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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  May 20, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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news this morning: an arrest warrant issued for a bay area deputy's wife... accused of killing a boy while driving under the influence. plus - masked gunmen storm a bay area costco. shots fired. one woman tackled her elderly mother as bullets started flying. and.. fish in the forecast? a northern california campus trying to explain this bizarre phenomenon... it's just about _ _ on this saturday, may 20th.. good morning, i'm devin fehely. and i'm julie watts. let's get started with our forecast this morning devin, back to you. there's a 3- million dollar warrant out for the arrest for the we'll get started with a check of your forecast. it depends on where you live what is your forecast is today. starting off with dense fog along the coast. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. temperatures are in the 50s to
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start off the day. i will tell you we'll be cooler along the coast and warmer inland. thanks mostly to some on shore flow along the coast. a northerly flow inland helps keep temperatures warmer. clear start. patchy fog along the coast. temperatures flirting with 90s. milder along the coast with fog along the coastline. tahoe, in the high country, beautiful conditions. topping out in the low 70s and sunrise. your full forecast in a bit. devon, over to you. there is a $3 million warrant out for the arrest of a wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy accused of causing the crash that killed a little boy. that a few months after lihan was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs in pleasanton. then.. just last week -- she was arrested for public intoxication. take sot: officer derek reed\chp dublin
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we want to make sure no one else is in danger and luckily last week she wasn't driving when she was arrested and that's what we're really focusing on is that no one gets hurt. th considering charging malihan >> we want to make sure no one else is in danger. luckily last week she was not driving when she was arrested. that's what we are focusing on. that no one gets hurt. convicted of her previous d-u-i -- the d-a decided to charge elijah's de as gross vehicular manslaughter. a san francisco toddler... who was the subject of an amber alert... is safe this morning... in southern california. the 21-month- old was reported missing yesterday afternoon. investigators say his father jason lam took him... after failing to return the boy to his mother. the c-h-p issued the amber alert... after investigators found out that lam recently had a mental breakdown and could be suicidal. then, they learned he might have driven down i-5.. so they asked l-a-p-d for help. officers in los angeles found the boy and his father together... at about 8 o'clock last night. lam is now in custody. armed robbers are on the loose in the east bay.. two masked gunmen opened fire after rushing a costco...
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it happened at the danville costco... near san ramon. the same store was just robbed less than two weeks ago. the two men stormed the costco just after noon friday... the thieves took hammers to these display cases...filled with high-end jewelry, including rolex watches.. authorities say they fired into the air again outside...and got away in a silver toyota camry with dealer plates. meanwhile customers ducked for cover inside.. sheryl martinovich/witness i was with my 86-year-old mother and we were just entering the store. and she couldn't hear the gunshots. i was screaming at her to move. but she couldn't move, so i carried her and we hit the ground.> police have surveillance video of the suspects...but the masks and hoodies they wore are making it difficult to identify them. in the meantime...the store has ramped up security. a man is under arrest in hawaii this morning... accused of trying to force his way into the cockpit of a plane. american airlines flight 31 was heading from l-a-x to honolulu military jets were
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scrambled midflight... to escort the plane - which landed safely around midday, yesterday in hawaii. this is cell phone video of the suspect witnesses say: he was walking and down the isles with a lap top.... before charging the cockpit door... throwing himself up aginst a beverage cart -- blocking the doorway. " "he's wedged in. he s pushing and she said you're not coming in here." "by then a bunch of guys grabbed him.> "i was asking what else they could do and they found some duct tape and i think they went back over there with pillows and blankets just to tape into his chair and keep them subdued until they got here." charges are expected for the 25-year-old a turkish citizen.. who was in the u-s on student and tourist visas. the man had reportedly been cited for mistimeanor tresspassing at lax prior to boarding - for attempting to access a restricted area. a live look now at s-f-o.. where runway repairs have started again. they will continue through monday morning... so.. if you're flying in or out of the airport this weekend.. be sure to keep a close eye on your
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flight status... delays are expected. the airport is recommending you get there 2 to 3 hours before your flight. airport officials say they hope to complete the repairs by next month.. before the summer rush. a new report shows dozens of court buildings around the state-- including a few right here in the bay area-- are at risk for *serious damage in the event of an earthquake. the judicial council of california found at least nine bay area county courthouses could collapse and result in the loss of life -- if an earthquake hit. in fact, the alameda county administration building is ranked the second worst for earthquake safety in the state. contra costa county's court c- e-o says his buildings are also among the worst... phoner graphic: contra costa county superior court ceo stephen nash/ "it's not being addressed in a rational manner...each year it's only going to be more and more risky...and we live in california where it's not if a major earthquake is going to occur, it's when they occur" the council says the state has diverted about one-point-four
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billion dollars away from court construction funds. but it's asking lawmakers to reinvest in the buildings. others ranked seismically unsafe are: the san francisco hall of justice... sonoma county hall of justice... and the alameda county-fremont hall of justice. a norovirus outbreak left hundreds of bay area students sick... and we've just learned that it s spread to another county santa clara county currently has 424 cases at 18 schools. yolo county has more than one thousand reported cases... and now: young students in vallejo are reporting symptoms of the highly contagious virus. symptoms include extreme diarhea, vomiting, and body aches. (monika trout/vallejo) "tuesday my five-year-old started throwing up and then wednesday she had diarrhea she's complaining still about stomach pain" (dr. george han/santa clara county public health) "we are seeing a significant increase and it's an unusual amount of cases this year" the doctor notes that outbreaks typically hit during colder, winter months.
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now, public health officials warn sanitizer will not kill the virus. to prevent the spread... you must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. caltrain riders could end up paying more in fare. the transit agency had record ridership but it stil facing potential budget deficits. that's because only half of caltrain's operating budget comes from fares. the rest comes from partner transit agencies in santa clara, san mateo and san francisco counties. but caltrain says that's not it's proposing increasing zone fares by 25 cents. and employer subsidized "go passes" could rise by 50 percent. [sot]"those were heavily discounted. so they would still be a good deal, but they are not going to be the great deal that it once was." caltrain is stressing that these proposals are just proposals.. it plans to have a series of public hearings on these increases.. people living in san francisco could soon see a big jump in their garbage bills. the city is proposing a rate hike of about 14 percent
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starting in july. that would ammount to an extra 4 dollars and 85 cents a month. it's the first rate hike in 4 years. the money is slotted to go toward expanding recology's trucking fleet and covering higher costs for composting. the east bay was one of the bright spots... in a rough report for california's job market. new numbers show the east bay gained 500 jobs last month. the san francisco -san mateo area also added 15 hundred jobs. but, the once strong south bay job market- is seeing a slump. santa clara county lost 29 hundred jobs last month.. the third report of losses in 4 months. as a whole, california lost more than 16 thousand jobs in april. coming up: skip the trek on 80.. and take a seaplane adventure. we check out the bay area's newest way.. to travel to tahoe. and - the urban gardening is taking roo coming up, we check out the bay area's newest way to travel to tahoe. coming up, an innovative
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program turning vacant lots into community gardens. ,,,,,,,, [ whistles ]
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it's part of san jose s new urban agriculture program. neighbors get fresh veggies... the property owner gets a tax break.. joining us now to talk about the urban gardening.. tori truscheit with sacred heart community service. who's eligible for the program? are there requirements about how big the plot of land needs to >> thank you for joining us this morning. tell me a little bit about this program. who is eligible? how big does the plot of land need to be? how long do you have to commit to the program? >> we are excited about the opening of the first site for san jose's agriculture incentive zone. property owners can get a tax break if they allow the community to garden on your property. it can not be your back yard. it has to be a property without a dwelling on it. in san jose it has to be one to 1.3 acres.
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in santa clara county it can be up to three acres. >> as we saw it, i thought the top down view shows this first fees of land going into service is not that big. it is sandwiched between a used car dealership on one side and an office building on the other. tell me a little bit about how this plot of land is going to be used. >> the great thing about urban culture incentive zones is they can transform vacant lots from blythe in the city to beautiful spaces that the community can use for access to fresh fruits and vegetables. this particular site is going to be a greenhouse or valley verde meadows. they are going to grow seedlings. things like bitter melon and okra will be available for families to come and buy the
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seedlings and enjoy food from their home countries they might not find anywhere else. >> this may seem like a stupid question. if i want fruits and vegetables i go to the grocery store. but i'm guessing that for a lot of people, because everything is so expensive that that's maybe not an option for everyone. or as you were mentioning, some of the specific things they may be looking for, some things that are part of their ethic cuisine may not be that easy to find locally. is that right? >> yeah. part of the reason that diverse group of community members and urban gardeners wanted to pass agriculture incentive zones in san jose is we are finding families are struggling to afford high san jose rent and fresh fruits and vegetables for their families. being able to grow your own food in the valley, it is a perfect climate. we wanted to find that way to take advantage of the empty spaces and vacant lots in san
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jose and put those to good use. >> you said because there is a green house going on on this piece of land, they get the process started. and then the seedlings get transferred to the families and they grow them at their own homes. >> exactly. valley verde is a program in san jose where local families can bring home seedlings to plant in their back yard. you can go to the yard when you want a fresh tomato. harvest it yourself. bring it inside and make dinner for your family. >> before you go, you have an event, as the grand opening next week. it is also an opportunity to let other property owners know about this program. tell me quickly about that. >> if land owners are interested, we'll have a workshop at 10:00 a.m. next thursday the 25th at the valley verde greenhouse to learn what it might entail. we'll have a grand opening event after that. >> thank you very much for join
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this morning. -- joining us this morning. here's julie with the forecast. >> it will be a beautiful day. warm inland. cooler along the coast. take a look at the golden gate bridge this morning. you cannot see it because it is covered in fog. it is really dense fog along the coast. it doesn't really move very far inland this morning. right along the coast very dense fog. reduced visibilities. be cautious if you are coming in the city over the golden gate. temperatures in the 50s throughout the bay area as we start off our morning. it will be cooler along the coast. warmer inland. high pressure in place. how warm you get today is largely dependant on the winds on the flow. and the direction more than anything. starting off with a surface wind profile. notice we have a little bit of that light on shore flow. the light afternoon sea breeze.
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that will help keep folks cooler along the coast. however, inland it is more of a northerly flow. a warming flow. that will keep us warmer away from the water today. anything from 60s along the coast to 90s inland a very broad temperature range today. as you can see pretty much across the board we are above average for this time of year. well above average for folks in concorde we are in the 70s average temperature for this time of year. i'm sure some spots around san jose will see temperatures in the low 90s today. low 80s in oakland. san francisco in the 70s today. we'll see 60s for the cooler spots along the coast. high temperatures today in the south bay topping out ranging from the mid 80s to low 90s depending on where you are. inland temperatures really warm. in the low 90s today for antioch, brentwood, pleasant hill, walnut creek. definitely going to be a warm one there. around the bay topping out in
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the upper 70s and 80s for the warmer locations around the bay. throw -- low to mid 70s for the cooler spots. upper 80s for windsor. temperatures do stay warm through the weekend. cooler along the coast with coastal clouds. then we start to cool as we head towards the end of our extended forecast. by next week temperatures back down in the 70s. if you like the warm weather enjoy it while it lasts. a company called "blackbird" just started offering seaplane flights that take off from sausalito... and land in tahoe city. fares start at 125 dollars each way... but what's more impressive -- is the time you can save getting there. "they'll be in tahoe in an hour and 15 minutes. it'll take that long to get to sfo and through security..well already be there." to book a flight -- all you need to do is download the blackbird app.
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still to come: to bank or not to bank.. millions of parents are storing their baby's cord blood. but one local family wonders if the benefits are worth the rising cost. good morning and welcome back. it's time for our consumer watch weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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scientists say they've successfully used 3-d printing to create ovaries.. that may help infertile mice get pregnant. the printed ovaries -- implanted into mice -- not only managed to ovulate and release an egg --- but also released hormones like estrogen. the purpose of the study was to determine if 3-d ovaries could eventualy be implanted in female cancer survivors, who may lose ovary function during treatment. now, scientists think that this could also be used for women who struggle with infertility. and.... "millions" of parents store their newborn's cord blood at private banks, but a recent price hike has one mom wondering... whether her child's potentially life saving stem cells... are being held hostage. nats
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>> reporter: banking her daughter's core blood is a way of protecting her. the cord blood bank she chose says cells treat everything from cancer to autism. >> it is an insurance policy. >> reporter: the price is going up. she learned cbr is raising the annual storage fee 20%. >> we were taken aback. >> reporter: since moving to specimen to another facility is not recommended. >> we feel hostage. >> reporter: it isest nated two million samples are banked in the u.s., while they have been shown to treat dozens of diseases. >> it is unusual for somebody who banks core blood for their own children will ever use it. >> reporter: this professor says it is rare the cells treat the child they came from. >> whatever disease is treated is likely to be contained in
7:23 am
the cells of that core blood. >> reporter: the american congress of gynecologist says the chance of needing core blood is one in 2400. the cells may be used to treat a sibling or family member. she believes the investment was worth it until the price hike. >> it is a 20% increase. what happens next year. >> reporter: the contract she signed clearly states the price for 18 years but at the bottom it says prices are subject to change. a common disclaimer among all private core blood banks. cbr says the price hike was necessary to invest in research and support services and strongly recommends against transferring the cells to another facility. for now she'll continue to pay. >> if there is anything you can do as a parent you'll do it. >> reporter: you can prepay for
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up to 30 years of storage at cbr and other cord banks. they are protected from price hikes. instead of paying for private storage donate your cells to that public core bank, where like donating blood, they may be used to save someone else's life. let's turn to sports. good morning. let's hit you with baseball up top. giants got it rolling. last night they were in the gateway to the west at st. louis. of course there is rain. held up play for 46 minutes. two on down a run. nunez hero time. off the base of the wall. that brought home two. and a giants won it. final 6-5. giants won six of their last seven. beautiful day at in oakland yesterday. beautiful ending against the red soxs. a's single, double and triple. a tenth inning walk off homer. a cycle for the red soxs last
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night. final of 3-2. little extra treat for the former cal bear. basketball eastern conference finals. it is tough to explain sleep. lebron james and cleveland pointed celtics again. boston down by 41 at the half. largest half-time playoff deficit in league history. this one was over so early. charles barkley was resulted to playing go fish for entertainment. boston's worse loss in playoff history. out west a little bit later on today will there be drama in game three? both questionable to play. he has a bruised right heel. he can expect the spurs home crowd to yell insults to him as they hold him responsible to injuring their best player.
7:26 am
kevin durants response? so. >> 14 year veteran. grown man with two kids. couple jokes thrown his way and a couple of boos is not going to rattle him. he knows we got his back. it is not that serious. >> if leonard doesn't play the warriors will keep on unbeaten through the western conference finals as they are on a collision course for the cleveland cavaliers. see you later. this morning we are remembering a prominent sports figure and one of the most popular people in bay area television. >> wayne walker played pro football for 15 years. when he retired he started a new career at channel 5. he was our sports director for 20 years. s and's wife said he died yesterday at his home in idaho from parkinson's disease caused by concussions from playing pro football.
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>> he did things the right way that allowed him to get answers and trust from players that no one else could do. he did it in a way that half the time you are laughing all the way through it. first foreign trip.. >> wayne walker was 80 years old. coming up in our next that have hour, the president beginning his first foreign trip. the fallout for firing fbi director james comey continues when we hear james comey's side of the story. and something fishy on campus. a northern california school are wondering where the dead fish came from. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. it's just about _ _. good morning, i'm devin fehely. and i'm julie watts. let s this half hour started with our forecast. devin, back to you. president trump and the first lady warm inland. cooler along the coast. golden gate bridge is socked in with dense fog. reduced visibility. be cautious traveling along the coast in or out of the city along the bridge. inland skies are clear. temperatures in the 50s at this hour. headlines for today a clear start for most with patchy fog along the coast. we'll see heat inland this weekend. milder along the coast and a
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little bit of that fog along the coastline to start. heading up to the high country a beautiful weekend to go visit tahoe. we'll see sunny skies and warm temperatures. temperatures in the low 70s. fantastic weekend to head up there. if you are looking for something to do down here it will be hot at the county fair. temperatures in the low 90s this weekend in antioch. sunny and hot. tomorrow we do have beta breakers. it is great running weather around 64 degrees tomorrow morning in san francisco. i'll have your full forecast coming up in a bit with temperatures where you live today. rst overseas as our nation's leader. they joined king salman and his team for a coffee ceremony and medal presentation. this was the first stop on the 8-day trip. meanwhile.. new reports indicate president trump bragged to the russians about firing f-b-i director james comey. and as seth lemon reports: now there's word congress will hear from comey. the new york times says
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president trump >> reporter: "the new york times" says president trump told the russian foreign minister and russian ambassador to the u.s., i just fired the head of the fbi. he was crazy. a real nut job. the report counts the official white house count of the meeting. he said i face great pressure because of russia. that's taken off. the 25 minute visit took place in the oval office on may 10th. the press was barred from but the russian press was allowed in. white house press secretary sean spicer said james comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with russia. the senator tweeted in response to the latest revolution this is what obstruction looks like.
7:33 am
james comey agreed to testify been the senate intelligence committee after mother's day. >> special prosecutor will have the breath of scope to follow any of all leads. >> this is about the fight for the sole of our democracy. we can not afford to lose this one. >> reporter: seth lemon for cbs news capitol hill. thousands of cal a democrats are in sacramento for their spring convention. yesterday - they unveiled a new statue named "persist." it's perched on the roof of the sacramento democratic headquarters... depicting a powerfully defiant young girl. it's an image borrowed from their counterparts in the state of new york. "we all need a little more persistence and that's what democrats have to do for the next to election to make sure people show up and vote." two thirds of the people who live in california are democrats.
7:34 am
but party members gathering this weekend are acknowledging that it will take more than california to be successful in the next election. phil matier asked former san francisco mayor willie brown.. what his thoughts were on the democratic party in california.. and he asked: why the democrats so upset -- with themselves? brown: well they are not upset with themselves it's a few people trying figure out how to take over for what john burtin has helped create and that is two thirds majority in the east house legislature all the state wide offices are held by democrats and the democrats dominate on the congressional side hilary won democrats are in great shape in the state of california and they got a great future more on that tomorrow morning >> democrats are in great shape in the state of california. they have that great future. >> more on that tomorrow morning with phil, melissa and i here at 7:30. the presidential race in iran is over. a landslide v
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against his conservative opponent i-bra-him raisi. e-bra-heem ra-e- see the two candidates were largely opposed in their views on iran's relationship with the rest of the world. the results showed support towards rou- hani's reformist agenda... to improve the country's outreach. former congressman anthony weiner will have to register as a sex offender... after pleading guilty yesterday to charges of sexting with a minor. inside the new york federal courtroom... the one-time congressman wept as he admitted to exchanging sexually explicit pictures and texts with a 15-year-old girl. weiner apologized and agreed not to appeal to a prison sentence between 21 and 27 months... but he could face more time than that. new details about the death of fox news founder roger ailes.. investigators say: he died from a brain injury... caused by a bad fall at his home. ailes hit his head during the fall a week ago... and was left with bleeding on his brain. fox news executive chairman -- rupert murdoch --issued a
7:36 am
statement... saying the fox organization was "shocked and grieved" by his passing. roger ailes was credited with building fox news..... but was recenlty ousted following allegations of sexual harrasment. he was 77 years old. the man behind the wheel of a speeding car that barreled into pedestrians in times square... has been charged with murder and attempted murder. 26-year-old richard rojas faced a judge for the first time yesterday. police say: security cameras captured him traveling at a high rate of speed... as he hit pedestrians. streets in the busy area reopened yesterday morning. 18-year-old alyssa elsman -- a tourist from michigan -- was killed... and nearly two dozen others were hurt. investigators do not believe the incident is terror-related. police say: rojas did pass a field sobriety test... but an initial test showed marijuana in his system. singapore airlines is apologizing for a fiasco.. over breast milk on a flight to california. a woman says she attempted to
7:37 am
carry-on 50-ounces of milk . but employees at the singapore airport told her: she could not bring it on board with her... because she wasnt traveling with her infant .. on the flight to los angeles. tried to describe that the policy in the us does allow you to transport breast milk but they told me it wasn't possible because i wasnt traveling with my infant and thats the point that i actually had to discard all of it according to the t-s-a website: formula, breast milk, and juice the t-s-a website: formula, breast milk, and juice in quantities greater than 3-point-4 ounces -- are allowed in carry- on baggage... and do not need to fit within a quart-sized bag. it goes on to say... you do not need to travel with your child to bring breast milk. singapore airlines says: it is working with its teams to ensure this does not happen again. tomorrow is the annual bay to breakers race in san francisco.. 60-thousand people are expected to flood into the city.. and that means a lot of traffic.. and road closures.. kpix 5's traffic anchor jaclyn dunn has what to expect.
7:38 am
meanwhile - we all know we shouldn't litter.... but littering a >> tomorrow is beta break ours. it starts at 8:00 a.m. race begins at howard and main street at 8:00 a.m. street closures go into effect a few hours prior to the race. the race runs west through the city through the iconic hays street hill along the panhandle through golden gate park and the finish line is at the great highway. if you are a driver and you want to get through the city during the race, northbound and southbound 19th avenue will be the only available crossover for drivers to use during the race. mass transit will be running on a special service. bart trains begin at 6:00 a.m. passengers from the peninsula should use the montgomery station to exit and from the east bay.
7:39 am
have fun be safe. >> it is a big spectacle. have you run it? >> no, i haven't. have you? >> no, i haven't. i'm guessing you are probably not going to run it this year. >> probably not this year. the two of us both bay area natives have never done beta breakers. it is a big party. folks heading to the city make sure you are prepared for significant delays. or 'jeff s ' anno legislation to increase fines for littering at the park.. from 192- dollars... to a thousand. the legislation would also give park patrol officers clear authority to hand out citations. the legislation also aims to ban glass in parks citywide... except for baby bottles. still to come: it's a bird.. it s a plane.. it's dead fish.. how hundreds of them ended up on a northern california school playground.. and, a mega project is ready to make a splash. a first look at the multi-million dollar water park
7:40 am
bringing thrills and hundreds of jobs to the east bay. here's a live shot of _ _ ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, [ whistles ]
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internet speeds 20x faster. at&t fiber sounds amazing. wait a sec, i'm not done yet. less than 12% of at&t homes actually qualify. huh... hold on. everyone else gets our other, slower internet speeds. but no one reads this stuff anyway.
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except for the old guy with the binoculars. huh... we got ourselves a reader. don't be fooled by at&t. xfinity delivers the fastest speeds to the most homes. them on their playground... hundreds of fish peppered this playground at stanford avenue elementary.. the fish were also scattered around this play structure .. and the roof of a building and storage unit. according to the state department of fish and wildlife.. transporting trout and salmon by plane is a common practice when trucking isn't an option... but the department doesn't think that s where the fish came from. sot 1:14 we very rarely transport them in this area by airplane.all of our salmon are transported by a big tanker truck. the department of fish and wildlife game warden reached out to local helicopter companies and fish farms.. but came up dry on any leads. sky-drone 5 giving us an
7:44 am
exclusive first look at the new, sprawling water park making a splash in the east bay. it's called "the wave." a multi-million dollar water park.. bringing thrills, and hundreds of jobs. i went to check out the project that's been more than a decade in the making. [nats - sky drone 5]"dublin adlib wx >> reporter: this is really a project of perseverance. our community started planning for this aquatic center in 1998. in the works for two decades and having survived the economic downturn and the state's historic drought, the city of dublin is excited and proud to open the new water park, the wave. the community comes together at a community pool like what we have. we know not everybody has a pool in their own backyard. the $43 million facility features indoor and outdoor swimming pools and six water
7:45 am
slides that corkscrew from 150 feet up. it was questioned by residents who questioned the wisdom on building a flashing water park in the worse drought in decade . >> we consider it one more speed bump so to speak. indeed we had to consider the fact that we were in a drought and we had to consider the fact it would take two years to build. we figured we would be out of the drought by then. >> it is good timing for the opening. imagine if that had opened a year-ago when we were in the middle of the drought. now that we have come out of it, i think the mood yesterday at the ribbon scutting was celebratory. >> speaking of timing it will be a warm weekend inland. can we hit the slides this weekend? >> yesterday was the ribbon cutting. the official opening of the city is next weekend mother's day. >> not great timing there. this weekend temperatures very warm. you might want to go to your
7:46 am
neighbor's pool if they have one. we'll see temperatures in the 90s inland. not here. not along the coast. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. it is covered in dense fog this morning. extremely reduced visibilities this morning. just down to a few hundred feet in some places. be cautious if you are traveling along the coast this morning driving in or out of the city across the golden gate bridge. temperature wise we range anywhere from low 50s along the coast to near 60 degrees right now in concorde already. also in san jose temperatures warm later today into the throw 90s. high pressure in place and holding steady through the weekend. this ridge will help us stay sunny and warm inland. there is that bit of a temperature variation thanks in part to the low. we have the light afternoon breeze here with our service wind profile. this is set for later on this afternoon. when you get that on shore flow, the marine-cooled air along the coast it helps keep
7:47 am
temperatures down. watch what happens as we travel inland. it is a northerly flow. warmer away from the water. we are not going to get the marine cooled air. overall temperatures will vary if you look it cool head to the coast. if you like it warm head to concorde. 91 degrees. well above average for this time of year. upper 80s to low 90s for the santa clara valley and san jose. 80 degrees around the bay. 70s around san francisco. here's a closer look at the weather where you live. temperatures in the low 90s morgan hill. upper 80s palo alto. inland temperatures in the low 90s for pittsburg, antioch and pleasant hill. along the bay today upper 70s to low 80s. 78 richmond. 88 kentville. 83 mill valley. low 60s along the coast for the coolest spots. as we see the fog burn off
7:48 am
you'll see more sunshine and warmer temperatures there. high temperatures in the north bay low 90s. clear lake upper 80s. 91 in st. helena. sunrise and -- sunrise and warm inland next week. cooler weather for everyone by next wednesday. here's a look at the extended forecast. we'll see temperatures in the low 90s. warmer spots inland this weekend. 60s along the coast. temperatures begin to gradually fall by midweek. next weekend when the water park opens it will not be as warm but it will be fun. >> i saw 94 on monday. scorcher. >> yeah. for those of us who used to live in sacramento that's nothing compared to triple digits. cyber scammers are trying to trick people by offering
7:49 am
supposedly free coupons. >> reporter: you may have seeing them in your facebook food coupons offering $75 at bed bath and beyond or $50 at lowes and home depot. they look real and may have been shared by a friend. before you click. >> this is a complete scam. >> reporter: these coupons are part of a reoccurring scam. the first red flag you are taken to a survey. >> have you ever been to home depot. >> reporter: after a survey you may be hit with problematic pop ups asking you to download file or hand over personal information. >> once you have somebody's name, address and birthday and credit card information, you can do a ton of damage to somebody. >> reporter: the key to spreading the scam, they make you believe before you can collect your coupon you must share with it your friends.
7:50 am
bed bath and beyond posted this warning. they are working with facebook to shutdown the post. >> this is that bogus browser. >> reporter: one way to spot the scam. look at the utl. even though this site says home it ends in dot us. a telltale sign. >> if it sounds too good to be true it probably is too good to be true. >> to protect your friends think twice before sharing the links on facebook. the better business bureau notes very few businesses afford to give away $50 gift cards in exchange for answering a few questions. that should definitely be a red flag. a safe exchang as been set up in the parking outside police headquarters.. hidden cameras are fixed on the spot 24-hours a day. this will give customers the option to meet people they don't know.. or aren't sure about.. with added security. police say the spot can also be used for child custody exchanges.
7:51 am
still ahead: meet our pet of the week and find out how you can help make edna part of your family. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:52 am
7:53 am
edna are all three in need of a new home. joining us now with more on how t them is erin time for our pet of the week. edna is a senior dog in need of a new home. tell me about how she came to your agency. >> she is a maltese mix. she is nine years old. she was a stray at a local shelter. she's had a few medical hills to climb. one of them is in fact her teeth. they all had to be removed. they were decayed. unite see her tongue popping out of the side of the knot. >> i thought she was a chihuahua. >> she these had a hair cut. that can be deceiving.
7:54 am
she is a maltese mix. >> what is the best type of home she should go to? she is older and has medical issues. >> i think she can go to any home. she's done well with the people she's met. she does great play groups. her medical needs at this point are minimal. she should not be too much of an undertaking. she'll fit any anywhere. >> how about kid? >> i think she'll do fine with those, too. she's met children and done fine. >> tell me a little bit about her sweater. >> well, she was a little bit chilly when we took her hair off. we wanted to spruce her up a little bit. she really likes her sweater. she was very warm in it. >> she wasn't dropped off. she was picked up. she was a stray. >> she was a stray brought into the oakland shelter in the city. we work in partnership with them and transferred her into the adoption program to adopt her. >> you have an event coming up
7:55 am
in june. do you want to tell me about that? >> yes. we have an event called paws, paint and unwind coming up on thursday june 22nd at our dublin location. it is where people get to come out and learn how to paint a portrait of their pets. we'll be serving local wine and food. it should be a fun evening. it is all to benefit animals like edna. >> okay. that's kind of a cool event. a twist on that. do you have an art instructor that will lead people. >> yeah. we'll have a local artist that will be out there. she will presketch the outline of your pet on the canvass. when you arrive she'll guide everybody through the process of painting the background and doing the fur. it is a lot o fun. -- of fun. >> should people go to the website ahead of time and sign up. >> yeah. there is limited space.
7:56 am
we recommend going to the website to find out more. you can sign up online. >> and all the proceeds from that go to help your shelter programs and adoption programs. >> yes. exactly. >> all right. well thank you guys for joining us. if anybody is interested in giving edna a home then you can go to the east bay spca website. a final check on our forecast when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
now to a final check of our forecast. julie is tracking the weather. >> for folks inland it will be a scorcher. look at the golden gate bridge. totally socked in this morning. cool along the coast. warm inland. temperatures in the low 90s this weekend. warming up into the mid 90s by next week. >> it is time for us to call it a morning. thank you for joining us. ,,
7:58 am
7:59 am
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narrator: today on lucky dog, we're taking a trip down memory lane with some of the most heartwarming, mischievous and high-flying rescue pups in lucky dog history. and answering everyone's burning question, where are they now? brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. my mission is to make sure these amazing animals find a purpose, a family and a place to call home.


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