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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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decision to fire fbi director james comey. how he's unleashing a wave of criticism against people questioning president trump defending his decision to fire fbi director james comey. he is unleashing criticism against people against it and the democrats and republicans curious about the timing.
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good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's get right to cbs correspondent seth lemon who is live on capitol hill for us for the very latest. seth. >> reporter: good afternoon. the house is not in session this week. the senate is. and with its bombshell announcement that fbi director james comey was fired by the president yesterday, there's been lots of reaction here on capitol hill. president trump says he had a good reason for firing fbi director james comey. >> he wasn't doing a good job. very simply. he was not doing a good job. >> reporter: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein recommended the firing because comey broke with fbi protocol last year citing his announcement the fbi had concluded its investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state. >> honestly it wouldn't change the decision. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news the decision to fire comey was made after he testified last week he would do it all again. democrats on capitol hill aren't buying the trump
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administration's statement that director comey's termination was about how he handled the clinton email investigation. >> we know director comey was leading an investigation into whether the trump campaign colluded with the russians, serious offense! were those investigations getting too close to home? for the president? >> reporter: they are calling for a special prosecutor independent of the department of justice to lead the investigation. majority leader mitch mcconnell says that will hurt investigations already taking place in the senate. >> partisan calls should not delay the considerable work of the chairman and vice chairman. too much is at stake. >> reporter: the leader of the senate probe says comey dismissal further confuses an already difficult investigation by this committee. comey was set to testify before the senate tomorrow. but acting director andrew mccabe will testify in his place. and since this morning we have learned that comey has been invited to testify before the
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senate intelligence committee next week. he has not responded to that request but if he does it will happen behind closed door probably. on capitol hill, seth lemon, kpix 5. new at noon, cbs news correspondent elizabeth palmer spoke exclusively to russian president vladimir putin about comey's firing. the interview happened just before putin took the ice for a hockey game. >> sir, what -- how will the firing of james comey affect u.s.-russia relations? >> there will be no effect. your question looks very funny for me. don't be angry with me. we have nothing to do with that. president trump is acting in accordance with his competence and in accordance with his law and constitution. >> you can see much more of that interview with vladimir putin coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" at 5:30. meanwhile, president trump met with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov and russia's ambassador to the u.s. at the white house today. this mark president trump's
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highest level of contact with russia since taking office. the white house issued a statement describing the meeting as, quote, very, very good. president trump reportedly emphasized the need for the u.s. and russia to work together to end violence in the middle east. hundreds of thousands of east bay m.u.d. water customers could soon see higher bills. kpix 5 reporter jessica flores explains that the district is proposing a rate hike on july 1. >> reporter: east bay m.u.d. asked customers to save water during the drought and customers followed through turning off faucets, cutting back on watering grass even more than the utility district expected. and all the conservation could leave customers paying the price. >> we have to recoup some of those water sales that were lost during the historic drought. >> reporter: east bay m.u.d. proposes raising rates about 19% over the next two years for its 1.4 million customers. by 2018 it amounts to the dollars more a month for the average household. >> it can go up again.
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it just went up. i mean, we're all working together in california to conserve. how can they punish us for doing what they asked to us do?! >> reporter: some customers feel they are punished for conserving. what do you make of that? >> um, i think folks should feel like conserving is a way of life in california even though we had a wet winter. we have to continue to use water-wisely. the next drought is always around the corner. >> kind of a catch-22. it's like we either have our water go up or we use too much water. >> reporter: east bay m.u.d. says the rate increases are critical to invest in infrastructure everything from water treatment plans to aqueducts and 4200 miles of pipe. >> whether we deliver 1 or 130 million gallons of water, the infrastructure that's under our feet and unseen is the same. >> reporter: east bay m.u.d. will discuss the proposed rate increases in downtown oakland in their headquarters on july 11, at 1:15 p.m. in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. district administrators are
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proposing increasing the entire water system budget by 18% for next year. the bay area hillsides are rich and green from winter rains. the firefighters say it could go up in flames when fire season starts next week. kpix 5's anne makovec explains how santa clara county is getting a head start. >> reporter: right now, the hills around the bay area are looking very lush and green. but it won't take long for them to dry out and turn into major fire fuel. so fire crews are trying to get a jump on the fire season today. this spring cleaning could help prevent disaster. our heavy winter rains brought taller thick erivedgeer vegetation in the bay area and it's already drying out. so crews are trying to cut it back before it can become fire fuel. >> we also have a lot of accumulation from years of drought with dead bushes and dead trees. and that grass can set that stuff on fire very easily. >> reporter: fire departments
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are going through training this wildfire awareness week dusting off equipment like this portable 1800-gallon water container which resupplies trucks and hoses on a fire scene. now is the time to brush up on how it all works. [ chainsaws ] >> reporter: meantime, some of the local fire prevention he was are being funded by a $2 million donation from pg&e trying to protect its power lines surrounded by trees. >> win will take a limb off and throw it into a power line and that type of contact can cause an outage and spark a wildfire. >> reporter: the plans are in motion, the danger around the corner. >> wildfire season happens in california very rapidly. we go from wet to dry. >> reporter: cal fire has also introduced its ready for wildfire app. appears it has checklists for evacuation plans and wildfire alerts for your neighborhood. to down the app, search cal fire on your app store. in los gatos, anne makovec, kpix 5. all right. taking a live look outside right now at the east bay, you
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can see the wind blowing in dublin right now. roberta, is it cooler out there today? >> yes, it is cooler and windier. current conditions around the bay area, the flag is on the fly on pier 9 and we have mostly cloudy skies. a little bit of a break -- oh, look at that! this is mount vaca a good 63 miles inland with the low clouds and fog marching all the way in towards the vacaville area affecting temperatures "aversely." 54 santa rosa to now 68 apiece in livermore and san jose. the winds have been problematic today. right now 17 san francisco. 16 san ramon. 14 in livermore. 15 sfo. 26 fairfield. it's a blustery day and our temperatures are significantly cooler. check out concord yesterday. 89 degrees. today 68. we're talking about a 21-degree cool down. you'll feel the difference. we are going to talk about the
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cooler air, how long it will stick around and how it will affects your weekend coming up later on in this newscast. roberta, thank you. authorities in the south bay are looking for a missing san jose state student. the university says he was last seen monday around 6:30 a.m. his roommates reportedly missing tuesday evening. green is a journalism student and also works for the university radio station. campus police are working with san jose pd on the case. they say so far, there's no reason to believe foul play is involved. a scary fight caught on camera on board a local southwest airlines flight is under investigation today. the plane had just landed in burbank from dallas but it was ultimately headed to oakland. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us what happened. >> reporter: as the cell phone video begins, it looks like a wrestling match, two men clearly angry with each other as their southwest airlines plane from dallas taxis into the hollywood-burbank airport on sunday morning. [ screaming and cursing ]
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>> reporter: the fight gets even more violent. one guy just starts whaling on the other! he connects one punch after another. passengers try to break it up and both ends up on a flight attendant trying to make peace. >> stop it! ah! >> i saw her running down the aisle toward danger and she got trapped. i hope she's okay. >> reporter: michael krauss shot this video with his cell phone. he says it was an absolutely normal quiet flight until they landed and fists started flying. >> the big guy just started hitting the other guy over and over again until a couple of guys went over to help break it up. >> reporter: they eventually separate, police are called. 37-year-old chaze cable of lancaster is the man throwing the punches and arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. the other man had a chipped tooth, a bruise on his eye and a cut to his nose. southwest airlines said he continued on with his travel planks. the next stop of the particular flight? right here oakland international airport, although
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we don't know if that was the man's final destination. >> what is wrong with you guys! ! >> reporter: what started the fight? that's still not clear, nobody else was hurt. southwest airlines went on to praise its employees as everyday heroes who manage 4,000 flights and half a million customers every day. in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix 5. still ahead, incredible new views of earth thanks to a record-breaking astronaut. what she was doing outside the international space station. >> i'm danielle nottingham in beverly hills, california. coming up, why more and more women are getting their breast implants removed. >> i'm chris martinez at the sacramento county youth detention facility where dogs from a local shelter are helping kids with troubled pasts find new hope for their futures. i'll show you how coming up. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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pairing troubled teens... and abandoned dogs. cbs rtinez new at noon, a unique class of a youth detention center at sacramento is pairing troubled teens and abandoned dogs. chris martinez shows us how they're helping each other find a second chance. >> reporter: it's the most popular hour inside sacramento's youth detention center. >> look at me. yay! >> reporter: a class connecting dogs looking for a better future to kids with troubled pasts. >> they could be coming here for a petty theft, murder or robbery. >> reporter: because they're minors, california law won't allow to us show their faces. but every teen in this program called, positive impact, seems to light up with each encounter. >> they drop that serious look of, you know, i'm tough and i need to protect myself, and now they just become kids again. [ bark ] >> reporter: the premise is simple. >> we come to the kids and ask them for their help to train
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these dogs to make them more adoptable. >> find it. >> reporter: three times a week for just over a month, the teens teach the animals basic commands. >> sit ... sit ... yes. >> reporter: sometimes bonding in unexpected ways. >> these are shelter dogs. so they maybe have been abused, neglected, abandoned. they have gone through a lot so the kids can connect on a deeper level. >> reporter: the class has been very successful for the dogs. every one of the 240 trained here has been adopted. program leaders believe these kids will ultimately find success, too. is this changing your lives? >> they are motivated to help the doings so it makes a difference. >> reporter: chris martinez, kpix 5. >> all the animals come from city run shelters and the program itself is run entirely by volunteers. time for a check of our weather with roberta.
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that cooler weather outside. >> i like what i just finally got. the paw-sitive -- [ laughter ] >> hi, everybody! get your dog and take it out for a walk. sure we have clouds and winds, but it's dry. this is a look out towards mount vaca where the low clouds and fog the marine layer has been playing tag with the mountain all day long. boy that marine layer has forged forward up to 63 miles. temperatures right now 54 in santa rosa to 68 apiece livermore and san jose. high 50s san francisco. it's cool outside especially when you toss in and factor in this brisk wind at 17. san francisco 15. sfo across the bay east bay you have been breezy all morning long. 14 in throughout the tri- valley. also, concord, clayton and walnut creek back through antioch, fairfield at 26-mile- per-hour winds. 14 in the napa area. these winds will continue to be pretty consistent and persistent throughout the afternoon 10 to 20. an occasional gust to 30.
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now, we're saying hello to dana in novato, bill orinda, ron in concord. and robert redwood city. our faithful weather watchers checking in from 61 to 73 degrees -- or 70 rather in redwood city. i thank you very much. all right, this is very interesting. we have satellite-radar, this is still that pesky low that brought us the partly cloudy skies on saturday. and the rain, the sleet and even snow to kern county in the los angeles area. now, we still have it banking up against baja, california. we have the enhancement of our marine layer and right here we have a trough and a lot of instatement tomorrow along with cooler air mass. satellite shows this area of low pressure is continuing to try to take a nosedive enhancing our marine layer nudging out that ridge of high pressure as it does so tonight, we are going to see the low clouds and fog stack up all the way to the sierra foothills which means extremely blustery conditions in throughout the delta. a little bit of light precipitation maybe a few 100ths of an inch of rain far reaches the north bay. otherwise by friday clouds continue to linger around the
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area and the cooler air mass is in place. 70s sacramento, stockton, davis, back through merced, fresno through manteca, all the way into manteca into the 80s. pollen report, yeah, we have the oak, grasses, mulberry all just being ushered around by the wind. 50s and 60s today across the bay area. 70 livermore. down from 89 in concord. it's 68 degrees, sunset at 8:08. not seeing much of it due to the low clouds and fog stacked up. otherwise look at the cooler air mass. temperatures below average on thursday through saturday. slightly warmer by sunday. it's not so much fun in the sun but nonetheless we're watching our a's who are certainly playing some fun baseball ... okay, they took one on the chin last night. but they are going back at it with the angels at 12:35 so we have to go! cool and breezy conditions in the low 60s. got to go, go, go! >> okay, let's go! thank you. let's take a look at the big board see how the markets are
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doing right now. the dow is down 44 points. up next, why thousands of women are choosing to remove their breast implants. the new trend after surgery. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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showing the astronauts outside the international space station
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during a spacewalk.. nasa says: astronaut peggy whitson captured the breath taking views of earth back in march.. she and another astronaut were working to fix a shield.. whitson hit nasa says that astronaut peggy whitson captured the earth views in march. she and another astronaut were working to fix a shield. whitson hit a major milestone last month when she became the american astronaut with the most time in space. bigger is not necessarily better anymore. doctors say there is a new trend among women to go back to their normal size breasts after breast surgery. reporter danielle nottingham is in beverly hills with the story. >> reporter: when amy wise had breast surgery, it was trendy. >> early 20s and that was the thing. big, big breasts. >> how are you feeling after surgery? >> good. >> reporter: now 15 years later, the 39-year-old mother says the look and back problems that come with d-cup implants doesn't fit her lifestyle so
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she got them out. >> i wanted to be natural. more lean and contoured and more athletic. >> reporter: the doctor says a growing number of patients over 30 are reducing the size of their implants even taking them out. >> there's that natural desire to be super sexy in your 20s and be very attractive. in your 40s you're more practical, trying to be healthy and work out. >> reporter: celebrities like sharon osbourne and victoria beckham have been open about having them out. the doctor says more women are thinking about their future. >> implants only last 10, 15 years so these women are looking ahead and saying, wow! i have an implanted in. i'm going to have two, three more procedures in my lifetime? >> reporter: amy says she is more comfortable now in her own body. >> i'm so happy, i think i look much better in my clothes, more natural. >> reporter: and she doesn't feel the need to cover up any more. danielle nottingham, cbs news, beverly hills, california.
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>> according to the american society of plastic surgeons, more than 290,000 women's got breast implants in 2016. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,
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and ended up in a rushing river! the dramatic rescue... coming up y at five. a group from the south bay went to hawaii for an atv adventure and got in a rushing river. the dramatic rescue coming up later today at 5:00. a little while ago at the
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oakland zoo a trio of baby river otters made their public debut. the boy and two girls were worn in february and have been learning from their parents. the three new otter pups mark the oakland zoo's 6th litter since 2011. and now, you can go by and say hi! [ laughter ] >> because they understand and they will wave back. no, they won't. >> then you can say, aww. >> i otter go see them. >> roberta, roberta! [ laughter ] ,,
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♪ >> bill: so i'm thinking of moving the entrance to the parking garage back here. >> emmy: how will people find it? >> bill: these are los angeles drivers. they'll -- they'll find it. and all you'll see from the street is this beautiful tower of smoked glass. >> emmy: you sure like smoked glass. what's so great about smoked glass? >> bill: it's the perfect building material. you can see through it, and yet you can't. >> emmy: like the right underwear. >> bill: like the right under-- look what happens when you walk away from your desk. >> emmy: do you have an appointment? >> wyatt: since birth. >> c.j.: uh, i do, actually. >> bill: they're okay. >> emmy: i'd better go see what he


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