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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 4, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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captioning captioning sponsored by cbs >> the bill is passed wi erjection. the motion to recons tion the table. >> pelley: celebrating at the white house. >> how am i doing? am i doing okay? i'm president. hey, i'm president! >> pelley: house republicans resuscitate their health care plan. >> it died right here on the floor. now it's come back to life, like nozombie. >> pelley: also tonight, as ghoodwaters recede, residents check the damage. >> you can't salvage this. >> no. no. >> pelley: prince philip is retiring. he's 90-something, and something else. >> he was a famously gaffe-prone lyuntain of political incorrectness. t pelley: and, the sport of kings. the derby is coming up, and she key have the best shot. >> what makes the perfect u otograph? >> i'll let you know when i get one! this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: today, republicans took the biggest step yet to make good on its vow to repeal and replace obamacare. just six weeks after their effort appeared dead, the house passed a revised g.o.p. plan, barely, without a single democratic vote. just as obamacare was passed without a single republican vote. 20 republicans defected today. the rest joined the president at the white house to celebrate his first major legislative victory. here's our chief congressional rerrespondent, nancy cordes. >> this has really brought the republican party together. y> reporter: president trump rdvored the legislative victory in the rose garden after house republicans passed their bill with one vote to spare. >> the ayes are 217. the nays are 213. >> reporter: g.o.p. leaders decided to hold the vote after a tist-minute boost in funds for soople with pre-existing
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conditions appeared to sway some hold-outs. >> i'm trying to get back and r:ad it now. >> reporter: even as protesters heckled them outside: >> shame! tsame! de reporter: and democrats inside warned, republicans would pay a political price. >> you have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. you will glow in the dark on this one. >> reporter: the bill eliminates or alters the key elements of obamacare, which house speaker paul ryan described today as a failed experiment. >> what protection is obamacare, if there is no health care plan to purchase in your state? to heporter: his plan provides tax credits to help individuals ldy insurance, though many low- accome and older americans would get less than obamacare be ently provides. insurers would be allowed to charge older customers five t mes more than younger ones. obamacare capped that ratio at lsto-1. states would also be allowed to roll back the requirement that all insurance plans cover a set
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of basics, including maternity arre and emergency services. indiana republican larry buschon: >> this is going to bring down premiums and get things back on track, and give people options. >> reporter: republicans did not wait for the congressional ns to determine the cost and impact of their bill. an initial analysis projected, it would leave 24 million more americans without coverage, 14 million of them due to medicaid cuts. >> tens of thousands of anericans will die if this bill passes. that's a fact. >> reporter: the numbers worried some g.o.p. moderates. >> you're a no on the bill? >> i am. >> reporter: but many republicans, like alabama's bradley byrne, insist the bill will get better now that it has left the house. >> it's going to go to the senate and be changed, come back here. but it's a big step. >> do you want it to be changed? >> i think it can be improved. i do. >> reporter: senate republicans have already established a 12-member working group to hadify the legislation, but they have given no timeline.
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.here was a lot of urgency to get this done in the house, scott, but senators say they're more focused on getting it right than doing it fast. >> pelley: probably won't come up in the senate until june at the earliest. nancy cordes on capitol hill. thank you, nancy. as nancy mentioned, the republican plan covers pre-existing conditions, but not the way obamacare does. here's david begnaud. >> reporter: robin perrot, a mother of four from walker, louisiana, says she was troubled t's fray's vote. >> it's frightening. i'm worried about what that impact will have on my family, and the medical bills that we might incur. >> reporter: her three-year-old son, collin, has a pre-existing olndition called hydronephrosis. it is a chronic condition that prevents his right kidney from draining properly due to a blockage. >> are we going to have my son's eysurance cut? are they going to cover him? will they cover enough of it?
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wcause without what we had, we would still be in debt, and we would forever be in debt, i have a feeling. wo reporter: more than two rellion americans covered by obamacare have pre-existing conditions. this new house bill would allow states to file for a waiver from the requirement that guarantees their coverage. to qualify, states would have to set up so-called high-risk pools, money used to help pay for expensive premiums. back in louisiana, officials have not signaled that they will seek a waiver, but $138 billion has been set aside in the g.o.p. bill for all 50 states to help fund those high-risk pools. >> this bill does not automatically eliminate coverage for people with pre-existing ornditions. >> reporter: larry levitt is with the non-partisan kaiser family foundation: >> what this bill would do is unleash debates in 50 state capitols around the country about whether people with pre-existing conditions should really be covered and protected.
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>> reporter: the top 11 states wth the highest percentage of people that have pre-existing conditions all voted for president trump. stott, here in louisiana, 30% of people under the age of 65 have 30pre-existing condition. >> pelley: 31 states have republican governors. david begnaud, thanks. with some insight into this, joining us is john dickerson, our chief washington correspondent and the anchor of oface the nation." john, we just saw the people's concerns about pre-existing conditions. that's just one of the landmines going forward as this goes to the senate. >> that's exactly right. there are a number of senate republicans who think the house legislation weakens or removes s st too many of those obamacare protections on items like pre-existing conditions, and also on some of the guarantees that were part of the affordable care act, that certain health benefits would be covered. also, medicaid might shrink too much under it. and if that skepticism kills the rsll, then the house republican fmbers will be stuck having voted for an unpopular piece of opgislation. >> pelley: john, the non- partisan congressional budget
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office analyzes these bills to tell the senators and congressmen how they'll affect s e american people. last month when this came up, e upcongressional budget office said it would cost 24 million americans their insurance. this time, the republicans didn't wait for the c.b.o. report. >> and they didn't wait because the report was likely to be nearly as bad or perhaps even numbe, but regardless, the number was not going to be a good one that they were going to get, in terms of that coverage, because they argue the congressional budget office doesn't see health care the way they do. and they argue the reason those numbers is high is that under obamacare, people were forced to ary insurance. the republican plan doesn't do that. but they think people will get insurance nevertheless, and the rtst will go down. but they didn't want a number that would look bad as they're ntying to build momentum, showing republicans coming together and use that momentum to get the senate to overcome its obstacles to passing health care legislation. >> pelley: john dickerson, chief acshington correspondent and anchor of "face the nation." thanks, john.
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in another big story tonight, >> pelley: a security alert has gob out to america's trucking industry about stolen trucks being used as weapons. here's our homeland security correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: cbs news learned today that the warning from the t.s.a. deals with attacks using trucks to ram into crowds. it highlights last july's attack in nice, france. 86 people were killed, another 400 injured, when a man who claimed loyalty to isis drove a rented truck through a crowd at a bastille day celebration. in this country, a student drove his car enter a crowd at ohio state university last year, injuring 11 people and then stabbing at least one person. he was also inspired by isis. the six-page report from t.s.a. went out the truck and bus companies as well as school bus operators and cited 17 vehicle attacks worldwide since 2014.
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173 people were killed, and 667 injured in the attacks. police departments across the country have been on high alert for these kinds of attacks. they have changed how security is provided for everything from parades to the inauguration of president trump. many of these attacks called low tech have been carried out by so-called lone wolves, which makes it difficult for police and intelligence agencies to detect any planning. in a statement the t.s.a. pointed out that no community large or small, rural or urban, is immune to a vehicle attack. police departments in the u.s. are aware of the threat. scott, the t.s.a. is urging people to be alert for strange activity that may signal a truck attack. ig pelley: jeff pegues, thanks. in another big story tonight, it is raining in the east from florida to upstate new york. this follows a system that brought floods this week to at least nine states in the midwest and the deep south.
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rivers rose to record levels in dessouri, illinois, oklahoma, and arkansas, where residents were assessing the damage. michelle miller was there. >> reporter: in walnut ridge, rbkansas, greg gill used a motorboat instead of a tractor to sail over his rice, corn, soybeans and peanut plants. more than 5,000 acres of crops have drowned in up to 16 feet of water. >> this is definitely not normal. you know, they say it was a 100-year flood, but this is the fourth one in my lifetime. >> reporter: bit by bit, greg and kim chaffin are mopping up the last of 19 inches of itoodwater that drenched their furniture store just up the road in pocahontas. how big of a setback is this? ne well, what i told someone earlier is, we probably lost 15% pi our inventory. nd're hoping that in two weeks we'll be back up and running. let's get right back here, actually. .> reporter: the shop was in its new location for only two months
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when torrential rain swelled the nearby black river nine feet above flood stage and caused major levee breaches. >> this time, i don't know how hoch water. it's in the house, but i don't know how much. >> reporter: 87-year-old charlie rose is making the most of his come at a nearby shelter, entertained by a boy scout volunteer. he's not sure when he's getting ouck to his flooded home. ve you got to think on the positive end of things. negative will get you in wouble. and that's what it is here. niis is all very positive. >> reporter: it has been raining like this off and on all day, and yet floodwaters are receding. the good news for folks north of a man st. louis, scott? a major interstate that's been shut down all week is finally fopening. >> pelley: floods coming to new england next. michelle miller, thanks very much.
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prince philip will soon be spending more time around the house, of windsor. buckingham palace announced today that at the age of 95, the prince is retiring. from what, you ask? here's mark phillips. e reporter: the role from which utince philip is retiring was to walk one step behind the queen. but even back there, he was able to carve out his own reputation and place in history. >> so, essentially, the queen has always worn the crown. >> reporter: giles brandreth ran one of philip's charities. >> and prince philip was allowed to wear the trousers. that's the way it worked. >> reporter: it worked as a partnership from the very etginning. hee queen's cousin, margaret iodes, recalled the impression he made, in an interview before she died last year. >> and of course, prince philip ins the most utterly good- looking, viking god. >> reporter: viking god? >> well, he really was too good- looking. >> reporter: and so outspoken. he was a famously gaffe-prone fountain of political e correctness.
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he once asked aboriginals in australia whether they still throw spears at each other. rioser to home, he asked scottish driving instructors how they kept their students "off the sauce" long enough to pass f e test. >> prince philip was the man who said, if ever you see a man wening the car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife. >> reporter: still, his old wife, paying tribute some years sio, seemed to appreciate him. >> he has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and i and his whole everly owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know. >> reporter: philip couldn't ersist one last one-liner. when someone said they were sorry he was standing down, he replied, "well, i can't stand up much longer." mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> pelley: coming up next on the knbs evening news," texas lawmakers pass what's known as the "show me your papers" law. 80 percent of recurrent ischemic strokes
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>> pelley: texas lawmakers have awssed a bill that outlaws sanctuary cities, cities that don't enforce federal immigration laws. here's omar villafranca. aw they're not going to cooperate with law enforcement. >> reporter: the legislative tition comes after weeks of heated debate and political jousting. >> no papers? >> no fear! >> reporter: state senator carles perry, who co-sponsored wie measure, claims this bill will make texas communities safer. >> it's about protecting our communities. we don't want those individuals nhat have committed crimes, illegal or otherwise, that when they had an opportunity to be he ded up for public safety, to be released at the discretion of a local law enforcement. >> reporter: the bill will give every texas police officer and sheriff's deputy the power to enforce federal immigration laws. peace officers can ask the immigration status of anyone under arrest or even detained. ecavis county judge sarah eckhardt says the new law will cafairly target texas' large mexican and central american communities.
5:47 pm
>> they feel that they're being hunted. even the native born are in fear boat they're going to be pulled over and asked by a police officer whether they belong here or not. even if they've been here for generations. >> reporter: a syracuse university project showed that ty peen 2014 and 2016, texas police complied with federal nequests and detained more than 0 ,000 undocumented people. that's 20,000 more than the asate of california detained. the controversial bill has been criticized by police chiefs from e llas to san antonio. under the measure, officers who exercise discretion and do not remply with federal immigration requests could be charged with a misdemeanor. >> if the state has chosen to conscript us as immigration officials, we will have to gmply. ab reporter: texas governor greg e bott tweeted after his legislative victory, saying, "i'm getting my signing pen warmed up."
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5:52 pm
the economy cratered when the price of oil went down. for the first time, more than half the homes in the u.s. do not have a landline phone, only ngcell phone. that's according to a study out today from the national center ltr health statistics. more than 70% of young adults have only the cell phone. kids love to show off new things at school, and in birmingham, england, seven-year-old anu s uldn't wait to show friends rer pink sports blade. her leg was removed soon after ere was born. one by one, the other girls stepped up to give her hugs, and within a matter of seconds, anu was off and running, just one of hee gang. we're off to the races next. when the pressure's on, she snaps. s on, she snaps. hey scout, what's eating you?
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>> pelley: that's the first >> pelley: that's the first national telecast of the kentucky derby, 65 years ago this week. cbs cameras captured the action. hundreds of photographers will be at the derby this saturday, but one stands out from the pack. orn dahler is up at the downs. >> reporter: in a sport of raw speed where champions are determined by milli-second, it's barbara livingston's job to freeze time. what makes the perfect photograph? >> i'll let you know when i get one! ( laughter ) but i look for color, light, and to keep distractions to a minimum from the subject matter, so you're drawn into the moment. and there are so many beautiful moments here. >> reporter: many of which happen off the track. >> to actually get something that evokes feeling, versus someone just saying "that's technically a good shot." there's a world of difference iftween the two. again, it doesn't always work,
5:57 pm
but it sure is fun when it does. >> reporter: livingston fell in love with horses as a young girl. beginning with her dad's instamatic, she's been photographing them all her life. now chief photographer for the llily racing forum, she's won more of her industry's eclipse oards than anyone. >> that's great. >> reporter: not bad for someone who is nearly blind. >> okay. who is that there? >> reporter: due to an unsuccessful childhood eye operation, she can only see blobs of color with her left eye, and extremely blurry images meth her right. her cameras have special viewfinders that help, somewhat, but she has zero depth perception. e like, i don't know if you're closer to me than the horse. i just know by going like this. i think that helps me. >> reporter: you think it helps you? >> sure. i see like a photograph. the world is a photograph. >> reporter: and what a world she sees. >> reporter: this photo says so much. a triple crown champion basking in adoration. on race week, the 56-year-old's
5:58 pm
days begin before dawn, and her pace is, well, exhausting. but the smile never leaves her epce. i' reporter: every day i wake at, i'm happy to be coming here. every day that i go home, i'm happy that i was here. and every night i go to sleep, and i can't wait to be back here. >> reporter: you found your place in the world. >> yes, yes, and how lucky am i have to have that? >> reporter: no, how lucky are we? don dahler, cbs news, louisville, kentucky. >> pelley: and that's our picture of the world tonight. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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murder in an upscale san jose neighbor. a man kills his ex-girlfriend's parents. >> the daughter is getting phone calls from the suspect right now. >> and holds her brother hostage. male behind him. >> the tense scene that ended in a deadly force. >> and he didn't give this family choices. he didn't give my officer a choice. >> new insight into a troubled relationship and the suspect's ominous text messages before the killing. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. it all went down in san jose's affluent willow glen neighborhood on a private lauraville lane lined with custom homes. we have coverage on the crime and new inside into the mind of a killer? >> we begin tonight with len ramirez in the neighborhood. >> reporter: veronica, this is a neighborhood where it happened at the end of this quiet peaceful lane.
6:00 pm
that house back there is where police say a killer burst in ambushing a family. the family of his ex-girlfriend because of the failed relationship. >> white male: >> reporter: it was a horrific crime scene in one of san jose's nicest neighborhoods. >> it's just a tragic incident perpetrated by evil. i don't know how else to put it. >> reporter: police were called to the home on laur ville lane at 9 p.m. a 20-year-old son saying his father juniper network's vp of engineering was shot in the doorway. he believed his mother was also shot and his 13-year-old brother held hostage all by the 24-year-old ex-boyfriend of his sister, rachel prahbu, who was not home. >> there is a new body in the window a child in the window. the male is standing behind. >> the relationship ended last year. the suspect had


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