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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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of the victims live in the area. they will have more information about the suspect once they do get it. traffic on the local streets is backed up on the west and east side of town because of the freeway closure even though now the southbound lanes have been reopened. the traffic is still slowly just resolving itself right now. for now, live in healdsburg, i'm da lin, kpix 5. other other big story this evening, president trump is blasting the fbi director he just fired. he calls james comey a showboat and a grandstander. cbs reporter seth lemon joins us live from washington, dc tonight. seth. >> reporter: liz, that's right. today on capitol hill, there's been lots of commotion, lots of clamor, as senators have been reacting to this news. this hearing with the senate intelligence committee was scheduled in advance of comey's firing but now that he is no longer with the agency, the acting director andrew mccabe
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sat in his place. there is contradictions between what the white house says and what the fbi is saying. >> i was going to fire regardless of recommendation. >> reporter: president trump told nbc's lester holt that he didn't need the recommendation of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to fire fbi director james comey. >> he is a showboat. he is a grandstander. the fbi has been in turmoil. you know that, i know that. everybody knows that. >> reporter: but on capitol hill, acting fbi director andrew mccabe shot down one of the white house's excuses for axing comey. >> is it accurate that the rank- and-file no longer supported director comey? >> no, sir. that is not accurate. director comey enjoyed broad support within the fbi and still does to this day. >> reporter: but mccabe also said he was unaware and could not confirm reports comey had asked for more resources to investigate trump campaign ties to russia, alleged ties, before he was fired. >> that said, we don't
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typically request resources for an individual case. and as i mentioned, um, i strongly believe that the russia investigation is adequately resourced. >> reporter: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein came to capitol hill himself to meet with the heads of the senate committee doing its own investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> so that when we had witnesses that we needed to talk to we made sure we weren't stepping on top of anything that might be an active investigation. >> reporter: rod rosenstein could soon be the subject of an investigation himself. congressman jason chaifetz is calling for the department of justice inspector-general to look into the firing of director comey. and democrats are still continuing to call for a special prosecutor to be appointed to take over this investigation. but we have learned here at cbs news that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is still opposed to that idea. liz? >> seth, after today's hearing, though, are senators
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any more confident that the fbi's investigations will continue? >> reporter: we spoke with some of them as they were leaving out of that hearing. some of them that were here on the hill today. and it seemed to be split down party lines. democrats very concerned that there is a cover-up happening as republicans on the other side say that this was appropriate for the president to do. >> thank you. investigators now say five suspicious car fires in the east bay including two from overnight last night are likely connected. a car and truck caught fire in brentwood about 3 a.m. the fires were both in the same neighborhood near highland way about the same time. firefighters put out both vehicles before they could spread to the homes. neighbors say they are worried. . >> i'm worried and scared. who are they targeting? why are they targeting a car or family? i don't know. >> the investigators believe the fires could be the work of
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an arsonist. they believe the same person may have set fire to three cars in walnut creek, lafayette and martinez earlier this week. a psychiatrist who worked at ucsf has just been charged for possessing and distributing child pornography. 36-year-old billy locker was arrested tuesday. investigators say he was using ucsf's internet wi-fi to upload the illegal photos. lockhart's room made 33-year- old benjamin martin was also arrested. police say each of the suspects had more than 600 files of child pornography. new at 5:00 a bay area police force is telling meth users, bring your meth to the police station and officers will test the meth to see if it's gluten-free. kpix 5's kiet do went to see what this is all about. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. you know, if you have a police officer in your life now they are funny people with strange dark senses of humor and so it
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makes sense why the facebook post from the newark police department went viral. this is what happens when a police department decides to show some personality. at first glance, the newark police department facebook page is standard stuff. cops getting awards, a fallen power pole, and a missing elderly person later found. but keep scrolling and you will see law enforcement comedy gold. is your meth laced with deadly gluten? not sure? bring your meth down to the pd and we will test it for you for free. the post has reached 24 million people shared nearly a quarter million times, and has 9,000 comments. are you comfortable with the title social media [ indiscernible ] >> no. i don't think it's necessarily genius. i thought it was funny. this is it. >> reporter: the lieutenant manages the department's facebook page and came up with the idea for the post after watching an infomercial about gluten-free diets. followed by a movie about pablo escobar the infamous colombian drug lord.
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he wants to show the public that officers are not emotionalless robots. >> it's nice to see a plymouth that's not too serious. we are human and have a sense of humor. >> reporter: the comments have been supportive like this one: >> lock says, relax. let us have some fun, huh? we have plenty of serious posts. >> we deal with death, we deal with sad circumstances. it's hard on us sometimes hard on the community. sometimes you need that relief to crack a smile and to laugh a little bit. >> reporter: and no, they did not get any takers on that meth inspection offer. by the way, they have solved multiple cases with their facebook and twitter pages. and so lieutenant locke who is 36 which makes him a millennial says that departments can no longer afford to ignore the
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power of social media. live in newark, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you. governor brown warning the loss of obamacare could spell disaster for california's financial health. kpix 5's political reporter melissa caen found out so far, there's no money set aside to stop the bleeding. she joins us live now from sacramento. melissa. >> reporter: yeah, ken. today the governor introduced his version of this year's budget and it's enormous! it assumes $183 billion in state funds and $100 billion in federal funds. and like you said, it doesn't set aside funds in case the federal funds don't show up. instead it allocates millions of dollars to fight the trump administration. >> there it is. now, that's a lot of red. that is what will happen if the senate goes along with the
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house and passes that repeal of obamacare. that's really bad news. >> reporter: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, says governor jerry brown. the cure is too awful to contemplate. >> so the only answer is to fight. we have to stop it! if we don't stop it you can come and ask me what we do. >> reporter: according to the governor it's a republican healthcare bill -- if it becomes law, california stands to lose $6 billion in 2020. and $24 billion by 2027. we asked whether his current budget proposal assumed any loss of federal funding. >> it doesn't presume any losses but it certainly recognizes that they may occur. and that's why we're wary and we don't want to go any further. >> reporter: the governor's budget does include $6.5 million for the state attorney general becerra to hire 31 new lawyers to litigate actions by the federal government. >> it appears to me the attorney general is trying to build up an empire of their own! to gain notoriety of being an
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american, the big anti- washington, dc. >> reporter: republican senator jim neilson says spending millions to fight the president makes it more likely that california will lose federal funding. >> assume that you're gonna get all the revenue you want while you're throwing mud at washington, dc? that doesn't seem to me to be a reasonable formula. >> reporter: remember, this is just the governor's proposal. the assembly and senate still have to vote on it. although while they usually debate around the margins, what the governor proposes since they're all democrats it's what usually gets finally passed. they have until july 15 to have it signed, sealed and delivered. live in sacramento, melissa caen, kpix 5. more travel options coming to san francisco's ferry building after a groundbreaking earlier today. the transit authority is expanding the terminal by building two new entry gates that will allow more boats to pick up passengers. a plaza lined with weather protected canopies is also in the works to keep people dry
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while they wait. the ferries can be critical during emergencies. >> you know, when we build infrastructure and it's not just for convenience, ferry service is going to be there if the big one hits. we know that. we have to have alternative ways to get in and out of the city did. >> new ferry services to richmond and treasure island were also announced. the $80 million expansion project is expected to be done by 2019. cal's rugby team is rallying around a varsity player who is now paralyzed from the chest down. [ inaudible ] >> he is a resilient guy. i think he is doing his best is what i think he is doing and, um, you know, i -- i think -- [ sigh ] -- he is trying to, um, -- to get out of icu and to get on to some rehabilitation which is very important. >> the coach jack clark says
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that there is no word yet on when 20-year-old robert taylor will make it out of intensive care. taylor was injured saturday night as the bears played in the national championship game match at santa clara university. the 6'5" starter was injured early in the match during a rugby maul. he got pushed to the ground, never got back up. a prayer vigil for taylor will be held tonight. it's not what you want to hear when you're at the beach. coming up the shark warning off the southern california coast where dozens of great whites were just spotted. >> plus, a new mission for the decades old warplanes in california. their transformation into a firefighting fleet. >> and it's ultimate wedding photo op. what this couple trekked through to get the perfect shot on the slopes of mount everest. ,,,,
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please be advised this area is heavily populated at the moment with large great white sharks. >> a warning about sharks broadcast over long beach. two more of them were spotted this morning. a shark advisory has been posted there until further notice. reporter michelle gile shows us the evidence that sharks are busy in the area. >> reporter: a shark bite is visible on the flipper of a sick sea lion rescued on long beach where sharks have been spot close to the shore. >> i come out to the buoy all the time. not this year so much until they clear out. >> reporter: he shot the video of crews taking the sea lion away and this is drone footage on wednesday where four
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juvenile sharks were swimming 50 to 100 feet from the sand. long beach lifeguards confirmed two sightings of sharks this morning at eight a.m. one swam close to a paddleboarder in the area cruising under him. >> they will go out deep and come back in in a circular pattern and get really close to shore and swim back out deep and do a circular thing and each one has its own territory. >> reporter: lifeguards have posted signs advising swimmers and surfers to enter at their own risk. >> we don't want anyone disrupting the behavior of -- of -- of these sharks by doing anything that would be illegal. we're working with fish & game and we don't want any recreational fishing vessels out there chumming or luring them with bait and things like that so they can get a shot because again we also have a lot of kiteboarders in the area and we don't want to disrupt these sharks in their natural habitat. dozens of airplanes and
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helicopters used to defend our country during times of war now have a new mission here in california. allen martin is here to show us. allen. >> reporter: ken, crews are transforming these retired war birds getting ready for a different kind of battle. fighting california wildfires. with a creative nod to both past and present, mechanics are giving new life to long forgotten machines of war. >> they have been sit there is a number of years just out in the boneyard. >> reporter: cal fire runs the largest firefighting air fleet in the world nearly all of it made up of rehabbed military aircraft. 48 of its 51 planes and helicopters once flew in combat. >> the hydraulic lines are all original. >> reporter: the newest edition, this grumman s2eg was built in 1968 and flown in vietnam. >> used to hunting subs. >> reporter: when the war ended it was retired. cal fire found it rusting in an
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arizona junkyard. it's now being fully rehabbed for a new battle. >> where cal fire puts the retardant tank now to drop on fires, that's where you had one or two torpedoes. >> reporter: every modification for every aircraft is done entirely in-house. >> it really is phenomenal to watch. >> reporter: dave peters says mechanics keep as much of the original aircraft as intact as possible. >> if they can't find the part, they can generally manufacture the part. they work very well. >> reporter: cal fire will find out how well its newest plane performs deployed in 2018, 50 years flying its first mission half a world away. >> thank you. new china video. a dramatic motorcycle crash! it's jarring! but the rider did survive this. take a look. rider drives right into the gas tank of a dump truck and next you see the ball of fire like a bomb going off. you see the motorcyclist
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rolling around on the ground. people running to help him. that rider is now recovering as we say. the truck driver also survived it. unclear who was at fault in the crash. another sign that retail is struggling. macy's shares fell more than 17% today after an earnings report showed a nearly 5% slide in sales for the 1st quarter. overall, the market slowed down today. the dow down about a tenth of a%. the nasdaq and s&p down .2% each. an east bay woman cried tears of joy after a stunning turn of events. she won a lottery prize of $750,000. she bought a mystery crossword scratchers ticket like this one for 10 bucks at a local safeway. and now carolina gonzalez says she may use some of her winnings to open her own business. oakland is about to get a new school superintendent. a woman who was born and raised
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in the city. kyla johnson read a book to students today at hoover elementary school. she has worked in the district for 18 years from teacher to principal to administrator. she says as superintendent, she will be determined to protect students while trying to close a multi-million dollar budget gap. >> to make tough decisions we're really employing our value of keeping students first and keeping cuts away from schools and direct services to schools. >> she takes over on july 1. her appointment by the school board fills an opening that stood since january when the previous superintendent took a job in washington, dc. a sacramento couple braved freezing weather and a pretty tough trek to get some amazing wedding photos. take a look at this. they exchanged vows on the side of mount everest. [ laughter ] >> they traveled along with their photographer in near zero degree temperatures and
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blistering winds to base camp. that's an elevation of 17, 600 feet. then they traded in their climbing gear for a gown and tux and posed for some breathtaking shots in case you're wonder, yes, they kept their boots on. paul? they say it's good luck if you have the world's tallest mountain in the background of your wetting pictures. a little bit of sunshine but that chilly ocean breeze isn't going anywhere. did you feel it? highs only in the 60s. find out when rain lengther the picture and when we'll get out of this cold snap coming up. and coming up all new tonight at 6:00, a man forced to hand over his iphone in customs at sfo. the feds say they have the right to search your electronics without a warrant. but a new challenge says not so fast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as we get ready for mother's day on sunday, we're bringing you some throwback pictures... who is this cute little guy? >> oh. >> wow.
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>> look at those cheeks. as we get ready for mother's day on sunday, we are having throw back pictures. >> that's me and mom a few years ago. be sure to check out our facebook page this weekend for pictures of entire kpix 5 anchor teams with their mothers. still trying to figure out. mom what a teacher taught 8th grade for 40 years. i don't know how she did it single mom worked all day took care of me which wasn't easy and worked at night to get her master's degree. >> moms are great. it's going to be warm and pleasant. concord, livermore, san jose. san francisco and oakland 60 degrees mostly cloudy skies. baseball tonight, giants are back in town. we need 15 straight victories. hopefully this will be the second in a row. taking on the reds tonight at 7:15, partly cloudy cool.
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vallejo starting your friday off tomorrow is friday in the 40s. satellite review, we are going to be talking about this ocean temperature for ail while because until it gets out of the 40s, remember two summers ago? the ocean temperature in the same spot was running about 63. record high now it's not been this chilly in the past. the air above the ocean is strong cold air conditioning which is working into the bay area. majority of the rainfall will stay to our north but that onshore flow is going nowhere so even tomorrow, with minimal morning cloud cover lots of sunshine in the afternoon, low from the ocean we're still chilly. saturday, almost no morning cloud cover, lots of afternoon sunshine, flow in the ocean still chilly. not hitting 70 despite full may
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sunshine. that's a big strong air- conditioner to pull that off and we sit next to it and it will be in effect this weekend. next week the low to our north. the onshore flow is still there. we stay chilly with something new. showers will be in the forecast especially tuesday into wednesday morning. watch out for some scattered showers. tomorrow we are sunny and chilly. with that ocean in the upper 40s, we'll stay cooler than average as long as that breeze comes from the ocean and it will. scattered showers are likely next tuesday. so highs tomorrow sunny and 63 degrees. san rafael, it will be chilly and breezy. fremont 64. livermore 65. napa 67. and pacifica only 57 degrees. the coast will stay in the 50s until the wind changes and it won't for a while. saturday and sunday, mainly the 50s and 60s for highs. with sunshine. including mother's day. it will be precipitation free. next tuesday that's your chance of showers. hat's your forecast; we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,
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when denny's adds melty gouda cheese to a 100% beef burger a certain amount of classiness is to be expected. woah, okay. not that much. the all new bacon gouda burger from denny's.
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it's classy.
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hi, ken and liz. up next sharp contrast. the act fbi director contradicts the white house saying james comey enjoyed broad agency support according to acting fbi director. the president changed his narrative on comey's ouster again. and what were you doing at 14? well, he is about to graduate from college. those stories coming up in just a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." >> we'll be seeing anthony masons in a couple of seconds. thanks for watching at 5:00. ahead at 6:00, signs that our
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wet winter could signal a cooler-than-normal summer. we'll see you at 6:00. ♪[ music ] captioning sponsored by cb >> mason: the president's last supper with comey. >> i said, "if it's possible, iguld you let me know, am i under investigation?" ec director mccabe, is it your experience that people who are innocent of wrongdoing typically need to be reassured that they're not the subject of an investigation? t mason: also tonight, constituents go to town on republican congressmen. >> answer the question! answer the question! >> hi, you guys need to quit calling my phone. >> mason: his number was spoofed. >> reporter: anonymous scammers make it appear as if robocalls from others are coming from your phone. >> mason: and... >> i'm carson hueyou and i'm 14 years old. >> mason: he's about to graduate from college. >> like, he's not just a genius. he's also awesome.


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