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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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but was it an accident? why some iv e from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> an east bay building goes up in flames. was it an accident? why some believe it was a message to developers to stay out of their neighborhood. good evening. >> small fires are still smoldering at the building project in emeryville. a damaged crane that was in danger of collapsing has been removed. electricity will come back on this evening. the fire broke out yesterday morning near the oakland border. kpix 5's john ramos tells us with two fires at the same spotane year it is un-- spot in a year it is unlikely this was an accident.
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>> reporter: an engine pumped water on the remains of the unfinished apartment building. no one believes yesterday's fire was an accident. not when the same building burned down back in july. just as its structure was nearing completion. >> as you can imagine with a fire in the same location within a tebber 10 month period the investigation team has a very big task ahead of them. >> the developer believes the first blaze was illegal fireworks, now he realizes she a target. >> how to try pick myself up and start building again. i am -- i am sort of flying by the seat of my pant. >> reporter: if it was intentional, the question is
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why. this area has seen a lot of change. developers building high priced housing next to working class neighborhoods. driving prices up and residents out. >> they are not with the people. okay? this is about money. straight up money. and that is about they don't want that building there. >> two blocks away from here, homeless encampment. if no one is doing anything about that but continually building things. >> reporter: anger is coming at the same time as demands for more housing. the developer says his project is being builtoon vacant site and received no complaints during the planning process. he believes he is being scapegoated and he intend to see the project through. >> you can't let their motives
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stop a project like this. it would be bad. >> reporter: john ramos, kpix 5. agents with the atf joined local investigators and they could be at the site for a week to search for clues. the driver involved in a deadly police pursuit in the east bay. not the first time the suspect tried to outrun the law. the passenger of this white car killed by the crash. now we learned the driver who was arrested and taken to the hospital had a run in with police in 2009. she was pulled over in a stolen car and she sped off and dragged the officer for 90 feet and tried to run away. she was arrested. the officer who was dragged suffered minor injuries. four teenagers accused of hitting a passenger on the b.a.r.t. train yesterday. the group then ran off into a neighborhood where b.a.r.t.
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police caught them. they were cited and released to their parents. the victim is okay. what a way to start the western conference finals. the golden state warriors at oracle arena today. kpix 5's susie s with the -- susie with the exciting finish. >> reporter: the warriors trailed but they pulled out with a win to kickoff game one of the western conference finals. >> reporter: fans are elated watching the warriors beat the san antonio spurs today. >> great game. captivating. on the edge of our seats. going down. >> made a huge run in the 3rd quarter. steph curry was awesome. 33 points. terrific game. >> the warriors come in with the strongest regular season record also having swept the playoffs so far. >> it is our year to win.
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>> warrior fans have a lot of confidence heading in to the series but they say the spurs are a worthy opponent and they are not expecting a sweep this go around. >> i think they will be tough competition. >> is this where you want to be on mother's day? >> you bet. >> happy mother's day, mom. >> win, close game and quality time with the family. >> best wife and partner and mother for our children. >> reporter: fans say they are ready for game two which will be at home this tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at oracle arena, kpix 5. >> great game. it is called the biggest cyber attack ever but it could get worse. the attack hit 150 countries. it uses stolen software, it locks down files and demands
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$300 to release. a researcher in michigan had some success. he found a kill switch. >> the individual or individuals responsible for this aren't very sophisticated. it feels amateur hour to me the amount of law enforcement that will be investigating this. i would not be surprised if the individual or individuals are apprehended. >> in washington president trump ordered his department of homeland security adviser to hold an emergency meeting. days in to a new administration south korea's government is sending a warning to the north. officials said the south will work with the u.s. to defend their national security. it comes a day after north korea launched another ballistic missile. landing in the sea of japan. several nations are expected to meet about the north korean threat in a security meeting on tuesday. the trump administration is moving quickly to find a new
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fbi director. lawmakers spoke out today about who should take james comey's place. the latest now from new york. >> reporter: they arrived at the justice department this weekend. dozens lawmakers, attorneys and law enforcement official emerging as candidates for next director of the fbi. while the search goes forward debate over how president trump handled the firing of fbi director james comey. >> developments of the past week bothersome, disturbing to me. i think in many ways our institutions are under assault. >> reporter: he says president trump is responsible for the assault. some law makers are also criticizing president trump for james comey's dismissal because the fbi is investigating
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whether anyone from the trump campaign was involved with russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> the president needs to back off and let the investigation go forward. >> reporter: .s. senator lindsey graham wants a candidate from inside the fbi to lead the agency. new york senator chuck schumer wants an fbi leader who has courage and experience. >> the nominee should not be a parson politician. not part of either party. >> reporter: president trump may pick an fbi nominee by friday. cbs news. the fbi director served for 10 years. some say inters want to push -- senators want to push for immigration reform to let undocumented immigrants -- farmers stay in the u.s. they could get a blue card . after several years of continued work
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they would be eligible for a green card. >> if not for them americans would not be able to give thanks at their dinner tables. >> according it a study, 70% of california's farm workers are undocumented. organizers rallying for the release of a inmate bay area man. undocumented bay area man. the 37-year-old father of three lives in san rafael and has been in the u.s. for over a decade. according to his attorney he has no criminal record. tomorrow evening community members including a congressman will gather to urge immigration officials to release him. the inauguration of 39-year- old emmanuel macron. he took time at his
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inauguration speech to have you she will he will fight terrorism and address europe's migration crisis and mentioned climate change. as the key challenge. he is the first president who doesn't come from either of the two main stream parties. coming up, taking productivity too far, the device that could track your ever move at work and taking a break from cancer, hundreds take part in gauge kids day. >> a beautiful day in the -- courageous kids day. >> a beautiful day in the bay area. a chance of rain coming in, we will talk about it after the break. ,,
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but it made quite the dramatic entrance. and it w . check out this new video. a dear crashes a family's dinner but it made a dramatic
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entrance. all caught on camera. look at this. >> what was the dear thinking? the deer burse through the door of the home. couldn't get its footing on the floor. poor thing. the family was startled. they called animal control and they removed the deer. an east coast start up developed a high tech device to track employees but not for individual monitoring. i.d. badge have bluetooth, a motion center and two microphonesphones and then managers get data on communication trends. if groups of workers spend too much time in meetings or itime alone at their desk. and it could show if policies
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are having an impact. [ indiscernible ] >> simple stuff. >> the system is opt in, no one is forced to participate and the creators say they only do business with companies that give employees a choice. united airlines issuing a warning, information on how to access a plane's locked cockpit may have been made public. they didn't say how the procedures were compromised but it was not because of a hack or a breach. they are working on a corrective action plan. the faa has also been notified. new at 5:00 p.m. a special event for hundreds of bay area kids living with cancer. kpix 5's kiet do with how they got to escape for the day. >> welcome. happy mother's daych. >> reporter: at great american it is mother's day and they are getting something they can't find at a hospital.
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a since of normalcy. courageous kids event. treated to a day of fun all for free. >> cancer isson you go through -- something you go through every day. it is a die forget for one day. >> reporter: it is far from sad and mournful. the focus is on hope. he is battling stage four. a tumor in his bladder and prostate that spread to his chest. >> after radiation and chemo it brings you down. we want to take him out and have fun. >> reporter: ronnie lott is here as he is ever year and met with cancer patients and survivors for hours. >> when is the last time you smiled like that? >> last year. >> one of those days you want to honor them and just make sure that you, you know, you pay your respects. because they have their own challenges and they are working hard. >> reporter: he beat cancer and
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wants kids to take their meds and stay positive. >> reporter: what advice do you have? >> stay strong and never give up. >> reporter: she was so sick the first year she came she couldn't given get on the rides. now she has been kansas city free for two cancer free for two years. >> i think it is awesome. >> smile, a laugh and a upbeat attitude. >> people that have a more positive outlook, less willing to let the disease take over their lives. they do better. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> great story. hundreds of bay area moms celebrating mother's day. the zoo was packed with families because there was free admission for moms who came with their kids and there was plenty to see. >> of course, the great highway
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was closed down. they had all the people trying to make it to the zoo. hopefully they had a good time. the weather cooperated. blue skies. windy out there. a shower or two threatened today. talk about the potential for a pop up shower or two. there they are. this morning. means tomorrow morning. coast partly cloudy skies. around the bay and inland it will become sunny later in the day. no rain. tomorrow afternoon the highs hit 67 degrees inland. low 60s around the bay. cool day. not that bad. the sea breeze keeps cranking away. but not for long. while temperatures stay cool tomorrow, and tuesday, guess what happens wednesday? we turn the corner on this weather we had lately. the bay, beautiful day in the
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bay area. 69 degrees concord. oakland 62. and in san francisco 58 degrees. all right. what's happening? low pressure moving in over northern california on top of the bay area and that produced a few sprinkles up north but you look at future cast, while we get low clouds, south bay, low clouds tomorrow around sun rise. this is 7:00 a.m. hour after sun rise tomorrow. north bay mostly clear. tomorrow a mixed bag but sunshine to finish and we are now, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, taking out the chance of widespread showers on tuesday. looks like an isolated shower or two and then wednesday dry and by the weekend warm. here is what we are expecting. partly cloudy skies, windy and cool. isolated showers monday and tuesday but just like what i showed you, not much. warming to 80s inland by thursday. and tomorrow looks okay. showers will be tahoe and yosemite.
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sfo breezy. winds 30 miles per hour. same forecast for lax and new york. new york will be windier than los angeles. seattle has showers tomorrow. over night lows tonight, in the 50s for the most part and then for tomorrow numbers below average but not for long. low clouds to start, sun to finish and mid-60s for the south bay. east bay, sunshine and 74 brentwood. warming up in the east bay and north bay, 71 santa rosa. mid-60s for marin and napa counties and ukiah pleasant. couple more chillyish days. wednesday, thursday, friday, near 90 degrees by friday and saturday. so you like warm weather? it is on the way. bundle up tomorrow and tuesday. that will be it.
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the game started at 12:30 p.m. the warriors started at 1:30 p.m. a thriller in the western conference finals in game one and it all changed when the spurs lost their best player. question is for, how long. tip-off is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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room. but when golden state was getting crushed by the spurs, kerr took a halftime moment to rally the troops. . steve kerr watched the game from the locker room but when golden state warriors were getting crushed he took a moment to rally the troops. >> just settle in -- the push will come from that. the pace will come from that. all right? settle in, we will be all right. >> kawhi leonard lands enemies foot. reinjured his left ankle. he would not run and may not return on tuesday night. the warriors took advantage. turns it over. steph curry scoops it up. hits the long two. mom loving the 18-0 run in the 3 3rd quarter.
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kevin durant time. cuts the lead to four. kevin durant 4ed 12 in the final 8 minute. two to go. warriors down 3. kevin durant misses the three. he will cash in to tie the game. next trip down. klay thompson with the great pass. warriors back up on top. with just over 1 minute to play. under 40 seconds left. warriors up 5. the spurs just won't go away. 14 seconds left. warriors up one. steph curry gets the mismatch. the friendly roll on the floater. a 40 point game for steph curry. spurs last chance. this to tie the game. won't go. the warriors who trailed by as many as 25 in the first half come all the way back to win game 1113-111. -- game one, 113-111.
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>> reporter: what are you thinking? what are your emotions? >> i just prayed. down 25 points. if you don't wake up then, something is wrong with you. >> reporter: your team got rattled -- [ inaudible question ] >> game changed. >> just saying. good observation. correct. >> thank you. couldn't hang with mom on mother's day. giants and reds. 5-0. 7-0. plenty of support. 3 runs in 6 while striking out 8. picking up his first win of the year. belt goes deep for the third time in the series. giants win 8-3 to take 3-4. one sour note, hunter pence appears headed for the disabled list.
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and a's and texas. top of the fifth. 2-2. oaklandland a 4-2 lead -- oakland a 4-2 lead. third game in a row the bullpen couldn't hold the lead. 4-4 in the 7th. he singles home a run to give the rangers the lead. they win 6-4 to sweep the series. a's dropped 5 games below .500. players championship. earn trouble. in the trees. i love this shot. not only does it get out of the trees. look at it. half million dollars. amazing. rolling in the birdie put to take the lead. he went on to win by three shots. the youngest winner in the
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tournament's history and takes home $1.9 million. for a 21-year-old kid. not a bad pay day. players championship, both baseball teams and the warriors. >> they putoon show today. >> game day? >> game day, vern glenn was in both locker room. we will get reaction from kawhi leonard. we don't know about his future. >> thank you. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cbs-sf-dot-com. that is it for us. see you back here at 6:00 p.m.
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for an hour of news. cbs weekend news is next, updates are always on ored by cbs >> quijano: the global attack appears to be spreading. a second wave of ransomware hitting computers around the world. we talk to a cyber expert who e ys he helped discover a kill switch for the cyberbug. >> i would say that this is the worst ransomware attack that has ever happened. >> quijano: also tonight who's on the president's list of candidates to replace james comey at the fbi. new details on north korea's latest missile test. another look at maternity leave in america. >> we shouldn't have to win a lottery in order for you to go back to work and do something that you love while still being amom. >> quijano: and a mother who was adopted as a baby in vietnam, pays it forward. >> i feel special because i'm not the only person in mmi


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