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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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lamar is nearing this as the defense plans to make its final argument to the jury. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, may 3. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. this morning, kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san jose to lay out the defense case. >> reporter: yeah. the prosecution spent all day yesterday on its closing argument and later today, we are expecting to hear from the defense. antolin garcia-torres has been in custody since 2012 for the murder of 15-year-old sierra lamar, who disappeared two months earlier. she was last seen leaving for school from her home near morgan hill. now, yesterday the prosecutor held up key pieces of evidence, sierra's purse, muddy jeans and underwear found near a rural shed. he dropped each item on the courtroom floor saying that's how garcia-torres discarded her after he had his way. most of the day was spent highlighting forensic evidence. clothing fibers in his car, her
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hair on a rope in his trunk and his dna on her pants. her body, though, has never been found. the prosecutor said yesterday, quote, the reason why sierra isn't able to tell us what happened is this defendant. do not reward him. >> what the defense has to do, though, is say, maybe the dna evidence points to the fact that sierra lamar and antolin garcia-torres met. but does it equal murder? >> reporter: the prosecution got a jump on the defense strategy suggesting that sierra lamar was unhappy at home and just ran away. the defense will likely lay out that theory in its closing arguments today. the prosecution has already called that absurd. all parties will be in the courtroom this morning at 9 a.m. live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. new this morning, investigators say that a san jose police officer shot a man who was possibly involved in a family disturbance. officers were called to a home
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on mount frazier drive around 11:30 last night. the police department said the suspect was shot. he was rushed to the hospital but is expected to be okay. we are expecting a statement from the police chief later this morning. right now, pleasant hill police are asking for help in finding a man who assaulted a teenaged girl. they released a sketch of the suspect. the teen told police he ran toward her while she was walking and lifted up her skirt yesterday afternoon. if you recognize him, call pleasant hill police. lawmakers in washington, dc are expected to vote on the government funding bill today. the 1.1 trillion measure keeps the government running through september and help with a caltrain project in the bay area. jackie ward reports from san francisco. >> reporter: it means that electrification is back on the table but caltrain still has a long way to go before
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contractors start converting diesel train cars into electric ones. but there's a renewed sense of hope because the trump administration renewed the money in the federal budge. $100million would be returned to the project. that would be a small part of the $2 billion. >> our economy depends on infrastructure that's going to take people to work, return them home again. >> reporter: california republicans are against this plan because it would eventually become a part of a statewide high-speed rail system which they don't support. plus, caltrain would still need a $647 million grant from the federal transit administration for the project to move forward. but democrats argue that this electrification would bring 9600 jobs to the area and it would be better for the environment. in san francisco, jackie ward,
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kpix 5. let's check traffic and weather. >> we are tracking a big accident involving a car that flipped over and this is on westbound 237. so anyone who is traveling out of milpitas and on to -- from 880 to 237 is in this backup. we can see speeds that drop below 15 miles per hour. it looks like six cars on the side of the road. the right lane is blocked so expect delays there. we are tracking another crash along 880 for folks heading southbound as you approach "a" street. three car crash slowing you down below 35 miles per hour. a live look at your ride on 880 and this is between 238 on up towards the maze there. the traffic on the right side of your screen going northbound is in the green 26 minutes. so looking good northbound. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you.
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record high temperatures yesterday. 87 degrees in richmond. 94 in napa. today more record warmth. our live weather camera looking out from our live kpix studios towards the bay bridge. we have high, thin clouds and visibility otherwise is unlimited. mount vaca official sunrise is at 6:11. we are seeing a glimpse of what's going to pan out to be a very hot day away from the bay. now, right now, very slow to cool. 57 degrees in santa rosa. it's 63 in san jose. low 60s in redwood city and also in oakland at 58 in livermore. now, notice the winds west- northwest in oakland at 5. yesterday at this hour they are a northwest wind 10 to 20. that is ushering the pollutants out of the atmosphere. today we are going to see a little bit of a reversal with a west onshore push. so that's going to cool slightly very minimal temperatures along the coast and around the peninsula. 70 degrees at the beaches today. mid-80s around the peninsula.
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up to the low 90s santa clara valley. good morning to you in los gatos and saratoga at 92. how about east bay stacking up to 95? brentwood, tracy, oakley, orwood and discovery bay? it was 94 yesterday in pleasanton. also in dublin. same again today. 93 concord, clayton and walnut creek. north bay numbers from 70 in stinson beach to the mid-80s in san rafael and petaluma. again you had that record high of 94 in napa today low 90s with that west wind. and upstream we go to 92 degrees in cloverdale. but more of that westerly wind cooling down the coast not reaching the inland areas. our first "spare the air" day of the season. we do have unhealthy levels of particulate matter close to the surface. a lot of haze around the bay area especially "aversely" affected will be the east bay and that's what we find this morning our kpix 5 reporter jessica flores who joins us live now from walnut creek. >> reporter: good morning.
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as you mentioned, we don't have a lot of wind. that's causing some hazy skies. we are expecting a lot of pollution today. its supposed to be bad in areas like concord and walnut creek. that's where i am today. the first "spare the air" alert issued for the season is coming during the air quality awareness week. the bay area air quality management district says the unhealthy levels of smog are due to the hot weather, light winds, combined with the car exhaust. the air district is encouraging people to carpool or take public transit. but they have some other advice as well some lifestyle changes for people. they claim people can reduce their carbon footprint by eating less meat. >> i can do it because i have done it before. i just, you know, for those who have grown one meat and potatoes, not going to happen. >> reporter: so that might not be in store for everybody. but the air district says raising and slaughtering cattle releases high levels of
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unhealthy emissions. so long term the air district released an 85-point plan that includes a lot of direction and regulations for the oil industry. out here live the air district says it is encouraging people to exercise earlier in the morning when there's less smog. president trump is airing his frustrations with the budget process. this comes as the house will debate and vote or the $1.1 trillion government funding bill. it should pass with bipartisan support and head to the senate. in a tweet, he wrote: >> this after democrats claimed victory when congress passed that budget which includes funding for planned parenthood but none for "the wall." >> the president is frustrated with the fact that he negotiated in good faith with the democrats and they went out to try and spike the football and make him look bad.
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>> democratic minority leader nancy pelosi is calling president trump's threats reckless. on twitter she said: country needs a white house shutdown. working on it." new this morning: the n-s-a collected over 151 million phone call records last year. this even after congress limited the agency's ability to collect them in bulk. since the september 11th terrorist attacks: the n-s-a has been gathering a vast quantity of telephone re the nsa collected hundreds of millions of phone calls even when prevented from doing so. since 9/11 they have been collecting phone calls with phone calls and time and duration of calls with the phone numbers. 6:09. the rushing truckee river has become the newest tahoe area tourist attraction. next, why people from across the country are flocking to see it. >> and here we go again! the heat is on. i'll talk about the near and
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record warmth and where to expect it coming up. >> and we are tracking hot spots for you and we'll have an update for you on this crash on westbound 237 near zanker blocking lanes. >> put on hold why san francisco lawmakers aren't planning to vote on a plan that would require city departments to use only electric vehicles. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to help get our power from renewable sources. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? the celebrated lead-by-example crew. turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. (and yeah, it's him too) don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. again hear the train horns. "blaring horn" onoma-marin in our bay area watch, people of petaluma will once again hear the train horns. [ bells and horns ] >> engineers on the sonoma-marin area rail transit authority, or called smart train, began sounding their horns again this week.
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the city implemented a quiet zone at some crossings, but the rail authority complained that the practice was putting safety at risk. federal authorities agreed and ordered engineers to resume sounding the horns. there is going to be some new flood protection in menlo park. a company just got approval to rebuild the chrysler pump station. the station is currently at chrysler drive and bayfront expressway. the new system will move closer to highway 101. the goal is for the new system to be able to handle a 100-year flood. construction will start early next year. a vote on electric car use has been postponed by san francisco's supervisors. the proposed legislation would have required city departments to use only electric sedans by 2022. but high costs have stalled the process. the city still needs to bit fleet of electric cars as well as install charging stations around the city. the estimated price tag could be between 20 and $60 million. that's a big difference 20
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and 60, right? >> big time. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> $40 million. >> well you're going to feel the difference as you head out on the roads right now. because things are definitely slowing down. compared to what we were tracking 10 minutes ago. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic stacked up beyond the maze. your ride along the eastshore freeway. now, that's not too bad. we're still seeing some speeds in the green but definitely getting crowded out there. we are tracking a couple of accidents southbound 880. this is as you approach "a" street. those cars over in the center divide you can see those sensors drop below 35 miles per hour. and westbound 237 near zanker road we have an overturned vehicle couple of cars over on that shoulder there and two lanes blocked only two lanes of traffic get by in that westbound direction and it's starting to back things up for drivers heading along southbound 880 as you head into milpitas so just a heads up if you can head on over to 680 that's moving at the limit. that's a check of your traffic. a river in the tahoe area has reached flood stage and the
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gushing waters catching eyes from locals and tourists alike. visitors from as far as florida are taking a moment to snap a picture and water officials are expecting even more runoff through june. so the increased flows out of lake tahoe last week are keeping a careful eye on the dam. meanwhile, natives and tourists are pausing to soak up the sight. >> it's so beautiful, crisp and compared to florida because of so much humidity. >> having grown up here it's sad. on the other side of this dam you would walk out there because there was no water to go to the lake. >> and at a lodge overlooking the river, many visitors were excited to see the water was so close that they could touch it. look at that, roberta. >> that's gorgeous, isn't it? >> you see how clear it is? speaking of how clear it is visibility is unlimited with a few high, thin clouds this morning. otherwise 6:17 the sun is making an appearance and mount
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vaca official sunrise this morning at 6:11. look at the numbers. how mild is it? darryl yee is our weather watcher in alameda reporting 59 degrees. the barometer is on the rise and when you see that happening, it's building in and that is what's providing us with our temperatures a good 20 degrees above average. calm winds half moon bay now, calm in san francisco. this is so different than 24 hours ago when san rafael had a wind up to 12 and 15 out of the northwest. these winds will be rotating around later today to the west pretty flat 5 miles per hour. we will due to the lack of a good wind have moderate air quality throughout most of the bay area a bit of a haze in the atmosphere. east bay however you will be the recipient of some unhealthy levels of particulate matter, pm, trapped close to the ground. three things to remember today:
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>> high pressure is a key component. it's really strong. and that will provide us with one more day of near and record warmth. watch your late afternoon. what happens? the low clouds the fog begin to play tag with the san mateo coast pushing in penetrating the bay by this time tomorrow morning. and then throughout the day it thickens, amps up, pushes back onshore friday morning at this time. we'll be socked in with a layer of low clouds and fog and that cooler air mass aloft will bring us that cooling. 6:11 sunrise. sunset tonight at 8:02. pollen count is on medium to high side not that bad. yesterday it was the wind ushering the pollen around causing a lot of problems for allergy sufferers today. today not as bad. oak, ash and grass are on the medium to high side.
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it was 94 in napa yesterday. today 92 degrees. down from 83 to 77 in san francisco. extended forecast does call for that cooler air mass on thursday. not bad! friday seasonal. only in the 60s saturday. mostly cloudy on sunday. the sunshine resumes on monday into tuesday. that's a look at your wednesday forecast. now in our tech report, apple is still selling millions of iphones. but not as many as it hopes. the cupertino-based company reported that it sold nearly 51 million iphones in the most recent quarter less than in the same quarter last year. some analysts say iphone users are not leaving apple just waiting for the newest version this year. its release will mark the smartphone's 10th anniversary. and speaking of smart, amazon says it wants to you
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have long real conversations with alexa, the personal assistant. new tools help alexa whisper, snow emotion and pause naturally like humans. with the goal to have a 20- minute conversation. but it's still in the early stages. so amazon offered 12 teams of university students to fill in the gaps and whatever team solves the problem they get $2.5 million. you know, you can just call a friend, too. facebook is upgrading its messenger app including mini games you can play with -- many games you can play with friends. currently you can only play by yourself. some include 8 ball pool and "words with friends." i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, from "roar-acle" this morning, the golden state warriors thinking a little revenge against the utah jazz in game one of the second round series. we'll show you highlights coming up. us at: cool schools at kpix- dot-com. we m and feature your school on our thursday show. it's 6--
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ann coulter was a no-show at ca,
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good morning, everybody, from oracle arena. you know, ten years ago, it was the utah jazz that brought to an end the warriors' incredible run with that "we believe" team. well, a decade later it's the utah jazz looking for a little belief in themselves after last night. ellis, jackson and others honored before the current team settled an old score. contrast the styles last night. utah slow, warriors fast. draymond with the quick hoop on the break. warriors by 14 in the second.
6:25 am
and they will beat you on the run and in the half court. gobert has no chance against steph curry as arsenal. look at that move for the reverse. they play a little defense, as well. draymond swats it away from hayward pushes it forward to andre iguodala who finds a streaking kevin durant for the one-handed jam. wars up 17. curry had 22 points. and he was seen on the sidelines getting his ankle worked on by trainer but he claims he is fine, standard maintenance. warriors win 106-94. >> what did you think of that play in the 2nd quarter where curry crossed over gobert and had gobert spinning around? are you getting kind of used to that sort of thing? >> um, no. i still enjoy it. [ laughter ] >> i'll keep enjoying it. you know, i feel like i got one of the better seats in the house at no cost. energy always game 2 is tough, especially a team coming in trying to steal one on the road so we can't be relaxed.
6:26 am
you know, relaxed teams and happy teams get beat. >> steve kerr was not in the arena last night as he continues to undergo evaluation for back problems. so the warriors win game one, game 2 will be thursday night. baseball news, the giants losers to the dodgers last night and the a's lose at minneapolis. that's it from oracle this morning. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. time now 6:26. ann coulter was a no show at khalas week but this morning we are -- at cal last week but this morning we are learning how much the visit cost taxpayers. >> a lot of things need to happen in order for the caltrain electrification project to happen but we'll let you know why caltrain officials are feeling hopeful this morning. ,,,,,,,,
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we are declaring war on bad policing. this has happened far too often. >> the family of an unarmed black teen killed by a police officer in suburban dallas is calling for criminal charges to be filed. plus, the trial of a man accused of murdering sierra lamar is wrapping up. what the defense plans to argue in the final address to the jury. and -- >> i was on the way to winning. >> hillary clinton claims the white house was hers to win until interference by the russians got in her way! this coming as the investigation into alleged election hacking takes center stage on capitol hill. >> but first, a vote on the $1.1 trillion government funding bill could help fund caltrain's new electric upgrades. good morning, it is wednesday, may 3. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in san francisco with details. jackie. >> reporter: michelle, for the caltrain electrification plan
6:31 am
to work, a few critical things have to happen. step one the house and the senate have to approve the tentative budget then caltrain has to get $647 million from the federal government that they need in order for this $2 billion project to work. it's a project that caltrain said would create a lot of possibilities for commuters between san francisco and san jose. contractors are standing by and waiting until all money is approved before they begin converting diesel train cars into electric ones. and the sfmta supports caltrain as well because of the transbay transit center. it's being built right now in downtown san francisco. if this project falls through the sfmta would need plan be. >> it's a big blow because if it can't be electrified it's going to be a very expensive bus station. it's not totally dead yet because the president might put the money in for it -- maybe. i wouldn't bet on it.
6:32 am
>> reporter: high-speed rail experts say running diesel trains underground isn't practical so if caltrains doesn't get electric trains approved the transit center in san francisco doesn't get trains at all. that center will cost about $2.4 billion. annually it will cost $20 million to run. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. let's get a live picture this morning as we take a look at the bay area skyline. beautiful rising temperatures prompting the first "spare the air" alert for the summer season. and there are plenty of ways that we can help out air quality managers this morning. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in walnut creek to explain. jessica. >> reporter: the air district is saying people can make changes to reduce the carbon footprint and this week especially it's going to be really bad in east bay cities, concord, clayton and walnut creek. that's where we are here. and this "spare the air" alert are the first of the season is
6:33 am
coming during the air quality awareness week. the bay area air quality management district says the unhealthy levels of smog are due to the hot weather and light winds combined with car exhaust. the wind is basically not clearing the skies not clearing that smog. this is harmful to young children, seniors or anyone with a lung or heart condition. the air district is encourage people to carpool or take public transit. but they say to not eat meat, as well. >> we are not saying that everybody has to become a vegetarian but we want to start the "conversation" about maybe going vegetarian one night a week and what that might do regionwide to reducing our carbon footprint. >> reporter: the air district says raising and slaughtering cattle reduces high levels of unhealthy emissions long term the air district releasing an 85 point plan and in that plan it includes more industry regulation. now, today the air district also wants to remind people if
6:34 am
you are gonna work outdoors today try to do so right now. get out right now in the early- morning hours. this is when you're not going to see as much pollution during the day. report in walnut creek, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> don't i wish i could go for a run right now. [ laughter ] >> you know i don't like to run. >> i got you over to the coit tower stairs. >> we do that. >> what's the last time you did that? a long time ago? >> well, roberta had foot surgery so i'm waiting for her to heal up. >> we like to go together and we catch up and get great views. can you imagine the views from telegraph hill today? >> i bet nice. >> so everyone is going to have a haze today but the most "aversely" affected by the haze will be the eastern portion of our bay area. this is where we have the "spare the air" day in effect for the entire bay area. but again, unhealthy levels of pollution east of the bay today. but that's not going to stop people from coming out for first wednesday a street party in pleasanton. it starts at 6:00 tonight.
6:35 am
they have rukatan on the main stage celebrating cinco de mayo. 94 degrees in pleasanton. at 6 p.m. 90. it's going to be a party in the streets. no rain only sunshine. a few high, thin clouds looking at the sun-up over the bay right now. yerba buena island. wow! isn't this a fantastic view? we're already seeing a little bit of haze around the rim of the bay this morning. currently very mild in the 50s and 60s. later today temperatures still a good 20 degrees above normal away from the bay in our inland locations 70 at the coast a little modest cooldown around the coast it and the bay otherwise 80s 90s peninsula, 88 degrees san jose. 90 in benicia. 96 degrees in fairfield vacaville, back through discovery bay. 60s, 70s, 80s up to 90 in santa rosa. 91 in napa where we had a record high temperature yesterday of 94. it will be 92 degrees in cloverdale. that's a look at your local forecast. here's jaclyn with traffic. good morning. oh, yes, we have traffic. we have a couple of hot spots
6:36 am
definitely slowing the wednesday commute down. we'll begin over at the san mateo bridge. this is in the westbound direction. the crash blocking at least one lane and it's right at the high- rise and you can see those red sensors just light up our screen here. we have speeds that drop right around 20 miles per hour. here's a live look for folks trying to make their way out of hayward heading on over to foster city. your drive time, 26 minutes. likely to get even slower. you can see that chp driving in that center divide keeping everyone under control there along westbound 92. if you are making your way through the south bay we are seeing the slowdowns build and westbound 237 a really difficult ride this morning. we have a rollover crash and then in that backup, we had another accident involving a car and a motorcycle down. injuries involved, and emergency crews on the scene. traffic backing up along southbound 880 from dixon landing to zanker. that's a check of your traffic. >> thank you. closing arguments get under way today in the trial of a man
6:37 am
accused of kidnapping and killing a missing morgan hill teen. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san jose with the stakes in this high-profile case. anne. >> reporter: yeah. and a lot of this case depends on circumstantial evidence. the prosecution laid out its closing argument yesterday. today we are expecting to hear from the defense. antolin garcia-torres has been in custody since 2012 for the murder of 15-year-old sierra lamar who disappeared two months earlier after she left home for school in morgan hill and her body has never been found. yesterday the prosecutor held up key pieces of evidence sierra's purse, her muddy jeans and underwear found near a shed in a rural area that he dropped each item courtroom floor saying that's how garcia-torres discarded her after he had his way. but most of the day was spent highlighting forensic evidence. sierra's clothing fibers in garcia-torres's car. her hair on a rope in his
6:38 am
trunk. and his dna on her jeans. the prosecutor also played the 911 call that sierra's mother made reporting her missing. an emotional moment in court. >> it did have a big impact on me. i can't imagine that poor mother realizing -- coming to the realization that her daughter's actually missing, actually gone, can't be found, and -- and -- it's -- from that day forward, the panic, the terror. >> reporter: the defense suggests that sierra lamar was unhappy at home and just ran away. the prosecution called that absurd. now, garcia-torres is also accused of trying to kidnap three women in 2009. the prosecutor called those alleged attempts dress rehearsal. he said, quote, this man enjoyed the chase and he needed one thing from each and every woman including sierra, their bodies. closing arguments set to resume this morning at 9 a.m. live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we have learned just how
6:39 am
much it cost to keep the peace during protests at uc-berkeley last week sparked by a scheduled ann coulter appearance that never happened. the controversial conservative speaker canceled the speech over safety concerns but hundreds of people gathered on campus on thursday to make a point about free speech. 400 police officers and deputies were on hand to keep them safe. the estimated price tag about half million dollars. in the end violence never erupted. but uc-berkeley stressing the presence of law enforcement was the reason why. in a statement it said: palestinian presid oud abbas at the whi se today. this comes as the director of the fbi heads to capitol hill wher president trump will host palestinian president mahmoud abbas at the white house today. this comes as the director of the fbi heads to capitol hill where he will they have front of a senate committee on -- where he will testify in front of a senate committee on fbi oversight questions on the meddling of russia in the 2016 election will come up the feds didn't stop president trump from weighing in on his former
6:40 am
rival hillary clinton saying, fbi director comey was the best thing that ever happened to hillary clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds. clinton partly blamed russian interference and russian hackers for her election loss. >> i was on the way to winning until the combination of jim comey's letter on october 28th and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. >> clinton made those comments as president trump spoke by phone with russian president vladimir putin yesterday. the two leaders agreed to work on u.s.-russian diplomatic efforts in syria and plan on meeting in person in july. there are new details in the case of a young black man who was shot and killed by a texas officer. we now know the officer has been fired. the police chief says the body cam footage tells a different story than what was originally reported. officer roy oliver said he was
6:41 am
rammed by the victim's car but the body cam video shows olive approached the car and shot into it. time check 6:40. next, under water, the damage left behind and the evacuation still under way as southern states deal with historic flooding. >> plus, "waymo" versus uber. the lawsuit ruling that could force uber to take its self- driving cars off the road. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. as we check the big board, the dow is down 37. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
6:42 am
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6:45 am
me around my neck. i had to move it. i'm ready now. we are in louisiana with the decision not to charge two police officers who killed a baton rouge man last summer. family members and local leaders are upset at the justice department for not informing them before this news became public. plus, new insight into ivanka trump's role in the white house and her relationship with her father. the "new york times" interviewed her and her husband. you know he rarely talks. she will join us at the table with an in-depth look at that conversation. and former vice president joe biden talks with our doctor about his efforts in the new challenges to finding a cure for cancer. see you in 15 minutes. back to you. >> gayle, such a great job at the white house on monday. thanks for all of that. >> we were very proud of that show. thank you very much. >> and you should be. >> thank you. it is no surprise that california is in a housing crisis but a new report
6:46 am
outlines the problems millennials are facing. according to american community survey california home ownership is one of the lowest in the country. 38% of millennials are living at home with their parents and those between 24 and 35 are not buying, forcing some to move east. >> right now it's a struggle. it's not a lot of houses on the market. and the houses are going up and up in value. millennials are priced out of the market. >> the survey also found in the last 15 years, the bay area and los angeles have seen population declines while california cities like sacramento and farther east and other states have gone up. in just a few hours, there's going to be a ruling over self-driving cars. google's company "waymo" is suing uber over a former employee. the company claims the employee stole information and used it to layer work on uber's self- driving program. in the judge rules for "waymo" uber could take its self- driving cars off the roads until the case is solved. if the judge rules for "waymo."
6:47 am
tesla will report its first quarter earnings today. they delivered a record number of cars in the 1st quarter and its stocks are up ahead of the announcement but tesla's ability to speed up manufacturing particularly for the model 3 has been a source of concern among analysts. tesla isn't the only tech heavyweight getting an earnings report today. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks joins us now for those details and the rest of the day's financial news. good morning. good morning. lots of pressure on apple today. its earnings didn't impress investors on wall street. its plot of at $11 billion but iphone sales were down and the iphone is the real heavy lifter for apple. and that's got its shares down by 2% right now. a lot of wall street analysts think that the weaker demand now will probably lead to pent- up demand for the next phone due in the fall and that could be a blockbuster helping out
6:48 am
apple in a big way but now it's local. at dp says private firms added 177,000 jobs its weakest total in six months according to adp the labor department reports on friday expectations for 190,000 jobs. as apple stock goes, so does the stock market. the market is down. let's check it. apple shares down about 2 perks the dow dropping about 30 points. nasdaq down by 21. s&p is down by 4. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. a bay area bus company is pushing towards driverless city buses. they will be beginning testing it in month in reno. it will be among the first in the country to introduce driverless technology into a metro transit system. but the bus driver will stay behind the wheel. there were hot spots
6:49 am
earlier. are we still seeing traffic troubles? >> yes. we still have plenty of slowdowns and those accidents still blocking lanes. this is along westbound 237 here at zanger road so the south bay commute slow out of milpitas. this is blocking two left lanes near zanker and in the backup we had a motorcycle crash and car and so emergency crews also blocking one lane in that eastbound direction along 237 to access some of the people from -- that are in the crash on the westbound side. so do expect delays in both directions. speeds drop below 10 miles per hour as you are transitioning on from southbound 880 to westbound 237. your ride from 880 over to 101 just about a 30-minute commute. and we continue to see that backup along southbound 880. that earlier crash along the san mateo bridge right at that high-rise there, looks like they are in the clearing stages
6:50 am
but our drive times are in the red. we have about a 30-minute ride from 880 to 101. a check of other drive times business is he at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are in the red. southbound 880 from 238 over to 237, 42 minutes. back to you. right now, the midwest is bracing for another round of storms. it's already dealt with record- breaking flooding this week. on the left side of your screen, you can see the conditions in missouri. at least 5 people have died and nearly 2,000 homes are threatened. on the right side, you can see what it's like in arkansas. experts say this next storm could last through tomorrow. let's check the forecast here with roberta. so i wouldn't consider my job extremely hazardous. would you? i don't think so. but yesterday i was heading over to treasure island so i could shoot some video for our website and in treasure island not only are the people out enjoying the weather but so are the
6:51 am
seagulls! ! [ laughter ] >> i was nailed! i mean, i just think it's splattered. i was nailed by these seagulls. [ laughter ] >> so just thought i'd put that out for all of you if you go near the water today enjoying the weather. head to -- i really do mean that -- heads up! don't give me that ew look, jaclyn. it's good luck? who said? okay. anyway, we have some haze across the bay area this morning because of that haze we have our very first "spare the air" day of the season. 57 santa rosa. 63 san jose. jaclyn says bird poo is good luck. we'll talk about that later. pollution in the east bay today near orinda. our winds have been shut off but these winds will rotate to the west at 5 today that's an
6:52 am
onshore push cooling just gradually the coast today. otherwise our temperatures well above average for this time of the year. almost 20 degrees above average in concord. so what you need to keep in mind is that we will have slight cooling today and an additional 12-degree cooling on thursday and about 15 additional degree cooling on friday. high pressure still in control for one more day. then the marine layer moves closer to the coast. by thursday afternoon into friday, it makes its way all the way inland. and with that cooler air mass aloft, that's when we have the cooldown. 94 today state capital. 96 ukiah. 70 on the south shore.
6:53 am
>> near or record warmth expected. 70 by friday m on friday it's cinco de mayo partly sunny, seasonal, but cooler, 60s to 70 degrees. make it a great day! roberta, thank you. time now 6:53. not giving up. how president trump's administration is trying to salvage its efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: and this morning, closing arguments continue in the case of the man accused of killing sierra lamar. the challenges for the prosecution and the defense next. ,, ,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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♪ i'm anne makovec live in san jose where closing arguments are set to resume this morning in the trial of
6:57 am
the man accused of killing sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres is charged with kidnapping and capital murder in that case. he is also accused of trying to kidnap three other women in 2009. 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared on her way to school in morgan hill in 2012. her body has never been found. so the prosecution spent much of the day yesterday highlighting forensic evidence, sierra's clothing fibers in garcia zia torres's car, dna on her jeans and rope in his trunk. the defense says she was unhappy at home and ran away. the prosecution calls that absurd. we are expecting to hear more from the defense here today. live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. time now 6:57. time for your "final 5. today president trump will meet with two house republicans who are opposed to the current healthcare bill.
6:58 am
according to cbs news a total of 20 house republicans oppose the bill as it is now. several others are still undecided. three more no votes would kill the bill. today's vote on the $1.1 trillion government funding bill could help fund caltrain's new electric upgrades. the money would be used to help with new electric upgrades from san jose to san francisco. a demonstration is expected tonight in the sunset to support former oakland mayor jean quan and her husband's proposed plan to open a medical marijuana dispensary. this comes as the plan has been met with opposition. "waymo" is suing uber over a former employee. a ruling is expected today. if the judge rules in "waymo"'s favor, uber could be forced to take its self-driving cars off the road. today the bay area air quality management district has issued a "spare the air" alert. it is the first of the season. the air district is encouraging people to carpool or take public transit. and we are tracking a couple of hot spots for you. it looks like emergency crews
6:59 am
still on the scene of this crash westbound 237 at zanker. two separate accidents. they cleared one of the lanes so now just one one lane blocked along southbound 880 heavy due to this accident on 237. san mateo bridge still a slow ride out of hayward into foster city. just a little over 30 minutes. roberta? >> what a view this morning. the visibility is unlimited. we'll see haze today. we are already getting it on the other side of the bay towards oakland. otherwise, look at that scene right now. it is mild, high 50s to 64. temperatures 70s, 80s and 90s today near or record warmth coming down a bit at the beaches and bay due to a west wind onshore. later this afternoon. additional cooldown takes place thursday especially on friday only in the 60s saturday mostly cloudy sunday. but no rain in the forecast. >> you got a lot of luck yesterday, right? with all that bird poop on your car. >> the guy at the car wash was
7:00 am
lucky because i gave him a big tip to get it off my car. ♪[ music ] ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, may 3rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the latest republican health care plan appears on the brink of collapse, and president trump says a good government shutdown is needed to fix the mess in congress. two baton rouge police officers who killed alton sterling during a struggle will not face federal charges. louisiana's governor and the man's family are outraged. the department of justice did not tell them before the news became public. and prince william takes the paparazzi to court over topless photos of his wife, kate. the invasion of privacy brought back terrible memories of princess diana's death. but we begin with


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