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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 31, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ne makovec in key details revealed. state lawmakers break down their plans for a single payor healthcare system. good morning, i'm anne makovec. >> i'm kenny choi. sanda osbourne reports. >> reporter: senate bill 562 the details just released by the senator's office. here's what we know. californians would be required to join this public program. insurance companies would be barred from charging for services already included in the plan. it will provide coverage for all 39 million californians including medical emergency dental vision mental health and nursing home care. it would eliminate copays and deductible, it would allow
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people to choose doctors from a list of providers and would cover those traveling. a nurse says it's a right: e cost and the numbers thoughâthat's where th vague. detail >> reporter: now, speaking of the cost, and the numbers, that's where things have been vague. details on how it would be financed are still pending. but the senator's office said it would be paid for by taxes somehow. so that's something we'll have to keep an eye out on details. >> what's different this time around? >> reporter: in the past what we have we have seen there were proposals in 2007 and in 2011. neither won approval from the voters or from the legislature. now, the estimated cost of the2007 proposal would have been $209 billion potentially putting an 8% wage tax on employers and 4% on employees but, of course, we don't have the details on this new
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proposal just yet. by the way, the governor told the "l.a. times" that he is skeptical about the state's ability to fund this program. >> when it comes to healthcare, it's like facebook relationships. it's complicated. [ laughter ] >> very complicated. [ laughter ] >> sandra, thank you. president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn is reportedly offering to testify before the fbi and others about the trump campaign's potential ties to russia but only if granted immunity from possible prosecution. >> the bombshell was confirmed thursday by flynn's attorney robert kellner who issued a statement saying his client certainly has a story to tell you about is first seeking assurances against unfair prosecution. >> you don't ask for immunity unless you feel like you're in legal jeopardy. so we have to be very careful here. >> reporter: flynn was fired back in february for misleading vice president mike pence about his discussions with russia's ambassador before the inauguration. in an appearance on nbc's "meet the press" during the campaign he spoke about the implications of immunity. >> when you are given immunity
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that means you probably committed a crime. >> reporter: embroiled in his own controversy house intelligence committee devin nunes was mum on immunity. reports swirled yesterday that two national security staffers secretly helped him examine intelligence information on white house grounds last week. >> why all the cloak and dagger stuff? >> reporter: all this on the same day senate intelligence committee members held their first hearings into russian interference in the 2016 election. >> i can tell you right now today accounts tweet at president trump during high volumes when they know he is online and they push conspiracy theories. >> reporter: experts testified thousands of operatives worldwide continue to push fake news and conspiracy theories online to influence american opinions. the white house has invited the leaders of the house and senate intelligence committees to view classified information it says is relevant to the russian probe. democratic minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for nunes to step aside. she tweeted:
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and state senator kamala harris o is on the intelligence committee tweeted quote: "russia attacked the heart of our democracy and they can - and will - do so >> state senator kamala harris who was on the intelligence committee tweeted: supreme ck, two democratic senators now say they'll back judge neil gorsuch. >> now to president trump's supreme court pick. two democratic senators say they will now back judge neil gorsuch. joe joe manchin says i will vote to confirm judge neil gorsuch to be on the -- to be the ninth justice on the supreme court. and senator heidi height camp. north dakota also announced her plans to vote in favor of judge gorsuch on twitter. this comes as more than 30 senators have come out against judge gorsuch and pledged support for a filibuster. the senate judiciary committee will vote on monday. the committee will then send its recommendation to the full senate.
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new this morning, a charred mess left behind after a two- alarm fire ripped through a san jose duplex overnight. it started about midnight along south 11th street. both units were in flames when firefighters arrived. nearby houses were evacuated as a precaution. crews kept the fire from spreading. no one was hurt. no word on the cause. 5 minutes after 6:00. let's check in with roqui theus for a check on our morning commute. >> thank you, anne. yeah. the whole quiet morning in the traffic center, yeah, that's over. we have a problem on westbound 4 so if you are going there, i know arnold our viewer and all his neighbors might be stuck in this so listen up. westbound 4 between railroad avenue and bailey road there's a two-car crash blocking at least the left lane causing major slowdowns. look at that. two miles per hour and that backup all the way to somersville road so give yourself extra time to get through there. once you get past it, if you get past it it will take a while clear to concord and walnut creek.
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now to the san mateo bridge, between hayward and foster city, traffic looking smooth. it's slowing down a little bit. 20 minutes and high winds. more on those high winds, here's roberta. >> thanks, roqui. morning, everybody. we'll head on over to our live weather camera featuring the mount vaca area looking in the direction of concord and mount diablo. it's beginning to brighten up. official sun-up at 6:5. i wanted to share this view with you because if you look very carefully, you will notice the camera is wavering, it's being jostled around by the very high winds and that particular area up to 28 miles per hour at this early hour. temperatures stand at 46 degrees in santa rosa to the mid-50s around the bay. it is now 53 degrees in san jose and also in livermore. 52 redwood city. so the winds are the story again this morning. oakland just dialed back. was blowing now 22 san francisco. 23 sfo. sustained winds out of the north up to 17. half moon bay 14 in the concord
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area. you're getting the feel for it. it's very breezy to downright windy this morning. so the high wind advisory is in effect until noon. the winds gradually ease during the afternoon hours. but still will blow out of the north 10 to 20 miles per hour so we have the sunshine. we have a warmer day. we have a breezy day this weekend saturday will be the warmest of the two coming up the dry weather pattern will continue into next week. today 60s at the coast low 70s around the bay. keep in mind, average high typically for this last day of march we should be about 62 san francisco. so above average. low 70s in mountain view today. mid-70s in napa and in sonoma. tri-valley low to mid-70s. we'll have the weekend forecast and the battle of the bay coming up. a san francisco police search for the driver behind a recent hit-and-run a new report
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shows a trend in pedestrian safety nationwide. kpix 5's lisa chan is live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: this is the intersection in north beach where a car struck a pedestrian on wednesday. pets fatalities run in the united states that% 25% since 2010. in the last two years the number of pedestrians dying in crashes is up 22%. this is the highest in decades. the governor's highway safety association did the study and shows pedestrians aren't looking both ways. they are distract by the phones. another big issue is alcohol. 15 of pedestrian accidents involve a drunk driver, 34% involve drunk walkers. most of this happened at night. but the hit-and-run that happened and nearly killed a 76- year-old on wednesday here in north beach happened at 3 p.m. the woman suffered life-
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threatening injuries. now, witnesses say the car sped off down columbus street. so far, no arrests have been made. live in north beach, lisa chan, kpix 5. time now 6:09. an overpass collapses following a massive fire. the damage left behind on one of atlanta's major interstates. and the havoc that the shutdown is causing for drivers this morning. 6:09 we are off to a blustery start to your friday. the weekend forecast and the changes you need to know about still straight ahead. >> and you have to worry about those blustery winds if you are travelings across the span of the san mateo bridge. there is a stalled car. we'll tell you where it is and how bad it's slowing you down. >> plus, helping pinpoint where you are picked up. next in our tech report, the major uber update and how it works. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. you can see it topple over trailers at this r-v center. new surveillance video shows the moment a tornado touched down. that is in monroe, washington. you can see it topple over some of the trailers there. that is at an rv center one of the trailers landing on a car. the national weather service confirms this was an f0 tornado. doesn't take an expert to see swirling on the video. it was my job to see if i could find evidence to support that was swirling wind. >> the area where the tornado touched down was small. nobody was hurt. the rv center tried to make the most of it. you see on this sign there. the rvs here blow all the rest away! [ laughter ] right now officials have declared a state of emergency in atlanta. this after a massive fire and highway collapse during rush hour yesterday afternoon. crews worked for hours trying
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to tackle the flames. traffic was at a standstill for miles as you can see. officials say over a quarter of a million cars take that highway every day. some people were forced to make their own paths to get off the road. >> i have never seen such smoke. it reminded me of a war zone. >> i have been driving for an hour and a half. i'm just trying to go home. >> this incident make no bones about it will have a tremendous impact to travel. >> investigators are looking into whether these reels of fiber cables underneath the freeway fueled the flames. no injuries. it was a close call. there were firefighters tackling that blaze right underneath that part of that interstate and then just a few minutes later it collapsed. >> so the morning commute in atlanta, definitely a mess right now. i can't minimize that for sure, but, you know, they don't have to get around like we do with your only have a few bridges. >> but you know what? our bridge was shut down after
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loma prieta earthquake so now they can sympathize and understand what we went through back in 1989 here in the bay area. the cypress freeway, the bay bridge, our commute was just horrific here in the bay area. >> we don't have a lot of choices to get around. >> speaking of friends, actually out there, you had a couple of friends in atlanta. >> yes. they are saying it's going to be a nightmare. a lot of people staying home today. >> i'm sure they are not complaining about that. [ laughter ] >> early weekend. >> that kind of damage. >> it's going to be for a while. >> so we can't complain over here in the traffic center. i mean, we have some things going on. but i mean, not that bad. so here's a live look at san jose at traffic moving pretty smoothly in both directions on highway 101 at trimble road. but then also, in the south bay we have a problem here. let's take a look at northbound 101 at bailey avenue, an overturned big rig. but all green in the area so
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looking good. but there are crews on scene and an overturned big rig out there. san mateo bridge slowing down 25 minutes between hayward and foster city. and this is all because of a stalled car on the high-rise and expect high wind as well and more on those high winds, roberta, i'll send it to you, girl. >> all righty. good morning, everybody. we are going to go ahead and take a look at this particular time at our live weather camera because i want to send you on outside so you can just see just how clear the skies are at this very early hour. official sunrise is at 6:58. that's what will greet you out the door. you will need your sunglasses today. bright sunshine a warmer day but right now we're still dealing with some windy conditions. here's another view. this time from mount vaca, if you look very carefully, you can see the camera wavering slightly. that's because the winds have been blowing up to 28 miles per hour there. 46 degrees santa rosa. it's now in the low to mid-50s around the rim of the bay through the peninsula and into the south bay. san jose now sporting 53 degrees. same in livermore.
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okay, we have been talking about the winds for days now. they are at 22 miles per hour in san francisco. the winds are lightening up right now at oakland 23 sfo. 10 to 20 along the shore. 15 now in novato. 18 san rafael. stepping out this morning in fairfield at 21, these winds will begin to ease up later this afternoon. but boy, they will be blowing out of the north 10 to 20 this morning up to 30 wind advisory in effect for much of the bay area. the wind is ushering the pollen around and if you have allergies it's high again today. three things: >> 80s inland and breezy sunday. low is departing. high pressure is building in. it's strengthening and causing a pressure gradient so the
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winds along the coastline today into monterey at 65. getaway friday 60s and 70s in the central valley. at the high sar, no need for the chains this weekend. six inches of new snow in kirkwood and northstar. full-on sunshine for your fun in the sun no need for the chains in the high sierra. 6:57 is official sunrise. it sets at 7:31. temperatures across the board 60s and 70s well above average. should be at 62 san francisco. instead, 70. check this out. your first weekend of april above average temperatures. we have ourselves a battle tonight. it's a battle of the bay the shark on the mound for the giants, cotton on the mound for the a's. what a night at the ballpark. in the mid-60s. enjoy your day. we have some tech news for you on a friday morning. including an opportunity to change your mind and update to uber's app will let you switch your pickup location.
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even if your ride is already on the way. the feature is ready for ios users to download and here's how it works. once the driver is headed your way you can tap edit next to your pickup location address. after that you can drop a pin wherever you're going to a new pickup spot. with the had been of facebook you can donate money. finish launching a personal fundraising feature over the next few weeks. fundraisers will incur a transaction fee of course. though. it is 6.9%. plus 30 cents per donation. it's competing with go fund me and you caring. it covers security and fraud protection as well as vetting and payment processing. apple trying to clean up its app store after cracking down on outdated apps.
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the company is placing restrictions on how developers describe their apps. venture beat is reporting apple is now rejecting updated and new apps submissions that have the word free so you'll no longer see the apps in the price name icon or previews in the app store. apple has yet to comment on the change other than to confirm its existence. good morning, everybody. i got baseball for you. i have the catch of last night. and it didn't involve a player. hang on. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. got baseball for you. get used to hearing that a lot by the way. baseball.because guess where we found the giants and the a's hanging out last night.
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first of all, here's the catch of the night. right here! free lick with the backhand! that's the ball, dude. and he is a gamer. so is johnny cueto. no damage against the a's sean manaea at at&t. he got chris mohr rare row to the giants won the bay bridge siri game one series game one. speaking of later on, tara vanderveer and stanford cardinal final four date later on today against dawn staley and south carolina. vanderveer did coach staley to an olympic gold medal in 1996 with team usa. the coach hopes she didn't teach coach staley everything she knows. competitiveness, her work dc. >> i always respected dawn's competitiveness, her work ethic, her absolute passion for the game of basketball. she tells you she beats me in chess she is a liar.
6:25 am
i text her congratulations. but i said, you know, i just have one problem. i can't cheer for you on friday night. >> stanford a slight two-point underdog to south carolina. later on today. ha. uconn top team in the land, against mississippi state, now where that point spread is? huskies favored by 21.5. whoo. that's the final four out of dallas. and that's the end of my time. i'll see you later. the play of the day, how about a little golf. lbga appears from southern california did lpga from california. the par three. >> she looks comfortable. she might make a hole in one. >> whoa!
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>> this is the hole! that ace moves her to four under on the day. good enough for second place after the first round and our play of the day. sweet swing. it is 6:26. a deadly fire tore through an oakland building this week. and now we're learning what sparked that fire. >> reporter: pedestrian fatalities are at an all-time high of 25% from 2010 to 2015. coming up we'll take a look at some of the reasons why. ,,,,,,,, oçñówvwñwwoññ?oo?o?o
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immigrants from around the world that they come to the united states to do the right thing, just work" as residents speak out in favor, another california city votes to take on sanctuary status. more than 11 million people around the world that they come it the united states to do the right thing. just work. >> as residents speak out in favor another california city
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votes to take on sanctuary status plus fast-moving flames turning deadly. now we are learning the cause behind a massive building fire in west oakland and an alarming trend about pedestrian deaths nationwide. we have done a good job at not drinking and driving but we don't see a message about not drinking and walking. >> it is friday, march 21. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec. it's 6:30 reese release live in san francisco on pedestrian safety patterns in california. a local hit-and-run is unsolved. >> reporter: good morning, well, this is the intersection where a 76-year-old woman was hit by a car and a new report shows that california is one of the states with the highest number of pedestrian-related fatalities in 2016. the governor's highway safety association did the report. california, new york, florida and texas had 42% of all pedestrian deaths in the first part of 2016. there is an 11% spike nationwide from 2015 to 2016. the largest number in the past 25 years.
6:31 am
so what's going on? the new study shows that people are distracted by looking at their phones, also 15% of the accidents with pedestrians involved a drunk driver. 34% of those killed were walking drunk. >> reporter: san francisco police say the 76-year-old woman hit by a car here in north beach was knocked unconscious. she was nearly killed. it happened just after 3 p.m. the woman had life-threatening injuries. the witnesses say the car sped off down columbus street. so far no arrests have been made. live in north beach, lisa chan, kpix 5. this morning a vallejo man is behind bars after police say that he shot and killed a woman in san francisco. lian wu was walking to the bus stop when she was hit by a stray bullet. it happened in the oceanview neighborhood on wednesday
6:32 am
morning. within minutes of the shooting, police arrested the suspect, 24- year-old jonathan santos. two bystanders who were shot will be okay. this is the third faith sal shooting in the neighborhood since january. >> a burning candle now blamed for starting the deadly fire in west oakland on monday. investigators say it appears that it was an accident. three days before the fire city inspectors found multiple fire code violations in the building including sprinklers and alarms that didn't work. 4 people were killed monday morning. more than 80 others left homeless. this afternoon, we are expecting to hear from the community organization that provided health and education services to some of the fire victims. >> a lawyer for the landlord of oakland's ghost ship warehouse says that he found a new place to store the debris from december's deadly fire. a judge had ordered that the piles of charred items taken out of the building be preserved as potential evidence in wrongful death lawsuits. since then, they have been dumped near the oakland shoreline. now the owner's attorney says they will be moved to a site in
6:33 am
alameda point or in stockton. there is new legal action in connection with the warehouse fire. late last week lawyers for the family of one of the victims filed a lawsuit claiming that the owner as well as the main tenant and his wife knew about the fire hazards and did nothing about them. the most important snow survey of the season is in the record books and the new numbers are impressive. the statewide snowpack is coming in at 164% of average. but it comes with its own concerns flooding. the department of water resources says they are concerned with the central valley reservoirs on the san joaquin system. >> the snowpack is again near 200% of average. so that the resulting runoff from that high volume of snowpack is going to be well above average. >> most of the reservoirs are filled up to the flood space an area built to hold excess water in these types of storms.
6:34 am
officials are coordinating with county and local agencies to manage the water flow downstream. for so long we had too little. and now it's a little too much. >> yeah. >> it's a legitimate concern. we have four to seven feet of snow in the month of march alone in the sierra nevada area and where's all that runoff going to go? you know, i think manage is the proper word. when you have to manage those floodgates and open them up and allow the water to flow out, for example, the arroyo de la laguna creek in the pleasanton area, boy, it looks like a war zone there cutting through the city of pleasanton right now because a lot of water came out of lake del valle so it's something that bears watching through our spring season. right now we're starting a influence month of april this weekend. -- right now we're starting a new month of april this weekend. we have a forecast for you. i want to share this view of the golden gate bridge. the flag is on the fly the winds ramping up this morning. right now, santa rosa 46. 55 san francisco. and in oakland, 53 apiece in san jose and livermore. low 50s in redwood city. but take a look at these wind
6:35 am
speeds right now. san francisco 22. sfo 23. 17 half moon bay and redwood city. also san jose pretty breezy this morning. upstream we go we had 21-mile- per-hour winds in fairfield. high wind advisory remains in effect for the blue highlighted areas. mainly above 1,000 feet. but even at sea level north winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. we'll see these winds begin to dial back later this afternoon north 10 to 20. the warmest day this weekend will be saturday when we hit the low 80s. until then, warmer today than yesterday. 60s to the mid- to high 70s. full weekend forecast and the next shot of rain i'll have that all coming up at 48 after the hour. roqui, what are you up to? >> oh, you know. cable cars are down. we have slow traffic. so let's start talking about. that let's start with the slow traffic in contra costa county. westbound 4 between railroad and bailey a two-car crash. it was just cleared off the road but the damage is done at 9 miles per hour coming off somersville road and then it's better closer to bailey road up to 40 miles per hour.
6:36 am
moving to more slow traffic here's a look at the altamont pass. you're moving at 20 miles per hour up to 41 to north flynn road so give yourself extra time to get through there. and it could be worse though so we'll take it. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. high winds across the span and slow traffic as well between hayward and foster city. that's a 25-minute drive. and expect about a 14, 15- minute drive between the maze and downtown san francisco. high wind advisory there, too. all right. let's talk about those cable cars that are down. powell cable car lines on muni using shuttle buses because the cable is down due to cable issues so expect delays there. but bart, a's and caltrain are on time. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. this morning, president trump is gearing up for another showdown. he is sending a hawaii judge's ruling that blocked his revised travel ban back to the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco.
6:37 am
the ninth circuit ruled against president trump's original travel ban last month. the revised ban would have temporarily barred refugees from the six predominantly muslim countries from entering the united states without a visa. state senate leader kevin deleon is amending his sanctuary state bill. it would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies including school, police and security from using resources to investigate detain report or arrest people for immigration enforcement. but sheriff's deputies could still report the release dates of serious and violent felons to i.c.e. seaside became the also sanctuary city on the central coast after attorney general jeff sessions threatens to pull funding from any city that doesn't cooperate with the federal government. but officials in seaside say while they get nearly half a million dollars a year from the government, they say building community trust is even more valuable. >> we understand that that's a possibility.
6:38 am
but more and more cities are becoming sanctuaries and we feel strength in that and that definitely makes us feel more confident. >> as for the federal dollars that could be gone, seaside city council members will wait and see what happens. we are getting some more details this morning on a proposal to change the way all californias get healthcare. >> it's a version of a plan that we have heard before. kpix 5's sandra osborne joins us now to explain. >> reporter: we have had these single payor healthcare systems proposed in california before. now, this didn't get the voter or the governor approval. the new proposal is called the healthy california act, senate bill 562. details have just been released by ricardo lora's office but the details are vague. the plan would be required for the 39 million californians. that would include medical, emergency, dental, vision, mental health, and nursing home care. this would eliminate copays and insurance deductibles. it would also allow californians to choose their doctors from a list of providers and it would cover
6:39 am
californians while traveling. now, there were proposals for this single payor system back in 2007 and 2011. both failed are voters and legislatures. a nurse said: concer t the cost. the single payer proposal in 2007 was estimated to cost s which would >> reporter: those opposed are going to be of course very concerned about the cost. the single payor proposal in 2007 it was estimated to cost $209 billion. that would have meant wage tax hikes for employees and employers. for the new proposal the cost or the financial plan remains to be seen. >> so governors have shot down proposals like that in the past. what is governor brown saying about this new bill? >> reporter: his concern also has been with the cost. he told the "l.a. times" this week that he is skeptical in the state's ability to fund it. time now 6:39. hiring thousands, how much money the state is putting into
6:40 am
hiring workers to clean up the damage left behind after the winter storms. >> plus who is at fault in a self-driving uber crash. >> the market just opened up. let's check it. the dow is down 33. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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rise and shine! it's march 31,temperatures above average by almost 10 degrees around the bay. mid-60s at the beaches today with sunshine but blustery. 60s and 70s at the peninsula. san jose 72. east by, pleasanton, 73. east bay. discovery bay same low 70s in pleasant hill. north bay stacking up from 66
6:44 am
and windy. otherwise blue skies in san rafael at 63 degrees and hello, cloverdale, in the mid-70s. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us live now from new york. how's it going? >> reporter: well, it's friday. so it's going good. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: good morning to you. mm-hm. that's how i'm feeling today. donald trump's form national security adviser says he is willing to testify on russian meddling if he is guaranteed legal protection. john dirksen and bob woodward join us with the major developments on that plus we are in fresno with a closer look at the fight over a widely used insecticide. epa scientists found it can interfere with brain development but the new head of of the agency is not banning it. we'll discuss. and we'll catch up with academy of country music award little big town. love these guys. how the group is expanding beyond the music industry. we'll see you at 7:00. back to you in the studio.
6:45 am
>> all right. sounds good. thank you, gayle. we'll see you at 7:00 for "cbs this morning." new numbers on consumer spending. apple fixes. an iphone security vulnerability. joining us with that and more kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. we wrap up the 1st quarter today. it's been a good one for the stock market. nasdaq up 9% hit an all-time high yesterday. s&p and the dow jones each up 5%. and we are getting word from the commerce department that personal spending was up only a tenth of a percent in february. that was weaker than the month before. but income was up a solid .5%. and with the difference in spending and income, the american saving rate increased to 5.6%. the key inflation gauge watched by the fed rose at the fastest pace in five years so more rate hikes by the fed probably in 2017. apple's latest software update patches a security vulnerable
6:46 am
that was a headache for 911 operators. back in the fall an arizona teenager discovered the code flaw in the latest software update for apple. and wrote a program that accidentally dialed 911 numbers. it was shared on twitter, other teens picked it up and it went viral and resulted in thousands of 911 calls in dozens of states in the country. the feature allows you to just tap a phone number and immediately dials now a second tap will be required to confirm that. you want to make that phone call. stock market is opening up a little lower this morning. let's go to the big board and see where the numbers are heading. the dow down by about 40. nasdaq down by 8. s&p down by 3. back to you. >> jason, good luck to your oregon ducks in the final four. >> it will be exciting. jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. an official police report
6:47 am
on a crash involving an uber self-driving car has shed more light on what went down in arizona. the accident happened a week ago in tempe. investigators say that there were two uber drivers in the car at the same time but no passengers. the car was also autonomous mode when the crash happened. the police report cleared uber of fault in the crash. >> but the in meantime uber has pulled its self-driving cars won't see any of those on your morning commute but you will see plenty of other cars, roqui. >> yeah. exactly. you will see plenty of cars on highway 4. if you are heading from pittsburg into concord you have your work cut out for you. let's check it. 18 miles per hour on westbound 4 between railroad and bailey because of a two-car crash that has been cleared out. but again you're moving slowly. it's recovered from antioch and somersville road. most of the slowdown is from railroad avenue to bailey. ive yourself extra time to get through there. along the altamont pass, here's a look at that traffic.
6:48 am
21 miles per hour off 205 in tracy. up to 30 at north flynn road so slow there. but not the worst it could be. between hayward and foster city, 25 minutes between 880 and 101. high winds slowing you, 20 minutes between the maze and downtown over the bay bridge. the golden gate bridge from marin county into san francisco, traffic good in both directions. bart, ace on time. caltrain on time. but muni the powell cable car lines are down right now due to cable issues. so shuttle buses are en route and will be slowing you down. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. high winds sparked severe dust storms in las vegas. the national weather service reported wind gusts of up to 60
6:49 am
miles per hour. no injuries, hundreds of power out angles. >> i don't want to say mean but that's what you get for taking my raiders. but that would be really mean- spirited. our live weather camera looking over the bay bridge this morning, sun-up at 6:57. how about that view? one of the most internationally recognized symbols of san francisco. our golden gate bridge. people coming out of the tunnel at the north bay. temperatures 46 degrees in santa rosa. 55 in san francisco. we are in the 50s across the board this morning. the winds have been howling. currently check out san francisco, 22. 23 at sfo. 14 in mountain view. 17 san jose. you get the feeling here about 15 to 22-mile-per-hour winds now in throughout the delta, fairfield at 21. 18 in san rafael. high wind advisory remains in
6:50 am
effect until noon today. and then later this afternoon, we'll see those winds begin to dial back out of the north 10 to 20 but boy, damage is done. the wind is ushering the pollen around and so if you have been suffering from allergies it's because of the alder ash and juniper counties. three things to take way from this weathercast this morning. mainly dry at least through next thursday when at least a slight chance of a north bay shower, next weekend is iffy with rain. the warmest day this weekend will be saturday. we are back in the 80s. and then breezy late on sunday. satellite-radar, we do have the disturbance that rolled through the bay area early yesterday with the smattering of precipitation. it dumped about 6 inches of snow in the high sierra. it's exiting to the east. high pressure is building in and whenever you see these lines close together, that's a pressure gradient. that reflects windy conditions.
6:51 am
flurries tapered off at 4 a.m. so knee need for chains saturday on sunday in the high sierra -- so no need for chains saturday or sunday in the high sierra. have fun. the powder is fantastic! six inches of snow yesterday at the crest. four in heaven lip. heavenly. 60s and 70s in the area today. saturday 84 degrees away from the bay. 80 on sunday. ditto monday. and then the mild weather pattern continues. we have the shark on the mound for the giants tonight. we have cotton on the mound for the good guys. love me some oakland. clear and breezy conditions at
6:52 am
the baseball park tonight. 66 degrees. hope to see you there. federal help is here to get california cleaned up after our winter storms. and it will mean more people will be getting back to work. california's employment development department says it's received up to $36 million from the u.s. department of labor. they say that it will provide jobs for 1800 unemployed workers in counties affected by the storms. the jobs include things like shoring up levees, fixing roads and repairing the damaged oroville dam spillway. a shake-up to our south. we are learning a magnitude 4.0 earthquake hit near san juan bautista. it happened about 4 a.m. no reports of damage or injuries. we are live in north beach this morning where a 76-year- old woman was hit by a car while crossing the street. and a new report out shows pedestrian deaths are at an all- time high. we'll tell you why coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ of several manhole explosions... this we have some breaking news right now in new york city. crews are on the scene of several manhole explosions. this happened a short time ago near the strand bookstore in the east village of manhattan. no word of injuries. but there are reports of blown- out windows at nearby businesses. >> reporter: i'm lisa chan live in north beach where a car struck a pedestrian at this intersection on wednesday. a new report out shows that pedestrian fatalities dropped 25% since 2010. in the last two years, the number of pedestrians dying in crashes has gone up 22%. this is the highest in decades. the governor's highway safety
6:57 am
association did the study and it shows pedestrians aren't looking both ways and they are distracted by their phones. another big issue is alcohol. 15% of accidents with pedestrians involved a drunk driver an 34% of those killed were walking drunk. one man's daughter was hit and killed in a crosswalk by a distracted driver. >> it's incomprehensible to me at some time that other families are going through this but there are thousands and thousands of families doing that. >> reporter: now, the hit-and- run that nearly killed a 76- year-old woman here in north beach wednesday happened at 3 p.m. the woman had life-threatening injuries. now, witnesses say the driver sped off down columbus street. so far, no arrests have been made. live in north beach, lisa chan, kpix 5. lisa, thank you. time now 6:57. it's time for your "final 5." a burning candle blamed for
6:58 am
starting monday's deadly fire in west oakland. investigators say it appears it was an accident four people killed in the fire. more than 80 others left homeless. this morning a vallejo man is behind bars after police say he shot and killed an innocent bystander in san francisco. it happened in the oceanview neighborhood wednesday morning. two other bystanders were also shot. they will be okay. right now the city of atlanta dealing with a major travel nightmare after a massive fire and highway collapse during rush hour last evening. investigators looking into whether these reels of fiber cable underneath the freeway helped fuel the flames. fired national security adviser michael flynn may soon divulge what he knows about russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. his attorney says he wants immunity before testifying before the house and senate intelligence committee. california lawmaker proposing a single payor healthcare system for the state. all californians would be covered through a public program. and insurance companies would be barred from offering
6:59 am
services included in that plan. all right. thanks, guys. it is now 6:58. here's a look at the worst traffic throughout the bay area. contra costa county, a two-car crash is cleared but the damage is done. and you're moving at 14 miles per hour in the area between railroad and port chicago so give yourself extra time to get through there. noor commute on westbound 4. the coast is clear, the coast is clear! it's going to be a fantastic friday as we wrap up march. good morning, temperatures 47 santa rosa, 50ss across the bay peninsula and into the tri- valley. later today, from the mid-60s at rockaway beach, yes, we have that high wind advisory in place until high noon. winds to 30 until later today. 10 to 20. up to 78 for the warm spot. that will be in santa rosa. hey, get this. a first -- i'm not joking. it's no april fool. 84 inland. >> oh!! >> on saturday. cooler sunday and monday. dry weather through thursday. ♪[ music ] >> time to get a suntan. >> it looks like a wonderful weekend. >> we're ready for it. we'll be giving you local news updates throughout "cbs this
7:00 am
morning." >> "cbs this morning" is coming up next. ♪[ music ] ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, march 3 1st, 2017. welcome to cbs "this morning ." president donald trump's former national security adviser michael flynn wants legal protection in exchange for congressional testimony about russia and the trump campaign. his lawyer says flynn has a story to tell. the site of a major highway collapse in atlanta, the georgia governor declares a state of emergency after a massive fire shuts down one of america's busiest roads. plus, we catch up with country music stars little bill town. they reveal the highs and lows on their road to success. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90


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