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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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for safety. so far manchester police confirm at least 19 people have been killed. 50 others were injured. a representative for ariana grande says the singer was not injured. witnesses telling how they felt the blast shaking the arena. another man saying he was thrown 30 feet into the air. hospitals now treating those injured. two young women at the concert spoke to sky news and described the chaos. >> everyone started screaming and crying and didn't know what got on. everyone was like trampling over us and -- it was just awful. >> it was really confused. this big bang, you could smell smoke and everyone was screaming and crying. didn't even know what was going on. >> this is currently being treated as a terrorist incident until police know otherwise. if this is a terrorist
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incident, it was certainly designed to cause maximum injury. >> at first, police were very cautious only calling the explosion, quote, a serious incident. within the past hour that has changed. evidence from the scene making it clear it was no accident and concert goers were targeted. here's another new clip of video that seems to show the blast itself. it was taken from a block away from a man listen ting his car radio. watch the lower right part of your screen. now, can you just make out a flash of light and the echo of what now appears to be a bomb blast. there it is. zoomed in look at the clip shows the explosion. the man in the car reacts right away saying, no, when he realizes what happened. now let's take another live look at the live feed from sky news. the video is rather blurry, but
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you still see emergency crews around the area. you see some people walking around. this is a live look from outside the parking lot where the bomb took place and where the concert was. a controlled explosion on a second suspected device found at the location. a chaotic seen as parents are desperate to find their kid who is attended the concert. u.s. officials now believe it was a suicide bomber that carried out the attack. ariana grande is 23 years old. she is from south florida. the former nickelodeon child star was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by time magazine last year. her exhibittist is publicist saying she was not injured. allowing people access on the highly restricted airport
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property. live at mineta for us. maria. >> reporter: a signature repeatedly denied there was an on going investigation until today. you're going to hear the response in just a moment. that is one of the gates here at signature. we are learning someone here gave out to access code who shouldn't have had it. one security breach after another, including a teen stow away on a plane from mineta to hawaii and a woman able to simply jump the fence. >> concerning but it also continues to motivate us to ensure we have the safest airport possible. >> reporter: this time, one that went on undetected until a tipster came forward. the tipster told investigators he or she worked for google and techs from the company were passing along a code that
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opened the signature flight gate at mineta. a security issue that prompted an investigation by the tsa. the agency confirms the results and finds. >> al-qaeda has told us they want to come and get us and they've done so through airplanes. everybody knows if you want to get a lot of bang for the buck, so to speak, you take a commercial airliner down. >> reporter: they didn't have clearance to access airport property, which includes a background check. kpix 5 security analyst jeff hart is familiar with the security level getting on to airport property. >> when i was employed with the bureau, i had an access badge for the san francisco airport. but i also had to go through a clearance process through tsa and the security folks down at the airport. >> reporter: signature, which caters to business and private jets, denied an on-camera
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interview. mineta has tried to step up its security in recent months but keeps landing in the spotlight. >> i think what we have here is a real good example of lackadaisical security mind set. >> reporter: here is signature's response on may 16th. we have received confirmation that the tsa has concludes its investigation and there were no fines or penalties issued, but today after continuing to dig on the story, we got this response from them: quote, we can confirm there is an ongoing investigation by the tsa which signature flight support has and continues to cooperate fully with. i just heard from google just a few minutes ago. they say they are not aware of this case. >> you heard from google, but what about the airport? did mineta have anything to say about yet another security breach that you uncovered? >> reporter: you would think
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mineta would want to talk to assure the public all is safe out here, but they're going to decline an interview. this is between signature and the tsa. >> maria, we appreciate it. new at 6:00, cal train will get the federal money it needs to go electric. the feds have signed off on hundreds of millions of dollars after an intense political fight. emily turner in san francisco. riders welcoming the news? >> reporter: they sure are. it's a $2 million project that will give commuters more options and they will be able to get on bigger trains headed home. >> it's all good. we are very excited. >> reporter: it was a day of celebration for caltrans and its riders. >> it's great news, yeah. >> i think it's good and more efficient. >> reporter: the project to electrify the system is back on track. >> it was frustrating and also scary. it can be very disheartening
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when you've worked on a project for so long and you think you're just right at the finish line and you're being told, not quite sure. >> reporter: all was set to go until trump's new transportation secretary pumped the brakes when she took office in january. thanks to much lobbying on behalf of the project by local leaders and businesses alike, it got the green light today for $647 million. representative anna calls it annaly luia moment. riders are just ready to make the commute easier. >> we're always really packed and even there's times when it's not really as crazy as other times, it's still really packed. >> reporter: cal train has been operating on the diesel system for over 30 years. this new one will be better for the environment, quieter for those that live there and allow cal train to run more trains more frequently. something both cal train and
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its riders say is long overdue. >> electric ones will be quicker and probably hold more people. >> there's only so long you can put a bandaid on a system. but better for the passengers, better for the environment and better overall for the region. >> reporter: now that they have the money, the project is ready to .g they have to notify their contractors. but they could have shovels in the ground on the project as early as next month. new at 6:00, an official vote behind closed doors to determine whether the contra costa da will be out of a job. kpix 5's juliette goodrich outside with the latest on the no-confidence vote. >> reporter: this vote happening late today. we're talking about the board members and its union comprised of more than 88 members voted a majority no confidence in its da. here's the latest from the
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union's president. >> today the members said that they have no confidence in mr. peterson by a majority vote of our membership. >> reporter: is this a first for the county? >> to my knowledge, this is unprecedented in the contra costa county history. >> reporter: he has already agreed to pay a hefty fine for spending his campaign money on personal expenses. the da spent more than $66,000 of campaign contributions on travel, hotels, restaurants and movie tickets. peterson admitted he was guilty, repaid his campaign and paid an additional $45,000 fine to the commission. but today, he's paying the price again with the latest no- confidence vote. >> and this vote is for every member of our community who is concerned and wants to get justice.
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it's for our victims who want juries to be able to judge their cases free of distraction from mr. peterson. and it's for the criminal defendants who wonder why one standard applies to the district attorney and another applies to them. >> reporter: aside from a written statement admitting he broke campaign finance rules hundreds of times, the da hasn't been willing to talk since december. and today, peterson was not in his office before, during or after the vote. and it doesn't end here with this no confidence vote. in fact, the court will have a special prosecutor to review the case. should he be convicted, he will be asked to step down immediately. many today are calling for his resignation a sap. she turned herself in in connection with a crash that killed a three year old boy. 40 year old yarni [
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indiscernible ] surrendered to the chp. she was allegedly driving drunk when she crashed into a car. three year old elia dun was killed. her bail set at $3 million. she faces up to 11 years in prison. a third person is now under arrest in connection with the death of "miss flo." sheriff's deputies arrested perla arreola friday. she was booked as an accessory to murder and for conspiracy to obstruct justice. she disposed of some of the items stolen from "miss flo." they say she later lied to investigators about the evidence. she is due in court tomorrow. two other people have been arrested in connection with "miss flo"'s death. a bay area father
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disappears and now an unsettling clue. his family's desperate search for answers. >> is this the future of transportation? a look at the latest vision for a flying car. what air bus is designing here in the bay area. >> finally, embracing their new home. the long saga to get dozens of birds to start nesting on the bay bridge. ,, >> this sunnyvale shepherd has a nose for trouble. we introduced you to kodiak, a highly trained arson dog. he can sniff out mere traces of fire starters. >> gasoline, diesel, lighter fluid. >> doing in minutes what could take humans hours. >> it's a 365 day, 24/7 operation. >> expect original reporting from kpix 5 news. expect more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new at 6:00, air bus is out with fresh animation of what its flying car may eventually lookly. an office in san jose is working on it. kpix 5 is in san jose with a look at how close developers are getting now to making an airborne car. >> reporter: we're live outside of their offices in downtown san jose. they're the latest company to come out of the wood work with their own flying car personal aircraft type of vehicle. they are differentiating themselves from the pack by putting a dollar figure on how much it would cost to fly in their self-flying taxi. they're saying somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 an mile. yet another video of a flying car is out and rather than keeping it secret, air bus is laying it out there in plain site. this is an all electric single seat aircraft designed to be
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used as an automated flying taxi. designers envision sensors all around the plane to help avoid in-air obstacles and yes, it has a parachute. it was dreamed up here at air bus' bay area think tank which has embraced silicon valley's put it all out there mentality. tech analyst tim has been keeping an eye on flying vehicles for years. >> you just can't just take a brand-new car, give it wings and then give a guy the keys and say go fly off. >> reporter: that has not deterred the valley. earlier this year, uber said they will start testing its self-flying taxi by the end of the year.
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and alphabet has plans for a large -- google cofounder larry page is taking deposits on this personal flying vehicle. however getting these vehicles past all the faa red tape is going to be tough. do you think pressure from silicon valley can force that kind of change quickly? >> not really. >> reporter: he thinks it is possible within 5 to 7 years. but a self-flying taxi, keep dreaming. >> i probably am a party pooper in the sense i'd like to have it, it would be great to have one of these vehicles, but i'm also a realist. >> reporter: so the other key is they have to drop the cost of these personal aircraft. right now they cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 to $200,000. but they probably have to make these aircraft a lot cheaper. let's talk about things
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that really fly. finally the cormarants have moved into their new homes. the new housing made just for the birds. >> reporter: crossing the bay bridge, you don't see them. they're under you. suddenly, in the last few weeks, they've decided to move into special roosting areas. >> i thought it would be 40 this year and a hundred next year. to have 700 in the same season that the bridge was available where the old bridge was not available, that's the beautiful thing about it. >> reporter: they are sea birds. they swim under water for food. for years, caltrans and biologists tried to lure the birds off the old bridge as it was being torn down. at first, they didn't want in this case to do with the new bridge. >> we did with all the usual attractions, sound decoys, nests. and then we did that into time.
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>> reporter: time was key. it took time. but in the end, it also took getting completely rid of the old bridge. >> there's been a lot of criticism about the amount of money that's been spent. >> almost a half a million. but they're iconic to the structure of the bay bridge and we wanted to make sure we accommodated them. >> reporter: some say that figure is much higher, closer to a million dollars for the cormarant condos. biologists say the next step is to declare the berkeley city pier as the next nesting area. don ford, kpix 5. weather for the birds. >> just like all the other housing, very expensive in the bay area. >> just like us birds, just like us. at the berkeley marina, it was
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55 degrees yesterday afternoon. 6 miles away, you were 90 in the oakland hills. 96 today in livermore. look at san francisco. golden gate's foggy and mid-50s at the golden gate bridge. 88 for napa. half moon bay, 68 degrees. we have a ridge of high pressure that's keeping the heat around inland for now. as soon as it leaves, there's something patiently waiting its turn to move in which will enhance the on-shore flow and cool everybody down. 24 hours from now, it's beginning to exit. the on-shore flow gets stronger and the heat away from the water will be finished by wednesday morning. overnight tonight, we have an on-shore flow near the water. that will lead to low cloud cover and fog. it will migrate inland overnight. mountain view 57, san jose 58. livermore 60 for an overnight low. highs not as warm tomorrow, but
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still above average. concord 85. napa 85. fremont 81. look at san francisco. staying in the mid-60s. the beach staying in the 50s. so not as wide of a temperature spread. look at the temperatures dropping. by thursday, mid-70s inland. by friday, low 70s inland. near the water, the temperatures aren't going to move much. 50s at the beach. the heat away from the water is done after tomorrow. that's your forecast. thank you. a man in a trump hat removed from a flight as passengers chant "lock him up. ". >> will the raiders show derek carr the money? the star quarterback weighs in on his contract. >> and why the best punch from a boxing match came from the corner man. next. enter sleep number and the semi-annual sale going on now.
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derek carr was one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl last season and he expects to be paid like one. under his current deal, carr will make under a million dollars if he doesn't sign a contract extension. he says i have complete faith it will take place before training camp. the raiders know i want to be here. this is my family and i know they want me to be their quarterback. if the warriors beat the spurs tonight, they'll have 9 days off before game one of the nba finals. the c avs won't have as much time off. the eastern conference finals will now go at least 5 games. it was their first loss in -- >> couldn't get into a rhythm tonight, is that what it was? >> no. it was just pretty poor. what do you want me to say? >> the sky is falling.
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the sky is falling. >> it's a weird thing you with kenny. always come around when we lose. if you were busy this weekend repairing your car window that refused to go up, here's what you missed. cal prada. james hahn was two back on the final hole. oh, my goodness. he couldn't believe it. look at the announcers when they were watching the shot. they couldn't believe it. tampa's kevin kermeier being reminded what goes up must come down. the ball he hit lands right on his head. indy500 qualifying. sebasteien loses control, crashes into the wall. he would be lucky to suffer only a crashed pelvis.
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jose [ indiscernible ] disqualified after hitting durell after the bell. and finally down the stretch in the preakness. >> here's cloud computing going for the upset. cloud computing has defeated classic empire and the preakness -- >> that was as good a stretch run as you're ever going to see. cloud computing, 13-1 longshot. wins it. cloud computing -- >> is that a silicon valley horse? >> it seems to me on a $2 bet, computing -- yeah. on a $2 bet -- $26. >> thank you very much. cloud computing. >> no triple crown. coming up in our next half-
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hour, an update on our breaking news. at least 19 people killed after explosions at an ariana grande concert in england. >> and the feds layout their plan to punish sanctuary cities. >> and a bay area father missing for more than a week. the clue raising new concerns for his family. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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you're watching kpix 5 news. our top story at 6:30 is breaking news. young concert goers targeted in what u.s. officials now say was a suicide bombing attack in manchester, england. many of the victims appear to have shrapnel wounds and a u.s. law enforcement source tells us that two explosions contained bombs that had nails. >> there are few details at this hour. what we do know is there are reports of at least two loud bangs going off inside the
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manchester arena. reports say a concert by pop star ariana grande just concluded when observers said they heard what they characterized as explosions. >> and then everyone started running and screaming and crying. didn't know what got on. everyone was trampling over us. it was just awful. >> reporter: police told people on social media to stay clear of the area. police cars, ambulances and riot vans were seen outside the arena and the complex's train station is now shut down. one person who posted video on social media on twitter said, quote, everyone ran out. so scary. >> the cbs streaming service has been covering this concert attack. let's dip into their coverage. not went to an earlier concert earlier in the year. in that case, he did have to go
6:32 pm
through metal detectors. concert goers fleeing, entering the manchester-victoria train station there. this as you can see here showing some of the people who were attempting to make their way out of the arena after that explosion. we know greater manchester police are obviously still very much actively working at the scene of the explosion. they just tweeted out reminding people to please avoid the area as they continue their work. obviously a heavy police presence right now. we've been talking to reporters who were pushed back from where they were. >> that is cbs news streaming's news service. british media outlet sky news has been covering the story around the clock since it happened. they have a reporter staked outside one of the hospitals. he tells a story of a wounded grandfather who took his two granddaughters to the concert. >> reporter: one pair of teenagers who came out with
6:33 pm
their mother, we spoke to their grandfather had been in the room when the explosion had happened. he had been hit by shrapnel. he had a wound to his face. he's staying in overnight. they've spoken to him. they say he's okay. they were able to get out quickly. the reports we're getting is potentially forms of shrapnel from the explosion have been injuring people. >> that is a reporter for sky news. let's recap. 19 people are confirmed dead. among the casualties, a large number of young girls, we're told. fans of ariana grande. as many as 15 people have been wounded. hospitals in manchester have been put on alert to treat the wounded. officials investigating this blast as a terror attack. u.s. officials saying it looks like a suicide bombing. we're awaiting a press briefing
6:34 pm
from authorities this in england. we will bring it to you live as it happens. the u.s. attorney general is making a new attempt to block money for sanctuary cities. a memo just came out and how san francisco's city attorney is reacting to this. >> it just came out a couple of hours ago. the question here is the trump administration making good on its promise to cut off funding to cities sympathetic to people here illegally? >> more double talk out of the trump administration. >> reporter: san francisco city attorney was quick to raise a cynical eye to the latest order by the trump administration saying the feds will withhold money from the sanctuary cities on programs overseen by the department of justice and homeland security. >> if we're only talking about cops funding, that's about 4 or $5 billion nationwide. >> reporter: in alameda county,
6:35 pm
they're looking at losing up to $15 million. still, that is a far cry from holding back the billions of dollars in health, education and transportation funding that was previously threatened for sanctuary cities. >> that's what it says now. but the executive order itself at the very beginning said it is going to impact a very broad range of federal funding. in fact, much broader than they're saying now. that's why we need clarity from the court. >> reporter: it was a judge's ruling against the trump administration in april that prompted the latest sale-back. >> the way this administration changes what they say every other day, you never really know what's certain and uncertain. let's get a court to issue that definitive ruling. >> reporter: sanctuary cities have been a hot button issue nationwide. in part over the 2015 death of kate steinle. she was killed by a recently
6:36 pm
released drug dealer who had been deported 5 times. >> we have policies in place that would ensure there is cooperation with the federal government when they ask for or provide us with a court order. >> this change in the order comes just as california is considering whether or not to declare itself a sanctuary state. in san francisco, kpix 5. a new clue in the search for a bay area father who disappeared a week ago. >> i can't do this without you. >> reporter: for the past 9 days, rattana kim and her two boys have been living their worst nightmare. their father and her husband left home last sunday to help a friend and never came back.
6:37 pm
two days ago, police found his car stripped and found in the bay view near a homeless encampment. >> i heard it's very dangerous. there's no point of me or anybody should be driving in that area. >> reporter: she sees the discovery of his suv as an indication that he's still alive. that same day, police came to the home to interview the family. >> they took ipads. they took his laptop and they took his razors and toothbrush for a dna profile. >> reporter: before that point, she says they didn't expect foul play and hadn't come by to hear her case. she thinks someone has him hostage right now. >> my husband would never leave his family. these two boys are his life. he'll do anything for these two. >> reporter: she says her boys have tried to stay strong, but the not knowing is tearing her family apart. >> brandon and jaden and he,
6:38 pm
your wife, and your whole family are waiting for you. we want you to come home. >> reporter: susie steimle, kpix 5. police say this woman tried to take a two and a half year old boy right from his mother's arms. a witness watched as two employees from a nearby shop tackled that woman to the ground. >> and kind of laid on top of her and said she's under citizen's arrest. and the woman tried to kind of get up and get away a little bit so another gentleman from golden gate laid on the other half of her and they secured her until the police showed up. >> the boy and his mother left the ferry building shaken up, but otherwise okay. officers from the special victims unit interviewed the suspect to get a better understanding of her mental state. a gas station's nacho cheese blamed for a man's
6:39 pm
death. the outbreak of a rare form of food poisoning. >> the mother of sierra lamar's convicted killer makes an emotional plea to spare her son from the death penalty.
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here in california, nacho cheese dip sold at a gas station in sacramento being blamed for at least one death. a man who died of botulism -- botulisms a severe illness that causes vomiting, possible paralysis. at least 6 people taking legal action against the gas station. crews with the sacramento sheriff's department used sonar. they trying to find a man who disappeared after saving his son in a boating accident. he was fishing off the pittsburgh marina saturday. his 9 year old son fell into
6:42 pm
the water so he jumped in to get him. but the man never made it back to the boat. the son was treated for hypothermia. 18 year old nang tao was set to graduate next month. he was planning major in political science at cal. at least 5 other people have drowned in california river in the last two months. the water is running fast and cold because of the rapidly melting sierra snow pack. a man escorted off a flight and mocked by passengers. an unscheduled stop at sfo.
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drama in flight. an unruly passengers forces a flight from shanghai to newark to sfo. he was frustrated because he couldn't get the seat upgrade he was entitled to. he was wearing that "make america great again" hat. the flight was delayed more than 7 hours before making the
6:46 pm
unexpected stop at sfo. kpix 5 len ramirez tells us she described his -- >> reporter: it was another emotional day of testimony in the sierra lamar case, this time from the mother of the defendant. laura torres says her son antolin garcia-torres was a good son but endured a harsh childhood with an abusivive 4th. she wept as she described being terrorized and beaten by her husband when she was pregnant with antolin. when antolin's father went to jail for the first time, this was middle supervision of antolin because she was working. his father was convicted of raping his younger sister. the defense is expected to call a psychologist to the witness
6:47 pm
stand who could testify about how antolin garcia-torres was troubled by his childhood. california plans to roll out a limited version of its earthquake warning system next year. an extra $10 million in federal funding is helping researchers install more earthquake sensor stations in the ground. particularly in the rural areas of northern california. the roll out could happen in stages with schools or private companies first. eventually people could receive alerts on their phones and computers. a prototype gave san francisco an 8 second warning of the napa 80 in 2014. a reality check to bring a single payer healthcare program to california. it could cost $400 billion a year. california could redirect funding from sources such as medicare and medi-cal to cover half of that. but it would have to raise the
6:48 pm
additional 200 billion through new taxes. the proposed bill would cover residents of california regardless of legal status. here comes the fog. what a beautiful view from the top of sutro tower looking down on the city. we have a new measuring stick. standing more than 1,000 feet into the sky, that may be the only building we will be able to see in 20 or 30 minutes. temperatures outside currently -- it's foggy and 59 in san francisco. it is sunny and 91 right now in concord. there's no worry about visibility in concord. san jose, 79. santa rosa 77 and oakland check nothing at 68 degrees. over the course of just 30 miles as the crow flies, 42 degrees separated pacifica and danville. that's more than 1 degree a mile. how far would you have to
6:49 pm
travel to do that on the east coast? a 32 degree temperature spread from orlando to trenton, new jersey, would take you 892 miles. we can do in 30 miles what it would take nearly 1,000 miles to do on the east coast. san jose 58. san rafael waking up to fog and low cloud cover tomorrow morning. our ridge of high pressure is beginning to move. as this low begins to move in behind it, the winds come out of the southwest. we will see that develop on wednesday. for tomorrow, low cloud cover, fog, spilling into san francisco bay. hayward, union city, alameda, you'll wake up with fog. it will burn back in the afternoon. on wednesday, a stronger push of that marine layer will hit
6:50 pm
areas it doesn't hit tomorrow. we're not as hot tomorrow. the cool down does begin tomorrow. we will stay warmer than average. significant cooling away from the water on wednesday. and slightly cooler near the bay and also the coast, but you actually never really warmed up, so cooler for you is hanging out near average. san jose still 7 degrees above average, but not hot. just 82. fremont 81. san ramon 85 degrees tomorrow. pittsburgh, still warm. 89 degrees. vallejo 86. only 59 for dale city. 78 for your high tomorrow. and cloverdale 80 degrees tomorrow. extended fork, more cooling thursday and friday. and once we get not hot, we'll stay in the mild category for the rest of the week into the weekend. and coming up on night beat at 10:00, we're asking you tonight would you pay an
6:51 pm
additional tax for single payer health insurance in california? send me a tweet right now. i'll read your comments tonight on night beat, 10:00 on our sister stable, 44 cable 12.
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so small, he could fit in one hand when he was born prematurely. >> these challenges gave him a choice to be a follower or a leader. sharey shows which path he chose. >> reporter: that megawatt smile is what makes java nte paul memorable. >> when you step on a college campus, you don't see african americans or african american males. so me breaking that barrier is a huge thing for me. >> reporter: he lived with his grandparents. in middle school, his grandfather died and the family
6:55 pm
struggled to pay the bills. he was flunking classes, but he says mentors here at coliseum college prep academy stepped in. >> the turn around for me was i don't want to be the next person in my family that doesn't graduate high school. i need to make a change and make a difference and help my family out. >> reporter: he took over to cook, care and clean for his grandmother. it was important that he not become another statistic. >> i don't want to live like that, like live in poverty or live in a situation where you have to always look behind your back for anything. it's hard to go to school or anywhere without someone saying you think you're too good. you have to kind of reflect on yourself. >> reporter: which is why he looks forward to the day when he becomes the first in his family to graduate from college. >> i think it will open my eyes to the world and i think that it will make me a better person.
6:56 pm
>> he's hit so many challenges and overcome them already that he's already got that part settled. so there's nothing that college can throw at him that i don't feel he's prepared for mentally or academically. >> reporter: he is headed to san diego state this fall. to learn more about the scholars or sar, go to our website, for students rising above. before we go, another check on the breaking story. 19 people killed in an explosion after an ariana grande concert in manchester, england. >> we are waiting for an update from authorities. 50 others injured in that blast. >> witnesses say there were a couple of blasts. u.s. officials saying this was a suicide bomber. it shock the entire area.
6:57 pm
more coming up at 11:00. >> and on night beat at 10:00. seeing then.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: how y'all doing? appreciate you. well. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] we got another good one today for you, folks. returning for their day, from chandler, arizona, it's the champs, it's the olivares family. [cheers and applause] and from houston, texas, it's the washington family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash. and somebody, somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheers and applause] let's go meet the washington family.
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christal: hi, steve. steve: hey, christal. how you doing? christal: i'm well. how are you? steve: good, good, good. what do you do? christal: i am a staffing manager for a very large firm in the united states. and basically, i'm that go- n person. steve: ok, good. all right, let's go. introduce everybody. christal: so i have with us today, my wonderful husband of 12 years, lee, my beautiful sister-in-law danitra, my great brother-in-law tremaine, and my wonderful brother-in-law richard. [cheers and applause] steve: y'all want to win some money? christal: yes. lee: yes. steve: you want to win some money? [all cheering] you know what i think we ought to do? christal: what, steve? steve: i think we ought to get to winning some of this money. [cheers and applause] give me julian, give me christal. [cheers and applause] top 5 answers on the board. here we go. name something you wish you could hypnotize your boss into saying. christal: ge


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