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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 3, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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$50 vehicle fee annually. supposed to raise about $5 billion a year for road repairs. and the average driver would pay about $10 per month. those numbers aren't enough, here are some more. seven. that's how many days that members of the legislature have to review, look at, and vote at this massive overhaul. and two, that's how many committees the governor himself went to today to try to push through his proposal. >> there's a price to be paid for neglect. >> you may have noticed these ads recently. >> finally there's a plan to fix roads, improve safety, and fund projects in every community. >> reporter: the ads don't mention that the plan to fix roads means raising taxes on everyone with a car. still east bay assemblywoman catherine baker says she certainly has been hearing from constituents. >> most of them are telling me please do not raise my taxes again. get the job right. we're already sending you a lot of money. show us you know how to spend it wisely. >> over the past 10 years money budgeted to fix roads has
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decreased while the size of the overall state budget has increased by more than $30 billion. now sudbly there's an emergency. governor brown says he wants a tax plan to be voted on this week but after so many years of neglect, he was asked what's the rush? >> you look a little younger than me. you got more time. i don't. i want to get it done, okay? >> the governor's proposal was shared with the legislature march 30th. that means lawmakers have seven days to consider and pass the new plan which is lengthy and contained taxes, fees, and a constitutional amendment. >> i give them great credit for starting to pull together their energy and focus on transportation but let's not be so artificial about it. let's get it right. and that isn't something you do with deadlines. >> one problem with rushing this plan, getting the 2/3rds vote. with no republican support, that means every single democrat in the senate has to go for it.
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bay area senate democrat is not onboard yet. >> i think you'll regret it. whatever momentary exhilaration you get by voting no. >> it's consistent with the cbs kpix survey usa poll which shows 61% of californians want the state to do more with all of the money it already gets and that includes 55% of bay area respondents to that survey. one theory about why the governor wants this done this week is because next week all the legislatures go back to their home district and maybe the governor is afraid they'll all get an earful from their constituents about this and get a little gun shy about voting for it. >> why is the senator holding off his support? >> he's been really shy and coy about all this. he won't go on camera but what
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we're hearing is that he's saying he won't vote for the transportation plan unless it includes a provision banning b.a.r.t. strikes. so just like san francisco, muni workers or police, b.a.r.t. workers would not be able to strike. the theory is if people are going to be paying more for transportation, it should be more reliable. live in sacramento, melissa caen, kpix 5. it's opening day for the oakland as. with two of the city's pro sports teams leaving town, the as finally in the driver's seat when it comes to getting a new stadium. phil matier. >> it's kind of interesting. as you point out with the as here, just a couple years ago, remember they were the ones saying they were going to be going to san jose. all that's changed. it's a new day. and here's the story. >> reporter: with the raiders headed for las vegas and the warriors jumping across the bay to san francisco, the flag has gone up at oakland city hall to
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find a new home for what may soon be the only game left in town. >> looks like mayor schaaf is really focused on keeping it. >> oakland deserves it. >> reporter: after years of trying to move to san jose, the as have settled back on oakland with a goal of building a park with the same neighborhood feel as san francisco's at&t park or chicago's wrigley field. >> we want a ballpark village. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf has been pushing a waterfront park on the port howard terminal. it's an appealing vision but there's only limited freeway access and no b.a.r.t. station nearby. much closer to the freeway and to b.a.r.t. is the site near the college. with a good neighborhood feel, it could be tough to assemble the needed land. the third site is just across i-880 at brookline basin. last but not least is the old coliseum site. right on a freeway. right on b.a.r.t. but seriously lacking any neighborhood feel. >> i think all the sites have positives and negatives and we're just weighing them.
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>> you're going to be looking for public money? >> we're focused on building a stadium, 100 % privately financed. >> that could be the secret to success. unlike the raiders who asked for very much money, the as are saying they're going to build it on their own. the question is where? >> and maybe when too. do the as have a plan for announcing a specific plan for a stadium? >> they do, as a matter of fact, not only no public money but they're going to announce one of the four locations by the end of the year so stay tuned. this hopefully doesn't go in to extra innings. in oakland, phil matier. back to you. >> in the meantime, play ball. survivors of last week's deadly apartment fire in oakland are demanding answers. this after city records show a fire station called for the building to be shut down as early as january. kpix 5's jessica flores asked oakland's mayor why the warnings
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weren't followed. >> reporter: for bobby and shamia, the last week has been a nightmare. >> had to wake my neighbors up. had to wake my wife up. i was scared. i still live and dream [ bleep ] >> reporter: they're among the residents still living in a shelter after their apartment building went up in flames, killing four people. the building the suit of documented fire hazards and code violations such as lack of sprinklers and fire extinguishers. >> i really need to get on these codes to make sure a building is habitable. >> reporter: back in january oakland fire department station 15 recommended shutting down the apartment building due to the danger to life safety. in february another e-mail sounding the alarm saying this building is dangerous. we asked the mayor given the chain of e-mails of warnings, what went wrong? >> we're not here to second guess. we're here to say we recognize our systems have got to get
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stronger. they can get stronger. perhaps if the fire chief or another personnel, building official had gotten that message, there would have been an awareness that we had to follow up on this building, those building concerns more quickly. >> reporter: station 15 e-mail show at one point the fire escape was padlocked. firefighters cut the lock before the deadly morning. when dozens were forced to race out through the fire escape. >> i feel the fire department did their job. the city of oakland building code that didn't do their job. like they don't normally do. >> and the mayor again says the city plans to double the amount of fire inspectors from six to 12. they also plan on retraining all firefighters on blue tagging. that process will allow firefighters to take some corrective action on their own without necessarily having to get approval first. in oakland, jessica flores, kpix 5. the man suspected of killing an innocent woman in a triple shooting has been released from custody.
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24-year-old jonathan santos was arrested less than an hour after the shooting last wednesday in the ocean view neighborhood. 65-year-old leon ju wu was struck by bullets and killed as she was walking to the bus stop. two other men in the area were hurt. santos was booked on suspicion of murder and two counts of attempted murder. we reached out to the d.a.'s office. they'd only say the case is an ongoing investigation and they released santos without charging him. russian police think it was a suicide bomber who was behind a deadly subway attack. the blast leaving a huge gash in the side of a train. at least 11 people died in today's attack in st. petersburg. 45 others were hurt. >> reporter: people in moscow left red carnations outside the kremlin in memory of those killed and hurt in a st. petersburg subway explosion. videos of mangled metro cars and victims laying on the platform were posted on social media. authorities say the deadly explosion happened inside a
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train car traveling in between two stations shortly before the afternoon rush hour. smoke filled the corridors as passengers ran to safety. authorities evacuated several subway stations before shutting the metro system down completely. dozens of emergency workers treated victims at the scene and rushed others to the hospital. russian president vladimir putin was in st. petersburg for a meeting with the president of belarus. he expressed condolences. president trump addressed the attack during a meeting at the white house. >> terrible thing. happening all over the world. absolutely a terrible thing. >> reporter: authorities are still investigating what caused the blast. this isn't the first time there's been an explosion on russia's subway system. in 2010, 38 people were killed in moscow when two female suicide bombers linked to rebels
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detonated on planes. russian law enforcement agents found an unexploded bomb at another subway station in st. petersburg and defused it. security is being tightened at transit hubs around the country. president trump met with egypt's president today in what could be a shift in relations with that country. they talked about fighting isis and strengthening ties between the two countries. this was the president's first official visit to the u.s. he had a strained relationship with former president obama because of egypt's human rights record. right now president trump's son-in-law, senior advisor, jared kushner is in iraq for meetings. pentagon officials invited him on the trip as part of an effort to reach out to mr. trump's inner circle. the u.s. senate is heading for a showdown over supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. >> a partisan party-line vote in the committee is sad but a
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reflection on the brokenness in the u.s. senate, not a problem with gorsuch. >> they voted to move gorsuch's nomination to the party floor, but democrats say they have the votes to block the nomination with a filibuster. california senator dianne feinstein is now among those saying they'll vote no. >> based on judge gorsuch's record at the department of justice, his tenure on the bench, his appearance before the senate, and his written questions for the record, i cannot support this nomination. >> the full senate is scheduled to take a final vote on gorsuch friday. republicans insist he will be confirmed even if they have to invoke the so-called nuclear option which would require only a simple majority for approval. she told women how to lean in. now she's helping them fight for their worth. facebook's sheryl sandberg's push for equal pay. >> harrison ford's flying future
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at stake. he learns his punishment for a botched landing that had him nearly crashing in to a jetliner. >> the new american car company. how tesla zoomed past a legendary u.s. automaker. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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will be marking down prices tomorrow. kpix five reporter susie steimle shows us its all part of an
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a discount with a purpose. some businesses will be marking down. all part of an effort to raise awareness about the gender pay gap. >> at the end of the day money speaks. so behind in terms of what equal salary looks like, then we're going to be behind in progressing in so many other ways. >> reporter: emma of in san francisco hopes consumers see tomorrow's 20% discount as a big deal and a wake-up call to the current gender pay gap. >> right now the wage gap is still sitting at 20%. we want to make sure the consumer feels the difference and they know 20% still is a huge amount and we have a long ways to go. >> reporter: small businesses across the country and the bay area will pass along the 20% discount on all purchases to all customers, men and women. >> people can really use the hashtag #20%counts as they're thinking about what equal pay means to them and start sharing that more publically. >> reporter: christine simmons
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is one of 25 bay area business owners participating tomorrow. she admits she hadn't heard of equal pay day till this year. but she also hadn't participated in international women's day either until thishoping both bee tradition and help our country close the gender pay gap. >> got to do the women's walk in january. that was my first protest walk so i think the younger generation will see that as the hallmark and carry on. >> this isn't the first equal pay day. it was started back in 1996. but sheryl sandberg's is helping the event gain traction on social media. equal pay day is always on a tuesday because that's how long women would have to work in to the next week to make as much as their male counterparts. a tax break that many californians count on may be in jeopardy. republicans in washington are calling for eliminating the federal deduction for state and local taxes. that essentially reduces the amount of a filer's taxable
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income. the l.a. times points out that will hurt california taxpayers pretty hard. the deduction saved californians $101 billion last year. a major milestone for bay area based tesla. its market value now ranks above the ford motor company. here are the numbers. electric carmaker now has a market capitalization of $48 billion. that's more than ford's $45 billion value. and it's just below general motors which is valued at $51 billion. take a look at the dramatic difference in the number of cars each company produces. last year tesla delivered fewer than 80,000 vehicles around the world while ford delivered 6.7 million. tesla has plans to gain more market share with its new model 3. the $35,000 sedan goes in to production this summer. parts of silicon valley are switching over to a cleaner form of electricity.
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>> 3, 2, 1. >> the symbolic push of a button for the nonprofit silicon valley clean energy. today it began supplying carbon-free electricity to customers in 12 south bay cities. >> now that we've started delivering power, you'll be able to plug in and we'll provide electricity that's 100% carbon-free, making your electric vehicle truly greenhouse gas-free. >> customers will be automatically switched in to the clean energy program unless they opt out. the transition will take a few months. pg&e will continue to handle distribution and billing. you'll soon be able to preview your mail before it's delivered to your house. u.s. postal service has been rolling out a feature called informed delivery and it's finally here in california. sign up, you'll get an e-mail each morning with images of the mail you can expect that day. the images are captured when mail is scanned at the sorting facilities. the service is free but it's not
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available to people who get their mail delivered to a p.o. box. we put a link on our website if you'd like to sign up. harrison ford won't face disciplinary action for mistakenly landing his plane on a taxiway in southern california. two months ago the actor narrowly missed a jetliner when he brought down his plane in the wrong place at john wayne airport. ford's attorney tells the l.a. times the faa has determined no enforcement action is warranted but that ford has been required to get additional training. the 74-year-old actor said he's been distracted. two years ago he crashed on a golf course in santa monica. the warriors' new home will have tasty food for fans. the team announced it will bring iconic bay area favorites to the chase center including oakland's bake sale betty, san francisco's tacolicious, sam's chowder house at half moon bill, hotdog bill burger dog.
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a little something for everybody. set to open at the start of the 2019-2020 nba season. a beautiful day for baseball. a live look at the field as the as getting ready to play their home opener. brian hackney will have our forecast. but first, the markets closed lower today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i have a feel ing there were more than a few people playing hookie today. it was so beautiful outside. >> don't get used to it. [ laughter ] >> impromptu three-day weekend. a little bit of rain on the way. first, as the oakland as take the field during this, their 50th season in oakland. got here in 1968. the franchise began in 1901 in philadelphia. kansas city in 1955 and oakland in 1968. there they are now during their inaugural series at the start of this 2017 baseball season. the forecast for the game tonight as they take on the angels, 7:05 p.m. mainly clear. temperatures 64 degrees. moon at 1st quarter tonight. you should have a pretty good look at that if you're going on to enjoy the game. right now it's warm, not quite as warm as it was last night at this time. for instance, in concord, 76 degrees. 3 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time.
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still mighty pleasant. san francisco just 61 degrees. overnight lows tonight will get down to 45 at santa rosa. 46 for livermore. 47 degrees in san jose. sun up on your tuesday at 11 minutes before 7 a.m. the high pressure will remain through midweek. then it will bow to the hawaiian islands. that's going to open the door to high clouds first then a chance of rain coming in late on thursday. looks like we really get hit pretty good on friday with wind and rain coming down. temperatures come down as well. we'll be down to the low to mid 60s. tomorrow looks nice. futurecast shows high clouds time to time. that means sunshine time to time. wednesday will continue with the high cloud regime. this is all by way of setting the stage for what's going to be coming in thursday. as we roll through thursday about midday, you can see the first fairly light round of rain. it will work its way in to sonoma county later in the day.
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friday we get hit. too far out for futurecast at this point but take it from me it's going to rain on friday. partly cloudy for tomorrow though. a little bit cooler with sun and clouds. it will be nice and mild tomorrow. temperatures have been 10 degrees above average and that will begin to come down, slide toward average by wednesday before we go below average on thursday. major changes coming in past midweek with rain coming down. for tomorrow we'll be looking at santa rosa at 72 degrees. napa hits 72. very pleasant at fairfield, 76 degrees. san francisco, 67. tomorrow in san jose the temperature, 73 beautiful degrees. san jose community, mark twain described when he described it as a beautiful little garden community of 5,000 people. if he could see it now. 69 in mountain view. mark twain was a reporter out here in the bay area. temperatures in the extended forecast, we'll be looking for upper 70s on tuesday.
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more clouds tomorrow than we had today. wednesday will be near 80 inland. look what happens on thursday. the numbers begin to drop in the upper 60s. by friday we're all in the low to mid 60s with wind and rain on friday. those showers linger in to saturday. the question now is what happens on sunday? the answer, partly sunny skies before we get another chance of rain coming in on monday. so i hope you enjoy this break in the sunshine about as much as you're going to enjoy this break. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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take on the gonzaga bulldogs in the n- basketball champio coming up at 6:00, the north carolina tar heels going to take on the gonzaga bulldogs in the ncaa men's championship. that is followed by our postgame show here on kpix 5. warrior fans won't want to miss a special edition of the late show with james corden tonight. >> going to be good. cordon came to oakland to hang out with mvp steph curry. >> we went to the bay area and we filmed all afternoon with stephen curry. i'll give you a peek, there might be a scenario where stef and i may have sung in a car together a little bit. who knows. >> how you doing? >> good to see you. >> i wonder if they had to
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practice that a couple times. you can catch curry on the late late show with james corden along with the nba greats chris paul and steve nash, here on kpix 5 after colbert. and the ladies of professional golf association tour is still buzzing about the bizarre finish of the tournament. american golfer alexi thompson was cruising toward a second championship when she was hit with a penalty. the infraction, not correctly replacing her ball on the green during saturday's round by what appeared to be an inch. but it wasn't caught by a rules official but rather a fan a day later. >> it's unfortunate what happened. i did not mean that at all. i didn't realize i did that. i fought strong through the finish and it was great to see the fans behind me. >> tiger woods tweeted his support to thompson after the ruling writing in part, viewers at home should not be officials wearing stripes. thank you for watching tonight. >> enjoy the game. see you back here at 11:00.
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