stalled. bogged down by finger pointing. >> let's talk about the substance, about perhaps what you wanted to hear from sally yates? >> i wanted to hear the events that led up to michael flynn's firing. when he misled the vice president and the vice president misled the country. >> president trump appears confident about striking a deal with senate leaders.
8:01 am
that's a stunning change in tone from last friday. >> i know we'll all make a deal on healthcare. that's such an easy one. >> this is the second severe weather system to blow through north texas. now people are waking up to this. fences knocked down, pieces of their roof that are in the streets. >> two years of brexit negotiations begin this morning. >> article 50 is a nice way of saying filing for divorce. and just like any split, leaving the e.u. won't be pretty. >> coal minors attending the ceremony where president trump signs an executive order undoing most of barack obama's climate change initiatives. t they said they were impressed with trump. in two months he dug himself into the biggest hole they've ever seen. >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by liberty mutual insurance. we are following breaking news from capitol hill this morning.
8:02 am
police say they've arrested a driver who hit a cruiser and nearly ran over officers. shots were fired at the scene, but no one was hurt. this happened just outside the u.s. capitol near the raburn house office building where dozens of congressmen and women have their offices. we had a briefing just minutes ago, jeff, good morning, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, here's what we know so far. all of this happening shortly before 9:30 this morning according to police on capitol hill. the woman was spotted driving erratically near the capitol building when officers tried to stop her the car sped away. and struck at least one other vehicle. there was a brief chase but the vehicle was vernlalstopped. but the situation didn't end there. as police were trying to take the suspect into custody shots were fired. the good news is, no one was injured in all of this. it's early in the investigation. so far, police tell us they believe this is not tied to
8:03 am
terrorism. in fact, they say that there is no nexus to terrorism that this appears to be something that is criminal in nature. the capitol is open. during a period here, shortly after 9:30, the raburn office building was on lock down. but we're told right now the capitol is open for business once again. but there are some road closures in the area. >> thank you, jeff, we'll be following the story throughout the day. the house intelligence committee investigation of russian meddling in the election is effectively on hold right now. republican committee chairman devin nunessays he is not delaying the session. >> yates told the white house back in january that now former national security advisor michael flynn misled the vice president about his conversations with russia's u.s. ambassador. president trump applauded for its new $1.4 million investment.
8:04 am
he tweeted yesterday, car companies coming back to the u.s., jobs, jobs, jobs, last night on the cbs evening news, dean reynolds reported that ford investment will bring about 130 new production jobs. the president's tweet was the latest example of mr. trump touting u.s. job creation under his watch. >> jobs are pouring back. you saw what happened with exxon. charter communications has commit todayted to investing $25 billion and committed to hiring 20,000 american workers over the next four years. since my election, ford, fiat chrysler, lockheed, walmart and many others have announced they will invest billions of dollars in the united states and will create tens of thousands of new american jobs.
8:05 am
>> the executive wash editor in chief, commentator for the wall street journal and joins us from washington, good to see you. >> thank you. >> does the president deserve the credit he appears to be taking for the jobs jobs jobs? >> he deserved some credit. this is a case in trump world in which more credit is being claimed than is probably due. companies make no secret about the fact they think a deregulatory environment, which the trump administration is going to create, and the prospect of a big tax cut is encouraging them to invest more money. the white house is taking credit for jobs that were going to be created anyway. charter communications jobs were committed to in 2015 as part of a merger. the ford jobs the white house is taking credit for were committed to by and large as part of a 2015 deal with the united autoworkers. what's happening right now i think a lot of companies are framing decisions they were going to make anyway or had already made as a response to the trump administration's arrival and the white house is gobbling that up and taking
8:06 am
credit. there is some truth in there, but not as much as you're led to believe. >> the story in the "new york times" today about black rock, a huge investment and management company that they are now going to use robots, rather than asset managers to manage porfolios and they were laying off employees. how big of impact is technology going to have on job creation? >> i think that's the bigger story within the story. there's been a lot of debate about how much job loss comes from trade, how much job loss comes from unfair competition abroad. but the real job killer in america, particularly in manufacturing is automation. robot comes into a factory, workers go away. and that's happening across the manufacturing sector. that black rock story indicates, it's seeping into other sectors as well. i think that automation and its affect on employment is the real story. it doesn't get as much
8:07 am
attention. we'll be seeing questions about what do workers do when automation is the problem not when mexico or china in the problem. >> good to hear the president talking up jobs, the president wants to do that and americans respond to that. the question is whether he can deliver on the promises. yesterday, of course, in announcing -- rolling back some of those energy regulations. he talked about bringing -- putting coal minors baers back work. there is a founder and executive of murray industrial whihe said told him directly he temper expectations, he can't bring them back. >> some republican lawmakers from coal states are telling him the same thing. you know, pull back the rhetoric a little bit. because you have to temper the promises. you know, it is true that the coal action will get a reprieve to some coal fired power plants. i talked to some folks in southwest virginia who said there are some people in the
8:08 am
coal industry being called back into work as a result of all this. the long term trends are still the long term trends. natural gas supplies are going up. the cost of renewable energy resources are going down. industry is moving away from coal. that's not going to stop. there's going to be short term beneficial impacts in the coal industry. but not a change in the long term trend. that's what the white house probably needs to keep in mind as it engages in this relrhetor >> the president has been known to use his twitter account when he hears about companies taking jobs out of the country. do you think that affects decisions companies are going to make? >> i do think it does. do we want to be put in a position to be attacked by the white house. if we're going to make a decision that the white house likes do we not want to get credit for that. that's a good thing for our
8:09 am
company. so i do think it's affecting decisions at least in the margins. you have to distinguish that from long term trends and things that were going to happen anyway. >> all right. thank you. always good to have you here. thanks a lot. >> appreciate it. we have a rare inside work at part of prince's paisley park compound that the public never ever sees. >> he played here one of his last nights. >> we played a lot here. we watched video. basketball games. >> you come in here and watch basketball games. >> absolutely. on the big screen. >> we do know that prince loved basketball. ahead, one of the music legend's closest,,,,
8:10 am
this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is sponsored by liberty mutual insurance, liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you. dirks bentley are two of the
8:11 am
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8:13 am
if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ >> that's prince singing "1999." that was one of his most famous songs. after a year of his death, many questions remain. they wonder how he 'required the opioid pills that killed him. only on "cbs this morning" jamie yuccas spoke with one of prince's personal confidantes when his body was found at the purple paisley estate outside of minneapolis. good morning, jamie. >> good morning. johnson was a drummer and his best man at his wedding. he's still mourning the loss of his friend and he's finding ways to celebrate his life. do you get chills sometimes when you walk around door you feel energy? >> i've been here 30 years.
8:16 am
i mean it's energy. not necessarily chills but energy. >> reporter: few people know paisley park, prince's creative sanctuary better than kirk johnson. it's where the music legend lived, performed, and passed. people have so many questions about prince's last days kirk has a vault right here. it's never going to be unlocked. >> is that because prince was so private private? >> i respect him and what his privacy was. >> he didn't want to talk about the past, wanting instead to honor his legacy. johnson who spent decades playing drums showed us various skpiblts around paisley park. >> you know, he played a lot in this room. >> reporter: including a rarely seen convert venue, a tribute to
8:17 am
his 2007 super bowl performance. >> we tell folks, you know, bring stuff with you. >> reporter: and the notes and cards left outside paisley park are now on display inside. this phenom was known for his relentless vigor and demanding performances. >> did that eventually wear him out? >> well, i mean, you know, you get tired after a while. >> reporter: it's that dancing that reportedly prompted prince to turn to painkillers. prince nelson died from an accidental overtoews of fenlts knoll, a type of opiate. >> was he hurting? >> i don't know. we danced a lot. i feel the effects of dancing. you know, your joints get hurt. >> and he was very vigorous at that. >> yeah. he was a nonstopper. he did what he did until the last possible moment. he was an entertainer.
8:18 am
that's what entertainers do. they just go. >> reporter: johnson was on a fateful flight with prince when they made an emergency landing in illinois. he was given a shot of on out. a week later johnson was among those who discovering prince dead inside an elevator. was there anything you wish you had done personally to stop his drug use? >> oh, my goodness. next. >> you don't feel like people enabled him? >> next. >> opioid addiction is such a big topic of conversation. >> next. >> in this country. do you feel something could be -- >> johnson is in an ongoing police investigation into prince's death. his final days remain a mystery. even family members who demanled justice when he spoke to me last june. >> is the family mad at anybody? >> yeah, we're mad.
8:19 am
yeah, we're mad. somebody had to know that he was suffering like that. and to me if you loved him enough, you would have think and you would have thought. >> while the investigation continues preparations are under way for a four-day celebration of his life. >> there are a number of people who say they should nltd be opening paisley park, you know, they're profiting off of prince's death. >> i mean that's normal. but it's supposed to be open for the world. he wants everyone to see what he's created. >> the sheriff's office in minnesota is working with the u.s. drug enforcement agency the determine where prince got the open outs that opiates that killed him. the investigation is ongoing. >> i can appreciate that members in his inner circle don't want to say anything about his life. i don't understand the laughter. was that nervous laughter? that seems odd to me.
8:20 am
>> i think that was nervous laughter. he was very close to prince, had known him for a very long time. he kept saying prince is very private, u want to keep that frierchlt he didn't want to talk about anything strong do with prince's last days but i think it was nervous laughter. >> really interesting. >> people still have a lot of questions, jamie. >> yep. all right, for the first time in history, a woman is running the vatican's museum. meet the first female director and learn how she plans to bring in more visitors without crowding out the art. and up next, the first sign of action on the eagle cam at the national arboretum in washington. look at this. new little eaglets are on the way. yes. and the big event is streaming worldwide. you're watching "cbs this morning." daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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goodbye, sugar.
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8:25 am
trying to determine the cause of a blaze that killed four people good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. fire crews and the atf are trying to determine the cause of a blaze that killed four people in west oakland. just days before the fire broke out monday morning, inspectors warned the building's owner about 11 safety problems at the site. san francisco police are now looking for a teenage girl allegedly behind a pepper spray attack at the stonestown mall. 16 people were treated for injuries. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, everybody. i'm roqui theus with your local traffic update. it is 8:27. let's head to marin county where we have a new crash to tell you about. southbound 101 before marin city off-ramp, a bus and two cars involved and just been cleared off to the shoulder. but the backup is all the way to sir francis drake boulevard so you have a severe one there if you are heading out that way, give yourself extra time to get through there. live look at the golden gate bridge from marin county into san francisco will take you -- wait a minute, 30 minutes between 580 and vista point. the bridge is looking okay though. the bay bridge is 20 minutes between the maze and downtown. if you are traveling in the south bay we have a lot of
8:28 am
slowdowns. ive yourself extra time to get through there. northbound 101 slow. westbound 237 from an earlier crash is slow. all lines on bart are on time. ace train, muni on time. but caltrain 309 has been canceled. expect delays. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. you have all kinds of red on your screen! that's not a good thing. but i have all kinds of blue. hi, everybody, good morning to you. let's take a view out towards the transamerica pyramid unlimited visibility air quality fantastic. boy, look at this. it's just amazing, isn't it? what a day we're going to have 10 degrees above average as far as our temperatures are concerned. currently we are in the 40s and 50s. as you step out the door, if you are heading to the coast today and why not, we have a kash beauchamp in effect for sneaker waves and rip currents. keep that in mind. the temperature at rockaway beach 70. 70s around the bay, 70s peninsula, low 80s. away from the bay. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ there are mountains in our way ♪ >> yes, there are. >> but we climb a stair every day. ♪ love lifts us up where we belong ♪ that's actress kristen bell performing the '80s hit up where we belong with james corden. welcome back to "cbs this morning." welcome to the table. were you guying looking for ideas how to open your show?
8:31 am
>> he's so good. we could -- >> we did a thing with him last year that was pretty good. >> but you're hosting on sunday. so you have to have a knockout open as you know. >> we're going to work on it probably tomorrow. >> tomorrow? that's earlier than last year. >> saturday. >> get real. >> country music, keep it real. >> i can't wait for sunday. >> we're going to continue our conversation. but first we're going to take a look at the paper. the "financial times" reports that exxonmobil urges the trump administration not to quit the treaty. president trump began rolling back obama regulations on fossil fuels yesterday. he made a campaign promise to pull the united states out of the treaty yoo the new york teams reports that usa hockey and the national women's team have settled their paytas putte. the players had threatened to
8:32 am
boycott the upcoming championships. they can now earn up to $70,000 a year including olympic pay. this ooh's a search for a giant gold coin stolen from berlin. they're afraid it could be melted down. it's more than 20 pounds. police noticed it was gone on sunday. theeshs broke a bulletproof case and used a wheel barrow to steal the coin. luke bryan and dierks bentley are both nominates this year. they have 35 acm award nominations between them. the pair have combined 32 number one hits and 13 number one country albums. both return o the stage as co-hosts for the second time in
8:33 am
las vegas on sunday night. >> you must be doing something right. >> is it the chemistry between the two of you? >> dirks has a lot of history. we've been on the same record label for many years. >> toured a lot together. >> toured a lot together back in the early years, the formative years of our career. >> before we were married? >> before you were married? >> exactly. >> i was married two years before you. >> oh, married to other people. before we were married is the way you said it. >> careful now. they'll use that against us. >> but you guys have been prepared for months for this, right? >> yeah.
8:34 am
we've been -- e-mail chains and we've actually -- i mean we've huddled up around a couple. we've had formal meetings with cbs guys and the guys that produce the show. >> what are those cbs guys like when you have formal meetings? >> they come in with briefcases. >> they come into town and we take them to a restaurant and buy them a lot of food and a lot of wine and a lot of drinks and at the very end we talk about work. >> i had this gold coin that was worth $200,000 and they went and melted it down. >> guys, when you watched that debacle at the oscars and they got it wrong, was there a part of you that said we've got to do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen or do you say, there's no way that could happen to us. >> i can't imagine. last year when we started from the top, it's live. things happen. we try to involved some of our buddies in the crowd last year. >> we ha a series of like six country music artists that were
8:35 am
supposed to have a speaking role in the audience, and last year they only -- >> someone jumped their gun a little bit, so we were kind of flying by the seat of our pants. >> when we realized -- it wasn't one of the artists. it was a camera guy who missed his cue because there's a lot of moving parts. dirks and i were like, okay, this is changing on the fly. >> that's the beauty of live. roll with the punches. >> yeah, i know. but errflies. >> that's why we have a backstage bar set up to level it out. >> you both perform in the show, right? >> right. >> two or three? >> i've got a couple of performances. >> i've got three. >> you have three? >> i have three. >> you have three? >> i have three. >> so what's the big question going into this? >> the big question going into this. >> yeah. >> with me, it's always -- with me, i always like to look at the list of the new performers that are getting -- the new young country artists that are getting
8:36 am
their first chance, and i always like -- >> merrill morris. >> and dirks has a song out with cole license dale. a plug for cole. it's his first performance. it's always fun to see how they handle it. when you're a country artist and you get these big tell vin award moments, it's a big thing for your career. >> you remember yours. >> oh, gosh. >> what do you remember about that? >> i remember a panic attack. yeah. i just remember, you know, huge amounts of anxiety. oh, yeah. there we go. but we -- i know all those people i'm high fiving. >> i remember 28 seconds to
8:37 am
perform and we were playing tracks. my drummer carried his snare drum out on stage and was pretending to pay drums. we're all faking. there's tim mcgraw and faith hill looking back at us. i remember thinking, oh, my gosh. >> oh, wow. look at you. >> kenny chesney standing up. >> what's so cool is your speaking voice is kind of like your singing voice. >> i hoped. >> for many it's not. >> you can't hide that. >> the accent is very thick. >> gomer pyle all the way. >> it's probably going to be a very big night for keith urban. >> yeah. keith, i look at -- dirks and i, we kind of look at each other about his career and how he's always -- >> he's the best. >> he's the complete package. >> he's the best, i think. >> he's just so -- >> playing the guitar. >> playing the fwi tar and singing. he's a great entertainment.
8:38 am
that beach body. and his guitar playing. >> yeah. if you've ever -- >> he's hands down, the best. >> keith is on our label. every year our label does a private event where all the artists come in and play for everybody that works at the label, and keith has done it for years. until you just sit in a room with him and a guitar and watch, i mean we pride ourselves on being pretty good guitar players, but when you're around keith and you see like -- it's almost like there's 15 people playing the guitar, and it's truly one of the -- i mean it's a sight to behold. >> it's a little like seeing dear evan handsome. >> how's your pinterest going? >> she called me out on this. we talked about that.
8:39 am
i have inadvertently gotten hooked on pinterest. >> i am too. >> i want this fishing cabinet. >> floral wallpaper for his fishing cabinet. >> it's a trap. you start to look for a cabin on a little fishing place and you start seeing frames with fish and then you see like the billy big mouth bass and it takes you down this road and i'm look, oh, my gosh. >> sunday night. i've got -- i'm running. low on the decorating fund. >> so glad to have you guys here. looking forward to the 52nd academy of country music awards. and they will air what night, gayle? >> sunday night. >> right here on -- >> -- cbs. >> that's right. our buildup continues torkt with keith urban. he receives seven nominations.
8:40 am
he has two big fans aet the table. he shares with jan crawford how music helped him overcome stage fright as a little boy. >> i was a bit shy. i was lost without my guitar. it was the linus blanket for me. it was something i could hide behind. i'm a little uncomfortable on stage taking it away. >> can't tell when he's up there. >> he talks about moving from his native australia. ahead, the museum's first female director shares special attention she's receive and her efforts to help millions of,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
a woman is running the museum at the vatican for the first time in history. she's one of the first major directors at a major museum like the metropolitan museum of art and the louvre. she took seth doane on a private tour while she takes the attention and focus off herself. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. she was not expected to be promoted to director, but says it's a privilege to oversee a
8:45 am
collection here at the vatican newseums which will take your breath away. the vatican museums are so packed with treasures it can be hard to know where to look. there's one gallery of maps, rafael's transfiguratiotransfig roughly 2,000-year-old first object museum when it was conceived in the early 1500s, or this. >> it's the icon of roman times. >> reporter: she has a degree in art history and studied this famed statue of emperor augus s augustus. now as director, she's in charge of it. some of the greatest artwork in the world is in your care. >> yes. i feel the weight of that. >> the weight of that responsibility. >> exactly. >> reporter: in its collection
8:46 am
it holds a mind-boggling 2,000 pieces of art. only about 10% is on display. finding a stunning place to sit and chat is no problem. >> what a room in which to do an interview. >> it's a special place. it's something that gives you peace. >> reporter: a to-year veteran of the vatican said she was surprised when pope francis announced in december she would become the museum's director. this merry of three was also surprised by all of the attention paid to her gender. >> i made a joke of that. everyone keeps asking how do you feel? how do you feel as a woman. >> i feel this as a person. >> the vatican is a male-dominated division. >> i never felt this committed to be a woman. >> she shrugs off any special
8:47 am
attention. she's got works to do. >> in the last two months of 2017 we had 70,000 people more than last year. >> reporter: the museum attracting more than 6 million visitors a year. >> we're going against flow here. >> but it's a balance trying to attract more visitors while not diluting the experience. on the day we visited, she estimated crowd size. >> 19,000 people, 20,000 people today. is that typical? is that a lot? >> it's a lot for this time of the year. >> she plans to hire more guards so they can be open for longer hours while the sistine chapel part of the museum is often full. we found plenty of space around other masterpieces including the nile. yata is working to get guides to encourage visitors to stop at lesser known spots. there's also an issue with keeping so much art on display
8:48 am
and in good shape. it takes a team of more than 150 people to work on constant restoration. >> if you do make annual and daily presser evacuation, you really do not need much restoration. >> what struck us is there's so much it fills not just public spaces but private passageways. >> even a small side room by the elevator, he's spectacular art. >> exactly. >> reporter: yes, near this back elevator, floor entine famous for his work with glazed taea t rah tear terra-cotta. >> your desk. >> it's part of this collection, yes. >> a picture of her boss sits over her shoulder. it's a reminder that this is part of a greater mission. she believes art can act as a
8:49 am
spiritual ambassador. >> of course, i'm catholic and i to believe that art takes you to places. >> next month they'll have some displayed in china. that's an effort to build spiritual bridges in a place where there are significant restrictions on traditional miss missionary work. norah? >> wow. >> that's down there in vatican city. >> don't you like the way you phrase art as a spiritual ambassador. >> it never gets old going to the vatican. we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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another fun time. >> we're all coming back. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the "a-t-f" are trying to determine the cause of a blaze four people in wes good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. fire crews and the atf are trying to determine the cause of a blaze that killed four people in west oakland. just days before the fire broke out, monday morning, inspectors warned the building's owner about 11 safety problems at the site. ahead of a meeting tonight on san jose's devastating flooding, the santa clara valley water district claims city officials had the information they needed and failed to act. last month's flooding cost $73 million in damage. the cupertino union school district is working to develop new sex education curriculum in line with the state's law. they shot down material that was too explicit for middle school students. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:56 am
8:57 am
good morning. i'm roqui theus with your local traffic update. it's 8:57. let's check the golden gate bridge. this was slow earlier to the bridge but now we have a 15- minute drive between 580 and vista point on southbound 101. the bridge traffic looking good as well heading into san francisco. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on lightening up a little bit. the maze to downtown about 15
8:58 am
minutes. the south bay, still very slow northbound 101 heading to 237 westbound as well from an earlier crash. if you are taking mass transit, caltrain northbound and southbound trains are late. roberta. make it a great day, roqui. how can't you? look at the weather outside right now. this is the view from the transamerica pyramid right now. we're looking out at it, actually. the sky is seamless. the visibility is unlimited. the air quality is spectacular. a little sea haze out there towards the east bay and alameda and oakland right now. you can see mount diablo in the background. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. it's already 57 degrees in san jose. at the coast today, we do have that kash beauchamp in effect for sneaker waves. dangerous rip currents. high today in pacifica 69 degrees. 70s bayside. 81 inland. go ,,
8:59 am
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