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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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and we feel stronger. i'm doing better in school. we feel happier. small changes you make today can make a big difference in how you feel.... and may help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. start now to turn today into a better day. we're still going, and we feel better! >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> now at moon, a major south bay murder trial is coming to an end as we come one step closer to learning about the murder of sierra lamar. i'm kenny choi. anne makovec is live in san jose where the closing
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arguments are underway. >> reporter: they are taking a lunch break, but the prosecution created a time line for the day that sierra lamar disappeared. he says that it was the collision of two worlds. the innocent sierra lamar and the defendant who was trying to find her. the defendant's name, ansalin garcia-torres. he has been in custody since may of 2012 for the disappearance of sierra lamar. her dna was found in his car, but her body has never been found. she was last seen leaving her school from her home near morgan hill and didn't show up to her bus stop that morning. her cell phone was found in a field south of san jose. her purse and clothes were found in a field near her home. on her clothes, his dna, and dirt that was not in sierra's normal environment, but is found near the south bay reservoir where several unsuccessful searches for her body have been conducted.
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>> the closing arguments of a vital as perfect aspect of what has been a long trial. what is the most likely scenario that could have occurred here. >> reporter: the prosecution played the records of her 911 call. her mother was wiping away tears in the courtroom and the prosecution lifted up evidence bags containing each piece of her clothes one by one and said of the defendant he took this off her body and discarded it. emotional moments. the defense which has introduced the possibility of her running away. the prosecutor called that absurd and tried to preempt the defense's arguments. garcia-torres is accused of attempted kidnapping of three women in 2009 as well. he has pleaded not guilty in all charges.
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anne makovec, kpix5. >> and thank you. new at noon, the man accused of a deadly shooting rampage at oakland's oicost university has pleaded no contest. own goh decided he is fit to stand trial. it happened in april of 2012. prosecutors say the former nursing student dropped out of the university several months before the shooting and wanted his tuition refunded. san francisco police are investigating a possible shooting. started out at a traffic accident on the 400 block of capitol avenue according to authorities. a woman in another car sideswiped a woman because she didn't want to wait to go around traffic cones. when the mom got out of the car to discuss the accident, the woman got aggressive so she slashed the other woman with a knife to defend herself. >> i was saying hey, calm down, we are adults.
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we can handle this. though you hit my car. and, she just started cussing and yelling and had me behind my car. my child was in there. i said i will defend myself. i warned her. when you do something like that, you have to give them warning. i will defend myself. i have my four-year-old child in the car. she didn't listen. so i had to defend myself with a little knife. >> there is no word on how serious the injuries are, but police have confiscated the knife. new details in the case of a bay area teenager shot and killed driving in san francisco. he has been identified as 15- year-old rajon jackson of daly city. it happened not far from golden gate park. the gunman drove alongside a 15- year-old driver, opened fire and killed him. a 16-year-old passenger escaped unharmed. >> it appears this victim may have been targeted and so, we don't have information that this was a random act. >> so far, no arrests have been
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made. police have tracked down a second teenager accused of taking part in a frightening robbery on a bart train. police say the 15-year-old boy was one of about 50 phones who beat and robbed passengers on a train last month at the coliseum station. the teenager was spotted last friday allegedly robbing a woman in oakland. police is a that they found the teen behind the wheel of a stolen car. well, uber is taking legal action to block san francisco from getting information on its drivers. the city wants the information including their home addresses in order to notify drivers that are required to get business licenses like all other small enterprises in san francisco. uber has filed a petition and is expected to file a motion to get rid of the subpoena today. in an hour, members of the san francisco bicycle coalition will be rallying at city hall as they meet to talk about protected bike lanes. two recent pedestrian deaths
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have sparked calls for safety issues. they are talking better ways to protect people. 70% of traffic accidents in san francisco happen on 12% of the city's streets. >> these crashes are happening on high injury corridors but the good news is if we know where they are happening we can prevent them. >> the plan for a vote this afternoon would add expanded medians, islands, and wider corners. right now, a santa rosa pet store is boarded up. this, after a car crashed right through the front window overnight. the village pets and supplies store is part of a strip mall at montgomery mall. the fire department tweeted out the photos. we are told no one was hurt. all right, taking a live look outside now at the city of san francisco. we are going to have another summer like day. high temperatures. roberta gonzales is in the weather center with more. >> we went right from the reigny system right over spring and landed into summertime.
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take a look outside. a lot of blue skies and the flag is on the fly. on top of pier nine. it is an off on shore flow. take a look. this is a better look. this is the golden gate bridge. that is an on shore flow, so the temperature next to the water is a good five to ten degrees cooler than what it is in the middle in the heart of san francisco. right now, we are at 77 degrees and san francisco, 84 in livermore, got to tell you, these temperatures are averaging up to 19 degrees above average for the second day of may. we have the heat. it is on right now. we have even warmer weather coming. i will talk about the cool down. that is still coming up. and kenny, the alert you need to know about is later on in the newscast. >> thank you. lawmakers are getting fed up with what is going on in the air. the house transportation committee is holding an airline on customer service policies. this comes after video surfaced of a passenger being dragged off the united airlines flight
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last month. the airlines ceos were summoned to capitol hill including those from united and delta airlines which is also feeling backlash from a confrontation between a flight attendant and a passenger. today, lawmakers did not go easy on them. >> so you have been able to do anything you want to do. add on fees. basic services that we take for granted. it is as if you have to tip a corporation to get a business to do what they used to do for free as a courtesy. >> airline performance did improve last year and complaints dropped. customer satisfaction rose but remains at about a c grade. the trump administration wants house lawmaker to find common ground on healthcare legislation, so they are sending top white house officials to help. meg oliver has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: vice president mike pence is leading the lobbying effort on capitol hill for the latest healthcare bill to relace obama care. president trump says the newest
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version will protect patients with preexisting conditions. and satisfy his supporters. >> they are going to get the greatest. these are the greatest people. they are either going to have a great plan or i'm not signing it. >> reporter: the white house is pushing for a house vote this week. but, it is still unclear if there is enough support to pass it. an unofficial cbs news count find ifs they were to hold the vote today, it would most likely fail. republican leader cans only lose 22 of their own members. 20 have confirmed to cbs news they are against the current version of the healthcare bill and more are still undecided. >> i think we are just a handful away. >> 1 members still on the fence? >> i have so roll here. i try today help them to understand how this bill balances two critical things. bringing costs down. and taking care of the most vulnerable people. >> reporter: to attract support from conservatives the latest bill give it is states options
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to let the insurers charge sick people more. but it is appears there is more work to be done to replace obama care. meg oliver, cbs news, cap top hill. in couple of hours, the university of california president janet napolitano will face some tough questions. the state auditor found the university reportedly overestimated its operating costs and spent less money than allotted in the budget. university officials disagree with the audit ice claims and the surplus claims were revealed as california students faced a tuition hike. weekday rides are about to get a lot more scenic for cyclists. jessica flores tells us where cyclists can ride every day of the week. >> reporter: the 2.2-mile bay bridge bike pass ends here. it gives you sweeping views of the bay looking east.
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new bike racks, benches, bathrooms, and breathtaking views. it is what will now greet cyclists and pedestrians at the end of the bike path on yerba buena island. mayor libby schaaf rode it. >> this is a great way to get around. >> reporter: major schaaf, jane kim and officials cut the ribbon to vista point. the facility years in the making. the path was completed in october but only open on weekends. now, with a new landing spot, it will be open 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day. >> it is about creating places here, place making for folks to enjoy. as well as sustainable infrastructure. >> reporter: the pass stops short of treasure island, but works are in place to extend the paths. and it doesn't stop there. >> what is the dream for the bike path?
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>> it is frankly to go ahead and connect it to the western span and bring it into san francisco. >> reporter: the vision, a bike path all the way to san francisco may be years away. but this vision at the halfway point will have to do for now. vista point cost $2 million. it is paid in park by the san francisco county transportation authority and bay area toll authority. reporting on yerba buena island, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. >> still ahead, another confrontation on a plane this time between two passengers. the shocking video of the in- flight fight. and an east bay fire station is closing its doors. why they can't keep it open. ,,
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they were just about to take off >> naevoid yes -- new video of a nasty flight on an airplane. these passengers were taking off from japan to lax. one of the man appeared to be drunk when he started throwing punches scares the other passengers. >> it goes to show no matter where you are, there is always, you will always have to be aware of your surroundings. especially when you are traveling. >> one of the men was removed from the flight. the person who took the video says that the flight crew of passengers handled the situation with grace and respect. another frightening scene on a plane, this one headed to bangkok. severe turbulence has left 27 people injured, some suffering broken bones and head injuries. it was a chaotic scene as they were thrown around. the airline says it happened before the crew could warn passengers to return to their seats.
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it was caused by clear air turbulence. the trump administration is scaling back on the healthy school lunch program. the secretary of agriculture postponed certain restrictions that were put in place by former first lady michelle obama. they are allowing more sodium on the menu and nonwhole grain products. fire officials in contra costa county confirm it will be closed. two tax measures failed that would have secured permanent funding for a handful of fire stations. let's get a check at the forecast with roberta. >> we are anticipating a lot of fire season. fuel from the winter rain, boy, is it drying up very quickly with the current heat wave. let's go outside now. blue skies. look at that visibility. you can see forever. i think i could see all the way up to alaska. what do you think kenny?
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>> maybe russia. [ laughter ] >> 79 degrees in san francisco. average high 64. 76 in oakland otherwise, we are already into the 80s . it is 84 degrees in livermore. we do have the winds pretty slight around the rim of the bay. but they have been picking up north of the golden gate bridge. 12 in novato. 18 in fairfield. 11 in antioch. these winds will be pretty persistent during the day. ten to 10. flattening out tomorrow. and that is why we have our very first spare the air day of the season. that will be tomorrow. you see haze trapped in the diablo range and the eastern portion of the bay area. headed to the north bay, dana, our weather watcher says it is 89 degrees now. it was 80 by 10:00 this morning and it did not cool down in the house. i hear you dana. i had to flip on my ac for the first time this year. here is what you need to know. unseasonably warm to downright hot. a repeat performance for
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wednesday. a big cooldown coming. this is a big area of high pressure diverting the storm track to the north. but this is going into friday. a low develops, jet stream surges to the south. we will see the development of the low clouds and the fog as early as tomorrow. this time at lunchtime, we will start to see the bank forming right off the coast. then, we will start to see the cooler air mass rushing on shore by late day thursday into friday. friday, we will be about 20 degrees cooler inland compared to right now. temperature ins the central valley. we are hotter here than in sacramento. 64 the greater lake tahoe area. if you are sneezing and wheezing, it is because of the northwest winds. i have seen the pollen count a lot higher. but, the flatter winds a little more relief for allergy sufferers. tomorrow. 80s , 80s , 90s , 70s across the board.
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it will be a beauty. we call for a 10-degree drop on thursday. an additional 10-degree drop on friday. cool weekend, breezy, mostly cloudy on sunday. i saw somebody point to the back of me. >> that is an oil tanker. >> that's a big one. >> made its way from richmond into san francisco. >> thanks for all the knowledge and the insight. still to come, it is called the super bowl of fashion. the most talked about outfits from the red carpet of the met gala. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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its biggest show of the year. the met gala drew stars from all corners of the art world last night... from sign. >> the fashion world is sorting through the met gala of new york city. it drew stars from all corners of the art world from music to movies to design. >> reporter: this is where the outfit can make or break the fashion icon. >> it is the party of the year. like the fashion oscars. >> reporter: for just the second time in its history t honoree was ray kalakuvo of japan. katy perry was in a john
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galiano look. and a headpiece that appears to spell out the word witness. while lauren wore this. singer rihanna stole the show in a red gown resembling a flower and a balloon. love was in the air as couples jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez along with selina gomez and the weekend made their red carpet debuts. madonna wore a camouflage gown complete with a canteen purse. >> my mind is on the scary time that we live in, but ultimately, what i want to see. >> reporter: and caroline kennedy wore a floral design. a bold choice that helped her outshine some of the best
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fashionistas in the business. >> ticket to the gala go for $30,000 each. the guest list typically tops out at 600 or less. all right, hollywood narrowly averted a writer strike earlier this morning at about 1:30. the writers guild of america reached a deal for a new contract with the major studios and networks. writers were set to strike if a deal was not reached by the end of monday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what that could mean for people who rely on marijuana for chronic pain. that >> santa rosa may soon say no to growing pot outdoors. what that could mean for people who rely on marijuana for chronic pain. that story and more tonight at 5:00. that's it for us on kpix5 at noon. we want to say hello to saint mary's college in the studio. >> they are one of the best groups we have ever had. >> have a great day everybody. ,,,,
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♪ >> eric: but coco agreed to sign the affidavit. >> ridge: yes, and she would've if sally hadn't confessed. >> eric: but sally couldn't put her sister through that. >> ridge: no one wants sally to go to jail, but sometimes you do things and...there's a price to be paid. >> eric: and a collection to finish. >> ridge: as fast as we can. >> eric: look, we've been really busy. i haven't had a chance to ask you, but how are things with you and brooke? >> quinn: she's gone? >> pam: hauled off in handcuffs.


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