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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 25, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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caused the oroville dam spillway to fail... to fix it. getting answers. we're learning more about what caused the oroville dam spillway to fail and what will be done to fix it. good afternoon i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. state officials just held a hearing regarding the oroville dam three months after it failed. kpix 5 anne makovec is in the newsroom with the concerns
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about the future of the spillway. >> reporter: right now there is concerns about not only the oroville dam but the states 1300 dams. many that are decades old. today's hearing focused on what happened at the oroville dam in february when spillway broke apart and the water had to be moved to another spillway that was broken down by erosion. there were fears that a wall of water could overwhelm communities. the water levels that day were only one-third of what is considered a major flood event. so there are concerns about what could happen there in the future. >> we have moved into a different climate in california and yet all the facilities that exist in most of california's infrastructure were designed under the former assumptions of the previous client and yet are
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moving into the new. >> the hearing comes a day after the state released reports of independent experts warning there are cracks in the main spillway and the remaining concrete in it should be replaced and not just resurfaced. including diverting water and reenforcing the spillways. he says there are no concerns even when this year's heavy snow pack begins to melt. but this is a working progress. the committee holding today's series says it is a first of many but the state warrants it will not release anything that will warrant evacuation. the board rolled out a series of plans they say protects some of their most vulnerable residents. kpix 5 jessica flores has more. >> reporter: santa clara county board of supervisors setting the stage for the battle
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against president trump. less than two weeks, supervisors today are considering more plans to protect undocumented immigrants. >> we don't really call a sanctuary community effort, we call it a constitutional community's effort. >> reporter: one idea creating -- >> we do not want children going into foster care. our objective is to make sure children in our community feel safe. >> reporter: the board will also consider creating an ordnance that will ban any registry -- where 37% of residents are foreign born. >> we are the tip of the sphere in terms of what this country we hope will look like. but we have to protect families and frankly our economy. >> reporter: supervisors are also requester considering ways -- are considering ways to?
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help hate crime victims. >> when you think about the ways of transgender youth in the shelter, it's everything about their lives. it's not just about homelessness. >> reporter: the santa clara county board of supervisors isn't voting on the measures today but they are sending it to the county board for soon and a vote could be coming in june. update for you the missing one-year-old girl from southern california has been found safe. san bernardino sheriffs say they found lexi with her father daniel. they were spotted in mount claire east of los angeles. lexi has been reunited with her mother. north korea carried out live fire military drills over night in a new show of force. banners flew in the centuries of pyongyang as they marked the
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anniversary. north korea yap state media called the military movement extremely dangerous. in the past the country has claimed it would strike the u.s. main lands. negotiations are under way on a spending bill that lawmakers hope will avoid a government shut down by the end of the week. the trump administration is making concession that will help make it easier for all sides to agree on a bill. craig boswell has more from the white house. >> reporter: president trump is backing off on his demands to fund a wall along the mexican border for now. >> building that wall and having it funded remains an important priority for him. but we also know that can happen later this year and into next year. >> reporter: the president had been asking congress to include money for his wall. but convince ising republicans made that a tough pitch. >> a 2200-mile wall does not make sense. >> reporter: in exchange democrats are likely to agree to increase spending on border
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security and surveillance. president trump is promising hiss dream of a wall isn't gone. this morning he tweeted, don't let the fake media tell you i have changed my position on the wall. it will get built and help stop drugs, human trafficking, etc.. for now the president is shifting his focus to another campaign pledge. tax reform. the president is holding private meetings ahead of a rollout. the proposal will cut corporate tax rates from 35% to 15%. the independent tax policy center said a similar plan would cost the company $2-point will h trillion. but steve mnuchin says the cuts won't add to the deficit. >> tax plan will pay for itself with economic growth. >> reporter: mnuchin will meet with leaders on capitol hill to discuss the plan this evening. craig boswell cbs news the white house. >> it's possible lawmakers may have to pass a one week stopgap
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bill to keep the government running while they work out final details of a spending bill. ivanka trump is in germany on her first international trip as a white house advisor. she had a hard time convincing the crowd that her father cares about women'sish-- issues. take a listen. >> supporting families. [ inaudible ] >> the crowd hissed and booed as she defended the president's attitude and record on women. her visit to germany came at the invitation of angela merkel. >> you get access to donald trump and maybe a moderating effect to donald trump. >> ivanka's visit comes as president trump approaches his 100th day in office this week and at a time when many world
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leaders are trying to figure out where the president's policies will lead. in marin county three police departments will be equipping their office with a medication that instantly reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. so far only medical personnel have been able to carry ma naloxone. police are serging for fife burglars -- police are searching for five burglars. they got away with $24,000 in products including several computers, ipads, and iphones. it happened just after 8:00 which is closing time. but the doors were still unlocked because a few lingering customers were inside. it's not clear if if the the two crimes are connected. still ahead making some room for self-driving cars. the new idea that could give
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them their very own lane straight to a bay area airport. >> plus your favorite tv show could be in jeopardy. the latest on if there could be another writer strike in hollywood. >> did you have a chance to see this morning's sunrise? if not we have a couple photos to share with you. plus getting ready to enjoy your afternoon we have filtered sunshine. i'll tell you when the sun will blare and the temperatures will spike. that is coming up as the news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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francisco. about an hour ago... mayor ed le y's a major milestone for affordable housing in san francisco about an hour ago mayor ed lee announced that the city's small spikes program has purchased more than 100 units
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in the richmond district. houses will be permanently affordable for future -- for tenants and future tenants. >> we have plans to go to 240 within the next year or so. if we got a larger resource, then we are going to help more families stay in san francisco. stay at their jobs. stay at their schools. stay at their neighborhoods and watch their kids through generations graduate from the best schools or the local neighborhood schools. >> part of the funding for the small fights program comes from a voter approved housing trust fund that was approved by voters in 2015. self-driving cars could be getting their own lane to the san jose airport. san jose mayor sam liccardo is working with the department of transportation to explore an
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autonomous vehicle only lane. members of the riders guild -- writers guild of america voted unanimously to authorize a strike. >> they have less than a week to work out a new contract or it could knock some of your favorite shows off the air. >> reporter: for now it's all smiles on the late night talk shows. >> don't just say if you've already ingested pieces of golf balls, the best thing to do is just let them play through. >> reporter: but all of those jokes could come from union writers that could be putting their pen down and putting their show in jeopardy. more than 6300 of their members voted by a margin of 96% to
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authorize a march on the picket line if a deal isn't reached. your upcoming fall shows could take a hit. a traditional broadcast series runs 22-24 episodes. but now shows on cable or basic streaming services run an average of just 12 episodes. they are often shot to look more like a movie taking long never production which keeps writers tied up for the same amount of time while making less money. >> the average income for writers has gone down. 23%. >> reporter: writers are asking for higher script fees, bigger residuals from streaming immediate y and larger contributions to their health plans. when unionized writers went on strike ten years ago, it lasted
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more than three months. it cost the try $2 billion. in a statement released monday night, the producers align says they have remained committed to reaching a deal. writers lost $287 million in compensation that was never recovered. >> right now both sides believe the strike is avoidable and negotiations will start later today. >> producers say they are under pressure to keep costs down as viewing habits change and more customers cut their cable cords. time now for a check of our weather with roberta. >> i don't know if you saw this morning's sunrise but if you missed it, it was glorious. we had a number of people sending us in photographs including this one right here. this is from carroll in castro valley. you can see the cumulus clouds there with the morning sunrise. thanks so sf gate for sending me that personally.
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and now live weather camera looking at the serous clouds draped across the bay bridge. we head to the coast where we have a mid level deck of cloudiness. filtered sunshine today. temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s. and robert sullivan he is in redwood city. he is reporting 67-degrees with a southwest wind at 8. i want you to keep that in mind for your afternoon stroll. the winds along the peninsula right now are pretty much 16-21 miles per hour. 22 blustery in san francisco. 12 in san jose. even if your temperatures in the 60s right now, you feel a bit of a chill to the air. vallejo flatter wind. everybody will have a wind 10- 20 during the afternoon hours. these winds are all in advancement of this area of low pressure that is rolling out of the north into the bay area. as it does so, it's masking our sunshine. but the precipitation is going well to the north. we could see a little rain drop
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or two tomorrow as a result as the system gets closer to the bay. meanwhile today it's filtered sunshine. temperatures a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. one more day of unsettled conditions for your wednesday. and then sunny. all be it brisk on thursday with breezy to windy conditions. here's your future cast this evening the clouds thicken up. here's your wednesday morning commute. hit and miss shower across the far north bay. and lunchtime, this time tomorrow same. and by wednesday night the skies begin to clear out. we'll have a little cooler air mass in place. by thursday with the abundance of sunshine, temperatures begin to climb and they will spike this weekend. all right one day at a time. central valley today as temperatures low 70s under partly cloudy skies. 60s monterey bay. 62 half dome. 53 degrees in the high sierra. a little bit of rain in the eureka area. numbers stacking up to the 60s and low 70s. by the time the sunsets tonight
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at 7:54, you will see a little bit of it. cumulus clouds draped across the skies. slightly warmer on thursday. brisk on friday. 80s by saturday. tonight we have blanch on the mound for the good guys. >> keep that winning streak going. >> how about that? one in a row. straight ahead samsung customers are seeing red. literally. the complaints over their newest flag ship phone and what the company is doing about it. >> we want to invite all of you pet lovers to send us questions about their health and well being. you can e-mail us and we will have our pet expert give you an answer every friday at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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seedless grapes coming this from chile it's the late harvest grapes that are coming in right now. very summer. our winter our spring now. so they are late summer the grapes that are coming in are not that bad. as a matter of fact, i would say they -- look at this bag. i just took this one out.
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i would say that the quality is better now than it has been a month ago. i'm not kidding you. these grapes are fantastic. when you buy them, check inside the bag very carefully. make sure they are nice and green and the stem is nice and green also. when you bring them home, throw them into a refrigerator right away. so buy them and enjoy them. after you buy them for 2002 or three days at the most. that's it. any longer than that they will start to break down and lose that flavor and crunch. thompson seedless grapes. season is almost over. not a bad day on wall street as well as we take a look at the big board. the dow is surging for the second straight day up 256 points. wall street opened up strong this morning with the nasdaq also soring to 6,000 for the
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first time ever after several companies reported strong earnings. yahoo ceo mercer meyer is expected to cash in when she leaves the cane. meyers says she will step down if the deal goes through. according to the new york times she will be leaving with $186 million through her stock options alone. some of samsung customers are complaining about their brand new galaxy s8 phones. the display has a red tint. at first the company pointed out that users could adjust the color settings on their own. after a lot of complaints, samsung is rolling out a software update to fix the issue. we could see cars flying over the bay area one day. a mountain view startup called kiddie hawk released this video. assessing the future of transportation at clear lake. the company is backed by google cofounder larry page. >> mobility. getting around. this is going to be the problem of the 21st century.
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it's going to be vex every metropolitan region. i'm glad some of our brightest people are thinking about it. >> the 220-pound vehicle uses eight battery powered propellers. it could be the solution to traffic gridlock one day. no word on the price tag and we have more information about how to find one at a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, e- mail our hotline consumerwatch at or call the hotline. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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noon. city hall... but it's not just an art display. coming up at 5... the bigger issue behind the gi giant shoe is going up in front of one bay area city hall but it's not just an art display. coming up at 5:00 the bigger issue behind the giant stiletto. >> woman power. that's what it is. >> i do that with my size six shoe every day. [ laughter ] ,,
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♪ >> steffy: you're not giving up on brooke? >> ridge: nope. >> steffy: even though she's with bill, huh? >> ridge: "with bill..." they've been engaged before. they didn't get married, so... >> steffy: you're hoping they won't this time, either. >> ridge: oh, steffy, i'm hoping a lot of things, but right now, we need to focus on the spectra mess. >> steffy: yeah, sally needs to be locked up for stealing our designs. >> ridge: yeah. there's the rub. this woman can go and steal our entire collection, and there's nothing we can do. our hands are tied. >> carter: maybe not. >> ridwh


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