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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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flames. one child may have suffered an asthma attack but everyone so far is okay. chopper 5 is on the way there now. we are going to bring you moch more on this as soon as we get it -- much more on this as soon as we get it. san francisco's police chief is addressing concerns about gaps in security after the manchester, england attack. phil matier reports. >> reporter: you know, all across america, police chiefs are grappling with how to make it safer for everyone. sometimes we're coming across gaps that they didn't know were there or that they're working to fix. one of those in san francisco has to do with the tunnels underneath the city. here's the story. >> communications is key. >> there are dead spots throughout the city and regions. >> reporter: it's hard to believe but as former fbi agent and now kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp tells us, from his
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own firsthand experience even something as basic as emergency radios working can still be a problem in a terror attack. >> i can tell you as a former commander of the s.w.a.t. team and we would do operations in and around the hilly areas of the city which are most of the city, you have problems. it's tough to communicate. that is the achilles heel for any kind of operations. >> but not all challenges are technical. there's also the issue of how to control the soft targets like a crowd leaving a big events. >> when you're in a situation where you're dealing with a large group of people, it's more difficult. >> reporter: beefing up security after manchester events? >> we do threat assessments an outline events. >> reporter: there are challenges. for example, shortly after donald trump became president, san francisco police opted out of the fbi joint terrorism task force. >> there were some concerns from various members in the community on our policies and
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our participation. >> reporter: what was the concern? >> first amendment concerns. >> reporter: they don't want you spying on people? >> well, in a nutshell. >> that's just not what happens. the fbi follows the laws. >> reporter: san francisco putting it self at a disadvantage by not being on this board? >> absolutely putting themselves at a disadvantage. >> reporter: chief scott says they are working on new guidelines to get the city back on the task force. >> we have to vet it and make sure we have policies in place that are legitimate in the eyes of the community. >> reporter: back at the tunnel, the police are using a system patching their way through muni and bart's own communication system when they're down here. but they hope to have a whole system up and running by the end of the year. it will cost $78 million but they have already committed to spending it. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. thank you. san francisco fire officials are unveiling new technology meant to speed up 911 response times. the new computer system will
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calculate which ambulance is closest to an emergency. that way, they can send the nearest crew. san francisco has been short on 911 dispatchers for some time. during last month's major power outage, only a dozen dispatchers why on duty to handle hundreds of calls. a 9-year-old boy is suffering from stray bullets. he was shot in the leg and torso while walking his dog sunday night with his family. he is expected to survive. the shooting happened just before 11 p.m. near the intersection of 27th and fruitvale. so far, there have been no arrests. the family says there are now trying to move out of the neighborhood. new at 6:00 a new lawsuit accuses uber of pulling a bait and switch with its drivers. kpix 5's susie steimle with new pricing policies that has some of them crying foul. >> reporter: allen, rideshare companies like uber ft were originally developed to cut out corporate runaround. the transaction is meant to be
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between a passenger and a driver. well, an l.a. law firm claims uber maliciously and deliberately broke this system by ripping off drivers and secretly taking money from passengers. >> they are being egregious. they are double dipping. >> reporter: meet the latest legal team trying to take down uber. bobby and daniel's l.a. law firm filed a class action lawsuit against the rideshare company for the pricing system released last year. here's how it works. as a passenger i would agree to a fare amount to get from point a to point b. let's say it's $25. uber shows the passenger a route costing $25. on the driver's app, the driver gets a quote from uber showing a different less expensive more direct route. the driver takes home only the money earned for miles driven not the higher amount of money the passenger paid for. and that's on top of the 20 to 25% cut uber already takes off
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the fare. >> uber is systematically overcharging and underpaying and pocketing the difference. >> reporter: uber doesn't deny this. in a statement released today it said: >> reporter: friday uber agreed to be transparent about the pricing system so drivers can see uber's take. >> this is a competitive play by uber. >> reporter: this person wishes they had done it sooner. he has been an uber driver for four years and blogs about the industry. he thinks uber owes him money and that the company is going against what rideshare was meant to be about. >> you know, at the end of the day, you're -- the ride i would give you would help pay my rent or this or that. and the money stays among people. but now, um, it just seems, um, much different. >> reporter: it's also worth
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noting that lyft has not come forward promising to be transparent with how much money it takes from each ride. drivers like christian say now is the time for lyft to come forward, too. susie steimle, kpix 5. right now, the oakland unified school district is taking comments on a new sexual harassment policy shaped by students. the policy would penalize students for leering and for unwanted flirtations. and prevents students from getting in trouble for making a false report. it would also require schools to have a designated staff member to handle sexual assault and harassment reports instead of one person at the district office. the changes stem from a report about the experiences of girls of color in oakland schools. a survey from the nonprofit "alliance for girls" found that many students were skipping school to avoid being sexually harassed. >> this cannot continue to be a sideline issue because when we ask girls of color, they told us it was central. so if it's central to them, it has to be central to the school district. >> the policy has strong
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support from the oakland school board and the mayor. shocking new details about this bank robbery suspect with the painted-on beard. first we learned the suspect is a woman. now we find out that she was a police officer for 4 years. here she is posing with cash on facebook. kpix 5's juliette goodrich live in danville with more on this cop-turned-alleged robber. juliette? >> reporter: allen, police say that she was dressed like a man with a beard, 36-year-old jennifer rae mcclary walked into the bank of the west handed them a note and demanded money. she is no stranger to law enforcement. she is a former police officer. surveillance photos captured the bank robbery and the bearded robber. police say the robber with the beard is jennifer rae mcclary. she walked into the bank of the west disguised as a man and handed the teller a note demanding money. danville police arrested mcclary a few hours later.
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we have learned she is a former cop. she worked for the los angeles police department from2006 to 2008. and then for the police department for the orange county town of placencia from 2008 to 2010 where she was fired. sergeant angel is with placentia police department. >> she was a probationary officer with us. she work for us just shy of 18 months. and then she was terminated for failing to make probationary standards. >> reporter: he was surprised to hear she went from being a cop to an alleged robber. >> anytime a police officer is arrested for a crime like that, it is obviously a far departure from where that person started. >> reporter: residents in mcclary's condo complex recall seeing police but didn't know why they were there or who they were looking for. >> they were i think knocking on doors to see if she was there or not. >> to have something like that happen in our neighborhood is scary. >> reporter: she grew up in orange county but later moved
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to the bay area. this is her recent business information on linkedin. and there is this photo posted on facebook last year of mcclary flashing $100 bills in front of her face. and the police department is just a couple blocks away from here. now, danville police say it was those surveillance photos and also witness accounts that led to the arrest. she is in custody this evening charged with robbery and possession of a controlled substance. in danville, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. new at 6:00 call it the amazon effect. the online shopping boom is mountains of cardboard and plastic piling up at bay area recycling centers. emily turner reports all that convenience could soon come at a greater cost to people here in san francisco. emily. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. we live in a time and in a town where you can have literally anything delivered to your door it be paper towels or flowers or groceries. but all of this is delivered in a box. and that box has a price tag beyond whatever it is it's carrying.
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it's the less than lovely side of convenience. a recycling plant piled high with the delivery boxes used to curry everything to be brought to us rather than go out and get. what do you order off the web? >> everything. everything. >> reporter: that's exactly what you'll see among the piles. stacks of boxes from clothing stores, meal order services, and amazon boxes aplenty. delivery services so popular, the city's recycling service says it had to update its plant to process the cardboard that carries it all to your door. >> these things didn't exist in such numbers ten years ago. there's always changes in the recycling stream. and so we modify our equipment to maximize recycling and kind of meet up with those changes in the materials stream. >> reporter: those modifications come at a cost. new routes, new sorting machines, more labor, so after three years of flat rates,
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recology is asking the city for a 14% like. there are a combination of things behind the request. more expensive landfill space, new ways to handle compostables but this avalanche of packing materials is a big part of why costs are piling up. >> i noticed in my house in particular, you know, i have all these plastic containers and everything everywhere and i -- myself was wondering where is all this stuff going? >> reporter: and this cost hike is tentatively approved but you can still protest. you have until tuesday to do so. live in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. the hunt for the network behind the manchester bomber the suspect's family members locked up as police investigate their potential ties to terror. ♪[ music ] >> could there be concerning contaminants in your pet's food? what new tests reveal about potentially dangerous ingredients in dog food. >> monks trapped in the
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mountains by landslides. kpix 5 visits the monastery cut off from the rest of the world on the big sur coast. >> one of the best places to just sit on the grass and enjoy the view in san francisco is back open again as of today. i'll have details on that and your weekend forecast coming up. ,,
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"sky drone 5" over a majestic sight near big sur today. lately, it's about the only way you can see this beautiful hillside monastery. it doubles as a tranquil tourist retreat. the wet weather dried up all those tourist dollars as mudslides and crumbling bridges cut it off from the outside world. months later, the public still can't get there. but kpix 5 reporter devin fehely did. [ bell ] >> there's a large community who feel that this is their spiritual home. [ bell ] >> we had over 100 inches of rain here on this property because these mountains just trap the clouds. >> reporter: the massive mudslides triggered by all of that rain in turn trapped the roughly 2 dozen people at the hermitage/monastery tucked away on a remote rugged big sur
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coast. >> most of our income is from hospitality from guests staying and then we don't have an income source if they don't get here. >> reporter: but they have done a surprisingly effective job using social media, facebook, twitter, "go fund me" to reach the wider world. >> the "go fund me" page on the website has been really successful for us. yes, we're living totally off donations at this point. >> reporter: the monastery's "go fund me" page has raised nearly $300,000. but they will likely need much more than that to repair a private road to the monastery damaged by the very same slide that washed out highway 1. and it's made it difficult for them to get out and impossible for visitors to get in. it's not clear when highway 1 will re-open but the monks have already forged a path to connect with supporters one paved with prayer, goodwill and technology. >> we had so many little donations and i find that just as heartwarming that people, whatever they can give, you
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know, they're going to do it. >> reporter: in big sur, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> prison guards fire shots to break up a fight at pelican bay state prison. the facility near crescent city is known to house the worst of the worst. eight guards and seven inmates were rushed to the hospital. five of the inmates had gunshot wounds. it all started with a fight between two prisoners and then others joined in. some attacking the guards during the melee. two guards are hospitalized with what officials call significant injuries. on the bay area watch it may not look like it. but it was this prius driver's lucky day. the driver escaped with only minor injuries after getting pinned between a bus and power pole in san rafael. police are investigates hog was at fault. a taxi driver ran off after plowing into a wells fargo atm in san francisco at 8 a.m. near haight and cole. nobody was hurt. police know the driver and expect an arrest soon. dublin has scrapped plans
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to build a second high school near a jail. more than 500 people packed a meeting last night the proposed site half the cost of other options but parents didn't want the location a couple blocks from the santa rita jail. school board members are not sure what to do next. the peninsula's famous flintstone house is finally found a buyer. the quirky house is nestled in a hillside in hillsboro. you can see it if you are going north on interstate 280. it went on the market in 2015 for the first time in 20 years. the most recent listing price was about $3.2 million. more than a million dollars less than the original asking price. and just like that, the ribbon is cut. alamo square park reopened after a year of renovations. that historic park neighbor there to the painted ladies victorians in san francisco. the park has a fresh new look. revamped landscaping, green spaces and a multi-million dollar irrigation system. paul deanno is live at alamo square checking it out. he has had the best seat in the
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house. >> hey, paul. >> reporter: it is a nice view. if there is such a thing -- we all know about the new car smell. i think we have cornered the new park smell. there is fresh sod and fertilizer and this path has been treated, as well. what a beautiful view from alamo square. it's been a year. if you walk by here even yesterday, even this morning, there were gates. you couldn't be where we are standing now but hundreds of folks and their dogs have flocked back to alamo square. one of the nicest places to just chill out and enjoy the view in all of san francisco. now, in true san francisco form, it is windy and getting foggy and chilly outside. but after five million dollars of renovations, alamo square looking good even if the weather is not that warm. nor should it be this time of year. high temperatures not even 80 in livermore so that san francisco chill has pushed inland today. redwood city and san jose a high today of 74. fremont 72. san raphael only 67 and san francisco only a high of 61 below average.
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alamo square you want to come out and enjoy the view of the painted ladies, of the skyline, the rolling hills around the city, 63 degrees low cloud cover in the morning tomorrow. 61 degrees coming up on friday. friday likely being the coolest day of the next several. carnival this weekend in san francisco seasonal temperatures. we'll see the 60s continuing all throughout the city on saturday and sunday. the reason for this chilly change especially inland is that area low pressure on your television screen or smartphone just to our west, the counterclockwise flow around it is bringing in the southwest breeze and as we look at the surface winds that southwest wind profile will continue for the next couple of days thickening up fattening up that marine layer shoveling it inland and keeping temperatures cooler than average for the next 48 hours. highs tomorrow only 70 for concord. couple of days ago were you 92 degrees. pacifica only 59. san jose 72. napa 67. low 60s for san francisco, santa rosa. 67 degrees tomorrow in santa rosa. highs inland bottoming out friday only the low 70s. back to the 80s though by sunday and likely by memorial day this is a holiday weekend
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coming up, we're going to see some 90s returning inland once again. near the bay, comfortably in the 60s and 70s. and 50s are likely along the coast. back out live at alamo square, just a place -- you can see almost the stress wiped off of people's faces once they get here. they are taking the picks, taking the selfies and just kind of, ah, relaxing in beautiful san francisco even on a foggy evening. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. a convicted felon-turned- fedex driver. how police say he took advantage of his job to steal from bay area homes. >> is colin kaepernick inching closer and closer to a new job? i'm dennis o'donnell. and is sonny gray on the road to recovery? the a's ace flirts with a career best against the fish.
6:22 pm
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a lot of clouted surrounding sonny gray last season when he had an earned
6:24 pm
run average north of 5 in 22 starts with a lot clouds around him. with his injuries in his rear view mirror he appears to be returning to dominant form. khris davis connects four bases on this edison pitch. [ crosstalk ] >> thank you. san francisco state for that. [ laughter ] >> two-run job his 14th home run. a's 2-1 in the fifth. lowry with four hits raised his average 40 points in the past few weeks. sonny gray allows one run in 7 innings struck out 11. a's win 4-1 and for sonny gray, it's all being about healthy. >> i'm not doing anything different. there's nothing that clicks, there's nothing that mechanically i change. there's nothing that i'm trying to do different. i just -- i just feel healthy. >> colin kaepernick reportedly met with the seahawks today
6:25 pm
with the hopes of joining the team in a backup role. colin kaepernick has struggled to find a gig since becoming a free agent and the speculation is that teams are attempting to blackball the former 49er. a national championship starting friday in illinois. they will be led by their senior with the very unusual name. maverick mcneeley. >> my brothers and i are named after american cars so i'm maverick and then dakota is a sophomore in high school, colt is a freshman and scout is at san jose state. >> that was in 2014 before maverick blossomed into the best golfer in the country. on monday he won the prestigious ben hogan award but is still undecided if he wants to be become a pro golfer. wouldn't be a tough choice for me. his father scott is a cofounder of the tech company, sun microsystems! and maverick might rather jump into the business world. stanford coach conrad ray supports either choice. >> to play professional golf
6:26 pm
that's great. he will be a great ambassador for our program and what we do here at stanford golf if he chooses to go into the working world. i think he will maybe be wishing he was playing golf but no, in all seriousness i think he will do great. he has the smarts to tackle anything. >> an executive in the tech world or a pro golfer. big deal. [ laughter ] >> i bet he can't fish. >> good night, that is a huge fish! >> this is kathy of brentwood. she pulled in a 3-pound rainbow trued according to her husband clint. it's the biggest fish she ever caught and today! is kathy's birthday. she is our catch of the day. and judging from clinton's email, kathy is the catch of his life. >> there you go. >> 32 years married. congratulations to both of you. if you think you can do better, send us your pictures to clint was so happy, his email about that catch was two pages! he was -- you can tell he was
6:27 pm
beaming that she caught that fish! good for her. >> happy birthday, kathy! coming up in the next half- hour, a flurry arrests in the concert terror attack. police swoop in on the bomber's potential network including his other family. a live report on the investigation spanning two continents. >> tighter airport screening depending on where you fly. the new security changes focused on electronics. >> a paralyzed cal rugby player fighting through the pain. his determination to bounce back from a life changing injury. who are these people?
6:28 pm
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children and drivers scramble to safety in a school bus fire on i-5. this happened in the southbound lanes of interstate 5 near the city of los banos. elizabeth cook has the latest developments. >> reporter: the good news in all of this we believe the driver and children who were on that bus are safe. chopper 5 just now arriving on scene. we are getting our first look at what's left of the 50-foot- long school bus. it is now a charred mess. you can see how the flames
6:31 pm
spread to the grass on the shoulder of i-5. emergency crews still on the scene are trying to figure out what happened. now, take a look at this video. drivers on i-5 took out their cell phones and captured the chaotic scene. a column of smoke coming from the bus. you can barely see it there. traffic slowed to a crawl as this was happening. and as we said, the flames started spreading to a nearby field. air tankers swooped in low over the interstate and made water drops. they managed to contain the flames. we have calls out to the chp but we did get a report of that a student may have had an asthma attack as a result of the fire and evacuation. we are going to stay on top of this and bring you more information as it comes in. veronica, allen, back to you. thank you. our other top story at 6:30, new pictures that appear to show the man behind the manchester bombing. police say this is salman abedi on friday carrying a blue sack
6:32 pm
on his back. police believe the rucksack was used in the attack that killed 22 people. cbs reporter tina kraus joins us now live from manchester with new arrests that just happened. >> reporter: there's a blanket of flowers here with people still remembering the victims as british police work around the clock on what they are calling an investigation into a full-on terror network. they are making more arrests and launching more raids and have reportedly found more explosives in a could have been used in a follow-up attack -- that could have been used in a follow-up attack. police arrested another person in connection with monday's deadly concert terror attack. it happened in the town of wiggin west of manchester. they say he was carrying a suspicious package. they also arrested a woman just north of the city. >> i think it's very clear that this is a network that we are investigating. >> reporter: earlier wednesday, heavily armed police with dogs
6:33 pm
raided an apartment building in central manchester. police stood outside the home of suspected suicide bomber salman abedi. the 22-year-old was born to libyan parents. the parents and two brothers were arrested. these photos purportedly show abedi friday evening at a manchester shopping center. he is wearing a blue backpack. here in central manchester, a memorial to the victims keeps growing. 22 people were killed and more than 100 injured. many of them children. some are placing flowers, others are leaving balloons and homemade signs. >> it's devastating and horrible especially with children. >> reporter: british soldiers are guarng k buckingham palace so more police officers can help out with the investigation. tomorrow, across the uk, a
6:34 pm
minute of silence will be held to remember the victims. >> thank you, tina kraus. air travelers can expect some enhanced tsa screenings at ten u.s. airports. now, l.a.x. is the only california airport on the list but other than major hubs include las vegas, phoenix sky harbor and boston logan international. at the test locations, passengers will be asked to take out all electronics that are larger than a cell phone. you have to take it out of the carry-on and place it in a separate bin for x-ray screening. that will include the tablets and ereaders. tsa says the program could be expanded to other locations across the country at some point. president trump and the first lady arrived in brussels, belgium today. the fourth stop on their international trip. it came after a meeting with the pope at the vatican. the president and the pope shook hands and put aside their differences for a 30-minute
6:35 pm
closed-door meeting. they had polar opposite views on issues including a bordereth refugees. after the meeting the pope gave the president three books including one he describes as focusing on care of our common home the environment. president trump has previously called climate change a hoax. a life changing injury for a cal rugby player now it's the slow road to recovery. today the family of robert paylor released a new photo of him still there in his hospital bed but smiling and wearing a california strength t-shirt. paylor had a spinal injury in a championship game in santa clara two weeks ago. he is paralyzed below the chest. doctors say he does have sensation in his hands and feet but he still can't move them. his father says robert is fighting through some complications to begin his recovery. >> he is enduring a lot. but he is very goal-oriented. he knows he wants to get to where he needs to be and whatever he's got to do, he'll
6:36 pm
do it. >> paylor could be moving to physical rehabilitation as early as this evening. they want to help him first regain the ability to use his hands and then his mobility. doctors say it's going to be a long process that could take years. let's get back to breaking news. chopper 5 now getting us a closer look at the bus that burst into flames with children on board. this is a 50-foot-long school bus happening along interstate 5 near los banos. you can see the flames actually spread beyond the bus to the grass on the shoulder of i-5. at one time the cal fire had an air tanker swoop in and drop fire retardant so it wouldn't spread. emergency crews there the tow trucks there, as well. one child had an as ma attack. other than that, everyone is okay. they are still trying to find out what happened. we'll keep an eye on this throughout the night. a fedex driver with a criminal past now accused of breaking into homes on his
6:37 pm
route. how police say his targets made it all too easy. >> what is really in the food you're pouring into your pet's dish? the concerning contaminants found in the many popular brands.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
a bay area fedex driver is under arrest tonight. kpix 5's keit do reports he is accused of taking more from some people's home than he was leaving there. >> reporter: many people who live in these multi-million dollar homes leave their doors unlocked. kevin baker knew about that. >> when you see the fedex guy going up you don't react. so it's a real devious, um, approach that he took that took advantage of the company he works for. >> reporter: investigators say baker while dropping off packages on the clock simply strolled through the front doors of the victims's homes. he allegedly stole electronics which investigators used to track his location. also, they say surveillance cameras captured him at all three locations while still
6:40 pm
wearing his uniform which you can see in his mugshot. coworkers saw him around the building. he was shocked to hear about the arrest. what do you think? crazy? >> yeah. it's very crazy. >> why do people leave their doors unlocked? >> because you feel safe. >> reporter: a neighbor does the same when she is home and says sometimes people just forget. >> you think it's going to happen to someone else, not you. >> reporter: in atherton, kiet do, kpix 5. they are part of the family but who is protecting your dog or cat's food? the troubling ingredients found in popular brands.
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
good to ask, do you know what's in your dog's food? there are plenty of regulations intended to keep human food safe but there are new kerns about pet foods. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on what lab tests found in best selling brands. >> we thought we were going to lose her. >> reporter: the vet blamed the kid and a fail our on the dog treats. >> it's criminal really. >> reporter: they are among the thousands of pets with illnesses or deaths linked to pet food recently and in many cases they don't know what in the food made pets sick. the fda has received over 9,000 pet food complaints since 2010
6:44 pm
ranging from diarrhea to death. now lab tests commissioned by the clean label project are shedding light on what they say are shocking levels of contaminants lurking in pet food. >> what was most surprising? >> lead levels 55 times those observed in the flint, michigan drinking water. >> reporter: jackie bowen says they worked with ellipsage liltics to test the 900 foods and treat. >> mercury, arsenic, cadmium. >> reporter: they focused solely on contaminants which they found in products from nearly every brand tested. the levels varied dramatically within each brand. >> foods are branded organic, this and that but the reality is that most of the foods out there just have to comply with basic fda requirements and they haven't been researched. >> reporter: this veterinarian dr. jill chase knows animals can be more tolerant than humans to many contaminants but -- >> you should always be concerned when you hear that the food you're feeding your pet is high in these values because lead is a silent killer. >> reporter: this guidance
6:45 pm
following the flint, michigan water crisis says pedestrian should not drink water if the lead levels exceed 150 parts per billion. but ellipse analytics says this cat tested positive for 15 times the level of lead while other products from the same company had no lead at all. >> contaminants vary because of different ingredients. >> reporter: and she notes the fda which regulates pet food safety doesn't monitor claims like human grade. >> they are making human grade claims it should meet human grade standards. >> reporter: but the lab found lead in this dog food at three times the fda guidance for lead in certain human foods and tests found this brand with human grade ingredient claims had a product with 15 times the epa's mercury limits for human drinking water. they may be naturally occurring may be found in human food and each brand had products with much better results. so exactly how much is too many lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium for the pets? there are no fda limits. so they used the epa safety
6:46 pm
drinking water act as the benchmark. >> in the absence of any federal regulation we had to rely on something. >> reporter: in response the fda said relying on the acceptable levels for humans is not a sound approach to determining acceptable levels in food for dogs and cats noting the size difference life- span and physiology of pets and that humans drink more water. >> if we can't compare human food to pet food then there needs to be regulations. give us some. >> reporter: they report 15 pet food recalls none related to this contaminants in this report but they say any level of those substances must be safe. while some companies don't test for contaminants because there are no limits, one company tests products and stands behind them although it didn't provide test results to dispute the lab findings. the industry notes that the raw data and merges were not publicly release -- methods were not publicly released saying it's impossible to assess the credibility or significance of recent claims
6:47 pm
made but the industry admits it didn't request that information. ee liberty analytics shared its data with us. the clean label project is now calling for more disclosure and limits on these contaminants something many pet parents would like to see. >> they should make whoever made them eat them, themselves. >> reporter: now, the clean label project is launching a fee-based certification program where it plans to randomly test foods from participating plans and those who pass will get a similar seal like the good housekeeping seal. most companies aren't testing because it's not required. >> scary. >> make your own dog food. >> there are concerns about that, too. but that's a different story. thank you. time for a look at weather. paul deanno getting a look at the new alamo square in san francisco. >> it's been a long year to hang out in alamo square. loss of folks are doing it for the first time in more than 12
6:48 pm
months because one year and $5 million later, alamo square reopened this morning. one of the best features is the grass and irrigation system which is using recycled water and because of all the leaks from the 30-year-old system that was replaced, the city of san francisco expects to save 2.5 millions of gallons of water a year by irrigating it better. it's all about the view now and it's excellent lots of folks enjoying it on this wednesday evening. chilly temperatures in san francisco. that's usual in may and summertime. that chill has pushed inland. look at the temperature in concord right now. it is 66 degrees. only 56 in santa rosa. actually colder than san francisco at 58. san jose you're the warm spot now at 70. oakland 61. livermore 69 degrees. we'll cool down around 50 degrees overnight tonight. exactly 50 for livermore and vallejo. mountain view 53. san francisco 51. lots of low cloud cover
6:49 pm
tomorrow morning, as well. watch out for a cloudy thursday morning with afternoon sunshine. why the change? why is everybody chilly now. that blocking ridge of high pressure is gong. that limited the onshore flow and compressed the marine layer. now we're seeing the opposite. onshore flow is getting stronger. the marine layer is getting thicker which gives it a better opportunities to work its way over the hills and into our inland communities courtesy of that low pressure system area to our west. futurecast tomorrow morning lots of cloud cover no rain just a lot of fog and low clouds in the morning. it will burn off in the afternoon but we'll stop futurecast one more time friday morning which will be the coolest day in the cool stretch. and we'll see a repeat performance with widespread low cloud cover pushing inland likely into the central valley. low clouds and fog tops the weather headlines. more cooling tomorrow if you thought it was chilly today you will lose about five more degrees away from the water tomorrow. we'll see some warming for the holiday weekend especially by memorial day. some of you away from the water may be back to 90. the pendulum swinging back to the warm side of things by the end of the holiday weekend. let's take a tour of the bay
6:50 pm
area talk about your highs for tomorrow: extended forecast: >> ,warmer for the holiday weekend, 90s by monday. at the bay 60s and low 70s by memorial day. and at the coast, 'tis the season, clouds, fog, upper 50s for you. back out here live at alamo square, can't beat the view, guys. maybe it's very expensive to live in san francisco and the bay area but we can do things here that nobody else can including enjoying a fantastic view on a chilly may evening. back to you in the studio. >> still pretty. >> one of a kinds. all right, paul, thank you. coming up tonight on nightbeat at 10:00, do you feel
6:51 pm
safe here in the bay area? former fbi agent jeff harp joins us to expose some of the vulnerabilities here in san francisco following the attacks in manchester. is terrorism something that you worry about?
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
he is known simply as mr. collins but he is like a father to many young black men he mentors in san francisco. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> when he was 10 gregory collins was the one other kids came to for advice. now as an adult he helps teenagers achieve their best. [ applause ] >> reporter: high school graduate isaiah bryant will study international business and japanese at san francisco state university. he owes a debt of thanks to gregory collins. >> our relationship is very much priceless in so much. he kind of just taught me things about being a man that i don't think i would have ever gone had i never been in this program. >> reporter: mr. collins is the
6:55 pm
executive director of san francisco achievers, an 8-year- old nonprofit that equips underserved high school students, especially black men, for college and successful careers. >> every day i get a new story. someone calls me and says, greg this person just got shot. this person is about to drop out of school. okay, this needs to change. >> reporter: san francisco achievers has reached more than 400 students through mentorships internships, leadership training and scholarships totaling nearly $2 million. >> i want them to be able to stand on their own two feet and be proud and say yes, i accomplished this. >> good afternoon, gentlemen. >> reporter: a cornerstone of the program, giving teens support on campus. collins has expanded its workshops at wallenberg and burton high schools teaching life skills like money management. >> investing into the stock market. that's how you become a shareholder. >> reporter: for students like emanuel hudson, collins is a role model. as a leader and listener. >> he likes to hear what i have to say. [ applause ] >> reporter: in the end,
6:56 pm
students can become high achievers like isaiah, who received a scholarship from the nonprofit. >> it's unlocking infinite doors for me. >> thank you for helping me get through this day. >> reporter: so for preparing young men for college and career success, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to gregory collins. collins grew up in camden, new jersey, listed as one of the nation's most dangerous cities. but he found a support system in the nonprofit urban promise. he became one of its youth counselors at age 13 and years before he graduated from college, he knew he wanted to help others carve a positive path for their lives and that's what he is doing. >> yeah. fantastic. really great. >> thanks, sharon. >> the jefferson awards selection committee i can assure you are going to meet soon. send us your nominations online at for news through the evening the latest always on >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 and back here tonight at 11.
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