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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> we'll have better health care at a lower cost. >> at 11:00 president trump celebrates health care reforms from republicans while a congresswoman bashes it at a live podcast in san francisco. >> tonights event in front of a live san francisco audience featured obama administration veterans and california's newest senator. they had lots to say on the issue of health care. >> in front of a sold out crowd, not a musical, not a play but a podcast. >> welcome to pod save america. >> reporter: pod save america hosted by four former obama administration members all talking progressive politics and how to resist actions by the trump administration. the main topic tonight health
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care. >> the bad news is that the senate is probably under more pressure than ever before to pass something. and so the senate got their 13 republican alt dudes, all white dudes and ted cruz who will be writing a health care bill. >> in order to fix the problems in the house bill they would have to be more generous in the subsidies. >> joining them on stage and online freshman california senator harris. >> the first thing we've got to do is speak the truth. and the truth is that we shouldn't be playing politics with public health. the ones seven are the ones in districts that hillary won. so let's talk strategy. >> served up with a side of
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political humor. >> if they're engaged in all this happy talk that is bull -- not true. [ laughter ] . >> the president used his weekly address today to celebrate the republican health care bill that's now moving to the senate. >> you'll have better health care at a lower cost. and now i'm calling on the senate to take action. >> a 13 member working group will make changes to the bill before its up for a vote in the senate. so far though it's not yet clear how much the bill would cost or how much it would impact peoples coverage. still democrats say they'll fight it. >> we will make sure that trump care doesn't pass the senate and can't hurt the american people. >> democrats don't like part of the bill that allows states to opt out of obamacare protections for people with preexisting conditions. meantime the president also said today he's ready to move on to the next item on his agenda. >> we're going to get this finish and had we're going, as
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you know we put our tax plan in. it's a massive tax cut. the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. >> the trump administration revealed a one page tax plan last month and says the bulk of the details will be unveiled in august. >> president trump will be heading overseas at the end of the month for his first foreign trip in office. he'll also go to saudi arabia as a way to soften the notion that the president is antimuslim. he's also going to belgium for nato meetings. tonight for the first time as president mr. trump is staying at his summer home and golf course. >> french presidential election is now underway. but there's major concern tonight after a hack attack on one of the candidates. >> we're quite worried about people who are going to abstain or vote blank which is going to make a big difference. >> polls favor the left leaning
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newcomer macron over far right candidate le pen. but yesterday macron's campaign was hacked and his campaign information was posted online. thousands of extra officers are now keeping a watchful eye with voters headed to the polls. meantime french citizens who now live in the u.s. are also casting their ballots. our cameras were there as french natives head to the polls. there are 44 similar polling stations across the united states. >> top honors are going to a billionaire who helped san jose flood victims rebuild after the winter storms. and just a while ago the san jose earthquakes shared a moment with a man who made a point of helping those in need. >> reporter: they may never have met him. but that didn't stop the
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applause from thousands tonight. [ cheers and applause ] the san jose earthquakes and mayor honoring a man with a booming thank you. >> i was the one who donate that $5 million. >> the southern california billionaire who donated $5 million to victims of the destructive san jose floods in february. >> i decide when mayor called for help i support. >> he wanted to help the victims, many of them vietnamese and low income because he wasn't always wealthy himself. when he came to america he made $1.25 an hour. >> when i came to united states i had nothing. i was very poor and thanks to the american people i'm able to have this today. >> a man honored by the
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community where he helped so many strangers in need. >> tonight crews are trying to salvage a sunken barge that's resting on the trans bay tube in usg floating cranes and other equipment to try to flip the barge right side up. the 112-foot vessel capsized during a storm on april 7th, settling upside down over the trans bay tube. it has oil that could leak. >> when they turn this vessel over we're worried that maybe there might be another leak and it might result in oil in the water. that's really damaging to all of the fish and the critters that might be nearby. . >> tonights process is called a parbuckle. so now we know that. divers have been rigging anchors to the sea floor so workers can rotate the barge. they hope to pull it to the surface later this month.
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>> in the north bay tonight four suspects are in jail accused of attacking police officers at a rap concert in pet lieu ma -- petaluma. security guards later told police two teens assaulted them. when officers tried to arrest one suspect a second teen attacked then some adults joined in. >> during the incident as well two unrelated adult suspects began throwing beer bottles and spitting on the officers and they were also arrested and transported to the sonoma county jail. >> they face charges of battery on a police officer and on instruction of justice. >> live oak high school made national headlines when four
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students wore american flag t-shirts offending mexican americans. since then a group formed on campus to help the community learn from the event. today that same group held a gathering to talk about issues facing americans. >> we've felt some unrest our campuses since the presidential election. >> it hurts me because i have to see how they live and they feel because they came to the country to have a better life. >> the group says it wants to be an agent for change and hopes to make a broad impact in the bay area. >> we have an update on a police officer and his k9 partner hit by a suspected drunk driver this morning. the department sent out this picture showing the two released from the hospital and back home and doing okay. they were hit around 2:00 a.m. on meadow lane while the officer was investigating a separate crash. the suspect was also treated for injuries before being taken to jail. we're told this was his second dui arrest. >> oakland's fire department experiencing turmoil from
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leadership changes and other issues held an open house tonight. neighbors came to station three to meet firefighters and see the equipment up close. oakland's acting chief was on hand and he commented on a problem that just came to light this week. namely that several fire inspectors don't have the necessary certification to do their jobs. the cities rules just fell through the cracks he said. >> my one sadness is when i called the state i thought there would be a clear road map to what's required. when they said it's whatever you want, so now we're like what do we want. >> he said the issue came up as the city started looking to hire more inspectors. he's now asked more current inspectors to submit their qualifications to friday of next week. >> coming up next new video of a hot selling pop group and their back to back performances in san francisco. what they did for dozens of fans earlier today in china town. >> there's a perception for motorists that if i drive over this bridge someone is making
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sure it's safe. >> it's a combe of priorities and affordability. >> the list of bay area bridges labeled structurally deficient and what's being done to fix them. >> the problems with sand in san francisco, the new snow in the sierra, and the areas in yosemite now closed for floods. >> things will be warming up tomorrow before they cool down. the forecast after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the pop-group "chainsmokers" is playing for their second night in a row at bill graham civic auditorium. this is video of their hit song.. from last night's show. earlier today.. fans of the e-d-m duo lined up outside a this is video of the hit song from last nights show by the chain smokers. earlier today fans of the edm duo lined up outside a pop up show in china town for a chance to buy t-shirts and meet and mingle with the musicians. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was the big moment when the duo showed up. they spent some time shaking hands with excited fans and of course they took dozens of pictures. >> it's rare that the artist is so cool and just hanging out with the crowds and really being
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real. so we're just on an alley way in china town with the chain smokers. it doesn't get better than that. >> tomorrow they roll on to the next stop all the way in atlanta. heading up if you're taking bart through the east bay this weekend. >> give yourself some extra time there's going to be no service between fruit vale, and oakland again tomorrow. because crews are rebuilding the tracks. you can catch a free shuttle bus during the closures. expect 30 to 40-minute delays to and from the airport. the work is expected to happen each weekend for the next couple of months. >> new at 11:00 it's been ten years since a tanker truck exploded near the bay bridge. the lightning fast repair of a vital freeway in less than a month. 26 days to be exact was a triumph for cal trans. many of our bridges in the bay area and throughout the state have been on a list of structurally deficient bridges for years.
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we obtained the list to find out which bridges are on and it why it's taking so long to get them repaired. >> reporter: here in california thousands of highway bridges are rated structurally deficient in the national bridges inventory. the bridge on highway 1 was not one of them. this big bridge was rated good, not in need of anylinter deluges february. sky drone five got a look at the buckling bridge. can cal trans decided it was beyond repair and began to tear down a bridge that had gone from good to unsafe in a matter of weeks. but many more are on cal trans's list to be fixed. >> how many are we talking about? >> thousands. >> he's talking about the thousands of bridges rated structurally deficient. >> we're putting more and more wear and tear on our highways and bridges they need more and
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more work. a lot of them were built 50 and 60 years ago so they're coming to the end of their service life. >> highway and is bridges are expected to last about six decades but we found bay area bridges close to 100-years old. this stone bridge is on highway 12 north of sonoma in the wine country. the foundations of the bridge require a high priority of replacement. the substructure rating is critical. the bridge's inventory notesenings tensive scouring at bridge foundations they will begin to replace it in 2020. >> we inspect the bridges regularly. >> cal trans would shutdown this section of highway 101 in downtown san rafael if the creek bridge was not safe. built in 1895, rated
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structurally deficient on its most recent inspection. most residents never noticed when crossing the bridge. >> don't talk about it, do it. >> many of the bridges are owned by cities or counties, not the state. it comes down to the cities to prioritize where to spend their money on roads and bridges that need to be fixed. >> it's cracked like somebody broke it with an axe. >> she walks across the the bridge daily to get to work. it needs seismic retro fitting and running directly under it is a 16-inch pg&e pipeline which they last inspected in 2013. >> for the last 20 years that bridge has been on oakland's list of bridges that need to be fixed or repairs. but city engineers tell us it will take another three years before they even start work on this bridge because they have to go through the planning and environmental reviews.
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>> get the job done. >> but that's easier said than done. >> it's a question of priorities and affordability. >> the metropolitan transportation commission. >> the money isn't there. >> even with the passage of the governors new gas tax. >> that's mostly going to go to pothole repair. that won't be sufficient to replace these big structures owned many times by local government to replace them. it just isn't. >> this huge sinkhole is now taking precedence over a bridge 500 feet away that the city has planned to replace for at least six years. work was due to begin on the bridge this spring but the city tells us they're going back to the drawing board. the price tag at $1.5 million. >> there's a perception throughout for motorists that if i drive over this bridge someone out there is making sure it's safe. so who's enforcing that? >> it's really local governments responsibility to make these
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very difficult decisions. >> so according to the american society of engineers if a bridge isn't safe it will be closed. if a bridge is rated structurally deficient it means it has to be inspected on a regular basis. you can see sand blew all over the road today forcing crews to shut it down. it's expected to be cleaned up sometime tomorrow. in yosemite tonight electronic signs are posted saying no rafting allowed. fast meting snow is also swamping dozens of units at a camp for yosemite workers. park rangers say the conditions could stick around well into next month. and check out south lake tahoe, a beautiful yet chilly spring scene. this was sent in from a bay area viewer on vacation up there. the snow has since torpid off up there after leaving a few inches
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behind earlier this evening. >> and snow tonight at tahoe airport. somewhat chilly temperatures today. but tomorrow we'll be above average as we look over the city the numbers mostly in the 50s. winds ease up by tomorrow afternoon. the pressure builds in, that means the temperatures come up back into the 70s. the temperatures up, the winds abate. the low pressure zippings south and east over the bay area. a few low clouds for the south bay tomorrow just like it was this morning. then for much of tomorrow we'll have clear skies and starry, starry nights. fair, breezy and cool tonight. temps back into the 70s inland sunday. the art festival a lot of fun, shuts down traffic but that's not so bad. get to stroll through mountain view on a day 72 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow we finally climb above average.
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68 in san francisco tomorrow. concord will hit 76, in san jose 74. and in oakland 70 degrees, forecast high. a few low clouds to start the morning out. then sunshine and the mid to upper 70s. in the east bay numbers mostly in the mid-70s. we'll be up to 80 tomorrow in santa rosa. mid-70s for much of the north bay tomorrow except for close to the shore just low 70s. and up in lake port and clear lake nice tomorrow. it'll be in the upper 70, 81 degrees though for windsor. and in the extended forecast we're looking for things to warm very gently between now and tuesday. tuesday we'll peak at about 82 then we'll cool it off right into saturday when the highs will manage only upper 60s in the subject of ultra cool.
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tonight...then shook it off like it was nothing... nba playoffs up top and the warriors took utah jazz best
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shot tonight then shook it off like it was nothing. draymond green taunting the crowd with the 2-0 series lead tonight. jazz gave them a game, hayward would hit a three. but right after draymond green got that technical here's hayward's shot. hayward scored 29 in the game. later in the quarter here's steph curry. topped 23 point ins an off shooting night for him. later on here's draymond green inside nine points, 10 rebounds, five assists. three minutes left look out for kevin durant. kevin durant inside he had 38 points a monster game. the warriors won 102-99. they lead that series 3 games to nothing. >> you just see that kevin had something going tonight. >> me and everybody in the arena, and watching on tv saw
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the same thing i saw. that's an easy decision at that moment. >> our guys stayed poised. they could have caved at any time especially in the third when utah went on a run. but they stayed with it. >> game four on monday. only halfway through. baseball is coming up, wait until you see what was cooking in oakland tonight. ,,,,,,,,
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good, the bad, and the ugly. the a's manager bobblehead night against detroit. that's good. detroit visiting, second of two big flies cut it to a one run game. that's good. his first two homer game of his career. bottom nine, down one to the tigers. two on for rosales and we're done here as he just beat the tag and that's good. rosie have yourself a shower and shave cream pie. that's cotton candy, that's part of his giants fans night. bottom three, giants trailing 7-2. and good-bye. that's bad. allowed ten runs. reds cruise 14-3 and that is
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ugly. over 158,000 at churchill downs, louisville. it was always dreaming ridden by john velasquez that won. favored at 9-2 odds. second career kentucky derby win for velasquez. this is rug by national title game. here's the game. upper point out of the scrub it's o'connor and the captain. and we're here. st. mary for the third time in four years. 30-24 final today. they met life university in the finals for a fifth straight year. if that isn't enough cal rugby took the varsity cup today. >> you had a full plate tonight. >> i did. >> we'll be right back.
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it set the who kids and parents in oakland got a chance to build the fruit vale neighborhood out of legos. a nonprofit set the whole thing up as a way to get kids interested in science and engineering and design and in urban planning. >> we want to them to figure out what's missing from the fruit vale district what would make it better. we see this as a great medium, play, to provide them the opportunity to think about that. >> a shelf with all my lego creations and a desk with my laptop and a bed. >> that's one way to get the kids interested. they had 40,000 legos out there. good for them, good for the folks that helped out with that. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back tomorrow night.
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