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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 5, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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thing. >> reporter: at the time, every detective in the sheriff's office was on the case. lindsey cutshall and her fiance jason allen, two christian camp counselors were killed while camping on the beach in jenner. today, the sonoma county sheriff's office says this man, 38-year-old shaun gallon did it. >> he is well known to sheriff's office investigators and early on in the jenner murder investigation, gallon was a person of interest and detectives never ruled him out as a suspect. >> reporter: it wasn't until gallon was arrested in march accused of killing his brother seamus got enough information to pin the jenner case on him. >> he had information about the killings that no other person could have known and we have located evidence that corroborates his statements. >> reporter: but they still don't know why yet. both the brother and the couple were killed with rifles. though not the same one. and beyond that detail, investigators are tight-lipped until it goes to court. but when it comes to the
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community and the victims' family, neither is shy about their relief. >> at the very least, at least closure and the family can know that. we have this unsolved cases where there's still a sense of unease because of what happened like i said a place that people love and treasure in this community. so that's -- wow, wow, incredible. >> reporter: gallon will remain in jail because he is in jail under no bond. and the sonoma county sheriff's office will be presenting this case to the district attorney in the next couple of months and then move forward from there. reporting live in forestville, emily turner, kpix 5. other our top story tonight air quality officials still monitoring the valero refinery in benicia. thick, black smoke triggered alerts for much of the day today. a mandatory evacuation at the benicia industrial park is still in effect and for most of the day students at both the matthew turner and robert simple elementary schools were told to "shelter in place." kpix 5's da lin is live outside
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the refinery with the latest. da reporter: the flaring stopped around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon about 9 hours after it started this morning. now just white smoke coming out of the refinery, much better than the case earlier. earlier, we saw black smoke and that caused health concerns and forced police to shut down some nearby streets. a power outage at the valero refinery at 6:45 this morning caused flaring and plumes of smoke to drift above benicia. people who smelled smoke aid it made them cough and light- headed. benicia police shut down a portion of the industrial park which is next to the refinery. >> there's no problem getting out but getting back this is a different story. the roads will be blocked off. >> reporter: as a precaution the city ordered two nearby elementary schools to "shelter in place." the superintendent said hundreds of parents throughout the district played it safe and
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took their children home. the wind dictated the direction of the smoke. some areas were covered in a dark haze. >> without a flare, you can't protect your equipment or your community. so as much as people might not want to see it, i would say look at the flare and when it's going off it's your friend because it's doing exactly what it's supposed to do. >> reporter: the epa and other local agencies are monitoring the air quality saying it's not too bad but people should definitely avoid the smoke. >> for some folks it can cause pain and irritation for sure. i can understand that. >> reporter: some of the neighbors are not happy saying the city sounded the sirens too late. about an hour after the flaring. >> i didn't know it was going on. i didn't know if it was safe to leave my house, if i could let my cat out. i wanted to know what was going on. >> reporter: looks like the refinery is doing some sort of work right now to fix the situation because in the last 20 minutes or so, we noticed the flaring would be back as you can see now hopefully you can see it, there are flames
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coming out of tower and then goes out quickly. that's been happening for the last 20 minutes or so. we don't know exactly why that's happening. in the meantime, we do know that we're not aware of any reports of people getting injured as a result of this. >> we can see white smoke coming out now that seems to look better than the black smoke we saw from the chopper earlier. i'm wondering about the smell there. you've up wind a bit, but how has it been? >> reporter: yeah. it was bad earlier. the winds kind of blew the smoke toward my direction and it was hard to breathe and i was coughing. >> da lin, thank you. check this out. a sinkhole opened up this morning in san francisco. and it took down a large truck. a man was inside the cab near 7th and townsend when the ground sank suddenly. >> when i stopped the truck i feel the truck going to the right side, sink over right --
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in slow motion when the truck stop i take out my [ indiscernible ] and jump from the truck. >> reporter: the hole is between 10 and 15 feet. it's unclear what caused it. [ coughing ] >> crews are looking into an 8" sewer main that runs under the road. we sent "skydrone5" to the scene while crews were taking the truck out of the hole. you can see the job required a huge special tow truck to pull it out. right now crews are still working in the area so parts of 7th street could still be closed between townsend and brannon. 7 companies have agreed to settle a lawsuit behind a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. it was filed by the families of 6 college students who died and others who were hurt. the suits claim the 7 companies used cheap materials to build the balcony. it fell during a birthday party in june of 2015 attended by many students from ireland. settlement amounts are confidential. two companies listed in the
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suit did not agree to settle. their cases will continue on in court. well, you likely have seen commercials and you'll know the song when we play it again. but did you know what the charity kars4kids actually was funding? >> julie watts on new accusations that the nonprofit isn't clear with donors. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: for some, the jingle is catchy. for others, well -- [ screaming ] >> reporter: the new jersey based charity is facing complaints that have nothing to do with the song. >> my main concern about kars4kids is that people don't know what's really happening with the charity. >> reporter: a watchdog group notes the ads don't disclose how the donations help kids and 90% go to a sister organization which operates jewish summer camps in new york. >> that's fine if people want to raise money for orthodox jews. but they need to be clear and state that's what the purpose is. >> reporter: charity watch points to tens of thousands in
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settlements with the state of oregon and pennsylvania. in 2009 oregon's attorney general called the ads misleading noting the charity benefits a narrow religious practice instead of needy children generally and according to a new report from the minnesota attorney general 2012 and 2014 raised $3 million for the state but less than $12,000 went to local kids and they lost $10 million in real estate transactions. >> invested the money and lost it and we think that too is something important for people to know. >> reporter: and according to 2015 tax filings, the $39.1 million in expenses exceeded contributions in grants. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: $17 million of that according to charity watch went to pay for those catchy ads. even more than kars4kids gave to the oorah. >> they are paying for the ads. >> neither kars4kids nor the
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california attorney general's office could tell us how much californians are contribute for the organization or if any funds stay in this state but in response to the minnesota report kars4kids said: ol... targetted dals... for no apparent reason! they smashed windows... and then >> what kind of person does this, julie? a san jose preschool targeted by vandals for no apparent reason. check this out. they smashed the windows and then trashed the tomorrow montessori school on red bird drive. the place is trashed. it happened the day before the school's much-anticipated "star wars" party. >> i have done my best to keep it from the students although they showed up for the "star wars" party. there's no child care for three days because somebody randomly chose to lose it with us.
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>> there's no word on any suspects yet or how much damage was caused. managers say they had no choice about to close until next tuesday. house republicans are headed back to their home districts after a big healthcare win at the white house. but democrats in the senate say they will fight the bill to repeal and replace obamacare. meg oliver on the difficult road ahead. >> reporter: president trump lookedto put some momentum behind the gop healthcare bill with a rose garden victory rally. >> we won and we're going to finish it off and we're going to go on to eye lot of other things. >> reporter: eight weeks after first introducing a bill to repeal and replace obamacare, house republicans made modifications until they found the votes to pass it. the bill replaces insurance subsidies with tax credits for low and middle income americans. dramatically cuts medicaid funding and allows states to opt out of obamacare protections for people with pre- existing conditions. the white house says president trump will be hands on as the legislation makes its way
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through the senate. >> i expect him to be fully engaged on the senate side and make sure that we get the bill that the american people deserve. >> reporter: senate republicans want to take a deep dive into what's in the bill. some are concerned with medicaid cuts. others don't like defunding planned parenthood. and senator rand paul says the bill is still too much like obamacare. >> the caucus made it less bad. >> reporter: republican senators will have to craft something nearly all of them agree on because there will be no convincing democrats. >> in the senate every senate democrat is going to fight back with your help. we need to stop this bill. >> reporter: senator lamar alexander of tennessee was appointed by majority leader mitch mcconnell who will lead a group that works towards a compromise. meg oliver, cbs news, capitol hill. >> president trump praised australia's universal healthcare system today and said:
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camera... where the planned weekend closure of runway 28-l is now cancelled. nticipated hig here's a live look from our sfo camera where the planned weekend closure of runway 28-l is now canceled. it's because of anticipated high winds through tomorrow night. the runway was supposed to be shut down for repairs. but airport officials say using a single runway during high winds would lead to severe delays and cancellations. paul deanno has a closer look at the winds. paul? >> liz, already 38 miles per hour at sfo. and a wind advisory in effect mainly for the coast and for the hills through tomorrow evening. let's get to the specifics now. we are looking at wind gusts that likely will be in the 30- to 40-mile-per-hour range with some isolated gusts over 45 miles per hour. so right along the coastline right along the shoreline of san francisco bay, and also our higher elevations that's where the winds will be at their strongest. kind of breezy to windy now. so it's going to be stronger
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tomorrow. we are already windy. oakland 26 miles per hour. san jose 18 miles an hour. 25 miles per hour right now for half moon bay. 24 for fairfield. and right now in santa rosa sonoma county airport 20 miles per hour. so breezy now. a little bit windier tomorrow but that also comes with the change. the rain chance for tomorrow has been taken out. we'll talk about why and what's wah to expect this weekend and beyond coming up. thank you. a bay area attraction coming to a worldwide movie audience. >> coming up, a sitdown with a hollywood "a" lister who is bringing the winchester mystery house to the big screen. >> plus, the napa quake sent this historic winery building tilting sideways. what it took to get it back on track. >> and this route to the coast crumbled in winter storms. now back open just in time for the weekend. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the south bay's most mysterious landmarks. hollywood is bringing to life th we'll, spotlight will be shining on one of the south bay's most mysterious landmarks. hollywood is bringing to life the story behind the winchester mystery house. actress helen mirren was filming in san jose today. kpix 5's own betty yu got to talk to the academy award winner. let me guess what part she is going to play, betty. >> reporter: the lead role, ken. you know, helen and the rest of the cast have been filming in a bigger replica of this house in australia for the last 7 months and it wasn't until this week that they got to do so here at the winchester mystery house. she tells me that it has been very special to film in a place with so much history. i know you guys have been filming in australia. but what has it been like to be here in the real house?
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>> far out, as we used to say. ha ha ha. in the olden days. it was fantastic. >> reporter: actress helen mirren stars as real life [ indiscernible ] sarah winchester who was convinced she was haunted by the souls of those kills by the guns that made her family rich. the crew is shooting in some of the mansion's 160 rooms. they recreated this house in australia because some of these faces were just -- spaces were just too small for the set. >> i saw your photo. [ laughter ] >> look great, didn't it? she looks great. >> frightening. >> rather frightening and i don't think sarah was actually and in the original photograph she has a mysterious little smile, mona lisa-like smile on her face. >> reporter: it's the only known photograph of sarah. she constantly constructed and reconstructed rooms 24/7 for 38 years. there were 600 at one point. some say she slept in different bedrooms so the spirits
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couldn't find her. she also built stairs that led to nowhere and a maze of secret passageways to throw off the spirits. this is the third floor of the house and it is the most active in terms of ghosts. this area in particular is known to be frequented by ghosts. it's called the witch's cap and this is where they believe sarah communicated with the dead. she an innovator of her time. she had the latest technologies and appliances and used only the finest materials that money could buy. >> this house is a manifestation of sarah winchester and i think in that sense, it's haunted. >> reporter: shooting is expected to go well into the night and should wrap by tomorrow. now, this movie is due out in early 2018. coming up at 6:00, ken, i'll show you a part of this house that's not often shown to tourists. it's also the place where
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you're most likely to see an apparition. ken? >> can't wait. i have been in that house. 13 windows. the number 13 figures prominently in the film. i can't wait to see the movie. i think it's going to be great. >> reporter: i think so, too. >> betty yu in san jose, thanks, betty. tomorrow is a big day for a napa winery rocked by the 2014 earthquake. the vineyards' barn shifted four feet to the west and leaned like the tower of pisa. the building is more than 100 years old and at the time it was built it had some of the most technologically advanced wine making structures. so renovating it was an important endeavour to the community. it now plans to open to the public tomorrow for the first time in years. but getting it back to its original glory was not easy. >> we shored it up just to stop it from falling and then we really went about a research project to learn more about how the building was originally built, how we could push it back up and then reinforce it
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with a new seismic retrofit bringing it up to modern construction standards while keeping the historic integrity. >> the vineyard had tastings in tents while the building was being restored but they are happy to have a roof over the wines. napa police had a mess after someone told a squad car from a security patrol company wednesday night. the sheriff's department helped spot the car but -- the suspect wouldn't pull over! so officers gave chase. 40 drive crashed into a cement wall near the highway 29 on- ramp. the driver crashed and was treated for his injuries and brought to jail. expect big bart construction delays in the east bay as they rebuild tracks tomorrow and sunday between fruitvale and lake merritt in oakland. people riding the warm springs- dub and oakland airport trains will be impacted. bart says you should add 40 extra minutes to your trip so you can board free buses to get around the project.
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a section of coastal highway in marin county reopened this afternoon after being closed for about four months. "skydrone5" got a view of the damage when winter rains caused parts of highway 1 to collapse near muir beach. since then, the contractors have been rebuilding it. and at about 2:30 this afternoon, they reopened to traffic between panoramic highway and muir woods road. we had lots of winter storms. we have had some summer sunshine and summer-like temperatures earlier this week. now a new change as we head toward the weekend. more on the wind, how long it lasts and when we will return to the 80s. there's ocean beach lived with some sunshine. your weekend forecast is next. and coming up all new tonight at 6:00, they are known as recalled retirees. how uc professors can earn more than $600,000 in a year. >> but first, the markets closed up today:
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what a difference a couple of days makes. earlier this week we saw the warmth and today was chilly and windy. >> the ocean breeze has returned. the heat is gone for a while. the first weather element that we'll have this weekend is the wind. it will be windier tomorrow and temperatures nothing like two days ago. we had 80s and 90s. right now we have a spread of 57 to 72 degrees. hello, cooler weather as we head toward the weekend. san francisco, you're the cool spot. windy, as well. 57 degrees. livermore only 64. that's a huge change over the past couple of days. santa rosa 67. concord the warm spot 72 degrees. we are look at baseball tonight. the tigers in town for three games taking on your oakland athletics. first pitch 7:05. it will be breezy today and tomorrow for some baseball in oakland. 60 degrees your first pitch
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temperature. so tonight, not that much fog because the wind will keep the atmosphere mixed up. you have to have things settling down to get fog and we certainly will not have that tonight. especially along the coast where winds will likely be the strongest. pacifica tonight 48. san jose 49. napa 48. san rafael 48. seasonably chilly. there's the wind off the ocean a northwest wind so it's especially going to be breezy in san mateo county the city of san francisco and also down towards santa cruz this exposed right to the wind coming in from the water so we're staying windy and the ocean breeze will keep temperatures cool for saturday. let's talk about why it's windy. that huge ridge of high pressure that gave us sunshine and warm weather is now over new mexico and arizona and four corners. it is still very strong. there's a big area of low pressure that helped cause 2500 lightning strikes in western washington yesterday. it is strong. right in between, where we long island the bay area. so the difference in pressure from that high to the low is really cranking up the winds and will once again tomorrow. now, the low is going to swing
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by to our south tomorrow. so tomorrow morning will actually be cloudier in the southern sections of our viewing area and a tiny chance of a north bay hills shower tomorrow afternoon. we are calling it dry. once that low moves out sunday will be the sunnier choice over the weekend and less wind sunday. you have the choice between tomorrow and sunday? more comfortable day to get out will be sunday. breezy tomorrow, not as cloudy though with a minimal rain chance. and next week we are trending warmer. but it's not going to be hot. no 90s returning to our forecast. tomorrow a windy morning in fremont. 64 degrees. san rafael 67. the wind will be cranking in san francisco and pacifica low 60s. a few of you hitting the low 70s. concord and santa rosa. extended forecast, we have less wind on sunday. and warmer. monday and tuesday 80s inland around 70 near the bay and we'll stay comfortable next wednesday and next thursday. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an orphaned cougar cub is getting a new home. the cub is five weeks old... and this may be the cutest video that you see today. an orphaned cougar cub is getting a new home. it's 5 weeks old. it's yet to be named after a brief state at the oregon zoo's vet center, the cub will move to a new home in minnesota. fish and wildlife officers rescued it this week after a landslide separated it from its mother. >> wow. >> oh. >> thanks for watching at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00 the oakland a's make baseball history. the special accommodation the team is making for fans with peanut allergies. allen and veronica are back in
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30 minutes. ♪[ music ] ca captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: an outbreak of zika. more than a dozen pregnant women in the rio grande valley test positive. her baby was born with a birth defect. >> even though i knew what he had, for me, he was perfect and is still perfect. >> pelley: also tonight, winter white house, summer white house- - the cost of the president's weekend travel. >> mr. president, you're welcome to come, but, please, don't. ♪ 1-877-kars-4-kids >> shut up! ?hut up! what is this charity? >> pelley: that's what investigators wanted to know. >> 3-2-1, go! t pelley: and steve hartman with the battle of the bots. >> they started with nothing and, you know, created something fantastic.


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