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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  May 20, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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6:00. thanks for watching. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the embattled president's first day overseas. president trump leaves his washington troubles behind, celebrating megadeals with saudi arabia. >> hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states, and jobs, jobs, jobs. >> ninan: the first lady turns heads, choosing not to cover her head with the traditional scarf. also tonight, we're inside iran as the newly re-elected president promises to open his nation to the world. a father's anguish. his teenaged daughter was killed by a maniac driver in the heart of new york city. >> my daughter came here for a vacation, and now i'm going to take her home and bury her. >> ninan: and it's an almost royal wedding as pippa
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middleton, britain's most famous bridesmaid, becomes the bride. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good evening, i'm reena ninan. this is our western edition. trump administration turmoil briefly seemed a world away today as the president trump was greeted warmly in saudi arabia, 6,700 miles from washington. first lady melania trump's decision not to wear a traditional head scarf turned heads on social media, especially since mr. trump criticized michelle obama for doing the same thing in 2015. other female foreign dignitaries have also chosen not to. of course, that was just one storyline in a day of diplomatic developments in riyadh, and our major garrett is traveling with the president. >> reporter: a day of u.s.-saudi celebration, capped by secretary of state rex tillerson and commerce secretary wilbur ross holding swords as part of a traditional arabic ardah dance with saudi king salman.
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the president's trip to forge new bonds with the royal family segan when air force one touched down to find the saudis trying to iron out finishing touches. attention there left air force one without stairs for the first family to descend. then the stairs and red carpet did not align. but the president and first lady made the best of it, meeting the king and taking in sounds of cannons and the sight of u.s.-made and saudi-purchased jets overhead, trailing red, white, and blue exhaust. after ceremonial coffee, the president and king rode into riyadh together. 10e leaders signed an agreement on $109 billion in new u.s. arms 20les to the kingdom, and $200 billion of saudi-backed investment over four years in u.s. infrastructure projects. s.udi princes posed with ivmerous u.s. defense industry executives to celebrate. at a meeting with saudi crowned prince nayef, the president sounded upbeat.
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il tremendous investments in the united states, and our military community is very happy, and we rent to thank you. ra reporter: no u.s. president has made saudi arabia or any muslim country their first foreign visit. mr. trump did so with two over-arching goals-- challenge iran's military influence in the region and recruit majority muslim countries to do more in the battle against isis and mi qaeda affiliates in the middle east and north africa. secretary tillerson: >> this growing partnership is really grounded in trust, trust between our two nations that we are pursuing the same objectives. >> reporter: scandals and investigations followed the s esident here. tillerson was asked about a "washington post" report that the f.b.i. had identified a person of interest inside the oump white house as part of its investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> i do not have any information or knowledge regarding the errson of interest that's been referenced.
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>> reporter: en route here, the white house did not deny another report that president trump told russian officials he fired f.b.i. director james comey because he was "a nut job," and that that dismissal took some of the pressure off the russian probe. white house officials hope revelations like that do not overshadow president trump's anforts to reassert american inadership, not just here in the saudi kingdom, but throughout the middle east. reena. >> ninan: major garrett traveling with the president in riyadh. taso in saudi arabia today, secretary of state tillerson urged iran's newly re-elected president to dismantle what he called iran's network of terrorism and to end ballistic missile tests. iran's presidential election was largely seen as a referendum on its nuclear deal with the u.s. and other world powers. s.izabeth palmer is in the anpital, tehran. >> reporter: a massive voter turnout clinched the election for the incumbent president and moderate, hassan rouhani. in his victory speech on state
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television, he said iran had chosen a path of engagement with the world. rouhani had been running against ehe hard-liner, ebrahim raisi, whose populist campaign included cash handouts for the poor. but it was rouhani who captured ohe huge youth vote with promises to push forward liberal reforms and international relations. at lunchtime in the heart of iran's main bazaar, hungry iranians flocked to the muslim restaurant. the portions are large, and the prices low, which really matters to people because years of punishing sanctions have hurt. in fact, data from iran's central bank shows that after sanctions kicked in, in 2006, the amount of meat and rice lyanians ate at home went steadily down every year for a tcade. when the nuclear deal was finally signed two years ago, nasrin saeyfi, the restaurant's
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accountant, was relieved, as everyone was, when some ifnctions were lifted, but washington's stayed in place. to have sanctions lifted ldmpletely, you would need better relationship with the united states. >> yeah. >> reporter: do you hope for this? >> yeah. sure. >> reporter: yes? >> everyone in iran hopes this. >> reporter: with 30% unemployment among young people, it's clear that iran's economy needs a major boost. president rouhani is pinning his hopes on foreign businesses to bring investment and jobs to the buntry. but judging by the hostile tone of the rhetoric coming out of the trump white house recently, not many of those companies are going to be american. reena. >> ninan: elizabeth palmer anporting from tehran. a turkish man was taken into custody friday after disrupting a flight from los angeles to honolulu. as carter evans reports, the suspect had also been arrested at the airport before the flight. 5> reporter: f.b.i. agencies
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led 25-year-old anil uskanil off the plane in handcuffs. on the runway in honolulu, american airlines flight 31 was surrounded by authorities after being escorted to the airport by two f-22 raptors. about halfway through the flight from los angeles to hawaii, passengers say the turkish national got out of his seat and feaded for the front of the plane. >> he was just screaming and talking to himself, and then he walked up to the front with a awanket on his head. >> i saw a panicked look on the flight attendant's face, and she rushed the-- to the entrance to first class. >> they're like, "can somebody please help?" "can somebody please help?" >> reporter: passengers say uskanil was holding a laptop icmputer, and that raised suspicions with the recent laptop ban on some international flights. >> he's wedged in, and he's sshing, but then she says, "you're not coming in here." >> reporter: lee lorenzen helped the flight attendant keep uskanil away from the cockpit door. >> by then, a bunch of guys grabbed him, and they found some
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acct tape, and they went back with pillows and blankets just to tape him to his chair and keep him subdued. >> reporter: on the ground in honolulu, the plane was searched, and no explosivees were found. f.b.i. special agent paul delacourt says uskanil's motive is still unclear. >> we're currently preparing a complaint for interference with a flight crew. in an abundance of caution, the subject was taken for a medical evaluation. >> reporter: the trouble for uskanil began here at los ageles international airport hours before his flight. he opened a door leading to the airfield and was arrested for trespassing. icw, police say he had been drinking but didn't reach the standard for public drunkenness, so, reena, he was allowed to continue on his trip. >> ninan: carter evans, thank you. well, the father of a teenage tourist who was run down by a driver in times square on ayursday is speaking out about his heartbreak and the city where it happened. here's tony dokoupil. >> reporter: 18-year-old alyssa elsman loved to travel and laugh.
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cke died while walking through new york's times square, struck by a crazed driver. c this is something beyond anything i could ever imagine. you know, my daughter came here for vacation, and now i'm going to take her home and bury her. >> reporter: thomas elsman opened up about the loss of his htughter alyssa. another daughter, 13-year-old tya, is recovering after being hit by the same car. >> it's just an empty, hollow feeling. >> reporter: on thursday, the driver of this maroon honda barreled into a crowd along 4nd street and then accelerated, killing alyssa before coming to a crashing halt. on prosecutor, prosecutors charged 26-year-old richard rojas with murder, agvaimented vehiclear homicide, and 20 counts of attempted murder. the navy veteran told police he was high on p.c.p., and wanted to kill everyone in his path. seanwhile, as this grieving father prepares to lay his daughter to rest, he says he's amateful for the kindness and support his family has received in new york. >> you go down to times square,
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and that big concrete abutment nt all signed-- "alyssa, we love you." it doesn't bring her back, but it's nice to see the outpouring of this-- you know, new york is not the town of jerks people think it is. it's a town that has a big heart. >> reporter: the vehicle finally came to a rest here at this barricade which has since become a makeshift memorial. reena, of the 22 people injured, six remain in the hospital, two in critical condition. >> ninan: tony, thank you. immigration arrests are up almost 40% under the trump administration. this past week, officials said more than 41,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested for deportation this year, including nearly 11,000 noncriminals. as scott pelley reports tomorrow night on "60 minutes," hundreds of churches and synagogues across the country are taking a stand against the trump administration's immigration crackdown. they're offering illegal immigrants sanctuary. >> this is my country. i'm working hard.
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>> pelley: sixto paz would have been deported 10 months ago tf he hadn't confined himself to shadow rock united church of christ in phoenix. r z crossed illegally in 1985. under the policy of president reagan, he was granted a work permit, which was revoked under foe policies of george w. bush. his four children are citizens by birth. his youngest is five. >> i spent 32 years over here, and i don't want to leave him alone. and i paid my taxes for 28 years. >> pelley: paid your taxes 28 years? >> yes, yes. p pelley: there are people watching the interview who are saying, "you shouldn't have come here." e> when someone, you're hungry. you don't have a job. you don't have money. what are you going to do? i not come to the united states to take vacation, man. i'm here because because i had to.
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p pelley: daniel ragsdale is deputy director of ice. he runs the daily operations and oversees 13,000 officers. it so if they are to check in with ice, they should come and check in with ice. >> pelley: checking in with ice is going to get them deported. >> checking in with ice will sollow the law, and in cases where there's a removal order, of course, we would execute it. yo ninan: you can see scott's full report tomorrow night on n60 minutes." ng was an almost-royal wedding today as pippa middleton, britain's most famous bridesmaid, became a bride. jonathan vigliotti has the story from london. >> reporter: reena, she first turned heads as her younger sister's bridesmaid, but roles tre reversed today as pippa middleton walked down the aisle, psl attention on her, duchess kate, just a few steps behind, photographed helping pippa with her gown at the church door. the nuptials took place this afternoon in the british countryside just outside london. pippa's husband, a wealthy
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financier. while it may not have been a onyal wedding, it was a lavish one with local media reporting every small detail, right down to the luxury porta potties used for the ceremony. there were plenty of royals in attendance. kate was joined by husband ndince william, along with little george and charlotte. prince harry was also at the church and later brought herican girlfriend meghan markel as his date to the less-formal reception. like any good high-society affair, there were plenty of socialites and celebrities in attendance, including tennis star roger federer. nippa hasn't even started her honeymoon yet, and already, reena, media here, wondering when prince harry will pop the question. >> ninan: ah, that is the big question. and speaking of royals, on ounday night, "48 hours" presents a two-hour prime-time hiecial on princess diana. "cbs this morning's" gayle king hosts "princess diana: her life, her death, the truth." oat's monday here on cbs. coming up, thousands of people survive colon cancer every year. two new studies show how diet and exercise can improve the odds of staying cancer-free.
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society estimates more than ns,000 americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year. the disease is treatable, and there are more than one million survivors of colorectal cancer in the u.s. tnight, dr. jon lapook looks at two new studies that show how exercise and nutrition can help colon cancer survivors stay cancer free. g reporter: five years ago, dave strong and his wife, mary, decided to get in shape. fey changed their diet and hit the gym five days a week. after turning 50 last year, strong had his first colonoscopy. >> the first thing i saw was my wife over me with tears in her eyes, so i knew immediately something was bad. >> reporter: the bad news was colon cancer that had already spread to his liver. he's had three surgeries and is about to start his last five treatments of chemo. >> i pushed myself when i could. i slowed down when i had to. but i tried to keep the normalcy
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lcing. >> reporter: he continues to eat healthy and work out. cw research suggests those kind of lifestyle choices can help. he study followed patients with colon cancer who had completed treatment. researchers scored them based on body weight, physical activity, and dietary choices. those with the highest scores had a 42% lower chance of dying over seven years. dr. charles fuchs at the yale cancer center coauthored both studies. >> the diet probably changes your body's chemistry in a way that makes the growth of cancer far more hostile. >> reporter: in another study, colon cancer patients who ate at least two servings of tree nuts owweek had a 46% lower chance of relapse over seven years. tree nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews help control insulin levels, and it's believed insulin can fuel the growth of colon cancer cells. >> by taking nuts, you reduce your risk of diabetes, and for colon cancer patients, you
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>> ninan: did hanni versace know his killer? on"48 hours" investigation looks kto the killing spree that ended his life in miami nearly 20 years ago. here's richard schlesinger. >> reporter: do you remember where you were when you heard that versace had been murdered? dl oh, i remember profoundly. i opened up my computer, and it flashed before me that gianni versace had been murdered. edwas stunned. >> reporter: "project runway's" tim gunn says versace's murder at the peak of ass career was shocking news to everyone, especially in the fashion world. on july 15, 1997, versace was a his lavish miami beach retreate, tsa casurina. l the time, carlos noriega was a lieutenant with the miami beach police department. >> on that particular morning, tanni versace decided to go
5:53 pm
over to the news cafe, and it was on his return home, approaching the door, that he was shot and killed. >> reporter: police were lucky-- they got a break from rirsace's friend, lazaro quintana, who was at the mansion. he heard the shots-- >> go get him. >> reporter: --and followed the gunmen. >> i yelled, "why did you do this? why did you do this?" >> reporter: lazaro never saw the gunman's face, but he did see his clothes. inside this parking garage, police discovered clothes that matched the description lazaro reve them. leey were next to a stolen dickup truck, and inside were documents. the gunman had vanished, but now police had a name-- andrew cunanan. and as it turned out, cunan was already the focus of a nationwide manhunt. former f.b.i. profiler mary tlen o'toole. >> we have what we typically call a spree killer. mr. versace was targeted. >> ninan: you can see
5:54 pm
richard's full report "murder by design" tonight on "48 hours." up next, a closer look at the american art work that sold for more than $110 million. kicked off a lot of high school games... ...built a life for my family... ...and liked to help others in need. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and it's great to help others get back on their feet.
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night for $110.5 million, the most ever for an american art work. ouny dokoupil has more on the late brooklyn street artist who is now being compared to picasso and warhol. >> reporter: the untitled piece from 1982 is the work of a 21-year-old artist, whose paintings just two years earlier had been selling for less than $100. it's now the first painting by an american to sell at auction for more than $100 million. >> that's a lot of money for anything. it's a heck of a lot of money for a painting. >> reporter: jerry saltz is uhe senior art critic for "new york" magazine. >> in this skull, you see a head in profile and staring directly at you, you get the sense of a mind burning itself up right in idont of your eyes. >> reporter: the winning bid came from a japanese billionaire cho announced the purchase on instagram. for years, bisquiat's paintings have been selling for tens of elllions of dollars.
5:58 pm
jay-z, a fellow brooklyn native, has frequently rapped about basquiat and reportedly purchased the painting "mecca" for $4.5 million in 2013. >> i used to see him on the streets of new york, walking or bicycle around. there was a light that glowed .round basquiat. >> reporter: jean-michel bisquiat died of a drug overdose in 1988. he was just 27. his life may have ended early, but his place amongst the greatest artists in history seems destined to outlast us all. >> having an african american artist enter the pantheon of van gogh, francis bacon-- and, yes, even picasso. it's about time. >> reporter: tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. >> ninan: well, the billionaire who purchased the painting is planning to open an art museum in chiba, japan, to show off his personal collection. and that's cbs weekend news for this saturday. i'm reena ninan in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us, good night.
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where a quiet neighborhood is wrapped in crime tape.. after a deadly police shoo . this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news where a quiet neighborhood is wrapped in crime tape after a deadly police shooting. >> but first more breaking news in daly city where a bart train has derailed with dozens of passengers on board. good evening, i'm julie ross. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. let's get right to daly city. what happened? >> reporter: take a look behind me, juliette. we are about three hours since this derailment, and you can see as we zoom in that bart employees are still trying to figure out what exactly went wrong and how they can get these tracks back on line. now, this was a 9-car train bound for pleasanton. 2 of the 9 cars derailed. there were 24 passengers on board at the time and they felt the moment the train jumped the
6:00 pm
tracks. >> i felt it kicking and i don't know what happened. that's when it came off the tracks. >> i was on the train. it fell off the railings, and all i know is i felt something and looked to my right and i saw smokeyness. >> reporter: now, it's believed the cars derailed by nearly three feet from the tracks. trains are now single tracking through the bart station as crews work on the inbound track to assess the condition. they are working on it and they don't know when they're going to be full service available but they're going to have it ready before bay breakers tomorrow morning. >> thank you. you just heard from passengers and now we're hearing what first responders saw as they struggled to make their way into the ip


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