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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 11, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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on your bike this morning. we ride to work in our cars. [ laughter ] >> how is everyone doing? >> it's really early! >> 4 a.m. from, you know, in the far east where you live to here, that's what, a day and a half? >> would never see me again! >> mr. choi, nice to see you. a lot of clouds around, temperatures in the 50s. it's going to be a bone- chilling day. we'll have temperatures mostly in the 60s. clouds out the door. numbers in the 50s. it will be dry. we'll have a look at the forecast in just minutes. but first, traffic. >> all right. good morning. we are taking a live look at your ride over at the bay bridge toll plaza. you see a few cars backing up it looks like that's in the cash lanes and they are just doing that shift change. so just minor delays
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approaching the metering lights. those are not activated just yet. heading into san francisco, you should have an easy ride. 880 in oakland looking good in both directions 238 on up to the maze in the green. back to you. a bay area wedding erupts in violence and the bride blames a mob of party crashers. the fight broke out in a parking lot of the royal palace banquet hall on stephenson boulevard in fremont. maria medina spoke to the owner of the hall. [ screaming and cursing ] >> reporter: cell phone video of the brawl shows the violence that erupted outside royal palace. at one point, you see three men repeatedly beating one man on the ground. >> it's hard when this kind of things happen. >> reporter: [ non-english language] name manager of the royal palace and also a witness to what happened. >> all of a sudden i heard the noise. >> reporter: he said dozens at the wedding party suddenly
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began fighting outside in the parking lot and said he could only get two of the seven security guards he told the bride and groom they would offer that night. >> i completely agree that we had some security issues. but even though if we would have had seven or eight or 15 security guards inside the building, they were not meant to be outside in the parking lot with this kind of fight. >> reporter: he says his security guards are only hired to watch the inside of the building. and when one of them did go outside, he got punched, as well. [ screaming and cursing ] >> reporter: but the owner of the banquet hall says this same group showed signs of trouble getting into a fight at their prewedding party and he had no idea until it came to a head at his business. >> they knew that from that moment that there was a fight, so why they invite the same group back two days later? >> reporter: they say they are working on stepping up security no matter what. but on that night, they felt outnumbered in a fight that
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left two with critical injuries. >> they are in hospital. we would like to make people happy, not this kind of fight going on, you know, and especially on the day of the wedding. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. democrats are asking for a special prosecutor for the investigation into the trump campaign's alleged ties to russia saying they aren't buying the president's explanation for why he fired fbi director james comey. >> why did you fire director comey? why did you fire director comey? >> because he was not doing a good job, period. >> comey sent this letter to all fbi employees in the wake of his firing saying: be fine although i will miss you an mission deeply." sour ll c- b-s news that the f-b-i investig d been ing up ste cent weeks -- including y subpoenas. and 's request >> sources telling cbs news that the fbi investigation had been picking up steam in recent weeks including grand jury subpoenas and comey's alleged
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request for more money and resources indicated that the proposal was far from over. now sources say that the investigation and the separate congressional probe will slow down. [ chanting ] >> reporter: outside senator dianne feinstein's office at one post street in the financial district, the drumbeat of calls asking for the impeachment of president donald trump grew louder in the wake of the firing of fbi director james comey. [ screaming ] >> so this whole, like, fire the messenger and silence the, you know, silence the truthtellers is not a democrati c way. [ screaming ] >> reporter: 3,000 miles away on capitol hill, senator feinstein herself spoke out on the subject in a judiciary committee confirmation hearing. >> as i reflect on the decision to dismiss director comey, i become incredulous thinking about the ongoing fbi investigation into russia's
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interference with our presidential election and possible connections to associates of the trump campaign and administration. >> reporter: the senior senator from california spoke obliquely about two classified briefings on the russian election campaign she received from james comey. >> i can't did into the specifics but you and i know that it was rather comprehensive for this kind of briefing. the, um, fbi director was precise and he presented us with substantial information. it was clear the fbi was taking its job seriously and that a substantial investigation was under way. >> reporter: the senator's statements on the hill echoed the calls outside her office. [ screaming ] >> this is a big smoke screen. i think that comey should not have been fired in spite of the mistakes he made. he is leading an important
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investigation. i think taking him down, taking sally yates down and preet bharara down is destroying our democracy. >> that was andria borba reporting. before the confirmation hearings on capitol hill, senator feinstein also repeated her call for a special prosecutor to be named. a new poll shows president trump's approval rating is nearing a record low according to quinnipiac university. 36% of those polled approve of the job he is doing. 58% disapprove. the department of homeland security could expand its carry-on electronics ban. officials are expected to meet with airlines today because of a reported terror threat. currently the ban applies to people traveling from 10 airports in eight countries in the middle east and north africa. cbs news reports the ban could soon include all incoming flights from europe to the u.s. the department of homeland security spokesman tweeted:
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the ban went into effect.. after a suspect brought a laptop bomb onto a somali airliner last year. now, officials say: >> the ban went into effect after a suspect brought a laptop bomb on a somali airliner last year. and now officials say some terror groups are reportedly testing another bomb that could get past airport scanners. it's unclear if the department will make an official announcement today. we will keep you updated on that. time now 4:37. mr. hackney is here for the forecast. >> mr. choi, it's -- let's see, mid-may, springtime, flowers are out, the birds are sing, it's time to freeze our keisters off in the bay area! fog and low clouds we're just getting back into that time of the year. it's going to be chilly today. we have some drizzle out by the shoreline but otherwise, going to be a cloudy day probably the coolest day of the week. numbers do well 50s and 60s. there's the golden gate bridge. i'm going to guess traffic isn't a problem there.
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but i'll leave that to the expert in a minute. temperatures in the mid-50s to start out your thursday morning. with mostly cloudy skies, you will head out to find numbers in the low 50s for the most part in the early going and here's what's happening. a deep unusually deep low pressure trough off the west coast and cold ocean temperatures, 48.9 degrees. the whales are wearing parkas as we have that chilly ocean breeze. today cloudy and sprinkles in the north bay. sunny chillier friday and saturday chance of showers next tuesday possible. it will be cool for the next seven to 10 days. high temperature forecast as you can see, 65 in fremont. in san jose, 68. in santa rosa just 60. santa rosa was 80 degrees on sunday. look at us now. 58 in san francisco. extended forecast we are going to go with "stratus quo," the usual low clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. temperatures stay mostly in
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the mid- to upper 60s inland, low 60s around the bay all the way through next week. that's weather. here's traffic. hey, jaclyn. >> good morning. brian, you were right, golden gate bridge nice and quiet for drivers heading in and out of the city. in fact, all of our drive times are looking good right now. we begin with westbound 580. we are starting to see a few slowdowns typical for this time of morning and we do have speeds that drop below 35 miles per hour heading into livermore. as you make your way to 680 your drive time in the green 25 minutes. so still moving right at the limit. "diamonds & rubies." back to you. there are new details into the oroville dam. there were two dozen potential problems that could have caused it. as drew bollea reports, now cities downstream are demanding action. >> it was chaos. >> reporter: the head of the yuba-sutter chamber of commerce saved more than 600
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businesses that were impacted when the spillway crumble and 160,000 people were evacuated. >> that water will get here quickly so we have a vested interest in that regard. >> reporter: jason banks is the mayor of live oaks. he recalls the 48 hours in february. >> it was crippling. we were forced to do the best we could with the current information. >> reporter: they are part of a coalition of more than 20 other local governments and organizations pushing for transparency and a permanent spillway fix from the department of water resources. >> we're not satisfied with their information, also not satisfied with their body of work. >> reporter: two page memo released by forensic investigators. they cited 24 potential causes that may have contributed to the spillway's demise including erosion beneath the spillway, a water increase down the spillway chute before the failure happened, and a lack of effective repairs over time. it only confirms what banks says was years of missteps. >> what i would expect them to do is repair it and maintain it in a way that they would
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maintain it if they lived south of it. >> reporter: again, this is just a preliminary report. the final report is due out in the fall. in the meantime, the dwr will continue to hold public meetings about the spillway and the work being done on it the next one in chico. in marysville, drew bollea, kpix 5. time now 4:41. this german shepherd is considered an expert in the field of fire investigation. we'll have more on kodiak one of just a few arson dogs in california. >> plus, the record snowfall over the winter has created quite the show for visitors at yosemite. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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arsons. and... he lives in a kennel. on this national arson awareness week, sharon chin introduces us to one of only a handful of arson dogs in california... it's you'll see only on 5 the bay area last an elite detectives who solves arson. sharon chin introduces to us one of a handful of arson dogs in california. it's a story you will see only on "5". >> reporter: officer bill whitaker's partner is a 3-year-
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old german shepherd named kodiak with a super sensitive sniffer. >> he can detect 14 different odors, burnt and unburnt. >> reporter: they have been a team for two years with the sunnyvale department of safety called to fire scenes to rule in or out arson. he is trained to smell starters like -- >> gasoline, diesel, lighter fluid, toluene, kerosene, camp oils. >> reporter: kodiak is certified to detect an amount of accelerants as small as a half microliter a fraction of a drop. in the first tv news demonstration, bill dropped a trace amount of 50% evaporated gasoline in four corners of a courtyard. when he finds it, he sits. >> good boy! >> he will learn the odor, they get paid by toy which for kodiak is the ball with a string. and then we get to play tug. >> reporter: bill says kodiak detected accelerant in 14 cases in the last nine months like here where an elderly woman
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died in a suspected arson at her san mateo home. kodiak can do in minutes what would take humans hours or days. >> they can cover obviously a large amount of area with a lot less time. >> reporter: there are hundreds of arson dogs nationwide. kodiak is believed to be one of the only ones cross-trained for police work like tracking violent felons. he wears his own badge to prove it. >> for kodiak, he is a resource basically for the state. >> it's a great advantage to have bill and kodiak do what they do. >> reporter: but it's also a great commitment. >> it's a 365 day, 24/7 obligation. >> you found it! >> reporter: the team updates its training each month and gets recertified every year. bill keeps his partner on a strict diet with regular breaks so he doesn't burn out. and kodiak goes home with bill as part of his family. >> just a great bond and friendship we have. >> reporter: and together, he and his best friend become an
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arsonist's worst nightmare. in sunnyvale, sharon chin, kpix 5. >> a grant helped sunnyvale pay the $12,000 for kodiak and the team's initial training. the city pays about $800 a year for vet bills and food. in yosemite, a record snowpack is creating quite the spectacular show. all that snow is melting and creating massive waterfalls. in fact, some areas that have been dry for several years are now seeing ephemeral waterfalls which are temporary and only come out when there is enough water. >> i would not have expected this. this is absolutely stunning. >> you can't even probably hear me because of the sound of the falls, that it's just everywhere. >> park officials say the temporary falls should be active for at least a month. 100,000 people are expected to jump on their bicycles this morning to take part in the 23rd annual "bike to work" day. energizer stations will be set up in nine counties throughout the bay area. more than one million people in the bay area living within five
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miles of work. a distance they consider ideal for bicycling. it's estimated that only about 62,000 of those people use their bicycles as their primary way to get to work. >> probably want to live. how would you ride from marin this morning? [ laughter ] >> bike with those crazy people in the cars? >> spandex and sweaters. >> my spider-man outfit! you don't want to see that. as we start out with mostly cloudy skies around the bay area, it's going to be a chillily and fairly cloudy day for the bay area today. not going to change much into the afternoon hours. inland more sun than along the shoreline but 'tis the season as we have a look at the approach of the toll plaza and the bay bridge and the numbers. low 50s. temperatures are not going up much. we have a deep pool of cool air over the west coast. this afternoon, the numbers will manage only mid-50s at the shoreline to the mid-60s inland and there will be no severely clear conditions
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anywhere in the bay area. we are going to have clouds here and there most of the day. here's why. that low pressure in the gulf is just sunk a trough over the west coast. chilly ocean temperatures means if you combine that with a pretty good sea breeze, we'll be bundling up for mid- may. welcome to the bay area! futurecast we're looking at low clouds that will give by later this morning -- later friday morning. and then you can see as we run this into the weekend, noon on saturday we get increasing sunshine. so the weekend looks sunnier. tomorrow looks better. saturday and sunday look better. but today, we do have our dose of clouds. so today partly cloudy and cool, a little more sun on friday and saturday. rain on tuesday. well, it could be. it's shaping up that there's a possibility for rain coming in next week. we're going to be looking at sunny skies at the airport if you are happening to take off from sfo and elsewhere around the country, seattle today has
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some rain. chicago partly cloudy skies. sunshine in the southland and 71 degrees. and forecast highs over in the east bay we'll be looking at -- thanks for flipping that color switch on that -- temperatures will be in the upper 50s and low 60s for the most part. so things are due to be fairly cool around the bay area today. but as we get into the weekend, friday, saturday, sunday, we get increasing sunshine and then partly cloudy skies coming in on monday. there's a hint of rain which i'll leave out just to be optimistic for tuesday but it does bear watching and we certainly will. that's weather. for traffic, here's jaclyn. good morning. and right now, we are tracking an easy ride for drivers. headlights heading to foster city smooth sailing in both directions. no reports of accident or stalls blocking any lanes. westbound 580 from 205 out towards 680, 25-minute travel time. we are starting to see a few brake lights, speeds drop below 30 miles per hour as you make your way into livermore.
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no delays through the south bay out of san jose along 101 looking good on 880 and 280. 680 in the clear. heading into san francisco, your drive time remains in the green. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. time now 4:50. a major step forward in the effort to stop the rash of freeway shootings that have plagued the east bay for more than a year. >> and a california high school student is giving his grandmother a chance to feel like a queen. we'll explain. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. more great white sharks are being spotted in long beach..
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welcome back on this early thursday morning. we are starting out with cloudy skies. a little windy and it's also going to be a little bit chilly today with numbers about 10 degrees below average. temperatures in the south bay not bad. upper 60s in the east bay will be in the mid-60s with per sess extent clouds. same for the north bay. we'll see the sun this afternoon but only 60 degrees for a high. yikes! and as we head up toward the lake county, the numbers will be in the low 60s today with mostly cloudy skies. we'll have the complete forecast in a few minutes but first let's check the road ahead. here's jaclyn. >> and the roads heading to the bay bridge toll plaza still checking in problem-free. smooth sailing across the upper
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deck from the maze into downtown san francisco. under 20 minutes. no delays as you head across the golden gate bridge. we are tracking some slowdowns. i'll have a full report coming up. more great white sharks are being spotted in long beach. this is one of five spotted yesterday. state officials are trying to crack down on freeway shootings. the transportation department just pledged funding to install and monitor surveillance cameras along highways 4 and 80. in the past year and a half there have been 87 freeway shootings. this will be the first state funded project of its kind in california. hundreds of drivers who were fined for running red lights in fremont are getting refunds. they were given nearly $500 tickets. now nearly 600 drivers will get about $150 back which is the city's portion of the revenue. earlier this year, kpix 5 found that the yellow light timing was shorter at 2 intersections on mowry avenue leading to an increase in red light citations. the city started sending out the rebates just yesterday. all right. it is prom season and many teens from around the bay area are getting ready for that special night.
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one teen from ventura county may as well be elected king in advance. >> getting ready to dance. >> cute. 18-year-old michael decided to ask his grandmother josephine to the big dance after learning she didn't get to go to her own prom back in 1961 because her family didn't have enough money. >> and that day i was like i'm bringing nona. >> at first he said no way i'm not going to the prom. i'm an old lady. and he said, no, nona, you're my lady. i want you to go. >> that's the cutest thing ever! >> it is. >> the prom is on saturday. so it should be fun. >> as for whether nona will be elected queen, michael says it's not necessary. she is already a queen in his heart. >> she is. that's so sweet. >> very sweet. >> yeah. >> we love that story. >> and i hope he pays for a little corsage for her. >> of course! lawmakers in washington have issued a subpoena to president trump's former
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national security adviser. >> reporter: here in the bay area, it's "bike to work" day. 100,000 people are expected to jump on their bikes for their commute. we'll tell you what incentive the areas offer. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i' le griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. sh is about to good morning, it's thursday, may 11. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head outside take a look at the conditions this morning as we take a live look at the pyramid and on your ride that looks like 880 in oakland. the nimitz freeway traffic looking good at this hour. >> yeah. not too bad. about your it's only 5 a.m. >> it could get worse. >> we will. >> we have seen it. >> it's chilly out there, too. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> funny thing about 5 a.m. we're starting out with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures are in the mid- 50s. >> brian hackney. >> yes. this afternoon we have mostly cloudy skies in the offing for
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the bay area. numbers will do no better than mid-60s on average inland around the bay in the low 60s today. chilliest day of the week on tap. and then, think that's not bad, by tuesday, at 3 p.m., look at the situation that's set up. there will be a few showers next week in the future. today looks all right. but while today will be a rather cloudy day, maybe a sprinkle or two in the north bay, it will be sunny and chilly for friday and saturday and a chance of showers come in next tuesday. in general, from today right through a week from friday, it looks like we are going to be a little bit on the below average side. that will include today. numbers 10 degrees cooler than usual. 68 degrees fairfield. 68 san jose. 58 san francisco. the extended forecast, we are going to be looking for numbers to be in the mid-60s in the warmest spots today. low 60s around the bay. and as we head into the weekend, we'll get more sunshine, things don't warm up
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much but at least it will be sunny and we'll keep everything in what would be normal for march but a little weird for may. temperatures in the 60s through next week and a little shot of showers coming in perhaps on tuesday. stay tuned! that's weather. here's traffic with jaclyn. >> hey, good morning. you know what else at 5 a.m.? we are tracking pretty light conditions. however, we do have a few slowdowns if you are heading over to the bay bridge eastbound, say out of san francisco over to oakland, you may experience some slowdowns on the lower deck which looks like caltrans has some overnight roadwork three left lanes closed at this time and looks like they will be re- opening those in the next 30 minutes or so. so we're starting to see yellow sensors light up our screen there. we'll take it over to 880 -- or excuse me, 580 as you make your approach towards 680, the headlights making their way westbound, 25-minute ride from 205 out to the dublin- pleasa i


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