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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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assembly. >> for decades the roads have been worse and money drying up. the roads suck. >> reporter: today governor jerry brown made it clear you get what you pay for when it comes to the state's streets, highways and bridges. >> this is like fixing the roof on your house. if you don't fix the leak your furniture will be ruined. your rug will be destroyed. the wood will rot. that's what it's all about. so step up and take care of business. that's what this bill is all about. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: but it comes with a price to us all. it would mean a 12-cent per gallon gas tax increase on an existing 18-cent excise tax on gas. and vehicle fees would go up $48 based on the value of the car. electric cars would pay $100 extra every year since they don't pay any gas taxes. all this to generate $5 billion annually for road repairs. >> i'm okay with paying a little more as long as it goes
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directly to what it's supposed to. >> we pay the highest gas prices. >> why pay senator. >> the roads and traffic is a mess. >> reporter: republicans aren't so quick to agree on higher taxes and the governor needs two-thirds vote in both houses to pass. >> what they propose is one of the largest gas tax increases in california history if not the largest and it hits and impacts hard working californians low and middle income families especially. >> reporter: the governor and other democratic leaders are ready to get this going. the governor has set april 6 as a date to get this voted on so we'll let you know. liz? >> juliette, will the money be going only towards the transportation package. >> reporter: well, they made it clear today that they have actually set a constitutional amendment that makes it clear
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that that money goes directly to that proposal. >> thank you. if you can't beat 'em, join 'em? pretty much what the city of san francisco is saying about the annual 420 pot smoke-out in golden gate park. kpix 5's phil matier on what the city has in mind and why it smacks of hypocracy. there's questions being raised 420, you can't we 'em, join 'em. make them safe. take a look. every year, thousands of stoners converge on golden gate park hippie hill to celebrate "420 day." the unofficial pot holiday. >> in the past this has been a rogue event that just kind of spontaneous. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and for just as long the city's police and park officials have chosen to sit back, hope for the best, and then spend about $50,000
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cleaning up the mess everyone leaves behind. >> we have discussions about how to stop that event and realized the reality would be it would break up into four or five different events and couldn't control any of it. >> reporter: so in good old san francisco style, they have decided if you can't beat 'em, at least try to control 'em. and that's why this year with the recreational pot now legal, "420 day" will be a city permitted event complete with sponsors, fences, and gates paid for by neighboring haight street merchants like this person. >> basically, trying to help the city and the park bring some infrastructure to make it safe and clean. >> things like porta-potties, ambulances, trash cans. >> it's a free event no money to be made. >> reporter: while smoking pot is now legal, it's still smoking. and under san francisco law, still against the law to smoke in a park. >> it's like critical mass. it's like, you know, pillow
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fights at justin herman plaza. people come. >> reporter: and breaking the laws. >> welcome to san francisco. >> reporter: now, the big question is, if they make the rules, if they put up the gates, if they put up the fences. if they get sponsors will the smokers still play by the rules? we'll know on 4/20. phil matier, kpix 5. back to you guys. >> thank you. the issue has divided people responding to a poll on our kpix 5 facebook page. so far evenly split. 50% say yes, the city should allow an official sponsor for "420 day" in golden gate park, 50% know. what do you have to say in vote at find us on facebook under kpix 5. a san francisco neighbor caught up in a wave of deadly shootings, the latest this morning. a woman was killed after shots rang out on plymouth avenue and broad street. that's in the city's oceanview neighborhood. chopper 5 was over the scene shortly after. one of the victims was a muni
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contractor. he was shot while on the job. kpix 5's wilson walker on the recent surge of violence. >> reporter: >> i thought it was a cherry bomb when i first heard it. one shot and then shots, they were gunshots. >> reporter: by the time the gunfire ended two men were shot in the lake and a woman was shot and killed steps away from her front door and two men were shot in the legs. >> i saw a lady laying on the ground leading a lot with eyes open. >> reporter: the way witnesses described it there was no safe place to be standing at this intersection. police found one mark here in the corner of the barbershop, mark b was over on the muni shelter on the south side of the intersection, and if you go to the north side of the intersection, you would find marks c, d and e all of which was tearing through a building where a man was doing construction work, fortunately, he was not hurt. >> essentially, you have somebody innocent bystanders just walking into their house shot in the head. >> reporter: that's new district supervisor [indiscernible name] now trying to make sense of the third deadly shooting at this
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intersection in just six weeks. >> this back and forth between folks over in visitacion valley and this neighborhood and we have to do something aggressively to intervene. >> there's a lot of evil stuff going on here in san francisco. we are supposed to be the city of love, not hate. there's a lot of hate here, there's a lot of prejudice, and a lot of stuff and that's not right. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. we are getting a look at two suspected makeup thieves in the east bay. police want to hear from anyone who recognizes the two women in these photos. they allegedly grabbed a bunch of cosmetics from a walgreens store on concord avenue last sunday. when an employee tried to stop them, they pushed her aside and fled. a viewer from morgan hill sent thus surveillance video of a suspected thief. you can see him get off the bus at hail avenue and yagas road monday night. walks over to the carport, seems to break into one car, rivals through the owner's stuff and gets out. he then appears to check out the other car. the car owners hope the video
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will help others keep their things safe. you may have noticed that there's some new ads going up on bart trains these days. they are centered islamophobia. kpix 5's john ramos shows us the woman behind the campaign and what inspired them to promote antiharassment. >> reporter: one thing you can say about bart, it really brings people closer together. whether they like it or not. but shortly after the election, [indiscernible name] of albany heard about a female muslim passenger being harassed and told to go back to her own country. >> i just couldn't believe it happened on bart. and that there were people there and then i began thinking, like, all right if i'm there what would i do. >> reporter: so she and neighbors took action. they opened a "go fund me" page to raise money to place this ad on bart. the cartoon graphic advises people who want to help to quietly step in and begin chatting with the victim and totally ignores the aggressor.
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the harasser will usually walk away because, well, it's hard to fight with someone who isn't paying any attention to you. >> by getting a reaction, that's probably a large part of why they're doing it. >> i thought, well, this could work not just for islamophobia, this could work for all different situations. >> reporter: the $2,700 they raised paid for 40 ads to run for 60 days. >> we welcome the message portrayed in those cards. >> reporter: bart has gotten a lot of feedback from the signs. and today, announced that they too are placing welcoming messages in their trains to support those may be feeling singled out these days. >> i think there are a lot of people out there that are scared. and this is in a way in response to that. >> reporter: the women believe their signs encouraged bart to follow suit and they are fine with that. >> it's got to be top down and it's get to be bottom up and so for us to, you know, grassroots campaign, like, we did what we could. >> reporter: in albany, john ramos, kpix 5.
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personal or public? the fight today in sacramento over teachers' private lives. >> why some want to give more freedom to faculty at religious schools. >> and pointing the finger another chapter in who is to blame over the san jose floods. what the mayor is saying today. >> who knew what and when? >> and demanding answers. residents of the so-called sinking tower file a lawsuit. what they want the owners of the millennium towers to do. >> nice character in the sky right now behind the pyramid but it's also telling the weather story to the right is to the north and there are some clouds moving in. there's a front that arrives tonight. we'll talk about chances for rain and the changes you will notice and feel tomorrow. that's next.
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the mayor of san jose and the water district have come to a sort of truce over last month's kpix 5's after weeks of finger- pointing, the mayor of san jose and the water district have come to a sort of a truce over last month's flooding. kpix 5's len ramirez was there as the mayor came forward to take the blame. len. >> reporter: there has been a lot of finger-pointing angry letters going back and forth. but today it seems both sides at least publicly want to work better together. >> i think that's part of the problem is that we're speaking greek and you don't speak greek. >> reporter: one by one -- >> having boots on the ground, whether it's our boots or your
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boots. >> reporter: -- santa clara valley water district board members tried to make peace with the city of san jose. >> let's share a [ indiscernible ] >> i look forward to it. >> reporter: san jose mayor sam liccardo came to a special water board meeting looking for answers on the february 21 flooding disaster but first admitted his own fault. >> this happened in my city, i am responsible. we take full responsibility for the failure to warn our residents. >> reporter: 14,000 residents were evacuated hundreds by boat after coyote creek flowed over its banks flooding several neighborhoods in rocksprings and a park with up to five feet of water. in the immediate aftermath liccardo and the board's chairman traded jabs and pointed fingers at one another. lyliccardo said the water district data said the creek could hold more water than it could. >> if we don't acknowledge this it data and information was flawed or there are
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improvements that need to be made in communication, we're doomed to repeat this debacle. >> reporter: at the time, anderson reservoir was sending a record amount of water over its spillway and down coyote creek after a series of drenching storms. after first accusing the city of failing to act despite all necessary warnings, the water board struck a different tone. >> we are trying to review what we did and what we need do to better ourselves for the next time, i have said publicly before how important it is for to us improve on any mistakes that we make, let's resolve whatever these conflicts are and let's move on. >> reporter: easier to move on for some than others. the biggest problem is the aftermath ongoing is housing. about 500 people are still without housing after being flooded out of their homes. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a california senator is calling on people to buckle up in the wake of last year's deadly greyhound bus crash. the ntsb released a report
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yesterday stating that seatbelts could have prevented deaths in the crash. now, senator jerry hill proposes a bill that would require bus drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts. two people were killed in last year's accident in san jose. investigators say a lack of highway markings was the cause of the crash. well, it's the biggest legal action yet against san francisco's sinking millennium tower. the 58-story high-rise has sunk more than a-foot since it was built and also tilting. now the homeowners are suing the building's developer. kpix 5's anne makovec reports, they are asking for more than $200 million to pay for repairs. >> to be sure, it will take a great deal of money to fix and retrofit the building. >> reporter: homeowners, the developer and government agencies are battling over san francisco's millennium tower, a luxury high-rise that has sunk at least 16" since its completion in 2009. >> and the structural integrity
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of this building or any building should never have to be called into question, not here or anywhere. >> reporter: another lawsuit now pending alleges millennium partners withheld information about the extent of the building's settlement from home buyers and also names the transbay joint powers authority, accusing it of improperly building on the adjacent property and contributing to the damage. >> who knew what and when and why didn't they tell the homeowners? >> reporter: the tower has what's called a predescriptive design which means it strictly follows current building codes without determining whether those will work. as a result, no study of the soil under the site was required. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the new lawsuit doesn't name the city of san francisco. well, it was another beautiful day in san francisco. and across the bay area. i mean, it was a chamber of
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commerce forecast, gorgeous. >> we don't hit the 90s or 100s inland. we hit the sweet spot. there will be more coming up in the forecast. today fremont 70. san jose 71. santa rosa and concord in the upper 70s. it was cooler near the water. half moon bay 64. and san francisco 66. so a 14-degree temperature spread today. by july, oh, that will be up around 50 degrees. let's go from one end of the spectrum to the other. we begin with a look at our snowpack. now, we always use the april 1 snowpack as our benchmark. that is saturday. so let's look at where we are right now. sierra is doing fine. we are 64% above average for the water year. now, to the boys of summer, baseball, can you believe it? the a's and giants play their first of three practice games tomorrow in san francisco. yes, i said tomorrow. clear skies, 60 degrees. there will be live baseball at
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at&t park in about 25 hours, weather will be fine. cloudy overnight tonight. slight chance of a shower. there is a weak boundary that's moving through not going to mean any widespread rainfall. it's not going to mean a huge change in the forecast tomorrow but there is a slight chance of an overnight shower. with the cloud cover like a blanket keeps you warmer while you're sleeping we stay warmer overnight tonight. livermore 53. san jose 53. santa rosa 49. clouds are gone by about 8 or 9 tomorrow morning so we get the sunshine, you'll notice a breeze outside tomorrow. and you'll also notice that 7 the in santa rosa gone. we are down to 70. vallejo down to 70. san jose hangs out around 70 degrees and san francisco may actually be warmer behind the front with a high of 68 degrees. then by friday we are right back to the dry and mild stuff. it's going to be a pleasant stretch of weather for the next several days so a couple of drips of rain tomorrow morning. that's the only chance of rain for the next seven days. warmest day will be saturday. we'll see some low 80s istanbul. mid-70s near the bay and we'll cool off next week another front with no rainfall but cooler temperatures down to the
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60s by the middle of next week. if you want to connect on social media, paul deanno kpix. that's your kpix 5 forecast. a record number of whales getting tangled in crabbing gear along the west coast. a group says 71 whales got stuck last year. once they get caught in ropes, they can starve or even die from infected wounds. california has recently passed legislation meant to encourage crabbers to remove unused fishing gear from the ocean. a rare octopus caught on camera off the coast of hawaii. scientists from the monterey bay aquarium captured this 7- arm octopus, 12 feet long, 165 pounds. its white skin makes it look translucent. monterey researchers have only found this octopus three times over the past 27 years. >> wow. another right wing heavyweight slated to speak at
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uc-berkeley. >> first milo yiannopoulos, now an ann coulter. how to stop riots before they start. >> warriors fans we have a kevin durant update moments before they run the floor san antonio. we get the latest on kd. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,
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those who have tickets to the upcoming pelicans, jazz and lakers... all right. is kd going to be able to play? >> oh, -- >> wouldn't that be great? >> i have some insight! nba up top. and the warriors, those who have tickets to the upcoming pelicans, jazz, laker games, they are about to increase in value. kevin durant may not be in street clothes much longer on the bench! the team announced today that he, quote, progressing well from his mcl injury. there he is warming up right there. he will ramp up his activity in practice. espn went further reporting kevin durant could return for the final three games of the regular season so that would be
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pelicans, jazz and the lakers. speaking of the warriors, draymond green has a lot to say, apparently, about the raiders moving to vegas. sure, they are in oakland the next couple seasons. but green chose to be a mouthpiece for raider nation. >> i feel bad for the city. if i was the fancy wouldn't attend a game for the next two years. but that's just me. you know? that's ridiculous. but no way i pay my money to attend a game and you leave one -- that's like moving the dallas cowboys or like moving the packers like moving the raiders? >> i don't know if somebody quickly told draymond green that the warriors are leaving oakland, too. off to basketball. cal men's players were really excited when they heard assistant jones was promoted to head coach. >> he was talking so fast with
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that british accent, i had no idea what he was saying. [ laughter ] >> i just knew he was excited that i was his coach. [ laughter ] >> jones has never been a head coach but he made sure he was ready today. >> and in true coaching form, you didn't lie back visualizing the introductory day? you actually walked through it the night before, right? >> i did. >> right up here at the podium. >> i came in and i went over it three or four times and at one point, i was -- i was doing the speechand there was a security guard in here listening to me. [ laughter ] >> that was kind of cool. >> all right. oakland a's last gasp of cactus lead. marcus simien is ready. john lackey, the a's fell to the cubs 15-11. oakland plays the giants inside at&t park tomorrow night. did you see this yesterday?
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wait until you see this. this is how raiders punter marquette king wished jared carr a happy birthday just blasted that thing! >> that's a cake? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> it was a cake. [ laughter ] >> oh!! >> it was. >> boom! boom. >> got the whole thing. >> right up in the air. sadly, we'll never know how the cake tasted. >> what kind of flavor was it? >> i don't know! >> maybe there was a backup cake. >> probably. probably duncan heinz vanilla not that i work for duncan heinz. >> maybe an ice cream cake? never destroyed an ice cream cake! coming up in the next half- hour check the morality of the morality clause. big pushback today in sacramento over the effort to give teachers at religious schools more reproductive rights. >> making it official. first she gets an office, now she has a title! what the first daughter's official role is at the white house. >> and rich man's justice? the district attorney crying
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foul as a landlord accused of vandalizing tenants cars escapes jail time. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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doctrine and private lives. a california lawmaker wants new
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protections for people who work our top story at 6:30, a new clash between religious doctrine and private lives. >> a california lawmaker wants new protections for people who work at religious institutions. kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen joining us live from the state capital this evening. >> reporter: assemblywoman fletcher is a catholic and is personally pro-life. but she says she believes that all employees should have the right to make their own decisions. so she is introducing a bill and this bill would apply to all employers, public, private, yours and mine and religiously affiliated institutions, as well. the bill says no employer can take action against an employee because of his or her reproductive decisions. today at the committee hearing religious groups were on hand to say this violates their right to make sure their employees walk the walk and talk the talk on and off the clock. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: back in 2015, teachers at five bay area
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catholic schools were given morality clauses to governor teachers lives 24/7. >> don't be public in rejecting catholic doctrine. >> reporter: after public outcry, the teachers and the church agreed on some watered down language. still, this woman says is may be legal for a religious employer to discipline an employee for the reproductive choices. >> existing law is not completely clear. in fact, the last case that has happened in california which was a christian college in san diego who fired a woman for being pregnant and unmarried was settled. so even though those questions once again came up they weren't -- they clearly weren't, um, there was no case law that provides a certainty. >> reporter: her bill says that employers shall not take adverse action against an employee for the use of any drug, device or medical service- related to reproductive health
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and employers shall not require employees to sign a waiver or other document like a morality contract that denies them the right to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions. >> it's only women who can be seen violating them. if a man decides to have premarital sex in the privacy of his home, nobody knows. >> our policies are not discriminatory. >> reporter: this professor of public policy at a catholic college near sacramento. >> they are applicable to a student or employee because they make themselves -- they avail themselves of those policies by becoming employees of the institution. >> reporter: what do you say to the argument that, um, you know, these people know what they are getting into? >> they are certain rights that you can't sign away. we think this should be one of those rights. >> reporter: now, an east bay assemblyman is the chairman of the labor and employment committee that heard this bill today and he voted in favor of the bill. as did the other democrats for'
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total vote of 4-2 with two republicans voting no. next stop is the judiciary committee before it goes to a full assembly vote. >> would this apply directly to churches and church leaders? >> reporter: assemblywoman gonzalez fletcher says she is going to create an exception for churches and actually the u.s. supreme court has already ruled that religious leaders enjoy a special status so that churches are expressly allowed to dictate their behavior. so who this would apply to is your more rank-and-file teachers and nurses who aren't necessarily preaching any type of gospel. live in our great state capital, melissa caen, kpix 5. >> thank you. the proposed 2020 census is not going to include questions about sexual orientation and gender identity. the bureau had collected some of that information in the past. some lgbt rights groups say they were disappointed to see the topics removed. they say that policymakers need to see that information to make informed decisions. first daughter ivanka trump
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is now set to become an official white house employee. last week ivanka trump said she would serve as an informal adviser to her father. today, she released a statement saying, instead, she would serve as an unpaid adviser. her lawyer says this position requires her to file financial disclosure forms and to follow the same rules as other federal employees. she joins her husband jared kushner in serving as adviser to president trump. senate intelligence leaders say democrats and republicans are working together to investigate any russian ind appearance in the presidential election -- interference in the presidential election looking into possible connections between associates and officials. it comes as the house investigation faces criticism related to chairman devin nunes. nunes acknowledged he met a secret source on white house grounds last week to review classified material. material that has not been shared with other committee members. >> how he conducts himself with his members when and where he
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shares things, et cetera, are issues for him on the committee and the house of representatives, not for us. >> the committee will hold its first public hearing tomorrow. the white house maintains the investigation will show there is no russian connection. protests became violent at uc-berkeley last month when a right-wing writer tried to give a speech. now another high-profile conservative is coming to cal soon. kpix 5's jessica flores tells us organizers want better security this time around. >> reporter: ann coulter's visit to uc-berkeley isn't for another month. but student organizers of the event say they are nervous that the visit from the fire brand conservative will spark massive backlash like the protests the campus saw two months ago. >> we are pretty apprehensive right now about everything that's going on. >> reporter: in january, college republicans canceled the talks by right wing commentator former breitbart editor mlio yiannopoulos after violent protestors smashed windows and started a fire
6:35 pm
outside the event venue. this time, the college republicans are working with the student group bridge cal, which says it's hoping the university has a stronger security plan. >> more officers on the ground this time rather than the balcony. different things like that, little things that we are going to really try and push for. >> reporter: coulter will talk immigration. her critics say she is anti- immigrant and her views racist. the university says it is committed to free speech. but in a statement, it says, the administration wishes to make clear that in an invitation of this sort in no way suggests our endorsement of a particular point of view. and we will continue to affirm our commitment to the values of diversity, equality and tolerance. student organizers say the april 27th event will have a question-and-answer session. and they hope instead of explosive protests, the event ignites heated discussions. >> if she comes to speak on campus and there's no challenge to her viewpoint and people just resort to violence instead maybe she doesn't speak, her
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views go unchallenged so what i challenge you to do is actually confront her. >> reporter: in berkeley, jessica flores, kpix 5. an east palo alto landlord caught trashing his tenants' cars learned his fate today. he managed to get out of doing jail time. but as kpix 5's devin fehely tells us, the d.a. doesn't think justice has been served. >> i do think it's reasonable to reduce it to a misdemeanor. that doesn't mean i condone the conduct. >> reporter: the district attorney blasted the judge's decision to reduce landlord nemat malek salehi's felony conviction to a misdemeanor describing his crime as coldhearted and calculated to do maximum damage to his poorest and most vulnerable tenants. >> this was trying to drive poor vulnerable victims out of low-income housing. that's really taking advantage of people. >> reporter: malek salehi
6:37 pm
pleaded guilty to vandalizing his tenants's cars. >> i regret it. >> reporter: while he expressed remorse, malek salehi's crime came to light after he was caught on his own security system blasting out windows of the tenants's cars with a bb un. >> it's unfair and unjust given what he had done. >> reporter: this woman who asked we not show her face because she still lives in the apartment complex and fears retaliation says she thought he got a slap on the wrist. the judge sentenced malek salehi to three years' probation and 40 days of community service and ordered to pay victims for damage and court fines. outside court malek salehi tried to duck the cameras but the d.a. said he simply doesn't feel the punishment fits the crime. >> if it were a felony where it belongs, i believe, then we would talk about jail, not just a fine or someone who is a man of wealth can write a check. >> reporter: in redwood city, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the landlord's son is also
6:38 pm
heading to court at the end of april. he is facing one misdemeanor count of attempting to dissuade a witness. a fresh start? after the battery burnout, samsung releases a new galaxy phone. why it says this phone will top all the rest. >> and biking, hiking, running and walking! the healthiest place to live here in the bay area. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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will give them another chance after battery fires sank the note 7 phone. the company has now launched two samsung is hoping customers will give them another chance after battery fires sank the note 7 phone. the company launched two new smartphones. our ken bastida here with a preview. >> reporter: yeah, forget about that note 7 because samsung is hoping for a fresh start with a galaxy s8 and s8 plus. both feature an updated battery and a new artificial
6:41 pm
intelligence assistant. >> it has been a challenging year for samsung. and today, we are here to celebrate our new milestone. >> reporter: after battery fires forced two recalls of the galaxy note 7, samsung has redesigned its latest flagship phones from the inside out. >> we took a 5.8" piece of glass, 6.2" for the plus, and we rounded the corners and curved the edges. >> reporter: to maximize screen size, the galaxy s8 and larger s8 plus have displays that curve over the edge and a virtual home button. >> with a combination of hardware and software we made sure it responds to pressure like a physical button. >> reporter: there is also a button for bixby an assistant that you can hold up to a landmark or item to get information about it. the phones are water-resistant, have wireless charging and headphone jacks, security features including iris
6:42 pm
scanning and facial recognition options, in addition to a fingerprint reader. the s8 and s8 plus also have a newly formulated battery that goes through an eight-point safety check. >> like puncturing it with a nail, putting it in machines over 150 degrees fahrenheit. >> reporter: the s8 and s8 plus will be released on april 21 starting at over $700. allen? >> whoo! ken thanks. a pair of lovebirds are internet stars. the new live stream that could make you blush. >> ah! >> we have a couple of great cameras around the bay area right now. one is picking up fog from the top of sutro tower and foggy in san francisco. find out which day carries a small chance of rain and which day will see 80s in the bay area. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and san mateo county is at the very top of the list... according to new rankings. y they ar several bay area counties are among the healthiest in california. san mateo county is at the top of the list according to the
6:46 pm
new rankings. people on the peninsula say they are not surprised. frequent exercise is a popular lifestyle with gyms often crowded. another key factor is economic prosperity. >> income and wealth affects opportunities for health and gives people choices to be healthy and stay healthy. and that ends up showing up in life expectancy. >> marin county held the title for seven years. it's now in second place. santa clara county is third. sonoma county fifth according to the robert wood johnson foundation. here's inspiration to get outside. people have been talking about it all the daily in the newsroom. this is a live look at the osprey cam. it's watching over a nest that's built on a crane overlooking the san francisco bay. if you look at the bottom of your screen there, you can see just barely see them. intimate lives of some of na 's wildest raptors. âsometimes >> birdwatchers are loving it. don ford shows us it offers a rare look look at the lives
6:47 pm
every raptors. >> reporter: two osprey sometimes called fish eagles just trying to settle down and start a family but they are being watched. >> two cameras, hd streaming. you can watch them all day by the beautiful lights on san francisco bay and then at night, they switch to infrared so you can watch they will all night. >> reporter: the golden gate audubon society installed two special cameras so you, too can spy on them up close even in the dark. >> talk about raptors, the gateway for birdwatching and bird way is the gateway drug for thinking about the environment. >> reporter: they do make a racquet but the necessary sits on top of an old world war ii 10-story crane on the richmond waterfront perfect for fish eating eagles. no eggs yet at the moment but biologists say soon. [ tweet me at #ewengerkpix . [ tweet, tweet ] >> reporter: they arethey are attracting attention. >> they chirf like that.
6:48 pm
>> reporter: they are not rare or bothering anyone. >> we have a lot of osprey in the neighborhood so they can be difficult on each other but these birds have a good shot. >> reporter: the same money to get the camera installed and operating initially comes from craig newmar, that's craig of craigslist. but going forward, the audubon society says to keep it running, they will be dependent upon donations. in richmond, don ford, kpix 5. >> they call them a fish hawk. >> something tells me they have a lot of food in the area right there. >> gorgeous with low cloud cover heading toward sfo. we'll check the current temperatures outside. it's still 75 in concord. nice. santa rosa 74. livermore 72. cooler near the water where we have that low cloud cover working its way in from the ocean. 61 in san francisco across the bay. 63 in oakland. rainfall off the mendocino and humboldt county coastlines.
6:49 pm
there's a very weak boundary moving through tonight which will give us a slight chance of an overnight shower that's the only rain chance for the next week. heading out to the beach this evening, lucky you, be smart though, keep your eyes on the beach don't put your back to the water higher than normal risk for rip currents and sneaker waves, a beach hazard statement for the next hour. rough surf coming up tonight. lows in the 50s, oakland 53. san jose 53. napa 50. we'll be cloudy tonight. you may have noticed clouds building to the north all afternoon long. they are working toward us. there's a very wimpy front going to idaho and nebraska missing us but will give us a few showers toward ukiah and willits overnight tonight around midnight. any shower activity 2:00 3:00 4:00 in the morning and then it is gone. the clouds are gone by 8 a.m. yielding a mainly sunny but cooler and breezier day tomorrow. if you want it warm again, hang on. saturday big ridge of high pressure builds closer once
6:50 pm
again. we'll likely see widespread 80s away from the water on saturday. so couple of sprinkles overnight tonight, sunny and breezy during the day tomorrow. we are mainly dry and warmer on friday and saturday. then cooler weather but still dry weather early next week. i know a lot of students are heading on spring break next week. we'll be dry at least through next wednesday. a couple of degrees above average tomorrow despite the cooldown. 70 in santa clara. 67 union city. 64 pacifica. breezy, 71 pleasant hill. san ramon upper 60s. concord right around 70 degrees. novato you hit 70. sausalito 68. lakeport 64. extended forecast: a coffee shop owner, taking a unique approach to paying his employees.. ho a piece of coming up, changing the world one cup at a time. >> a coffee shop owner taking a unique approach to paying his employees. how workers are getting a piece of the pie. ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
community. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. an oakland entrepreneur not just serving coffee at cafe. he is transforming his community. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: from the beans he buys to the profits he shares, he is creating a new coffee culture in his community one cup at a time. ♪[ music ]
6:54 pm
reporter: at the coffee box in uptown oakland change is brewing from the ground up. >> coffee gives an opportunity for people to sort of build community. >> thank you. >> reporter: artist and food entrepreneur keba konte opened the coffee box cafe nine months ago as part of the red bay coffee the wholesale business he founded in 2014 with a mission. >> i like to remind the world that coffee is africa's gift to the world. >> what does it smell like? >> reporter: but few african- americans work in the industry so he intentionally hired a staff comprised entirely of people of color plus women, former prisoners and foster children who aged out of the system. account manager maria fernandes is one of keba's 17 employees. >> there's so much inclusion and diversity. >> reporter: what also makes his business model unique, all
6:55 pm
the employees get a taste of the profits. at the roasting plant employees share 10% of the profits. and at the coffee box, workers evenly divide all of the profits. that's possible because the coffee box started with a record-breaking kickstarter campaign that raised $88,000 from more than 800 donors. >> i think he is a revolutionary small business owner. >> reporter: red bay coffee's financial manager antoine hicks applauds keba's? philosophy. >> i know i'm making a positive impact on my community so i feel great. >> reporter: so for his innovative business model that broadens job opportunities in his community, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to keba konte. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> he buys his coffee beans directly from farms in africa, central america and southeast asia including a business in tanzania that was founded by
6:56 pm
david robinson son of baseball legend jackie robinson. small world. >> i love that cupping technique where they taste it, slurp it a good technique. >> thank you. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at >> always good to recognize the folks in the community. or news throughout the evening the latest is always on ou r website, >> joi n us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. >> and then right back here tonight at 11. enjoy the evening. ♪[ music ]♪ ,,,, ,,
6:57 pm
final four for the 13th time in school history the cardinal left for dallas after practice on tuesday. they will play south carolina on friday as they try and knock off another #1 seed mississippi state will try to end u- conn's 111-game winning
6:58 pm
streak in the other semifinal. gonzaga is in the final four for the first time ever and it's been a long time coming for coach mark few.
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank you much, now. i appreciate it, folks. heh. thank y'all. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, i got to tell you, we got a big one for you today. returning for their fifth and final day with a total of 22,060 bucks, from san francisco, cali, it's the champs, it's the cannon family! [cheering and applause] and from oakland, california-- that's right over the bridge or something like that-- it's the johnson family! [cheering and applause]
7:00 pm
everybody's here trying to win theyself some cash, and today, if the cannon family wins today's game, they gonna drive out of here in a brand-new car. >> that's right. steve: let's go meet the johnson family! [cheering and applause] fredrick. how you doing, man? fredrick: hey, how are you? steve: well, that's good, man. introduce everybody, fredrick. fredrick: all right, this is my beautiful wife, yolanda, who-- we've been married 32 years. steve: yeah, you went--you go. fredrick: yeah, i've been with her. yeah, i gave it--yeah. steve: yeah, man. you--you went way up, man. fredrick: oh, yeah, i did. yeah. she's younger than me, too. i make sure i get taken care of. steve: she's younger than you? fredrick: yeah. yeah, i make sure i get taken care of. steve: yeah, my wife younger than me, too. fredrick: i can't say too much because her mother at the end of the line. steve: oh, that's her mama down there? fredrick: yeah. betty: yes, and i'm listening. steve: well, they've been married 30 years, so whatever it was... betty: i told him something really good. steve: oh, you did, miss betty? betty: yeah. steve: ok. what--what'd you ll


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