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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  May 14, 2017 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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are nearly 3 milli this is kpix5 news. now, disabled placards. there are nearly 3 million of them on the streets. how many of them are being abused? state senator jerry hill joins us to talk about new legislation he's introduce today curb the abuse of the parking privilege. the governor holding back money from uc schools after a scathing audit. we sit down with assembly woman katherine baker to figure out what went wrong. whoever is doing this, they won't stop me. >> and a massive fire in the east bay burns down a construction site for the second time in less than a year. why the developer thinks it's
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arson. good morning. it's 7:30 on this sunday, may 14th. happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day. on to the news. more than a dozen homes are still under evacuation this morning after a suspicious 5-alarm fire in emeryville. sky drone 5 shows what's left of the multi million dollar apartment complex that was almost completed. we spoke to the developer who believes the second fire was no accident. >> if this sounds like a familiar story that's because this exact thing happened here before. in july, this apartment complex burned to the ground and the developer is convinced this is a case of arson. >> ash rained down like snow on this construction project. >> the embers coming down, it looked like snow on fire, felt like an apocalypse. it was deja vu.
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>> rick holiday is the developer of the apartment complex and living a recurring nightmare. it started from a phone call from a friend. >> same phone call i got from the same owner ten months ago. >> the complex burned down july 6 at the same stage of construction. >> we had at least $15 million in first fire and this is probably not that different. >> embers reached into neighborhoods as far as four miles from the site this time. two blocks away, another home caught fire, burning the whole back side. the emeryville fire department says the cause is under investigation. >> i think somebody is setting these fires. why, i don't know. >> i bet whoever torched it last night did it in july. >> crews tried to decide how to take down the 90,000-pound melted crane. rick says he will rebuild again
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no matter what it takes. >> whoever is doing this, they're not going to stop me, they won't stop the housing. >> pg&e tells us that power will be restored to 300 customers near the fire sometime this morning and several busy streets near the fire are still shut down this morning. parts of san pablo avenue may not reopen tomorrow, mcarthur boulevard also has a closure associated with the fire. make sure to stay with us and for the very latest in the arson investigation. meanwhile, a suspected arsonist in the east bay faces merely 50 fire related charges today. investigators believe he's responsible for setting fires on cars in recent months. police arrested a 36-year-old man from contra costa county as another car was burning a mile away. they believe he's responsible
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for 43 arson incidents around the east bay. search warrants were executed, but his name is not released just yet. the investigation has a lolt of moving parts. >> the suspect is being held on $3.1 million bail. >> two bay area men are being held by immigration after being detained. this man and his wife are both undocumented. neither have criminal records, but have been deported in the past. both have families and young children here. the children are extremely depressed, asking about their fathers all the time. >> they're hoping for a hearing to argue that the men have been working and obeying the law here
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for ten years. ice issued a statement saying it will be up to a federal immigration judge to determine whether the men will be subject to deportation. the u.s. attorney general is getting tough on crime, some say too tough. in jeff sessions' two page memo, he pushed for more severe punishment including mandatory minimum sentencing for drug crimes. >> i trust our prosecutors in the field to make good judgment. they deserve to be un handcuffed and not micromanaged from washington. >> former attorney general eric holder says the new policy is not tough on crime, it's dumb on crime. and this from san francisco's district attorney, america's criminal justice system is being returned to the terrible
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strategy that led american to incarcerate more people than any other country in the world. one day after a grand jury determined a man should be fired, prosecutors have made sentences condemning his actions. he sent more than $60,000 of his own -- spent more than $60,000 of his campaign money on personal issues. a grand jury decided a fine wasn't quite punishment enough. >> the court will appoint a special prosecutor or district attorney from an adjoining county to bring the case forward. if it comes to trial, there will be a jury trial. if convicted, it's not a criminal penalty, but mr. peterson would be removed from office. >> peterson said he intended the money to be a loan that he was
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going to pay back. a loss of obamacare could ruin california's financial health. >> that's a lot of red. that is what would happen if the senate goes along with the house and passes that repeal of obamacare. that's really bad news. >> according to the governor, the gop healthcare plan could result in california losing $24 billion by 2027. brown's current budget doesn't have any money for four potential cuts in federal funding in healthcare, but he wants to boost the attorney general's office by $6.5 million to fight the trump administration. governor brown is threatening to hold that $50 million from the uc system unless it a adopts major
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financial reforms. an audit found they hid tens of millions of dollars while students were forced to pay more. the governor deflected a bit when questioned about the president. >> most people think she's doing a good job. i have issues with the university. i think their salaries are way too high, specifically the administrators, and i put the $50 million in there to hold their feet to the fire. >> we talked about the embattled uc president and one expert we spoke to said -- >> i think she is going to be confronted with a serious objection to her continuance in her capacity by members of the legislature. what she has done in terms of the audit and how the management of information has flown from
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university campuses, that's bad stuff, phil. and believe me, apparently she has a relationship with the governor where he's not going to support that effort, but nevertheless, legislators and in particular the speaker, have said no to her. >> you were up at the hearings this past week. what were you seeing? >> look, it seems like the governor may not be out to get her, but he certainly doesn't look like he's going to defend her against a move by the legislature. members are calling for her resignation, several are calling to make it a criminal offense to interfere with the audit, which she admits did happen with people from other office messing with the surveys. that's just one piece of legislation. people are going to see a number of laws passed. >> it's one thing to pass laws, but the former arizona governor, former homeland security, she
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has a tremendous amount of support. ultimately they are the ones who decide, they have support. >> but her width and breadth of knowledge about all of us makes it somewhat probable and possible that we may go silent on the basis of what she thinks we may have. >> from the department of homeland security? she has files on everyone. >> not everyone likes what the lieutenant governor said that we should rescind the tuition increase. >> yes. but he's supporting her, not necessarily every policy of hers, but he's behind her. be very clear. he's seeking election for governor. and if it becomes painfully possible to get every student vote in the state of california, he'd say goodbye, janet. mayor brown, paranoid.
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>> i've got to ask, state legislators, what did they appear to be more upset about, the squirrelling away of the money or the altering of the audit report? >> it was the alterations that the actually seemed to upset people the most. you can make arguments about how certain accounts were set up, but the tampering with the auditors' surveys, totally indefensible. >> we're going to have one of those legislators to talk about it. she was vice chair of that committee. meanwhile, i understand there's movement on the high speed rail front as well? >> that's true. the governor asked the president for help on the $64 billion high speed project. governor brown sent a letter to the president on friday asking him to transfer federal oversight of environmental reviews to the state rail authority. the system is supposed to go
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from san francisco to los angeles. next up, state senator jerry hill is here with another transportation issue, the widespread abuse of dmv disabled placards and what he plans to do to try to crack down on the problem. mother's day is looking pretty good, but wait until you hear what's going to happen on tuesday. we'll have the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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looking for handicap parking permit violators. a sting in san jose - sparked eight citations. police took the step after complaints piled up - over people illegally using handicap placards to park along san fernando street by san jose state. police took a big step after complaints piled up over people illegally using handicapped placards. eight citations were given out
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and carry a fine of $250 to $1,000. the dmv says it was a coincidence that this scene came a day after the state released an audit of the dmv criticized it for reissuing permits to dead people. >> state senator jerry hill is here talk about it. it's not a new problem. >> nope. >> i believe six years ago you called for changes and it went nowhere. >> correct. >> what changed? >> the audit. the problem is six years ago, all i had was anecdotal audits. everyone watched it happen and said my god, how can you do that? but now we have quantifiable facts and show the abuse and the problems. >> we just mentioned with police going out in sting operations and nabbing people. eight, that's not even a drop in the bucket. that's not even near the bucket.
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we're talking about 3 million placards being out there, questions about the validity of a good portion of them. >> that's true and it starts with the fact that 35,000 of them are from dead people. 26,000 of that 35,000 are people that would be over 100 years old today and we only have 8,000 in california that are over 100 years old. and not many of them are driving. >> exactly right. not many are driving. >> but when you look at the problem and read the audit, you have the abuse. you have a placard and using it when you shouldn't have it. that's one point. but the other thing we see is that they're being handed out by doctors. >> yes. >> they're trying to make their patient happy. so the question raised here is are the doctors fulfilling their responsibility? >> they are, but what we're finding is the applications are not filled out properly. 73% of them, you can't understand what the disability
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is that's outlined and it doesn't qualify. that's 73%. and 18% you can't identify the doctor at all. that could equate to 260,000 plaque cards gone already. so if we can validate the applications in those who have them today, i think we can reduce that number from 2.9 million. >> yes. >> and we really want to respect the disability community and want to get rid of the fraud so they can use these facilities. >> when we've had this come up in sacramento before, we have the disabled community activists go up and say it's not fair. you can't restrict. we have doctors who basically say it's not my job to say no. that's the dmv's job. in other words, we have it going back and forth, everybody pointing at somebody else. how do you get around that? >> if you look at the application, they have to outline exactly what the disability is that you have and
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there are certain criteria that are necessary. then the doctor signs his name and stands behind it. right now you can't read that and it doesn't identify correctly and that's the problem. if the doctor hangs his hat on it, it has to be valid and responsible. that's the problem. and also you know if you lose a placard, you can get replacements and there's no limit. have some replaced them 20 times in three years. i'm sure a lot of their relatives are using them as well. >> as far as enforcement on the street, it's up to the individual cities and such to patrol and decide and sit around and wait for somebody to get out of the car and -- >> well, those are sting operations. but i think if we can clean it up and increase the penalty, clean up the validation of those applications and placard holders -- and by the legislation that i'm introducing, it will make a difference there and require that, to make sure there's a valid claim and that the person
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that's using it is responsible and should be using it. >> that's a start. i don't know if you're ever going to change the rules that have gotten so lax, but that is a start. if we just got rid of the fraudulent ones, this would be huge. good luck up there, jerry hill. >> thank you. now let's take a look at something probably guaranteed to have a good outcome, our day's weather. >> good morning and happy mother's day. it's looking pretty good in the weather department with clouds and some sun in the forecast. temperature range today along the shoreline, mid-50s. and in the warmer spots inland, we'll approach 70 degrees, but we'll have a few more clouds than yesterday. the sea breeze continues today as it has for days. temperatures as a result stay on
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the cool side. by this afternoon, upper 60s inland and mid-60s around the bay. a little bit of a chill in the air. not the greatest day to sit out on the patio unless you have a heater out there. cool and breezy through tuesday. that low pressure that has been bothering us forever finally moves inland. that's going to introduce a chance of showers coming in by tuesday. there could be a pop up shower or two today in the north bay and parts of the santa cruz mountains, but in general, partly cloudy today. showers chance by tuesday, warming up to the 80s inland by thursday. if you're heading out of the bay area to see mom, temps in the mid-70s, sunshine for most, clouds near the shoreline. forecast for today, 61 degrees. we're below average with 70 at concord. 67 at san jose and 64 in oakland. south bay, mid-60s. east bay, partly cloudy skies. not bad in the north bay, a few clouds and maybe a pop up shower
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this afternoon. mid-60s there as well. from the lakes, mid-60s to low 70s. look for the chance of a few light showers through tuesday. wednesday and thursday, sun and readings approaching the mid-80s. have a great mother's day. homeowners in the oakland hills hit with expensive fines for fire inspections. now the city is stepping up to a mistake. we'll be right back with that story. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. homeowners in the oakland hills are not happy. as a matter of fact, they're seeing red over the fines they're being hit for fire inspections. >> those fines, many of them say, were issued by mistake. consumer watch reporter julie chased down the city's fire officials for answers. >> the invoices are very generic, they don't say anything. >> art was blind sided by the bills from oakland, saying he owed $600 for two vegetation management inspections. >> there is just a bill, a bill for i'm not sure what. >> he's not alone. when art post the citation on next door, he got hundreds of replies from neighbors with similar complaints. >> some of these people received invoices retroactively up to three years. >> they couldn't reach anyone at the city to get answers either. clearing property is a serious
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concern in the oakland hills. the city administrator complained they're invoicing for vegetation inspection fees dating back as far as 2012. but the city admits it could have done a better job informing the public. that message failed to address other concerns like the statute of limitation on the fees and inspections reportedly performed in the middle of the night. after our repeated calls and emails went unanswered, we visited the bureaus. >> can you explain why we haven't been afforded an interview for three days on a topic you prepared a statement on? >> i can't speak to that. the fire marshall is literally feet away. >> the fire marshall wouldn't answer our questions. >> can you at least give us in sight as to why the erroneous invoices went out to folks? >> it's in the statement. >> the statement says the fire department will complete an audit, but one city council
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member told us the fire marshall knew about 20% of the invoices had been issued in error. >> this shows there has been errors. >> turns out art's invoice was one of them. art was told he needed to cut down a branch last year. >> we fixed it. >> but city records show the inspector came back and issued a fine just three days later after he'd been given 30 days to do it. >> these invoices are being produced at such an alarming rate because the city is trying to raise money for the new fire inspectors. >> the budget calls for doubling the number of fire inspectors. oakland has been under scrutiny since the deadly ghost ship fire. a recent audit found they've failed to issue the bills for reinspection and the city says
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it's just trying to catch up. yesterday's fire was the 4th in the oakland area in just over six months. in march four people were killed in an apartment complex. tenants claim they were living in slum like conditions. 36 people were killed in december in the ghost ship warehouse fire. that building was illegally converted to living space and hadn't been inspected in years. >> in october, another fire happened in an unoccupied building. in our next half hour, when will the next fbi director candidate be named? and boeing is being fined for faulty repairs to the president's plane.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back to kpix5. the time is 8:00. >> happy mother's day. let's get to the news. we begin this half hour with the latest from washington. the president could make an announcement on a replacement for former fbi director james comey, all after he offered advice during a college commencement address yesterday. he told graduates to follow their convictions and be ready
8:01 am
to face criticism. >> and i'm thrilled to be back at liberty university. >> before returning to the largest christian college to the country for his first commencement speech as president, mr. trump said a new fbi director is imminent. >> almost all of them are very well known. they've been vetted over their lifetime. >> washington is still reeling from the president's decision to fire former fbi director james comey amid his investigation into russia. the president told nbc news comey was fired because of how he handled the hillary clinton email investigation. >> he had a lot of pressure put on and exonerated her. he should have never done that. >> on friday mr. trump denied reports he asked comey for his loyalty the week after inauguration. >> did you ask that question? >> no, i didn't, but i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. i think loyalty to the country, loyalty to the united states is
8:02 am
important. >> and refused to discuss an earlier tweet warning comey about tapes. >> comey is not worried about possible tape recordings, we're told, but top democrats are concerned the integrity of the investigation into russia could be jeopardized. they sent this letter requesting copies of all recordings regarding this matter. >> you cannot stop the men and women of the fbi from doing the right thing. andrew mccabe is among possible replacements. there are also several other candidates, though, including a few judges. four other top level counter intelligence officials have also been interviewed. another name added, former michigan congressman, mike rogers. he's been endorsed by the fbi agents association and was held
8:03 am
of the house intelligence committee. >> california attorney general is one of 20 attorneys general who sent a letter to rod rosen stein calling the firing of comey a breach of public trust. to be clear, a special council is not the same thing as a special prosecutor. no one can appoint a prosecutor anymore because that law lapsed in 1999. the deputy attorney general can appoint a special council to investigate president trump's ties to russia, and that's what's being asked for. they don't need approval by congress and have the same powers as a normal u.s. attorney, but they may be removed or decision removed by the u.s. attorney general. >> an expert says the white house shifting from comey is causing trouble for the president. and this man says it's not the
8:04 am
news media's fault. >> there were plenty of opinions about why the president made, he changed it three days later and that's not the problem with the press. they just need to tell the straight story whenever they get it. you can see more on face the nation after this newscast. the whole question is both a question of policy about how the trump administration is handling the fbi, plus public relations. melissa and i asked former san francisco mayor willy brown how he would have fired comey? >> i would not have allowed him to be in la when i fired him because i'd have to give him a free ride back. i would have fired him while he was in washington having dinner with me as any good god father would do. >> there's more than one way to skin a cat. all you have to do is starve the agency of funds.
8:05 am
there are ways to get around this. if he had come and said i need more resources and president said no, and through the budget process minimized that, there are ways. >> you can't starve that particular agency. that particular agency is part of homeland security. >> and i don't know if you can starve that agency when it's so obvious that they're looking into russia. so -- >> well, he fired him, so i think he can. >> this is the first time where even trump supporters are saying he fired him because of the russia thing. so he's created a whole new story. >> but keep in mind if you go very deep in the russian process, you're going to find, probably, that the trump world has been in part underwritten by that part of the world for financing purposes. they had to hide that money somewhere when they would take it out of russia, when they
8:06 am
would take it out of all those operations. >> and is he doesn't want that known, believe me. believe me, this guy, the hot dog, or the show boater, was ultimately, he would sacrifice his mother in order to get the right headline. >> democrats were upset with comey a couple months ago. >> i think they would have loved it if he was fired on january 20th. but because of the timing, it looks like he's so scared that something that was petering out, it's now got new life. to bring any charges against anyone in the trump administration, it has to come from the department of justice. we always end up right back with jeff sessions. if he's not there, with his deputy. >> keep in mind, phil, the republicans wanted him fired. they wanted him to indict hillary on all of the emails and they claim that his 25 minute
8:07 am
presentation, 20 of it was indict able information on hillary. everybody is going to fire this guy. i don't know why this guy wasn't looking for a job the day after the election was over. >> maybe he was. but now, let me get this straight. we're looking for a replacement for the fbi director. also talking about appointing a special counsel. who would they answer to? would it be a parallel investigation? and who ultimately would be making the call? >> they would both end up answering to the attorney general, jeff sessions or his lieutenant. >> but he's already recused himself because of his statements on russia that didn't jive. >> the special counsel would be relying on information gathered by the fbi. they don't go out and wire tap anything. they have to get the information on the investigation on any sort
8:08 am
of spying type information from the fbi. they both again, report to the attorney general. but importantly, none of this has to be approved by congress. we could end up with two people we don't -- >> meanwhile, remember the travel ban? i understand there's a federal judge in detroit -- what's going on there? >> this federal judge ordered the the trump administration to turn over a memo drafted under former mayor giuliani. he says it orders a plan to form a commission tasked with developing a muslim ban that appeared to be legally sound. federal judges put a temporary hold on the executive order, but it would impose a 90-day ban on visas from six muslim majority
8:09 am
countries, instead of seven, eliminating iraq from the first week. it keeps a 120-day ban on entry into the u.s. . meanwhile, boeing aircraft is being fined millions of dollars for faulty repairs for two air force one airplanes. no one was hurt because of the mishap, but the cost of addressing one of the problems was $400 million and boeing covered that entire amount. more defiance from north korea. yesterday it launched another ballistic missile. it flew 400 miles and landed in the sea of japan. this comes a week after president trump said he would be, quote, honored to meet with north korean leader kim jong un. last week the president was
8:10 am
warning of war after a previous missile test. pope francis he won't try to persuade trump to change immigration policies. he wants to work to find peace instead. yesterday the pope bestowed the honor of saint hood on two shepherd children. back in 1917, both reported seeing the virgin mary several times and she forecast war and a flu pan dem i can. -- pandemic. and a special ceremony was held in france this morning at the presidential palace in paris for the new president. he says he'll do everything necessary to fight terrorism in his speech. his first big task to name his
8:11 am
prime minister. he's going to germany on monday to talk with chancellor angela merkel. this week's global ran som wear attack was nothing compared to what's to come. it paralyzed agencies all over the world. the u.k. alone, it immobilized the entire healthcare system of the country. right now it's still unclear who was behind the attack, but most are back up and running. still to come, katherine baker joins us to discuss the uc audit and what may be next the president. mother's day may be looking good, but wait until you hear what's going to happen on tuesday. we'll have the forecast coming up. on september 9, 2010,
8:12 am
pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
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steps.. to investigate allegations about a state university of california officials are taking the first steps to investigate allegations about a state audit. the board of regents just authorized the university to
8:15 am
hire an independent investigator. the audit found that the university is overpaying administrators and hid tens of millions of dollars in secret accounts, all this while students were being forced to pay more. governor brown is threatening to hold back $50 million from the uc system unless it makes big financial changes. >> joining us now to talk more is assembly woman katherine baker who had the uc are president and the auditor in front of her in a committee hearing. you did not look happy at that committee hearing. what's your take? >> my take is the take that i think many california families have is this is a really damning and troubling report. they've been asking for tuition increases from students and many more non residents saying they need more money and had we have a report saying they have $175 million that they haven't disclosed. >> the president says the funds were set aside to be disbursed over years and there was a
8:16 am
misunderstanding. >> the problem with that is she doesn't have the authority to keep a fund and budget away from the regents. they need to make the decisions about what happens. that's clear. that's something that was clear in the hearing that wasn't happening. >> the second thing that appeared to get everybody upset was the idea that a state auditor submitted or asked various uc campuses to answer questions about the president's programs and they wanted to review them and possibly change them. >> tampering. that's what it was about. part of the auditor's process was getting information from the campus about how can they do better, more efficient. unfortunately the university president's office recalled those surveys, recalled that information, tampered with the answers, and then was not forthright with us in the hearing about what they did. janet was involved in that, was not clear and we need to get to the bottom of it. >> the regents who have the authority said they're going to bring in an outside auditor. is that enough for you?
8:17 am
>> no. this was a legislative audit that was required so we can set good policy. the it is right to do their own internal investigation, but right now uc doesn't have a record of candor with the california people and the legislator. we need to have subpoenas issued to get the information. >> you want to issue subpoenas for what? >> absolutely, to get all the financial records and to find out the real answer about the tampering of the surveys. the office has not been transparent about that. we need to get to the bottom of what really happened. >> do you have the backing of the state assembly speaker? >> the state assembly speaker has denied the request for subpoenas, but he's also a regent. we need to issue the subpoenas, get all the facts we need and make good policy. >> what else do you want done? >> i want to see tuition frozen. uc just voted to increase
8:18 am
tuition again. they should freeze it and is budgets and salaries and the administration of the president until all of the budget recommendations are adopted fully. >> now, while we in the news business tend to focus on one or two things. that's the capacity of people's understanding a lot of the times. before it hit the fan about the audits and the money squirrelled away or not squirrelled away, in were questions in that audit about the pay structure and the pay that uc is paying out to top administrators and staff. >> yes. one of the troubling findings of the report is that they have overly generous, excessive administrative expenses and salaries and benefits when you compare it to other top universities. that's got to stop. >> so questions about how much they're using and banking away, questions about the size and pay of the staff and questions about tampering with the audit. that seems like a system that
8:19 am
needs a lot of work from a lot of fronts. >> the uc did recommend the auditor's record. they still withheld information and tampered with administration. that's what we need to get to the bottom to. >> the governor is also on the regents, but the regents are their own. is there a reluctance by the regents to take this on? >> we have their first public meeting this wednesday and thursday. we're going to find if they are real ly being responsive, if all the documents that we've requested are being released and are they going to freeze tuition? are they going to go back? >> as for uc president, what do you see for her? >> look, i'm disappointed that she was not candid with the
8:20 am
legislature in her testimony. i leave to the regents, but she owes it to california to get uc back on track. >> do you think she should stay on? >> i think there's a really good question about whether she should be there. she's got to respond to this report and turn it around. >> the regents appear to be still in support of her and we'll see what happens in the next couple weeks. >> i'm sure we're going to hear it. i want to thank you for joining us all the way from the east bay. now i think we can change to something everybody can agree on and that's that today is going to be a pretty good day. >> good morning and happy mother's day. it's looking good in the weather department. we've got clouds, but also sun in the forecast. temperature range today, mid-50s. in the warmer spots inland, we'll at least approach 70 degrees. we'll get a few more clouds than we had yesterday. the sea breeze continues today
8:21 am
as it has for days now. gusty winds will be around. temperatures stay on the cool side, upper 60s inland, a little chill in the air, not the greatest day to sit on the ver and a unless you have a heater. the low pressure that's been bothering us forever moves inland and that's going to introduce a chance of showers by tuesday. today looks already. there could be a pop up shower today in the north bay, but in general, partly cloudy today. we're going to warm up to the 80s inland by thursday, though. if you're heading out of the bay area, temps in the mid-70s in redding and fresno, but clouds near the shoreline. forecast for today, 61 degrees, below average with 70 in concord. 67 in san jose and 64 in oakland. mid-60s in the south bay. east bay, partly cloudy skies
8:22 am
and temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. not bad in the north bay, a few clouds around and maybe a pop up shower in the afternoon. mid-60s will do it. for the lakes, from the mid-60s to low 70s. look for the chance of a few light showers on tuesday and look at wednesday through next weekend. it looks like we have plenty of sun and readings approaching the mid-80s. have a great mother's day. coming up, the bay area man who found a way to both feed the hungry and bond with his son. ,,,, [ whistles ]
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it's day one of we're playing zombie tag! i'm tired, but i'm teaching them hopscotch. i'm starting a garden with my neighbors so our kids can eat better. and we feel happier! i have more energy at work. i feel stronger! small changes you make today can make a big difference in how you feel.... and may help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. start now to turn today into a better day. it's been a month, and we feel better! for a free, hot meal... courtesy of this week's jefferson award winner. stan peters says everyone can do something to help others. and as allen martin shows us.. peters is making sure his autistic son spreads that message as well. every wednesday stan peters cooks up a mean pot of chili...
8:25 am
every wednesday he cooks up a mean pot of chili. >> five gallons of chili and then john fixes maybe 70 or 80 hot dogs. >> john is stan's son, who has autism. >> that's pretty good. >> i wanted something that my son and i could do together. and he needs to have a feeling of being socially useful and this is a really good thing to do for that. we had to do this and that. >> after ten years of cooking at a homeless shelter, stan wanted to go it alone. >> now we kind of sneak out and help quite a few homeless people. >> for four years now, stan has been buying all his own ingredients for his homemade soup and chili and spends seven hours perfecting each batch. he and john then load it up along with battled water and donated pastries and head to fremont's bill ball plaza.
8:26 am
about 30 to 40 people regularly show up. >> chili, hot, nice, good tasting chili. thank you. >> i love his chili. >> and on this particular night, a bonus. someone donated barbecue ribs. mike has been helping stan and john for the last three years. >> they're taking care of people that need to be taken care of. >> as long as people show up, stan says he'll keep bringing food and a message. >> my big hope is people will see what we're doing and see, wow, anybody can go out and help people. >> for feeding the homeless a healthy hot meal every week, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to stan peters. >> the jefferson awards for public service are proudly sponsored by dignity health.
8:27 am
,,,,,,ff and former defense secretary robert gates. have a great sunday.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," the president fires i. director and the whit ggles to get its story straight. for a president who made his reputation firing people on television -- >> you're fired. >> dickerson:>> dickerson: -- a messy week of pink slips starting with questions about why president trump waited 18 days before firing national security adviser michael flynn for lying about his contacts with the russians. then came tuesday night's firing of the man leading the federal investigation into russian meddling in the election. f.b.i. director james comey, which happened so fast that it caught even white house staffers off guard. why the quick action? first explanation was based on a letter from the deputy attorney general who said comey's mishandling of the investigation into hillary clinton's el


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