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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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turning off lights in a room unless they're in it. air filter changing, solar installing unplugging, dial-turning, thermostat-lowering off-peak-time users all joining forces. to help get our power from renewable sources. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? the celebrated lead-by-example crew. turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. (and yeah, it's him too) don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> now at noon, a murder man hunt ends in a suspect standoff in the east bay. and the armed man is still refusing to surrender. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi.
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police have been negotiating with the suspect near a gas station in martinez since last night. that is after he allegedly killed a woman yesterday in cave creek. >> jessica flores is live at the scene in martinez. jessica? >> reporter: kenny, michelle, we have been out here since 4:00 a.m. i can tell you, not much has changed. that man is still holed up in his car. take a look at the scene behind me. still very active and tense. swat teams surrounding that vehicle trying to get him to come out of the car. a intense stand upstarting at night stretch into today. the swat team surrounding a murder suspect holed up in a mercedes-benz at the pine street exit. the man killed a woman in broad daylight. officers spotted the suspect a few hours later pulling him over near the chevron gas station. the suspect refused to get out of his car and at one point, was seen holding a gun to his
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head. swat team spending hours negotiating with the suspect, but he fused to leave the car. residents are asked to shelter in place. elizabeth's daughter cannot get into her home. >> the swat team came in and they told her to go to a neighbor's house. >> reporter: the daughter spent the night in her detached graduating for the standoff to end. >> this has been going on since last night. she says you won't believe this, but i am still stuck. >> reporter: the standoff forcing nearby county offices to close. now, police haven't given us many details as to the identities of the suspect or the victim. but, we have been told it appears that they were dating. reporting live in martinez, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. police have arrested a man suspected of starting three fire bombings including one in front of the police department.
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police say the first incident happened around 10:00 last night. at an apartment on north texas street. the suspect allegedly threw a fire bomb through the window. officers responded to a car and noticed similarities between the two fires. the fire at the police station happened a couple of hours after that. no one was hurt in any of the incidents. police arrested 39-year-old matthew jones shortly after the third fire bomb. they say she a neighbor of two of the victims and used racial slaughters toward them in the past. he was booked on several charges including attempted murder and committing a hate crime. bart's new cars are fall cars are malfunctioning on the tracks again. anne makovec has the story. >> reporter: we don't know what the problem was, but it with was bart's state of the art new cars parked idle here in san leandro. it is part of bart's so-called fleet of the future and it lost
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power as it was being tested overnight. it got stuck at the lake merritt station. >> you have a lot of diagnosist equipment on it so we can check it later when we get it to the test track. >> reporter: in the meantime, just before 5:00 a.m., another bart car had to push it here and bart had to single track its trains causing major delays throughout the east bay. >> a lot of people that were going to san francisco had to get on another train. >> we run into these same issues over and over again. >> reporter: bart had tested ten of these new cars about a year. this is the second major issue they have had. last april, the brakes went out in one car. its auxiliary power failed and it went off the test tracks into a pile of sand. >> i don't understand. with bart making all this money, how they can't get it right. >> i understand people would be frustrated. the new trains are not carrying passengers yet, but we want to make sure they are ready. >> reporter: there is no estimate for when that will be. >> if we are going slower than
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the original schedule, we will make sure we don't adhere to a schedule that ultimately bites us in the back because we didn't have a reliable train for people to ride. >> reporter: this car will be pushed to bart's test track in hayward and some engineers with the manufacturer are in town to figure out what went wrong. but the earliest we will have an answer is monday. in san leandro, anne makovec, kpix5. 62 new cars were expected to hill the rails by the end of the year with a full order of 775 by 2021. jeff sessions is explaining how he and president trump want to change the west coast base ninth circuit court of appeals. this following the court's rejection of an executive order that would have withheld funding from sanctuary cities. jackie ward has more. >> reporter: in an interview on cbs this morning, tone general jeff sessions described his frustration with the ninth
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circuit court of appeal. >> i think we have a number of judges in the country that have departed a bit too far from classically enforcing the law as written. and using the law to advance an agenda that they may have personally. >> reporter: he spelled out how he and president trump would like to alter that. >> the main thing is, you appoint judges an confirm judges to the ninth circuit that will be responsible and more restrained in their actions. >> reporter: reince priebus said judge williams oruch decision to block the executive order was an example of "the ninth circuit going bananas." in an interview this week, president trump said he would consider a proposal that would split up the ninth circuit court of appeals. attorney general sessions supports the president. >> the greatest threat to the independence of the judiciary is if judges become more political and people cease to decide on law. >> that is what you believe about them?
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>> i'm worried about it. >> reporter: jackie ward, kpix5. >> we reached out to the federal judge for a response. someone from his office just got back to us minutes ago saying because we asked about the judge's recent ruling in a pending cates, they will not be able to provide a comment. congress passed a week long extension to keep the government running beyond tonight. it avoids a partial government shutdown that would have begun on saturday, president trump's 100th day in office. craig boswell is at the white house. >> reporter: house lawmakers extended a short term spending measure by another week. avoiding a government shut down on the eve of president trump's 100th day in office. if approved by congress, the final legislation would give a trillion dollars to fund federal agencies through september. the end of the fiscal year. >> to repeal and replace obama care. >> reporter: democrats had wanted republicans to halt new efforts to repeal and replace obama care. compromises were made after democrats threatened a shutdown. the demand for funding the
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border wall was dropped anne makovec agreement was made to pay healthcare subsidies for low income americans. >> the democrats have come in and thrown a lot of monkey wrenches into the ability for this to get done. >> reporter: nancy pelosi called the president's budgets miserable during a news conference and criticized his first 100 days in office. >> the grades are coming due for president trump after a starkly dismal first 100 days. budget, f. creating jobs, f. draining the swamp? f. healthcare, f minus. >> reporter: next week, the house could once again take up another hot button issue. a vote on a revised healthcare reform bill after house leaders delayed a vote on that newest plan yesterday. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. on the eve of his 100th day in office, president trump is in georgia where he delivered a keynote speech at the nra's annual meeting. ironically, no guns were allowed at the convention while
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the president was speakingment he thanked people in the crowd for their support and discussed gun rights. president trump is the first president since ronald reagan to address the nra's annual meeting. house minority leader nancy pelosi is facing a challenger from her san francisco district. attorney stephen jaffey cias he is going to make a 2018 bid. he worked as a volunteer for the bernie sanders presidential campaign last year. and in a recrept interview, he criticized her for raising money from corporations and special interests. new at noon, the secretary of state is holding a special meeting right now at the united nations. the focus, nuclear threats from north korea. reporter alex ortiz is at the u.n. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson warned u.n. security council members it is only a matter of time before north korea's missiles can reach the u.s. mainland. >> failing to act now on the most pressing security issue in the world may bring catastrophic consequences.
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>> reporter: he urged them to enforce sanctions in place for north korea. >> there is a chance we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> reporter: but, north korea remains defiant. this morning state run television aired video of this week's massive live fire exercise. the leader kim jong un and his officers are seen cheering. foreign ministers from china, attended the meeting. a sign of how serious they are taking the north korea standoff. >> light of the growing threat, the time has come on an of us to put pressure on north korea. >> reporter: china is north korea's biggest trading partner. this morning, china's foreign minister said a peaceful resolution is the only choice.
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beijing supports full implementations of u.n. resolutions on north korea, but did not say if they would impose their own sanctions on their ally. still to come, dragged off a bus after asking a rider to pay. frightening new video at noon of a bus driver attacked by a violent suspect. >> reporter: british police say there is an active terror plot. i'm amber austin-wright in london, that story is coming up. >> wow, what a day. we have wind swept blue skies. but, that is the operative word. we have winds that will be increasing today. but look at that visibility! the weekend forecast coming upright after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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showing a bus driver being attacked by a ride >> new video at noon from west palm beach showing a bus driver being attacked by a rider. the suspect charging forward here at the driver asked him to pay his fare. then punches the driver in the face. the driver tries kicking the man to fight him off. authorities saying that the suspect ended up dragging the driver off the bus. you see the bus driver standing outside holding his jaw. the driver was taken to the hospital for serious injuries. it is unclear if the suspect was arrested. developing news from overseas at noon. british police say they have stopped an active terror plot after shooting a woman during raids in london. reporter amber austin-wright explains terror investigators say they are making arrests almost every day as they work around the clock to prevent attacks. >> reporter: gunshots rang out as armed police firing tear gas stormed a north london home. it was a dramatic operation to smash a suspected terrorist
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network. >> swarming around the house. pointing their guns at the neighbors. >> reporter: police shot a woman in her 20s and arrested six people in raids across london and southeast england. investigators say they shot down an active terror blot. just hours earlier, parliament was in lock down as security forces arrested a 27-year-old man carrying a bag of knives. >> this increased level of terrorist activity is being matched by our actions, the police and security services across the country and we are making arrests on a near daily basis. >> reporter: the latest terror threats come over a month of an attack on mowed down pedestrians on the westminster bridge before stabbing a police officer to death. scotland yard has put more officers on guard to prevent lone wolf attacks and large scale plot. >> when a person get to the point of blowing themselves up or shooting people, it is too late. we are just going to have victims. >> reporter: following
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thursday's arrest, anti-terror teams search more homes as britain's threat levels remain at severe. amber austin-wright, cbs news, london. >> severe is the second highest threat level meaning an attack is highly likely. there are high fire dangers across the state. crews are worried about all the dry wind in southern california. gusts up to 50 miles an hour recorded near los angeles yesterday. several lakes and reservoirs are closed to boaters. the conditions also causing problems for drivers and people trying to get outdoors. >> how is it coming up the grapevine? >> it is really crazy. windy. and, it is kind of hard to get ahold on this. >> southern california is hoping for a break from the heat and dry conditions this weekend. for us, what is in store? >> what is in store for us is the same thing in store for southern california. the winds will continue at
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least through early tomorrow morning. and then ramp back up again on monday. good afternoon everybody. take a look at this. it is our live weather camera. we are looking out past pier 9. you can see the flag on the fly. the visibility because of the win is seamless. we can see all the way to the top of mount diablo. 3800 feet tall. and that is a good 45 miles away from san francisco. now, right now, let's check in and get across the winds. 14, san francisco. 16, sfo, 15 along the coast. 11 in berkeley. 12, now, in the novato area. the winds will be pretty consistent throughout the afternoon. 10 to 20, but later on in the early evening hourings we will see some of the gusts up to 35 miles an hour. now, meanwhile, our temperatures according to weather watchers, david in novato. bill in orinda. all 60s and 70s . wow, thanks for checking in with us. what a beautiful day, the coast is clear. look at that right there. o how fun is that?
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we do have clear skies out there. a few high thin whistley clouds. temperatures all in the 60s . we are almost in 70 santa rosa. sheer what you can expect. the winds to increase. less winds this weekend. more sunshine. and record warmth for the first week of may. so, we see the clouds there drifting by. high pressure is building in. we have a little trough digging into the great basin causing the pressure gradient. thus, the windy conditions. meanwhile around the state on this big get away friday in the mid 70s . 60s around monterrey bay. back in through pebble beach. if you are head today the high sierra, temperatures in the 50s . bluebird skies. a little bit of a breeze as well. overnight lows tumbling down to about 28 degrees. there is a lot of skiing left. 06s and 70s around the rim of the base of the 70s across the peninsula. we have 70s in our inland areas. sunsets at 7:57.
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it will be gorgeous. bowl, your extended forecast, 80s on saturday and sunday away from the water. monday as well with the return of the early morning on shore flow. 90 degrees easily on tuesday. perhaps on wednesday. we start to see a little slight cooling on thursday. what a great night for baseball. we have the padres coming to town. the shark on the mound for the good guys. he is awesome. clear skies, 64 degrees. go giants. and enjoy your weekend. >> yeah. perfect night for baseball. >> lit be gorgeous. >> it will. and this will be the warmest weekend so far this year. >> okay! all right. i'm going outside. doing something. >> thanks roberta gonzales. all right, wall street pretty good week this week. but right now, the dow is down 31 points. up next, tackling a serious issue in dogs with the help of this big guy. what to do if your dog seems to be extra itchy.
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travis.. talking about hot spots. >> every friday, we check in with our pet expert, dr. bill chase joins us now with travis. this little guy ... >> he is not little. >> travis came home at four months old, now he is ten months old. isn't he beautiful? >> he is a beauty. all right, so we are talking about hot spots. >> yeah. hot spots. so, hot spots are a term that we use to describe very, very,
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very bad skin infection. and usually, it is caused because the dog has chewed on themselves. it can happen like that. owners can leave the room and come back to a big wound on the body. if it is flea related it will be on this back area here, i'm pointing to his butt. you can't see that. but if it is in another location like their face, we don't rule out fleas but worry about a contact allergy of some sort. i had a case with poison oak where a dog just totally ripped the whole neck area. so, treatment is pretty much the same no matter the cause and we want to put them on steroids. not anabolic steroids. cortical tell steroids help us. usually, they heal up
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beautifully. so, you want to do flea control. or avoid whatever the allergy is. >> come here you! come here you! >> he want to play. >> he does. he is is a big guy. very cute. beautiful dog. all right, thank you so much dr. j. and remember, if you at home have a question about your pet's health, e-mail travis is licking my hand. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,al media
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partnership is trying to cash in. the new move .. coming up >> all those premade cooking kits have been a big hit. but now, a partnership is trying to cash in. the new move from pinterest coming up today at 5:00. >> that's it. that's all we have. it is friday! we have been waiting for friday since monday! [ laughter ] >> monday morning at 4:30 in the morning. >> let's take your dog to the beach. >> that sounds like fun. >> have a great day! ,,
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