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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this morning president trump is taking his first foreign trip. can he escape controversy here at home? >> plus a battle over obamacare funds. what california's attorney general is doing to keep healthcare costs low. >> good morning, it's friday, may 19. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first let's head outside live look outside this morning. temperatures in the bay area about to heat up just in time for the weekend. nice conditions out there as we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the golden gate bridge. >> a lot people need their sunglasses. >> hot, hot, hot. we are tracking a couple of hot spots if you are heading out the door right now. northbound 85, as you approach
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237, now this crash came in earlier this morning about an hour or so ago. they are waiting for a sweeper and the backups are beyond el camino at this point. so if you travel 85, give yourself some extra time. 280 in the green. your usual crowds along 101. crash just coming in this is southbound southbound 680 near mission boulevard. two-car crash it's not causing any backups at this point. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. are you ready for some sunshine? we have sunshine from the coast to the bay to our peninsula and inland areas. good morning, everybody! this is our live weather camera looking towards the bay bridge and if my maritime app serves me correctly that's the end zennial heading towards the bay bridge. can you see it in the distance? 45 miles away from san francisco and the embarcadero
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so the visibility is unlimited. oh, this is the scene looking out from mount vaca. this is our live weather camera. official sunrise was before 6:00 this morning. we are seeing the makings of what's going to be an unseasonably warm to hot day. 40s and 50s. satellite-radar and offshore flow the coast is clear. we have the marine layer and that's going to knock back temperatures by sunday but until then, nearly 70 pacifica, nearly 90 palo alto. 86 degrees san jose. 80s and 90s east bay. meanwhile, stinson beach, the coast is clear. the full forecast. i'll talk about the warmest day coming up this weekend at 18 past. this just in chopper 5 live over the scene of a car crash in the oakland hills. this is on via rialto east of 13 in a residential neighborhood. we are told that the car rolled over and smashed into a
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tree. firefighters had to rescue the driver and passenger. two other people in the back seat got out on their own. a new report suggests several bay area courthouses pose a risk to the people inside should a major earthquake strike. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from oakland. >> reporter: nine bay area courthouses would be considered unsafe in the event of an earthquake and now there's one behind me. alameda county administration building has two civil courts on the 3rd and 4th floors. it was ranked the second worst in the entire state. the worst one is ranked in southern california in glendale. this is all coming out of a state report this week. in total 56 california trial court buildings pose a risk to safety in the event of an earthquake. the report gives state lawmakers recommendations as to which ones need funding for retrofitting first.
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the cost to retrofit the 12 highest risk buildings would be $320 million. this is also coming at a time when the state has lost about $1.4 billion in court construction funds. other high risk court buildings in the bay area include the sonoma county hall of justice, contra costa county richmond bay district, contra costa county wakefield taylor courthouse, alameda county fremont hall of justice and san francisco hall of justice. retrofitting just this building behind me would cost $64 million. a final report is expected in early 2018. live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. we are on the cusp of a warm weekend that's expected to draw lots of people to bay area beaches. kpix 5's anne makovec on what swimmers need to watch out for before they taking a dip. >> reporter: anytime the weather turns warm people take advantage of laying out on our beaches and enjoying the sunshine. you can see the warning signs here behind me but just want
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you to take a look at the gorgeous ocean. it looks calm right now. the waves are pretty mild. but there's always the possibility of those dangerous rip currents. and that is the problem. in addition to the fact that, um, the water is freezing. it's 54 degrees right now according to roberta. so even though temperatures this weekend are going to be around 70 degrees, low 70s, the water is still dangerously cold. ocean beach actually ranked as one of the most dangerous beaches in the united states. the biggest threat though is the rip currents. they catch even experienced swimmers off guard. more than 80% of lifeguard rescues at the country's surf beaches involve people caught up in rip currents and there's not a lot of lifeguard coverage here at ocean beach so the best advice if you get caught in a rip current swim parallel to the shore and then to the beach after you're out of the current. they are going to be doing a drakes here at ocean beach to give people a better picture
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of that. the other thing to consider this weekend when it comes to dangers here at ocean beach is this is where the "bay to breakers" race ends. a lot of people get drunk along the way so there's going to be plenty of drunks who think it's a good idea to go into the ocean. so again, heed those rip current warnings. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. now to politics. president trump could name his potential successor to former fbi director james comey today. his decision could come before he departs this afternoon on his first overseas trip as president. mr. trump says that former connecticut senator joe lieberman is one of his top picks for the job. yesterday the president assured reporters that there was no collusion between any of his campaign staffers and the russians. the president also denied he tried to convince comey to drop his investigation of former national security adviser michael flynn. >> did you at any time urge former fbi director james comey in any way, shape or form to close or to back down
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the investigation into michael flynn? and also, as -- >> no. no. next question. >> while abroad, president trump will visit five countries in about a week. california lawmakers are trying to protect healthcare for millions of people. they are trying to take some legal action to save affordable care act funds. jackie ward has more. >> reporter: they are being joined by people all over the country. california and new york attorneys general are being called the leaders in a 16- state charge that are trying to intervene in that federal lawsuit. the ags say they are trying to protect care for millions of americans. this issue stems from a lawsuit filed by house republicans in 2014 to block billions of dollars in payments to insurance companies to subsidize lower income people. the lawsuit is still ongoing and the trump administration seems unlikely to fight to preserve the funding. state attorney general javier becerra and his colleagues are asking a federal court to allow the states to directly defend the law. in a tweet he says:
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if payments to insurance companies end, becerra says coverage would drastically >> reporter: if payments to insurance companies end, he says coverage would drastically change for millions of americans. he also added that there's no way to predict the direction of the trump white house. >> what would happen if congress passes a new healthcare law? >> reporter: this could be moot. earlier this month the house passed the bill called the american healthcare act. now the senate is writing its own version. bill but that may take months to pass. thank you. the nra is filing a second lawsuit challenging california's new gun control laws. this time, the association is arguing a ban on high capacity ammunition magazines is unconstitutional. last month, the nra filed a separate lawsuit challenging another new law that bans the sale of semi-automatic rifles. the measures were passed last year in response to the 2015
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san bernardino shooting. lieutenant governor gavin newsom who backed the gun laws says he believes both legal challenges will fail. time now 6:09. several tornadoes sweep through oklahoma. next, the damage being reported this morning. >> yeah. i was tracking that last night. it was incredible. hi, everybody. from the kpix weather center, good morning to you. we have the oakland a's playing host to the boston red sox tonight. the game starts earlier than usual. a very good reason why. we'll talk about that. >> and we have the usual crowds building over at the bay bridge toll plaza. do expect delays but we're tracking delays on some of our other "bay area majors" due to accidents and sig alerts. we'll have the detail and how far the backup stretches coming up. >> plus, in our tech report, how the facebook team is looking to bring its whole family of apps closer together. ,, ,, whoa!
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548!
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whoo! i mean, whoo. officials say: they are adding parking meters.. around the transit center. it will cost 15- dollars for ten- hours. "smart" officials are new information is for smart train riders in san rafael. they are adding parking meters around the center. $15 for 10 hours. smart officials are expected to announce when the trains will start running sometime next month. san francisco's last ship repair facility could be on the verge of closing. the port of san francisco is looking for a new bidder following a dispute between the former and current operators. it could restore the jobs of more than 200 shipyard worker, n recent years, pier 70s historic docks were capable of repairing massive ships up to 54,000 tons in recent years. a live look at sfo right now where you can expect delays. runway work continues starting at 11:00 tonight and through the weekend. crews are doing paving work and
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repairs. they are trying to finish before the big summer travel rush. and if you have a weekend flight, make sure to call ahead to see if it will impacted by the work. >> all right. sfo delays can't be blamed on the weather today. >> hm. >> skies are clear. you see that expected. on the runway? that's because the runway is closed. i always thought when that x was blinking they were trying to signal to me that they were watching us. [ laughter ] >> you thought that? >> i did. [ laughter ] >> ha ha! that theory was proven wrong. [ laughter ] >> she controls all the rates over there at sfo. >> x marks the spot. >> an infatuation with the tower, too. >> my buddies over there at the tower at sfo. right? [ laughter ] >> did you know they have like yoga studio below the tower? they do! >> you have only mentioned it 20 times. but -- [ laughter ] >> that's all right. >> it would be a stressful job. you would need yoga.
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>> you would need yoga with this traffic. we are tracking a couple of problems like will go to be causing headaches for many of our drivers. we are tracking two sig alerts that are in effect. this one is along niles canyon. and it shut down now in both directions. this was westbound niles canyon a head-on crash. emergency crews are on the scene. you will have to avoid 84 niles canyon there near palomares. you can see 680 or 880 but 680 is -- you can use 680 or 880 but 680 is slow southbound out of hayward. so heads up through that stretch. our other "sig alert" we are tracking on northbound 85 approaching 237. one lane remains blocked due to an earlier crash. the cars are cleared. it's all the debris from the accident, quite a bit of debris. they are still waiting for a sweeper to arrive. in the meantime traffic is backed up beyond el camino at this point getting closer to
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280. 238 to 237, 30 minutes. 680 looking okay. but it will be slower now that we have the closure on 84. new video showing the moment a tornado touched down in northwestern oklahoma. this was just one of several reported in the area last night. there are reports of damage to buildings and trees. many in wisconsin are still sorting through debris this morning. that's after severe weather caused significant damage including broken power poles and downed trees. one man's garage was flattened by the storm with no injuries. here in the bay area we are seeing some nice conditions out there. roberta. we are looking at larkspur. one of the ferry boats bringing people into san francisco on this clear start to your friday. we are looking towards the port of oakland and alameda where
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the skies are clear. visibility is unlimited at this very early hour. wow! i am going to get out of the way so you can get a good look at that. this is looking north. again, mostly sunny skies. temperatures right now in the 40s in santa rosa and also in the tri-valley. we are in the 50s around the rim of the bay back through san jose. winds have been calm all morning under 10 miles per hour in san francisco. calm in novato. winds will increase later today to about 15 out of the northwest. a sunsational day today, i do mean sunsational! hot inland, mild at the beaches and bay. 10 degrees cooler everywhere on tuesday. this is what an offshore flow looks like. the coast is clear. but still, some stratus lingers off the coast a development of a shallow thin layer of low clouds and fog. but watch futurecast because i have been very mindful of when the marine layer pushes back onshore because that will
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knock back the coastal temperatures. looks like it wants to play tag later on tonight with the san mateo coast. then pushes into the sunset district. it backs off very quickly. so we will enjoy ample sunshine at the beaches over the weekend then the return of the stratus by the beginning of the "bay to breakers" on sunday morning keeping things cool for thousands of runners. then we'll see the temperatures begin to tumble by monday with the thickening up of the marine layer. it's all about the ridge of high pressure contributing to our dry weather pattern. if you are heading to the beach today tomorrow, the best day through santa cruz 80 degrees both days, wow, spectacular! but remember, water temperatures at 54 degrees. statewide 65 in the greater lake tahoe area. i'm giggling because they had 3 inches of snow on tuesday. 64 degrees at the beaches of carmel, pebble beach and monterey bay. our numbers span from the high 60s in pacifica to the high 80s and low 90s away from the
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bay to our inland areas. discovery bay, brentwood, all about 91, 92. otherwise around the immediate bay area, 90 our outside number. warmer over the weekend. 6:35, kenny, tonight oakland a's. you know why it's early? fireworks after the game! they play host to the boston red sox. what a great night for fireworks. clear skies. thank you. we're following breaking news out of new york. prosecutors are just announced that they will file charges against anthony weiner. he ran for mayor of new york city recently. the feds have been looking into claims that the former new york congressman had been "sexting" with a 15-year-old girl in north carolina. the "new york times" also reports that weiner will plead guilty to a charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. facebook is trying to bring all of its apps closer together. according to text crunch, the new feature will bundle notifications from facebook messenger and instagram all in one place. if you update your facebook app, you should see the change
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in the top right corner. instead of the messenger icon it should be your profile picture. most iphone users are getting ready to shop for a new device. the new survey by morgan stanley finds 92% of iphone users are somewhat likely or extremely likely to upgrade to a new iphone in the next year. that's a from last year when apple held a retention rate of 86%. morgan stanley also found that samsung had a 77% retention rate. google's upcoming smartphone operating system android o includes a whole new cast of characters. every, single emoji is getting revamped. round smiley faces are replacing the blobby kind we have long known. and the already realistic faces are set to become even more detailed. and i'm dennis the boston r come calling. did pablo come with 'em? and draymond green gets an award and gets mad. find out why next. ,,
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good morning, everybody. the a's next 28 games will be in the eastern time zone beginning last night against boston. minus pablo sandoval who has been on the disabled list since april 25. chris davis trying to break out of a two for 32 slump and this ain't a bad way to start. after jed lowrie homered davis hit an 0-2 pitch over the rickey henderson sign. his 12th home run and if the a's are going to turn it around they will have to start with davis. bottom of the fourth, check out how far this chad pender home run goes and the dude in the bleachers made the catch. that's a beauty. sonny gray gets his first win of the year. a's win 8-3. the league announced its all nba teams and golden state makes up 20% of the all league selection.
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steph curry and kevin durant were named as second team. draymond green was third team. but fellow all star klay thompson was left off. that didn't seem to bother klay too much but draymond had his back. >> yeah, i think it's bull [ censored ] you know, it's some guys on the --as far as averaging 20 points and don't have near as amount of wins as we have, you know, so how he could be left out, i don't understand it also, clay can defend --also, klay can defend. guess they have to find some way to punish us. >> the haters are going to hate, right? warriors in san antonio tomorrow for game 3. kawhi leonard did not practice yesterday. that's not good news for the spurs. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend.
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unsafe county courthouses that could be putting you at risk in the events of an earthquake. i'm jessica flores live with the details coming up. >> and bay area beaches are going to be crowded this weekend as the weather warms up. we have some warnings for you if you are thinking about heading coastside next. "w ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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several bay area courthouses pose a considerable safety risk - he respects the move but it's -- i respects the move but it's a witch hunted. >> he says he did not try to shut down the investigation into russia. >> the investigation unfolding in the south bay into a deadly shooting. >> a fight is under way to stop
6:30 am
a fast-moving fire in northern california. jessica flores is live in oakland with the finding from a new state report. >> reporter: this is a pretty alarming for anyone who needs to work on use one of these county courthouses. nine county courthouses found to be unsafe in the event of an earthquake and one of the worst ones is the alameda county administration building the 3rd and 4th floors used for civil court and it was ranked the second worst in the state. the worst is in glendale, southern california. this report out this week includes 56 california trial court buildings that pose a risk to human and building safety in the event of an earthquake. it gusts state lawmakers
6:31 am
recommendations -- gives state lawmakers recommendations about are most urgent. the state has lost about $1.4 billion in court construction funds. so among the high risk court buildings in the bay area we have sonoma county hall of justice, contra costa county county richmond bay district, contra costa county wakefield taylor courthouse in martinez, and alameda county fremont hall of justice and san francisco hall of justice. so just to retrofit this one behind me which was one of the second worst in the state, it would be $64 million. a final report is expected in early2018. jessica flores, kpix 5. this is a live look at ocean beach where dangerous rip currents are beginning to form. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us there live with a warning from the officials ahead of what is expected to be a busy weekend at the beach. anne. >> it is going to be a very busy weekend here at ocean beach and all the bay area
6:32 am
beaches because the weather is warm. but specifically here at ocean beach this is where the bay to breakers race ends on sunday. so you might see some of the runners making a break for the breakers and it's not going to be a good idea because, a, the water is cold. 54 degrees. b, we have the possibility of rip currents. you can see this warning sign here behind me. behind that the ocean is looking calm. but some of the danger lies underneath those waves that you see on the top. and ocean beach ranks one of the most dangerous beaches in the united states. the biggest threat is those rip currents that can catch even experienced swimmers off guard. more than 80% of lifeguard rescues at the country's surf beaches involve people caught up in rip currents and there's not a lot of lifeguard coverage here at ocean beach. so that is something that is sort of fend for yourself. now, if you do end up getting caught in a rip current, you probably heard the advice. you swim parallel to the
6:33 am
coastline until you get out of the rip current and then you swim toward the beach. they are going to be putting on a big demonstration about that here at ocean beach later on today. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. i was just out there yesterday surfing. it was all blown out but i wanted to go and just get some exercise. i was paddling for five minutes i was in the same position after five minutes. that shows you how strong the rip currents. >> it's dangerous and you don't know it until you're caught into it and you get scared and don't know what to do. anne just gave us wonderful advice. the water temperature is 54 degrees. so we have a huge warmup. you might be tempted to go in the water but please, even the most experienced swimmers are having a little bit of a difficulty. you know, kenny and i have been noticing this for days. as you look at our live weather camera looking towards the bay waters, you see the flag on pier 9 there. look behind it. there's a rip current. it's stretching all the way towards the bay bridge. you can see kind of the water
6:34 am
just turning and churning around there. meanwhile, let's take another view this time around. we're looking out -- isn't that glorious? towards ocean beach. seal rock in the distance there. a lot of blue sky. you see a little bit of the marine layer offshore pushing onshore. not going to happen until about tomorrow. so meanwhile temperatures today well above average. approaching 70 in pacifica. low 70s in ocean beach. nearly 90 in palo alto. and in east palo alto, today, mid- and high 80s across the santa clara valley. 85 in fremont, union city and newark. 90 today in danville, blackhawk, tassajara, also in pleasanton. 90 in brentwood. easily low 90s in the delta today. and stinson beach we're talking about nearly 70 degrees. mid-80s in novato. upstream we go with the sunshine. northwest breeze at 15. windsor at 87 degrees. warmer conditions for the weekend. we'll talk about that, we'll also talk about the contra costa county fair all those highlights coming up at 48 after the hour but first, here's jaclyn.
6:35 am
>> good morning. and we are tracking a couple of hot spots including a new "sig alert." this is along highway 84. niles canyon road. shut down in both directions. chopper 5 over the scene. this is right near palomares and you can see emergency personnel on the scene there and we are definitely going to see delays for drivers who usually take 84. right now you can see that they have shut down that ramp over the creek there. there's really no place to push these vehicles. so this will remain shut down. a "sig alert" is in effect if you typically take 84. you're going as to have to use 680 or 880 this morning. those are your best alternates. 880 though that's getting slow just a heads up. northbound 85 as you approach 237, one lane blocked with debris from an earlier crash. they are waiting for a sweeper to arrive. and we are tracking delays through that stretch backed up to el camino. that's a check of your traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you.
6:36 am
california is taking legal action to protect healthcare for millions of californians. >> kpix 5's jackie ward joins us know to you tell us more. >> reporter: it's a battle brewing for years now but the house versus price case is what we're talking about pending in the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit right now and it dates back to the obama administration. back in 2014, house republicans filed this lawsuit as an attempt to block $7 billion in payments to insurance companies to subsidize poor americans. state attorney general javier becerra and other attorneys general from across the country want a federal court to let states directly defend the law. becerra says more than 5 million people receive healthcare under the affordable care act many for the first time. he recently tweeted, quote, no parent should worry if they can afford to take their child to a doctor or hospital. protect our care. since adapting the aca, the state of california has reached a historic low when it
6:37 am
companies to people without health insurance. in 2016, only 7.1% of californians didn't have insurance. president trump embarks on his first international trip as president today as the investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 election progresses. senate lawmakers emerged from a private briefing with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein yesterday. some republicans including senator lindsey graham believe that the investigation has taken a new turn. democrats also contradicted the president's latest narrative for firing james comey as fbi director after pressing rosenstein on the issue. >> he knew that comey was going to be removed prior to him writing his memo. >> congressman jason chaifetz said yesterday that he will resign from congress at the end of next month. the utah republican heads the house oversight and government reform committee. it's been investigating president trump's controversial firing of fbi director james comey. sources say that chaifetz is
6:38 am
eyeing a position at fox news. undocumented people could see greater protections in menlo park after a city council meeting this tuesday. last month, council members tabled a sanctuary city ordinance over questions surrounding some of its language. but a revised form is up for debate tuesday. it would prevent all city employees from assisting federal officials in their investigations of illegal locals immigration status. the poll is i could mean a loss of $665,000 -- the policy could mean a loss of $665,000. government funding to menlo park. fears at a church in sacramento, is serves as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. but over the weekend, federal immigration agents were caught staking out at some church services. i.c.e. has a policy to avoid sensitive places including houses of worship. but it says the agents were conducting surveillance and the location was purely coincidence tal. >> a good number of our church are immigrants and there was
6:39 am
confusion. and there was a lot of fear. >> i.c.e. agents spotted near the church made no arrests and eventually left. immigration attorneys say that i.c.e.'s conduct at the church is lawful if the person they were looking for is a criminal. there is new information about the man who is reportedly behind the wheel of the car that plowed into times square. police say 26-year-old richard rojas had been court-martialed and discharged from the navy about three years ago. he is now facing murder charges. a teenager died and nearly two dozen other people were hurt in the crash yesterday. right now, the search for a missing five-year-old. investigators are focused on the south pasadena park where his father was found last month. the boy vanished after a trip to disneyland with his father who was found alone and unconscious at the park next to his gasoline covered car. the l.a. county sheriff's department says a credible tip led them
6:40 am
back to the location. >> now that time has gone by maybe there's different scents that are available other evidence by might uncover that was missed. >> the child's father is no longer cooperating with investigators. he was arrested the day after his son was reported missing. but at that time, investigators say there was not enough evidence to charge him. right now, san jose police are looking for any suspects tied to a deadly shooting. officers got to the scene around 10 p.m. last night. they found the victim outside the weinerschnitzel on first street. his identity hasn't been released. but we're told he was in his 30s. there is no information about a motive or suspect. time check 6:40. working to make repairs how long the oroville dam is expected to go offline for, next. >> plus, uber makes a new threat in the wake of a lawsuit filed by "waymo." >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. the dow is up 50. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. coming up later on cbs t ,,
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gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning, gayle. >> first i want to say to you michelle, happy friday. hasn't it been a long week? >> it has been. just glad we made it. >> so i'm looking forward to it. i got no plans. that's the best weekend to v good to see you. we have breaking news for you this morning. what's next for julian assange after sweden dropped its investigation into the wikileaks founder? plus we look at how roger ailes transformed the news media and reshaped our politics. npr covered the former fox news chief extensively.
6:45 am
a reporter joins us at the table later on this morning. the fisherman trying to lead the next big food trend says its kelp could be coming to a dinner table near you. that plus the eye-opener, you know that means your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. so a little less than 15 minutes from now, michelle. back to you. >> thank you. can't wait, gayle. have a great weekend. relaxing. >> okay. you, too. >> okay. thanks. >> you, too. thanks. >> no plans. that's the best. all right. uber is appealing a federal judge's ruling in a self- driving car lawsuit. google's self-driving company called "waymo" filed that lawsuit claiming that uber used some of their information to build their self-driving car system. last week, a federal judge denied uber's request to move the case into private arbitration. uber is now appealing that decision. the company is also threatening to fire the engineer at the center of the lawsuit. all right. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks
6:46 am
brooks. >> reporter: there two bay area- based merchants doing better than peers. san francisco-based gap reported better sales in the recent quarter. same-store sales up by 2% led by old navy. which had a really strong quarter. the flagship chain and banana republic saw sales down a bit but better than a year ago. and dublin based ross had another strong quarter. its revenue up 7% to $3.3 billion. cloud based software services leader "salesforce" continues to do well. its revenue was up about 25% from i year earlier to $2.4 billion and despite rising challenges from microsoft and oracle, "salesforce" says it's increasing its market share. and its stock is heading higher on that news. the market had a modest
6:47 am
rebound yesterday from the worst session of 2017. stocks are heading higher once again today. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing at the moment. the dow is up by 55 points. nasdaq gaining 34. s&p up by 9 points. shares in ross up 1%. gap after looking positive in the early going is down 3%. back to you guys. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. 6:47. we have a "sig alert." >> yes. this is shutting down a road at niles canyon. it has been shut down due to a head-on crash. this is right near palomares road there. and emergency crews are on the scene. chopper 5 over the scene showing us these pictures. if you typically travel this route you know there's really not a lot of options. so if you take 680 do not get on 84 at this point. we'll let you know when that road reopens. we have not been given a time as to when that may be but you'll want to stick to 680 or 880 and as you can see, 880 on
6:48 am
the left of your screen is in the yellow slow in the southbound direction. it's reported to be blocking that connector ramp. 880 is slow from 238 to 84. 21 minutes give yourself some time this morning and some extra space between you and that car in front of you. kenny. >> thank you. we're starting to feel the change in seasons and you can really see it from above. these nasa satellite images show how quickly the lush green hills are disappearing. the left picture is from mars when much of the state was a vibrant green after all that winter rain. and the right image was taken this week, look at that difference, just a couple of months later california is looking more golden brown. roberta? this is just so impressive this morning. i want to get to it. at 6:48 this morning, 2400 people on their way to enjoy our san francisco weather.
6:49 am
we know that because they are aboard that right there. that's the disney wonder passing the container ship heading out to sea. but coming into our bay now, the disney wonder. it has 11 decks. it's about 964 feet long. so it is just about as long as the "salesforce tower" is tall! and what a day for all those passengers to be coming into san francisco from san diego. this is one of the best weather days so far this year especially in san francisco. currently it's 54 degrees. livermore in the 40s. same in santa rosa. 54 in redwood city. the winds have been under 10 miles per hour. right now at 5 in san francisco. these winds will be more consistent later today out of the northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. it's a sensational day. sunsational. mild on the coast and the bay by tuesday inland areas cool by 10 degrees.
6:50 am
the coast is clear. that's an offshore flow. that shield right there is the marine layer. so what i want to do is try to clock it and see when we can anticipate the cooldown at the coast due to the marine layer. tonight, right around the san mateo coast, the low clouds get very close. and by tomorrow morning, when you wake up along the seashore, you will see a hint of some of the thin stratus. and then by saturday afternoon, we still see the offshore components. by sunday morning, for the running of "bay to breakers" we'll have thin overcast skies. then all the clouds back off. we have a terrific weekend from the coast to our inland areas. it's all about the ridge of high pressure that's strengthening and building over northern california. as it does so, beach day today and tomorrow santa cruz 80 degrees both days with a gentle breeze. surf is fair. but just a reminder the water temperature is 54 degrees. nearly 90 state capital today and fresno, merced and modesto. 64 monterey bay. 65 in the high sierra where we had 3 inches of snow on tuesday.
6:51 am
so weather change we're in the midst of it right now nearly 70 at rockaway beach, seal rock today. 70s 80s around the bay. 80s around the peninsula through the 80s to the low 90s towards the delta, discovery bay and orwood. we have hotter weather on the weekend 90s inland. stratus at the coast. we have our oakland a's playing earlier tonight6:35 because of fireworks after the game as they host the red sox. we have the contra costa county fair, that's taking place all weekend long. make sure you hydrate in the 90s. and meanwhile the running of the "bay to breakers," it's just a moving party in progress, and average temperature of 64 degrees. make it a great day, everyone. michelle? >> thank you. right now in fresno county, crews are working to contain a wildfire that's burned at least 3500 acres. the fire broke out yesterday
6:52 am
afternoon in coalinga. 150 firefighters are trying to contain t cal fire says 15-mile- an-hour winds have made their fight especially tough. unmowed grass has been a key concern moving the flames forward. the oroville dam swill way is going offline while crews repair it. starting today, state officials will stop releasing watered from it so crews can start work on the chute. the spillway collapsed in february from all the rain. contractors are expected to work around the clock throughout the fall and, of course, the goal is to have repairs fully completed by november 1 in case there are early season storms. the state is live streaming all that construction on the park's website. attorneys general from across the country including california enter a battle for healthcare that's been going on for years as the senate writes a new version of the bill. >> plus, embattled former congressman anthony weiner will appear in court in just about an hour to face criminal charges.
6:53 am
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. california is among 15 states fighting to preserve federal healthcare funding.... i'm jackie ward in the kpix 5 newsroom. california is among 15 states fighting to preserve federal healthcare funding. the issue stems from a lawsuit filed by house republicans in 2014. seeking as to block billions of dollars in payments to insurance companies to subsidize lower income americans. the lawsuit is ongoing and the trump administration seems unlikely to fight to preserve the funding. state attorney general javier becerra and his colleagues are asking a federal court to allow the states to defend the law. premiums will increase 19% across the country higher in
6:57 am
states that have not expanded medicaid. medi-cal covers more than 12 million people. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:57. time for your "final 5. president trump could name his potential successor to former fbi director james comey today. his decision could come before he departs this afternoon or his first overseas trip as president. in just about an hour, former new york congressman anthony weiner will reportedly plead guilty to a charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. the investigation was launched when a 15-year-old north carolina girl she and weiner exchanged vulgar messages. a car hit a tree in oakland this morning. firefighters had to rescue the driver and passenger. there's no word on their conditions. right now, san jose police are looking for any suspects tied to a deadly shooting. it happened last night outside the weinerschnitzel restaurants on first street. >> and rip currents are possible along the bay area coastline this weekend. you are taking a live look at
6:58 am
san francisco's ocean beach where the danger could be especially high. and we are going on hour 2 of our accident of this head-on crash that chopper 5 is over the scene. this is along niles canyon. and it's shut down at palomares road. so please use an alternate route. 680 is in the green. 880 in the yellow showing slowdowns through that stretch. we're also tracking another accident along 680 near parish and that's slowing you down in that north- and southbound directions. delays in the yellow and red for "bay area majors." just imagine this, 2400 passengers aboard the disney wonder. can you imagine the ooos and the aaaaas and snapping of photos for all those folks with the early wake-up call traveling and the golden gate bridge how cool is that? wow! and they are traveling into san francisco from san diego on one of the most spectacular weather
6:59 am
days so far this year. we're talking about temperatures nearly 70 at the beaches today, 70s 80s around the bay. we're talking mid- to high 80s around the peninsula. 80s and 90s to the north and to the ease, the winds northwest to 15. higher weather inland for the weekend. pretty stable on the coast but the return of a thin marine layer early in the morning hours. big cooldown by tuesday. i hope when they were going under the golden gate bridge they made a wish because that's what you're supposed to do right. >> i didn't know that. >> i make-a-wish make my wishes on railroad tracks. ♪[ music ] >> it's the weekend. >> yeah. >> friday. >> have a great day. zinke
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, may 19th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, a swedish prosecutor drops the sexual assault investigation against wikileaks founder julian assange holed up at the comey embassy in tlonds avoid extradition but scotland yard said he would be arrested if he steps outside. trump campaign associate mace have contacted russia more than a year ago. a friend of james comey says the fired fbi director was completely disgusted by a meeting with the president two days after the inauguration. . . the nypd searches for a


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