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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:00, breaking news out of dale city where abater train has derailed with two dozen passengers on board. >> the derailment happened as a 9-car dublin-pleasanton train was pulling out of the station. 2 of the cars derailed. we're there live where passengers had to be evacuated. >> reporter: we're going to zoom in right now. eric is going to show you the work that is happening on the bart track right now. you see the engineers on the track trying to figure out what went wrong and how to get the car off. we're told the car is cracked inside. of course this was a 9-car
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train bound for dublin- pleasanton. two of the 9 cars derailed. there were 24 passengers on at the time and they felt the moment the train jumped the track. >> i felt the brake lockup. it was really bumpy. and then the next thing we knew, there was smoke coming from the back. so we -- we were saying open the doors, and the guy on the pa said i can't open the doors, have you to walk forward to the train and away from the smoke. so we all started walking forward and we were there about 45 minutes i guess until they came and got us off the train. >> reporter: it's believed the cars derailed by nearly three feet from the tracks. they are now single-tracking trains through the dale city station. they have a test train out there trying to figure out if the tracks are okay, if they are workable again, or what work needs to happen in the future to get all tracks running here in dale city
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station. kpix 5. more breaking news now. this out of los angeles. a commercial jet has collided with a service truck at l.a.x. this happened around 2:30 this afternoon. the arrow mexico plane had just landed and was headed for the gate. 6 people were hurt when the truck overturned. no word of any injuries to people on the plane. there has been a deadly police shooting in the east bay. an officer opening fire on burgundy drive in pleasanton shortly before 1:00 this afternoon. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is at police headquarters where a press briefing wrapped up a short time ago. >> reporter: police tell us this shooting started as a 911 call for a family disturbance around 11:30 this morning. when police officers got to the home, that's when the situation quickly escalated.
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police say as three officers arrived at the scene, the garage door of the home began to open and standing inside was a man with a firearm who began walking toward the officers pointing the gun in their direction. we don't know if the man fired his weapon the police, but one officer fired his hitting the suspect. the man died from the injuries at the scene. >> it's very unusual for this neighborhood. it's an isolated incident. it's not involved in any other incidents that occurred on burgundy drive. >> reporter: we don't know if police had been to this residence before. right now, witnesses are still being interviewed and evidence is still being processed. no one inside the home was injured and none of the officers on scene were hurt either. right now, the alameda county district attorney's office and the pleasanton police department are conducting parallel investigations on the shooting. >> have any of the officers been put on administrative
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leave? >> reporter: no, not yet. back to you. a pair of armed robbers are still on the run after a shooting in east bay costco as terrified shoppers ducked for cover. it happened at the danville store yesterday and it is the second robbery there in less than two weeks. police have stepped up patrols in the area and at the store, but the community is concerned about the sudden uptick in crime. >> i'm concerned with the escalation of the violent activity that took place yesterday, that they seem to be ramping it up. >> reporter: at a town hall meet nothing danville this morning, people were demanding answers. >> i really hope they catch the guys. danville is somewhat of an affluent community and it attracts some nasty elements out there. >> reporter: police chief steve tried to address their fear. >> i want to do everything i can to make it safe. >> reporter: he recognizes the magnitude of the two recent
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robberies. the first on may 9th and another armed robbery yesterday around noon. when two masked suspects in black hoodies smashed display cases with hammers that were filled with high-end jewelry. witnesses forced to take shelter as one man fired his gun into the air. >> we weren't really aware of what was going on until we got in and they said there was a robbery. >> reporter: the chief credits this camera, one of 13 installed in the area last november, for identifying the car the suspects took off in. unfortunately, he's not sure they gathered enough information to lead to their arrest. >> we have a picture of the vehicle. the problem is it's an everyday vehicle. it's a newer silver toyota camry that had dealer plates on it. >> the three suspects from yesterday's armed robbery are still out there. the one man from the incident on may 9th has been arrested. 106th annual running of the
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bay to breakers. the 12k race starts at howard and main and heads west to and through golden gate park. the finish line, ocean beach. today the bay to breaker's expo was a chance for the public to check out the latest athletic gear. one family was shocked to see their picture adorning the expo poster at the entrance. >> it is such a surprise. we were the oomph allosomas from charlie and the chocolate factory last year and we just got here and that's our picture. . >> race organizers expect 150,000 spectators. expect a lot of road closures. the best way to get to and from the race is mass transit. it's going to be great race weather for all those participates. as we have warm temperatures across the bay area. a little cooler in san francisco for the race.
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still fog out there right through the bay. here's a look at the golden gate bridge where you see temperatures at this hour warmed up to the lower 90s for the afternoon. and a little cooler by the bay, low 80s for oakland, 74 right now in san francisco. patchy fog will likely linger. we're seeing a little of that even this afternoon. inland heat continues through monday. we start to see cooling midweek. if you are heading out for bay to breaker, 64 degrees, great race weather for you there. much warmer inland. low 90s in antioch. full forecast coming up in a bit. president trump has kicked off his first ever high stakes international trip as the leader of the free world. today he arrived in saudi arabia. >> reporter: president trump and the first lady received a
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royal welcome at the international airport in saudi arabia. it's the first stop on the president's 4-nation tour across the middle east and europe. the first day was packed with regal pageantry including coffee with king solmonand he received a gold medal, the kingdom's top civilian honor. mr. trump will use the 9-day trip as an opportunity to develop partnerships to fight isis. the saudis also agreed to invest $200 billion in u.s. infrastructure projects. >> hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states and jobs, jobs, jobs. so i would like to thank all of the people sitting right here. >> reporter: but mr. trump's proposed travel ban has rattled ally. interest in investigation
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surrounding russia's involvement in the election followed president trump to saudi arabia. the fbi has identified a current senior white house adviser to the president as a person of interest. >> i do not have any information or knowledge regarding the person of interest that's been referenced. >> reporter: president trump will deliver a speech on radical ideology on sunday. the first lady also making headlines on their first day in saudi arabia. she did not wear a traditional head scarf. back in 2015, president trump criticized mrs. obama of making that same choice. hillary clinton and laura bush didn't wear one either. neither did former secretaries of state rice and albright. state leadership and resisting the president's
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agenda. melisa cane is at the state capitol following the events. >> reporter: i'm live here in sacramento at the california democratic party state convention where the delegates right now are voting for new party leadership. of course the coveted spot of chairman has come down to two front runners. one is eric bow man. he's from los angeles. the other is kimberly ellis who is from northern california and is the former head of emerge, a group that helps democratic women run for office. >> we all know that california must lead the resistance today and it's up to california to define the progressive agenda not just for our state, but for the entire nation. >> this race is not about me. it's not about my opponent. this race is about the heart and soul of the democratic party. >> reporter: ellis has captured a lot of the energy from the
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bernie sanders supporters, calling them bernie crats here. and a warning for the democratic party that does not embrace more progressive values. >> if you dismiss progressive values and reinforce the dynamic status quo, don't assume the activists in california or around this country are going to stay with the democratic party. >> reporter: now, of course we're going to get the results that election later tonight. we'll be back around 6:30 with some clips of our interview with congressman and keynote speaker, adam schiff were. growing community ties for a tax break. encouraging property owners to start gardens on their land. >> the beaches at lake tahoe are getting a make over. >> and the who's who of the royal family was there, but one guest was missing from pipa
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heart attack, stroke or dementia. ♪ ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. the id well, san jose has a new incentive program to encourage the creation of small urban farms. the idea is to get more locally grown produce at a fraction of what it costs at the grocery store. >> reporter: as the view from sky drone 5 clearly shows, the lot's not big. sandwiches between a used car dealership and an office building. but even in the small plot of land, something big is taking root. >> rent has gone up so much in san jose in the last decade, a lot of people are struggling with being able to afford rent and groceries.
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>> reporter: property owners allow their land to be used as a community garden in exchange for a tax break. >> i do get a significant write off on property tax. that helps quite a bit. it fits my investment goal at the same time it does something good for the community. >> reporter: the land must be between a 10th and one acre in size and must be vacant. they must make a 5-year commitment to farming to get the tax breaks. the first community garden will be run by the non-profit valley verde. including some staples of ethnic cuisine which you might not find at your typical grocery store. >> we teach the families to grow their own organic vegetable gardens. >> reporter: a cheaper and healthy alternative to many families who will soon be enjoying the fruits of their labor. kpix 5. >> it was a close call for two
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swimmers off san francisco's china beach. they got separated in the water. one was able to get up on some rocks and call 911 for help. the coast guard was able to locate the friend in the water. both were treated for mild hypothermia. heading to lake tahoe this summer? after record winter rain and snow, the forestry service says the lake level is higher than it's been throughout the drought and is still rising. some beaches are partially covered by water. others have completely disappeared. it may be a better year for boaters than beach goers. >> everybody ready? >> everybody ready? it's the newest way to get from the bay area to tahoe. it's a company called black bird. it just started offering sea plane flights that take off from sausalito and land in tahoe city. what's more impressive is the time you can save getting
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there. >> they'll be in tahoe in an hour and 15 minutes. you know, it would take almost that long just to drive, you know, to sfo, go through security, and get on the airplane. and we'll already be there. >> to book a flight, all you need to do is download the black bird app. and it's going to be beautiful flying weather this weekend. right now, we do still have a little bit of haze as we take a look out at the golden gate bridge. temperatures cooler along the coast at this hour than inland. it is the 90s in concord, livermore right now. low 80s for oakland. upper 80s for san jose and santa rosa. and then san francisco at 74 degrees right now. a big temperature spread, really depending on how close to the water you are. notice we have lingering coastal clouds, little bit of patchy fog and you can see the fog is stretching right into the bay at this hour. it's not going to totally
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dissipate before it starts to form overnight tonight. high pressure remains in place over the next couple of days. that's going to help keep us nice and warm inland, plenty of sunshine. we are going to see a little bit of coastal cloud cover. tomorrow we are going to keep things a bit cooler along the coast. there's more of a northerly flow inland and that's helping to warm temperatures away from the water. what you see today is pretty much what you'll get tomorrow. we'll maybe flucteate a degree or two. temperatures remaining well above average once again for sunday. we're talking mid-70s for san francisco, average mid-60s. low 90s for concord. san jose, upper 80s for you. mid-70s and average. in oakland, low 80s. we're talking upper 60s for the average this time of year. temperatures around the bay, for the south bay, topping out in low 90s for the warmest
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spot. upper 60s, near 70s along the coast. now inland temperatures once again, east bay, you're looking at low 90s for the warmest spots. brentwood, antioch, pittsburgh, 89. 87 in vallejo. many locations just shy of the 80 degree mark. mid to upper 70s around san francisco. mid-80s in the north bay. upper 80s for napa as well as san rafael. and we're going to see temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s for clear lake and ukiah tomorrow. a look at the extended forecast shows warm for the next couple of days. slight cooling as we had into monday and more dramatic cooling by midweek. topping out in the 70s by the end of your work week.
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we will likely see sunshine through the extended forecast. back over to you. check this out. not a royal wedding, but a very royal affair. today, pippa middleton, younger sister of the duchess of cambridge married james matthews. crowds loved seeing prince george and princess charlotte. from kpix, comes the sports block designed to give you highlights. and boy do we have them. we will set the table for the nba western conference finals at the top of the hour. ,,
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time for the warriors out west... nba up top and why not? cleveland has made its statement in the east. so it's time for the warriors out west. question one: is the spurs
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best player a go? >> i know 100% sure he's going to play. i haven't talked to anybody, but it's just my gut. >> wrong, sir, wrong. >> leonard, because of this game one ankle injury is out again. advantage warriors because the spurs have been outscored by 61 points ever since the injury. >> i hired some soothsayers and channeled rasputin and other things. we're good to go. we're up 2-0. are we up 2-0? it sounds like it up there. zaza is also out because of a bruised heel on this game two play. however andre will return tonight. what a finish in the
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preakness. baltimore maryland's race course. here's another cocktail casualty from the infield. we go a mile and three 16ths, fur long to go. 220-yards, but watch the move from cloud computing. hall of fame jockey javier cat llano aboard. cloud computing had just enough force to pull off an upset. where was always dream something finished 8 out of the 10-horse field. baseball, giants at cardinals again tonight. moving pitchers on the late show. look at this guy here. glove up high as if to say hey, hit it here. a's and red sox in last night's -- walk off homer last night. 5th inning blast today. he tied the game and two
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batters later, chris -- call him crush davis got one. a one-run homer. number 13 for davis. and how about another one. one on for chad fender and look where this one went. middle of the second deck. only the 4th player to reach the plaza level above the suite. the a's win it 4-3. give me jason day and the pga biron nelson. we're in texas, third round. watch this putt in the 17th. an epic 60 footer. jason, dang. 8 birdies, moves into second place. he is two behind james here. and if that name is familiar to you, hahn is home grown. former cal bear. he shot a 64. final round is on sunday. this little guy here, he was --at this.
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he's in auburn alabama, ready for ncaa soft ball playoff action. bottom 9th, tied at three, and a lisa riveria -- here come the winning run. cal is playing notre dame right now to stay alive. san jose state soft ball lost to u.c.l.a. 10-2. be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the cbs weekend news is next. news updates are always we'll see you back here at
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6:00. thanks for watching. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the embattled president's first day overseas. president trump leaves his washington troubles behind, celebrating megadeals with saudi arabia. >> hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states, and jobs, jobs, jobs. >> ninan: the first lady turns heads, choosing not to cover her head with the traditional scarf. also tonight, we're inside iran as the newly re-elected president promises to open his nation to the world. a father's anguish. his teenaged daughter was killed by a maniac driver in the heart of new york city. >> my daughter came here for a vacation, and now i'm going to take her home and bury her. >> ninan: and it's an almost royal wedding as pippa


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