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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 30, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> bullets fly in this bay area neighborhood. innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire. tonight, one of them is dead. and the gunman still on the loose. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. tonight, the family of the woman who died says she moved her from china 16 year ago to help take care of her family in san francisco. tonight, kpix5's susie steimle reports she was stepped from her home in the ocean view neighborhood when she was killed. >> reporter: leanne wu's niece says she was walking to the bus stop when she was shot. now, they are hopeing to move her daughter to a safer home. >> we heard boom, boom, boom,
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boom, we heard gunshots. >> reporter: gwynn brown was one of the first people on the scene. her nonprofit works to deter violence with inner city youth. her training kicked in when she saw two people bleeding on the ground. when she saw the woman next to them, she knew she wouldn't survive. >> i checked for a pulse. i felt no pulse. i checked her neck and her wrist. i didn't feel anything. >> three victims on the ground. there is another victim in front of the barbershop as well. >> reporter: newly released dispatch calls give us a glimpse into the chaotic triple shooting on plymouth and broad street. all the victims are innocent bystander. one of the men was working for muni at the time shots rang out. initial reports detail the car the suspects may have been driving. >> we have a suspect description of the bmw7 series. >> this is an area we are familiar with. >> reporter: in fact, it is the third homicide here in six
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months. police will be stepping up patrols over the next few days. they can offer few answers as to what exactly happened. >> i don't know how many people we are looking for at this moment. i don't know what the motive is at this particular moment. >> she died right in front of that van. >> reporter: for gwynn, it is hitting close to home because she knows what the families are going to go through. >> i feel for their families so very much. so very much. >> reporter: in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix5. >> also in the news tonight, a federal judge in hawaii placed an indefinite hold on president trump's new travel ban. it would suspend immigration from these six majority muslim countries. hawaii's attorney general issued this statement. "while we understand that the president may appeal, we
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believe the court's well reasoned decision will be affirmed." tonight, bay area cities are upping the ante going after president trump. they are not just protesting the travel ban or the wall. kpix5's andria borba reports they want him impeached. >> reporter: sitting on park street and alameda is lester dixon's van plastered with signs that read resist. >> my reason for doing this is just to show there is a resistance to what trump is all about. >> reporter: while the resistance to president trump has largely been private citizens across the bay area and country, now, municipalities are jumping into the fray. this is a five page resolution passed tuesday night by the berkeley city council calling for the president to be impeached. >> we are one of the first cities to stand up against apartheid. >> reporter: berkeley city council member kate harrison
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cosponsored the resolution. >> do you think it will do anything? >> i think it will send a powerful message. >> reporter: the home of the free speech movement was not the first city in the bay area to pass the resolution calling for the impeachment of president trump. richmond and alameda got there first. >> we want to make sure we are on the right side of history. we should be concerned about upholding civil rights and the constitution. >> reporter: all three cities are sending their resolutions calling for investigations and impeachment to congresswoman barbara lee. howard epstein calls the resolutions crazy. >> since the election of president trump, they have been acting like three-year-olds throwing temper tantrums. >> reporter: the calls for impeachment over russia, foreign money, and attacks on the press are american values she says. >> this is not a matter of policy, disagreement with taxes, how we approach healthcare. this is about the very essence
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of our constitution. >> reporter: in the east bay, andria borba, kpix5. >> tragedy in texas tonight. at least 13 people were killed when a pickup truck slammed into a church bus. that collision left behind a heap of crushed and mangled metal. it happened near san antonio. authorities say the pickup veered into oncoming traffic and collided with that bus head on. >> our church families doing what church families do. they are coming together. they are crying together. they are praying together. of course, there is anxiousness as to who was on the bus. >> the church members were returning home from a three day retreat. they were all senior citizens. san francisco police are investigate ago hit and run that nearly killed a 76-year- old woman. the car struck a pedestrian in north beach just after 3:00
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this afternoon. the woman suffered life threatening injuries. witnesses say the car sped off northbound on columbus so far, no arrests. if you have driven anywhere in the bay area lately, i don't have the tell you our roads are a mess, especially after all the storms. tonight, democratic leader ins the state have a plan to fix them, but, as kpix5's juliette goodrich tells us, it involves the t word. >> reporter: hour after chopper 5 spotted another chewed up bay area road, we heard this from the speaker of the state assembly. >> transportation in california has been getting worse for decades and the funds to fix it have been drying up. let's be clear. our roads suck. >> reporter: and today, governor jerry brown made it clear you get what you pay for when it comes to the streets, the highways, and the bridges. >> this is like fixing the roof
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of your house. if i where don't fix the leak, your furniture will be ruined. the rug will be destroyed. the wood will rot. that is what it is all about. so, step up. and take care of business. that is what this bill is all about. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: but it comes with a price to us all. it would mean a 12-cent per gallon tax increase on gas. and, vehicle fees would go up as average of $48 a car. and electric cars, a $100 fee. >> they are proposing one of the largest gas tax increases in california history. and it hits and impacts hard working low and middle income families. >> reporter: the democratic leaders are ready to get this going. they have set april 6 as a deadline to have the proposal
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voted on. in pleasanton, juliette goodrich, kpix5. lawmakers in north carolina say they have a deal to repeal the state's controversial bathroom bill. it requires transgender people to use public restrooms that correspond with the sex on their birth certificate. tonight, the governor tweeted that a compromise has been reached. he says it is not perfect, but it begin to repair north carolina's reputation. details will be revealed at a press conference tomorrow morning. tonight, a new lawsuit puts a price tag on the stinking millennium tower in san francisco. more than $200 million to pay for repairs. kpix5's allen martin breaks it all down. >> reporter: people who live at the troubled millennium tower in san francisco are going after the developer and the builders in a new lawsuit. the luxury condo tower has already sunk 16 inches since it was finished eight years ago. that is as much it was
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projected to sink over its entire lifetime. now the homeowners association wants money to cover repairs and other damages. they are suing ark tacts, engineers and general contractors as well as the developer. >> whatever it takes, our goal is to make sure that the homeowners, many of whom invested their life savings to purchase homes in this building get what they deserve. >> reporter: an early lawsuit accuses the developer, millennium partners, of withholding information from home buyers about the problems. the new lawsuit does not name the city of san francisco. allen martin, kpix5. remember these riots? tonight, uc berkeley is bracing for a possible round two because of another provocative guest coming to campus. >> neighbors say this prowler got off a bay area bus and headed straight for his target. tonight, it is all caught on camera.
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nearly half of everyone there say: they're ready to pack >> sick of living here? tonight, the bay area county where nearly half of everyone ,,,,,,,,
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final four for the 13th time in school history the cardinal left for dallas after practice on tuesday. they will play south carolina on friday as they try and knock off another #1 seed mississippi state will try to end u- conn's 111-game winning streak in the other semifinal. gonzaga is in the final four for the first time ever and it's been a long time coming for coach mark few.
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watch the top right corner of your screen. this i night. a guy gets >> caught on camera, a prowler take it is bus to break into cars. this is in morgan hill monday night. the guy gets off the bus at hale avenue. he heads straight for the car ins a carport. breaks into one. snoops around. gets out. and appears to check out other cars. tonight, another provocative guest set to speak at cal. ann coulter. jessica flores on the effort to stop any riots before they start. >> reporter: ann for another mo but people are nervous that it will spark massive backlash like what the campus saw two
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months ago. >> we are pretty after rehencive abdomen everything that is going on. >> reporter: in january, college republicans canceled the talk by right wing commentator milo yiannopoulos after violent protesters smashed windows and started a fire outside the event venue. this time, the college republicans are working with the student group bridge cal which says it is hoping the university has a stronger security plan. >> more offense on the ground this time. rather than on the balcony. different things like that. little things that we will try to push for. >> reporter: coulter will talk immigration. her critics say she is racist. the university says it is commit today free speech but in a statement says the administration wishes to make clear that an invitation of this sort in no way suggests our endorsement of a particular point of view. in berkeley, jessica flores, kpix5. >> ann coulter is scheduled to speak on april 22.
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the senate intelligence committee will hold its first hearing on russian interference. a top republican and democrat on the committee says their investigation will steer clear of politics. >> an outside foreign adversary effectively fought to hijack our most important democratic process. the election of a president. and in that process decided to favor one candidate over another. >> the committee is looking at thousands of the documents. it requested interviews with 20 people. so far, the only one publicly identified is president trump's son-in-law jared kushner. half of americans say they believe russia interfered with the election and say they did it to help mr. trump. we are learning more than 600 companies have put in bids to help build president trump's wall along the mexican border.
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cbs reporter macy jenkins tells us a handful of those companies are here in northern california. >> just bringing drugs over. and we can't get them. we don't know who they are. so, build the wall. >> reporter: 95 miles outside of sacramento, rick aguilar runs a construction support business from his home in avery. with six part time employees, he says he is always looking for opportunities for work. >> if a contractor's contract is $300 million, he is going to take 58% of that $58 million and give it out to small businesses. >> reporter: so, he put his company's name in the running to help build the 2000-mile wall on the mexican border. it is one of the most contentious issues of president trump's campaign and administrations and even though aguilar calls himself a conservative. >> there is no politics that puts money in my pocket so helping to build this wall is not something political to me. >> reporter: and says his company can offer cost
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estimators and scheduling to the project. so when it comes to government money, it is not just conservative business owners interested. i talked to a democrat in the bay area who wants her company to play a part in the plan. >> if the country is going to go ahead and go with this, i want to do it in a smart way. >> reporter: liz durr is the cofounder of a software company called similarity. it can recognize illegal border crossings. >> the technology for building walls is 10,000 years old. and we have way better technology now. >> reporter: but assembly member phil ting has new legislation to december courage companies from building the wall. if passed it would require the top two pension fund to liquidate any investments in the companies involved. he says california builds bridges, not wall. this is a wall of shame and we don't want any part of it. in avery, macy jenkins, kpix5. >> this is something we are not used to hearing in the bay area.
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san francisco home prices are falling. they have dropped almost 14% since hitting an all-time high last april. that is because overall, single family home sales hit a five- year low last month according to the multiple listing service. if you have ever thought of leaving the bay area y because of our sky high prices, you are not alone. betty yu has a look at eye opening new numbers tonight. >> reporter: among the people in the bay area thinking about leaving the next few years, those here in santa clara county, home to silicon valley. came out on top with the highest number of people thinking about getting a new address outside the bay area. >> it is too expensive. too expensive. to have a normal life. >> reporter: two of the top reasons a growing number of bay area residents want to leave, according to a newly released annual survey from the bay area
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council. an advocacy organization. 40% of those polled are looking to less expensive pastures. 46% are millennials. people ages 18-39. like 30-year-old erica sanchez. she saved 3500 a month to rent a two bedroom in santa clara. the council polled a thousand people from the nine counties. >> our real concern is that the economy of the bay area could be at stake. and, then, the quality of life that goes along with it. >> housing prices are so high that it definitely makes me want to move elsewhere. >> reporter: housing problems, traffic, homelessness, and income inequality ranked high on the list of problems. but, for many in the tech industry, like adam who works at apple. >> the bay area offers so much in terms of things to do. we can go at two-and-a-half hours northeast. we can go two hours south and go to yosemite. it offsets the high cost of
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living. >> reporter: the survey also found that optimism overall is down from three years ago. when more than half of those surveyed say the area is headed in the right direction. in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. other notable survey results, 42% feel they think thing ins the bay area are going in the right direction. 42% in the wrong direction. and 17% said they don't know. well, our weather is pretty beautiful. you can see why a lot of people want to live here. >> nobody is leaving because of the climate. our climate is in my opinion the best in the country. but, you judge for yourself. we will be a little windy tomorrow. especially at the coast, the hills. a wind advisory posted. we have a front moving through tonight. lunchtime to 8:00, that's the coast. and then midnight tomorrow night, through lunchtime friday, it will be windy. and our higher elevations. we have rain in humboldt county. that is where most of it is
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going to stay. there is the tiniest chance of a shower overnight tonight. that is it. we are cloudy. that will keep things mild. san francisco, oakland, 53. concord, 51. redwood city, 52. let's talk about two extremes here. first, snow pack. looking good. 64% above average. the big april 1 measurement coming up this weekend. snow pack is fine. but, we have from snow to the boys of summer. baseball, tomorrow, in san francisco, exhibition baseball. the as and the giants. lit be breezy, clear skies, 60 degrees. warmer than all the games in july and august. 99.9% of the rainfall from the front will stay to the north. it is blocked by this ridge of high pressure, but it makes it through and we will see a few showers and lit be cooler and breezy tomorrow. let's talk about the timing. the rain is still well to the north. by 4:00, the rain is sliding through. only a few light showers. as early as 8:00 in the morning, the rain is gone. the clouds are gone.
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for all intents and purposes it will be another sunny day with the front sneaking in here now. and stronger closer, 80s are likely on saturday. away from the water so a few sprinkles overnight. otherwise, sunny and breezy. mainly dry and warmer. friday and saturday. cooler weather and still dry for sunday and early next week. highs around 70. oakland, 69. again, toasty friday and saturday. we will see mid 70s near the bay to start off the weekend. as we head toward sunday and next week, we do cool down, but, we will stay near average for the next several days. and really, no big storms are coming. this the s the time of year when things are calming down and they are right on time. >> very welcome. it is very pleasant and we have earned the break. >> senior we certainly have. the bay area raptors that became an internet sensation coming up. >> and here are tonight's guests ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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check it out: 2 osprey built their nest atop a >> a couple of bay area birds
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are internet stars tonight. >> check this out. two ospreys built their nest atop a rusty crane in richmond. members of the audibon society got so excited they set up live cameras that are fixed on the nest day and night. so far, there are not any eggs to protect. but biologists say it is only a matter of time. well now, ahead, it looked bad. really bad for the warriors at san antonio. down 15-0 in the first four minutes? how much of a beating was it? well, stick ,,
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balboa after 15 rounds with apollo n antonio... >> nba up top for the warriors from the jump. they looked like rocky balboa after 15 rounds with apollo creed. kevin durant. no help. still not in the lineup. he is close to a return. but tonight, look at the score.
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bottom right. lamarcus aldridge deep. klay thompson. steph curry scored 13 that quarter. 52 combined points for the splash brothers. the spurs are not done. high, low, to gasol. a key bucket late. put them up ten and we are done here. warriors won it 110-98. that is nine straight wins for the dubs. russell westbrook and the thunder made another mvp case against orlando. westbrook, the and one. 13 rebounds, 11 assists. 38 triple double. the thunder beat the magic 114-
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106. cal welcomed joaquin jones. jones' first time as a head coach. yet, he addressed the full court of experience. 15 years on the bench. as for his son, jamil's development as a player, the coach explains. >> he is an absolutely wonderful young man. i need you to get a little meaner on the court though. all right? you are a nice guy, but, between the lines man, we have, you know, we talked about this. >> on the right, in black, anna the hurricane hulitan of san francisco. first fight of 2017. she beat maria nunez in an eight round super round in new mexico. welcome back. nunez is a wbo contender. i go back so long with anna, she calls me uncle vern. >> i lover it.
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good for her. >> get some ring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,h stephen
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>> okay, leeza. we're ready for you on set. >> thanks, guys. >> i'm walking to set with our ladies. >> we're gonna do a last, final mike check. >> of course. all right. have a good show, everybody. >> female announcer: the following is a paid presentation for dr. denese skinscience. >> male announcer: and now the exclusive premiere of "winning the wrinkle war," examining how powerful age-renewing and youth-building ingredients can actually deliver incredible results like these in just 14 days. >> female announcer: and transform your skin like this in only 60 days. >> male announcer: but first, let's join reporter and emmy award-winner leeza gibbons. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, ladies. thank you. thank you so much, and welcome. i'm excited about our program today because we're talking


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