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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 29, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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lives in the apartment complex. she fears retaliation. she doesn't believe the punishment fit the crime. the judge sentenced malek salahi to probation and 40 days of communities service and to pay damage to the victims and $8,400 in court fines. but outside court malek salahi didn't appear contrite dodging the cameras in much the way the district attorney says he side- stepped justice. >> this is trying to drive poor vulnerable victims out of low income house. that's really taking advantage of people. >> reporter: in redwood city, feel kpix 5. >> the landlord's son is accused of attempting to prevent a witness from talking to police and is expected to go on trial ne month. >> reporter: gunfire in the oceanview neighborhood. three people were hit, one woman died. it had at broad and plymouth about 11 a.m.
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when police arrived they found the three victims lying in the street. one of those injured turned out to be a contractor who was working for muni. he was on the job when he was shot. witnesses say it happened fast. >> then i heard pow. i guess like first guy right there got shot. heard pow. but i didn't see him go down. i thought it was -- then pow pow pow pow pow pow. i jumped up and when in the back of the van. >> reporter: police are looking for the gunman. no information on who they are looking for. governor jerry brown wants to fix our crumbling roads but he wants you to pay for it. how much it could cost you. allen martin reports. >> reporter: this may be the year the governor gets his tax hike passed for infrastructure repair. winter storms proved the point that roads and bridges have been ignored far too long. we haven't had a gas tax increase in california in 23 years. but that could all change under the plan announced today.
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not only the gas tax. vehicle registration fees will go up. the governor, backed by the democrats and business and labor leaders, announced a plan to raise $5.2 billion a year for 10 years for roadwork. to do that, it would raise the gas tax of 12 cents a gallon and other fees. the judge saysgovernor says about $10 a month for other fees. we saw highway 35 in santa cruz county wash away last month, pfeiffer canyon bridge collapsed, and the governor says it's time to belly up to the bar and say, this is what it costs and we are going to pay for it. >> some critics will say oh, it costs money. yes, it costs money and if the roof in your house is, you know, leaking you better fix it because it gets worse all the time. this is mostly about fixing
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what we have. >> this would prevent lawmakers from taking transportation money and then using it for other things. that could get him the two- thirds majority needed to pass the hike. critics say california already has the highest gas tax in the country 38 cents a gallon. april 6 is the deadline for a vote. a stretch of redwood flowed castro valley is literally crumbling away. the lanes there have been shut down in both directions. chopper 5 was over the area this afternoon. this is near mile marker 7. you can see where a giant chunk of the road has crumbled. the closure blocks all access between castro valley and oakland. it will cost about $3 million to repair it. no word on when that road will re-open. people who live at the troubled millennium tower in san francisco are going after the verle and builders in a new
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lawsuit. the luxury condo tower has already sunk 16 inches since it was finished eight years ago. that's as much as it was projected to sink over its entire lifetime. now the homeowners association wants money to cover repairs and damages. they are suing the architects, engineers and general contractors as well as the developer. >> whatever it takes, our goal is to make sure that the homeowners, many of whom invested their life savings to purchase homes in this building, get what they deserve. >> an earlier lawsuit accuses the developer millennium partners of withholding information from home buyers about the problem. a sort of truce in what was becoming a heated fight over flooding in san jose. the city's mayor now taking full blame for the disaster after saying he got bad information from the water
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district. kpix 5's len ramirez is in san jose with the change in tone from both sides today. len? >> reporter: certainly has been a change in tone ever since the flooding. now more than a month ago here in the city of san jose. there's been a lot of finger- pointing with the city and valley water district angry letters back and forth. but a more conciliatory tone in a face-to-face meeting today. >> mayor liccardo, good afternoon. >> reporter: the san jose mayor sam liccardo came to the valley water district board admitting fault for the city's part in the flooding disaster on february 21. >> this happened in my city. i am responsible. we take full responsibility for the failure to warn our residents. >> reporter: 14,000 residents were evacuated, hundreds by boat, after coyote creek flowed over its banks, flooding neighborhoods in rocksprings and another area with up to 5 feet of water. in the immediate aftermath, liccardo and the board's chairman traded jabs and
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pointed fingers of blame at one another. liccardo underscored the city's contention that the water district's data showed the creek could hold much more water than it did. >> my concern is that if we do not acknowledge that this data and this information was flawed, or that there are improvements that need to be made in the communication, we are doomed to repeat this debacle. >> reporter: at the time, anderson reservoir was sending a record amount of water over its spillway down coyote creek after a series of drenching storms. after first accusing of the city of failing to act despite all necessary warnings, the water board struck a different tone. >> we're trying to review what we did and what we need to do to better ourselves next time. it's important to improve on any mistakes we make. let's resolve whatever these conflicts are and let's move on. >> reporter: it's going to be more difficult for the flood victims to move on at this point. there are still about 500 people who lost their homes or
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apartments who have not been found permanent housing, live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. another conservative writer will try to give a speech at uc- berkeley. protests turned violent in february forcing speaker milo yiannopoulos to cancel his talk. now ann coulter will speak there. organizers want to make sure this speech actually happens. >> reporter: ann coulter's visit to uc-berkeley isn't for another month. but student organizers of the event say they are nervous that the visit from the fire brand conservative will spark massive backlash like the protests the campus saw two months ago. >> we're pretty apprehensive right now about everything that's going on. >> reporter: in january, college republicans canceled the talk by commentator former breitbart editor mlio yiannopoulos after violent protestors smashed windows and started a fire outside the
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event venue. this time, the college republicans are working with the student group bridge cal which says it's hoping the university has a stronger security plan. >> more officers on the ground this time rather than on the balcony, little things we'll try to push for. >> reporter: coulter had talk immigration. >> touching our borders. >> reporter: her critics say she is anti-immigrant and her views racist. the university says it is committed to free speech. in a statement, it says the administration wishes to make clear that an invitation of this sort in no way suggests our endorsement of a particular point of view. in berkeley, jessica flores, kpix 5. >> ann coulter is scheduled to speak at cal on april 27. a scare on capitol hill today. a young woman described as erratic and aggressive crashed into a police cruiser and just missed several officers. police opened fire as they arrested her but no one was hurt. later, federal law enforcement ran her name through a
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terrorism database but didn't find the connection. the 20-year-old woman now charged with several counts of assault on a police officer. all streets around the capital are now back open after a three- hour shutdown. senate intelligence leaders are promising an impartial probe into russian interference in the presidential election. they hold their first public hearing tomorrow. >> we would be crazy to try to draw conclusions from where we are in the investigation. >> members of the senate select committee on intelligence say that they will look into possible connections between president trump's associates and russian officials. it comes as the house investigation is facing criticism related to chairman devin nunes. nunes acknowledged that he met a secret source on white house grounds last week to review classified material. that information has not been shared with the committee. >> how he conducts himself with his members, when and where he shares things, et cetera, are issues for him and the committee and the house of
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representatives. not for us. >> the white house maintains the investigation will show there is no russian connection. ivanka trump is taking on an official white house position. the first daughter's new title will be special assistant to the president. she won't take a paycheck and will be subject to federal ethics rules. she came under criticism for her informal advisory role. her husband jared kushner is a senior adviser and also does not get paid. the first lady made an appearance in washington today. she honored recipients of the international women of courage awards. >> these honorees who have fought on the front lines against injustice are true heroes. [ applause ] >> first lady melania trump told the crowd that the time for empowering women is now. since 2007 the state department has selected 12 women from around the world who demonstrated leadership and
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willness to sacrifice for others. the awards were launched by former secretary of state condoleezza rice. time to act fast if you have an unpaid traffic ticket. the break that is about to end for millions of california drivers and how you can take advantage. >> and it's the love nest that's turned these bay area birds into internet stars. how watching their every move could help their survival. >> "la la land." [ applause and cheers ] >> you remember that? it was the best picture flub her round the world. the major changes at the oscars to prevent that from happening again. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a church van and a pickup truck. a dozen people have been k we are monitoring a developing story out of texas tonight. a deadly collision between a church van and a pickup truck.
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you can see the damage there. police are telling us a dozen people died in the wreck. it happened on a two-lane highway west of san antonio. the van was carrying seniors from a baptist church in a small town. the church group was returning from a three-day retreat. it's almost the end of the road for an amnesty program that helps californians pay off old traffic tickets. but as sharon chin reports, some are now hoping the state will go even further to help drivers who can't pay. >> reporter: starting october 1, 2015, you might be able to catch a break on old traffic and non-traffic infraction tickets. >> reporter: only for a few days. the amnesty program expires monday, april 3. >> we are very close to the end. >> reporter: this lawyer says the program helped about 200,000 californians dramatically reduce old outstanding traffic fines that were supposed to be paid on or before january 1, 2013. fine that is can easily grow
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into the thousands of dollars and often result in license suspensions. >> when people can't afford to pay the tickets, they can get all of these secondary consequences because of it. >> reporter: she says a lot of people don't know about the program. >> the state says 8 million people would be eligible. >> reporter: she is hoping people will hurry up and apply. she is supporting legislation that could reduce fines for low income people who get traffic tickets by 80%. it would also end the practice of suspending the licenses of some drivers who fail to pay, something the lawyer says could help a lot of people who get tickets and ignore them because they have few other choices. >> for some people, it really does, um, mark, um, a crossroads where it can really throw people's lives off track. >> reporter: the program applies to most tickets that were issued for moving violations like making an illegal turn or wrongly using the carpool lane. it doesn't help with dui,
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parking tickets or reckless driving. we have more at sharon chin, kpix 5. sirens sounded all across the city of oakland today. [ sirens ] >> that's what it sounded like at noon. the city of oakland tested its entire emergency siren system. it's being upgraded now and will go live in april. it's all part of the alameda county alert system. the alert system can also notify residents of emergencies through text messaging. officials strongly suggest that residents sign up for that service, which is free. samsung is hoping for a fresh start after battery fire issues plagued their galaxy note 7 phone. today the company unveiled two new smartphones, the galaxy s8 and the s8-plus. samsung says that they have redesigned the flagship phones from the inside out. both have curved screens and a
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new artificial intelligence assistant called bixby not to mention an updated battery that goes through an eight-point safety check. >> puncturing it with a nail, um, putting it in machines that simulate really high temperatures, so over 150 degrees fahrenheit. >> samsung hopes to win back customers before the launch of apple's 10th anniversary iphone expected out in the fall. the samsung phones will be released april 21 starting at over $700. a controversial 4th of july tradition in woodside will live on. last night the city council members agreed that they will keep the pig scramble. the event takes place at the junior rodeo every 4th of july. now, during the the show, kids chase a dozen pigs and try to catch them. opponents say the event demonstrates animal cruelty. in texas two little girls in lake tahoe came face to face with a black bear with just a
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pane of glass between them. an organization that keeps the bear population thriving says a record number of bears didn't hibernate in the tahoe basin. they have been around people's homes looking for food. this bear stuck around for 45 minutes and then left on his own. ospreys have made a home in the richmond shipyard. >> the pair are snuggling up on a rusty crane out there. we'll give you a live look. one of the osprey -- you see the nest right there. that's a new live camera set up. that's a beautiful shot. as kpix 5's don ford reports, bird experts hope their internet fame will help their survival. >> reporter: two ospreys sometimes called fish eagles trying to start a family but they are being watched. >> streaming hd. you can see them all day and at night they switch to infrared so you can watch them all night. >> reporter: the golden gate
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audubon society installed two special cameras so you can spy on them up close even in the dark. >> talk about raptors and the gateway for birdwatching and birdwatching is the gateway drug for thinking about the environment. >> reporter: they make a racket but the nest is on top of an old world war ii ten story crane on the richmond waterfront perfect for fish eating eagles. no eggs yet moment but biologists say soon. the big birds are attracting attention. >> what kind of sound do they make? >> chip, chip! >> reporter: they are not endangered, not rare and no bother. >> they have a lot of osprey in the neighborhood now so they can be kind of difficult on each other but these birds have a good shot. >> reporter: the money to get the camera installed comes from craig newmark, craig of craigslist. but going forward the audubon society says to keep it
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running, they will be dependent upon donations. in richmond, don ford, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] yet another fantastic bay area day today some of you approaching 80 degrees. coming up in weather, find out when you get there, oh, a little taste of summer. we got some low clouds and fog rolling over san francisco. one tiny rain chance. we'll talk about that as well next. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. a big change to this year's "420 day" on hippie hill. we'll tell how the city is getting involved. ,,
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small taste of summer with your weather forecast today. we are approaching 80 degrees in both concord and santa rosa right now but the wind at sfo airport is blowing to 30 miles per hour. a little bit of low cloud cover invading parts of san francisco. where it is 14 degrees cooler. 63 degrees currently in san francisco. oakland at 66. san jose you may be the most comfortable spot. 70 degrees in the santa clara
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valley. now, there's nothing on the radar right now. nor will there be much tonight but a few rain showers out there enough to mess up your car wash. i got my car washed today. just a few drips of rainfall out there. that is it. that will be overnight tonight. that said, it's a great evening to take your family down to the beach after work and after school. there's a beach hazard statement a higher than average risk of rip currents and sneaker waves so don't turn your back to the water if you are heading to the coastline tonight. it's a beautiful night to do that. fremont 52 degrees for a low. vallejo 53. san francisco 53. mild in santa rosa, 49 degrees. we are going to see an increase in cloud cover. that's a guarantee. we'll see an increase in wind coming up tomorrow. that's a guarantee. but the majority of this front 99.9% of the rain from it, and it's not that much to our north, it's going to stay to our north. we'll get a glancing blow and a tiny chance of a couple of chance of showers overnight tonight. before midnight it's well to the north of santa rosa where you will see some showers, watch things fizzle as they
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work south. cloudy overnight, yeah. but just a few very light showers two, three, 4:00 in the morning. even the clouds are gone by 8 a.m. and we'll have a mainly sunny albeit cooler and breezy day coming up on thursday. toward the weekend, another ridge of high pressure will build in. it will be at its closest and strongest on saturday. good timing. it's the weekend. we'll see some 80s away from the water coming up on saturday before another front cools us down into next week. overnight sprinkles tonight. sunny tomorrow. breezy and dry and warmer much warmer friday and saturday. and cooler weather but staying mainly dry sunday and for the first half of next week. highs tomorrow sill above average but not as warm -- still above average but not as warm as today. napa and san jose in the low 70s with breezy conditions. warmer friday look at saturday low 80s inland. mid-70s near the bay. great day to head into san francisco, as well. or head to the beach. sunday we're cloudier but still nice. and next week, we cool things down to the 60s inland and near the bay by next tuesday and next wednesday. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pricewater house coopers... despite this year's massive best picture blunder... "moonlight, best picture." the academy decided to keep the agency t theoscars will continue to use pricewaterhousecoopers despite the best picture blunder. >> moonlight! [ applause and cheers ] >> best picture. >> the academy decided to keep the agency that has been counting ballots for the awards shows since 1934. but there will be some major changes. phones will be banned back stage for the accountants working the show. and a third accountant will be
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placed in the control room to inform producers faster if a mix-up happens again. yeah. that was an embarrassment. i don't think they really anticipated -- >> got to cover your bases. >> everybody is tweeting now. got to pay attention. the "cbs evening news" is next. >> scott pelley is here with a preview. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next, the cbs new poll reveals most americans want an investigation of russian meddling in the election. norah o'donnell will speak with paul ryan in his first intervene since last week. >> your internet service provider could soon be making money off your online shopping. >> and a song as american as apple pie. ♪[ music ] >> joins the library of congress. all of that coming up in a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00 story of four bay area women who launched their own ad campaign against islamophobia. allen and veronica will be back
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in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: unified on the senate side. >> i have confidence in richard burr that we together, with the members of our committee, are going to get to the bottom of this. >> pelley: the bottom of russian meddling in the u.s. election. also tonight, your internet t,ovider will soon be free to sell your browsing history. >> i.s.p.s are going to turn the creepiness up to 11. >> whenever women are diminished, the entire world is diminished with them. pu pelley: a rare public appearance by the first lady. ♪ long, long time ago i can ♪till remember how that music used to make me smile ♪ >> pelley: and slicing into american pie. >> reporter: but what was the song about?


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