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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> very chaotic. half the people knew what was going on. some people were still walking in the store while it was happening because they didn't know. >> reporter: witnesses say the two of these ran out the side -- say the robbers ran out of the side door into a waiting car. they shot in the air as they drove off. >> he have very scary. >> they made us get under the stable. >> it was very, very scary. >> reporter: the store was closed for two hours as they searched for gunmen. >> it's unbelievable. >> whoever has the gall to go in there with a gun and shooting while there's probably hundreds of customers in there, that's just awful. >> reporter: this is the second brazen robbery at this costco. earlier this month, three men also used hammers to smash the case to take the jewelry. no serious injuries. police say one person fell during the running away from all of this. so minor injuries for that person. but they don't really have good
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descriptions of the suspects either. the two guys inside were wearing masks. the person outside apparently didn't wear a mask, appeared to be hispanic or a white man driving a newer silver colored toyota camry. that's all the information that's been released by the police so far. >> da, it happens once. then it happens again at the staple store. these two robberies connected? >> reporter: right. a lot of similarities, right? both happening very close to each other. both times three men. they used hammers. but the police are saying that it's too early to connect these two cases. but certainly a lot of similarities. >> all right. da lin reporting live from danville, thank you, da. right now, an amber alert is out for a san francisco toddler who police say abducted by his father. kpix 5's andria borba just wrapped up a briefing by a d.a. investigator on this case. >> reporter: well, liz, ken, it
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was about 2:45 this afternoon you probably noticed that very loud amber alert go across your telephone. well, it was for the child you are about to see, 21-year-old [name] was reported missing by his mother at 5:30 thursday night at sfpd's taraval station. an expected custody drop-off didn't happen. now, this is the boy's father 30-year-old jason. the amber alert is issued around bay area. the san francisco d.a.'s office wouldn't say how recently there was a photo taken yesterday of a father and son at a store in menlo park. >> sometime today, we found out disturbing information regarding the father that really gave us concern at which time we initiated an amber alert. >> reporter: now, this is the car you be looking for a 2000 tan toyota corolla picked up here on surveillance video and here's the license plate: 5fey238. now, investigators at the san
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francisco district attorney's office say that jason lamb is suicidal. if you see him call police. don't approach him. they are hoping to get the boy home to his mother soon. live at the hall of justice, andria borba, kpix 5. details on a midair scare on a flight between los angeles and hawaii involving a guy becoming belligerent near the cockpit. veronica de la cruz has late developments. >> reporter: american airlines flight 31 was heading from l.a. to honolulu. we're hearing the passenger was holding a laptop and loitering near the bathroom at the front of the plane. this is instagram video of fbi agents removing that man. the trouble happened when he was asked to sit down. reports are he made a movement like he was trying to break into the cockpit. all of this was happening as the plane was out over the pacific. as the flight crew subdued the man, the pilot quickly reduced
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altitude a move to lessen the impact if that laptop had been a bomb. this is grainy airport camera photo of the american airlines flight as it came in for a landing in hawaii. for good measure that flight was escorted by a pair of fighter jets. airlines are on alert over the possibility of laptops being used to sneak explosives on planes which is why they have been banned on some international flights. the passenger in today's incident is being questioned by federal investigators. school officials in the bay area are scrambling to contain a norovirus outbreak that's left hundreds of students sick. kpix 5's susie steimle tells us it's unusual for the virus to be spreading so fast. >> reporter: for the past three days, chris and monica trout have been monitoring a virus that's running through their family like wildfire. >> got sick on wednesday, thursday and friday. >> reporter: tuesday, chelsea came homesick from school. you can see she is starting to feel better.
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thursday, it was her 6-month- old sister's turn and today, it's ashley. >> water to keep hydrated. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: monika is concerned it may be norovirus spreading through the bay area at an alarming rate. san jose unified school district confirms it has 424 cases of norovirus, 56 new cases reported just yesterday. 18 schools are affected. roughly 1,000 cases were reported in yolo county this week. >> we are seeing a significant increase and it's an unusual amount of cases that we have this year. >> reporter: dr. george hahn from santa clara county public health says it's unusual to see this many cases especially at this time of year. >> norovirus is a seasonal virus and so during the colder winter months, it comes up more. >> reporter: it spreads through ingestion and once infected, you're contagious for 48 hours
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after your symptoms go away. which is why at least ashley likely won't be back at school on monday. in vallejo, susie steimle, kpix 5. >> public health officials warn that hand sanitizers do not work against norovirus. they say you should instead wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with antibacterial soap and warm water. san jose firefighters had their hands full with two fires at the same time earlier today. the first one got started just after 11:00 this morning on summer street near jackson and 680. a shed fire spread to a duplex. it was out in 20 minutes. a water main broke in the process complicating things. fire crews got everyone out safely. >> outside the house i heard some popping noise. when i saw the smoke, i started calling everybody to go out of
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the house. so it's just starting from the backyard. >> no word on the cause of the fire. at the same time, crews were fighting a fire in south san jose, this one a two-alarm kitchen fire. two people were treated for smoke inhalation at the scene. the red cross is now helping some folks who were displaced. president trump has now begun his first foreign trip while in office. air force one left from maryland this afternoon. his first stop will be saudi arabia where he will address a summit of arab and muslim leaders on sunday. and breaking developments now from washington. former fbi director james comey says he will testify before the senate intelligence committee. cbs reporter seth lemon is keeping up with the very latest. seth. >> reporter: liz, the "new york times" reportedly says that the president told russian officials james comey was a nut job and today, as deputy attorney general rod rosenstein briefed house members behind closed doors, the "washington
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post" is reporting that that russian investigation has zeroed in on someone in the white house. just as president trump was boarding air force one to take off on his first overseas trip, the "new york times" dropped a bombshell about president trump's decision to fire fbi director james comey. an american official read to them a document summarizing president trump's oval office meeting with russian officials last week. the president reportedly told them, i just fired the head of the fbi. he was crazy, a real nut job. i face the great pressure because of russia. that's taken off. the president has said he was thinking of the russia investigation when he made the decision to fire comey. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein supported president trump's decision to fire comey. he was on capitol hillified to answer lawmakers' questions about that decision. rosenstein told lawmakers he knew the president was going to fire comey and he agreed with him. so he wrote a memo outlining
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the reasons why. he said, i wrote it, i believe it, i stand by it. white house press secretary spicer says comey's firing obviously wouldn't stop the investigation. he added, by grandstanding and politicizing the investigation into russia's actions, james created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with russia. and indeed, the investigation does continue. the "washington post" is reporting law enforcement has identified a significant person of interest who is a current white house official. he or she is reportedly close to president trump. and the white house also confirmed today that the president would not name a new nominee to head the fbi. we expected to hear that this week. but president trump of course taking off on his first international trip. we do know that james comey the former fbi director is going to testify. he declined to testify before the judiciary committee. but now the senate intelligence committee will hear from him and so will the public sometime
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after memorial day. on capitol hill, seth lemon kpix 5. you notice anything new? yeah. how about the weather? it is absolutely gorgeous outside. we sent our meteorologist paul deanno to the contra costa county fair to just kind of get in the feel of spring. paul? >> reporter: why not? you know? nothing says it's almost summer- like fair season beginning. we have every county going to have a fair between now and august. contra costa county is batting leadoff this year and the weather is kind of fair-like. you want it warm. it's in the upper 80s and low 90s toward antioch beautiful weather today. running about 10 to 15 degrees above average. let's check where we are today versus where we should be for this time of the year. san francisco your high today 74. that is 10 degrees above average. oakland 79 for a high today. that's 11 degrees above normal for this time of the year. the biggest deviation from norm would be concord up the road at buchanan field normal 76, today's high 91 putting today 15 degrees warmer than average. but it's not really warm everywhere. right along the coastline, temperatures are actually near
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or below normal because of that sea breeze. it will be with you throughout the day tomorrow, some fog likely to develop along the coastline tonight. but inland, no ocean influence. you're going to stay warm if you hit 90 today it's a very high likelihood you will do it again tomorrow and also sunday. coming up in weather, we'll talk more about the fair and how long this warm weather will stick around. live from antioch, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. it's that time of year. the kids are almost out of school. the caps and gowns are coming out. >> but it's also the time of year for students to sort of clean house. and that means a lot of mattresses, furniture, trash, you name it ends up on the street. what city officials are doing to try and stop that illegal dumping. >> plus, pet owners, you also need to watch out when it comes to your pets' waist. what one city's poop patrol has in store for so-called poop-at raitors. >> we have a warning about the rough water if you're heading to the beach. ,,,,
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as cal students get ready to leave for the summer. new at 5:00 it's that time of year when old furniture starts piling up on berkeley streets as cal students leave for the summer. kpix 5's don ford shows us how city officials are trying to stop the annual dump and run. >> reporter: a time to celebrate. a time to graduate. a time to go home. >> go, bears! >> reporter: like thousands of students, katie is moving out and like many students she has a lot of stuff. >> tables and couches and. >> couches. >> everything. >> chairs. >> what do you do with all that stuff? >> put other things in it that are also inconvenient to move.
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>> reporter: into this truck her mom and dad are helping leaving nothing behind. but some folks just dump their stuff on the curb leaving it behind for someone else to clean up. book shelves, couches, and mattresses are left in piles. some dumpsters are overflowing. but to be fair, most students are not leaving their stuff strewn down the street. and i'm told this year's actually better than most in terms of trash. mike donahue says, the problem is different than other schools. >> they often will put couches out in the middle of the street and light them on fire. >> it's still going to be my place until i figure out what to do with it. >> reporter: uc and the city would rather have students recycle their old stuff and have started an awareness program to encourage responsible disposal. and then there's this. how about take all your stuff to the dump before you leave town. now, there's a thought. reporting somewhat close to the campus, don ford, kpix 5. >> meanwhile, city officials in
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san francisco are trying to get pet owners to stop a different kind of dumping. the city's supervisor katy tang announced a program today that's all about getting residents to pick up after their pets. you know what they're picking up. people who adopt from the city's animal care and control center or the spca will now get a free dog bag dispenser. >> they come along with a tag. so that you'll be reminded of your duties to not be a "poop- atrator" -- >> hm. there's also a social media component to the campaign. pet owners who post pictures to spca's twitter page that show them cleaning up after their pets can win prizes. the weekend's high temperatures will surely send families to the water. kpix 5's anne makovec is looking into possible safety concerns. >> reporter: ocean beach is ranked among the most dangerous beaches in the united states.
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>> has an enormous amount of rip currents. >> reporter: this oceanographer says below the surface waves, there are currents more powerful than what you can see from the shore. >> where it's benign, that's where the rip current is ripping out, it's dampening the effect of the wave coming in and looks like a safe spot and you get sucked right out. >> reporter: people who frequent ocean beach see fair weather beach-goers struggle. >> it slams into the sand. that's where people will be swimming. >> reporter: this weekend, a san francisco tradition known as "bay to breakers" ends at ocean beach. even though it's not allowed, many of the participants get drunk and might want to take a dip. >> that's part of the course. >> reporter: the best advice if you get caught in a rip current, relax, look for the shore and swim parallel to it until you're out of the current. don't try to fight the current. don't try to come in where it it looks the calmest. unfortunately, you need to go where the waves are to surf back in. >> reporter: another reason to
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stay out of the water? it is cold! even when it's warm outside, that water is just 54 degrees. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the 49ers jersey that colin kaepernick wore while protesting the national anthem is going to the smithsonian. kaepernick kneeled during the 2016 season protesting what he claims is racial injustice and police misconducts. then other nfl players followed his lead with various demonstrations. now the smithsonian of black history and culture is getting his number 7 jersey. kaepernick is now a free agent. well, tonight some sad news about one of the most popular people in bay area television. nfl star and former kpix 5 sports anchor and our friend wayne walker died earlier today at his home in idaho. joining us now is one of wayne's good friends and coworkers, wendy tokuda. >> well, his wife said he died
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this morning from complications from parkinson's disease caused by concussions he got playing pro football. all of us who knew and loved wayne are feeling the loss tonight. wayne played pro ball for the detroit lions as a linebacker and a kicker for 50 years. he is retired, and then started a new career here at channel 5. wayne was our sports director for 20 years. sports legends like mccovey and joe montana never hesitated to talk to him. >> he did things the right way that allowed him to get answers and trust from players that no one else could do. and he did it in a way that half the time you laugh all the way through it. >> that sense of humor evident in wayne's sports challenge feature which you're shearing. he would take on challenges, oh, like raising a cable car
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which you just saw. we'll all miss him. >> no doubt. and joe hit it on the head when you said you're laughing all the way through it because wayne made you laugh. he was that kind of guy. he had an infectious smile always clowning around. >> he was so funny. he was the funniest guy. >> yeah. >> and, um, dave mcelhatton used to always say, nobody has more fun than wayne walker. >> yeah. >> it was true. >> yeah. >> he enjoyed life. >> and lived a great life. >> lived it full. >> he will be missed. >> yeah.
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coming up all- new at 6:00 paul is at the fair. i don't think you could ask for a better day. >> you don't want to be cold at a fair. that wouldn't be summertime. so you want it warm but not crazy hot. frankly 90 degrees out here in antioch it's above average, it's warm but not crazy hot.
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we'll hit 106 or 110 come june and july. and have that 50-degree temperature spread. it's toasty. we have all the kids rides surrounding us. mom and dad making sure the little guys are safe. we have the carousel. we have great food. we have caricatures. we have auto racing tonight and tomorrow night at 7:00 and the contra costa county fair if you cannot make it out tonight, it's open all day long tomorrow and sunday. beautiful weather out here this weekend. so concord right now it is 90 degrees. in san francisco, though, only 67. san jose and santa rosa 86 degrees right now. livermore 88. oakland you may be the most comfortable spot, not hot, not cold, 74 degrees currently. your a's forecast tonight. what a great night for baseball and here's the bonus. 6:30 is the first pitch. you get to see the a's play the red sox afterwards fireworks perfect night 72 degrees at the first pitch against red sox nation. lows tonight oakland 54 for you. pacifica fog and 48 degrees overnight. napa, san rafael 49. san francisco 50.
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and concord a low tonight of 56 degrees. so why are we warm way from the water? it's the big strong ridge of high pressure. it is centered off to our west. what that means is that clockwise flow around the ridge will continue to feed in the lightest of light onshore flows right along the coastline. that's you're not going to warm up. but certainly that's not strong enough of an onshore push to cool you down away from the water. so you will stay warm. now, futurecast is going to show a lot of low cloud cover and fog sitting offshore and pushing into the coastline of san mateo, marin, sonoma county, san francisco overnight tonight. kind of hugs the coastline throughout the day tomorrow. that marine layer is very shallow so it won't push inland so we'll stay in the 90s inland and 60s at the coast. for more days of temperatures around 90 degrees and cooler at the coast with highs there in the 60s.
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>> 60s along the coast next week. when we cool away from the water next tuesday. the onshore flow gets stronger and we'll grab some of that marine influence with highs in the 80s and eventually the 70s inland by the middle of next week. live from antioch, paul deanno, back to you in the studio on a beautiful friday evening. >> great weekend, too. coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, it was criticized during the drought. now this megaproject is ready to make a splash. a first look at the multi- million dollar waterpark bringing thrills and hundreds of jobs to the east bay. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"..." thanks for watching at five... >> the "cbs evening news" is next. >> reporter: hi. up next did the president brag to the russians about firing james comey? plus, a new predicament for parents trying to protect their kids from skin cancer. and he was the perfect stranger to change her heart. steve hartman has the story on the road. coming up in just a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. and ahead at 6:00 straight from the bay to lake tahoe, details on seaplane service to the sierra. it will be veronica and me back here in 30 minutes. ♪[ music ]
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capt captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: breaking news in the russia investigation. new reports that the president ellled james comey "a nut job" and fired him to relieve pressure on himself. and law enforcement may be looking closely at a senior white house adviser. also tonight-- >> we have multiple people run >>er. >> mason: ...prosecutors say he wanted to kill them all. the driver is now charged with murder in the times square crash. t seems like a no-brainer, so why can't kids use sunscreen at many schools? >> it's a big deal when he comes home with sunburns. all right! >> mason: and steve hartman on how two lives were changed when a driver rolled down her window. >> then i couldn't get him out of my mind.


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