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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ashes. for the second time in less than a year, it's the subject of an arson investigation. >> the site is blocks from the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station. don lynn is at the scene where there are still serious safety concerns tonight. >> reporter: the fire is out, but the danger is far from over. that's because the top portion of that crane has collapsed and the bottom portion is now leaning so the police have set up a collapse zone and evacuated 35 people from 15 nearby homes. a giant fire ball lit up the night sky. >> looked like something had blew up. >> reporter: and the sound of falling debris and the crackling of burning wood woke up neighbors just before 5:00 a.m. >> flames were shooting everywhere. >> reporter: a neighbor shot this video before firefighters arrived. the building was already
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engulfed. >> just got really hot really fast. >> the sky was red. it was beautiful but it was scary. >> reporter: burning embers rained down on nearby houses causing many spot fires. >> it looked like snow on fire. felt like an apocalypse almost because they were all over the place. >> reporter: firefighters say the embers sparked this roof fire about two blocks away from the original scene. >> mother's day weekend and it's sad. you're ruining people's property. >> reporter: back at the main scene, it took firefighters more than an hour to bring the 5 alarm fire under control. all the neighbors suspect arson. >> this is the second time. this isn't by accident. >> lightning don't strike twice, not in the same spot. not the same complex. >> somebody just don't want to see that building going up. >> reporter: construction worker cruz had the same suspicion. >> it's gone. everything is gone. everything that we did, it's gone.
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>> reporter: he left the building around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. he says they already finished all 6 floors and put in brand- new windows. the project was almost done. >> i can't believe this happened. i don't know who would want to do that. it was a nice big building. >> reporter: the building is a complete loss. the good news, no one was hurt. alameda county fire investigators and atf agents are now investigating this. they believe this was a suspicious fire. >> we know the smoke could be seen for miles, but you say the ashes spread just as far? >> yes. my mom lives about 4 and a half miles away from here. she called me earlier this morning saying ashes were covering her yard and roof. it is quite an impact around this area here. >> thank you. it was hard to fight that fire. the flames so high, crews had to keep their distance. with continue with our team
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coverage. >> the crane had crashed down. >> reporter: tico said he watched in disbelief and with an overwhelming sense of deja vu as the building across from his home burned down for a second time. >> i think this was intentional somehow. i hope they find out the cause of it. it's quite worrying to be honest. >> the entire building was fully engulfed. >> reporter: firefighters could battle the blaze from relative safety outside of the walls. dousing the flames with water from ladders stretching hundreds of feet into the air. the early morning fire painted the pre-dawn sky burnt orange and black and sent ash and embers to nearby neighborhoods.
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investigators describe the fire as suspicious. this is the google street saw from june 2016, one month before the first fire struck. more than one year later, the cause is still undetermined. >> we don't know if it was intentional. because it's still under investigation. when they complete the investigation, we'll be able to determine exactly where the fire started. >> reporter: devon, kpix 5. pg&e says about 300 customers in the fire zone are still without power right now. no word on how long that might take. several streets in the area of still shut down. san pablo may not open until monday. adline is closed from 36th to
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yerba buena. and westbound west mcarthur is closed at market street. this is the 4th big fire in the oakland area in just 6 months. in march, 4 people were killed when a fire ripped through an apartment complex. then back in december, 36 people were killed in the ghostship warehouse fire. the building had been illegally converted into living space and had not been inspected in years. in october, a fire gutted a apartment complex in merit. we're continuing to sift through the aftermath of today's devastating fires. stay with for the latest on the investigation. we have new developments in a string of suspicious car fires in the east bay. police arrested the suspected arsonist this morning just moments after he allegedly
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struck again. details on how they tracked him down. jackie. >> reporter: a fire marshal with contra costa counties he's confident they've got the right guy, but the investigation is still open because they can't say for certain whether the 36 year old man they have in custody was allegedly acting alone or not. >> we got him stopped at mcdonald's. >> reporter: the task force created to track down the person responsible for setting 7 cars on fire in the east bay this week was in the benicia area when they finally caught up with the suspect. >> stand by for a vehicle fire. >> reporter: police arrested a 36 year old man from contra costa at this mcdonald's as this car was burning just miles away. this woman says firefighters were on her street until 2:00 this morning looking for evidence. >> we've been in this neighborhood. it's very calm.
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so yes, it's a little unsettling. i'm glad they caught this person. hopefully didn't cause anybody personal injury. >> reporter: fire marshal robert marshal is withholding the name of the suspect until sometime next week. the investigation still has a lot of moving parts. >> there's a lot of information also that we don't know. >> reporter: marshal says the suspect now faces 43 different arson charges that go back into at least the beginning of the year with the possibility of multiple charges stemming from a single fire. contra costa county sees 3 to 500 vehicle fires a year. >> we hope the rate of the vehicle fires will drop now that we've made an arrest. >> reporter: the suspect's identity is expected to be released sometime next week. he's being held on $3.1 million bail. one lead detective is helping investigators sniff out arson cases all over the bay
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area. >> he can detect 14 different odors, burnt and unburnt. >> coming up, how this specially trained police dog is doing this in just minutes what can take humans days. two sheriffs deputies are dead after a fiery crash in modesto. they were rushing to the scene of a burglary call this morning when something went terribly wrong. >> there are still a lot of unanswered questions, but you see folks in the community have stopped by to drop off flowers and cards to honor the two officers. the two officers may have been speeding at the time of the crash. when emergency crews arrived on scene, the car was fully engulfed in flames. both died at the scene. >> two of our employees died in a single vehicle collision in modesto this morning. >> reporter: the vehicle landed here on top of a dumpster. emergency crews had to reach the car with the ladder. just after 8:00 a.m., deputy
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jason gardener and roshell johnson were responding to a burglary call. they may have been speeding before losing control of their car. >> i've seen the video. hopefully the california highway patrol's investigation will answer the questions as to why and i don't want to speculate at this time, which would be improper for me to do so. >> reporter: the cph will continue to do their investigation. the officers were draped in american flags by fire crew who is responded to the scene. kpix 5. yesterday morning, a bay area sheriff's deputy died in a crash on the alta month pass. he was returning from an overtime shift at the santa rita jail when a bus rear-ended his volkswagen beetle on 580. the bus driver told officers he
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didn't see the car because the early morning sun was in his eyes. a pair of bay area contractors end up behind bars after showing up for a job at travis air force base. >> plus a bay area in in out and back open. >> and those itchy eyes, sneezing, the bay area's allergy season is in full swing. if you think this is bad, just wait. why it's about to get a whole lot worse. >> all the rain. all the rain we've got. and in fact we're going to get a little more. the forecast is coming up after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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travis air force base. steve large reports: instead of two bay area construction workers are facing possible deportation after showing up for a job at travis air force
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base. instead of letting them through base security, called immigration. >> reporter: the undocumented construction coworkers arrived with their company to put up sheet rock on travis air force base, but they never got to the work site. >> they knew they were going to a hospital, but i don't know if they realized the hospital was on a military base. >> reporter: their attorney is now defending the men. this is a photo of detainee hugo mejia along side his wife. >> the children, they've been extremely depressed, unable to go to school, crying, asking about their fathers all the time. >> reporter: records show he illegally entered the u.s. after being deported in 2001. his coworker also entered after being deported in 2001 and
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2003. the case is unusual because i.c.e. officers don't usually target law-abiding undocumented workers. >> when they get a call from an air force base, they're going to treat it a little more seriously and come out for the investigation. >> that was steve lawrence reporting. the attorney hopes to argue that the men have been here for 10 years in good standing and should be allowed to stay. i.c.e. issued a statement saying it will be up to a federal immigration judge. two more albany high school students are suing the school district over the punishment they received in a racially charged case of cyber bullying. showing african american students photo shopped with nooses around their necks. the students say they were unfairly singled out since they did not post any photos, they just liked or commented on them, which they argued should
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be considered free speech. the lawsuit claims the administrators did nothing to protect them from the backlash of their peers. a man is in the hospital after speeding off miramonte avenue and plunging below. the driver's injuries are life- threatening. the hunt is on for a tagger who keeps vandalizing murals in china town. the china town community development center says the murals get defaced every few months and every time it gets worse. they plan to meet with police next week to figure out what to do. the in n out in livermore is back open. county officials say it looks like several members of the soft ball team were sick before anybody ordered anything there.
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they're still screening employees just to be sure. and the restaurant has been cleaned and sanitized based on cdc recommendations. health officials suspect the teammates had norovirus, but they have not confirmed that. if you're one of the many people suffering through this terrible allergy season, you want to hear this. it's about to get worse. >> reporter: peggy sutton feels under attack. >> runny nose, coughing, sneezing. runny eyes. you know, burning eyes. >> i have a question. >> reporter: doctor james wolf says patients allergic to pollen are pouring into his offices for relief. you've been in practice for how long? >> more than 35 years. >> reporter: fueled by drought- ending rain, pollen counts are 3 to 4 times what we usually see in the spring.
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>> it's a perfect breeding ground for high pollen levels. not a lot of rain, wind, a more moderate temperature. >> reporter: he says it will get worse before it gets better. >> if the tree technologien counts come down, the grass pollen counts are beginning to rise. >> reporter: to alleviate the symptoms, doctors have some suggestions: wear sun glasses to keep pollen from your eyes. keep windows closed and turn on the air filter. take non-drowsy over the counter medicine which are flying off store shelves. those with more serious cases may need to go to the doctor and explore allergy shots. mean while, hope for the pollen killers. >> when should we hope for? rain or real hot weather. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. one good thing coming out of all that rain?
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almonds. billions of them. the state's crop -- it's nearly 3% more than last year's harvest. the central valley produces about 80% of the world's almond supply. there's good news for allergy sufferers. we are getting at least a bit of a chance of rain coming in tuesday. that would be about it. after that, we do get fairly warm weather. so both of the things the allergist talked about may come true. tomorrow for mother's day, partly cloudy skies for the bay area and chilly and windy. temperatures range from the mid- 50s to the mid-60s. the temperatures will remain on the cool side right through tuesday. then we'll go the other direction. there's the bay -- there it is. concord, 64 degrees. oakland 62. livermore 62 and san francisco 67 degrees. san jose 61. tomorrow afternoon we're going to be hitting highs in the upper 60s. around the bay will be in the
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mid-60s. here's how it looks. the low pressure is now over vancouver island. we may get a pop up shower or two in the north bay tomorrow afternoon. that is a representation of the buoy out there. indicating an ocean temperature of almost 50 degrees. it's a cold ocean and it's a very stiff sea breeze combination. it's the perfect air conditioner and that's keeping us 10 degrees below average in spots. future cast shows we have low clouds in the south bay. by tomorrow morning in the north bay we should have sunshine. could happen tomorrow afternoon. we'll see. future cast, we have low pressure moving in finally on tuesday. a ripple in the atmosphere south of the low means tuesday early we'll get a chance of showers moving through,
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favoring the north bay. tonight, clear, breezy cool. tomorrow will be breezy again. partly cloudy and again cool. tuesday, rain. there is a chance. travel weather forecast for tomorrow, looks sunny in the central valley. 76 at reading. 76 san francisco. sfo, tomorrow partly cloudy skies, 50 to 30 miles per hour out of the west, so still gusty winds around. if you're heading out of the bay area, you'll find rain up in the seattle. partly cloudy skies in new york. we remain below average in the bay area. over in the east bay, mid to upper 60s. up in the north bay, clouds will develop tomorrow afternoon. maybe a sprinkle or two and temperatures in the mid-50s. ukiah 71 degrees. extended forecast, mid-60s tomorrow, few clouds. tuesday, few light showers possible. then look what happens. mid-80s by thursday and friday inland. warming trend on the way.
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first, we might get a little bit wet. still to come, a flight to san francisco touches down 50 years in the past? why visitors on one special plane ended up wearing flowers in their hair. >> sleep deprived, but in the giants' case, it just didn't matter. quick turn around between friday, saturday games and no signs of wear and tear. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your hair. today, united airlines made doing that easier when retro-hippies handed out to in 1967, scott mckenzie sang that if you're going to san francisco, wear flowers in your hair. tonight united airlines made doing that easier when retrohippies handed out flowers to passengers who had just landed. >> it's all about peace, love and acceptance and especially now i think those are definitely sentiments that we as san francisco really embrace as a city and so this is a
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great way for us to welcome everyone to san francisco. >> why not on this anniversary of the summer of love. passengers could also take selfies of wax figures of jimmy hendrix and jerry garcia. a very special happy birthday to my great grandmother. she turned 107 years old today. louise henderson celebrated with 107 candles. great grandma louise has two sons, 7 grand kids, 12 great grand kids and 15 great, great grand kids. >> grandma, how old are you? 94 or 95? >> 107. >> no way. what is the secret to your long life and your health? >> well, i don't know. i always said i [ indiscernible ] and lived in my yard and
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garden. >> she reads 4 novels a week and says a jalapeno a day keeps the doctor away. >> she was born in 1910? >> 1910. you know the president then. taft? >> president taft and mark twain died in 1910. >> 48 states. red sox were raging in 1910. >> hang on to babe ruth. >> she's a denver bronco fan, i have to say that. >> how do i follow that up. wow. baseball's up top. and the giants and the reds, both clubs understandably sleepy eyed after a 17-inning number into this morning. at 1:00 this afternoon, it was go time again. check the time stamp this morning. then the walk off homer. 5 hours, 28 minutes, giants three and the reds 2. after 17
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innings, posey earned the day off. mother's day's weekend in pink trim. brandon bell, right to the drink. 1-0 san francisco. next inning, justin to the deepest part of the ballpark. giants' 10th big league. giants' matt moore and hello come backer from joey vato in the 7th. cat-quick reflexes. he only allowed a run. back to back wins for the giants. reds brian price couldn't have felt great about that, but at least the mill valley product is back in the bay area. 4th year skipper. graduated from [ indiscernible ] high school in 1980. you could see being a big league manager certainly qualifies as having made it. >> i remember when i was a kid
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going through high school at tam high and there was a lot of black and white photos of the big athletes. i always wondered if i would ever accomplish anything that merited a black and white photo in the gymnasium or the boys' locker room. i don't know if this qualifies, but i'm hoping it does. i'll be back later on in the show with a fish story you won't believe. >> a real fish story, huh? >> a real fish story. we are continuing to follow that massive construction fire in emoryville. >> boeing is slapped with a multimillion dollar fine for faulty repairs to the president's plane. >> if i went and raided somebody's bank account, i would go to prison. >> they say the state stole their money and they wouldn't give it back. how your tax return could be snatched right out of your bank account by mistake. ,,
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you're watching kpix 5 news. >> our top stories tonight, police think they have the arsonist responsible for a string of car fires this week in the east bay. a 36 year old man was arrested around 1:00 in the morning today in benecia. he is facing a total of 43 charges for allegedly setting fires over several months, but it's still unclear if he acted alone. arson investigators are sifting through the rubble of a 5-alarm fire in emeryville. this is the same construction site burned down back in july. 35 people have been evacuated from an area where a crane is in danger of collapsing and
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several streets in the area of still shut down. as you just saw, the damage is extensive. >> reporter: we were able to launch sky drone 5 just before 9:00 this morning. the sun had come up and firefighters have been able to knock down all but the most stubborn [ indiscernible ] of this fire. it was daylight that revealed the true extent of the damage. this apartment complex was a total loss, a burnt out shell. most of the building had collapsed in upon it's as it burned. a remnant of the facade remained, but not much else. the ash and embers that spread from this fire had sparked a secondary blaze on the roof of a home about a block away. we were able to use sky drone 5 to capture firefighters' heroic efforts as they battled that
6:32 pm
new blaze on the roof top. firefighters say they will be here for at least the next 24 hours to monitor this fire to make sure it doesn't flare back up or spread to the neighboring homes. kpix 5. still have crews at the fire soon all evening long. stay with us and for the latest. cyber security experts are scrambling to recover from a massive cyber attack. in the u.s., fedex was targeted. the uk's health system was hit hard. hackers hit malware called wannacry. the goal, to block people from their information until they pay the ransom. one cyber security says a lot of companies aren't keeping their software up to date. >> a lot of the organizations
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are behind the ball and they haven't been able to patch their system and it's caused an immense trickle down effect. >> for now, microsoft is offering a security fix for free. microsoft was not making that update available to people who hadn't paid for it, but now it is free for everybody. president trump offered advice during a college commencement address today. he told students to follow their convictions and be ready to face criticism. the speech and developments concerning the fbi and the search for a new director. >> i'm thrilled to be back at liberty university. >> reporter: president trump delivered the commencement address saturday. >> you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the same courage to do what is right. >> reporter: the president has received harsh criticism after he abruptly fired fbi director james comey this week in the
6:34 pm
middle of the ongoing russia investigation. associates of comey say he was dismissed because he refused to pledge his loyalty to the president. in an interview with fox news, president says he never asked comey to be loyal. >> did you ask that question? >> no, i didn't. but i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. loyalty to the country, loyalty to the united states is important. >> reporter: saturday afternoon, comey made a brief appearance outside his home. the president says he's moving quickly to find a new fbi director. >> that's what we want for the fbi. >> reporter: the list of candidates the white house is interviewing including acting fbi director, andrew mccabe, alice fisher and judge michael garcia. cbs news, new york. mr. trump says he may choose someone to run the fbi by friday of next week.
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the nominee has to be confirmed by the senate. >> boeing has been fined millions for faulty repairs on two airplanes used to transport president trump. no one was hurt because of the mishap, but the cost of addressing it later was more than $4 million boeing covered that entire amount. pope francis says he won't -- the pope says he wants to find common ground and work for peace. today in portugal, francis bestowed the honor of sainthood on two shepherd children. back in 1917, a brother and sister reported seeing the virgin mary several times. she foretold visions of war and communism. the children died two years
6:36 pm
later. now they're the youngest saints who did not die as martyrs. guilty until proven innocent? >> once you're caught in this, it's up to you to fight your way out. >> some california taxpayers claim the state is raiding their refunds to pay fines that other people racked up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and -- by mistake. it's happening to taxpayers across california. the state pulling money out of their bank accounts without warning and by mistake. >> and getting it back is not easy. curtis ming wanted to know why it's happening. >> the only -- >> reporter: which is why anthony jones was shocked to get this letter from the franchise tax board. the agency intercepting his tax refund for an oakland parking ticket he never got on a car he
6:39 pm
doesn't own. >> give me concrete proof as to what i did that would necessitate you taking my money. >> reporter: the city of oakland pointed him to the state. >> you're telling me now i have to prove myself innocent to get back my own money. >> reporter: his fiance called the franchise tax board. >> he said by law they can do this. >> reporter: the franchise tax board serves as a collection agency for 600 different government agencies, a huge power to intercept your tax refund and in some cases pulmony right out of your bank account. over a bridge toll violation that wasn't his. >> it borders on criminal activity in my opinion. >> reporter: michael's $182 tax refund also intercepted in 2015
6:40 pm
over a parking ticket on a 4- door blue honda. >> i've never owned a honda in my life. >> reporter: $1,200 ripped from his tax refund and bank account right before a vacation. >> if i went and raided somebody's bank account, i would go to prison. >> we can't speak to every individual circumstance, but i can tell you our job is to follow the law and that's what we do. >> reporter: the ftb says it doesn't have to contact you before taking your taxes, but it requires local agencies to send you a letter and the franchise tax board claims it double checks the address on the letters to make sure it matches the one the state has on file. >> i never got a letter. >> reporter: randy says the local authority -- went to an address he hasn't used in 15 years. do you pay your state taxes each year? >> absolutely. >> reporter: so the franchise
6:41 pm
tax board knows where to find you. >> absolutely. >> reporter: do you work for the state of california? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: yet the all right went to an address you haven't lived at in 15 years. >> they need to be the ones to notify the taxpayer. >> reporter: the state taking people's money without giving them the chance to clear up a mistake violets the u.s. constitution. >> the government is supposed to be working for us, not the other way around. >> reporter: why not notify them before you take their money. >> we follow the law as it's written. >> reporter: he quickly points out the number of mistakes are small considering millions of transactions are processed. when we last reported on this issue, we wanted to know the exact number of mistakes. >> the franchise tax board tells us it's only happened 4 times in two years. >> reporter: about we asked for the number of mistakes last year, we were surprised. the number was 199. it seemed like a huge increase.
6:42 pm
>> after digging further, we did find out the error rate during the time frame you were requesting was actually 370. >> reporter: the agency told us then the number was 4, when the real number was 370. off by 9150%. the agency that handles your taxes and crunches numbers every day. >> that is just caught in a bold-faced lie. >> reporter: weeks after trying to get an answer on why mistakes are happening and what's being done to stop them -- i'm not hearing from you at all where the flaw is in the system. >> i don't know why the flaw is, but if you are getting the run around, if you contact us, we will act as a liason on your behalf. >> once you're caught in this, it's up to you to fight your way out. >> i feel like you're putting a gun to me and robbing me, but
6:43 pm
you got immunity from any prosecution. >> reporter: and they wonder how many others give up on the fight to get their money back. the franchise tax board does not send out letter when is intercepting tax refunds. a missing california cat named penny turns up 1500 miles from home. the cross-country adventure that left her lost and found. >> we had a beautiful day today. there is rain on the way for the bay area. the forecast is on the way as well. >> wait until you see the size of this fish. a couple of lawyers caught. and here we are, on the eve of the western conference finals. top two teams going toe to toe on sunday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is penny. and right now she' ok a california cat on a cross- country trip is taking the scenic route home. this is penny and right now she is in oakland. a couple of kids found her behind her grandmother's home. >> she had escaped out of an rv on a cross-country trip in missouri and she belongs in sacramento. >> penny's family still isn't sure how she made it to oakland, but they're work withing a rescue group to get
6:47 pm
her back to the golden state. >> looks fairly content this. mother's day, we're going to be a little on the chilly side. partly cloudy skies around the bay area for tomorrow. tonight is going to continue nice and breezy as it will on sunday. tuesday does look to get wet. sea breeze does continue. and then up in the north bay, temperatures will stay on the cool side. it will be on the cool side for all of us, managing only mid to upper 60s for much of the bay away from the shoreline. that's about 5 to 10 degrees boy average. look what happens today. cool sea breeze -- tuesday, the low pressure comes in from the pacific northwest. that's going to introduce a chance of shower coming into the bay. that's today. get rid of some of that pollen. partly cloudy, windy, cool for tomorrow. shower chance by tuesday. but thursday, it's going to warm into the 80s. so the weather will be all over
6:48 pm
the map this week. 76 at reading, 47 at lake tahoe. if your travel plans take you to men do seeno, stop at the out of the world shop. 64 in san francisco is the average. concord, 70. 67 at san jose and 64 for oakland. for the rest, mostly in the mid- 60s for tomorrow. windy, you know the gusts will be up to 25 miles per hour. north bay will be in the mid- 60s and not too terribly different for ukiah. windsor, clouds move nothing on tuesday. and then thursday will be 80 degrees inland, even warmer on friday and not too bad saturday. we have the nba may haves. guess who was at warriors
6:49 pm
practice today: steve kerr. greg will not -- for game 1, western conference finals, tell be michael brown in interim. his memory -- >> i love the fact that, shoot, he loves to go eat and drink and -- but more importantly, i didn't have to pay. so i missed that more than anything else. >> makes the food taste better; right? >> makes the food and drink taste a hot better. yes. yes. pop, we going out again? yes. good night. that is a huge fish. >> huge if you look at clay thompson's catch on the left. [ indiscernible ] 's, not so much. he says this pic from a recent fishing trip was photo shopped. that's not the only fun his
6:50 pm
teammates had in the last week. >> what are you guys doing to celebrate zaza scoring more than clay? >> indeed, last saturday when the warriors had game 3 at utah, he did outscore clay thompson 7-6. here's how he commemorated the moment. a fake san francisco chronicle head line. it says: hell freezes over, #funny. pga players' championship. round three, look at the tee shot from rickie fowler. way right. it stuck in the branches. he was forced to take a drop. triple bogeyed the hole. finished the day 9 shots off the lead. jb homes likes this one. it rolled andet up a nice
6:51 pm
birdie. he is the co-leader with kyle stanley for sunday's final round. soccer, earthquakes in white in the rocky mountains at colorado. 56 minute and the rapids attacked. david bingham. the rapids win it three-nil. all right. thank you. coming up after this break, this bay area dog is part of an elite squad. how code iac is helping solve arson cases. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and -- he lives in a kennel. reness the bay area's got an elite
6:54 pm
brand of detective who helped solve arson fires and he lived in a kennel. >> as this national arson awareness week comes to a close, we meet one of only a handful of arson dogs in california. >> reporter: officer bill whitaker's partner is a german shepherd named kodiak. they've been a team for two years with the sunnyvale department of public safety called to fire scenes to rule out or confirm arson. kodiak's trained to smell fire starters. >> gasoline, diesel, lighter fluid -- >> reporter: kodiak is trained to identify accelerant that is just a fraction of a drop. 50% evaporative gasoline in 4
6:55 pm
corners of a courtyard. when he finds the gasoline, he sits. >> they'll learn the odor. they get paid by toy, which for kodiak is a ball with a string and we get to play tug. >> reporter: he detected accelerant from 14 cases in the last month, like here. kodiak can do in minutes what would take humans hours or days. >> they can cover obviously a large amount of area with a lot less time. >> reporter: while there are hundreds of arson dogs nationwide, kodiak is believed to be one of the only ones cross-trained for police work. >> for kodiak, he is a resource basically for the state. it's a great advantage to have bill and kodiak do what they do. >> reporter: it's also a great commitment. >> it's a 365 day, 24-7 obligation. >> reporter: the team gets
6:56 pm
gets recertified each year. together, he is his best friend become an arsonist's worst nightmare. get them, kodiak. a grant helped the city of sunnyvale cover the national cost of training kodiak and his team. happy birthday again to your great -- >> great, great grandmother. 107. >> we were looking into that a little bit and discovering in the year she was born, 1910, las vegas had a population of 30. >> 30 people. and the annual salary was $200 a year. we could go on and on. for news throughout the evening, the latest is always
6:57 pm
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high, welcome to the kitchen experts of california. i'm janelle marie. we're in beautiful discovery bay at the home of andi kim. andi has lived in this home for 30 years so of course the kitchen needed updating. but -- after a bad experience andi was very reluctant to have
7:00 pm
anybody inside her house doing work. it took her 6 long years to build up th courage to have anybody inside again. that's when she found kitchen experts. and it turned out to be a great fit. why? no subcontractors. dean the lead designer took her through every step with ease and they worked within andi's budgets. kitchen experts of california has been in business for over 10 years. they have remodeled thousands of kitchens just like andi's. so stay tuned for the next 30 minutes because you're going to find out how your kitchen could be next. coming up on today's kitchen experts show, on a budget? how to get a 30% discount on your custom kitchen. we're going to go and knock on your door and you will definitely get 30% off your new kitchen. why homeowners are choosing kitchen experts over other companies. >> i like the system from the floor to the ceiling, anything that is involved with redoing a kitchen is all in one place. >> yup. on a budget? don't think you


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