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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  May 13, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5 news this morning, a five alarm fire erupts overnight in emeryville. flames and smoke seen for miles as bay area residents are waking up this morning. good morning, i'm julie watts and we're going to get started with breaking news out of emeryville. now, the fire started at an apartment complex that is under construction. we have a live look at the scene right now where you can see black smoke still billowing. firefighters have been fighting the blaze for just about two hours. now, the fire is on san pablo avenue, a couple blocks from the macarthur b.a.r.t. station by 580 and highway 24. it's on the border of oakland and emeryville. early reports have this fire
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actually in oakland, and we are now confirming it is in emeryville. you're looking at video from earlier today. the flames erupting. now the first call came in just before five clock this morning. at last report, we're told the fire is contained. multiple agencies responded to the fire, both alameda county and oakland fire have been tweeting updates throughout the morning. the building was under construction and there was a fire in the same building we're told in july. no reports of any injuries but oakland fire was reporting earlier this morning. there are multiple fires that broke out at nearby buildings. again, both oakland and alameda county fire on the scene this morning, and we're told other agencies are responding. we do have our devin sealy heading to the scene. and he will bring you a live report as soon as he arrives. in the meantime, this is video that the alameda county fire tweeted at 5:30 this morning. we have got another look at the
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fire when it first erupted driving by the scene on san pablo avenue. you can see the flames and smoke billowing into the sky. now, this is the third big fire in the oakland area in the past six months. four people were killed in march when a fire ripped through an apartment complex on san pablo avenue. tenants claim they were living in slum like conditions before the fire broke out, and of course back in december, 36 people were killed in the goship warehouse fire. it had been illegally converted into living spaces and hadn't been inspected in years. we turn to weather taking a look at the winds, it has been breezy the last couple of days, and that's been keeping our temperatures down. winds, though, not very strong at this hour. right now, temperature wise we are on the cool side to start the day. we have that marine cool air.
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5 # san jose. 50 concord. oakland at 53. we take a look at your current wind speeds. they are relatively calm. sure a little bit breezy, we're not seeing strong gusty winds. in oakland, we have winds out of the north, northwest at 7 miles per hour. berkeley, 9 miles per hour. so we're not talking high winds. in fact, only 12 miles per hour in san francisco along the coast. higher up north in san rafael. later today, though, we do anticipate winds increasing a bit. we are likely going to see some wind gusts in the teens, maybe near 20 miles per hour. here's a look at future cast as i advance toward the evening hours, where we see winds increase into the teens and east bay. hopefully firefighters will have this fire out by then. we are getting reports that it is under control at this hour. taking a look at the surface wind profiles. winds will likely pick up as we make our way throughout the day. temperatures stay on the cool side, and we see a bit more of that on shore push later today. so that marine cold air will keep temperatures down and we'll talk more about your
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forecast coming up in just a bit. i think devin fehely has arrived on the scene, so we're going to go ahead and take a look at the fire. i believe we have devin out there, and he's going to be giving us more details. again, this fire, first call came in just before 5:00. it's a five alarm fire. devin fehely has made it to the scene, and we are going to check in with denver. good morning, devin, thanks so much for this. what can you tell us. i know you just arrived so details are probably just coming in. what can you tell us so far. >> reporter: good morning, as you mentioned, this fire was first called in just before 5:00 this morning. it quickly grew to a five alarm fire. it is an apartment complex that apparently was under construction. it's my understanding that there was a fire sometime not too long ago in this building and it was actually being rebuilt after that. as you can see, there is still some kind of ashen gray smoke that is rising from that building. that is in stark contrast to a
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couple hours ago when there was a bright amber glow from this fire and active flames could be seen. the fire department has largely been fighting a defensive battle against this fire because the building itself was not occupied. that means they had ladder trucks on the exterior of the building and they were using hoses to spray water on the inside in an effort to try and douse the flames and put that fire out. the flames or the smoke here as gone from a thick billowing black smoke to a wispier gray smoke indicating that the fire is largely under control. now, right now there does not seem to be any active threat of this fire spreading to any of the adjacent buildings. now, earlier, some of the embers did blow to some areas and cause some spot fires, but those, thankfully, were quickly put out. a five alarm fire, a massive response because of the size of this building, and i think because of the potential for it to spread, but right now it
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seems that it has largely been contained to this one apartment building under construction. this fire to clarify is on the border between oakland and emeryville, technically inside the city limits of emeryville. a number of people have come out to look at this fire this morning but thankfully so far at least we have not heard of any injuries. it's still much too soon to know exactly how this fire started. that is something that fire investigators will try to figure out once they fallenly have the fire -- finally have the fire completely out and it's safe to finally access the building. in emeryville, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> i know that you just arrived there. it took you a little while to get there. what can you tell us about the surrounding area. was there a lot of traffic on the freeways, anything folks in the area should know when they wake up this morning. heading out to run errands or go for a walk. can you smell the smoke in the air, any concerns? >> well, i think in large part because of what time this fire actually first broke out, as
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you mentioned just before 5:00 this morning, so the city was largely still asleep at that point, now, obviously people in the immediate vicinity in in neighborhood would have been woken up either by the flames or the sirens in the fire trucks. a number of streets in the immediate area around add line and san pablo have been closed off. if you have any business in that specific area, probably the best bet is to perhaps call anyone that you may be going to try to see or businesses that you may be trying to frequent before you head out here. they may simply be inaccessible. but the fire department has tried to basically close the number of streets around this, but also leave some of the other major thorough fairs open so that -- thoroughfares open so that people can get where they're going. if you're trying to visit someone in the area, check with them first. you want to make sure you can get to your destination before you head out. >> denver, thanks so much. and we'll check back in with you in a little bit. in the meantime we're going to get to other news this
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morning. alameda county deputies are mourning the loss of one of their own. a sheriffs deputy was killed in a crash on his way home. it happened on i-580 near the allen -- altamont pass. kpix 5 maria medina reports he would have been 51 years old today. >> he just got off an overtime shift. it's really tragic. it's heart wrenching. >> an impromptu ceremony follow bid a procession. by chp officers who discovered the victim in this deadly crash was alameda county sheriffs deputy saroy kim after they found his badge in his car. >> he just worked the mid night shift and was headed home. >> reporter: he worked for the department for a decade, his motorist recently signment at the jail -- assignment at the jail. he slowed down or stopped going eastbound when a bus carrying
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tesla employees slammed into him. one stockton man who claimed to be on the bus quote got into a major accident. rear ended a buggy. everyone was asleep on the shuttle. >> it's a tragic loss for their family. a tragic loss yet again for law enforcement community. >> reporter: the department still mourning the loss of a deputy killed by a prison bus a few months ago, now grieving the sudden death. as words spread, friends reached out to each other on social media. i sit here and look at the photo in disbelief that you're gone. kin was a wonderful, hard working partner wrote one person. >> it's too much too soon. >> reporter: kin, the sheriff says, died on his way home to his family, and just hours away from his birthday. maria medina, kpix 5. >> now, the bus driver says the sun was in his eyes and he didn't see that car. as maria mentioned, just a few months ago, the alameda county sheriffs department lost
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another deputy, mike foeley. this is back in february. he was hit and killed by an inhate bus working at the san la rita jail, the same jail where deputy kin worked. an arsonist in the east bay has struck again. this morning, that fire bug is still on the loose. there have been at least 7 cars technologicalled in the east bay over the past -- torched in the east bay in the past few days. firefighters found in car burned out yesterday around 2:00 a.m. in the morning. that 911 call came in as firefighters were putting out another car fire just a couple miles away. the owner of the car says he woke up to flames and smoke in front of his house. >> do you know who called 911. >> i heard it was a neighbor. if it had been left to me, it probably would have ended up in my house because i was asleep. >> so far investigators say it appears the cars were chosen at random in the middle of the
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night. right now, they are collecting surveillance footage at nearby homes that may have captured video of the arsonist. more news coming up after the break, and another check of the five alarm fire burning in emeryville this morning. ,, [ whistles ] internet speeds 20x faster. at&t fiber sounds amazing. wait a sec, i'm not done yet. less than 12% of at&t homes actually qualify. huh... hold on. everyone else gets our other, slower internet speeds. but no one reads this stuff anyway. except for the old guy with the binoculars. huh... we got ourselves a reader. don't be fooled by at&t. xfinity delivers the fastest speeds to the most homes.
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a 5-alarm fire.. tearing thh an apartment building that's welcome back, we return now to breaking news in emeryville right now. five alarm fire tearing through an apartment complex that's under construction. this fire erupted early this morning on san pablo avenue on the emeryville border near 580 and highway 24, a couple blocks from the arthur b.a.r.t. stakes. flames broke out around 5:00 this morning. firefighters from multiple agencies responded to the fire. at this point, there are no reports of any injuries. we are told the fire is contained. oakland fire reported earlier this morning that multiple fires began popping up in nearby buildings. the fire could be seen for miles this morning from the golden gate bridge, from san francisco, and many east bay locations. the latest word from alameda county fire is that the fire is now under control. and we just heard from pg&e
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about 450 customers are without power. there are power lines down in the area. we'll have more details on this fire coming up in a live report from our devin fehely who is there covering the fire. in the meantime, though, we're going to get a quick check of your forecast, your mother's day weekend forecast. it is going to be on the cool side, but plenty of sunshine. in fact, take a look at this view. you're looking at a hazy skyline over the bainbridge. that is due in -- over the bay bridge. that is due in part, as i was driving to the station, i saw what appeared to be dark clouds on the horizon, and knowing it was going to be a clear weekend, i thought that's got to be a fire. there's no way there are clouds there. obviously, the smoke, the thick plumes of smoke have dissipated and we have a hazy skyline. you can anticipate this for folks in the east bay for the first part of the day. we have light breezes that will hopefully clear the air throughout the day.
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temperatures are on the cool side. that marine cold air keeping us a little bit cooler than we normally are at this time of year. and what we saw yesterday, a repeat performance, winds just a little bit lighter though. temperatures in the 40s and 50s throughout the bay area to start your day. area of low pressure overhead. we still have that on shore flow overall. and we still have very cool ocean temperatures and so you combine that, the marine cool air moving in and bringing our temperatures down, even though we are seeing plenty of sunshine for your weekend. so the surface wind profile shows what's going on. we have a lighter sea breeze this morning. as you can see, we don't have the strong on shore flow. as we make our way into the afternoon hours, here we are later today. you see we see a little bit more of an on shore shift. temperatures will stay on the cool side. in fact, we're staying on the cool side through the extended forecast. as for winds, winds will includes a little bit as we make aria throughout the day. future -- make our way
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throughout the day. 15, maybe 20 miles per hour especially along the coast, later on this afternoon. but not real gusty, windy conditions. certainly breezy and you will notice cooler temperatures because it is usher in cooler air for us. topping out in the mid- to upper 60s today. heading to the east bay, we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s near 70 for the warmest location. a bit cooler around the bay today, low to mid-60s for most folks around the bay, and farther north, we're talking low to mid-60s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast shows temperatures remain cool, topping out near 70 for the warmest spots inland today. slightly cooler, a few more clouds for your mother's day, and then the next chance of showers, that comes tuesday with a bit of a warm up by the end of next week. still ahead, may is national moving month, and the bbb says you should be careful when planning your big move. next, i'll sit down with an expert to see what issues the
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moving industry is dealing with now, and what we should be watching out for. good morning, everybody, the giants game went a little late. come on back, i've got the rest of the story from friday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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top consumer watch stories weekend. first up -- can you really rely on onli reviews? good morning, and welcome back. time for our top consumer watch stories this weekend. first up, can you really rely
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on online reviews. one amazon shopper has a warning after she says her negative review simply disappeared. >> the one sandy initially bought on amazon didn't work, and when she returned it, sandy said the third party wouldn't give her a full refund, so she posted a negative review. >> i rated the seller two stars. >> almost immediately she got an e-mail from the seller. please remove your lie feed back. >> sandy refused and complained to amazon, and that's when the seller sent the rest of the money. amazon removed her review and wouldn't let her post another to warn others about the seller. >> even if they completely disagreed with me, don't call me a liar. >> reporter: am son's policy says it will only remove feed back for reasons like obscene language and sandy insists her post didn't include any of that. >> the reviews, that's what you give the company credibility.
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>> reporter: public relations expert doug elmut says sanitizing reviews is dangerous. >> if they are limiting what the purchaser is seeing, that calls into question the credibility of the company. >> reporter: in response to sandy's story, amazon admitted it may have removed the review because the party was solved. that's not a valid reason according to public policy. >> how can i trust any purchase on if yantras the feed back. >> reporter: the company says it removed the review accidentally. it reposted it, and gave sandy the chance to revise it. >> and speaking of reviews, may is national moving month, and movers are one of the most common topics of complaints we get at consumer watch. it's been about companies with seemingly great reviews online. joining us today is jared wise and the better business bureau, the gold standard in business reviews, with warning in tips about tipping your mover. >> may is the kickoff of the
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busiest time of season to move. host people move in the summer time. >> because you're out of school. >> college students are graduating, finding places to live. so it's the perfect time to find the proper mover so crow don't get taken for -- you don't get taken for a ride. >> moving complaints are a hot topic in our consumer watch hot line. one of the common complaints is they hold hostage. we have done a couple investigations on that. what kind of complaints do you get. is this a common complaint to the bbb. >> it's one of the complaints but we get complaints about billing issues or late deliveries and also damaged items or items that are missing. those are also some complaints we get. we got about 7500 complaints last year nationwide. >> where does that rank in terms of overall. is that high compared to the overall number of complaint. >> not necessarily. this is a good amount to keep
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aware of. it is a little bit lower than the previous year so, you know, there could be good things actually happening there. right, and i think people are aware that there are some shady moving companies out there, and there's some good ones. what tips do you have for consumers when they want to research a mover. googling is where people start, and sometimes the online reviews may not be necessarily forthcoming. >> the big thing, go to find a list of accredited businesses. you can find a list of accredited businesses that have the feel. and go to a business directory and find them. you need to check licensing, that's a big part of that. make sure they are licensed with the state of california, the california public utilities commission. the department of transportation. i don't know why i said texas in there. >> you were probably talking to someone from texas earlier today. and you have to verify
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insurance. make sure they have the minimum amount of insurance, and see if they can cover full coverage too. the minimum amount is 60 cents per pound that's covered. if you have a 50 point television, you're only going to get 30 bucks for that. beware if they have the higher insurance amount, go for that amount. >> can you buy additional insurance. >> you probably could. if they say they have insurance they have to provide proof of that. >> check with the california department of transportation for sure. >> and get free estimates, don't take the lowest offer. see which is the best offer for you. >> what red flags should we look out for? >> big ones it is if they demand cash payment up front or a large deposit up front. also if they answer the phone and they say moving company or movers, that's also a red flags. if they show up the day of the move and they're in a rental truck or unmarked vehicle, that's also a red flag.
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trust your gut instincts. something doesn't seem right, just kind of beware of it. >> thank you so much for being here today. i really appreciate your time. some really good tips, and again it is national moving month. onto sports now. 17 innings and 6 hours later, the giants come out on top, beating the cincinnati reds 3- 2, thanks to buster posey who hit a home run. vern glenn has more in your morning sports report. you can bet the giants and reds are sleeping in on this one because while they were working last night, the heart of texas, the oakland a's were going to work against the texas rangers. santiago garcia tried to hold him down. the rangers were ranging, and the cappers, three run off the foul pole, second straight walk- off homer for the rangers and a loss for the a's last night.
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a final of 5-2. jumping over and switching gears to the golden state warriors. they better hope this doesn't happen tomorrow, kawhi leonard, remember the season opener when they out physicalled the warriors by 29, he says fear not. game one is tomorrow at 12:30. we can forget about the season opener. >> it seems like years ago to me, honestly. both teams have gotten so much better. we switched our lineup up a bit, our rotation a bit. both teams have gotten better since then. that game shouldn't matter when it comes to, you know, sunday. we'll get out of here with the other footballers. english premier title game. chelsea on the strength of the goal. the blue 6 league title. manager antonio cante, he just lost it, and why not.
7:27 am
one-nil over rome. chelsea out of london, the english premier champions. have a terrific saturday. it's any youngest son's birthday, happy 13th, nick. i'll see you later. we are staying on top of that breaking news out of emeryville this morning. a live update from devin fehely in just minutes. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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: live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. good morning, i'm julie watts. more on our top story. breaking news out of emeryville this morning. a big fire, five alarm started an apartment building under construction. we have a live look coming from chopper 5. firefighters from multiple agencies have been fighting this fire for just about two and a half hours now. the fire erupted on san pablo avenue a couple blocks from the macarthur b.a.r.t. station, and right near 580 and highway 24 on the emeryville oakland border. now we do have video that alameda county fire tweeted at 5:30 this morning. you can see huge flames out of the roof of the building as firefighters poured water on it. the latest update from alameda county fire is that the fire is contained. kpix 5's devin fehely is in oakland this morning rearrived on the scene not too long ago. devin what can you tell us, have you learned anything new since you arrived?
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>> the fire, as you mentioned, is contained. that is good news because one of the greatest fears this morning was that the embers from this fire might spread to some of the neighboring buildings, but now thankfully that threat appears to have been largely put out. as you can see, there is still some gray smoke that is billowing out of this building. it is still an active fire at this point, as you mentioned. the fire initially broke out and was called in about 5:00 a.m. this morning. now, it quickly rose to a five alarm fire meaning that fire trucks, engines and firefighters from five different fire stations here on the border between oakland and emeryville converged on this scene. now, thankfully if there is a silver lining in this fire is that the building was under construction, and so presumably there was no one inside. what that allowed firefighters to do was to fight largely a defensive battle. they have set up a perimeter around the building, including
7:32 am
a number of ladder trucks and they have used those to spray water on the building and try and douse the flames and put this fire out. now, there is still a stubborn remnant, i can see here some thick gray smoke that is billowing from one part of this building, but at this point, at least, they do believe that the fire is contained and that the threat of it spreading to any of the neighboring businesses, businesses or apartment buildings and there are many that are nearby, appears to be largely over. here in emeryville, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> so denver, did you have any trouble getting out there. was there any congestion on local freeways or local side streets? >> well, there was a point at which there were some embers being blown by the wind, and they did, i believe, close one of the interstates briefly, but i didn't have in the problems actually getting down here. they have set up a perimeter,
7:33 am
probably a couple block radius around this fire. that's just so that the police and fire department can get in and do what they need to do without, you know, with the public or people that are curious getting in the way, because this was a fire that actually could be seen from clear across the bay as i was driving into the station this morning at about 5:40. you could see orange bright flames from across the blaze, so i think, you know, right now there is, as i mentioned, probably a two-block radius around this fire. if there's any place that's very close to where this building, and where this fire, this fire fight is actively going on, may be a challenge to get to, but many of the surrounding streets remain open. >> and devin you mentioned earlier today there were thick black plumes of smoke, and the smoke seems to have died down. can you smell it in the air. any concerns for folks with asthma, going out for a morning jog. going out to walk the dog.
7:34 am
is it that palpable scent of smoke this morning? >> you know, surprisingly not. there actually seems to be kind of a breeze in this area, which i think is carrying some of that smoke away at this point. very often when you get to a large fire like this, there is a very heavy scent or smell of smoke in the air. but that is not, you know, true at this point. i think maybe kind of some of the wind that seemed to actually be pushing a lot of the smoke kind of to the south is the pattern that i noticed maybe dissipating that, so i don't think that that is an overwhelming concern at least at this point. >> that's great news for folks this morning. the winds are coming out of the north. let's check your forecast, and take a look at the winds and get back with denver in a bit. -- devin in a bit. you can see the haze over the bay bridge. gray skies, i mentioned earlier, and i was driving into work looking at the bay bridge. i noticed these thick clouds on the horizon, and i thought, you
7:35 am
know, i know it's going to be a sunny clear day. it's got to go a fire and turned out that it was. now that those six plumes of smoke have dissipated as denver mentioned, we have breezy conditions but not the strong gusty winds, not the type we would be concerned about fighting fires. what we have, though, is a bit of the marine cold air still dominating the forecast, keeping temperatures on the cooler side. towards 50 in concord. 53 in oakland. probably right at the same temperature in emeryville. the fire on the emeryville border. livermore cooler at 48 degrees. 51 san jose, santa rosa at 47. so wind speeds right now as i mentioned, relatively light, and devin said, you know, it looks like smoke is blowing to the south, wind out of the north, northwest about 7 miles per hour. northwest winds in san francisco at about 12. relatively light, yes, breezy, but relatively light at this hour. we're not talking those strong gusty winds, and some folks
7:36 am
inland for napa, fairfield, calm winds for you this morning, santa rosa, about 10 miles per hour. now, later on today, future cast shows the winds increase as we head towards the evening hours. we're looking at winds near 20 miles per hour gusts, certainly sustained in the teens for some folks, especially right along the coast. overall the winds will be a bit lighter today than yesterday. the sea breeze has lightened up a little bit. the on shore flow will help to keep temperatures cool later today. the sort of wind direction chefs a little bit later -- shifts a little bit later today. with the marine cold air coming in later on in the day. three things to remember. a repeat performance for saturday. sunny still on the cool side, mother's day will be a bit cloudier but still dry, and plan on at least some showers as we head on towards early next week. so a little bit of a change up in the forecast. i will have your full forecast coming up in just a bit. first, back to more news now.
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this just in a contra costa fire authority llspecis in cust morning in the string of car fires in the east bay. now, there have now been at least 7 cars torched in the east bay over the past few days, including martinez, walnut creek, brentwood, and most recently in lafayette. now, firefighters found this car burned yesterday around 2:00 in the morning. and that 911 call came in as firefighters were in the process of putting out another car fire just a couple miles away. so far investigators say it appears the cars were chosen at random in the middle of the night. right now, they are collecting surveillance footage from nearby homes that may have captured video of the arsonist. again, contra costa fire telling us this morning a suspect is now in custody, and we should get more information on that right around 8:00 a.m. well, the trump administration is widening its search for a new fbi director. today the justice department
7:38 am
officials will interview these four candidates, acting fbi director andrew mccabe, assistant attorney general alice fisher, new york associate judge michael garcia, and former texas attorney general senator john coren. it comes as the president faces backlash over his abrupt firing of james comey. reporter seth lemon tells us the president is issuing a strong warning to comey. >> reporter: president trump tweeted a threat to former fbi director james comey whom he recently fired. the president warning comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. the tweet comes after news that president trump asked for comey's loyalty during a dinner the two had in january. the president told fox the topic never came up. >> did you ask that question. >> no, i didn't. >> i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. loyalty to the country. loyalty to the united states is important. you know, i mean, it depends on how you define loyalty.
7:39 am
number one. number two, i don't know how that got there because i didn't ask that question. >> what about the idea that in a tweet you said that there might be tape recordings. >> that i can't talk about. i won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest and i hope he will be, and i'm sure he will be, i hope. >> white house spokesperson sean spicer would neither confirm or deny the conversation was taped. >> the point i made with respect to the tweet is the president has no further comment on that. >> the president lashed out at the news media, threatening to cancel the white house daily briefing. he said there's a level of hostility that is incredible and unfair toward members of his communication staff. >> we don't have press conference. >> you don't mean that. >> we just don't have them or i have them every two weeks and i do them myself, we don't have them. >> the president says an independent commission is not needed to investigate russian interference in the 2016 election. seth lemon for cbs news, the
7:40 am
white house. >> within hours of the president's tweet, two top democrats sent a letter to the white house requesting copies of recordings. the president's actions raise the possible imitation and obstruction of justice. asking former mayor willie brown if the president's firing comey was justified and timely, since comey had been investigating russian ties to the presidential election. >> keep in mind if you go very deep in the russian process, you're going to find probably that the trump world has been in part under written by that part of the world for financing purposes. they had to hide that money somewhere when they take it out of russia. believe me, he doesn't want that known. and believe me, this guy, the hot dog, or the show boater was ultimately, he would sacrifice his mother in order to get the
7:41 am
right headline. >> you can catch the rest of that conversation of course the response it mr. willie brown. that's coming up tomorrow morning here on kpix 5 at 7:30. it's graduation day for thousands of uc berkeley students and the comedian and star of cbs sitcom superior doughnuts was out to deliver the commencement address. we had a chance to catch up with him yesterday and asked whether his speech would take a political tone. >> berkeley is a very progressive place, and the campus is very progressive, so a lot of the advice i'm giving to these students, some of them already live that advice, the advice of inclusivety, and diversity, and being political. but i'm sure there's some that are there that aren't as active politically, and aren't as open minded to others, and i think that we need to counter the president's message of fear
7:42 am
with a message of acceptance. >> uc berkeley's comment starts at 10:00 a.m. at memorial stadium. and we are staying on top of that five alarm fire, breaking news out of emeryville. a live look now from chopper 5. we'll have the latest from the scene with a live report with devin fehely coming up in just a bit. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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morning -- a 5-alarm fire at an aprtme buildi construction i welcome back, we have an update on breaking news we have been covering all morning. a five alarm fire at an apartment building under construction in emeryville on the border with oakland. alameda county fire tells us there was another fire at that same building back in july. they say the fire is now contained. it broke out just before 5:00 this morning. no reports of any injuries but multiple agencies responding to that fire, and earlier this morning, we told embers were spreading, in fact, there were some fires starting at nearby buildings. that came from a report from oakland fire earlier today. but again, the fire is now contained. devin fehely is at the scene, and we check in with him when
7:46 am
we get an opportunity. in the meantime, we're going to check in with your forecast, and as we take a live look outside from san francisco, towards the bay bridge, you notice a hazy horizon. when we woke up this morning, we were all driving into the station, you could see thick black plumes of smoke over the bay bridge. now that smoke has sort of dissipated. we do have a light breeze blowing. it's helping to dissipate some of that smoke, but certainly there is still some smoke in the air. right now, we've got temperatures that are on the cool side. we have light press releases ushering in the ma -- light breezes ushering in the marine cold air. low 50s around the area of the fire there on the oakland and emeryville border. overalremas in place. we still have cool sea surface temperatures and that cool water is what's helping to keep all of us cool as we see an on shore flow today. i want to take a look at the surface wind profiler and show
7:47 am
you this morning, we're still seeing a bit of a northerly flow. the winds out of the north. later today, though, we see a bit more of an on shore shift, and that's going to help to usher in some of the cooler air. we're not talking strong gusty winds, nothing that these firefighters fighting the fire in emeryville should be too concerned about. it is helping to mix out some of the smoke and helping to keep the air relatively good in the area, considering there is a five alarm fire burning there. so as we look at future cast, you can see the winds increase over the next few hours, heading into this evening. upwards of 20 miles per hour gusts along the coast. in the teens farther inland. we continue to see a light breeze today. stronger at times. but we are going to not see those gusty winds, those strong gusty winds. overall, the influence is likely this. temperatures below average for this time of year. the primary influence of that marine cold air moving in. temperatures staying in the 60s today. topping out near the 70-degree
7:48 am
mark for the warmest locations below average. look at the temperatures in the south bay, mid- to upper 60s for most folks there. cupertino, sunnyvale, mountain view, east bay folks, you'll see temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. near 70 for the warmest spots inland and the east bay today. around the bay, a little bit more breezy, cooler, temperatures hovering closer to the 60-degree mark. upper 50s along the coast for daily city, stinson beach pets lieu ma, and a bit higher up and to the north. we are looking at temperatures in the mid-60s for most. a look now at the extended forecast shows that we stay on the cool side for the next couple of days, mother's day, a few more clouds in the forecast, and we stay a bit cloudy, the rain holds off until likely tuesday where we see our next shot of showers, and then temperatures start to warm and we see plenty of sunshine by the end of the week. well, still ahead, meet our pet of the week, and find out
7:49 am
how you can help make beaver a part of your family. you got teenage girls at home, they might want him. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:50 am
7:51 am
of a new home. joining us now with more on welcome back. time now for our pet of the week. joining us today is bieber in need of a new home. i asked bieber as in justin, yeah, that's what somebody named him. kristen huff is here to tell us about bieber and some special events you have right now. i want to start off with bieber is a senior. do we know how old bieber is. >> bieber is around 8 years old. he came from the stockton shelter and he was surrendered for unknown reasons. he has been in a home his whole life and he is ready for a new home. he knows the ropes, you know, big yawn. >> so bieber is super sweet, very sort of docile. probably it would be okay in a home with kids. >> he seems to love everyone and everything. i picked him up this morning, a
7:52 am
wage tale, happy to be -- tail, happy to be in the car. and he would be great in anyone's home. >> now, he is a senior which would qualify him for your seniors for seniors program f. you're over 62, you get a discount if you adopt a senior dog. you know, some folks are hesitant to adopt an older dog, oh, they're going to come with medical bills or maybe won't be around as long. can you address those concerns. >> bieber has been in a home his whole life. with his potty training, he knows other skills, and knows how to hang out with other dogs, we try to get our dogs as up to date as possible on their vet work. i was looking at his medical this morning. our vet saw him yesterday. he's good to go. he'll need a dental in the future as all dogs do. he's a young quote unquote dog for us. >> i have a 12-year-old, and he still seems like a puppy to me.
7:53 am
>> exactly. >> so you have a senior event coming up this weekend. >> we have our love a senior saturday and sunday, 12 to 4 at our headquarters in san francisco, and bieber will be there. and like you said, we waive the adoption fees for folks over 62 because we have our senior for senior programs, and otherwise the adoption fee is $200. >> what is included in that adoption fee. >> so you get a wonderful dog, who's all up to date on their vet work. and so you may go home with a month's worth of meds, things like that. otherwise you just know that you have taken home a loving animal to give them the rest of their life. >> and you saved a life. thank you so much for joining us today. it was a pleasure having you. and bieber you were fantastic. that does it for our pet segment. we have to turn to breaking news after this. there's a rescue for you, full screen for you. another look at a five alarm fire in emeryville. more details on the fire coming
7:54 am
upment devin fehely is standing by live and that's coming up. today's kpix 5 news quiz is sponsored by crestco. ,,,,,,,,
7:55 am
emeryville... chopper 5 over the scene.. welcome back, let's get you back to the latest on the apartment fire in emeryville. chopper 5 over the scene of this five alarm fire. you can see smoke still billowing out of this building almost three hours after it first broke out. now, the fire erupted on san pablo avenue. a couple blocks from the macarthur b.a.r.t. station and near 580 and highway 24 on the border of emeryville and oakland. kpix 5's devin fehely is there live. good morning, devin. any changes since you last arrived or we last spoke with you. >> good morning, i have actually been here about two hours now. when i first got here on the scene, there was billowing black snow coming out of the apartment complex that was under construction. i'm going to step out of your way so you can see what it looks like at this point. the fire department has been able to get this fire under
7:56 am
control, that thick, billowing black smoke has now become just some thin wisps of gray smoke that is rising off the burned out building. this is the second time, apparently, in a year that this apartment complex has caught fire. now, initially there was some concerns. this quickly rose to a five alarm fire i think largely because there was a concern that it could be spread by embers to some of the nearby buildings, homes, and businesses. thankfully has not occurred. there were some small spot fires on the nearby interstate, but those were quickly put out. now, this is still an active scene. there are a number of police officers and firefighters. you may be able to see in the distance, the fire department is still dousing this. it is not 100% out. but thankfully they have largely been able to contain it as well as contain the threat that it may spread to any of the neighboring homes and businesses. in emeryville, devin fehely,
7:57 am
kpix 5. >> thank you, devin. we appreciate all the information coming out there from the scene. it is time now for us to call it a morning. i want to thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. we will be back here tomorrow with phil matier and melissa griffin-caen at 7:30. we want to wish all the mothers out there watching this morning a very happy mother's day. as we move onto mother's day, you will notice those temperatures one last check of your forecast, will stay on the cool side this weekend. we still have that ma keen cool air usher -- marine cool air usualed in. for the warm -- ushered in. a few more clouds for the mother's day activities. a happy mother's day to all you moms out there. have a great saturday. call it a morning. thank you for watching k-p-5
7:58 am
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narrator: today on "lucky dog", a scent hound initially leads brandon down the wrong path. brandon: they can be very headstrong. narrator: if he can't be trained out of his own troubled past, the only other direction leads away from a new home. brandon: he's basically written off all humans, because of what they've done to him. those days are all in the past now. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. my mission is to make sure these amazing animals find a purpose, a family, and a place to call home.


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