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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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and the new investigation into russian meddling... just as the now at noon, new details about the firing of the fbi director and the new investigation into russian meddling. just as the president leaves for his first foreign trypsins taking office. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. legs than an hour ago, president trump and the first lady left joint base andrews for saudi arabia. the president will also visit israel and the vatican before
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traveling to europe for a nato meeting and g7 summit. meanwhile, washington is still spinning with fallout from the firing of fbi director james comey and the new investigation into russia. seth lemon has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: house members headed into a closed-door briefing from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. rosenstein is back on capitol hill explaining his decision to appoint a special counsel and the events leading up to the firing of fbi director james comey. >> and i also got a very, very strong recommendation as you know from the deputy attorney general. >> reporter: but rosenstein told lawmakers the decision was already made. >> he knew that comey was going to be removed prior to him writing his memo. >> reporter: although not all lawmakers say a special counsel was needed, members of congress from bolt sides of the aisle are praise -- both sides of the aisle are praising the choice of robert mueller to lead the investigation. investigators are looking into
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whether the trump campaign may have been coordinating with the russians in april 2016. sources claim investigators found multiple contacts considered a cause for concern. the fbi is scrutinizing former trump campaign chairman paul manafort, foreign policy adviser carter page, and the former national security adviser michael flynn. president trump insists he did not ask former fbi director comey to drop his investigation of flynn. >> no. no. next question. >> reporter: multiple congressional committees with working to get the memo where comey allegedly documented his conversation with the president and hopes to hear comey testify next week. seth lemon for cbs news, capitol hill. new at noon, disgraced former congressman anthony weiner has pleaded guilty to federal obscenity charges involving a minor. he left the new york courthouse a short time ago. witnesses say he cried in court and apologized to the victim. weiner will have to register as a sex offender and could face
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prison time. a live look outside now. the bay area is heating up. temperatures climbing for the weekend and roberta gonzales has a look at that. >> how about it? temperatures today well above average. this is our live weather camera from our kpix 5 studios looking past pier 9. you can see 45 miles away in the east bay. wow! okay. is it really spring? it feels more like summer. average high in san francisco 64 degrees. today we'll top off at 7 degrees. concord you're a good 15 degrees above average. san jose your topping off 5 degrees above where you should be for the 19th day of the month. we do have the return of the low clouds and fog and that's going to make the temperatures come bown significantly so that's a real important factor -- come down significantly so that's a real important factor in the holiday weekend. we'll time out the marine layer when it will arrive and there could be hazards along the coast. we have more information about that coming up. the high temperatures are going to send a lot of people
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toward the water to cool off. kpix 5's anne makovec reports experts are raising concerns about safety. >> reporter: a warm weekend on tap means that ocean beach is going to be packed. so experts are sounding the warning bell about rip currents. ocean beach is ranked among the most dangerous beaches in the united states. >> has an enormous amount of rip currents. >> reporter: this oceanographer says under the waves there are currents more powerful than what you can see from shore. >> where it's benign, that's where it's ripping out dampening the effect of the wave coming in and it, looks safe. then you get sucked out. >> reporter: people who frequent ocean beach sees people struggling. >> it slams into the sand where people will be swimming. >> reporter: this weekend, the san francisco tradition known as "bay to breakers" ends at ocean beach. even though it's not allowed,
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many of the participants drink alcohol along the way and might want to take a dip. >> that's par for the course. >> reporter: the best advice if you get caught in a rip current, relax, look for the shore and swim parallel to it until you are out of the current. >> don't try to fight the current. don't try to come in where it looks the calmest. unfortunately, you're going to need to go where the waves are to surf back in. >> reporter: another reason to stay out of the water? it is cold! even when it's warm outside, that water is just 54 degrees. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a car crash in the oakland hills sent four people to the hospital this morning. two of them in critical condition. chopper 5 was over the scene where the car rolled over and smashed into a tree. firefighters had to rescue the driver and front passenger. two other people were in the back seat but escaped on their own. dozens of court buildings around the state including several here in the bay area pose a safety hazard in the event of an earthquake. kpix 5's jessica flores shows
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us those in the worst shape. >> reporter: the loma prieta earthquake-ravaged the bay area. buildings, bridges, freeways collapsed. the destruction still fresh in many minds. >> i was in the '89 earthquake. and trust me, it's -- it's -- you're not prepared. no one is prepared for that. >> reporter: this councilwoman visiting the alameda county administration building learned today it's seismically unsafe, the second worst for earthquake safety in the state. the new report from the judicial council of california found at least nine bay area county courthouses could collapse and result in the loss of life if an earthquake hits. but the state has diverted about $1.4 billion away from court construction funds. the contra costa county court ceo says his building is among the worst off. >> it's not being addressed in a rational manner. each year it only is going to be more and more and more risky. and we live in california where
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it's not if we're going to get major earthquakes but when they occur. >> reporter: the council is asking state lawmakers to reinvest in county courthouses. just to retrofit the alameda county administration building, which has civil court on two floors would cost $64 million. >> it's all about money. you have to be able to fix it. where are you going to get the money from? >> reporter: a final report identifying exactly which buildings need urgent funding is due in 2018. >> other courthouses unsafe, the san francisco hall of justice, sonoma county hall of justice and the alameda county fremont hall of justice. the california and new york attorney general are leading a 16-state charge against a federal lawsuit filed by house republicans. the suit is threatening to block billions of dollars in payments to insurance companies to subsidize low income people. the issue stems from a lawsuit
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filed in 2014. that lawsuit is ongoing and the trump administration is unlikely to fight to preserve the funding. california state attorney general javier becerra and his colleagues are asking a federal court to allow the states to directly defend the law. in a tweet he said: idy ents... iser family foundation projec >> if there is a loss of subsidy payments, the kaiser family foundation projects that premiums will increase by 19% nationwide. the man behind the wheel of a speeding car that hit pedestrians in times square is charged with murder and attempted murder. 26-year-old richard rojas faced a judge today. police say security cameras captured him traveling at a high rate of speed as he hit pedestrians yesterday. streets in the busy area reopened just a few hours ago in new york city. 18-year-old alyssa elsman a tourist from michigan was
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killed. and two dozen others were hurt in yesterday's incident. investigators do not believe that the incident is terror- related. police say that rojas did pass a field sobriety test but an initial test showed marijuana in his system. julian assange is speaking out today after sweden's top prosecutor announced he is dropping an investigation into a rape claim against the wikileaks founder. assange called the development an important victory. he faced reporters outside the ecuadorian embassy in london today. he had been living at the embassy since 2012 to avoid extradition to sweden. but uk police say they have a warrant for his arrest after he skipped a court appearance. >> he is without charge. why my children grew up without me. that is not something that i can forgive. it is not something that i can forget. >> assange has also been offered no assurance that the u.s. hasn't made an extradition request for him to face charges
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here. new at noon a year-long battle over prince's massive he's state is over. a minnesota judge has declared that the artist died without a well and that his massive estate has 6 heirs, his six siblings. an autopsy found he had overdosed on a painkiller last year. according to court filings, prince's estate is worth around $200 million. still ahead, cash coming to some car owners. the multi-million dollar settlement over faulty airbags. >> plus a new place to cool off. how soon you can check out the east bay's newest waterpark. ,,,,
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settlement over recalled takata airbags. toyota, subaru, mazda, and b-m-w are part of the deal. four automakers are just
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agreed to a $553 million settlement over recalled takata airbags. toyota, subaru, mazda and bmw are part of the deal. drivers could be compensated for things like lost wages, car rentals or child care while they were taking their cars in for recall repairs. when it comes to investments, women may do better than men. at least according to some new research. fidelity investments checked 8 million of its customers' accounts and found women did better than men by an average of .4%. the research suggests women take a longer term view of investing and take fewer risks. ibm is reversing course on letting people work at home. the "wall street journal" says they plan to tell thousands of workers to return to the office or leave the company. ibm says working in the office will improve collaboration and pick up the pace of work. taking a look at the financial markets right now on wall street, the dow surging right now up 143 points. the self-proclaimed greatest show on earth is about
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to take its final bow after 146 years of performances. ingling brothers and barnum & bailey circus is holding its final show this weekend. the circumstances had recently retired its elephant act following backlash from animal rights groups and declining ticket sales are forcing the organization to call it quits. clowns and trapeze artists will perform in their final show this sunday in new york. on the healthwatch, more and more people are ditching low fat dairy products and choosing whole milk instead. many people think low fat is better for your health. but nutrition experts say there could be big benefits to working full fat milk, yogurt and cheese into your diet. they can keep people full for longer so they tend to not east at much during the day. studies also show the fat can slow down the body's absorption of sugar helping lower the risk of diabetes. dieticians say it is important to look at your entire diet before switching. >> for someone who is already consuming a lot of saturated fat maybe a lot of red meat and
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animal fat, and not so much of the good stuff, i probably wouldn't want to add in more saturated fat. >> and in case you're wondering if the full fat benefits apply to ice cream, experts say, think again. >> all right. people in the east bay will soon have another option to cool off as the weather heats up. tonight a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held in dublin for the wave waterpark. it has three pools, six slides and a water playground costing $36 million to build. it opens on may 27th. a lot of east bayers could of used that today, roberta. >> absolutely. that's going to be some of the hottest weather across the bay area. not only today but throughout the weekend. hi, everybody! lots to talk about. very interesting weather pattern. so let's get right to it. it's our live weather camera looking out past our kpix 5 studios past pier 9. temperature down from 74 to 71
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degrees. lots of blue skies, good air quality. look at this. this is the scene from sutro tower. we're look north over the golden gate bridge. you have sausalito and tiburon, you have great visibilities. we have a really good-looking day. kind of reminds me of september in san francisco with our highs in the 70s. we do have 80 degrees already in san jose. 70 in oakland. the winds are still under 10. but they have been increasing westerly at 6 in oakland to the north 7 in the napa area. these winds will be a little more consistent later today. northwesterly about 10 to 15 miles per hour. i'm just calling it sunsational today! hot inland over the weekend. mild along the coast. about 10 degrees cooler on tuesday. so have you ever wanted to know what an offshore flow looks like? that's it right there. the coast is clear. look at the shield of clouds lined up at the coast. when the marine layer comes back it will knock back the temperatures at the coast so it's an important forecast. here we are 7:00 tonight and look how carefully close we
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have the clouds playing tag with the seashore all the way back to the san mateo coast. then tomorrow morning, these clouds are trying to penetrate the bay but then they back off by lunchtime. so we'll have ample sunshine at the coast this weekend. sunday morning "bay to breakers" steps off at 8 a.m., thin overcast for the race. at the coast we'll have 64 degrees. lots of partly cloudy conditions in san francisco. it's all about the ridge of high pressure that continues to expand over northern california. here you have your coastal forecast. santa cruz 80 breezy surf choppy and poor status. 89 state capital today but that's okay. we are besting that with 90 concord, clayton and walnut creek. temperatures pretty much 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. take your pick. meanwhile, we do have on saturday -- the beach temperature went away. we do have that weather pattern continuing with a hot weather forecast through monday.
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big drop-off in temperatures by tuesday. >> somewhere in the 60s, though. >> always sunshine. >> 65 half moon bay. 70 in pacifica. 80 in santa cruz. >> okay. >> thank you. time now for a tip of the day. our fresh grocer tony tantillo tells bus an ingredient that adds flavor and a-- tells us about an ingredient that adds flavor and aroma. >> reporter: today's tip of the day is cilantro. i love the aroma. it's almost addicting. i put it in so many different recipes. it lends itself so well and adds so much. not just hispanic food but all types of cuisine. but selection and storage is very, very important to keep this herb tasting fresh and have all the properties. when you buy it make sure it's green like this all the way around. very important free from yellowing. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away and if you put them in a plastic bag open it up a little bit. also here's a tip. when you see them in the store like this and there's like this automatic spray that hits them,
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wipe them down with a paper towel before you get them home and put them in the refrigerator. they will last longer, keep them away from moisture. cilantro, year round in the market. smells so good! and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. great choice, delicious. ♪[ music ] still ahead, protecting your pets and keeping them out of the emergency room. how to avoid medical emergencies coming up. ,,,, who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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owners may be facing. today's topic -- preventing medical emergencies. dr. jill cha th "frankie." every friday we check in with our pet expert to tackle issues that pet owners may be facing. today's topic preventing medical emergencies. dr. jill chase joins us along with frankie. >> last friday at the giants game, i got a call from this dog's owner vomited twice and she was panting a lot. and the history was that they had taken her for a walk and she had foraged under bushes and i thought to myself she had probably eaten something and probably drugs because this is the big point i want to make today is that for some reason, drug people stash their items under bushes. so i would advise owners to be very mindful not to let dogs get to bushes. so frankie actually ended up
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having methamphetamine toxicity so she had meth and so she went to the emergency room. the second point i want to make it's very important is that in the way i was trained in veterinary school is it's very important when your dogs are showing signs of illness to call your vet immediately or take them to the emergency room and the reason frankie is doing so well is because the owner did take her to the er. they put in an iv catheter in the vein and she got some fluids, drew some blood but she recovered in a few days so she is doing well. >> we're glad she is doing well. again, you want to monitor your pets carefully when your on walks. and thank you so much. >> if you have a question about your pet's health and well-being, email us at we'll have dr. jill give us answer friday at noon. we'll be right back. ,,
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we just learned our broadcasting colleague and now some sad news for kpix 5 and the bay area. we just learned to your broadcasting colleague and dear friend wayne walker has died. walker played pro football for 15 years for the detroit lions and then began a second career here at channel 5. wayne was our sports director for 20 years and he was the consummate professional. we'll share our memories of wayne ahead at 5:00 and 6:00. also coming up tonight at
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5:00, more flaring at the vallejo refinery forcing evacuation warnings this week. residents are waking up to a slime left on their cars. we are getting to the bottom of that. we'll have that for you tonight at 5:00. and that is going to do it for kpix 5 news at noon. >> we're done. >> we're done. >> let the weekend start. >> i have to go play with my relatives here from the los angeles area. >> hi, cousins! >> and don't forget frankie, too, right? >> so cute. ,,
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