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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 22, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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news from manchester england next on the evening news. allen and veronica back here with the latest in 30 minutes. >> pelley: a massive explosion in england. deaths and injuries are reported at a concert where an american pop star was performing. also tonight, the president in israel defending the leak. >> i never mentioned the word or the name israel. never mentioned it during that conversation. >> pelley: michael flynn under investigation takes the fifth. charlie daghida is on the front lines in the war againstcies" in iraq. what doctors say about giving juice to infants. the class of 17rewrites the rule
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book. >> every girl's childhood dream is to be a real-live mermaid. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition and we begin tonight with a developing story in england where there was a deadly explosion at an arena in manchester where the american pop singer ariana grande was performing. jonathan vigliotti has the latest. >> reporter: the chaos began as the arianna grande concert came to an end. video posted online shows people running to escape in what concert gorse describe as a stampede. there are reports of two loud bangs going off inside the manchester arena. british media is reporting near the ticket office. manchester police say there are a number of fatalities an other injuries. the arena is one to have the largest in europe and capable of holding around 20,000 people. police on social media told people to stay away.
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police cars, ambulances and riot vans were seen sur surrounding the area and the complex's train station was shut down. parents were waiting outside the arena to pick up children when they described hearing several explosions. one person who posted on twitter said people were running out with blood on their clothing. >> reporter: at this point, it's unclear if the fatalities and injuries are the result of possible explosions or the case that followed. scott, authorities are treating this as a possible terrorist incident. >> pelley: jonathan vigliotti in london, thanks. today for the first time, president trump appeared to confirm that he did share sensitive israeli intelligence with russia during a meeting two weeks ago at the white house, but the president attempted to defend himself today by insisting he never revealed to the russians that israel was the source. major garrett now on the ndesident on his first trip to >> reporter: president trump and
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thraeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had just wrapped up a photo op when the israeli leader raised a newly sensitive topic. before leaving on his trip the president was criticized for envealing classified israeli intelligence in his may 10th oval office meeting with top russian diplomats. >> just so you know, i never mentioned the word or the name "israel," never mentioned it during that conversation. >> reporter: but mr. trump was never accused of explicitly mentioning israel, just inappropriately divulging information it provided, rcmething he did not deny today and has now perhaps reinforced. mr. trump became the first sitting president to pray at the western wall but he was not accompanied by netanyahu or other israeli officials because the administration refuses to recognize it as part of israel. secretary of state rex tillerson. >> the wall is part of jerusalem. >> reporter: the president started his first foreign trip in saudi arabia over the weekend greeted by a canon salute, jet
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icyover and later a traditional arabic war dance. in a speech to leaders of 15 majority muslim nations the president dialed back his harsh anti-muslim campaign rhetoric. >> this is not a battle between different faiths. is reporter: the president urged the leaders to do more to fight isis and al-qaeda. >> drive them out. drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your rmmunities. >> reporter: the president also emphasized security and commerce o er human rights and democracy. >> we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be or how to worship. instead we're here to offer >>rtnership. er reporter: president trump also made history by making his first overseas stop?
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saudi arabia. scott, the goal is clear, create, if possible, a saudi- israeli coalition with willing muslim majority countries as a counterweight against iran's military influence in the region. tr pelley: chief white house correspondent major garrett traveling with the president in jerusalem tonight, major, thank you. in his speech in saudi arabia th. trump essentially aligned the administration with the dominant sunni branch of islam and against the shia sect which rules iran. iran just re-elected its president and elizabeth palmer is there. >> reporter: jubilant t t elected hasani to the second term. he promised for expanding ties with the west including the u.s. where in saudi arabia president trump spoiled the party. >> iran funds arms and trains terrorists, militias and other
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extremist groups that spreads destruction and chaos across the region. >> reporter: iran, he said, should be ice laid. scathing local media dismissed president trump as a sales rep for american arms manufacturers, referring to this, one paper wrote "for $100 billion, president trump is dancing to the saudi tune." today, we asked a relaxed-looking president rouhani for his reaction. will iran respond to the u u u t announced by president trump to saudi arabia with an arms build- up of its own. announced by president trump to saudi arabia with an arms build- up of its own. >> arms don't make a country strong, said rouhani, the ballot box does. >> reporter: and as mr. trump was visiting the region, 45 million iranians voted. o that's an option, he added, the people of saudi arabia certainly don't have. there is one faction here in
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iran that is celebrating president trump's anti-iranian broadside, the hard-liners including the powerful tivolutionary guards who know very well that closer ties with the u.s. would undermine their control. >> as for iran's arms program, scott, and specifically the development of a ballistic ntssile, something washington tos condemned, the president told us if we need to test it, in'll test it. we're not going to wait for washington's permission. >> pelley: liz palmer for us in tehran tonight, liz, thank you. dvesident trump's first national security advisor fired for lying to the vice president about his russian contacts once said that he had a story to tell. and michael flynn said he would n.ll it to congress in exchange wer immunity from prosecution. we didn't get that. and so today he sent word he is invoking his right against self- incrimination. pre's justice correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: in a six page letter to the senate
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intelligence committee, michael tynn's legal team says that he is the target of outrage us allegations that feed the escalating public frenzy against him. he lawyers say that he will vivoke his fifth amendment privilege and will not provide lycuments to the committee. separately the top democrat on the house oversight committee elijah cummings today released a letter saying that flynn, who during his career, had access to the nation's top secrets, appeared to have lied during his 2016 security clearance renewal. igmmings cites a department of defense investigation from last year. flynn was an early supporter of candidate trump and was fired in february as the president's national security advisor after lying to the vice president about his contacts with russian ambassador sergey kislyak. today new jersey governor chris d ristie who initially ran the trump transition said that he warned the president to steer tear of flynn. >> if i were president-elect united states i wouldn't let general flynn in the white house.
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let alone give him a job. >> reporter: flynn along with former campaign chairman paul manafort, foreign policy advisor carter page and trump friend roger stone are all under scrutiny by the fbi and congress for their ties to russia. manafort and stone said today that they have complied with congressional requests for documents. flynn is the only one so far to say that he will take the fifth, a tactic the president once denounced on the campaign trail. >> you see the mob takes the fifth. if you are innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment. >> reporter: cbs news confirms robert mueller met with f.b.i. agents in the russia probe. tomorrow former crib director john brennan will testify and former f.b.i. director james comey is expected to testify some time after memorial day. r pelley: jeff pegues with us.
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and with the president overseas, the vice president is running point for him on a big domestic issue, the budget. here's our chief congressional terrespondent nancy cordes. >> reporter: vice president pence and republican leaders met this afternoon to go over the administration's first major budget proposal. due out tomorrow. the white house wants to balance the budget in ten years, partly through deep cuts to social programs. for starters, the proposal embraces the $800 billion in medicaid cuts outlined in the house obamacare replacement bill, despite candidate trump's promise not to touch medicaid. >> save medicare, medicaid and social security without cuts. have to do it. >> reporter: the president's etdget would also reportedly cut funding for subsidized school lunches and programs like habitat for humanity. food stamps funding would be slashed by about 25%, with a new work requirement imposed on some recipients. >> i'm a working mom so it's not like i'm a welfare recipient sitting home not doing nothing.
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yo reporter: myra young is a nurses assistant in philadelphia who gets $100 worth of food stamps a month. her son relies on medicaid. >> my tax money pays for my food mamps. and you don't even give me enough to feed my children. >> reporter: the white house budget does add funding to one social program, a new nationwide paid parental leave initiative proposed by ivanka trump but the other cuts go deeper than most republicans in congress have proposed and will likely meet with resistance from both parties. democratic leader chuck schumer. >> all of these are favored, these programs are favored by the american people. they have been favored by a vast majority of my republican friends across the aisle. ri reporter: the white house budget is going to propose additional funding for the military and for infrastructure. but for any of these changes to take effect, scott, this budget is going to have to garner significantly more republican support than an early draft did about two months ago.
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>> pelley: nancy cordes on capitol hill. in iraq, the battle to liberate mosul from isis has reached a critical phase tonight. after seven months of fighting, iraqi troops backed by the u.s. have taken all but a few neighborhoods. in iraq's second largest city, warplanes and tanks are now giving way to house-to-house .ombat. charlie d'agata is there. >> reporter: in a darkened room r iraqi machine gunner takes aim at an isis sniper. a soldier points out the target, a building just a few blocks away. nearby in a hot narrow hallway, a sharp shooter zeros in on another target. this is the new front line for iraqi soldiers, a connected apartments where isis fighters have knocked through walls allowing them to move unseen >>om building to building. >> this is about as far as iraqi forces have been able to
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advance. and as they try to push into the old city, this is what they have to contend with, these narrow alleyways, armored vehicles of are no use, they have to get on foot and that puts isis at an advantage. soldiers are modifying tactics yw the fly, stringing blankets and bed sheets across alleyways to block the view of isis gunmen. using a household mirror to watch for militants sneaking around corners. liar the front line lieutenant halonel sghaeer told us plans ine now in place to retake the old city. >> our goal is not just to liberate the area, he said, our goal is to eliminate them. you don't expect them to surrender. >> those who fight let them fight, he said. we're coming, if they fight, they will die. >> until now iraqi forces have relied on u.s. air strikes, ertillery and heavy weapons but today, scott, the colonel tells
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us that won't work in these narrow alleyways. at this point his men have had to resort to throwing hand anenades into buildings. >> pelley: charlie d'agata on the battlefield, charlie, thank you. coming up next on the cbs evening news, murder on campus. was it a hate crime? and later, thinking outside the box, what parents need to know about fruit juice. ♪ ♪ ♪ we all drive, some just for the fun of it. mmmm. mmmm. mmmm... ugh. nothing spoils a moment
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what twisted ankle?ask what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. nv pelley: investigators say alcohol and possibly hate fueled a knife attack at the university of maryland. tonight a suspect is being held without bail on murder charges. here's errol barnett. >> reporter: richard colins iii would have graduated from bowie state university tomorrow. he already completed rotc d aining and commissioned as second lieutenant in the army. university of maryland president wallace loh. >> a bowie state university
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student who lost his life in a senseless and unprovoked assault ep our campus. >> reporter: late saturday colins and his friends were waiting at a university bus stop when he was attacked by an intoxicated sean urbanski, according to campus police chief david mitchell. >> he said to the victim, step left, step left if you know what is good for you. the victim looked at him, puzzled with the other friends of his, and said no. it was then that sean urbanski stabbed the victim in his chest. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating the attack as a possible hate crime. urbanski was a member of a facebook group called alt-reich nation which posts racist material. sh it shows extreme bias against women, latinos, members of the jewish faith and especially african-americans. >> reporter: university of maryland officials are
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investigating a string of racially charged incidents this year, from a noose left in a fraternity kitchen with white nationalist posters appearing across campus. now while investigators figure out if this was a hate crime, howie state university students are holding an indoor vigil tonight mourning what many describe as a loss for the ieuton. scott, lieutenant colins was planning on joining the recall army intelligence committee. >> pelley: thanks, up next, baby doctors, guidelines for kids and fruit juice. doctors, guide lines for kids and fruit juice. ,,,,
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>> pelley: america's baby doctors have some new ideas about children and fruit juice. >> pelley: america's baby doctors have some new ideas about children and fruit juice. so we asked our dr. jon lapook to fill us in, doctor? >> reporter: scott, the american academy of pediatrics is putting more stringent guidelines on fruit juice recommending no fruit juice before age one, then limiting daily intake to at least four ounces per age one to three, four to six ounces for
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ages four to six and eight ounces for seven to 18. instead of juice the guide lines are encouraging more fruits which are more filling, more fiber. scott they are specifically discouraging having juice in sippy cups or in bottles. >> pelley: why is that a problem ie so convenient. you can have juice all day long and all that calorie intake and we're in the middle of an thesity epidemic. that is something they are discouraging, they also say in a sippy cup or bottle you can increase the risk of dental wavities. one thing i found i was doing wrong, they are saying specifically don't use fruit juice as a way of calming down an upset child, guilty. >> pelley: what were some of the other medical problems they warned about. >> it can interact with certain medications, most people don't know that, apple juice, grapefruit juice, things like that. talk to your pediatrician about urat. and it turns out certain sugars in the fruit juice can cause gi upset like bloating, diarrhea and cramping.
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i have had adult patients come in, and say cut that out and the symptoms go away. something to think about for haildren. >> pelley: thank you. and up next, high school seniors live out their fantasies in the year book. >> pirro: thank you. >> and up next, high school seniors live out their fantasies in the year book.
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>> pelley: he was a young kid with a bad mustache and a dream. coronado high school, texas class of '75. wonder what became of him? well, we can tell you what's become of yearbook photos, they graduated into the 21st century. here's mark straussman. st for her senior yearbook photo 17 year old carlee herbert skipped the studio and headed to
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her backyard pool. >> from even just the experience of that photo shoot, it was really special. >> there you go. >> the underwater look. >> yes, that is my favorite. >> many high school senior portraits have become a digital disney world. like frisbee, want to be a princess or batman? he a flash, are you. je photographers christine and jeff tonkin own digismiles. geir studio near houston focuses on graduating seniors. >> so think about your high school senior photo. >> yes. >> it didn't look like this. >> not at all. et not just getting pretty pictures but we're also getting something that would make them say wow, you captured my personality in the most unique way. >> carol herbert is carlee's mother. >> i wanted to capture yerything from senior year ptfore she closes that chapter and moves to the next chapter in college.
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d elaborate yearbook photos are a trend in 35 states. kids bring their personalities, parents bring their credit cards, tonkin's typical family tynds $2,000. >> so for people watching saying this is a little nutty to spend this much money. >> you can't have that day again. you can't have that time again. but we will always have the pictures. >> lots of families feel the same way. digismiles has started booking senior portraits for the class of 2019. >> mark straussman, cbs news, texas. >> pelley: it was the '70s. end that is the cbs evening news for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good night.
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kpix 5 news with a story you will only see on 5. a new security breach at san jose mineta airport. people able to just walk on to the tarmac. >> explosions at an ariana grande concert in england. 19 people confirmed dead, dozens more injured in what is being called a possible terror incident. the explosions rocked the manchester arena. it was about 10:30 p.m. local time. it was moments after singer ariana grande wrapped up her concert. kpix 5's elizabeth cook joins us now. >> police in manchester are describing the blast of possible terror attack. signs of a potential suicide bomber who set off an explosion that sent concert-goers running
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for safety. so far manchester police confirm at least 19 people have been killed. 50 others were injured. a representative for ariana grande says the singer was not injured. witnesses telling how they felt the blast shaking the arena. another man saying he was thrown 30 feet into the air. hospitals now treating those injured. two young women at the concert spoke to sky news and described the chaos. >> everyone started screaming and crying and didn't know what got on. everyone was like trampling over us and -- it was just awful. >> it was really confused. this big bang, you could smell smoke and everyone was screaming and crying. didn't even know what was going on. >> this is currently being treated as a terrorist incident until police know otherwise. if this


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