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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now at 11:00 breaking news, a deadly explosion at an arianna grande concert. at least 19 people were killed and tonight police believe it's an act of terrorism. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. arianna grande survived. late tonight the pop star tweeted this. "broken from the bottom of my heart, i am so, so sorry. i don't have words." the blast happened near the entrance of the manchester arena in england just minutes after the singer left the stage. joe vazquez has new information just into our newsroom. joe? >> cbs news now reporting the attack was conducted by a suicide bomber according to two u.s. law enforcement officials that say the bomber traveled by train to the arena in manchester and set off the bomb at the ticket office. on video posted to social media you can hear the bomb blast.
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>> oh, my god. >> and the panic that escalates into terror. >> what's going on? oh, my god! [ screaming ] >> well just heard a really big explosion and then like smoke started coming out. >> the arianna grande concert had just ended in manchester, england, 11:30 p.m. local time and then came the blast. >> oh, my god. >> it was just like people screaming and running and when we all got outside, there was like police and stuff and people screaming and crying. >> many concertgoers turned on their cell phones and you could see the desperation on their faces as they tried to leave. outside bloody victims limped to safety. some had to be taken out on stretchers. >> we are currently treating this as a terrorist incident
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until we have further information. >> in the chaos of the aftermath concertgoers, many teenage girls, were not immediately able to connect with their parents leaving one mother an emotional mess. >> horrible feeling ever to know your daughter is there. you can't find her. you don't know if she's dead or alive. i don't know how people can do this to innocent children. i just wanted to walk through the dark. >> police set up a hotline to help people find loved ones. armed officers continue to surround the manchester arena as the investigation continues. cbs news now reporting that police in manchester are now looking back through surveillance video from the train system. they're hoping to track the bomber's movements leading up to the attack. meanwhile first responders have recovered parts of the bomber's body. right now the casualty count, we're talking 19 dead, as many as 50 injured. >> the department of homeland security said there is no indication to involve a
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specific credible threat involving music venues here in the united states. however, the public may experience increased security in and around public places and events. >> the statement tonight from house minority leader nancy pelosi saying, "while many questions remain unanswered we will never back down from our unseahawkable conviction that hatred cannot -- unshakeable conviction that hatred cannot bow or break us. this is the front page of the manchester evening news, the headline terror at the arena. tonight campaigning has been suspended in britain's national election set for june 8th. back here in the bay area now breaking news in antioch where an hours long standoff ended at a home on san joaquin avenue and d street since 4:00 this afternoon. police tell us now the suspect they arrested was involved in a shooting this afternoon on st. francis drive and tonight officers used a bullhorn as they urged the suspect to surrender, which he finally did about an hour ago. tonight pleasanton police
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are providing a fuller picture of what happened before an officer shot and killed a man this weekend. they say the man who died pointed this replica hand gun at them, not a real weapon. police say he walked out of the garage and moved toward them rapidly on saturday. officers went to the house after the suspect's wife called 911 saying he was acting erratically. they also said he had guns in the garage -- she also said he had guns in the garage. police say he aimed a shotgun through the side door and walked out the front door refusing demands to drop the replica. an officer opened fire killing the man now identified as 58- year-old shannon eastill. police and the d.a. are still investigating. a school fight in the east bay tonight, parent in dublin very upset about where the district wants to build a new high school. it's across the street from the county jail. parents tell kpix5's christin ayers that's not the only problem. >> reporter: right now it's a
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nondescript office complex off gleason drive in dub lynn, but in a few years it -- dublin, but in a few years it could be the district's next high school and that has some parents furious. one problem is the site's location, right across the street from the santa rita jail. >> while students are coming to the site to be dropped off for high school, while here here at high school and for after school activities and when they're picked up, there could be individuals from the jail walking right by them. >> reporter: the district said the location shouldn't be a problem. this elementary school has been a few blocks from the jail for 15 years and nothing has happened. >> the jail does not pose an inordinate safety risk in that area of the community. >> reporter: the location is not the only issue parents have. they say the school would be too small to accommodate thousands of students in this growing community and because the current site houses an office building, there would be no sports field. >> it's not going to look the same as dublin high, but high schools come in all shapes and sizes and we're going to be
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really creative. >> it's really curious that the school district thinks this is such a great idea. >> reporter: the district admits this was a decision dictated by dollars. >> budget is certainly a huge constraint on us. >> reporter: parents say that's not good enough. they plan to pack a board meeting when the topic comes up for a vote tomorrow night. in dublin christin ayers, kpix5. for the third time recently bystanders stopped an attempted kidnapping in san francisco. this time a woman tried to a 2- year-old boy from his mother at the ferry building in san francisco. police say this woman tried to take the little boy right from his mother's arms. it happened at around 9:30 this morning. a witness watched as two employees from a nearby shop tackled the suspect to the ground. >> and kind of laid on top of her and said she's under citizen's arrest and the woman tried to kind of get up and get away a little bit. so another gentleman from golden gate laid on the other half of her and they kind of secured her until the police showed up. >> the boy and his mother left
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the ferry building a bit shaken but otherwise okay. they were visiting from out of town. the suspect is under arrest. tonight a bay area woman just slammed b.a.r.t. with a class action lawsuit -- slapped b.a.r.t. with a class action lawsuit. she claims the transit agency is spying on riders through its app that allows people to anonymously report crimes. the lawsuit says, "while defendants represent that the b.a.r.t. watch app is a discrete way of reporting issues and monitoring alerts, defendants actually programmed the app to secretly collect transit users' unique cellular identitiers, periodically monitor users' locations and track the identities of anonymous reporters." >> they can figure out exactly where you are and who you are just by you using an app on your phone. if they're going to do that, the law requires them to tell people very obviously that that's what they're doing. >> b.a.r.t. released this statement. "b.a.r.t.
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does not track users. an app's user location information is only available if the user selects the option to share their location information and then b.a.r.t. only receives the user's location when the user is reporting an incident." the lawsuit is going after b.a.r.t. and the maker of the mobile app. dub nation is celebrating tonight. the warriors are heading to the nba finals for the third year in a row. they swept the san antonio spurs 129-115. kpix5's betty yu reports they made history, too. >> reporter: warriors fans came out tonight to san pedro square in downtown san jose feeling very confident the team would sweep the series and they delivered. they came decked out in dub nation colors to watch history being made. the warriors are the first team in nba history to start the playoffs 12-0. >> it was pretty easy for them i think. i think our warriors are looking forward to the finals
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since the playoffs started. we're ready to get to them. >> it's a great accomplishment so far, but we really want to win the championship this year. >> i think it is par for the course. draymond green, steph curry and k.d., we've got it made. >> reporter: the warriors finished off the san antonio spurs 129-115. describe the mood in here because obviously they're winning. >> you know, it's a pretty relaxed vibe. we're kind of on cruise control now. unfortunately one of their stars is out, but we're a good team overall. >> reporter: a lot of fans are ready for a finals rematch. >> i think it's going to be a great series. i think last year we let the cavs off the hook. that's not going to happen this year. >> reporter: in san jose betty yu, kpix5. >> tonight the warriors tweeted this picture with the caption squad up #dubnation. president trump is set to unveil a $4.1 trillion budget tomorrow. it would cut into programs for the poor including food stamps,
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medicaid, college loans and disability benefits. now the plan also calls for a 10% increase in military spending and $2.6 billion for border security. the president's proposal is expected to face tough opposition in congress. president trump's first national security advisor could be held in contempt and might face criminal charges. veronica de la cruz tells us tonight michael flynn is refusing to cooperate in the investigation into russia interference in the u.s. election. >> yeah, liz. michael flynn once said he had a story to tell and said he'd share it with congress in exchange for immunity from prosecution, but immunity is off the table. so table he's invocking his right against -- invoking his right against self- incrimination. in a six page letter from his attorneys say he is a target of escalating opinions against
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him. he will use his privilege and not provide documents to the committee. >> we have to find out whether we have the ability to either hold general flynn in contempt. i've got to get the plea -- legal answer to that. >> president trump fired michael flynn in february for lying to vice president about his former contacts. former fbi director james comey will appear before the senate intelligence committee sometime after memorial day. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. caught on camera tonight a daring robbery at a california mall, suspects armed with bats entering a jewelry store in roseville near sacramento. in a matter of seconds they smashed display cases and took off with handfuls of jewelry. the suspects were out of luck when a police helicopter spotted them and followed them home. they were later arrested. tonight we're learning about yet another security breach at san jose ma yet a.
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only on -- manetta. only on 5 maria medina reports on a federal investigation underway on now executives were allowed to walk right onto the tarmac. >> reporter: one security breach after another, including a teen stow-a way and a woman simply able to jump the fence. >> concerning, but it motivates us to insure we have the safest airport possible. >> reporter: but now kpix5 is learning of yet another security branch at manetta, one that went undetected until a tipster came forward. according to a law enforcement source, the tipster tomorrow investigators he or she worked at google and tech execs of the company were passing along a code that opened the signature flight support gate at manetta. >> they have access to the whole commercial side of the airport. >> reporter: a security issue prompting investigation by the tsa, the agency confirming could result in times. >> al-qaeda has told us they
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want to come and get us and have done so through the use of airplanes. isis is the same way. everybody knows if you want a lot of bang for the buck, take down a commercial airliner. >> reporter: the tech execs the source tells kpix5 didn't have clearance to access airport property which includes a background check. kpix5 security analyst jeff harp is not only familiar with the process, but the security level getting onto airport property. >> even as an fbi agent, when i was employed with the bureau, i had an access badge for the san francisco airport, but i also had to go through the clearance process through tsa and the security folks down at the at upper. >> reporter: signatures which cater to private and business jets at manetta declined an on camera interview, but according to the source, whoever held the gate code wanted it so they didn't have to wait for signatures from employees to let them in. manetta tried to step up security in recent months, but it keeps landing in the spotlight. >> i think what we have here is
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a real good example of a lackadaisical security mindset. >> reporter: now here is signature's response. on may 16th they said, "we have received confirmation that the tsa concluded its investigation and there were no fines or penalties issued," but today we got this response from them. "we can confirm there is an ongoing investigation by the tsa which signature flight support has and continues to cooperate fully with." now we heard from google late afternoon. they say they aren't aware of the case but are looking into it. at manetta maria medina, kpix5. >> a spokesperson from manetta declined an on camera interview to answer questions about public safety saying the issue is between the tsa and signature. tonight google says it's unaware of any of its employees ever using a code to access the area, but it will cooperate with the investigation. and just a few minutes ago we learned the death toll in the blast of the arianna grande concert has risen. manchester police are now
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saying 22 people were killed and some of them were children. investigators believe one man carried out the attack and they are not sure if he acted alone. a part of highway 1 in monterey county is completely wiped out tonight. we got some drone video for you that shows this stretch of roadway south of big sur state park completely covered in a mountain of dirt and rocks, big slide there. caltrans is working to clean it up, but as of tonight, there is no estimated date to reopen that road. anyone who has driven in san francisco lately will tell you traffic has gone from bad to worse. sure, there are those ride share drivers, more construction, but we've learned there's another big factor driving the gridlock. tonight wilson walker with a story you'll only see on kpix5. [ honking ] >> francisco just gets packed, jammed all the time. >> reporter: it's the day to day problem you can no longer
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escape. >> traffic is moving about 30% slower than it was. >> reporter: so just what exactly has brought city streets to a crawl? >> there's no one factor that's causing traffic congestion in the city. >> reporter: to help us count the ways we spent the day with oscar palma, a man who has spent a little time driving these streets. >> it's been about 18 years. >> reporter: topping his list of traffic jamming suspects? >> too many cars. >> reporter: in oscar's 18 years out here the city has added nearly 100,000 people which means more cars and some of them are getting a lot more attention than others. the latest estimate on the number of ride share drivers in san francisco? 45,000. see if these complaints sound familiar. >> holding up traffic to pick up somebody. >> reporter: how about stopping on a one-way street, throwing on the hazards and walking away from the car? >> they stop in the middle of the street without no hesitation. >> reporter: but there's another growing fleet out there you might not have thought of. >> simple and easy to click and order and we don't think about
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all the duck feet working underwater that make that happen. >> reporter: e commerce might be convenient, but it's flooding our streets with new and entirely unmanaged freight traffic. >> south and north. >> we know the truck traffic is increasing in the city. we know double parking is increasing. >> construction is like they never get done with it. >> reporter: the construction boom has stolen lanes in every direction and then there's the explosion of city road projects. >> our view of a project is that these are bringing really important safety benefits. they're making muni work better and the construction can't wait. >> reporter: tom mcguire is charged with congestion management for sfmta and we asked him about each of these challenges starting with what you might call the ride share mystery. >> unfortunately we don't have a lot of information about just how big of piece they are. >> reporter: that's right. the city thinks all those ride share drivers might be causing problems and say more data is needed that could help us better understand the problem and drive better policy, new rules, maybe even a limit on
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cars, but so far companies like uber aren't exactly sharing despite threats like this from the mayor. >> you want to work with mayor lee right now because if you don't, then we will have to make some decisions about decongesting these streets. >> we'd like to know more there as well for sure. >> reporter: when it comes to freight, we're actually falling behind. seattle, for example, will start rolling out a new freight management experiment later this year. >> reduce the number of failed deliveries or reduce the time a truck spends in their load and unload space. >> reporter: as for the other challenges? >> the transstate terminal won't be around forever. >> reporter: neither will the keep rattling road improvements you're driving around on right now, but many new challenges are here to stay and in some respects we're still at square one just trying to figure out
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how many lyft and uber drivers are out there. >> too much of a good thing is also not good as well. >> we really are trying to solve the congestion problem and try to give people as many al term actives as possible. >> reporter: -- alternatives as possible. >> reporter: the truth is making all this work will probably mean a traffic system different from what we have now and getting there will be much like your dry through the city. it's -- drive through the city. it's going to take a while. san francisco wilson walker, kpix5. imagine sitting in that traffic and it's like97, 98. >> you would lose 42 degrees over a span of just 30 miles as the crow flies which is quicker than the roads, i'm told. 56 degrees in pacifica, 98 in danville. is there anywhere else in the country you can pull this off? there was a 32-degree temperature spread on the east coast, but you'd have to drive
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892 miles. 95 today in orlando, trenton, new jersey, 63. we do microclimate better than anywhere else in america. napa 51 overnight, vallejo 53, san jose 58, livermore 60 for the low, san francisco foggy, pacifica and oakland waking up with low cloud cover, 53 degrees overnight low. a ridge of high pressure has been with us the past several days keeping us toasty inland, close to 100 degrees in places like danville. when this leaves, replacing this ridge will be this area of low pressure, no rain. the ocean has been chilly this entire time. that marine air will work its way farther inland tomorrow and witness. tomorrow morning looking at cloud cover and -- wednesday. tomorrow morning looking at cloud cover and fog spilling into san francisco bay. friday afternoon inland areas won't hit 80 degrees. so cooler tomorrow, cooler still wednesday, cooler still coming up thursday. fremont tomorrow 81 degrees, not near 90 like today. san jose 82, concord 85.
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san francisco is only 64. pacifica, you've been in the 50s, you'll stay there, 58 degrees, napa 85 and san rafael 82 degrees. warm just not as warm, much cooler wednesday, 60s near the bay, low 80s inland. looking towards the weekend, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday 70s away from the water, low 60s near the bay. keep the sunshine in the afternoon, but we'll cool down. over to sports and dennis. >> the warriors aren't cooling down. the warriors set another record tonight. the question is what will they do between now and june 1st when the nba finals begin? whoa!
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. the warriors didn't break any records in the regular season this year. they did it with the playoffs in mind i think. tonight it paid off becoming the first team ever to go 12-0 in the postseason. the spurs basically waved the white flag starring manu ginobili in what might be his final game. warriors with the early lead. still in the 1st kevin durant
11:26 pm
blew past danny green for the hoop and the foul. durant 10 of 13 from the floor with 29 points. he was ready to go to a second nba finals and it showed on both ends of the floor blocking murray's layup not once but twice. warriors up 11 in the 3rd, make it 14 on the curry three ball and later steph backed up to push the lead to 18. curry had 36 points. warriors advance to their third straight nba finals against an injury depleted spurs team. >> regardless of who is out on the floor you still got to go out there and win. we didn't just go play anyone. we played the san antonio spurs. >> given your relationship with coach bob and the injuries with the spurs, how much sympathy do you have for him? >> he said before the series even started, he called. we talked. we laughed. he said hey, " i love you." i told him i love him and he
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said you know once this starts, we're going to try to butt. >> giants take on the champs at wrigley after the break. --
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5.
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>> the cubs road to the first world series since 1908 began with the giants and tonight at wrigley the giants tried to settle some up finished business. the world championship banner was blowing out at wrigley, good news for joe panik who got this baseball up into the breeze, leadoff job for panik who had the first three extra base hit game of his career. brandon belt, this might be the catch of the year. albertaalberto mora does his super-- alberto mora does his superman impersonation. giants win 6-4. giants are rebounding, folks, and a little consternation back in chicago because they aren't playing up to their level that they're capable of doing. >> what are they, under .500? >> you know what the headline tomorrow in the san antonio newspaper is?
11:31 pm
foregone conclusion. get it, four gone, four straight games. >> oh. i don't think it's going to be that easy on either side. >> it was pretty easy in san antonio. that was the point. it should be a good series against cleveland. >> we'll be right back.
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now back to our top story, the deadly bombing at the arianna grande concert in manchester. just moments ago police said the suspect set off an improvised explosive device and then died in the attack. >> more than 400 officers deployed overnight after the
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blast. we'll have the very latest on this story starting at 4:30 a.m. captioning sponsored by cbs ( whistling ) ( laughter ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ( whistling ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ♪ ♪


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