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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 24, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00 breaking news, fire broke out on this plane bound for the bay area. tonight several passengers are injured. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. let's get right to veronica de la cruz tracking the latest developments. >> united airlines flight 1579 was scheduled to take off tonight from newark, new jersey, to sfo. a sharp eyed air traffic controller may have prevented a major tragedy as the flight was minutes from takeoff. someone in the tower spotted flames shooting out of one of the engines. passengers described chaos on board the 757 as chutes were deployed and flight attendants began yelling for everyone to get out. emergency response teams were quick on the scene. >> it sounds like there might be an evacuation out here. the right engine was on fire. right now there's no visible
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fire. >> the airport was shut down for nearly two hours. we talked to one man who described hearing the words no passenger ever wants to hear. >> flight attendants prepare to evac and then it was just the best thing i can do is call it a controlled chaos. you know, i was sitting towards the back and everyone just started to rush off the plane. the flight attendants were yelling at us get off the plane, get off the plane! >> tonight united released this statement. "customers are being transported back to the terminal. we're working to get our customers to san francisco as soon as possible. those passengers are now in the air scheduled to land in san francisco at 4 a.m.." veronica de la cruz, kpix5. right now the empire state building completely dark in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack in manchester, england. today british police identified the suicide bomber, his name, solomon abedi. kpix5's joe vazquez has more information about the accused
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attacker tonight. >> police suspect that the suspect was a homegrown terrorist in his second year of college. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack, but that is still unconfirmed by security officials. as tears streamed down faces in downtown manchester, just a few miles away a s.w.a.t. team blasts its way into the home of a 22-year-old man who was born in england, the son of refugees from libya now suspected of mass murder. >> the man suspected of carrying out last night's atrocity is 22-year-old salman abedi. he has not yet been formally named by the coroner. >> the bomb was packed with nuts, bolts and nails. the ensuing stampede was filled with fear and chaos, terror. >> we heard a bang. >> the murder targeted children at the arianna grande concert.
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the youngest killed was 8 years old. 15-year-old olivia campbell was the daughter of the woman who went on cnn last night desperately trying to find her. >> we don't know if she's dead or alive. i done know how people can do this to innocent children. >> police arrested a 23-year- old man today they said in connection with the bombing, but it's still not clear whether the bomber act ad loan as the first had -- acted alone as the police had first said or if he had help. today the british prime minister raised the country's threat level from severe to critical which could mean another attack may be imminent. >> it means people will be vigilant. >> reporter: folks at sfo headed to england tonight say they're determined not to let terror paralyze them or change their attitude toward others. >> i think just pay attention. the terrorists win when everyone is so scared that they're suspicious of everyone all the time. that's not going to work for us. you have to just keep living, doing what you can and try to be as safe as you can while you do it. >> so now the terror threat level in england is at its
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highest level, the first time it's been there in a decade. that's because there's concern there may have been accomplices yet to be caught. the death toll tonight, 22. 59 were wounded. joe vazquez, kpix5. >> arianna grande returned home to florida today. they has suspended her dangerous woman tour in the wake of the attack. here in the bay area tonight security concerns are on the minds of many people attending this weekend's bottlerock music festival in napa. tonight organizers say they are working with local and regional law enforcement to provide the very best in safety measures. a bay area high school class president is at the center of a firestorm tonight for a campaign video that showed people dressed as muslim terrorists. tonight the school board got an earful. christin ayers was there. >> reporter: tonight's school board meeting so crowded students sat in aisles and the crowd overflowed into a hallway. most of them came to blast the district over a video created by a student at san ramon
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valley high school. he was running for student body president. >> the students video allegedly appears racist and insensitive references to muslims. >> reporter: the school first revoked the student's win of the presidency but backed off after his lawyer claimed his free speech rights were violated. >> my client took the video down right away and when the administrators brought him into the office, he wrote a written apology right away. >> reporter: but tonight students and parents said that's not enough. >> when a student is full on discriminating against and being racist against a complete group of minorities and a religion itself that is completely not okay. >> reporter: and they weren't just blaming the district. >> to all the kids who voted for him, come on. you're old enoughton right from wrong -- enough to know right from wrong. >> when are you going to actually do something? >> reporter: this is not the first time a school in this district has dealt with allegations of race. earlier in the school year at
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california high someone scrawled the n word and other hateful messages on a bathroom stall and at nearby monte vista high a vandal wrote this near a set of toilets. the district said it's instituted sensitivity training and despite this incident it's working. >> the district is committed to providing an environment of tolerance and equity for our students and staff. >> reporter: in danville christin ayers, kpix5. a san rafael woman said she woke up to a flashlight shining in her face and a stranger standing at the foot of her bed, tonight the suspect is still on the loose. the intruder broke into the 47- year-old woman's apartment on cresta way in the terra linda area on may 10th. police released this sketch of the suspect. they say he ran off after he noticed the victim's boy friend was with her. the boy friend ran after the suspect and lost sight of him outside the apartment. the four day search for a missing disabled woman of santa rosa is over tonight. sheriffs found the bold of 54-
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year-old katherine huberty this afternoon about 150 feed down a steep ravine on redwood hill road. they believe she slipped and fell saturday. new video on a massive rockslide covering part of highway 1 in monterey county, more than 1 million tons of rock and dirt crashing down on the hillside saturday covering the highway near big sur state park and no word when caltrans plans to reopen the road there. it looks like it will be a while. whales have been putting on quite the show off our coast recently. tonight betty yu and her photographer set sail to find out why so manufacture the marine beasts -- so many of the marine beasts have been spotted so close to shore. >> reporter: they came up close, splashed around and swam within 40 yards of our whale watching tour boat. these remarkable sightings have become a regular occurrence, particularly in the last month no knowledge ray bay. our -- in monterey bay.
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our first came within 10 minutes heading out of the harbor. >> it's really powerful to be so close to such a large animal. >> reporter: marine biologists and owner of sanctuary cruises doris welch has studied whales more than 20 years. >> things are really increasing as far as whale activity goes here out of moss landing. in the last month we have had a significant increase in the number of whale sightings and consistency. >> reporter: here is an example. right now you can see three humpback whales blowing and diving back into the water. we are only less than a mile from shore. in fact, right outside of the harbor mouth in moss landing. >> this year we've had a lot of strong winds and waves and upwelling of nutrients and so we have more food. >> reporter: that's why she said we're seeing so many humpbacks this time of year. this last month has also been an unusual month to witness another spectacular show of nature, more killer whales attacking and killing mother gray whales and their calves. it's what's happening here.
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captain mike stack took this video of a gray losing her fight against a pod of orcas and blood coming to the surface. monterey bay is perfect hunting ground as gray whales make their way up the california coast to alaska. >> we'll usually see three to four attacks a year and they're sort of spread out. we never know. they're in different areas. this year we had literally for a stretch of about two weeks we had one just about every day. we had sightings. >> reporter: whatever the reason the ocean's predators and prey are drawing more people on board every day. in moss landing betty yu, kpix5. president trump is lawyered up tonight according to the washington post. the president hired this man as a private attorney to represent him, this as a special counsel investigates any possible campaign ties to russia during the u.s. election. president trump faces some tough new questions tonight about that investigation.
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it turns out he pressured a top intelligence official to push back on the fbi's probe, but before a senate panel on capitol hill today national intelligence director dan coates refused to answer any questions about the possible russian meddling. >> given the nature of my position and the information which we share, it's not appropriate for me to comment publicly on any of that. >> but cbs news has confirmed president trump urged coates and nsa director mike rodgers to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion. both men refused. mr. trump has repeatedly denied doing anything improper. tonight the wife of an alameda county deputy says she's not guilty for a crash that killed a 3-year-old boy last year. yarenit malihan hid her face behind her lawyer as she
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entered her plea in court today. she's facing up to 11 years in prison for this crash last september on interstate 680 in san ramon. prosecutors say she was on drugs when her suv rear-ended another car the child was in. >> my case is currently still under investigation and we are making sure that we're making the right charging decisions as we proceed. >> hallahan's bail is -- malihan's bail is set at $3 million. she'll be in court again next month. tonight a former football player from de la salle high school has been convicted of sexually assaulting a girl in the parking lot after a game. only on 5 tonight the victim's mother breaks her silence about what happened to her daughter and what she wishes would happen to the attacker. >> reporter: speaking in shadows, the mother of a teen sexually assaulted by a de la salle football player is talking only to cbs5 after the three day trial that convicted her daughter's attacker and put him in juvenile hall.
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>> sickening to go through the details of the assaulted, absolutely sickening. >> reporter: the assault happened on november 18th during a varsity football game at de la salle. the incident was captured on surveillance video at the concord high school. >> next to death this is the most horrible thing to experience. >> reporter: the victim's mother says she was relieved and saddened by the conviction and says that two families are changed forever. >> what would make me feel better, if that young man received intensive psychological help. >> reporter: as for her daughter. >> she's showing me how to be strong. her shoulders are back and her head is held high. and she's my wonderwoman.
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>> reporter: in concord andria borba, kpix5. a crushing blow tonight for some families in the east bay, we've just learned the alameda unified school district has voted to close lum elementary. seismic soil under the school could liquefy in a major earthquake. the district decided it's just too dangerous. lum will close the end of the school year and the kids will move to other elementary schools. school districts across the state cutting budgets laying off employees to pay for the rapidly rising costs of pensions for both teachers and administrators who pay into the same fund, but only on 5 betty yu found out when the time comes to retire, it's not a level playing field. >> reporter: from coaching little league to teaching english, david pickett's daily duties keep growing. the problem is his paycheck keeps shrinking. >> between health insurance and then pension plus taxes, i
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think just everything kind of adds up. >> reporter: the san mateo middle schoolteacher's pension costs alone are up 53% from two years ago. it's all part of a plan to salvage the california state teachers retirement fund which is currently facing a $97 billion unfunded liability. everyone is paying the price including taxpayers, but we found that the benefits of the bailout are not being shared equally. that's because school administrators' salaries are set by school boards that could approve big pay raises in the last three years or even just the last year of service, the years that determine the pension amount. team offers' salaries on the other hand are limited by collective -- teachers' salaries are limited on the other hand by collective bargaining agreements. >> no one's pension should be based on the last three months of a 30 year career. >> reporter: the rules for administrators he says encourage spiking, the practice of boosting earnings at the end
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of the career in order to get a bigger pension. >> if you pay that superintendent or senior administrator that sort of pension, that that means you have less for teachers, you have less to be able to hire new teachers, less to be able to build new buildings. everyone gets hurt in the end. >> reporter: after months of delay calstrs finally handed over compensation data clearly showing the disparity. the top 100 retirees, all administrators, got an average 15.8% pay raise over their last three years of service. the teachers averaged only 3.8%. steve kessler superintendent went from making $112,000 as school principal to $249,000 as superintendent. thanks to that 120% take raise over his last three years, the highest statewide, his pension is set for life at just over
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$16,700 a month. here in the bay area dr. suzanne roy from the belmont redwood shores unified school district had been earning 128,000 a year as assistant superintendent. when in her last year of service she got promoted to co- interim superintendent with a salary of 186,000. that's a 44% single year raise, the highest in the bay area boosting her pension to just over $10,300 a month. dublin unified's retired assistant superintendent dr. ken mccarty had the highest three year surge in the bay area. his compensation went from 148,000 to 203,000 in his final year, an almost 37% raise that boosted his pension to $17,200 a month. >> there can be legitimate reasons for a pay increase at the end of somebody's career. >> reporter: grant boykin with calstrs says his agency has
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doubled its auditing staff since 2012 to make sure the reasons are legitimate, but we found more auditors hasn't led to more audits. calstrs audited 45 school districts last year out of more than 1,000. that doesn't seem like a substantial number. >> we are very confident in our audit process. >> reporter: calstrs hasn't accused the administrators of spiking in our three cases. how much do you think school administrators are trying to gain the system? >> i can't answer that. we take spiking very seriously, but we don't find it that often. >> reporter: professor nation isn't buying that. >> you set up a system that allows people to game it and to take advantage of it, people will game and take advantage of it. >> reporter: back at little league practice it all doesn't quite add up for teacher david pickett. >> certainly teachers aren't able to really do it and it just is disappointing that, you know, everyone is not kind off a level playing field. >> reporter: in belmont betty yu, kpix5. >> we reached out to all three
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school districts involved. we have posted their comments on our website, sky drone 5 over an inviting russian river, looks quiet now, but just wait. river rafting businesses are expecting big crowds for the memorial day weekend. record rainfall has it running high and fast in some places. a welcome rebound after years of drought. should be a good one, too. >> it's going to be beautiful heading into the weekend precipitation free, temperatures not as hot as the past couple days. women talk about sometimes from city to city -- we talk about sometimes from city to city how big is the temperature spread. how about one city, berkeley. 60 degrees and just 4 miles up the road, grizzly peak76 degrees, 16 degrees difference in just 4 miles. right now we have cloud cover filling in san francisco bay, 53 in the city and santa rosa,
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oakland 56, san jose and concord 60. not as warm overnight inland, fairfield 54, san jose 55, san rafael 50, not as warm a theme the next couple days because the winds of stranging. they are get -- changing. they are getting stronger and the marine is turning southwest, low cloud cover tomorrow morning and much cooler afternoon temperatures with one exception in the santa clara valley much like the santa cruz mountains blocks the rain during the winter, it can block the marine layer during the spring and summer. it will tomorrow. you'll be the warmest spot close to 80 degrees in the santa clara valley just as mild as today, whereas places like concord and napa could be up to 15 degrees cooler. the winds are changing because that big strong ridge of high pressure is nowhere to be seen on this map. an area of low pressure is feeding in a southwest flow of air. that will keep us chilly for the next couple days before we see temperatures rebound away from the water by the weekend. we will get afternoon sunshine, but afternoons will be much
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cooler. gone are 80s and 90s and mostly 60s and 70s tomorrow. oakland 65, vallejo 70, san jose upper 70s, redwood city 74, napa only 72. you were close to 90 today and santa rosa gets sunshine but only 69 degrees. extended forecast, we cool down more thursday and friday, rebound a bit saturday and sunday. heading into the holiday weekend the warmth day will be memorial day. is it already almost memorial day? >> i can't believe it. >> where has this year gone? >> gone to summer. >> exactly. soon enough. >> thanks, paul. the bay area's newest water park opens this weekend, but only on 5 tonight we'll take you inside for a sneak peek tonight. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. after renovations a san francisco park is set to reopen tomorrow. the fences surrounding alamo square park since last may are finally coming down that. park features an ada compliant restroom, repaved pathways and new irrigation system. the city is hosting a reopening ceremony 11:00 tomorrow morning. price tag for those renovations? $5.3million. a new place to keep you cool this summer. the $43 million wave water park opens saturday in dublin featuring three pools, six slides and a half million gallons of water. the 31,000 square foot facility at emerald glen park can hold
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up to 1,400 visitors a day. when the real summer heat arrives, they'll need every inch. i see a dano live shot coming up. >> in weather. >> blown over by a wave. it's going to be great. >> i want him at the top of the highest slide. >> live tv, baby. the celtics try to even their series with the cavaliers. the a's game ended 30 minutes ago. we're up next. ,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> well, a little bit of everything today. >> yeah. giants really can't get off the sick list. >> the giants all season the issue has been their health, extended time on the dl, crawford on the dl and you know madison bumgarner is already on the disabled list and now johnny cueto dealing with blisters that affected his performance tonight in chicago. an olympic gold medalist, look at the first pitch. i'm scoring that a perfect 10. what do you think, ken? >> 11. >> johnny cueto is dealing with blisters which explained why this went 470 feet. jon lester pitches a complete game, four hitter allowing one
2:06 am
run. he struck out 10 and chicago wins 4-1. four athletics back in the coliseum as the marlins assisting hitting coach must have been giving good advice to jason bore after a solo home run, four for five in the game. marlins win 11-9. matthew mcconaughey in cleveland for game four between the cavs and celtics, final seconds of the 3rd , kyrie irving for cleveland, ken, this is basketball, not baseball, 42 point night for the cavaliers guard and a 16 point deficit. they come back from behind to beat boston 112-99. they lead the series three games to one, one win away from facing the warriors in the finals. kevin durant will play his second career nba finals after getting there in 2012 with oklahoma city where the thunder lost to lebron james and the heat. back then durant was just
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excited to get to the finals. that's not the case this season. >> i went when i was 23 years old and it felt like, you know, the western conference finals was almost like the championship. just getting to that point you know how hard it is and how much work you put in the start of the season. it's a little different now obviously. we have a bigger goal in mind. we're excited, but we are not satisfied. >> earlier in the sports department tonight before the cavs game our producer brian booked the entire trip to cleveland, no insurance thinking that the cavs were a stone cold lock. >> how much sweat did you lose? >> we were sweating tonight. they were down by 60 points, but cleveland did win. they're one win away now, the match-up everybod,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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late show with steven colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> yup. they'll all be here to start your day. have a good night!
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