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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 20, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. u-c berkeley canceled this provocateur's speech. but tonight: hoping to prevent more riots like this, uc berkeley canceled this speech, but tonight there is defiance. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. kpix5's andria borba is at berkeley tonight. >> reporter: ann coulter said she will be coming to berkeley, just not to the university of california campus. the war over free speech yet again has returned to the home of the free speech movement. a month ago the berkeley college republicans asked to host right wing pundit ann coulter on the cal campus april
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27th. today the university shut down the event citing security concerns worried about a scene similar to the riots surrounding milo yiannopoulos. >> this is the reality we have to deal with now. whether we like it or not, we are seeing an incredible degree of passion and also violence around political demonstrations. we can't turn a blind eye to that if we're going to stand by our commitment to provide safety and security for our students. >> reporter: the berkeley college republicans says this is the third conservative speaker the administration has shut down. >> i actually had a phone call with dean greenwall, the dean of students, and i asked him okay, if he wants to postpone this to next fall, do you guarantee us a room? he said no. >> reporter: on tucker carlson's night coulter said she was coming to berkeley anyway. >> i am giving the speech. i don't know. what are they going to do, arrest me? they can put me in the birmingham jail. so i agreed to all their demands and wake up this morning and they send out a
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letter saying how much they love the first amendment and freedom of speech and we're so committed to it, but we're just cancelling her anyway. >> the students invited ms. coulter to the university before consulting with the campus about whether there was a venue available that our law enforcement professionals felt that they could secure and where they could also provide safety for the speaker and the attendees. if. >> reporter: another group the cal whose aim is trying to spark a constructive conversation between the left and the right says they are disappointed. >> so i think it's their responsibility, though, to do that kind of work to have more officers involved to put the work in and the resources in to protect this kind of speeches on campus. >> reporter: meanwhile berkeley sent a letter to the mayor defending the department's role in the protests at civic park saturday. he said he's right that his department did not get swept up into the volatility of that moment. in berkeley andria borba, kpix5. developing news in the
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oakland hills, police are searching for a burglar who shot a resident on chimney rock road around 6:00 tonight. the victim called 911 saying someone who was trying to burglarize his home shot him in the back. the suspects got away. the victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. right now the u.s. coastguard is still searching for a missing boater in marin county. kpix5's veronica de la cruz says the boat washed up, but no one was on it. >> yeah, ken. someone spotted the capsized boat called the zodiac at about 11:30 this morning. rescue crews righted the 10- foot boat and found car keys and the boater's wallet on board. they had been doing a training exercise nearby and started searching the water just minutes after the call came out. they also found a chest containing ice and fish nearby. they found the vessel go a 1/2 mile off muir beach on the marin county coast. they identified the man on board as 64-year-old juki dane
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from oakland. right now multiple agencies are assisting in that search by air and water including lifeguards and south marin fire. they say they may be out there through the night searching for him. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. walnut creek station b.a.r.t. trains are back to normal tonight after a shirtless man forced the walnut creek station to shut down for hours. it all started around 1:30 this afternoon. passengers had to be bussed from pleasant hill in lafayette since trains couldn't stop in walnut creek. the shirtless man was hanging from a ledge threatening to jump. he was standing on the outside portion of the platform hanging onto what appeared to be a drainage pipe. police were quick to the scene trying to coax him down. after about four hours they did finally get him to come down and the station reopened. the cable car operator in san francisco is charged tonight with stealing fare money. police arrested 61-year-old albert williams of napa county at this cable car turn-around on bay and taylor in north
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beach today. sfmta told us an audit revealed missing money and an investigation led them to that operator. en. the suspect faces felony embezzlement charges, unclear how much money was stolen. in a statement tonight stmta said, "going forward we will -- sfmta said, "going forward we will immediately assess management and oversight of our fare transactions and assess long term options such as eventually removing cash as an on board payment option for our cable car system." tonight the show did go on for fox news without bill o'reilly. kpix5's christin ayers shows us how the cable news network addressed the firing of its long time host. >> bill o'reilly is leaving the fox news channel. >> fox's biggest rating star bill o'reilly is out after increasing allegations of sexual harassment. >> you are about to enter the
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no spin zone. >> 21st century fox made the announcement in a statement saying, "after a thorough and careful review of allegations against him the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that mr. o'reilly will not return to the fox news channel." the new york times reported five women had been paid a total of $13 million in hush money by the network. o'reilly's attorneys called the allegations a smear campaign and the host denies wrongdoing. over the past few weeks more than 50 major advertisers pulled out of the o'reilly factor and protests outside fox headquarters grew. >> fire bill o'reilly! >> last year fox news channel promised a zero tolerance policy after chairman roger ailes resigned over similar allegations. o'reilly has been with fox network over 20 years. he last appeared on air april 11th when he announced he was taking a preplanned vacation.
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fox subbed in a string of replacement hosts and ratings slipped. >> he really has a big voice in the culture and certainly on that network and it's not going to being easy for them to fill those shoes. >> reporter: 21st century fox says it's confident the network will continue to be a powerful in cable news. christin ayers, kpix5. we part ways due to unfounded >> in a statement bill o'reilly said, "about it is tremendously -- "it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to unfounded claims." tomorrow is 4-20, then official pot holiday. as usual thousands of people will light up on san francisco's hippy hill in golden gate park, but this year the city is rolling out new restrictions to keep the crowds under control. that section of golden gate park has a 6-foot fence surrounding it. people who want to far will have to go through a gate manned by security guards. they're working with a city it's not a city sanctioned event, but city officials do want it to be both safe and
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fun. they're working with the city sponsor to provide concessions and porta-potties. >> of course, it's all about safety and making sure the impact of the park is left. we want to keep the beautiful park beautiful, right? >> anybody who is coming to this event with any sense of responsibility would agree with our event objectives. >> and there are rules this year, too, no alcohol, glass, unpermitted concessions are allowed and drugs are not to be sold. tonight a big win for thousands of renters in san jose who are worried about getting priced out of their apartments or evicted. cbs5's betty yu breaks down the new rules that landlords must now follow. betty? clea >> reporter: liz, these new regulations are designed to keep landlords from abusing their ability to evict tenants without reason. these new protections apply to all renters in the city of san jose. it's something housing advocates have fought for for years.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the applause came from renters who call the late night vote a victory. two key tenant protection ordinances passed 6-5. tenant advocates even went on a five- day hunger strike before the city council vote. >> this is absolutely a historic moment for san jose, but we have had an apartment rent ordinance when it is controlled. this certainly strengthens those protections to tenants. >> reporter: the city's housing director says the ordinances particularly help those in affordable housing. among new requirements, landlords must present just cause or evidence before evicting tenants. this affects nearly 100,000 apartment units in san jose. most renters who showed up at city hall said they feared they would be kicked out to make room for tenants who could afford to pay more leaving them with nowhere to go in this
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expensive housing market. the l effect ordinance requires landlords to give at least four months notice before redeveloping their buildings and they must help tenants with money to relocate. >> i thought they were a little too extreme. >> reporter: council member johnny ca mr. as voted against both measures along with the mayor. he believes the measures are too lenient on renters. >> i think actually they have a little too much power. somebody could break a faucet, complain and even if they're a very bad tenant, they could be stuck in a two year process to get them out. >> reporter: the ellis act ordinance applies to landlords of rent controlled property. there are 43,000 of them in the city. live in san jose betty yu, kpix5. owing the bay area - blown to bits. t about north korea's nuclear threat hit close to home tonight, the video showing the bay area being blown to bits. >> new information tonight about the deadly fresno
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shooting spree, what we're learning about the victims and the suspect voodoo ritual. >> this is one of the riskiest bay area projects in modern times. we go underground and up high for a sneak peek tonight. ,,
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north korea.. nuclear missiles.. targeting what looks like the bay area. chilling propaganda video out of north korea, nuclear missiles targeting what looks like the bay area. the attack simulation video was shown during the country's party to celebrate its founder's birthday. the missile is launched and zeros in on what looks like downtown san francisco. es that can be we spoke to an expert who says there's no need to panic, but the military parades show off missiles that can be launched from land or at sea, which is alarming. >> which might be 100 miles off the coast of california. so they wouldn't really need an intercontinental ballistic missile to strike us. so what's adding up, of course,
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is of great concern. >> he also says u.s. intelligence needs to keep a closer eye on north korea's weapons program or we could be caught off guard. tonight inside the mind of a suspected killer who fresno police say wanted to kill as many white men as possible, detectives say he referred to his 357 magnum revolver as eyeblack python and that he practiced voodoo rituals -- as a black python and that he practiced voodoo rituals and said he's muslim but prays to seven different guards. carter evans spoke to the family of one of the victims. >> this guy came behind him and he just shot him down like he was nothing. >> reporter: rosie wagner's 37- year-old son mark gassette was one of three killed during the shooting spree. this cell phone video appears to show the gunman running and opening fire. police say kory ali mohammad fired a total of 17 rounds.
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37-year-old zach randall, a married father of two on his first day of training with the local utility company was shot. next mark gassette was shot carrying groceries down the street. the final victim was 58-year- old david jackson in a catholic charities parking lot. mohammad surrendered to police yelling god is good in arabic. >> he is not a terrorist, but is he a racist. >> reporter: the gunman has links to black sumpremacy groups investigators say. troy gassette and his brother layton are now trying to raise money for his father's funeral. >> he was always loving, caring, always supported me when i was down. i'll never forget that. >> reporter: if you could say something to the man who killed your son, what would that be? >> he took a big part of my heart when you took my only son. >> reporter: the district attorney is now reviewing the case and the gunman is expected to be in court on friday for an
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arraignment on murder charges, but the da says it's too early to tell if he'll also be charged with hate crimes. tonight a homeless man is accused of stealing from kohl's and leading police on a car chase. police spotted the suspect carrying stolen goods at the cotington mall in santa rosa and the pursuit began. the suspect stole a honda accord, crashed off south wright road and landed upside down. the suspect tried to run, but police caught him. 41-year-old jesse dean green faces several charges including theft and hit and run. a wild police pursuit comes to a violent end in southern california. >> reporter: as lapd chased a suspected car thief from canoga park to chatsworth it got more and more dangerous with high speeds, a close call and then a
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violent crash. the car crossed the center line on valley circle boulevard and slammed head on with that other car, a crash so forceful air bags deployed. officers drew their guns on the suspected thief and soon an innocent man and child quickly got out of the other car. you can see the man hold onto the boy's arm as they hurried away from the still developing and dangerous situation. police still pulled the suspect from the car -- police pulled the suspect from the car and handcuffed him on the ground. the father and boy were taken to the hospital and the freed and released seemingly okay. -- treated and released seemingly okay. the suspect also went to the hospital before he goes to jail. tonight we learn the feds knew about the problems at wells fargo years ago but did little about it. according to a new internal review, america's chief federal banking regulator knew of 700
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whistleblower cases in 2010 about the company's sales practices, but there are no records showing that federal regulators forced the bank to investigate. wells fargo employees created about 2 million fake accounts to meet sales goals. so far wells fargo has not commented on that internal review. tonight we're getting a first look at some pretty impressive plans for san francisco's new transbay center including a massive mall. kpix5's phil matier gives us a tour. >> reporter: it is both the most ambitious and risky project that san francisco has seen in modern time, a $2.19 billion transit center complete with a 4 block down rooftop park and massive shopping mall and an underground train station all in the heart of the downtown. >> and this place will be happening. this is going to be a place that's happening, believe me. >> larger than union square, south park and yerba buena
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combined. >> reporter: but wait, there's more. it hassist own suspension bridge to get -- has its own suspension bridge to get buses on and off from bay traffic, a 1/2 mile of jogging track, 13 different gardens and all that means lifting 690 trees from around the world up from 60 feet plus walkways to connect with neighboring towers, but like all things san francisco it comes with its measure of controversy. for starters the $700 million train station being built in the basement isn't likely to be connected with any railroad for years to come. >> before then we'll have buses running here. we'll have food courts kind of operating. >> reporter: part of it is paid for by the high rise as jaunt to the park where workers and -- rises adjacent to the park where workers and people who live here will be able to walk up to it or the rest of us can come up from a gondola from
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mission street here. whatever the case it's going to be something. kpix5's phil matier in san francisco. back to you. >> pretty amazing. that stretch has been worked on for, what a decade now? >> it seems like it's been that long since we've had a dry week. steady rain in san francisco is happening now. the front is here and we're seeing steady rainfall from south city and daly city through san francisco across san pablo bay up toward richmond and concord and martinez and vallejo getting some showers, but that's it. the rain may be out of here by 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and behind that we have a five straight mainly dry days. overnight tonight with cloud cover, 51 for vallejo, redwood city, fremont, san jose, mountain view, 52 or 53 degrees of our low pressure areas to the north brought a front through two nights ago, bringing another front tonight, but that low will move out and a ridge of high pressure will
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move in. it's a simple process, but so elusive over the past couple months. this bridge will block the next several storms and keep us mainly dry. futurecast keeps clouds around overnight with scattered showers. we'll watch clouds go away by sunrise. afternoon we're sunny, friday sunny and warm, low 80s inland and cooler over the weekend but mainly dry. the ridge itself starting sunday into next week begins to retreat and pulls to the west that. will allow a few weak weather systems to sneak over the ridge into northern california. i believe the one that arrives on tuesday could give us a couple showers, no steady rainfall, just light showers. that's the only chance of rain for the next week. so quick moving showers moving through the bay area now. after that we are dry and mild. it will be nice. redwood city tomorrow 70, fremont 69, napa and vallejo 71 degrees. extended forecast, warmest day
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friday, a couple low 80s away from the water, weekend cooler but dry and only one chance of rain next tuesday. otherwise we are drying out. over to sports and vern glenn. nothing dry here. hey, at one point russell westbrook took 12 straight shots, didn't pass it once at an okc loss in houston, but we're going to show you the warriors, not that and a not so secret weapon who was on fire tonight. nobody saw the javale mcgee show coming. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,>>
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newscast is sponsored by living spaces. nba playoffs up top and the warriors, no kevin durant, no shaun livingston, no matt barnes, no problem. for a slow start quiet games like steph curry this was the ultimate kind of game and that meant javale mcgee. he never missed. later in the 1st a curry steal and it's mcgee again. he played like a video game. dubs up by 16. blazers didn't fold yet.
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2nd quarter evan turner cut the lead to a point, but the warriors outscored portland 19- 4. there's mcgee again, seven for seven, 15 points, five rebounds, four blocks. this block by klay thompson led to a three ball. 110-81 warriors. they have a 2-0 series lead in the seven game series. game three is saturday. >> how would you describe javale's game tonight? >> it's kind of awkward with him sitting right here. >> be nice, be nice. >> no. he was amazing. >> have you ever seen klay thompson rise up and block a shot at the rim like that? >> that was impressive, yeah. i don't think i have seen that. >> i don't know if coach kerr is watching, but i'm good for a block or two a game. i say it a lot on the
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weekends, i'm just getting started. you got me going. i've got the giants and a's coming up and that will ,,,,,,,
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the giants 3rd >> baseball, giants, remember when madison bumgarner shackled the royals for the third world series? today not so much. giants can't score runs, five runs total in four starts, come on. bumgardner held it down until the 5th , two outs at kansas city and brandon belt in
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trouble. bumgardner was beaten to the bag and the run scored. inning ending double play in the 7th. didn't give up a run, struck out nine, bumgardner's record 0- 3. giants lost 2 -0. we've got rangers fans in oakland, matinee game at the coliseum up 4-1 in the 5th and there goes that man, chris davis gone, his seventh run of the season, a two-run shot and a's won it 9-1, took two of three in the series and they host the mariners tomorrow. >> did you say he's got seven already? >> seven. every time i look up he's going yard. got the man strength going. cool, like those ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is morning at 4-30. late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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