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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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i heard it's very dangerous. there's no point of me -- why anybody should be driving in that area. >> reporter: that same day, police came to her home to interview her family and gather some of his belongings.
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>> they took ipads. they took his laptop and they took his razors and toothbrush for a dna profile. >> before that point, she says police didn't expect foul play and didn't come by. >> my husband would never leave his family. he'll do anything for this too. it's just as likely the car was abandoned and whoever moved it may not be involved.
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an emotional plea from the mother of a killer. the mother of antolin garcia- torres begged the jury not to send her son to death row. >> reporter: she said antolin garcia-torres was a good son, but endured a childhood with an abusive father. >> that's what they want the jury to cling to, this was someone who was not the average kid growing up. >> reporter: could face the death penalty or life in prison without parole. mrs. torres broke down in tears recalling how she was terrorized and beaten by her husband when she was pregnant with antolin and the beatings went on for years. when his father went to jail for the first time, she had to work two jobs and there was little supervision of antolin.
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she said his father did not physically beat him. >> what they're going to do is set the stage for the psychologist to talk about his upbringing and how that's impacted his life. families shaken up after someone tried to their child outside the ferry building in san francisco this morning. kpix spoke with a witness who saw it all go down. >> reporter: this is the woman accused of trying to a two and a half year old boy from his mother this morning. >> the child was in the mother's arms and a struggle ensues. >> reporter: it happened about 9:30 a.m. in the ferry building promenade. >> i heard commotion around the corner. >> reporter: kathryn bregar watched as two employees tackled the woman to the ground. >> and kind of laid on top of her and said she's under
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citizen's arrest and the woman tried to kind of get up and get away a little bit so another gentleman laid on the other half of her and tried to secure her until police showed up. >> reporter: the boy and mother left the ferry building shaken up, not wanting to talk about their ordeal. the suspect is being interviewed by the special victims unit. >> to determine what the suspect's mental state is, what charges are appropriate in this case. >> reporter: witnesses are glad to hear the mother and little boy are doing fine. >> it's pretty anxiety provoking. >> reporter: the sfpd is going to start a conversation with the operators of the ferry building to see if they can get more police presence here. anne makovec, kpix 5. the federal government spelled out their plan to punish sanctuary cities. we got a copy of attorney general jeff sessions' memo even before the city of san francisco did. >> the question is is this more
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bark or bite? according to that latest order, the feds will only withhold money from programs with the department of justice and department of homeland security. >> reporter: that's a far cry from what was previously threatened for sanctuary cities. >> if we're talking about cops funding, that's 4 or $5 million nationwide. >> reporter: they're look at losing about $15 million for policing: >> that's what it says now. but the executive order itself at the beginning said this was going to impact a broad range of federal funding. in fact, much broader than they're saying now. that's why we need clarity from the court. >> reporter: sanctuary cities have been a hot button issue nationwide in part because of
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the death of kate steinly right here by a recently released drug dealer who had been deported 5 times. >> we have policies in place that would ensure that there's cooperation with the federal government when they ask for or provide us with a court order. so there's nothing that has changed with respect to how we operate sanctuary city. >> that is an on going debate, both in san francisco, the bay area and the state as well. because there is a sanctuary state law that is making its way. >> we're not taking housing from homeless veterans. >> and the trump administration is not having to deal with the image of taking money from kids or -- it's a question of whether they're going to pursue this more or say they scored a victory and just move on. president trump in the
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middle east tonight. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu greeted president trump at his residence. the peace process has been dead for years, but both men expressed general optimism. >> i've heard it's one of the toughest deals of all, but i have a feeling we're going to get there eventually. >> for the first time in my lifetime, i see a real hope for change. >> earlier the president went to some of the holiest sites in the holy city of jerusalem that both israelis and palestinians claim as their capital. a key figure is now refusing to give the senate committee the document it's wants. >> live from the white house with details on a letter today from michael flynn. seth. >> this letter was submitted to the senate intelligence committee as michael flynn's response to the very first
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subpoena that the senate has issued in its investigation into possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign. but the letter informed the committee that flynn would not be complying with their request. >> reporter: former national security adviser michael flynn is invoking his 5th amendment right declining to cooperate with the senate intelligence committee investigation. the associated press reports flynn's letter stressed this was not an admission of guilt. citing escalating public phrensy and he the fbi's probe by a special council as reasons he's withholding the records requested. a republican senator tweeted it's flynn's right to plead the 5th. we will get to the truth one way or another. we need facts, not speculation and anonymous sources. president trump has defended flynn encouraging him to seek immunity in what he calls a
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witch hunt. it's a different tone that he took with hillary clinton's staffers during her probe. >> her ring leaders were given immunity and if you're not guilty of a crime, what do you need immunity for? >> reporter: while the 5th amendment protects flynn from self incrimination, it does not apply to documents. the senate could hold him in contempt, prompting criminal charges. dianne feinstein called the move unfortunate but not unexpected adding the committee would gain access to information by other means and the investigation will go on. now, the committee also has to navigate any potential overlaps between their investigation and the one that's now ongoing by the fbi special council that was recently appointed. >> what's the next step for the senate intelligence committee as it tries to move forward in this investigation? >> reporter: well, the leaders of the committee say they're
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still going to vigorously pursue both flynn's testimony as well as any documents or materials that he might have, but senator burr, the chairman of the committee, he was walking through the capitol today. reporters asked him what's next. he said they would figure that out after they're through corresponding with flynn. more information coming in on that deadly explosion at the ariana grande concert. another update coming up. >> more drama in flight. an unruling passenger in a trump hat makes demands diverting his flight right here to the bay area. >> a death now confirmed in connection with nacho cheese sold at that sacramento gas station. ,,,,
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back with more on the
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breaking news this evening. concert chaos in manchester england. let's get back to live pictures outside. this was the ariana grande concert in manchester. police have now cleared what was a very chaotic situation in this area. live pictures and video coming to us from sky news. this happened about 10:30 local time there. police are calling this a possible terror incident. it's the first time they've said that. they're also giving us an update on the number of people killed. manchester police saying 19 people are now dead in this incident. 50 people at least are injured. ariana grande's publicist says the singer was not hurt, but you can see the emergency response. one man at the concert told the british media the force of the blast actually picked him up off his feet, threw him 30 feet into the air before he hit the ground. as of right now, we are told
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confirmation, 19 people have been killed, at least 50 others have been injured at the ariana grande concert in manchester england. police are calling this a possible terror attack. more as we get it and more in the cbs evening news coming up at 5:30. drama in flight. a united airlines passenger forces this shanghai to newark flight to san francisco. man was frustrated he couldn't get the seat upgrade he says he was entitled to. the passenger was wearing a "make america great again" hat. frustrated customers could be heard chanting "lock him up." there's another one. on the asiana airlines flight, a san francisco man is asked to move from his seat because of a
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prosthetic foot. he paid extra money for the extra leg room in the exit row. from the video, you can see he wanted seward to prove he was able to sit in that seat. >> i can't approve it. >> oh, my god. >> you have to move -- >> wow. >> seward writes he has never experienced such blatant prejudice in his life. he did eventually change seats. we have reached out to the airline and have not heard back. the faa does have rules for exit row seating. a passenger must be capable and willing to perform emergency actions. state health officials confirm a man has died after eating nacho cheese served at this gas station.
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the illness appears to have been caused by botulism. 10 other people were also hospitalized. are you ever excited by those next-day delivery offers on amazon only to find out the offer is not exactly what it seems? >> julie watt looks into the offers that may vanish at check out. >> to me it's a one-stop shop. >> reporter: like many, reno is enticed by offers like this. >> they tell me, oh, no it's not going to be here tomorrow. >> reporter: unless he wants to pay extra of course. >> kind of a semibait and switch. >> reporter: part of his $99 a year amazon prime membership is free two-day shipping on 59 million items and same one-day shipping on a million items. >> if you're going to say you're going to get something in one day, you better get it in one day. >> reporter: these led lights
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advertise want it tomorrow? order within 24 minutes. at check out, the option to get it tomorrow has disappeared and. and the ad for this head light says want it tomorrow? only later do you see one-day shipping will cost you 28 bucks. and reno feels deceived. >> i think if they can fix that, they can get more customers. >> reporter: amazon pointed out they can use the prime same-day search filter. in san francisco today, men ditched their shoes for a pair of women's pumps. it was all to raise awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence. the event dubbed a mile in her shoes was hosted by blue shield. participants collected donations for the center for
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violence-free relationships, which provides services and housing to victims of domestic violence. >> for me personally, i witnessed domestic violence growing up as a child, so for me it's important to help stop that violence and make sure we do our part. >> a mile in her shoes walks are also taking place in southern california this week. one of jerry garcia's most famous guitars and trucking to the auction block and could make history. the custom made instrument was dubbed wolf by the grateful dead front man. when it was sold in 2002, it was at the time the most expensive guitar sold at auction. >> to many people, this instrument is -- embodies him. it's more than wood and metal strings and fine design. it is him. and so it's a big deal.
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>> garcia played wolf at venues including san francisco's winter land, new york's palaid yum and the great pyramids in egypt. plenty of shades of gray around the bay area right now. there is a 40 degree temperature spread from the coast to inland right now. there's the culprit. the fog is beginning to roll in. coming up, when we all cool down and how far will you have to travel on the east coast to have such a big temperature spring that we can do right here in the bay area? >> coming up at 6:00 tonight, tech executives walking on to the tarmac at san jose minetta. the latest security breach prompting a federal investigation.
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we have visual confirmation of the end of our heat wave. it is right there.
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a 700 foot thick marine layer that will move inland in the next couple days. never got above 75 degrees. today you're in the low 60s. look at livermore, 92 degrees. concord, 92. it's 96 in danville. 81 in san jose and santa rosa. we did a 42 degree temperature spread today. 98 in danville. 56 in pacific .a that's more than a degree a mile. let's go to the other side of the country and see if we can replicate this. in orlando florida today it hit 95. in trenton new jersey, it hit 63. that's a 32 degree temperature spread and you would have to travel 892 miles. we can do that around here in 30 miles. and we did today. overnight today, mild night for
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livermore. the light sea breeze continues for one more day. along the coast, the breeze continues. you go inland, you don't have that much of a marine influence. we'll call it gradual cooling, a couple degrees cooler tomorrow, more on wednesday, more on thursday and it continues on friday. by the end of the week, you'll be below average. that on-shore flow will pick up as this low gets closer, we'll get cooler air moving in the entire area. the ridge will keep the heat around and one more day of warm to hot weather away from the water. fog will push inland and fill into the bay. it will retreat tomorrow afternoon only to push in even farther coming up on wednesday and high clouds will move in as well. the heat wave is over after tomorrow, but really we're only talking about inland spots that got hot. not as hot tomorrow, but still warmer than average. highs will only be in the 70s and slightly cooler near the water, but you never warmed up,
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so cooler is put in quotes. napa 85. san jose 82. livermore, 90. 75 in oakland. 58 for a high tomorrow for pacifica. your extended forecast, we drop 9 more degrees on wednesday, 6 more on thursday. low 70s for highs inland by friday and we'll stay in the 60s near the bay.
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thanks for watching tonight at 5:00. >> much more on the breaking
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news from manchester england next on the evening news. allen and veronica back here with the latest in 30 minutes. >> pelley: a massive explosion in england. deaths and injuries are reported at a concert where an american pop star was performing. also tonight, the president in israel defending the leak. >> i never mentioned the word or the name israel. never mentioned it during that conversation. >> pelley: michael flynn under investigation takes the fifth. charlie daghida is on the front lines in the war againstcies" in iraq. what doctors say about giving juice to


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